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tv   New Day  CNN  November 5, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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law. >> interesting. that is that is it for your "early start" this morning. "new day" start right now. >> mall cops came running past us, screaming shots fired and they were telling everyone, run, run, run. breaking overnight, a gunman opens fire at closing time in a crowded new jersey mall. hundreds trapped inside. early this morning, the police confirm the shooter has taken his own life. we hear from terrified shoppers. also breaking now, a denver school surround by s.w.a.t. teams, reports of two men armed inside now in custody. we are live with the very latest. nfl scandal, the dolphins bullying case growing bigger. the nfl now launching a full investigation as disturbing voicemails and texts emerge. your "new day" starts right now.
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>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to "new day," tuesday, november 5th, 6:00 in the east. we're following two developing situations right now. in new jersey, a mall shooting overnight ending 90 minutes ago. police confirm a gunman is dead hours after entering the mall just before closing time and 0ing fire. workers and shoppers were directly in his path. some were stuck in hiding for hours. and also breaking in denver, those two people we talked about are now, custody after an hour ago after a tense standoff at a school. police say the pair broke in overnight and reports they were armed. we go live to denver for the latest on that. first, the latest on the new jersey mall shooting. cnn's poppy harlow is live at
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the mall in paramus, new jersey. >> no one amazingly is injured in this horrifying event that broke out over night, the gunman, a 20-year-old is dead at this hour. absolute chaos broke out at the mall behind me within a gunman entered just after 9:00 p.m. over 400 people locked inside stores for hours. but eventually, they got out safely. chaos at a shopping center in new jersey overnight. >> we heard four gunshots. and everybody was scared. everybody was panicked. we took everybody, we went in the back of the store, locked ourselves in with 13 people in total, including me. >> reporter: hundreds of police, s.w.a.t. and emergency teams swarmed the southwestfield garden state plaza mall in search of a gunman who authorities believed fired six rounds just before closing time. the suspected gunman, 20-year-old richard shoop was discovered dead just after 3:00 a.m., his body found lying in a remote area of the mall.
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authorities say he had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> originally from washington township, new jersey, now living in teaneck, new jersey. he's 20 years old. his body was discovered just about an hour ago with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head area. he himself went to the area where he did this. it was a difficult area of the mall, behind some construction. >> reporter: no one else was injured in the shooting. surveillance individuvideo show gunman aimed at security cameras. >> the visor on the mel mhelmet lifted up. he was a while male. he wasn't aiming at anything. he had the gun in his hand aimlessly and he was walking past the apple store. he wasn't yelling. he didn't seem angered. he was just walking. >> reporter: police say shoop was carrying a rifle modified to look like an ak-47, stolen from
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his brother. >> it would look like an ak-47 but it is not an ak-47. it's where you take the handgun and modify it to make it look like something it is not. but it is a lawful gun owned by the brother. >> reporter: police say shoop has no history of mental illness but say he abused drugs. >> we do believe that the main motive for what he did tonight was suicide, whether self-inflicted or god forbid suicide by cop which no one ever wants to see. it looked like that was his motive. >> reporter: so the question is at this hour, chris, what could have motivated this 20-year-old to do this? police did tell us that they found a note inside the home where he was living. they didn't indicate, as some reports have said, that it was a suicide note. it was a note that led him to believe he would do something like this. we'll learn more in the coming days on that. i can also tell you, it's very important to note, police say he had the opportunity to kill other people in the mall and he chose not to. that is why they say the main
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motive here was suicide. i can also tell you, police were tipped off by a family member of the shooter. heard about it on the radio, called police shortly after 10:00 p.m. that led them to him. chris? >> poppy, thank you very much. we're trying to figure out what we can as we move along, some big questions raised by this string of shootings we've seen in the past few months. let's bring in harry hauck, a long-time detective with the new york police department, still a security consultant. there's a narrative we see in these situations. this time we seem to have gotten lucky. this guy went in there, wound up taking out only himself. when you're working on the police side, how early are you able to get at someone where there are messages of distress? you get a phone call, we think this kid, he's saying he's going to do things. how does it work from the police side about what you can do and when. >> if you get a call like that, you're getting a heads up.
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usually you have an address of somewhere you can do, track that person down and get at them before something happens. it's basically what might have happened here. >> how common is it that people come to the police in advance and say so-and-so have been saying weird things, they struggle with drugs, they're disturbed, they're isolated. how often does that happen. >> not off at at uhl. i never had it happen to me at paul. >> we do the say something, see something with packages, is that an area we neglect with people's b behavior? >> looking at this at first blush, it seems like everybody reacted correctly here. that mall had a plan for a lockdown. the first two minutes of an
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active shooter incident is the most deadliest. that's when most of the damage will be conducted by your shooter. >> why? >> because it takes two minutes for a police response. two to three minutes for a police response. if there's an alarm, an alarm went out through the mall, you have to have a specific alarm saying this alarm says active shooter, lockdown. apparently what some of the people did in this mall was bring their gates down and stay inside their stores. that was a great move. all right? some people were inside the mall also took cover. that's a great move. there's only three things you can do in an active shooter response, okay, the first one is to escape. the second is to hide. and the third is to fight the shooter. >> that's good that they brought down the gates. they had procedures in place. it does seem his intentional was specific also. you heard the witnesses saying he could have done things, he didn't. when you look at the response time, two to three minutes, is that as good as it gets?
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would it be better to make the harder targets, have more armed security there, would it help? >> two or three minutes is about as close as you're going to get to it unless you'll have armed unit strategically placed all over your city. that's something very hard to do. whether or not the citizens want that. do you want s.w.a.t. teams every five or six blocks in case there's an attack? this is something, you know, it's becoming more and more prevalent. so as a people in the mall and businesses, they should be prepared, have an emergency action plan in the event something like this happens. so if you know how to react, okay, to a situation like this, then there would be a lot less casualties. we're lucky. this guy decided he didn't want to shoot anybody. was he look for a specific target? i don't know. they record a letter that he allegedly wrote. >> maybe he was looking for someone in particular. >> right. didn't find that person. all right, decided to leave -- thank god he didn't want to shoot the place up and kill
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innocent people. >> harry, thank you for the perspective. it's true, we are seeing more of them. i hope we're learning lessons about how to keep ourselves safer when they do happen. this breaking situation in colorado, a tense standoff between police and two other people ended just an hour ago. they were believed to have been armed. they broke into a school. anna cabrera is in denver and with us on the phone. a lot of details coming out. what's the latest you know? >> we do know the two suspects they have in custody, arrested just within the last hour are a 15-year-old and 16-year-old boy. two boys who police say broke into the school shortly after 10:00 last night denver time and they were carrying what appeared to be rifles. that was according to employees who called police initially to report that this had happened and then was confirmed on surveillance video. they also had backpacks with
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them. police making the arrest an hour ago or so. they're currently trying to talk to these boys to get more information about what they were trying to accomplish. they're in the process of going through the school right now to see if they left anything behind and exactly what it was they had in those backpacks and guns as well. the area was put on lockdown, reverse 911 calls went out. at this time it's not believed anybody is in injured. certainly no fatalities that we know of or anything like that. we do know there was another school they tried to break into as well early in the evening. they were unsuccessful. it was an elementary school. about a mile and a half away. there are still a lot of questions that police are trying to gather more information from these two suspects. >> anna, it might be too early to know, any word if this is going to impact the schools? are they going to open? i'm sure they're sweeping the schools at the moment. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i think we're having a
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problem with cell phone connection at the moment. anna, thank you so much. harry, i want to bring you back in. when you hear this, 10:00 last night, two juveniles, two young teenagers breaking into a school what with they believe is backpacks and rifles, how do the police approach this. >> that worries me if they had rifles and if we're able to substantiate that, it tells me one thing, these guys were looking to break into the school, stay there, wait until the kids come in the morning and create an attack in the school. if one of them had a handgun and had backpacks and the backpacks were empty, i'd say they're doing a burglary. the fact they came in with rifles and if we find ammunitions and explosives in those backpacks, it's a lucky day, twice in one day for us. >> it also shows, clearly, the police took it very seriously, s.w.a.t. were on the scene before they had really knew what the situation was. >> sure. something like this, you get a report two guys with rifles
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breaking into a school, we're going to go back to the active shooter attack in connecticut and you see the fact that maybe they decided, listen, let's break into the school, stay there until everybody gets there and after -- if there's a lockdown, they're already in the school, then they can do the crimes their looking to do. >> very scary situation. the good news, two good things in one day, these two guys are in custody, arrested, a lot of questions for them. >> right, exactly. >> detective, always great to see you. >> thank you. coming up next hour, we'll speak to an eyewitness to the mall shooting in new jersey. he saw the gunman and had to hide for hours. that's coming up just after 7:00 eastern. michaela? data sweeps by the nsa will continue for the foreseeable future. the obama administration says it is looking to reign in surveillance practices overseas. "the new york times" reports the president and his advisers believe there is no workable alternative to bulk collection
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of data. we're hearing horrifying details from one of the young women held captive by castro. she tells dr. phil she was tied it up by her hands, feet and neck using an extension cord. knight, along with amanda berry and gina dejesus were freed from castro's home in may. details emerging on how that college student in new york city became wedged in a space between two buildings trapped for a nightmarish 36 hours. he told them he was walking on the roof in the dark saturday and didn't see the gap between the buildings and fell. his incredible rescue came sunday after firefighters cut through a concrete wall to free him. houston texans coach gary kubiak expected to remain in the hospital for another day. doctors believe kubiak suffered a mini stroke when he collapsed on the slide of a texans game
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sunday night. he had a temporary but reversible loss of function. not clear how long kubiak will be away from the team. the answer to all of your traffic jam prayers could be here. a flying car. the aeromobile 2.5 is a hybrid vehicle that apparently switches from a car to an airplane. the vehicle maxes out at 99 miles per hour on the road. that's kind of zippy and soars through the skies at speeds of 124 miles per hour. it seats two people. it's maker says it's perfectly capable of handling parallel parking. sorry, kate, it's only a prototype. >> the holidays are right around the corner. >> just thinking. >> can it take off in bumper to bumper traffic? that's what i want to know. >> i don't know what runway it needs. >> to be continued. let's good to karen mcginnis, she's in for indra petersons. >> new york city, boston and
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detroit, it's a good thing it's election day today. we have rainfall that's expected to move in, the latter half of the workweek. though we start the morning out chilly, not quite as chilly as yesterday. noticeably warmer. where temperatures are about 5 to 10 degrees, a little bit warmer than yesterday. but a fairly swift moving but vigorous storm system is going to plow across the midwest, produce quite a bit of snowfall in some areas, could see 6 or 8 inches in some of the northern tier states. we have this big dip in the jet stream as it moves towards the east, it's going to move fairly quickly. those mild temperatures you'll see for today and especially going into wednesday, they'll get replaced by cooler, wetter weather by thursday. new york in central park we saw 46 degrees. that was the temperature that we saw yesterday. we'll make it into the 50s for today, into the 60s coming up for wednesday. but then we could see a quarter inch to maybe half an inch coming up by thursday. back to you guys. >> all right, karen, thank you
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so much. coming up next on "new day," it is election day. and preraces are drawing a whole lot of attention. new jersey and virginia voting for governor, new york choosing a new mayor we'll dig into the choice for voters and what it means for the country. new allegations of a pro football player. he's been suspended, accused of bullying now we're hearing voicemails left for a teammate. we take you inside that dolphins hazing case.
