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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  October 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> for "outfront" new york. >> if you were watching the games yesterday, you saw foster aggravated his hamstring. but according to fantex it will have no bearing on plans to move ahead with that ipo. piers morgan is next. welcome to our viewers in the states around the world tonight. breaking news, the deadly school shooting in nevada. >> they have at least two down, one in the drop-off area for the buses. suspect is described as wearing khaki pants. >> police say a young student takes a handgun from his parents and opens fire at his middle school, killing a math teacher and wounding two students before killing himself. there are developments. i talk to a girl who knew the young gunman and saw it all. stephanie, another gruesome school shooting in america. tell me the latest? >> what we have learned tonight, piers, is everything was over in
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just 3 minutes. by the time the police got on to campus. school hadn't started yet. everything was done. in that time, two students were shot. one in the abdomen. one in the shoulder. the other thing that happened that was the most devastating. the loss of a beloved math teacher, mike landsberry served several tours in afghanistan and came back to nevada to teach 8th grade math where he was very much loved in the job he was doing there. had a website for the students to engage with the student and help them. little bit more we are learning about the teacher tonight, piers. >> what do we know about the shooter? how old he was? how old the victims were outside of the math teacher? >> yes, the shooter was 13. what we believe, and we are still trying to get the details together, is that after he shot those three people, he then turned the gun on himself. took his own life. that's what we are hearing at this point. the two individuals that were shot were 12 years old.
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one is in serious condition at this point. we just heard from the hospital here. at this point, we also know the school has shut down for the rest of the week. they're putting counseling into service for any teacher, student, anybody who wants it. this happened on the playground of the campus before school started on the middle school. >> anything about any motive or who the intended target was? >> they don't know just yet. and if they do they haven't told us what they don't know is whether or not this student was targeting the classmates or after the one math teacher. what we heard from one eyewitness. the teacher went out to aid the students. and said, stop. the shooter told him to back off. at that point he shot him. what we are hearing. people are saying this teacher was a hero in that. still not clear what the motive of the student was. >> thank you.
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>> joining me, a student at the school, she joins me with her mother. welcome to both of you. thank you for joining us. obviously a difficult day for you, and everyone at the school. you witnessed what happened. tell me what you saw? >> i saw, after i got to where the court was, mr. landsberry had been shot. everybody had fled the court if i decided to run with them. a lot of yelling and screaming. and crying. it was really tragic. >> without naming the boy who we believe did this, because we can't do that at this stage, did you know him personally? >> yeah, i knew the person with the gun. he was really a nice kid. he would make you smile when having a bad day. if you were -- he would ask you if he could buy you something, you know, he was just really a nice kid. >> why do you think he would
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possibly do this with a gun and shoot such a well-liked teacher and indeed some of his school colleagues? >> i believe it was because i saw him getting bullied a couple of times. and i think he took out his bullying on -- on him. >> let me turn to your mother. tabitha newton. every parent's nightmare, isn't it, tabitha, that your kid goes to school and gets caught up in a shooting like this. what is your take on what happened today? and what do you know about the family and this boy who may have committed the shooting? >> well, i know that he, he knows my daughter personally. and she has always said, just wonderful things about him. and that he was -- you know, getting picked on, pretty regular. and that, you know, but he always had a smile. he was always, you know, just a very nice boy to everybody. and so it is just -- you know, i
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just find it difficult to, to get that he got bullied but that he didn't have anybody to talk to that he don't have anybody to go to and the school, before he decided to do this. you know it was, just, so tragic. it was, it's devastating. devastating. >> maya, tell me about mr. landsberry, the teacher who was killed. we know he was a war veteran, war hero in many ways. tell me what you knew of him? >> he was a great teacher. he could make a student laugh when having a bad day. helped my fellow friend when she was having a bad day. >> what do you feel, tabitha, about the issue of guns in schools. do you believe teachers, as some people say, should be armed? >> oh, i mean, it's just sad that this happened at all, guns at school. you know junior high, just, you
