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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 6, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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fighting and make peace. the federal government has more than two million employees in total. colorado springs leads the nation. the city is home to three military installations. there are 55,000 federal work workers. thank you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. >> hello, these stories are topping the news this hour. u.s. special forces launch deady raids in libya and somalia. the white house says the raids are a clear reminder of the issue of terrorism. hear what he told cnn in an
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exclusive interview. and one of the bikers in that attack on an suv driver has been arraigned. >> in libya and the other in kenya, u.s. officials tell cnn the top al qaeda leader will be headed to new york today or tomorrow. u.s. forces snatched him on his way to prayers this morning. he is wanted for his role in the twin bombings in 1998. in somalia, seal team six, the
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same unit that killed bin laden stormed the house of al shabaa, but the mission didn't go quite as planned. first let's go to tripoli. tell us more about alibi and the details about that capture. >> we returned from the house where the raid took place where he was captured. this is in a busy part of a up scale neighborhood and commercial area. his wife says that she was waiting for her husband the top senior al qaeda figure who has been in tripoli since 2011.
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she said she was waiting for him to come back from morning prayers on saturday. she saw a number of vehicles she said she saw. more than ten men. who came out and basically took her husband away. according to the wife, she said she heard libyan dialect. she believed that the men who took her husband are libyans. the government has said that it is demanding explanations from the united states. it is not clear and according to the wife it happened really fast. she said she didn't know what had happened. so she initially thought that this might have been an
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abduction. any other kind of criminal activity until she heard the news and heard that her husband had been captured. >> you mepntioned that the wife said she believed that these masked and unmasked members. some may be libyan or have at least some kind of connection. you said they won't say much about that relationship. is she saying anything about what she believes or nos about what her husband is expected of doing and any links that he may have to the u.s. embassy bombings? >> she said her husband had been a member of al qaeda but said she had been married to him since 1991. she said in 1996 her husband
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left al qaeda and said that she denied any involvement in those bombings of the u.s. embassies that her husband was not involved in those bombings. she was trying to clear his name and said he returned to join the revolution. and ever since they had been living here a normal life. she said he was not hiding and he was out in public. she said the charges are fabrications and that he was trying to clear his name. what was surprising for her was the timing of this. for the past couple of years they felt that there could be a
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drone strike at some point. in recent months it felt more normal and they were out of the spotlight. she doesn't know how this happens. she said she thought it might be linked to the west gate mall in kenya. she said her husband has not had any contact with her members at any time. >> all right. jomana, thank you so much. cnn sources are learning that al libi may be on his way to new york tonight or tomorrow. from tripoli now let's go to the
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southern coast of somalia. just before dawn, a seal team stormed al shabaab compound. the terror group confirms that one person was killed but they have not revealed the identity. we have footage of the attackers. shabaab claiming responsiblity for the attacks. officials have said about 15
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militants took part in that attack which killed 67 people a couple of weekends ago. it released a statement that said this operation should be a clear reminder that the united states will seek justice against those who attack americans and who seek terrorism. jill dourety at the white house. >> remember there has been a lot of criticism about how the u.s. handled benghazi? >> you have to say that the message coming from the white house is no matter how long it takes, but, ultimately, secretary kerry said, he said
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members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations can run but they can't hide. that has been the mantra coming from this administration. and the u.s. will never stop in their efforts to go after terrorists. >> i think you would have to say that anyone on any political aisle would have to support this if they were in the united states. they did give a little bit of detail. they are not describing everything that the president did but said that this was years of intelligence work and months of operational training. >> what about the president? was he looped into these operations? >> what do we know? >> very much so. they are saying that the operation was approved by the
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president. that he monitored them closely and that he was briefed by his security people. jill thank you so much from the white house. and keep us posted. >> a few moments from now i'm going to talk to a former navy s.e.a.l. now to those new charges in the case of a biker group that swarmed an suv driver. and then attacked him allegedly. one of the bikers who turned himself in on friday has been arraigned. police say simms was among a group of bikers who used their
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helmets to beat the driver. margaret, another biker accused in the attack turned himself in. >> it is hard to keep up with how many suspects have turned themselves in? >> we are outside the manhattan cri criminal court. there is a list with 117 names. reginald chance is the one that we have seen in that video using his helmet to smash open that suv car door. as you were saying, robert sims was arraigned yesterday, he was the one that was seen opening up the door while it was driving in the middle of traffic. he has been charged. they are saying that five to six
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of these bikers surrounded that driver and beat him with helmets and kicked his body and head. the bikers in the video slowing down in front of the suv is now telling this story. what is being said? >> that is right. we have not seen that video of what happened before that. hopefully all of that information will come out. that person is christopher cruise. we talked to his attorney today. he said he had no intension of riding a 500 pound bike in front of a 3 ton vehicle.
