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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 5, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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leave them alone and stay away from it and let nature take its course. >> i'm kind of sad actually, for our purposes, let's just say he is indeed the chip a cot you. he is a big dog on "the ridiculist." thanks for watching. "early start" starts now. >> a boom. another boom. a last boom after that, after the second one, and then glass, glass everywhere. >> terror in a suburban new jersey mall as a gunman walks in and opens fire. another term for new jersey governor chris christie. we will take a look at the notable races across the country. the man on the miami dolphins says he is the one to blame that led to the environment of one player leaving the team over alleged bullying. >> good morning.
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i'm miguel marquez in for john berman who hat day off. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. tuesday, november 5th. 5:00 a.m. in the first. first, we start with gunfire. witnesses say a man opened in black opened fire at 9:30 last night inside the westfield garden state plaza mall in paramus. after a massive search we are finding out the shooter's body has just been found. late-breakinging details and get straight to nic robertson who is live in paramus. >> reporter: police found the body of the man who went into the mall shooting, richard shoop's body was found at 3:20 a.m. this morning in the back of the shopping mall behind a building area under construction some distance where he entered the mall six hours earlier. police say he took his own life,
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that he was probably laying dead there for some hours. he had entered the shopping mall, gone through the mall and arrived at a place where he took his own life. i'm joined by the prosecutor here, john mullanely. can you talk us through exactly what happened tonight? >> some time after 9:00 p.m., mr. shoop came in dressed all in black and wearing a black motorcycle helmet with his rifle and shortly after entering, let go about a minimum of six rounds or maybe more. we have to look at it yet. in an area he could have easily hit individuals but chose not to. based upon what our investigation disclosed over the hours that followed, we believe that he went in there with the intent to either be shot by police, which we call suicide or to take his own life, which he ultimately did. >> what have you learned about this young man? >> a troubled person. someone that, you know, has a
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history of drug use. you wouldn't think that at age 20, age 20, how much can you do in your life, but in his life, he at least thought that he had reached a point on where there was no recourse other than to take his own life. >> reporter: you've talked to his family. you talked earlier indications from what they told you, you're not surprised that it ended this way. >> i'm not and they are not. they were helpful. they gave us some information that allowed us to, you know, begin to put some pieces together on this. we still didn't know whether it was mr. shoop until 3:20 this morning until we saw his body but we had an indication but we also believe he was in the mall. that was very, very important. you know, somebody comes in and shoots up a mall and then they leave, that would have been much worse. >> reporter: 400 law enforcement officers going through the mall. no injuries, apart from his. you said very clearly that he didn't go in there to kill anyone. what was he shooting at? >> random.
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a couple of shots into the ceiling. a shot into an escalator, one into a facade area for one of the retail stores. he had more than opportunity. there were thousands of people in this mall at 9:20 tonight and many of them were within five feet from him. he clearly had the ability to shoot an individual but he did not. >> a disturbed man that took his own life. prosecutor john mulanelli, thank you very much. the details we are beginning to learn. a long night for law enforcement officers here. 400 people or so barricaded into their stores. police still at this time going through the shopping mall and making sure they have accounted for everyone. the mall will remain closed today. >> nic, are they certain nobody else was involved? because earlier reports when you were listening to the eyewitnesses there, they were saying they heard a lot of shots and thought maybe there were some additional people and feel confident now this was a lone
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gunman? >> reporter: confident a lone gunman. he had taken his brother's weapon, his brother owned the weapon legally. it was a modified rifle rifle, ..22-caliber meant to look like an ak-47. a serious weapon stolen from his brother but he is believed to be the only person involved in this. >> nic robertson, great to have you there for us. thank you. now to our other big story this morning. election day. voters are heading to the polls to decide a number of state and local races that could impact the political landscape across the country. maybe the most notable contest is chris christie expected to win the second term as new jersey governor. he is mentioned as a possible candidate in 2016 for the presidency and things he did at the campaign stop did lilve to quiet those whispers. >> i need you tomorrow night.