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welcome back to "new day." on to our other big story this
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morning, election day. we're following three big races, new jersey, virginia and new york city. we go to erin mcpike. >> chris christie has been reaching out to democrats to build up a large base of support. now his conservative critics say he'll have work to do to patch things up with the far right if he does run for president in a few years, but his message to the national gop is clear and that is that this is the way to win. >> christie! christie! >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie is headed for a landslide victory to re-election. another step on an inevitable presidential run in 2016, many say. >> america will be watching new
3:21 am
jersey. he's doubled his lead over his opponent, state senator barbara buono. >> the whole country is watching. they're despirited about the way government works. they look at the mess in washington, d.c. >> reporter: christie is road testing that anti-washington message as he openly considers what's next for him. >> i can do this job and also deal with my future. and that's exactly what i will do. >> reporter: next year, christie will run the republican governor's -raising organizatio prominent republican governors have used to gear up to are a presidential bid, like mitt romney did. >> chris could easily become or nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again. >> reporter: chris christie will be casting his vote in mendum, new jersey, just after 10:00. it's a much tighter race in virginia where democrat terry mcauliffe is facing off against
3:22 am
ken cuccinelli. >> if you believe the polls that show mcauliffe up by six points, an old friend of hillary clinton may be hours away from giving her a big advantage come 2016 but he'll have to get past a darling of the tea party to do it. virginia's voters face a stark contrast today, socially conservative attorney general versus the liberal former chairman of the democratic national committee. and despite the state's slogan there's no love lost. ken cuccinelli and terry mcka mcauliffe. and the conservative movement committed to its demise. >> if mainstream virginians from both parties don't turn out to vote, you're letting the tea party decide virginia's future. >> reporter: a who's who of potential presidential candidates have rallied to the sides of both men. >> i'm here because this race matters. well beyond the state of
3:23 am
virginia. >> reporter: a mcauliffe win could give old friend hillary clinton a leg up in 2016 in a pivotal swing state won by obama -- >> hello, virginia! >> reporter: cuccinelli could prove to other contenders an extremely conservative pitch can't win over a purple state. >> one thing is for sure. if republicans can't win virginia back they are not going to win the white house back. >> reporter: and that's the big prize. and that's why virginia matters so much, even for you folks out there who don't live here. because a lot of candidates would be looking at this race, people like marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paul, and seeing what messages worked and what messages don't work in a state that could go red or blue. chris? >> all right, thank you very much for the reporting this morning. we'll be tracking that one. but we'll head to new york city. why? well, for the first time in two dozen years, a democrat is poised to become the mayor. first time in a dozen years. not two dozens.
3:24 am
that would be ridiculous. that would be 24 hours. deb feyerick joins us. bloomberg, they changed the law in the city to keep him there. now time for change. >> that's what new yorkers will decide when they head to the polls today, do they want the legacies of billionaire mayor mike bloomberg to continue or take it in a different direction? let me tell i don't you, the polls aren't even close. >> after 12 years of mayor bloomberg, it's time for a real change in this town. >> reporter: bill de blasio an unabashed progressive poised to become the first democratic mayor elected in new york city in 24 years, in part by promising to raise taxes and to close the gap between the 1% and the very poor. >> people in this town are hurting. most people literally most people are struggling to make ends meet. >> reporter: the city's public advocate pulled off a stunning primary upset running as the most liberal of the candidates. the race to lead america's
3:25 am
largest city known more for its circus-like atmosphere than substance. overshadowed by former congressman anthony weiner's attempt to resurrect his political career. the other game changer for de blasio, this pivotal ad, featuring his son, donti. his biracial family resonating with voters in a big way. in what is expected to be a landslide victory. >> now, republican candidate joe lhota. chris, kate? >> he had a big hill to climb here. and joe lhota has been fighting a big campaign but it seems like this may be too much to take on.
3:26 am
>> 24 years, giuliani and bloomberg. they changed the law to keep bloomberg in there. we'll take a break now. when we come back, we go back to new jersey for the latest on the shooting at the mall there. the suspect is dead. the motive, not clear. and we're also finding out more about what may have led an nfl player to walk away from his team, startling voicemail messages apparently from one of his teammates we'll tell you what they said, coming up. ♪
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welcome back to "new day." let's get you up to date on the latest news including what is breaking in new jersey. police say the man suspected of firing shots at a shopping mall is dead. 20-year-old richard shoop apparently took his own life. poppy harlow is live at the mall in paramus with details. >> reporter: good morning. as you said, richard shoop, 20 years old, lived in this area, burst into the mall just after 9:00 p.m. holding a rifle that police say was altered to look like an ak-47. authorities tell us he fired six rounds. he ultimately killed himself, a self-inflicted gun wound and was found just after 3:00 a.m. in a remote part of the mall. some important things to note, he left a note behind at his home. police did not describe exactly
3:31 am
what was in it but said they led them to believe he was here to commit suicide. i can tell you, it was a family member of shoop, the shooter, who called police after hearing about this on the news saying they believe the shooter could be their relative. i will also tell you it does not appear, police say, that he suffered from mental illness but they do say that he was a drug user, that that may have led to this in one way or another. one very critical thing is that police say he had the opportunity to shoot other people but did not. he only killed himself. michaela? >> could have been a very, very different scene there in new jersey. thank you so much for that report, poppy. we'll get back to you with more details sa -- as they emerge. two teens broke into a school late monday night. they've now been taken into custody. the pair were apparently carrying rifles and backpacks.
3:32 am
the son of a professor is at the center of a three-hour lockdown at central connecticut state university. 21-year-old david was arrested monday after he was seen working around campus with a sword or possibly a handgun. his father says his son was the aa halloween party the night before and was still dressed in his ninja costume. diplomats from russia, the united states and the united nations meeting in geneva today to lay the ground work for the international conference on syria later this month. today's meeting comes sa as the hum humanitarian situation detore yates. more than 9 million people are suffering in need of assistance. turns out it's no so lonely in space at all. cal berkeley astronomers say our mielke way galaxy is crowded with tens of billions of earth-like planets and their
3:33 am
temperatures may be just right to inhabit life. these findings based on a flood of data provided by the kepler telescope over the last several years. quite a development. and gives food to thought for those people who believe there's life out there. >> where are you on it? >> there has to be. how could we be so self-absorbed to think we're the only ones here? we're not that great. >> i can't top that. >> i agree. new details this morning on an alleged case of bullying in the nfl. we've been telling you about this, the miami dolphins. we know they suspended a player accused of harassing a teammate who later left the team himself. now there are voicemails and texts adding to the mix. cnn's john zarrella is in miami gardens florida with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the last time the miami dolphins played here at sun life stadium was halloween night. and on that night, jonathan martin did not play in the game. he was not with the team. and richie incognito played
3:34 am
briefly before he was injured. now both men are at the center of a bullying scandal that is rocking the dolphins organization. this is miami dolphin richie incognito from a team promo. >> on the field, players call me overly aggressive. >> now it may be that incognito was not only overly aggressive on the field but off it as well. leading to his indefinite suspension. the nfl is launching an investigation into the dolphins workplace environment. and whether incognito bullied another player, jonathan martin, so badly that martin left the team. according to espn when, this is the text of a voicemail siene from the incognito to martin, quote, hey, wassup you half blank piece of blank. i saw you on twitter. i'm going to slap your real mother across the face, blank you, you're still a rookie.
3:35 am
i'll kill you. the next has come out a week after an incident in the dolphins lunchroom involving martin and other offensive linemen. martin left and hasn't been back. at a press conference, dolphins head coach joe philbin said he spoke several times over several days with martin following the incident. >> in all my discussions with jonathan and members of his family, at no time were there any accusations or allegations of misconduct by any members of this team or this organization. >> reporter: but sunday a martin representative contacted philbin and the dolphins with concerns over what philbin called player conduct. that led to incognito's suspension. calls to incognito, martin and representatives haven't been returned. as the hbo hard knocks video of the new york jets shows, hazing scenes, part of the rite of passage for the rookies. dolphins insists there's is a locker room with a healthy, not
3:36 am
hurtful dose of fun. >> i came to a good team. i don't know how it is around the league. i said i got lucky with this team because the locker room is fun. >> as far as him as a person, i have a lot of respect for richie. i love playing with richie. >> reporter: neither incognito or martin are with the team. it's unclear when or if either will be back. in 2012, richie incognito was voted by sporting news the second dirtiest player in the nfl and there are tweets out there, attributed to incognito where he is demanding that his name be cleared. chris, kate? >> all right, john, thanks so much. regardless, a mess for the dolphins organization right now. coming up next on "new day," election day 2013. voters are heading to polls to choose governors in new jersey and virginia. also on the ballot, a wide range of local issues including
3:37 am
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welcome back to "new day." it's decision day for important races for governor in new jersey and virginia. what will these races tell bus midterms and the presidential elections right around the corner? cnn's chief national correspondent john king is here to break it all down for us.