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when you saw that vehicle of him turning around he said his client was turning to see a friend. he doesn't know the other bikers that were in the group and he did after the accident happened he was standing by waiting for police. cruz got injured when the suv driver pulled away and hit those other bikers. >> wow. appreciate that. let's go to kentucky now where more than 80 people have been eevacuated from their homes after flooding hit that state. many of those people had to be rescued by boat. water levels rose almost waist high and the area is still under a flash flood warning. a little sign of relief on the gulf coast.
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tropical storm karen has been downgraded now to a tropical depression. she has lost the name now. the storm is packing 30-mile-an-hour winds and could dump 3 to 5 inches of rain ong the coast. house speaker, john boehner, dug his heels even deeper today. on "abc's this week" he said there may be some backroom somewhere but no one is in it. aaron, we know democrats say negotiations on obama care should not be tied to the spending plan but what is the speaker's plan? >> so far he doesn't appear to have much of one going forward.
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>> the republicans simply want to force a larger die long abalt that. take a listen. >> i thought the fight would be over the debt ceiling. with my members they decided let's do it now. the fact is this fight was going to come. we don't want to shut the government down. >> we have passed bills to make sure that the employees know that they are going to be paid throughout this. >> speaker has a lot of unmet demands as the party does. >> take a listen to this. >> the american people expect in washington when we have a crisis like this that the leaders will sit down and have a conversation. it is about having a
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conversation it is time for us to sit down and have a conversation. that is what the american people expect. >> he said conversation 21 times during that 12 minute interview. he wants the president to pick up the phone and call him. neither side, has reached out to the other one yet and the last thing i can tell you fred, the speaker was asked, how does this end, he said if i knew, i would tell you. >> all right, thank you so much. we are going to talk about that later on. coming up i'll tell you what kind of strong language the pop used this week when he pushed once more for church reform. and the navy s.e.a.l.s are
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tripoli in libya. right now al libi is being held in a secure location i'm being told. joining us is a former navy s.e.a.l. from the iraq war. >> thank you for having me on. common denominator, what kind of intelligence do you believe officials likely had to act onto carry out this simultaneous missions? >> they had a week to plan these missions out.
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i would hardly consider somalia being a miss. no matter how you cut it, there is no rest for the kick wicked. i would consider it a win for the u.s. all of our guys came back home alive. >> if the mission is to go into this safe house or home where you know there are a number of terrorists believed to be and u.s. forces leave empty-handed what is the motioission accomplished. >> you have a spokesperson admitting that we had killed one of their guys and we are back home and they are looking over their shoulders. they can't make plans to attack while they are on the run.
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how do you carry out a mission like this. we hear from our white house correspondent and this might have been years in the making as it pertains to the u.s. embassy bombings. and you say they had a week window to carry out the missions. >> in all reality there is a life time of intell put into these. i know a week they had to plan the assault on the target they are going after. you have these different sources of information. you plan out the attack. there are a number of ways to do the o over the beach strike. you can go out of a submarine with a small inflatable beach. just before you get to the shore
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everyone gets off the boats. you have heavy machine guns for the assault. or you can get in there with a special vehicle right up to the beach and they quietly make their approach to the target and there are a couple of different ways. they can make the attack and go quietly as long as possible. see if the door is unlocked. you wake the guy up that you are going after and you get into contact you are in a gunfight and the decision is made. >> we did talk to the wife of al libi who was taken in tripoli. will u.s. special forces work with nationals on the ground or do you think that she said is a
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candy croley is cnn's chief political correspondent and anchor. does he have the ability to default as long as obama care remains in place? >> senator cruz has been very influential on a group of congressmen on the house side urging them to hold the line. he sounds like he is going to hold the same line.
11:29 am
>> the debt ceiling has been among the best -- >> what else? >> my point is, there is great historical precedence, since 1978 we have raised the debt ceiling 25 times. congress has attached requirements. >> so candy, it seems the house speaker is following senator cruz and the tea party's lead. earlier in the year he said he would not tie it together. but he was asked would he offer a clean no strings attached bill and here is what he said. >> we are not going to pass a clean debt limit increase.
11:30 am
the president is risking default by not having a conversation withis. >> under no circumstances will you pass a clean debt limit? >> he said no way. he is not ready to bring in a no strings attached vote to keep the government open. he said everything is predicated on a conversation with the president. are the votes there in the house there? if you add them to the democrats assuming they would vote yes, the question is whether those same republicans would defy
11:31 am
their speaker and whether he would put a clean spending bill on the floor. when it comes to the debt ceiling, both the speaker and the president have said i would not allow this country to fall on it's debts. the president said he is not going to negotiate. sooner or later something has to give. what they are going to give, they have not said what that is going to be. you can't keep the government closed forever and you can't not raise the debt ceiling. someone has to blink here. but nobody is showing leg about what in fact they would give up.