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know, bullying all of it. to me, nobody should have a gun at school. and i don't, i don't know how we would, we would stop that from them sneaking it in. i just -- it should start at home where people are teaching children not to bully, not to hate, treat each other like they wanted to be treated. just, we have to do something. i mean this kid felt trapped and he did this. i'm not condoning it. you know my heart goes out to all of the families, and all of the staff and all of the children at sparks middle school. >> maya, tell me about the two boys, who have been wounded. we believe they're not critical any more. they're going to be okay do. you know them. what do you think about what happened to them? >> i did not know them. but i did know that they were friend of the shooter and i, i believe that -- i believe that -- i'm just happy they're okay. >> listen, obviously, a very
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traumatic day for you, maya, and tabitha, and all the parents and families involved certainly all the children there. another grisly statistic i am afraid in the long running saga of shootings at schools in america. thank you both for joining me. joining me now on the phone. the mayor from sparks, nevada. an appalling incident. a 13-year-old boy believed to have opened fire, killing one of his teachers. wounding two colleagues. what is your reaction to this? >> well it's pretty sad, nothing you ever thinking about happen to your town. you see it on tv. and it happens other places you. never think it will happen to you. having said that i think we were well prepared. everybody responded appropriately. got to the scene in less than three minutes. so i think our first responders did a heck of a job the did well. a sad day for the city of sparks. you know, we are a close, family-knit community. and something like this happen
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to our kids and one of our teachers is very, very sad. >> what do you think, mr. mayor, is the answer to this unrelenting tidal wave of gun violence in america? >> you know, i -- i don't know. we do everything we can possibly do. try to prevent these things. if someone is going to come. some one just said. it start at home. we need to be cognizant of what our kids are doing, what they're doing at school, what is going on. we need better parenting as far as i can see. there ties many people that have let the schools do the parenting. this is the kind of things that maybe come, come and happen. so, it's very difficult to stop something like this, you know? we plan. do planning. and train and all that stuff. and then, it's hard to prevent. >> what can you tell me about mike landsberry, the teacher appears to have been extremely heroic, you might expect from
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somebody who served his country on battlefield. do you know much about him? >> i don't know much about mike. he was well liked by the students and the teachers. in the school district. you know he was a grave man, stand up in front of a kid. put his life on the line. obviously has done this before. in the air guard. in the national guard. and spent time, two terms, i think in afghanistan. and put his life on the line, many, many times. so, hard to believe he would go through something like that in afghanistan then come home and be shot to death in the school yard that he was at. very sad. >> by a 13-year-old boy. a tragic day. mayor, thank you very much indeed for joining me. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> the obama care website meltdown, and the president's personal tough. a woman faints at the white house. he comes to her aid. she is well enough to join me live. that's coming next. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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>> the president's ailing health plan, seems like a metaphor for
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the rollout, computer problems for hundreds of thousand. there is this, the woman standing behind the president, teetering. >> the one illness -- >> you are okay. i am right here. i got you. no, you are okay. this happens when i talk too long. >> the ultimate example of obama care. i will talk to her a moment. president obama on the defensive about his big, troubled obama care website. >> i am willing to work with anyone on any idea to, to make this law perform even better. but it is time for folks to stop rooting for its failure. because hard working middle-class families are rooting for its success. >> joining me now, white house press secretary, jay carnie. thank you for joining me. what guarantees were given off to the president that obama care
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and its system were ready to go live and who gave them? >> well, there is a lot of fascination obviously with pointing the finger of blame for the fact that, that the website associated with the affordable care act has not been performing as effectively as it should be. no one is more frustrated by that than the president, as he said earlier today in the rose garden. but of the fact is, this is -- a significant enterprise. and -- the problems that we have seen were not anticipated. we knew there would be glitches. we knew there would be some trouble. but, neither the president nor his senior team knew that we would see the kind of trouble we have seen thus far which is why the president has insisted on, making sure that, that some of the best minds in the country when it comes to the, the kind of subjects are being applied to addressing the problems. >> i want to a clip from first senator john mccain and senator ted cruz their reaction to what