3:41 am
it's not the media, john, that is taking one event and making it something bigger. everyone's making something big about these governor's races. i want to talk about why they are so important. first in new jersey, chris christie's expected to win. what does his re -- what is his message in his re-election. >> we should always be careful, kate and good morning. if chris christie doesn't win and doesn't win big, a lot of pollsters in new jersey looking for work tomorrow. look for his numbers more than african-americans and latinos. look for his numbers in the suburbs among college educated women. chris christie wants to wake up and be able to look at the republican party and say we got our butts kicked in 2008 and in 2012 at the presidential level because barack obama was able to win these voters, look at me. i'm a stronger national candidate. you might have questions about me but i'm a guy who can get to 270 electoral votes. john mccain couldn't do it, mitt
3:42 am
romney couldn't do it. chris christie wants to broaden his base. in virginia, a bit of a closer race we'll be watching for the governor's mansion. what is the message in the virginia governor's race? is it a referendum on the tea party as democrats will argue? or is it a referendum on obama care as republicans say. >> it depends on who wins in part. in many ways it's both. ken cuccinelli is the attorney general, one of the attorneys general who sued ed td to bloc care. he made it a referendum. that's no doubt part of the race. he's a tea party darling as well. remember, kate, you go into northern virginia and deeper into virginia, the government is big, the defense industry, technology, government related industry, show the shutdown which was part of the tea party message has been a hugeyish that that race. ken cuccinelli is to the right
3:43 am
on social issues, abortion and gay rights. terry mcauliffe played that up. what's most at stake in virginia is demographics. both parties will argue the results help them on a national stage. this is large by about the changing population in the state of virginia. democrats think it's moving blue, the young people, the latino population and the suburban population in the suburbs. >> every state is different. if you lock at them together and how the results are expected, chris christie, seen as i amore moderate republican in new jersey winning and ken cuccinelli, a more conservative republican losing in virginia, is there a message right there? >> chris christie will try to say yes if that's what plays out. judge elections by the times in which they happen. these gubernatorial elections in two potentially critical states. if the republicans could put new jersey back in play on the presidential level, that changes
3:44 am
everything. if new jersey is in place, it's safe to assume pennsylvania is in play, if pennsylvania is in play, it's safe to assume ohio is in play. that's a conversation the republicans have not had at the presidential level in quite some time. look at these different states, look what i did, look what happened in virginia, a state that used to be part of what we called growing up the republican electoral college lock. now that electoral college map leans towards the democrats. if chris christie wants to make a case, look, republican party, you want to settle this civil war, win the next national election you need to be more like me, less like ken cuccinelli. that will be his argument. >> i have to get your take on what's going on in colorado on the county. i assume we can say it is not likely to happen. what is going on on here, the fact that it's on the ballot. >> colorado has changed so much. it's growing in the last 15, 20
3:45 am
years. what these rural counties are saying, hey, denver, stop for getting about us. they think the state policies are shaped to deal with the people in the denver suburbs and the larger urban, suburban and ex-urban areas and the rural communities up near kansas and wyoming, they say they get the shaft when it comes to transportation policy, energy policy and state resources. they're sending a message to the governor with be don't forget us. will it secede? no. watch what happens there. there are areas where you find frustration in the more remote counties. if this catches fire, even if it loses, watch this play out across the west and the prairie states. >> even if it's a close vote in one county. >> governor john hickenlooper, a democrat, said the one message here he might need to listen a little better. >> john, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. coming up on "new day," you
3:46 am
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it's a "new day." and it is "new day" you're watching. welcome back. it is "money time."
3:50 am
his apartment may smell the rich mahogany but those are not ron burgundy's only desirable traits. he can pitch a car big time. thanks in part to commercials like this, chrysler saw an 11% jump in sales. take a look. >> you know, a lot of people will tell you about the dodge d durango's hemi horse power. >> christine romans is here to talk about this, look, it had me taking a look at these commercials. >> he's throwing gum out of the glove box. it's crazy. this is the ultimate product placement. there's a new movie coming out december 20th. these are durangos he's pitching for the rollout of the film. chrysler has seeing interest raise in the dodge durango in part because of the web traffic being driven by this ad and a
3:51 am
bunch of different ads like this. sales of the durango up 59%. this is a redesigned durango, it has a third row seat, interest is up overall. no doubt this advertising campaign is playing into it. >> do you know how much of an impact is playing into it? >> ram is the number one selling dodge truck. when you look at the numbers for the durango, 59% increase year-over-year for the dung an go. it's the shopping around, they can see the interest in the ad and see how much people are asking about and talking about. it's interesting to he's sort of the face of this track now, this remodeled truck. >> it's counterintuitive because he's a buffoon. >> look at the age of someone who likes that film, right? maybe they need a third row seat for their little people that are getting bigger an they want this
3:52 am
kind of a truck. it's -- the kind of -- he's so funny. >> is there evidence that comedy helps commercials? because i don't fast forward through them now. i want to watch them. is there evidence that it's boosting sales at all? >> i think consumers are very, very smart now and exposed to so many different things. the thing about will ferrell that i find fascinating, he taped these old milwaukee commercials for free. he just did them because he likes the genre and he wanted to do some crazy stuff. >> did he do the chrysler ones for free. >> the durango ones he did for free but that's part of the whole package. >> it's all brand extension, very smart, investing a little bit with the free ones but the brands want it, he's a smart guy. >> i'll watch and see if the sales continue. there's also very low incentives for this particular -- you can get this thing for low money down. everything came together and
3:53 am
with the publicity around anchorman. >> the moral of the story is we need to tape beer commercials. >> yes. >> on to our "must see moment" i want to show you a spectacular stunt at the spectacular seven star hotel in dubai. check it out. infinity red bull racing hoisting up one of its formula one cars high atop one of the world's most unique locations, let have driver have it. high in the air, 60 stories high on a helipad that's 78 feet wide. the driver, david, he does a bunch of dough nets. they're called death defying doughnuts. can't imagine why. he's just inches, feet from the edge. well, feet really. doesn't matter. >>s, feet, when you're that high in the air, zoiks is what i say. >> the helipad is halfway up.
3:54 am
you look down at buildings half the height of the empire state building. >> just even getting that formula one car up there is a feat in itself. >> it's high. that's the point. take it any way you want. coming up on "new day," we are watching two developing stories. an armed gunman dead inth in nj after opening fire at a mall and in denver, teens are now in custody after a tense standoff with police. that's a developing story. we'll take you to it.
3:55 am
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3:58 am
bad. now they're saying he may be out for a long time, maybe the rest of the season. let's bring in joe carter, this morning's "bleacher report." what are we thinking about this. >> this is big, aaron rodgers is their star, the identity, without him the packers are a totally different team. it happened 2 1/2 minutes into the game. shay mcclelland drives rodgers left shoulder into the ground. he hurts his nonthrowing shoulders on this play. rodgers hasn't missed a game due to injury in three years. without their starter, the packers lose to the bears, 27-20. the denver broncos head coach john fox is recovering after successful heart surgery on monday. originally fox told the broncos at the start of the season that he had a heart condition and the original plan was for fox to have an operation once the season was over. but obviously that changed this weekend.
3:59 am
while fox is out, jack del rio is in, taking over the head coaching duties in the meantime. trending this morning on, you have to see this video, kentucky freshman jones sinks a stunning 30-foot behind the back shot for the wrong team. the kentucky fans appreciate his hustle. even his coach said i laughed about the shot. it was great. this was an exhibition game. wow, great effort, great shot, great video. that's your bleacher report update, back to you. >> talk about a buzz kill. >> it wasn't even a shot. don't show him under the bus like that, poor kid. one of the worst things that can happen in basketball. when i started in basketball, one of my first games i stole a pass, went to the wrong basket, shot the layup, missed, got it
4:00 am
back, shot the layup again, missed. my mother left. we're at the top of the hour. which means it's time for your top news. >> missed twice. boom! then another boom and then glass everywhere. >> breaking news, a terrifying scene overnight, a gunman opening fire at a popular new jersey mall. he is now dead. as shoppers and workers are finally allowed to leave. >> decision day, important elections across the country. the national implications are huge. is this the last stop for chris christie before a run for the white house? speaking out, michelle knight held in captivity by the cleveland kidnaper for many years, finally talking about what happened inside that house of horrors. you'll want to hear her gripping story. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan, and michaela pereira.
4:01 am
good morning. welcome back to "new day," it is tuesday, november 5th, 7:00 in the east. we do have breaking news. the all-night manhunt for a gunman who fired shots at a new jersey shopping mall is over. the 20-year-old suspect was found dead overnight in a rear area of the mall, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the shooting triggering panic, just before closing. and then, a massive police response. we're getting late details from police about the shooting. they say the shooter may have been motivated by drug use, the desire for suicide or some other type of disturbance. we're learning more. we'll tell it to you as we know. breaking qulofr night in denver, police surround a middle school and arrest two suspected reportedly armed who had broken into the school. a live update on that, just ahead. first, let's get right back to the latest on the new jersey mall shooting. cnn's poppy harlow is live at the paramus mall in new jersey. what are police saying about a possible motive here? >> reporter: well, good morning
4:02 am
to you, kate. this is a 20-year-old that police say busted into the mall behind me, just after 9:00 p.m. last night, shooting six rounds and ultimately taking his own life just after 3:00 a.m. >> we heard four gunshots. we took everybody, we went in the back of the store, we locked ourselves in with 13 people in total, including me. >> reporter: hundreds of police, s.w.a.t. and emergency teams swarmed the westfield garden state plaza mall in search of a gunman who authorities believe fired six rounds just before closing time. the gunman, 20-year-old richard shoop was discovered dead just after 3:00 a.m., his body found lying in a remote area of the mall. >> originally from washington township, new jersey, now living in teaneck, new jersey.
