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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 19, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's tuesday, november 19th. welcome to "legal view." we want to begin with breaking news. virginia state senator deeds is in critical condition right now. this after being stabbed in his own home in western virginia. mark preston is live with me now in washington, d.c. there are a lot of stories that are floating out there. but what do we know for sure right now, mark?
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>> we're being very carol. we do know that he was the democratic -- state police showed up, found the crime scene, was able to transport him to the hospital in charlottesville. there is another person who is deceased at the residence. not telling us who that person is. we should know more details, though, ashleigh, at noon. state police, virginia state police will be holding a news conference in charlottesville. quite a stunner in the political world, but certain in virginia. he's very well-known as somebody who was very close to him just told me that he is the type of person that you want to see in politics. a very descent, honorable man. >> and so many tweets and
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announcements of support are coming in from a broad range of the political spectrum. but just to be really clear, with the response that we're seeing, at least with the emergency response that we're seeing, is there any indication at all that this is politically motivated? >> no, they're not saying anything in regards to politics. i would be very surprised if this has anything to do with politics. it's in the very far western part of virginia where this occurred. that's why they had to take him to charlotteville where they have the facilities. and that's where the state police are going to be holing the conference in an hour. >> and apart from that, do we know that the scene at this point is even secure or are they simply reacting to now a criminal krien scene thatny need
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to process? or is there any other danger that we know is still out there? >> it is very of the latter at this point. they're careful on the details. you don't know until you know. and i think at this point the virginia state police is conducting the investigation. they've got him out of the residence and got him at the hospital and they do know there's another individual who is deceased at the residence. >> thank you very much, mark preston, watching this for us. we've got correspondent on rooup route to the scene. i mentioned that there is response coming in from across the political spectrum. i have a -- i want to read a portion of the statement for you, if i may. the news from this morning is utterly heart breaking. he's an exceptional and
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committed public servant who has always done -- who has always done what he believes is best for virginia and who gives his all to funnel service. he cares deeply about virginia and the people of virginia care deeply for him. i urge all virginians today to join me in praying for a full and complete recover for him and for many more years of his public service to the commonwealth. we are obviously going to continue to watch this for you and update you as we find out more about his condition. in about two and a half hours, george zimmerman is going to do something that he's pretty much grown accustom to doing, and that's appear before a judge. and yet again, the charges are serious. felony aggravated assault and two misdemeanors, domestic violence battery and criminal
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mischief. yesterday he says his girlfriend dropped a bombshell that she is pregnant with his child and that's when things seemed to learn very violent. >> he's in my house breaking on my [ bleep ] because i asked him to leave. >> reporter: that's the 91 is call that authorities say george girl man's girlfriend made during a dispute that turned violent inside the home that they shared. >> i'm doing this again? you just broke my glass table and put your gone in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out. this is not your house. no, get out of here. >> reporter: the woman told the 911 operator that she was pushed out of her house by zimmerman. and she also said the fight started after she had asked the 30-year-old to leave. but zimmerman tells a different story in his own 911 call. >> my girlfriend has, for lack
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of a better word, gone crazy on me. >> reporter: police were already at the house when he made the call. he told the operator he wanted everyone to know the truth about what happened. >> she just started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me. throwing it outside, throwing it all over the house. she broke a glass table because she threw something on it. >> reporter: he went on to explain how the fight started. saying the woem told him she was pregnant and wanted to raise her child without him. >> she got mad that he tolder i would be willing to leave. but she's pregnant, i'm not going to put her through that kind of stress. >> reporter: he denied using a weapon threatening the woman. the officers said they used his alleged key to get in and they found him inside, unarmed, diz
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demeanor described as passive. >> clearly he's had the opportunity to encounter situations similar to this in the past. >> reporter: it's the fis time he had a brush with the law since he was a quited of the shooting death of trayvon martin. in september his estranged wife accused him of assault. no charges were filed. he has been stopped twice for speeding, once in texas where he got a warning. a second time in florida where he was ticketed and fined $256. authorities say they want zimmerman to undergo electronic monitoring if he is released. his girlfriend, meanwhile, she told investigators that she is not pregnant. her mother tells us she is doing well and is in a safe place. >> thank you for that. i also want to bring in hln's legal analyst and criminal
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defense attorney joey jackson who spent a lot of time analy analyzing any case by the name of zimmerman. when you point a gun at someone, and it's an allegation, but that can carry with it serious time behind bars. >> absolutely. what they did here, the charge is aggravated assault. what does that mean? it means if you point a firearm at someone with ill intentions and that personal is reasonably in belief of fear, then that constitutes, especially when you have a deadly weapon, an aggravated offense. why is that significant? because an aggravated assault, carries, if proven, guess what? a mandatory minimum of three years. you can do up to five years. but the law takes away judicial discretion, meaning, if proven, three years you get. >> what about this. looks at this point in the early offerings that there were only two people inside that house when the alleged incident occurred.