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i need you badly. we have to liver tomorrow, everybody. the whole country is watching, everybody. the whole country is watching and they are disspirited the way the government works. they look at the mess in washington, d.c. they say nobody cares about the rest of us and nobody cares about the folks any more. >> another big showdown for the top job in the swing state of virginia. terry mcauliffe is favored in the governor's race there. the winner there replaces bob macdonald. >> 12 years of michael bloomberg polls point to democrat bill de blasio who is running against who is credited for transitioning the subway system after superstorm sandy. 11 conservative counties in northern colorado are voting to succeed from the state. the vote is largely symbolic.
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even if the measure passes they would require statewide and congressional approval. the nfl is investigating a case of suspected bullying by a miami dolphins lineman, richie incognito has been suspended indefinitely by the dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team is what they are calling it. his alleged victim is teammate and fellow lineman jonathan martin who apparently was so desperate that he walked off the job last week. we are going to get more from cnn's john zarrella. >> reporter: this is miami dolphin richie incognito from a team promo. >> on the field, players have called me overly aggressive. >> reporter: now it may be that incognito was not only overly aggressive on the field but off the field as well leading to his suspension. the nfl is looking into whether incognito bullied another player jonathan martin so badly that martin left the team.
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according to espn and this is the text of a voice mail sent from incognito from martin. quote. hey, what up, you half blank piece of blank? i saw you on twitter. you've been training ten weeks. i'm blank in your blank mouth. i'm going to slap your real mother across the face. blank you. you're still a rookie. i'll kill you. the text has come out a week after an incident in the dolphins lunch room involving martin and other offensive linemen. martin left and hasn't been back. at a press conference, dolphins head coach joe phillynn said he spoke several times over several days with martin following the incident. >> in all of my discussions with jonathan and members of his family, at no time were there any accusations or allegations of misconduct by any members of this team or this organization. >> reporter: but sunday, a martin representative contacted philbin and the dolphins with concerns over what philbin called player conduct. that led to incognito's
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suspension. calls to incognito, martins, and their representatives haven't been returned. as the hbo "hard knocks" video of the new york jets shows, hazing seems part of the writ of pass aj for nfl locker room. it is a not hurtful doze of fun, not hazing. >> i came to a good team. i don't know how it is around the league. man, i got lucky. >> i got a lot of respect for richie. i love playing with richie. i wish he was here right now. >> reporter: neither martin are nor incog nino are with the team and it's unclear when either will be back. john zarrella, cnn, miami. >> we will have to hear much more about that. houston texans coach gary kubiak reportedly suffered a tia or a ministroke. when he lapsed on the field of halftime of sunday night's game against the indianapolis colts.
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coach kubiak is undergoing a battery of tests and remains hospitalized. he said to be alert and coherent and in good spirits. the espn reports that kubiak is treated with medications used to breakup clots and that is consistent with patients who suffer strokes. we are learning about how a nyu student was trapped between two buildings. police say arbor vongtau said he was walking between the roof on saturday and didn't see the gap between the buildings. firefighters cut through a concrete wall to free him between 18-inch space between the dorm and the parking garage. the student's mom hasized what he told her about the ordeal. >> not a lot. not a whole lot but we will get this eventually. >> in stable condition and doing okay. >> police have not said whether the student was intoxicated at
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the time of his fall. >> that is one lucky guy, right? quite a rescue. >> a tiny little space and it's frightening. unbelievable. a check of the forecast. karen ma gsginns joins us with that. >> 5 to 10 degrees little warmer than what we were looking at this hour yesterday. for new york, 43 degrees and yesterday morning i was telling you the temperatures in mid-30s. we even had 20s across the eastern great lakes. now temperatures in the 30s so not so bad. new york city it topped out at 46. that was in central park yesterday. and temperatures going to be a little bit warmer than that. each day for the next several days, you'll start to see that nice warm-up taking place. so in the low 50s. coming up for new york city for this afternoon, but temperatures in the 60s. now typically a high temperature there would be about 57. pittsburgh, 66 degrees coming up for the middle of the workweek.