4:03 am
he's 20 years old. his body was discovered just about an hour ago with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head area. he himself went to the area where he did this. it was a very difficult area of the mall, behinded some construction. >> reporter: no one else was injured in the shooting. state police say the gunman fired shots at security cameras. the visor was lifted up. i was able to see his face. it was a white male. he wasn't really aiming at anything. he was walking past the apple store. he wasn't yelling. he didn't seem angered. he was kind of just walking. police say shoop was carrying a rifle modified to look like an ak-47. >> it would look like an ak-47
4:04 am
but it is not an ak-47. it's where you take the handgun and modify it to make it look like something it is not. but it is a lawful gun owned by the brother. >> reporter: police say shoop has no history of mental illness but say he abused drugs. >> we do believe that the main motive for what he did tonight was suicide, whether self-inflicted or god forbid suicide by cop which no one ever wants to see. it looked like that was his motive. >> reporter: it is a tragic situation, horrifying for the people here but kate, i can tell you, it could have been so much worse. the burgin county prosecutor told me here overnight that shoop could have killed other people, witnesses, people in the mall said he was in range to have shot them and possibly killed them but he chose not to. that's why police say that he really -- they don't think he came here to kill other people but rather to take his own life. i can also tell you they found a note inside the home where he lives which is not far from here at all and that note obviously concerned authorities, also important to note, it is a relative authorities say, of shoop, the shooter, who called
4:05 am
them just after 10:00 p.m. last night after hearing about this on the news, thinking that it could be their own relative. police connected the dots and then, again, just shortly after 3:00 a.m. found shoop dead in a very remote area of this mall. still many unanswered questions but thank goodness, all of those people got out alive. >> that's exactly right, poppy. the police responded quickly. the family did what they could when they could and yet it all came down to the actions of the shooter that made what could be a horrible situation less so. hard to understand what it would be like inside of a place. we're fortunate that everybody made it out. let's be joined by leo acevado. are you with us? can you understand what i'm saying? >> yes. >> you're in the store, at work, when did you first realize that there was a shooting? >> at first it really just
4:06 am
seemed like a fire is what came to mind when i saw a lot of the commotion and saw people running. i was very confused. shocked at first. i didn't really know how to react if i could run with the crowd or continue on about the day? i wasn't so sure what to do. i noticed there were shots that were separated apart, probably 15 to 20 seconds apart and that's when i really realized what was going on. i kind of shifted my body a little bit and realized there was a gunman on the second floor and i just ran into a store, tried to get to the safest place possible. >> were you able to see him, see what he was doing? >> he was wearing a helmet so the majority -- portion of his face was covered. he was definitely in a full body leather suit. he kind of just looked like a biker. he had a rifle in his hands. he didn't really seem angry or engaged at anyone specifically. he was just, you know, moving quickly. you know, he wasn't pointing it
4:07 am
at anyone, just moving at a quick pace. >> we've been told there are lockdown drills for this mall and that people may have known what to do in a situation like this. do you know anything like that, being an employee there? >> no, do i not. the mall does a good job of protecting everyone that works there. i've been here for four years. everything has been fine up to this point. i'm sure everyone is working hard to make sure everything turns out better for everyone. >> how did you hide in that situation? >> well, actually, conveniently, i went to the nearest store and they let me station in their bathroom. there was only one other employee there. it was very tough, you know, just to wait it out and see how everyone was going to react. i just heard screams through the mall. a bunch of yelling and people not knowing what's going on, not having a visual of what was going on outside and waiting to see if someone was going to come help us, anyone, i really didn't know what to do except for to
4:08 am
wait. >> did you hear any more shots? how did you decide when it was safe to leave or did someone decide for you? >> well, actually, the store phone rang around 10:30 p.m. we had already been in there for been ahour. another half hour passed by and i went out and saw the police officers,en w officers, everyone was armed. they told us to hang on, somebody will come get us and that's when we heard the s.w.a.t. team come in there and we were able to get out thereof. >> good. obviously all your loved ones know you're okay, right, leo? >> yes, yes. thank you. >> thank you for joining us. so happy that all of you made it out there. appreciate you coming on "new day" this morning. >> thank you. have a good one. take care. >> you too, leo. meantime, another incident is unfolding in colorado. two juveniles are in custody after apparently breaking into a school and reportedly they were armed. i want to get back to anna
4:09 am
cabrera. she's in denver. she's been following the latest developments. good morning, anna. >> good morning, kate. we had new information within the last ten minutes. we heart from denver police chief robert white telling us they believe the motive was burglary. they have located the two guns involved in this incident as well as a couple of backpacks that were seen being take noon the school by these two young boys who broke into the school late last night. they were witnessed by a couple of workers here at the school, which is just a couple of blocks behind us. media was pushed back as police did their investigation. at this point, though, they have cleared the scene. the good news again here is those two boys are in custody right now. police are interviewing them. they're believed to be 15 years old. not students of the school. but apparently they broke in, they ransacked several schools and, again, have since been taken into custody, kate. >> anna, the scene has been cleared so police think it's safe and school will happen,
4:10 am
school will be on schedule as usual today? >> exactly. so, again, fortunately they were able to wrap up this incident very quickly after those two employees were able to call police. police made contact with the two individuals in the school. they surrendered to police and so at this point, they believe that this situation was an isolated incident and they have no reason for there to be any more concern and they expect school to continue as usual for not only this school but the rest of the denver public school district. >> still, scary news to be waking up to for families of the denver public schools this morning. thank you very much. michaela? >> we are hearing from the family of a man accuse of opening fire on taes officers killing one and wounding several others. in a statement, paul ciancia's family says they're shocked and numbed by what happened. they are asking for
4:11 am
understanding and offer condolences for the families of the wounded. secretary of state john kerry arrives in israel today. there's been little progress coming from the secret meetings. kerry will meet separately with palestinian pred mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, urging both to come to a deal before a deadline set by washington. eric rivera, guilty verdict in the murder of sean taylor. jurors deliberated for four days. it is a global day of resistance from anonymous. the so-called million mask march is expected in cities around the globe. the group's facebook page says the events are to remind people, fairness, justice, freedom are
4:12 am
more than just words. the events coincide with guy fox day, marking a failed attempt to blow up the british houses of parliament back in the 17th century. perhaps he was just trying to help out the officials but dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo thought he would adjust the placement of the ball during sunday's game against the minnesota vikings. he made this crafty move, nudging the ball. vikings defensive end jared allen caught him red handed. movement of levity or s subterfuge? what do you think. >> he was obvious that he did it. i don't think there was subterfuge there. >> it's all a joke, he says. >> it was a joke. >> would he have told the ref if the spot were accepted as where he pushed it? tweet us, karen mcginnis is in for indra petersons. she has the forecast. what do you think?
4:13 am
intentional? >> it didn't look that sut tobto me. >> here's the weather for you. election day in new jersey also for virginia, looks pretty good as high pressure will start to drift a little bit further towards the east. but a vigorous but fast-moving funnel system will make its way towards the east. so by late wednesday and going into thursday, you'll see some pretty unsettled weather. if you are travelers, looks like the next couple of days look pretty good. and temperatures are markedly warmer than they were yesterday morning. we were looking at 20s and 30s. 20s over in buffalo. now that may not sound so shocking to you, today temperatures are in the upper 30s, 42 degrees right now in new york city. starting out pretty nice, crisp but looking pretty good. for new york city, in central park, yesterday the high temperature made it to 46. it will be in the low 50s come this afternoon and as we go into wednesday, those temperatures are expected to be in the 60s,
4:14 am
which is slightly love normal. that's pretty good news. boston, you could see your first new mayor in 20 years there. today, it looks like temperatures only in the upper 40s. back to you guys. >> all right, karen, thank you so much for that. coming up next on "new day," as karen mentioned, it's election day 2013. we're breaking down some of the major races with our political panel. >> plus, the latest on that shooting in new jersey. the gunman is dead. we talk to the prosecutor to find out what happens next. rea? yep! so is your husband off the hook? no. he went out for milk last week and came back with a puppy. hold it. hold it. hold it. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with late payment forgiveness. [ passenger ] airport, please. what airline? united. [ indian accent ] which airline, sir? [ passenger ] united. whoa taxi! [ british accent ] what airline, then? [ passenger ] united. all right. [ spanish ] what airline? [ passenger ] united. ♪
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4:18 am
welcome back to "new day." let's get straight back to new jersey where a gunman is dead. a wild overnight and busy morning for you. >> i'm glad to be here. thank you. >> of course. it appears, we're told, that this was a suicide attempt but what more are you learning now about why this man did this? >> well, we know that his intent was either suicide or to do something that would cause police to shoot him, which we call suicide by cop. he had more than enough opportunity to be able to shoot other people. when he did discharge his
4:19 am
weapon, there was just a large number of people immediately adjacent to him and he did not shoot anyone. instead he shot randomly at different locations. why he did it, i mean, he did have issues concerning narcotic abuse. you know, was going through some difficult times, this is what the family members did tell us. perhaps, you know, my thought is that would be the reason why he did what he did last night. >> we had heard that the family said they might not have been surprised that things played out like this or that it ended this way for him. what have they said? >> i'm sorry, could you say that again. >> we have heard the family said they were not surprised that it ended this way for them. what more has the family told you? >> right. well, that, you know, he's had some issues over the last several months, a feeling that things were going to end soon.
4:20 am
of course it could be jail or could have been what happened. but the family did give us an indication that he was looking to end his life. you know, based upon the drug use, based upon other issues. he was only 20 years old. you have to wonder what a 20-year-old would be going through to have him do something like this. invariably it's based upon the drug use and the distribution. he was selling the drugs as well. >> and you've said that he left a note. was this a suicide note? >> it was a note that you could definitely interpret as such. it made reference to the fact that the end was coming. that could mean going to jail, getting arrested or it could mean suicide. we're not altogether sure that he left it immediately before leaving for the mall. but it is something that would at least give you an idea what his mindset was at least in the weeks leading up to last night.
4:21 am
>> with everything you've learned overnight, there any lingering concerns that anyone else was involved? >> no. we're 100% satisfied that mr. shoop was the only one involved. >> a tragic ending for this man but it could have been much, much worse as you and many others have said. so many people were in that mall. thank you very much, john molanelli. >> tough for that family. >> very tough for that family. >> always nice to have one of these stories where people make it out. >> hundreds of people in the mall at that time. new insight into the dolphins alleged bullying situation. voicemails from the suspended player to his teammate, the same one who left the team over the situation. you decide if these voicemails are over the line. >> plus, we're hearing from michelle knight, help captive for years by ariel castro.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
you're watching "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is election day. check your calendar, tuesday, november 5th. remember to go out and vote. coming up in the show, has hazing in the nfl, though, gone too far? a player abandons his team and another is suspended for an incident that has the miami dolphins reeling. the latest coming up. plus, we are hearing about the horror that was michelle knight's life. she's speaking out about the years spent as ariel castro's
4:26 am
captive and telling in full detail what was done to her. we'll bring you her story coming up. and the headlines making news at this hour. the gun man who opened fire at a new jersey mall last night is dead. richard shoop's body was found early this morning where he apparently took his own life. two teenagers now in custody after a tense standoff in denver. police say the pair broke into a middle school. they were carrying backpacks and guns and stayed in that school for hours. their apparent motive, burglary, apparently. police say the two tried to get into an elementary school earlier in the evening. a federal lawsuit has been filed by the parents of a california teen who was shot and killed by police last month. the lawsuit alleges a sonoma county deputy sheriff opened fire on 13-year-old andy lopez with almost no warning. investigators say ten seconds
4:27 am
passed between the reports of a suspicious person and the gunshots. week four of the martin macneill trial resuming later this morning in utah four inmates who served time with macneill are expected to take the stand and testify that macneill confessed to killing his wife. and that he didn't think police would be able to prove it. the former doctor is accused of murdering his wife so he could continue an extramarital affair. a bit of a t-shirt controversy involving a graphic artist and the nsa. a company by the slogan peeping while you're sleeping and the only part of government that actually listens. mccaollough is fighting back. he says he'll keep selling the
4:28 am
t-shirts through his website until the government shuts it down. it is election day and we're following big gubernatorial races in new jersey and virginia. let's bring in cnn political commentator and columnist at the blaze, will cain on the right along with cnn political commentator and host of huff post live on the left. lots to talk about, guys. >> yes, there. >> let's start in new jersey and virginia. >> my favorites. >> your two favorite states. >> yes. >> do you ascribe to the notion we have to watch virginia and new jersey closely? >> i think we're making too much of it. these are two unusual cases. virginia terry mcauliffe is connected to the clintons, president obama supported him. his opponent, cuccinelli is an odd candidate who was and the extreme right and ushered into that position in an unusual way.