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is going on. >> it has the been a fiasco. send air force one to silicone valley, load it up with smart people. bring it back to washington. fix the problem. it's ridiculous. everyone knows that. >> absolutely she should resign. the program she implemented, obama care is a disaster. >> many people calling for secretary sebelius to resign. your predecessor said heads should roll. what point, say in six weeks time, two months time, having the same amount of difficulty with the system, at what point do you consider a head rolling? >> it shouldn't be about having heads roll or firing people, piers. it is, the senator whose comments you broadcast earlier, you know i think, we know that there have been opponents of obama care. republicans, ted cruz in particular, not john mccain, ted cruz led a campaign to shut down the government down over his
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opposition to obama care. remember what that means opposition to a plan and program that will provide health insurance to millions of americans. private sector health insurance. >> i agree with you. you don't have to persuade me. it is frustrating for your the supporters like me and others, i don't agree with all of obama care, i agree with the ethos behind it. i come from a country everybody gets free health care if they want it. i subscribe to the ethos of what you are doing. there has to be a point, limit to the president's patience on the flag ship program. many believe may be his great legacy. if the system designed to facilitate it continues to fail, someone has got to be accountable, if it is not him, who will it be? >> accountability is, everybody who has expertise in this matter is focused on fixing it. not focused on making heads roll. that's not the time right now to focus on that. the time is to get the problems
9:18 pm
fixed make sure the system is working most efficiently for the american people. what his focus is on right now. not on, pointing fingers of blame. making sure it works. clear as the president said in the rose garden no one is more frustrated than he is, the website hasn't been working as it should have. part of that has been driven by the enormous volume and levels of interest that exceeded expectations. that caused problems with the website. the voluminous exposed other problems. there is a surge focused on fixing that. i want to taker to with the point you made. the system is not failing. hundreds of thousand of americans are submitting their applications successfully to, to get into the system. and enroll in obama care. and they're doing it through a variety of means, state exchanges, through the federal exchanges, and through, through the call-in center. that's going to continue. those are the people that matter.
9:19 pm
the people who are getting affordable health insurance for the first time. you have seen the anecdotes. it provide security many have not had in the past. >> the cite has been visited by 20 million americans. more than 500,000 apparently submitted applications. in terms of the obvious question, the penalty that comes from the end of march, to, you have to subscribe by then or get a penalty. have you considered delaying that at what point would you consider, delaying that if the answer is no at the moment. >> it is important to know, piers, we are throw weeks into a six month process. this is very early days. as was the case in massachusetts when they had a similar program at a state level. and as was the case with federal programs like children's health insurance, or medicare part d program. in the early stages people spent
9:20 pm
time shopping. most of the enrollment comes later. we expect all of our systems operating more efficiently as we approach the deadlines. secondly as the law is written, itch you can't afford, or you cannot find affordable health insurance. if you are a resident of a state where the governor declined to expand medicaid, and that is a number of states. mostly with republican governors, who declined to expand medicaid, therefore you cannot get affordable health insurance you otherwise would have been able to get you. will not pay a penalty. that's built in. protections built into the law as written. right now focused on making the system work. the product here is not a web site. the product is affordable health insurance for americans who haven't had it in the past. >> an administration, have a reputation of being, bordering on geeky when it comes to all things tech, this must bow -- be irritating. i like mccain's idea. air force one, silicone valley.
9:21 pm
picking up 300 geniuses, bring them back to get it fixed. are you tempted to do that? >> i don't think senator mccain is far off from the tech surge. doesn't mean sending a military jet to pick up experts in silicone valley. there are experts from the private sector who are working around the clock on this. as well as experts from within government. working around the clock on this. we take the point. we need the best brains in the business applied. to make the changes to the website. to deal with the volume and glitches consumers have encountered. >> jay carney, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, piers. >> president obama was explaining obama care, and the attention was on the woman behind him. karmel recovered. and is with me here now. how are you? >> doing fine, thank you.