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temperatures approaching 60 degrees in boston. so enjoy it while it lasts because here comes a fairly fast moving, but very vigorous whether system pushing into the great lakes and you know what that means? by thursday, you'll sexpect som showers and unsettled weather across new england and in the west some areas pick up as much as 6 inches of snowfall from the dakotas into the central plains. back to you. >> we are going to take your advice and we are going to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. thank you for that. for the first time we are hearing horrific details from one of the women held captive for 11 years by aerial castro inside his cleveland home. michelle knight sitting down with dr. phil talking about the emotional torture that came with her very long ordeal. >> throw money at me. >> what was the significance of him throwing money at you? >> he was obsessed with
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prostitutes and also he thought i was a 13-year-old prostitute. when he found out my real age, he got mad. >> she is such a courageous young lady. we are going to hear more from the interview with michelle knight in the next half hour of "early start." coming up a tsa agent shot while protecting passengers at l.a.x. and describing the moments right after the attack. we will have his story. a woman nine months prosecuting brutally attacked inside her home and her husband watching in horror as he speaks with her online from overseas. we are going to have an update on her condition and also the baby's condition. switching gears here p.m. time for your morning rhyme. tweet us with your own original verse. it could be about anything. let's make it about miguel marques this morning and you'll get extra brownie points. it has to be #earlystart or #earlyrhyme. we will read the best one on on
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welcome back to "early start." new developments of the l.a.x. shooting investigation. text messages apparently alerted police to a problem with the suspect minutes before the shooting. the fbi now confirms he was determined to kill tsa agents. one died, two others were wounded. on monday, we heard from one of them for the first time. cnn's kyung lah reports. >> reporter: walking is excruciating for tony who took a bullet to the foot protecting a passenger. i was injured while helping an elderly man trying to get to a safe area. i turned around and there was a gunman that shot me twice. i was shot in the foot.
2:18 am
>> girardeau hernandez was shot to death. >> the only thing that bothers me is i will never see him there. >> reporter: he was next to ludmere. he dragged himself into the closet. and as you said found a sweat shirt in the closet, made a make shift tourniquet out of it, closed the door, and stayed until he was released. he thought that might be the end. >> reporter: investigators try to get the time line of the crime. ciancia's father alerted officers in l.a. after receiving suicidal texts from his son. 10:06, a call comes in. how quickly do you respond? >> the call came in 10:06 to our dispatch center and officers in the driveway at 10:12. >> so six minutes. >> six minutes. >> reporter: he was not there and had 50 minutes earlier entered terminal three and unleashing horror in the
2:19 am
terminal and frustrating in two police departments that the timing was all so wrong. >> what if we could have stopped that and the officers appeared at the residence to do a well-being check on him and he hadn't left yet? it would have been a phenomenal thing if we could have prevented that. >> it's extraordinarily frustrating for all of us. i don't think not a single officer in the los angeles department, probably across the country, that doesn't wish they were able to go there before this guy left the house and stop him from doing these terrible things. >> reporter: kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. >> this morning we are hearing from a mother in texas who was brutally attacked and stabbed by army trainee while talking with her husband online. she spoke with an affiliate from her hospital bed about her long road to recovery. >> recovery is going very well. i have a strong daughter. just being able to see her and
2:20 am
know that she is doing just fine. >> wow. that suspect 19-year-old corey moss is being held on 150,000 dollars bail. >> a crazy, crazy story. a security scare at a connecticut university on monday night. three people, including at least one student taken into custody following a lockdown that police say could have been caused by a student halloween costume. police received calls that a person carrying a sword and possibly a gun inside a dorm on monday. central connecticut state university was a lockdown for several hours. no one injured. india is hoping to beat china to the punch launching unmanned mars orbiter. critics of the 74 million dollar project say the money would have been better spent on public health or solar energy. coming up. >> highlights everyone is
2:21 am
talking about. university of connecticut freshman sinking a stung 30-foot no-look, behind the back shot. stay tuned for the bleacher report coming up next. >> great job! oh, no! >> oh, dear. so you can get out of your element. so you can explore a new frontier and a different discipline. get two times the points on travel and dining at restaurants from chase sapphire preferred. so you can be inspired by great food once again. chase sapphire preferred. so you can. ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪
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my favorite time of the morning. >> is it? >> no.