4:29 am
this isn't a normal virginia race. new jersey is interesting it gives us a sense of how christie will manage his campaign when he ultimately decides he wants to be a candidate for president in 2016. he's doing a very good job of managing his campaign, even corey book her a special election on a different day sew could win by 40% so he could look like he has a mandate. that's a big deal. >> i agree with mark. we want to take story lines and layer them on top of the local elections and see if we can draw larger narratives. it's hard to do. i'll give you two narratives, perhaps we can carry forward, kate. one, new jersey illustrates for us that politics is about personality. you can see what you want about chris christie reaching out to women and minorities but it's all about chris christie having a magnetic, strong personality. in the end that's what people vote for. the narrative in virginia is about tactics. you have seen the war on women ramped up, dialed up to a 12 on the meter. you've seen hillary clinton and
4:30 am
joe biden go down there to help talk about that. you'll hear about it in '14, '16, you heard about it in '12. >> the extreme right is not going to win national elections. i think this might be a sign of that. whether it's the ridiculous tactics even here locally with de blasio versus lhota, whether it's cuccinelli. he was an extreme white ring even as attorney general. we look in new jersey, christie is an example of what happens when you're not an extreme right winger. might be bad news for ted cruz. >> virginians say the race is a referendum on the tea party. some say it's a referendum on obama care. is a referendum on the tea party? >> no. i don't think so. you have an incompetent republican administration that's scandal-plagued. cuccinelli was somewhat awe part of. you have terry mcauliffe, scandal is rife with his career as well. i don't know how you can take the national story lines and say
4:31 am
this is about what it's about. >> in new jersey, isn't chris christie welcoming him? >> that's what you say when you're up by 40 points. this means everything. >> you have desires beyond just necessarily the office you're running for right now. >> that's the only thing he desires, the office beyond what he is running for. >> you brute in your own newspaper. >> i love this. i love this. >> why should anyone outside of new york city care about it? >> that's awful. >> this is the democratic party's it. bill de blasio running for mayor in new york city. he's going to win, running away. this is a true progressive. this guy honeymooned in cuba, went to nicaragua. >> he likes warm weather. he went to cuba for his honeymoon. >> he went to the ussr on a class trip with other people. it wasn't like he went there to study lennonism. come on. >> we can joke. i think this is hilarious.
4:32 am
i live in new york city. i have a kid that goes to charter schools. this guy is coming in, going to fundamentally change new york if he can, if he has the power to swing it. he wants to shut down charter schools and take opportunities away from children. >> he wants to have a morrow bust education system. >> looking at it from -- that's a problem, looking at it from the outside in, 23 de blasio wins he'll be the first democrat winning the mayoral since '89? >> right. >> more than 20 years. what does that say? does that say something, just go with me on this. does that say something to the country? >> yes. that's the part i disagree with. in virginia it's the first time a democrat will be in office while there's a democrat in the white house since '77 here in new york as you pointed out. it will be the first time we had a democratic mayor since 1989.
4:33 am
maybe people are ready not to have right wingers in office right now. >> instead of making this did democrat/republican, left/right -- >> how do we not? it's election day. >> how did republicans win in new york city for 20 plus years. the answer largely has to do with security. crime in the '90s, terrorism in the 2000s and people have seen those things go to the back burner? why? because of the success of republican administrations. >> i like to end on something that we can all come together on. everyone should go out and vote. >> yes. >> let's end on that one. >> vote if you know what you're talking about. >> okay. >> vote if you agree with will is what he's saying. >> a loyal modification. >> great to see you. chris? will cain advocating the republican over the pure democracy here on "new day." coming up after the break, one of the cleveland three, michelle knight opening up about the difficult, difficult life
4:34 am
she led as a captive of ariel castro. we'll tell you what she says. and shocking new twists in the miami dolphins bullying scandal. turns out this may not be the first time. is this the culture in the nfl? we'll talk to two former players about the dolphins situation and the league experience in general. that have acids in them that you might not know about. salad dressings, raspberries, strawberries... they all have acid in them, and it's working at your enamel. once the enamel is gone, it's gone. you can't get it back. i would recommend using pronamel as your regular toothpaste. pronamel will help to re-harden the enamel that is softened by the acids in our daily diets. knowing what i know about pronamel, i use that every day twice a day. and i know that i am protected. ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪
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4:37 am
welcome back to "new day." new developments this morning in the miami dolphins alleged bullying case. there are reports that veteran offensive lineman richie
4:38 am
incognito left voicemails on jonathan martin's phone loaded with racial slurs, threats, martin has left the team and incognito has been suspended. is this incognito's problem or is it a problem for the nfl in general? we have two guests to take it on. both know the situation well. lamar campbell, former cornerback for the detroit lions and mr. ricky williams, former running back for the miami dolphins. thank you both, gentlemen, for joining us this morning. >> appreciate you having us. >> thank you. >> let's deal with the specific first. ricky, obviously you were a miami dolphin. you knew and played with richie incognito at least in 2010. what is your take specifically on this man and this situation? >> well, you know, richie is one of those guys when you -- based on his history and getting to know him, he's one of the guys you get a sense it's a guy you don't want to mess with. i like richie. we got along well and had amazing conversations. and yes, i like richie.
4:39 am
>> bully? somebody who is known for that? somebody where it was allowed? give me perspective on this guy and what he would do. >> so, you know, from playing with him, i noticed if we're playing in a game and someone took a cheap shot on me or took a cheap shot on him, he would retaliate to that. as far as initiating bullying behavior, i've never seen it from him. >> all right. lamar, for the uninitiated you see a big, strong guy, you say he can't be bullied. give us insight into what could be going on in that locker room that should qualify as bullying. >> the nfl locker room is a microcosm of society. you have a lot of gentlemen from different racial backgrounds, different social economical backgrounds, faith backgrounds. you have to be work with these guys and be productive and c conducive locker room. if you look at a 300 pound stanford educated millionaire
4:40 am
that canning bull lidde ede edds is something the miami dolphins have to take a stand on. >> any chance you think the coaches or management were unaware of what was happening to this guy? >> at some point they had to be aware. i've been a big believer if your head coach is the leader of your lomer room you have a problem is in your team. incognito came to the miami dolphins in 2010 and general manager jeff ireland just came off a controversy where he actually asked a potential draft choice was his mother a prostitute? so championships are won from the front office down to the field. if that is the culture in that miami dolphins front office we have to change that for them to be a productive team. >> ricky, when lamar was talking about that this is a microcosm, bullying can go on in the locker room, you were making a face. what's your take? >> because you know, to me, it's not a micromicrocosm.
4:41 am
99% of the people in society wouldn't last a practice in the nfl. it's not. the people -- the men in the nfl are a different animal, a different kind of person. what it takes to be in the nfl to survive in the nfl and especially to have success in the nfl, is something that is extraordinary and you don't -- it's not a common occurrence. you don't see it very offen. >> help me understand it. other than the ability to run fast and hit hard, what makes it different to be in the nfl that the typical definitions of bullying and typical accepted behavior shouldn't apply? >> well, first of all, if you look at the culture of football and look at one of the greatest legends of football in vince lombardi, if you took the way he managed his team and he was extremely successful and put it under the microscope with social media and media coverage right now, he would fit probably, most people would put him in the category of being a bully. i guarantee if you took the same criteria for bullying and
4:42 am
followed each nfl team closely, i'd say 35% to 50% of the coaches would lose their jobs. and i'm not saying that -- i mean, it's just a different environment. it's a different way we function. it's a different way we do things. i think when you watch the nfl on tv, everyone is happy with the end result. and i think the players that can make it and survive and make a lot of money, good for them, because they can do it. like i said yesterday, the nfl is not for everyone. everyone can't be an nfl football player. >> lamar, you're shaking your head. you don't like the double standard. >> we've had the privilege to play on an nfl stage. let's be mindful when you look at the context of the racial text messages that were sent to mr. martin and we currently have an nfl player that just recently signed a huge contract with the new england patriots on trial right now, what could be multiple murder. you have to take these type of situations seriously. no, not everyone can play the nfl game, yes, it does take a
4:43 am
different mindset. no matter if you're 6'10" or 5'10", mentally we're all pretty much fragile. that doesn't matter whether you're on the football field or off the field football. to think this cannot be taken seriously in the nfl locker room, i don't understand how we can say that. >> ricky, you have the facial expressions working again. if somebody sent you a voicemail like this guy got, you'd dismiss it as football? >> i would send it back and say shut up, redneck and we'd laugh about it. they're both offensive linemen. the amount of time they spend together, seasonally they're brothers. the stuff that happens inside of a family is the stuff that happens inside of a family. you can't put it on a large stage and expect it to meet s sew -- societal criteria.
4:44 am
>> why did he leave the team. >> football might not be his thing. the nfl might not be a good fit for him. if you look at his history, he was a high pick. he hadn't had the success. you'll see he has messages and text messages. instead of leaving when he got the text messages he recorded them so he could use them at a later date. the one event that made him leave the team, he went to sit down with a bunch of guys and the guys got up and left. something about that just seems kind of strange to me. >> anything strange about it to you, lamar? >> i think when you -- i do agree with ricky. i've always been in my cull tear and experience in the nfl, the locker room policed itself. the leaders in the locker room policed the locker room. the fact that it got to this point, shows lack of leadership in the locker room. when he initially left for guys sitting down and standing up, that's something you'll see all
4:45 am
the time as far as jokes in the locker room. but you would think to yourself, there had to be more going on. once the nfl investigates and nfl p.a. as well, there have to be long-standing issues he was dealing with. that on the surface didn't seem like anything to leave a football team over. i will say that. >> bottom line, is this a situation that deserves investigation or are we being hyperpc? >> i think it has to be, with the media attention it's getting, this has to be taking as a responsibility by the nfl. >> is this a problem or hyperpc? >> i think there is a problem but i don't think what we're addressing has very much to do with the problem. you can say it goes back to the locker room leadership. if i was in the locker room and i'd say this situation escalating, i'd say richie, take it easy on the kid. you're pushing him to the point. it's done just like that. >> all right.
4:46 am
gentlemen, i appreciate your perspective today. it's complicated. it's going to get more attention. maybe i'll bring you back. please feel free to let us know your thoughts as we go forward. one of the women held captive for a decade in cleveland is speaking out. she's describing in an interview the torture she endured at the hands of ariel castro. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh what a relief it is!
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4:49 am
welcome back to "new day," everyone. cleveland kidnapping victim michelle knight is speaking out.