9:22 pm
awe off the whole world was watching in absolute horror as you suddenly teetered backward. what was going through your mind? >> mostly, oh, no, don't faint. next thing i knew i was being caught by the president and thinking wow that just happened. it was an incredible honor to be there. i am really happy to have ben there today to support the president as he, you know, takes a stand, and reinforces the importance of the aca and the act, and how important health care is for all of us. and i am extremely embarrassed i fainted. honored still to have been there. happy that he caught me. >> there is a happy reason. you may be feeling faint. you are 20 weeks pregnant? >> right. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you see yourself as a great example of obama care, at his finest, the president himself, lent become to save you? >> a fun metaphor, i suppose. as the president was saying today, obama care at its finest is my experience, earlier, the reason i was there, i wrote a
9:23 pm
blog post about the fact that i am a type i diabetic since i was 9. and since that time, i have been lucky enough to be covered because i was covered before i was diagnosed. but have never been able to switch coverage and have always live with the fear that, you know what if something happen. if i want to move out of california, if i want to, if i need aid job that was some where else that might not be possible because it is, too expensive or won't be able to get coverage if i leave my current coverage. >> what did he say to you afterwards? the president, anything? >> he was, he asked how i was doing? made sure i was okay. and i was extremely appreciative of that. >> well, listen, glad you joined me, karmel, a dramatic moment. fortunately everything is fine. and wish you all the best with your baby. >> thank you very much. >> so, if you have a question or comment on tonight's show. send your tweets to me at piers morgan. i will give away a copy, free copy of my new book, shooting straight, guns, gays, god,
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george clooney. send me the best. the fascinating -- get tweeting. more of obama care's rocky road. and republican leaders target texas upstarts senator ted cruz. my all-stars battle it out after the break. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel.
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elevated in the national debate the disaster, the train wreck, the nightmare that is obama care. >> senator ted cruz keeping up his fight to end obama care. republican leaders have been slamming cruz as out of control. the tea party upstart, can he be held back? penn gillette, amy holmes, that's all we have time for after the introduction. please reduce your titles. penn gillette, the calamity of the outlawing of obama care, secondly, ted cruz? >> you know i think you need to separate very clearly the philosophical idea of whether the government should be in the health care business something we have had a discussion on and the side that i kind of agree with that it is not the
9:29 pm
government's job lost. it is the government's job. we decided that. then the fact that it's, they're making a, a lot of mistakes things are screwing up doesn't seem like that big a deal. every huge thing you roll out is going to have mistakes. >> i'm sure you love that point of view? >> that they not true, amy? >> conservatives, libertarians would say if something is flawed lake an apple product or flat screen tv or you don't have to buy it. if you are uninsured you have to buy it, there are deadlines, you can be fined when the government is blowing through the deadlines. to get become to ted cruz. it is a shame republicans want off on this losing crusade with the shutdown. it actually obscured and took attention off the fiasco that is the obama care act. >> lamont hill has he lost ted cruz. it's what i thought happened. the shutdown is over. debt ceiling crisis pushed down the road.
9:30 pm
out comes cruz louder than ever, having seized everybody's attention. now seizing on the vulnerability. obama care may be great in principle. if the system isn't working, he can exploit it as a catastrophe. >> the problem -- he spent so much time creating smoke screens. people don't want to hear him any more. such a divisive figure he has less authority. if he said nothing or little we would have put a spotlight on syria, a spotlight, it isn't rolling out the we have seen so many obama mistakes. >> we are all talking obama care. cruz is center stage on this. i am struggling to see how he personally lost here? amy? >> see the republican party divided. mitch mcdonnell, senate minority leader saying there will not be another government shut down. big funders, donors don't want to see these tactics. republicans did lose in all of this. >> isn't it a war the republican
9:31 pm
party has to have with itself. a civil war out of which will come a cohesive republican party in the end may have better chance of winning the election. >> we have how to get this out of sports, us, them, who can win, who can do best? there are philosophical issue. there are differences that need to be discussed. the idea of discussing from the cynical point of view of whether this helps or hurts the republican party is really something that a very small number of cynical people should think about. philosophically about what is right and wrong. >> i don't disagree. political reality. a small number of people in washington run the country. and they are at each other's throats. democrats, republicans. but more significantly right now. republican and republican. >> also, and why ted cruz isn't winning. if he -- >> is he not winning? >> the party hates him. >> how can he not prevail?