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>> aaron rodgers may be out the rest of the season. he injured his shoulder on the first drive of the last game last night. joe carter! >> sports! bleacher report. >> he has it all. the packers probably start practice today wondering how long is our star player going to be out? aaron rodgers is the centerpiece to this team. the identity of the green bay packers and without him, they are a totally different team. this injury happened just 2:30 into the game last night. you'll see the bears mcclendon sack rodgers and drive his shoulder into the ground. he hurts his left shoulder his nonthrowing shoulders and head coach mike mccarthy said they will wait for the doctors to determine the severity of its injury. he hasn't missed a game because of injury for three years. the bears were without their star quarterback jay cutler. josh mccown hardly looks like the backup. the bears get the win for the first time in green bay in six
2:26 am
years. john fox is recovering this morning after successful heart surgery yesterday. the broncos have not set a timetable for his return. they will leave that decision up to fox and his wife. >> you know, just try to comfort him and let him know that take care of himself and that family and keep this thing on the track until he gets back. >> in charge of keeping the ship straight will be jack del rio, the broncos defensive coordinator and take over as the interim head coach. he took the jacksonville jaguars to the playoffs twice in nine years. trending this morning on you got to see this amazing video. james young, connecticut freshman. great hustle. sinks a 30-footer behind his back but for the wrong team. the kentucky fans love the effort. keep in mind this is an exhibition game and what john calipari, the head coach, said. the shot made me laugh.
2:27 am
obviously, it's a three-pointer because of the distance. but it actually goes in the becomes officially as a two-point layup for the other team. that is strange, huh? but good effort on that. >> who knew? >> look at that. i love to see it. too bad it went to the wrong team. thank you. >> you're welcome, guys. coming up, an internal war room document detailing how the white house has been quietly stressing out over obama care, sticker shock. ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review.
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but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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a gunman found dead hours
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after sending panicked shoppers scrambling from a new jersey mall. we will have a live report straight ahead. the hits keep coming for the obama care website. new internal documents warning of impending sticker shock for americans in search of affordable health care. kidnapping survivor michelle knight is speaking out, describing being tied up and having money thrown at her after ariel castro captured her. welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm miguel marquez. 31 minutes past the hour. glad to be here. >> we're happy to have you. >> thank you very much for being nice to me. >> it's temporary, dude. >> tomorrow will be heck. begin with a night of mayhem in a new jersey mall. the westfield garden state mall in paramus, gunman opening fire and triggering chaos and massive police search. we have learned the suspect's body has been found.
2:32 am
nic robertson is live with us with the latest. what do you have, nic? >> reporter: about two hours ago, police say they discovered the body of richard shoop, a 20-year-old young man. they say his body was over at the back of the shopping mall in a building area behind the building area, it was some distance they say where he had entered the mall about six hours earlier when he began shooting. they say he fired at least six shots into an escalator, an elevator, into a couple of stories stores but they did say he wasn't shooting at people. this is somebody they described as trouble and who had a history of drug use. >> he does have a history of drug use. but we do believe that the motive for what he did tonight was suicide. whether self-inflicted or, god forbid, suicide. no one ever wants to say that. it looked like that was his motive and this time based upon what we know, it did not appear that he entered the mall to
2:33 am
actually shoot anyone and i say that only because it appears that he did have ample opportunity of that and chose not to do that. >> reporter: now the weapon that he used was a modified rifle.22-caliber weapon and to be look like an ak-47. he stole it from his brother, his family unaware that he was taking the weapon but we're that at this time that he was troubled. the prosecutor said that they had talked with the family and they had information which really led them not to be surprised when they discovered his body, a victim of his own gunshot taking his life. >> such a shocking case. do we know why he would do it in public and feel the need to go to the mall and do this, nic? >> this is something authorities are not able to answer at the moment. they say this is clearly somebody they don't use the word depressed but clearly what they are talking about.