4:50 am
the 32-year-old survived more than a decade of rape and torture. now in an interview with dr. phil, she relays her incredible story as one of ariel castro's prisoners. martin savidge is at the cnn center with more. >> michelle knight has been the most outspoken and visible. she really has not given detail as to her ordeal, that is until now. i could do was cry, begging him to let me go back. >> what did you say to him? >> i said, please don't do this to me. and he said, again, i can't take
4:51 am
you back. and did he throw money at me. >> what was the significance of him throwing money at you? >> he was obsessed with prostitutes and he thought i was a 13-year-old prostitute. when he found out my real age he got mad. >> to hear knight recount it herself is almost unbearable. >> what did he tie you up with? >> one of those orange extension cords, tied up like a fish. an ornament on the wall. that's the only way i can describe it. i was hanging like this. my feet and i was tied by my neck and my arms with an extension cord going like that. >> oh, my god. so he tied your hands and feet
4:52 am
and also around your neck and hung you? >> reporter: noticeably absence from the interview were her co-captives, gina dejesus and amanda berry. dr. phil talked to anderson cooper on "ac 360." >> she said she was referred to as the unbreakable one. she fought him every step of the way. she would fight back. she would challenge him. she would argue with him and she would pay the price for it. >> dr. phil also says that that interview, which he did with michelle knight was personally moving. in fact, it changed his life, which i can understand. i've been in michelle knight's presence and there is something about her remarkable story of going from captivity to now a very strong, outspoken inspiration to so many people. it's inspiring to everyone. kate? >> constantly amazed at her incredible strength during this
4:53 am
ordeal the more and more we learn about it. martin, thank you very much. can you watch the full interview on the dr. phil show, of course. tune in to ac 360 tonight. dr. phil will be sitting down again with anderson and bringing much more of that interview to viewers at 8:00 pm eastern here on cnn. >> we are following an unusual entertainment story making headline this is morning. revealing information by michelle pfeiffer that she was in a cult. it's not a new revelation. something she was talking about in her past but it's making headlines again now. why is that? >> she was talking about it when she promoted her last film "the family" and in the '90s. this happened some 35 years ago, when she was 20 years old, moving from her hometown to pursue acting. she met this couple who took her in. and they were believers in bretharianism. i had to go straight to the the
4:54 am
internet and start reading about it, do research about it. i had never heard about it. people believe you do not have to have food and water to live. you can live off light or energy. there are people who have died from it. there are people who practice it. she came into contact with this couple. they drew her in and she started practicing the same thing. it wasn't until she met her first husband, she said, and he's the one that got her out of it and broke her from it. he couldn't believe she was eating such small portions of food and living in this manner. it's a very shocking revelation, especially like you and i -- i don't know if you guys have heard of it. but it really sent me looking and searching like, what is this? what is going on? and do people actually exist like this? >> not for long. >> there you go. >> good point. >> she said this isn't the first time she's talked about it, but it has been a very long time. why is she talking about it now?
4:55 am
>> that's a good question. she was doing an interview with a magazine that was doing a profile on her. and she started talking about it then. she is a strict vegan now. she talked to sanjay gupta about it and said she actually started thinking this way and started practicing veganism when she saw his interview with bill clinton. and some people were wondering, is she doing this because of the bretharianism? that is part of it, too. people say you become this by gradually going from vegetarian to vegan to eating raw foods to fruits and liquids to prana, living off light. the founder of this -- what she calls a cult, hasn't had food for years. >> please. please. >> i just saw an interview with her and looked at her and said if you haven't eaten for years, there's no way you can look like you do. >> or be sitting here. >> exactly. >> she got drawn into it.
4:56 am
>> reporter: it's going to be generating some google searches today. >> it was for me. >> thanks, nischelle. >> thanks. we'll take a break on "new day." when we come back, we'll update you on the latest information of the shooting at a new jersey mall. the gunman is dead and we'll tell you more about the note left behind. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you.
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unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. we heard four gunshots and everybody was scared. everybody was panicked. >> breaking this morning. a new jersey mall, the latest target for a potential mass shooting. this time, a different ending as police find the shooter's body
5:00 am
just hours ago. we hear from those who were trapped inside. he shot me twice. one of the tsa officers shot at lax is talking about what happened that day as we learn new details about just how close police came to stopping him beforehand. big day in politics. go to the ballot boxes, each carry i carrying implications for the nation. we're tracking them. >> "new day" starts now. good morning and welcome back to "new day," everyone. it's tuesday, november 5th. 8:00 in the east. new this hour, the latest on a frightening shooting at a mall in new jersey. the man who opened fire, thankfully hitting no one, is dead after turning his gun on himself. the scare for shoppers and workers in the lockdown for much of the night and we're gaining new insight as to why he may have done it. >> also the problems are still
5:01 am
piling up for obama care. the website, politics and now a new problem. we'll show you the document that reveals officials were worried people wouldn't buy into it at all. wild pictures to show you from montreal. take a look at this. this is the airport in montreal. fire, smoke surrounding a plane right on the tarmac. how did it start and what happened to the people on board? we will tell you. first, let's get straight back to new jersey. police say the gunman who opened fire at the garden state plaza mall left a note and the county prosecutor tells "new day" his intent may have been suicide. poppy harlow is live at the mall in paragraph mus this morning. good morning, poppy. >> reporter: good morning. his name is richard shoop, 20 years old. he lived very close to this mall. it was just after 9:00 last night that he burst in, carrying a gun that authorities say looked like an ak-47. it was made to look that way.
5:02 am
it was actually a rifle. shooting what police say is six rounds, ultimately, though, he only shot himself. chaos at a shopping center in new jersey overnight. >> we heard four gun shots and everybody was scared. everybody was panicked. so we took everybody. we went in the back of the store, locked ourselves in with 13 people in total, including me. >> reporter: hundreds of police, s.w.a.t. and emergency teams swarmed the garden state plaza mall in search of a gunman, who authorities believe fired six rounds just before closing time. richard shoop was discovered dead just after 3:00 am, his body find lying in a remote area of the mall. authorities say he had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> originally from west township, new jersey. he is 20 years old. his body was discovered at 3:20 am this morning, just about an hour ago with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head area.
5:03 am
>> no one else was injured in the shooting. state police say the gunman apparently fired shots at security cameras. >> he was actually wearing a red and black motorcycle helmet. the visor was actually lifted up. he was a white male. he was wearing a full leather suit. >> he wasn't really aiming at anything. just had the gun in his hand aimlessly. >> the mall was very crowded, within ten minutes of closing. he came into the mall and started firing his weapon, he had plenty of opportunities to shoot people. there were witnesses within five feet from him, but he chose not to. instead, he just hit random targets as he came in, fired right up to the ceiling. >> reporter: police say shoop was carrying a rifle, modified to look like an ak-47, stolen from his brother. >> his brother purchased it lawfully. i mean, it is a serious rifle. it's a serious weapon. it is a rifle, but you make additions to these weapons and
5:04 am
you add things to them, not unlike the bushmaster. >> reporter: police say shoop has no history of mental illness, but say he abused drugs. >> when a life spierls out of control, sometimes people -- they feel there's only one way out and that's the way out that mr. shoop decided to go this evening. >> reporter: and the reason, chris, why authorities are working on the thinking that this was really a suicide mission is because they were told by people inside the mall that they were close enough to the shooter that they themselves could have been shot and killed, that he didn't try to shoot them at all. it could have been a mass shooting and it just ended up being suicide. i can also tell you that the shooter's relative is the one who called authorities just after 10:00 pm last night after hearing about this on the news thinking that that could be their own relative. authorities connected the dots and that's what brought them here ultimately, finding him here after 3:00 am. identifying him. a lot more questions still,
5:05 am
chris. so many more could have died. it was a tragic and horrifying night for so many. thank goodness more did not lose their lives. >> a lot of people that were helpless in that mall, friends and family group helpless to help him as well before this happened. poppy, thank you for the reporting. let's bring in harry houk, long-time with the police department. we'll get to him in a second. first, what do you do in a situation when you're in a mall like this? we keep hearing these stories. a shooter comes in. what are your options? >> three options, escape, hide or fight. your first option is -- what i tell people to do is when you hear shots, hit the deck right away. assess the situation. if it's the same time you hit the deck, take some kind of cover. you don't know where those rounds are coming frchlt once you see where people are running away frrks they're usually running away from the shooter. head in that direction as safely
5:06 am
as possible, get out of that location. if you're in a mall, you might see that one of the stores are going on a lockdown. that's your best bet, make your way under that gate and get in the store and be on the other side of that gate. we know from experience with active shooters is that when they get to a place where they're blocked from doing anything, they just moved on. >> the first couple of minutes is the most dangerous. that's the period it takes for law enforcement to get involved. >> that's correct. >> that's your critical moment. in this particular mall we do believe they had procedures in place, gates were coming down. unfortunate consequence of hearing about these stories, it is becoming part of people's thought process, what do i do? one of the unfortunate after effects of hearing about these. that leaves us with him. they say it was a suicide attempt. he didn't really want to shoot people. the idea of early intervention -- we hear here that police knew who this was. how many tip-offs did you get in
5:07 am
advance in terms of a violent event in your career? >> none. tip-offs of maybe a possible robbery occurring or something like that, but never a tip-off from a family member giving us a call and saying, listen, one of my kids or friends might be doing something bad. i think you need to intervene. we've had it for suicide where people call and say they believe somebody is going to commit suicide. >> you think we need a culture adjust? in all these mass shootings i've covered -- i've covered almost every one since columbine. there's this glorification exit through violence thing we see also. do you think it's time for a culture shift where we need more early intervention with people who seem destabilized ? not just mentally ill. many mentally ill or most are not violent. do you think we need a change? >> it would be great if we could get it. the problem here is that you need family members and friends to be able to say if somebody is
5:08 am
acting strangely. is somebody making threats? is somebody making threats about i want to kill myself. maybe i'll shoot up a mall or go into a movie studio, shoot that place up or something like that. you have to listen to this. a lot of people just say things. i can't tell you how many times i've had threats called when i was a police officer. this guy threatened to kill me and he just said it. most people just say things like that. they get mad and something doesn't occur. the whole problem is when do you call the police? do you call the police all the time? because then we'll start getting like 1,000 calls a day from people. that's the problem. >> it's frustrating, but no easy fix. >> we have to commend the new jersey police department on the reaction. they didn't mill around. they went right into the mall immediately. you have to give them a pat on the back for that. >> that's true. within a couple of minutes they were in there with hundreds of guys on the scene. nobody got hurt. >> right. >> thank you for the
5:09 am
perspective. over to you. a baggage ramp caught on fire, sending five passengers on this jet to the hospital. some 250 on board the 767 arriving from casablanca had to slide down escape chutes. they are said to have suffered from smoke inhalation and an investigation is now under way. gary kubiak is said to have suffered a mini stroke when he collapsed sunday night at the game. there should be no residual effects. it's unclear how long kubiak will be away from the team. tense standoff in denver over this morning. two teenagers are in custody. the pair broke into a middle school, stayed there for hours. they were armed. their goal? apparently robbery. no students were in the building at the time. they found a stolen computer in one of the teens' backpacks. a law that would stop
5:10 am
employers from discriminating against gay and lesbian employees has moved forward. world series, won. beards, done. red sox stars shane victorino and david ortiz holding a shave-off, raising money for the boston bombing victims in the process. they're still celebrating, as they should. >> keep on celebrating. that's what i say. till next time. you don't have to xhevencomment. it's okay. let's get to something a little less controversial at this table, the weather. in for indra petersons is karen
5:11 am
maginnis. >> it's a good thing it's election day in new jersey, also the mayoral elections and in detroit and boston could see also their first new mayor in 20 years. but come thursday, looking at a weather system that moves through. it will move through fairly quickly. as the storm system that is impacting the midwest and the central mississippi river valley. as this weather system gears up and moves across the great lakes region by thursday, the clouds on the increase. those mild temperatures that were expecting over the next 24 to 48 hours, they start to disappear. temperatures will be cooler and for new york city, you could see between a quarter to half an inch of rainfall. so for this afternoon, temperatures mostly in the 40s. we'll expect 50s by the afternoon hours and going into wednesday, 60s. then we'll start to see the temperatures drop back down by later on in the workweek.