9:32 pm
>> he can't. half the party. power brokers who aren't on his side. something here, we seem to have conceded. >> power brokers we views as old guard. >> very much in power. >> is ted cruz potentially the new guard? he is dynamic? charismatic. we know he is smart. could he not in the end win this civil war? >> i agree with all of that. he is a fellow princetonian. put that on the table. >> i won't hold that against you. >> any body that wants to be an heir to ronald reagan, follow, i shall not speak ill of a fellow republican. if you want to go to battle with the other side. >> reagan said that when he was winning. he was attacking. >> he did win. >> let me turn to secretary sebelius. where the buck is supposed to stop.
9:33 pm
you can say her on obama care. her job to make sure the thing worked. if it was this big a disaster it appears to have been shouldn't she be resigning or fired? >> i don't think we have all right information. certainly seems that way. people have to be closer to it. must have a -- >> this lady has got to go. she was in charge of the website. we talked in the makeup room. yes, men on tv wear makeup. >> on tv. >> but i was suggesting, look how would you like it if you were ceo, getting all fact memos, we are ready for the rollout. you are not. your name is on it. you have a become that is out "gun, god, gays and george clooney." would you put up with your publisher and publicist screwing it up this badly? >> no. >> she is not the web master. she is the -- secretary of human services.
9:34 pm
>> it is her responsibility that obama care can start in an effective way. [ both talking at once ] >> i support the ethos of obama care the i come from britain. everyone gets health care. >> from britain. >> to a place where 11 million more people than were going to will have health care. a system that is chaotic. >> that is not the system. we can't reduce the affordable care act to the website. >> why? >> not the only provision. it is provisions, protections. >> it is also about young healthy people. it is solvent. >> it will be. this is what is frustrating. republicans and conservatives are in bad faith on this. and the, the congressional budget office from the beginning say this need about $5 billion to effectively roll out. $5 billion. >> you can fix a website. it doesn't matter if you want to show off and fire someone to have someone's head roll so you
9:35 pm
can feel power. this will work eventually. it is not an impossible thing. it is easier. >> at what point, a head must roll? >> this is show biz. >> if you want obama care to work. an effective manager. effective it team. have an effective website. in the interest of obama care i would think you want kathleen sebelius to go. >> resisting. funded it. resisted it. when it didn't work. >> over $600 million. >> okay. [ both talking at once ] >> don't trust the cyst temperature to get it for me -- system to get it for me in time. next, deborah norville. heroes, scandals, and odd balls. not the panel i just had. and "inside edition's" anchor. when we come back. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
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25 years, inside edition has covered news, with 4 million viewers a night. in the chair, deborah norville, anchor and author of "the way we are" 25 years at "inside edition. "you are take this the right way, my guilty pleasure >> i love that. we want to be everybody's guilty
9:40 pm
pleasure, tell you something that will make you smile. a little something that will make you think. and something that ticks you off. >> who has been your favorite scoundrel? >> god, the scoundrel list is long. >> tonya harding, michael jackson, o.j. simpson. >> tonya harding, sort of put us on the map. before i joined the show. she gave us exclusive access at the olympics after the clubbing of nancy kerrigan would have happened. who would have thought that one incident when she was in the olympics would beget all the stories that continued for many years to come. o.j. simpson is a favorite. how many can say a guy that got off in the opinion of many for murder then tried to kill your camera crew. an infamous shot of o.j. simpson met him on the golf course, he has his golf club raised. front papers of new york, you just imagine if he did kill. >> you have done the show 18 years, incredible.