2:34 am
they say this history of drug use using mdma and possibly heroin as well and they say contributed to his state of mind. they pointed out he didn't go in to take other people's lives, only his own life because he had plenty of opportunity to do that. >> thank god he didn't. latest on the obama care mess. website is still a disaster and officials are forced to shut it down nightly for repairs as well and if it ever gets fixed some americans hoping to buy the quality health care at an affordable price my be in for a bad case of sticker shock. here is joe johns. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> reporter: outwardly the administration is confident and optimistic when it comes to obama care's promise of more choice and lower priced health insurance. >> thank you. >> reporter: the president made the case for that in a rose garden event at the white house. >> what we have done is
2:35 am
essentially created competition where there wasn't competition before. and, as a result, this choice and this competition, prices have come down. >> reporter: but privately there is concern. a stunning internal war room document created last week submitted to republican investigators and obtained by cnn details worries that when the website is up and running, there might be sticker shock and anger because the media attention will follow individuals to plan selection and their ultimate choices and, in some cases, there will be fewer options than would be desired to promote consumer choice and ideal shopping experience. additionally in some cases, there will be relatively high cost plans. meanwhile, the white house was once again on defense monday after other war room notes suggested the administration's request to consumers to call in to register for obama care wasn't really a way of bipassing the glichty website. why? the call centers and the website
2:36 am
use the same computer system. >> the point of the call-in centers was to reduce the frustration that individuals were having. that's what he said. that's what we were doing. that's what we're doing. in the meantime, we're, you know, busting rocks every day to fix the website. >> reporter: joe johns, cnn, washington. 35 minutes past the hour. a quick check of the morning forecast. karen is live in the cnn weather center. good morning to you. >> and good morning. we are looking at kind of a very volatile situation as far as the weather is concerned. up and down as far as the temperatures are concerned. especially over the next several days. as we see that big dip in the atmosphere across the interior west and a frontal system moving rapidly toward the east. if you're traveling and live in the northeastern corridor along the i-95 corridor you have the next 48 hours it looks to be pretty good, but about thursday, if you've got travel plans you may want to rethink that because
2:37 am
temperatures are going to be a little bit lower and on the order of a quarter of an inch to maybe half an inch of rainfall associated with the frontal passage. then that ridge of high pressure moves in before another weather system moves in by sunday. now temperatures this morning not nearly as cold as they were yesterday morning. temperatures were in the 20s and 30s. yesterday in new york city, central park, 46. that was it. that was all the temperature was. we expect 50s for today and guess what what? as we go by wednesday, looks like temperatures expected in the 60s, even 66 for pittsburgh. so it looks pretty good. temperatures running about 5 to 10 degrees above where they should be but just wait. here comes that frontal system and will kick up the wind and drop the temperatures and produce some rainfall. >> thank you, karen. 37 minutes past the hour. one of the three men who survived a decade in captivity in a cleveland house is opening up about her harrowing interview.
2:38 am
32-year-old michelle knight describes in disturbing tail how her captor ariel castro tortured her for ten years to dr. phil. >> so he gets you in this room. what did he tie you up with? one of those orange extension cords. i was tied up like a fish, an ornament on the wall. the only way i can describe it. i was hanging like this, my feet, i was tied by my neck and my arms with the extension cord going like that? >> oh, my god. so he tied your hands and feet and also around your neck, and hung you? >> knight, amanda berry and gene a dejesus was rescued in may. castro was sentenced to life in prison. in september he hung himself in the cell.