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yes, there's evidence of audio. but you who hard is it to prove that a gun is pointed where someone is alleging its been points? >> when it's one person, the other person. it could be he say, she say. it's been core rob brags. number one, she says he pushed me out of the phone and barricaded the door with furniture. there was furniture at the door when the police came. number two, he had a gun. the police found a gun. and number three, you have a tape. and she's really contemporaneously saying what he's doing. so at the end of the day it's about credibility. and if what she says is deemed to be credible, it's problematic for him. >> but it's always that issue of reasonable doubt. >> defense attorneys love it. >> joey jackson, thank you for
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pleasure. >> i appreciate that. so the other story that just will not seem to go away, much to my chagrined, it's my fellow canadiens, and that one in particular, rob ford's rants. the crack-smoking mayor continues to deliver video and audio every day that continues to amaze. running, pushing, all this in a council meeting. people, he's not done yet. if you can't get enough rob ford, i've got a bunch coming at you after the break. #%tia[
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spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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if there is one thing that you can say about toronto's embattled mayor rob ford, stop, i know there are many things that you can say about him -- but one is this. he is never lacking for the outrageous quip. the latest, he's vowing outright war, and i'm talking iraq style, his words not mine, because the council decided to strip him of a lot of important powers. then there was this little number.
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uh-huh. there's councillor ford knocking an elderly cocouncillor off her feet during the meeting yesterday. he said it was an accident. he later apologized for it. but there you have it. this morning on the "today" show he decided to take to the cameras again. this time live. dodging a question about how he could possibly handle a major emergency, like say a terrorist attack if he was on a drinking binge as he's admitted to doing in the past. >> i'm very fortunate that hasn't happened. it's very few isolated incidents that it's happened. and you're right. i'm fortunate that that hasn't happened. >> do you still want this job? >> absolutely. october 27th, let the people decide. >> what if they say we want another guy like rob ford when it comes to the fis equal
8:16 am
responsibility, but we want the guy -- >> they're not going to find another rob ford. >> he's already saying he wants to be prime minister now. oh canada. cnn's nic robertson went to canada. and he's live with me more on the mayor's agenda. have a listen. >> the item as amended. >> reporter: mayor ford went down 36 votes to 5. his answer. >> this, folks, reminds me of when, and i was watching with my brother, when kuwait was attacked. you guys have just attacked continue wait. and you will never -- you will never see something that -- mark my words, friends, thing going to be outright war in the next election. >> the fattle began before the
8:17 am
vote. another mayor ford moment that he might like to forget. in council chambers, shouting members of the public and then this. accidentally knocking an elderly councillor to the floor. not his finest hour. >> mayor ford, your time is up. mayor ford -- >> reporter: in the battle to strip his powers, few in the council, except his brother doug on his side. >> what is happening today is an overthrow of a democratically elected mayor, ill will hely. this is what you see in third world nations. >> "ford nation" comes -- >> you've heard the criticism and the councillors. now tonight i want you to listen to me. >> reporter: in a new talk show creating his own word. >> i want to thank my supporters
8:18 am
for sticking with me. i guarantee you're going to see a change in the next few months. >> reporter: his words, his message for an hour under control until he stepped out of the studio falling over a photographer. >> i didn't push her. >> reporter: that's all he said. >> i didn't even touch her. >> no, you're right, nic, he didn't say i'm sorry, or are you okay? he said, i didn't touch her. what is on the agenda today? and when i use that term, i don't mean the council agenda, i mean the whole jaentd of this ridiculous story? >> reporter: the whole agenda, the mayor says he's going to take the council to court over this. but he hasn't put in an injunction yet. he hasn't shown up at the office. he's out in the constituency helping out with them. but there's a lot more going to happen here. on wednesday you're going to
8:19 am
have the media go to kwort and get some of that 500 pam police document that was heavily redacted, get more of that opened up to the public. try to get a couple of videos out of the police. the councillors here i'm talking to are thinking, yeah, great, we can get on with our work finally. but mayor ford is not out of this yet, ashleigh. >> and i hope the elderly councillor is okay today after being nearly tackled. for the life of me, i can't figure out what would have been so important to charge through her like that. let us know when you've got something else. probably within 20 minutes. he never thought he would get a toronto city hall job. our senior internal correspondent, nic robertson. thank you for that. let's get a check on wall street. we had a wonderful milestone yesterday, 1600. we're getting down below it. and we're taking another run at
8:20 am
it. the dow, up about 11, maybe 12-ish points. thousands of people in the small town of getburg, pennsylvania, commemorating the 150th an voers of abraham lincoln's gettysburg address. and this is the supreme court justice who is at the microphones. you'll know that lincoln's speech was give be about five months after the civil war battles at gettysburg. and it is regarded as one of the world's greatest speeches despite the fact that it was a mere three minutes long. finding the cause of an airplane crash. investigators are digging through the rubble. but a security camera could prove to provide the best clues
8:21 am
into this terrifying accident. you're going to see that disturbing video and find out specifically what it tells us, next. wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. [ female announcer ] to bake. or not to bake.