9:41 pm
david frost was, an anchor early on. bill o'reilly. >> yep. >> an anchor. not very long. my favorite clip ever, from inside edition, bill o'reilly talking in a warm, generous way to a producer in a way i wanted to to mine. watch this. >> that is it -- >> that's tomorrow. and that is it for us today. and we will leave you with a -- i can't do it. i'll do it live. we'll do it live. [ bleep ] do it live! do it live! >> this is too funny. >> [ bleep ], that thing sucks! >> this was never on television. >> i feel the same way about taping things. just do it live! >> you can't say that on tv. >> do it live? >> no, the other part. >> don't say it again, in case you can't. the way inside edition was done.
9:42 pm
they would do on camera, separate from putting packages in. there was a production snafu that day. against the wire the they were going to have to do it live. i guess it wasn't something. i said, let's do it all in one take. do it live. it wasn't until i said you will save two hours of built in overtime in your budget that we do it live every day after that. awe thought was my favorite moment ever. what's your favorite moment? >> there are so many. my time span is 18 years. >> the moment you would relive again personally? >> don't know if i would relive it. it struck me. interviewing paula jones, had instituted the sexual harassment lawsuit against then president bill clinton. i was talking with her. to be successful in an action you have to prove you were aversely impacted. this is how she reacted. i said, so you stood him up. she blew up. she said that was so rude. and she started to march away. i'm thinking don't march away.
9:43 pm
i am not finished with the interview. i realized later, as we were speaking she was negotiating the settlement with president clinton. she got $850,000 from the president. that was all being negotiated. i suspect the stress of that was what leapt out and attacked me in the interview. great tv. we love great tv moments. >> it certainly was. you had a moment in television, real live horror, another shooting today, the mass shooting at fort hood, you just happened to be there. you went and reported for the show. take a look at some of your coverage from that. >> yeah. >> we broadcast today from the fort hood military base in texas, the scene of the worst loss of life at an american military facility in many, many years. we are learning more about the army psychiatrist accused of gunning down 13 people and wounding 30 others. he has been left paralyzed. on a ventilator from gunshots at him to stop his murderous rampage. >> how many times we have told
9:44 pm
the story. again today, a young boy, somehow had access -- >> why is it nothing ever changes in america after all the gun outrages? >> i don't know you can say nothing changes. cnn has been aggressive in reporting the shooting in nevada today. it appears this boy got access to a gun his family possessed. as someone who comes from the south where all of my family members possess guns we, have guns in our home, our guns are locked up, our guns are absolutely not accessible. it is my second amendment right, it is all americans second amendment rights to possess a gun. but with that right comes the responsibility of making sure that that weapon its securely put away from certainly a 13-year-old boy. if you have ammunition, you keep it in a second location. not even in the same premises. we have guns. we have no ammo. you go some where else if you need a bullet. >> deborah, a fascinating book. so many great stories in this.
9:45 pm
if like me you view "inside edition" as a very guilty pleasure. not even that guilty. >> it's fun. >> a terrific romp through some of the best news stories and outrages and scoundrels and, scallywags of the last 25 years. congratulations on your part on it. amazing career. long may it continue. the way we are, heroes, scoundrels, odd balls from 25 years of inside edition. available tomorrow. inside edition, airs daily. deborah, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> from prison pen pals, from the governor and newly minted third life, life in the bayou, why steamy doesn't describe it. the mind boggles. [ sneezes, coughs ]
9:46 pm
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my favorite saying is you only as young as the woman you feel. and brother, it's fun feeling her. >> former louisiana governor edward edwards and his wife trina on the show "the governor's wife" the show follows him and his new bride.
9:50 pm
and their new baby. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> trying to get my head around this. you are 86. trina you are 35. what did you see in him? start that way around? >> well, before i met him, actually, i was in college and i was reading his book. when i would go places i would flip through and what read a couple of pages and people would tell me all these great stories about him. i decided i had to see for myself. we began writing and the first time i met him i went to visit him in prison. when he came in he was this larger than life, everybody loved him the second he walked in the door. something draws to him. >> you are a good nick for 86 -- excuse me. >> you're in good shape. >> i'm fortunate.