2:39 am
a former black panther left this country to cuba. it didn't work out. now the fugitive could be a few days from making his return to america. we have more now. >> reporter: william potts hasn't left cuba since hijacking a passenger flight to havana nearly 30 years ago. he threatened to shoot one of the pilots. >> two pilot. he said, okay, okay, we go. i know we going to cuba. >> reporter: now potts, a member of cuba's small muslim community, is desperate to be reunited with family in the united states and praise u.s. officials will let him return. a prayer to land him in jail. some of the fugitives say are terrorists and placed million dollar bounties on their head. william potts is most likely the only fugitive here fighting to go back to his country.
2:40 am
unlike many of the other fugitives who fled to the island, potts went to prison in cuba spending nearly 50 years behind bars for the hijacking. time he says he shouldn't have to serve again in the united states. >> my position is i'm free. i did the crime. but i did the time. i paid the price for that crime that i committed. now i'm entitled to a second chance. >> reporter: u.s. officials say potts still faces a federal air piracy charge. they assisting his return and arranging for u.s. marshals to accompany him to miami. potts says he wants to speak to the passengers and the crew of the plane he hijacked to apologize. >> i regret taking that plane and putting those people's lives in jeopardy. i didn't have that perspective
2:41 am
at the time but i have it now and i carry it until the day, you know, that i die. >> reporter: when told by cnn of potts' apology, the captain of the hijacked plane said he would, quote, consider forgiving the fugitive. coming up a yard sale to beat all yard sales. oprah winfrey cleaning out her closets and earning big bucks for her charity. >> i bet good stuff there. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the "getting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... what's in your wallet?
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introducing the thinner, lighter, more powerful ipad air. another step forward for gay rights advocates against gay bisexual and transgender workers clearing a hurdle in the senate. seven republicans joined democrats in support. historic bill is expected to pass the senate next week. but it faces an uphill climb in the house where speaker john boehner and other top republicans oppose it. week four of the murder trial of martin macneill is
2:45 am
under way in utah qho is accused of murdering his wife so he could continue an extramarital affair. four inmates who served time with macneill is expected to take the stand and testify the doctor told him he killed his wife but didn't think police would ever be able to prove it. sorry rocket man. it's no so lonely out in space it turns out. they say our mickey way galaxy is crowded with tens of billions earth-like planets or bitting around distant stars much like our sun. the temperatures may be just right to inhabit life. the findings are based on a flow of data provided by a telescope over the last several years. will you tell us more? >> the goldilocks zone. not too hot, not too cold. >> who knows what is going on, right? so the big oprah winfrey auction he is santa barbara polo club pulled in nearly $600,000. the money will go to the openry win free leadership gallery at
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her schools in south africa. a set of six 18 century louie the xvith arm chairs made the biggest blast going for $60,000. >> i went looking for it upptupe and didn't find any. >> red sox star shane victorino. >> i did not like those beards! >> they are shaved off now. david ortiz held a ceremonial shave-off in boston on money raising money for the bombing victims in boston. the beards were a signature for their march to the world series. let's take a look what is
2:47 am
coming up on newday. good morning! >> good morning, guys. >> we are following two situation. we have the one in new jersey at the shopping mall. just before closing time, the government walks in dressed they say dressed in a motorcycle outfit with a helmet on and visor up and he starts shooting and people are scrambling. now they say his body was found in an parapparent suicide. in colorado a stakeout of a school closed overnight. a witness said two men entered, they believe they were gunmen and they are in custody and take through that as well. >> also shocking new developments in the case of a miami dolphins player who left the team after being bullied, he said one of his fellow players is suspended and we are hearing the voice mails that player reportedly left for jonathan martin. they are truly disturbing and have more of that coming up. five french teenagers facing
2:48 am
criminal charges for kidnapping a lamb lamma and taking it on a ride. that is the circus llama who was minding his own business as they like to do. early thursday morning last week five llama nabbers leaving a nearby nightclub stole him. they were arrested by police while riding with surge on the subway. >> no way! >> surge did not have his card. he didn't pay. cops say the teens were drunk. >> clearly. >> shocking, yeah, they set off to steal a zebra but the llama proved to be more cooperative because the zebras can kick. certifying is doing a-ok. they can spit. >> really far distances.