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that is a silly question. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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horrifying video that shows the final moments before a russian plane crashed and killed
8:25 am
all 50 people who were onboard. take a look at that video. it is vertical as it nose dives to the grond and that fireball is just awesome. sadly, the officials don't know why it crashed yet. but they have recovered the data recorders. that's remarkable to watch. but does it tell us anything particularly? >> oh, yes. for the investigators, they've got the data recorder, they've got the necessary equipment. but that tells them that the plane had -- did not have thrust. there was no momentum. it fell out of the sky. and once you know those facts, you can start to work backwards as to realize either engine failure, massive engine failure or major structural failure of the airplane. we know the plane was coming in to land. we know there had been one
8:26 am
approach already. it was on its second attempt. we knew that already. now we need to know what was going on. this was a critical moment of flight. clearly something happened which made the plane unstable and loss of control and the result. >> do they have the voice recorder as well? >> it's a 737, 23 years old. >> that's my other question. whenever i hear about russian planes crashing, i think about the old days, this is not one much those planes? >> no. it's aged but not old. providing it's been well-main taped, there's no reason why it shouldn't have been in tip-top condition flying. looking a at the circumstances so far with the bad weather and all the other issues, i'm guessing that's where we're going to end up. >> i hear boeing 737 -- >> 7,000 of them in service. do not fret. >> that's why i was so
8:27 am
interested in this story. we fly on those planes as well. we've got breaking news in virginia. a state senator is in critical condition right now after being stabbed in his own home. we've got more details coming up. right after the break. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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and we continue to follow this breaking news this morning. virginia state senator creigh deeds, we now know was stabbed in an attack inside his own home this morning. he was flown to the hospital. he's in critical condition. we just don't have many other confirmed details. lots of stories running rampant. and tell you this, mr. deeds ran for governor of virginia against governor mcdonnell, but he lost
8:31 am
back in 2009. this is a photo of him and his family. you can see his wife giving one of his daughter's a hug while his son hugs another daughter in the foreground of that photograph. state police there say another person was also found dead inside that home. and we've heard from the university of virginia medical center that, in fact, it is confirmed he is in critical condition. we're expected to get more details from a police news conference scheduled for about 29 minutes from now. we'll continue to update you just as soon as we have more interview. creigh deeds in critical condition after being stabbed in his home. other big news. parts of the midwest in full recovery mode. reality is setting in officially after the deadly tornadoes left a huge pads of destruction. the details that we know for sure.
8:32 am
as you get the helicopter view. wow. just take a look at that. 8 people died in all of that wreckage. those storms roared through on sunday. six people dead in illinois, two people dead in michigan. there were 76 reported tornadoes. the national weather service estimates that win betwe and 190 miles per hour hit washington, illinois, and that's the site of the worth damage. more than 500,000 people still without power this morning. and one man, who luckily survived that storm in illinois, for whatever reason, decided not to back down as that tornado was marching straight for him and his home and his family. and what did he do? he just kept his video camera rolling. we have the story. >> it's coming toward us. >> reporter: this is the tornado that came through washington,
8:33 am
illinois. a frightening and increasingly familiar image in this video age. but what's unique about this video -- >> oh, my god. holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: is that the man shooting it kept shooting as it started to destroy his house. it could have been the last thing chris lancaster ever did. but he survived. >> i got hit by debris or something and it cut my eye in three places. >> reporter: his wife and children survived too. but this is what happened to their house. gone. even they can barely recognize it. >> this is my bedroom, right here. i was sleeping on that side the bed and when the sirens went off and the wife yelling at me, i jumped up and threw clothing on. and i ran through the house. i checked here. the kids were over here. so i went this way. >> reporter: incredibly, the plates in the kitchen cupboard
8:34 am
remain completely intact. the rest of the kitchen destroyed. after you came out of the basement and saw what the tornado did to your house, were you incredulous that you survived? >> yes. i don't know how anybody made it through this. >> reporter: she did not want her husband to shoot the video. but he was transfiktsed. >> that water tower just to the left of it was where i started seeing it coming across, coming across. >> reporter: it wasn't until after the tornado hit, that chris joined his family in the basement. the day after, they look for keep sakes. >> the video of my wedding. >> reporter: and they try to figure out what happens next. >> i don't know where to go. i don't know what to do. all i can do is stand here and look at it. >> reporter: like so many phenomenons here, chris, mandy, they're children have lost almost empg. but right now this family prefers to focus on something they haven't lost, each other.