9:51 pm
i never had stomach problems, back problems, sleep well, eat well and enjoy my life. >> i bet you do. let's turn to trina. she is nearly half the age of your daughters. does that give you any qualms? >> it makes me feel fortunate. it's difficult for people to understand and i know that certainly. if it's not unique it's certainly unusual but we're happy and that's important. >> let's play a clip from the new show. your daughter victoria finds out you're having a baby. >> i already know the news. we're here to break it to you. >> i really feel that it's important for us to tell you that your dad and i are planning on having a baby. >> excuse me? >> we're planning on having a baby. >> it's important -- >> you want his legacy?
9:52 pm
you have everything else. >> how can you justify this? >> why would you do to that to a child? >> i'm feeling a little bit attacked right now. so i'm going to -- >> sit down. >> okay. >> so that obviously went down well. i've got to ask you a technical question here. how have you managed to have a baby at 86? >> some time ago when i had a reverse vasectomy. the doctor stored some sperm. when i got out of prison i was made away of it. >> we got a bill. >> we got a bill from the hospital. >> how much was it? >> $750. i didn't realize what it was and i learned they can store it indefinitely. we retrieved it and got a wonderful doctor who did the in vitro and it worked out. >> and your son eli arrived in august.
9:53 pm
>> people accuse you of being a gold digger. but he doesn't have a lot of gold? >> no, he does. >> how much does he have? >> not enough to be called a gold digger. >> it's a fascinating combination. i mean, i suppose the question for you, do you think this is for life or do you think you may have more young wives. >> i'm the last one. >> how can you be so sure? >> because after me there's nothing better. he's got as good as it is going to get. >> we can see you have done well on the woman front. let's turn to washington and we'll get your views on the current state of what is going on in d.c. people don't have to think about
9:54 pm
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9:57 pm
i'm with edward edwards and his wife trina edwards. let me know about your views on what is going on in washington. you're an ex-congressman. >> i'm a lifelong democrat and hardly in a position to critique the republican party. but most of the republicans i know are hard working and decent people interested in the public good. my opinion is that the republican party has been taken over by a small minority of extreme right wing people and i think that's what the problem is. when i was in congress we worked well together and got things
9:58 pm
done. but this impasse that continually happens in washington is intolerable. not in our country's interest and should be stopped. >> do you find the one question that everybody wants to ask you is you're a republican and he's a democrat? >> we've got that a couple of times. but we are both moderate in our views. we agree on just about everything. >> you are a bipartisan relationship? >> we finally found a good use for republicans. we sleep with them. >> do you change diapers? >> yes, sir. >> are you good at it? >> absolutely. >> eli is out there. he cries every time i come in the room. >> in two or three months he will change his own diapers. i won't have that problem. >> do you recommend having an 86-year-old boy toy? >> of course, i do. >> really?
9:59 pm
>> if it works for you? i'm happy with it. it's just your preference. >> it's a fascinating -- i suppose, union is the best way to describe it. the show is called "the governor's wife." good luck to both of you. >> i appreciate it. >> you made us feel young at heart today. now to my new book give away. we found two winners tonight. let's start with yankee goddess who is diana samuel, she tweeted thank you for acting like a true american. love you. and incident commander, frank gamez who said i can't understand your accent on "piers morgan tonight." send me your book. of course i will. we'll have another competition tomorrow night. there will be another winner tomorrow night. thanks to both of you for coming in tonight. good luck with little eli. have a free copy of my book,
10:00 pm
"shooting straight" seems appropriate for you. >> that's it for us tonight. "ac360 later" starts right now. >> good evening. breaking news. talk to the man who lost his brother in the school shooting outside reno, nevada. two students in the hospital. a teacher is dead. so is the shooter, student at the school. a day in gunshots, chaos, carnage, is slowly yielding answers how it happened and there can be answers what led to the tragedy. what's latest that we know about how it all began? stephanie, it is anderson. >> reporter: andersen, it is a complete situation of just chaos for the small community outside reno, dealing with the loss of a beloved math teacher, mike lansbury, survived tours in afghanistan, the teacher lost in the shooting at the hand of what we hear supposedly a student


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