5:12 am
back to you guys. >> thanks so much, karen. coming up on "new day," election 2013. new mayor for new york city. that's definitely going to happen. only question is who. races for governor and new jersey and virginia. we'll explain how the results of these elections could change the political face of the entire country. and the latest on the shooting at los angeles international airport. how koclose did police come fro sto stopping the rampage from happening? how the shooter's father tried to get police to intervene. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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got politics on the brain. following three big races, mayor in new york city and governor of new jersey, chris christie, another term there should be easy for him. but could that term be interrupted by a white house run? erin mcpike is in new jersey, following it all. what do we know? >> reporter: well, chris, it's true that everyone here in new jersey is expecting a blowout later tonight in this race. and chris christie yesterday was basically boasting about it. he wants to set a record for the biggest state-wide win for a republican in 30 years or so and wants to use this race as a model for the national republican party. he was very strident in
5:17 am
criticizing his own party for trying to make a point rather than make a difference. chris christie is quite a rock star here. democrats nationally didn't really invest in this race. they're starting to regret that. because, of course, chris christie is expected to use a re-election here as a launching pad for 2016. kate? >> erin, thank you so much for that. another race, another key race is in virginia, where two powerful candidates are facing off in what's being seens a battle between the old guard and the new. cnn's chris lawrence is in mcclain, virginia. good morning, chris. >> reporter: hi, kate. voters couldn't face a more starker choice, extremely conservative attorney general versus the very liberal former chairman of the national committee. it has been a nasty fight. there's also been a who's who of heavy hitters coming in to rally on the sides of both men. if mcauliffe were to win, it
5:18 am
would give old friend hillary clinton a strong ally in the governor's mansion in 2016. on the other hand, candidates like rand paul, ted cruz, marco rubio, will be look at how ken cuccinelli does to see if a strongly socially conservative message can win in a state like this, that could go red or could go blue. kate? >> chris, thank you. from virginia to new york city, where a democrat is poised to become mayor for the first time in some two decades. deborah feyerick is following that race for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kate. former staffer for both bill and hillary clinton. he is polling nearly 40 points ahead of his republican challenger. the liberal is promising to take the city in a progressive direction and close the gap between rich and poor, something he plans to do by raising taxes on the rich in order to fund education for low-income children. the game changer for diblasio
5:19 am
has been his biracial family, diversity which has resonated with voters on the campaign trail. he is more closely aligned with the policies of billionaire mayor mike bloomberg. majority of new york city voters are democrat. still, deblasio would be the first democratic mayor in more than two decades. chris? >> thank you very much, deb. interesting stuff to watch unfold. what's at stake here? what could this be specifically? and then as we look at the trend across the country, who better than cnn's "crossfire" host newt gingrich. let me give you a three-for with chris christie. how big will he win? what will that margin send as a message? mitt romney said they don't come better than chris christie. do you agree? is he the best that the gop can do in 2016? bundle it together for us. >> that's a lot to bundle. i think he will win by more than 25 points, probably set the
5:20 am
record for at least the last 30 years. the question will be how many republicans he brings into the legislature, which will be a big way of measuring his impact institutionally. i think he clearly is one of the top four or five candidates. it's hard to jump beyond that. you'll have very strong people in the race, scott walker, governor of wisconsin, john casey, governor of ohio. i think governors will play a big role in 2016, but christie legitimately will be one of the top contenders and be able to raise huge resources. he is in the media market and will get tremendous press exposure. >> biggest weakness, what some people saw as reaching out after super storm sandy, reaching out to the president, will it hurt him? >> i don't think it hurts him at all to say, look, the president of the united states came offering to help us and i had an opportunity to help my state. you have to be a pretty narrow
5:21 am
partisan. >> people first, politics second? >> i think so. people are also just sick of the bickering. >> virginia governor's race, is this a tea party referendum? cuccinelli is saying it's a referendum on obama care. is it a look at what you're calling a more narrow political stream? >> in new york city and virginia, there's a note on the institution of the democratic party right now, terry mcauliffe raised an enormous amount of money, second race for governor. he managed to define cuccinelli early and define him as an extreme. there are two lessons for republicans out of this. you have to assume the democrats are going to have some kind of war on women campaign in every race you are dealing with. better figure out how you're going to trump it. second, the guy who gets defined as the extremist will be on defense all the time. if you're passing for the first six months of the campaign and
5:22 am
let the other guy define you, you have a deep hole to dig out of it. >> the presumption is that it's going to be bad, it's going to be negative. war on women, negative. war on obama care, negative. shouldn't somebody put out a message, newt gingrich, that what we need is positive messages? shouldn't somebody be arguing that is the way forward if they want to be successful in politics? where do we find that message? >> nice lead-in. i just wrote a book called "breakout." >> what? where is that in the note? what's the book about? >> the whole point of the book is to say there are an amazing number of good things happening outside of politics. go and look at everything from online learner, modern medicine, self driving cars to the explosion of sboil gas that's available. gasoline in midland, texas, dropped below $3 a gallon and moving toward the $2.50 i predicted when i was a candidate. all these great things are happening out here. then you watch government be incompetent. the obama care website is the
5:23 am
obvious example. f-35 airplane cost overruns are bad or worse than the obama care website. you have to say that why is it that washington can't learn from all these pioneers of the future? why can't we get to new, better ideas that could solve our problems without the constant bickering and ideological posturing? >> the idea is perfect. so many people outside the process who will applaud this and hopefully read it. >> yeah. >> but also, though, the messenger, you know that's not the way the game is played in politics. you say in the book, fight for better ideas. say these are the better ideas. be positive. 40 plus votes to kill obama care. they don't work. never an alternative plan to put forward. why didn't you condemn them? you have a forum every night. you should stop. this is terrible. >> again, that's negative. what i've offered in breakout is a formula that either party can
5:24 am
adopt that says there's a way forward that's very positive. i'll give you an example right now. >> please. >> at the budget conference today. there's a little firm called theranos, great story on its own, founded by a young woman who dropped out of stanford as a sophomore and took her trust fund and launched a company. they've developed microtechnology to analyze blood. they've lowered costs of blood diagnostics by 50%. now, that means for medicare and medicaid, you would take $157 billion out of the next ten years. i'm going to try as an experiment to get somebody to walk into the budget conference and put on the table what if we saved -- a check for $157 million. what if we took a new idea, instead of an ideological fight, instead of the idea of paying through tax increase and the republican party of paying through cuts, what if we had better ideas that saved us huge volumes of money? there's a real immediate practical example of why
5:25 am
breakout say totally different approach. and what i'm going to spend a lot of -- probably the next decade of my life trying to teach politicians, including chris christie, who in many ways fit this is model. new ideas, new approaches, lot of courage in taking on the unions, he could be one of the guys who becomes a breakout guy for politicians. >> if you could convince them that they need to go positive and leave the negativity for others, they'll have to make a place for you on rushmore. >> i don't know about that. we've done it three times. ronald reagan, the obama '08 campaign. three examples of the kind of positive that works. >> let's hope we see it again. thank you so much. good luck with the book. always a pleasure to have you on "new day." check out newt's new book "breakout" that's out this week. governor chris christie will be on "the lead" at 4:00 pm
5:26 am
eastern. new details about a possible motive behind the shooting at lax and the warning given to police just before the rampage. also ahead, we know the obama care website hasn't been working well at all. that's caused big trouble for the administration. now an internal document could prove even more problematic. that story ahead. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time.
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5:29 am
welcome back to "new day." it is time for the five things you need to know for your new day, starting at number one. the man who fired shots inside a new jersey shopping mall is
5:30 am
dead. 20-year-old richard shoop apparently took his own life. he was known to have had problems with drugs. shocking racially charged voice mail. richie incognito is said to have sent them to jonathan martin. incognito is suspended indefinitely. terry mcauliffe faces ken cuccinelli. some say it's a referendum on obama care. and in new jersey, chris christie is expected to easily sail to re-election. testimony continuing today in the case of a utah doctor charged with killing his wife. four inmates are expected to take the stand and testify that
5:31 am
macneill confessed to that killing. lax, first hint of a motive. fbi says the suspect went there to target tsa officers. police say they got a warning about the suspect just minutes before the shooting. we'll talk to the police chief in a minute. first, kyung lah has the details. good morning, kyung. >> good morning, chris. for the very first time we're hearing from the victims who were shot at lax. walking is excruciating for tsa officer tony grigsby who took a bullet to the foot helping a passenger. >> i was injured helping an elderly man getting to a safe area. i turned around and there was the gunman that shot me twice.
5:32 am
>> reporter: he just left his friend, tsa officer geraldo hernandez, who was shot to death standing at the prescreening area. >> only now it has hit me that i will never see him again. >> reporter: he was near passenger brian lud mechlt mer, now shattered by a bullet. he dragged himself into a closet. >> found a sweatshirt in a closet, made a makeshift tourniquet out of it. he was very scared at that point. he thought that might be the end. >> reporter: as victims heal, investigators try to piece together the timeline of the crime. his father alerted officers in l.a. after receiving suicidal texts from his son. >> 10:06 a call comes in. how quickly do you respond? >> the call came in to our communications dispatch center. officers were at scene in the drive way at 10:12. >> so six minutes. >> he was not there.