2:49 am
a crazy story. >> maybe surge was up for it. who knows. >> so it is time for your morning rhyme. our tweet of the day comes from mary elizabeth ramsey who writes, john berman's fill-in miguel marquez a sure morning win. i said extra brownie points if you mentioned him. congratulations. good for him. >> i don't know what that means. we are going to work on that rhyme a little bit and take it to the rhyme doctors. >> and fix it? >> and a little surgery, i think. >> come up with your own rhyme. tweet us #morningrhyme and #earlystart. twitter is getting set for its big ipo. if you're looking to get in, christine romans will tell us what the price might be. e thing? all we do is go out to dinner. that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me.
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welcome to "early start." it is "money time." christine romans is here this morning. good morning. >> good morning, you guys. t-minus 2 and counting is waiting for twitter expected to trade in two days. what is big about twitter? they are hot right now and bank roll growth and raise a bunch of money. twit is a social media ipo and the company seeing heavy demand for its stock so much so that twitter plans to close the order books today at noon. the company raised initial prices yesterday to 29 bucks a share and analysts say don't be surprised if you see the final price for twitter shares set higher than that. the ipos expected to be bigger than goobleg and expected to raise $2.9 billion in change when google went public nine years ago. you the ordinary investor will get your first shot at buying or selling those shares on thursday
2:54 am
if you have the stomach for it. banks are starting to loosen the purse strings and offering down payments of 5% on a new home. buyers had to come up with 20% down after the housing bubble burst. now some banks are making friendlier for you. they think they can offer better deals than the federal housing administration. 49% of homes september in september were cash i told you, remember that? super low mortgage rates but real people saying we can't get in on it and first-time home buyers say we are good credit risks but they doof a lot of money in the bank. watch this. see if it moves the housing market more. can you hear this? christmas music? >> i saw a wreath at midway airport in chicago. >> is it too early? >> my gosh, yes! wait until thanksgiving!
2:55 am
>> never too early for christmas. >> we are three weeks away from thanksgiving and now here you go. black friday already beginning. and k-mart is saying you can shop at k-mart for 41 straight hours starting at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. 11:00 p.m. on black friday. black friday now starts before thanksgiving. this is we think the earliest opening for black friday. it is being moved forward by a month. actually encroaching and surpassing the traditional thursday thanksgiving dinner. ama macy's is breaking a 100-year-old tradition for the retailer by opening on thanksgiving. has a black friday section. >> i'm get you both of my christmas lists before i get off
2:56 am
air. >> thanks, christine. ahead, department of homeland security workers accused of wasting taxpayer money with bogus overtime pay. we will have the very latest right after this. is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. you'll never believe they're light. how can i help you? oh, you're real? you know i'm real! at discover, we're always here to talk. good, 'cause i don't have time for machines. some companies just don't appreciate the power of conversation! you know, i like you! i like you too! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and talk to a real person.
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welcome back to "early start." employees at six homeland security offices under investigation for allegedly abusing overtime procedures. 700 workers blow the whistle on a scheme that is allegedly costing taxpayers billions of dollars in bogus overtime pay. a spokesman for the dhs is conducting a department wide review how overtime pay is used and whether it complies with the
3:00 am
law. >> interesting. that is that is it for your "early start" this morning. "new day" start right now. >> mall cops came running past us, screaming shots fired and they were telling everyone, run, run, run. breaking overnight, a gunman opens fire at closing time in a crowded new jersey mall. hundreds trapped inside. early this morning, the police confirm the shooter has taken his own life. we hear from terrified shoppers. also breaking now, a denver school surround by s.w.a.t. teams, reports of two men armed inside now in custody. we are live with the very latest. nfl scandal, the dolphins bullying case growing bigger. the nfl now launching a full investigation as disturbing voicemails and texts emerge. your "new day" starts right now.


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