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thank you. host of "state of the union". >> a child gets on the plane with no ticket, no guardian and no id. that is next. d you do on your q? 9 out of 10. 9 out of ten? that's great. ♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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bottom of the hour. here are three things crossing the cnn news desk just now. first up. the two raids. u.s. officials tell cnn the top
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al qaeda leader captured in libya will be headed to new york today or tomorrow. right now he is being held in an undisclosed location. and seal team six stormed a house in somalia frequented by the group last month. the group confirms that one person was killed but the identity has not been revealed. at least 20 people are dead after violence broke out. the violence started after protesters marched in several different locations. number three, despite multiple security checkpoints, a 9-year-old boy was able to neck onto a delta flight headed from
11:36 am
minneapolis to las vegas. the boy got past attendance without a ticket or id. they believe the boy was a run away. we continue to dig deeper into our top story u.s. military forces carried out two operations in africa. targeting tariffs. we look at who he is and the pope keeps up his push for reform. his words against church leaders are turning heads. plus miley cyrus took the saisa night live stage and did she hit the mark? we'll break it down. part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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the government shutdown has ever i one shaking their head at congress. >> david, to what degree is this shutdown damaging the reputation of the government and of the world?
11:41 am
you are seeing foreign political leaders coming out and saying in public that america need to step up to the plate. if you want a reminder of what this is doing to his reputation he was supposed to be on a huge trip. this was a serious reminder that the super power was not going to allow china to bully it's allies in asia. he can't go because his own congress has held his budget ransom. >> the white house knew there would be criticism if they were to go but there is criticism
11:42 am
that he didn't go, so what are they saying? >> some of the gloating, if you look at the chinese state media, they have been running pieces saying america sdemocracy, they are proud of how that works. well, it is not working very well their lack of unity, it is messing up their politics and you have the chinese leader, he is getting the headlines in asia. >> the raid taking place in somalia, and you say as it pertains to that, america is willing to play so called global swat team.
11:43 am
does it redefine the usa in junior view? >> even the president wields extraordinary executive power. this is not that president. he is not george bush but that swat team role, american presidents do wield the ability to strike around the world.
11:44 am
this is now the regular business of an american president. and even a president as reluctant to use military force. this is in a separate box. this is the normal business of being an american president. >> thank you so much for your time. good to see you. the pope, well he is not backing down on his message of reform. his harsh words about church leaders next. >> with six grandslam titles, novak clearly likes the view from the top. >> all my life i have been dreaming to be the best in the world in tennis and my dreams
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came true. >> he over came long odds to make it in tennis. >> there was a lot of struggle, difficulty financial, thank god big support from my parents and family and they gave me home that i can actually succeed. i remember i was improvising and making little trophies out of materials and going in front of the mirror and saying i was a champion. >> he doesn't shy away from being a player. >> i do enjoy it as well. >> i do prefer televisions more. i like camera. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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pilgrage of the saint whose name he took. he was born into a life of privilege and gave it up to serve the poor. he said the church and all of us should divest itself of world worldliness. earlier this week he said church leaders have become narcissistic. he spent closed door sessions with 8 cardinals.
11:50 am
f and francis, who reacted angrily to the ship wreck off of the italian island on thursday, said that friday was also a day of tears for the victims. but his gentleler side was also on display. he said it was natural that they should fight and even broke bread. but said that at the end of the day they should make peace with each other. the message and style are making waves throughout the catholic world. his papalcy isn't even 7 months old and already he is raising
11:51 am
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♪ >> all righty. miley cyrus there getting the last laugh or something. hosting saturday night live. she also poked fun at herself for that vma twerking
11:55 am
performance. david kaplan joining me now from new york. cher and sinead not the only ones talking about her. did she match her vma performance? what is going on? >> so she was great yesterday. i think she was funny and of course she performed twice and did a great job doing that. nothing could outdo the vma's. it is miley. she was racey. she does lick a doll of abraham lincoln. in the final sketch she alleges to have sex with one of the new snl cast members. it wasn't super tame. there was no twerking.
11:56 am
in the beginning she said now that white people are twerking, she said i'm done wit. she said where is hanna montana? she is murdered. shocking that she was talking about a disney star. >> and that is the adult audience. all of those people that loved and praised her maybe not laughing. and a lot of people are talking about it online. can we look at it? >> in case anyone is concerned you should know there will be no twerking tonight but now that white people are doing it it seems kind of lame. >> when are you going to put your clothes on for the show. >> these are my colleges. >> shello. >> hit or miss.
11:57 am
>> i say hit. it was great. she did everything she was supposed to. >> dave kaplan thank you so much for your review. all right. we've got much more straight ahead here in the newsroom. we are following those two us raids. nav navlyy seals and a baker who has been charged in court today. plus you can now sign up for health insurance. what do the plans look like? we'll tell you depending on where you live. hd
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hello again. a look at our top stories this hour. two top secret military raids in the dark of night. one tcaptured a terrorist and te other didn't go as planned. no work was done to end the impasse but both sides work hard to blame each other. one of those bikers is now facing charges.