5:33 am
he had 50 minutes earlier entered terminal three. unleashing horror in the terminal and frustration in two police departments that the timing was all so wrong. >> what if we could have stopped that and the officers appeared at the residence to do a well-being check on him and he hadn't left yet? it could have been a phenomenal thing if we could have prevented that. >> it's extraordinarily frustrating for all of us. not a single officer in the los angeles police department, probably across the country, that doesn't wish they were able to go there before this guy left the house and stop him from doing these terrible things. >> reporter: he could have shot the officers who responded to the apartment or he had this so planned that the officers may have simply let him go. kate? >> thank you so much for this update. one of the most shocking parts of the story is how close law
5:34 am
enforcement came to confronting him before he opened fire at l.a.x. hours before the shooting, his father contacted the police chief about troubling text messages he receive friday his son. he contacted the lapd but they weren't able to get to him in time as we now know. this has gone on for a couple of days now, and a very long couple of days for you and your law enforcement department. >> the investigation is being handled by the fbi. i really can't relay what the exact messages said. it was enough to make myself and the father feel that his younger son was contemplating harming himself. >> did you immediately think when you saw those text messages that at least he was in trouble? there's no way of knowing exactly what he was going to do. did you immediately think this is trouble? >> yes.
5:35 am
23 years experience, detective for 13 other of those 23 years. i knew that we needed to make a phone call and get his son checked out and make sure he was okay in california. >> people from coast to coast are really trying to make sense of this tragedy and what played out in the airport. you have known the family for a very long time. >> yes. >> what more can you tell us, first, about the man who is now in the hospital, charged with these crimes? >> to be honest with you, i've known the father for approximately 20 years because of his business. he has a car collision business and actually fixes car there is. i never met the son. i never met the younger son, taylor. and i've also never met the daughter. they've never been in trouble in our community. we haven't had any dealings with them in our police blotter. just normal family. that's what's the big shock of this whole thing. it's like one of us, having one of our kids go off to school or another state and get a job, try
5:36 am
to work somewhere and you get that phone call and you just can't believe it. >> what is the family saying about all of this? >> they're in shock. they're very upset, emotionally upset. they can't believe this is their son. that's kind of the phone call i received that afternoon. he said to me, chief, is this my son that i'm seeing on tv? and i said, paul, i have to check into it. i've gotn a phone call. i haven't confirmed it yet. i will let you know for sure as soon as i can. >> did you call him back? >> yes. actually, i went over to the house. the fbi was there within 30 minutes and we went and spent several hours with the family and talked to the family. >> what do you even say then? it's not just part of the job. that becomes a personal thing for you, having to relay that information. >> he realizes we have to ask him questions about the family and the fbi explained that to them. we have to find out some things and put the puzzles together. >> were they making any sense of this? was there any warning signs, did they say? >> none whatsoever.
5:37 am
he was home in swrjune for his sister's wedding. no signs at all. nothing. >> which makes it all the more shocking for everyone. >> yes. >> he hasn't been able to answer any questions, as much as we know. because of injuries he hasn't been able to communicate. have you gotten any information? clearly the fbi is handling the investigation, that he's starting to be able to communicate with law enforcement? zblaes inju >> to my knowledge he isn't communicating. there's injuries to his face, throat and neck. i don't know how they're communicating unless they're doing something with writing. i've heard reports that they are communicating with him, but i have not heard anything from the fbi as far as that. >> a strange twist of just the way today is, you work and live just a couple of hours from where this shooting took place in this mall in new jersey overnight. >> yes. >> what are you hearing about that? >> it doesn't sound to me like he was going in there to injure anybody. i watch a little bit of the news
5:38 am
this morning. my feeling was that he was -- with all those people in the mall, he could have done some damage in there. he didn't do that. i believe he shot some surveillance cameras and then retreated to the basement. >> which makes you wonder, clearly a strange coincidence in timing, in two very different situations. coming at it from the angle of law enforcement, is this something that police are becoming more and more concerned about, lone gunmen in a very open public area or is this a pattern or trend that law enforcement are talking about? >> in our area, in our county -- we're in the southern part of new jersey. we train on a regular basis for active shooting, whether it's schools, malls, department stores. you have to. you have to train for it. you know, when we went to school as young children we had fire drills. and basically the fire drill would ring. you would run out of the school and stand outside until you were
5:39 am
told to come back in. now you're training for active shooters. you're training for someone to come into your school and hurt someone. you have to train the actual children, teachers, the employees of the stores. they have to know what to do if this happens. i saw in the mall shooting that was kind of interesting. you know how the cages close down and close the stores? i think that's really great, once there's an announcement that there's a shooter in there, they can cage off each individual store. i think that was a great thing. obviously, you have to get the people out of the mall as soon as possible. >> something seemed to work in that situation. >> yes. >> thank you for what you did, what you do every day and thank you for what you did here, trying to stop a shooter before he could start that rampage. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you very much, chief. chris, over to you. coming up on "new day" more problems with obama care. for weeks the story has been about the website. now, an internal memo obtained by cnn that could be even worse. and an emotional reunion
5:40 am
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welcome back. let's talk about obama care, shall we? it entails the administration's own worries that the health care marketplace touted for months would leave many americans unhappy. cnn's joe johns is in washington with more. joe, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, chris. latest document to surface is
5:44 am
the sign that the administration could see more serious problems down the road with obama care than simply fixing the website and revising the president's promises to voter that is if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> outwardly, the administration is confident and optimistic when it comes to obama care's promise of more choice and lower-priced health insurance. the president made the case for that the a rose garden event at white house. >> what we've done is essentially created competition where there wasn't competition before. as a result of this choice and this competition, prices have come down. >> reporter: but privately, there is concern. a stunning internal war room document created last week submitted to republican investigators and obtained by cnn details worries that when the website is up and running, there might be sticker shock and anger because the media attention will follow
5:45 am
individuals to plan selection and choices and in some cases there will be fewer options than would be desired to create an ideal shopping experience. in some cases there will be relatively high-cost plans. the white house was on defense again monday after other war room notes suggested the administration's request to consumers to call in to register for obama care wasn't really a way of bypassing the glitchy website. why? because the call centers and the website use the same computer system. >> the point of the call-in centers was to reduce the frustration that individuals were having. that's what he said. that's what we were doing. that's what we're doing. meantime, we're, you know, busting rocks every day to fix the website. >> reporter: these notes apparently come from meetings for the center for consumer information and insurance oversight. the administration still has not released official data on how many people have actually
5:46 am
enrolled in obama care. a set of notes from october 11 suggest that at that time, phone operators were receiving approximately 30,000 requests for paper applications each day. chris? >> all right. joe, i'll take it. thank you so much for that. in today's human factor, dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to a man who turned his diagnosis into an opportunity with the line of clothing for those with limited mobility. >> right there. good job right there. >> reporter: for more than three decades now, don horton's life has been mostly football. >> one, two three. very rewarding experience. >> reporter: then in 2006, don bab became one of the 60,000 americans diagnosed every year with parkinson's disease. perhaps the worst day came in 2009. that's when don found himself unable to button his own shirt. russell wilson, now a
5:47 am
quarterback with the seattle seahawks, helped don with their buttons so their team could get back on the road. >> it's a humbling experience. you can see it there. you've done it before. seems so easy for everybody else to do. >> so many challenges he was going through that i couldn't help with but this was one change i thought i could do. >> reporter: calling on her own experience as a children's clothing designer, don's wife, moira, got to work, creating a line of clothing free of buttons and zippers that would help don and others regain their independence. >> it's as simple as lining it up. >> the e-mails she got were incredible, helping so many people across the nation. >> the magna ready magnets are strong enough to keep the shirts closed but not so strong that the shirts are difficult to open. >> and you're dressed. it's pretty cool, i have to say.
5:48 am
>> that's a great idea. >> simple, but a huge, huge help. i love it. >> i love it for me. get dressed so much faster. good for her. great story. coming up on "new day" when, what do we have? >> mother and baby reunited after a brutal attack when she was nine months pregnant. that story when we come back. my customers can shop around.
5:49 am
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5:51 am
a true bundle of joy for a texas woman, getting to hold her baby for the first time since a brutal attack while she was nine months pregnant. an amazing story. cnn's miguel marquez is
5:52 am
following all the developments for us. >> how are you there? incredible story. >> it is. >> this is a woman who was stabbed in the eye, suffered a collapsed lung. but all that have outdone by the fact that her husband watched all of this happen on face time. a tearful reunion. >> okay, babe? >> for the first time, 31-year-old rachel cradles her healthy baby girl, isabella, a miracle in the wake of a nightmare. stabbed in the face and stomach two days before giving birth. the savage attack unfolded as she was face timing with her husband, justin, deployed in southeast asia. she was on the phone when confronted by an intruder, who had been inside her home. she immediately recognized the suspect, 19-year-old cory bernard mosk, who was waiting
5:53 am
for her, knife in hand. according to police, poole repeatedly screamed his name to her husband over the phone as he stabbed her several times. the suspect then fled the screen. her husband frantically took to facebook pleading for friends for help. if you are seeing this message, find out what f'ing hospital my wife is in and the whereabouts of corey moss. he f'ing went into my house and stabbed her. >> say hello, isabella. >> her husband, justin, now stateside. >> the recovery is going pretty well. we have an amazingly strong daughter. who is absolutely gorgeous. it means the world, just being able to see her and know that through everything she's doing just fine. >> investigators say the suspect's motive was money he
5:54 am
owed poole for vehicle repairs. his bond set at $60,000. >> she wants people of the world to continue to pray, leave messages on our facebook pages and just everybody keep praying for our daughter and my wife to make a full recovery. >> he said once my wife was in the hospital let nation know she will speak up, wants to be more than a number. i see her as a pillar of strength to struggle not only to save her own life but our daughter's as well. tough woman, beautiful baby. amazingly happy ending. >> thank goodness for everything she has been there and that baby has been through that everybody is okay. thank you so much. coming up on "new day," a story of good stuff and bad stuff. bad stuff, 9-year-old gets his bike stolen again and again. the good stuff? what some high school students to make up for it.
5:55 am
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5:58 am
here you go. "the good stuff." a great name and a tough story.
5:59 am
aticus had his bike stolen, two in the same month. thieves broke the locks. that's not the good stuff. the good stuff is what the students at fresno high school did on their own. when they were through they had nearly $400 for a new bike. >> whoa! >> i was like -- i was like very happy at first. i almost cried. i really did. and i was like, oh, my god, my bike's here. and i just didn't know what to do, because i -- i was very excited. >> thank you for the emotive aids. giving it to a charity that helps buy bikes and locks for those less fortunate. for atticus, it is no longer about the bike. it's about what matters. >> that's why i'm nice to people because i know how it feels so
6:00 am
that's why i'm nice to other people. >> those high schoolers, maze whag they set in motion. >> and paying it forward. >> i love it. >> atticus, you need say no more. >> big name, big heart. thank you. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. love you so much, i can't even say your name zblie love that about you, kate bolduan. have a great day. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. while you were sleeping, dramatic and grim end to a shooting at a new jersey mall. explosion of gunfire late last night as the westfield garden state plaza mall was closing. >> there were boom, and another boom and then another last boom right after the secon


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