8:35 am
>> the good lord above was with me. all i can say is i got three angels up there, my father, grandparents, they're looking down on me. they were my guardian angels today. they said, you got to stay here and take care of your family. >> reporter: cnn, washington, illinois. >> if you knew you were going to die at midnight tonight, what would you be thinking? certainly not that the man you tried to kill was trying to save your life. and you will not believe who that man is. let me give you a hint. you know him well. he's famous. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus presents the cold truth. [ coughs, sneezes ] [ sniffles ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope. they don't have a decongestant. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose.
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welcome back to "legal view." i'm ashleigh banfield. the serial killer who's gunshots but a famous pornography king in a wheelchair for the rest of his life just has one day on this earth to live. he killed nearly two dozen people and paralyzed larry flynt decades ago. and for those crimes, he's scheduled to die by lethal injection just after midnight tonight. it's not unusual to see protesters block an constitution. it happens all the time. but you will not believe who is trying to block this one. we have a jaw dropping interview. >> i threw that down and the table and thought i'm going to
8:40 am
kill that guy. >> the single, unwaiving drive in him, murder. his target, larry flynt. founder and publisher of "husbandler" mags zeen. >> and i saw that interracial couple that he had photographed there having sex, you know, and it just made me sick. >> reporter: franklin, his hair wild, his gaze unwaive wavering. driven by a hate for jews, blacks, and any whites associated with them. he was a sniper, carrying his rifle and scope in guitar cases. he staked out a synagogue in st. louis and gunned down a man. in salt lake city, he killed two young black men jobbing with white female friends. in cincinnati, ohio, children were not spared. even civil rights leader jordan vernon shot, but survived.
8:41 am
larry flynt would be a trophy killing for the white supremacist. >> i has noted him down. i'm not going to deny that. >> reporter: you remember the shots ringing out? >> yeah. well, just sort of like a hot poker hitting me in my stomach. >> reporter: flint will never forget 1978. the shots like most of franklin's targets, came from a distance. flint would barely survive the two bullets that truck struck him. he would never walk again. by the time the police finally arrested franklin in september of 1980, at least 22 people were dead. days away from his execution, he spoke to me about his three-year killing spree. >> three years, same length of time jesus was on his mission. >> and what was your mission? >> well, to try or get a race war started. >> reporter: he showed me a
8:42 am
tattoo. faded with time, you can still make out that it's the grim reaper. >> do you think you're a hero to those hate groups? >> that's what they tell me. you know. i would rather people like me than not like me. just like anybody else. you know what i mean? i would rather be loved than hated. you know. >> even if they are the nazi party and other hate groups? >> they're not the only ones who love me, though. >> do you feel any hate looking at me? >> looking at you? >> i'm not white. >> yeah, i know. but you're -- you know, i have no feel whatsoever hatred toward you, especially not a female. >> well, you shot plenty of women. >> yeah, i know. i know. that's true. you've got a point. >> reporter: franklin says he's no longer a racist that he was wrong and sorry for his crimes. he now wants mercy. there is almost no one in his
8:43 am
corner, except -- >> if you could stop it, would you stop it? >> oh, yes. i would say put him in prison for the rest of his life. >> reporter: why? principle. he's against the death penalty. flint has filed a lawsuit trying to stop his own shooter's death. but don't mistake all of this for mercy. >> is that how you see this, that you're forgiving him at all? >> i'm not showing him anything. if it wasn't joseph paul franklin and some other person who shot me, my feelings would be the same. >> reporter: and what does franklin think about the man that he tried to kill and has never met and now fighting for his life. >> my old pal larry. >> your old pal larry? >> yeah. >> i'm not sure he would refer to you as your old pal. >> i like larry. >> reporter: but it appears that even flint's efforts won't stop it. >> most people with heading toward a burning hell and they don't know it. >> do you think something lies for you on the other side?
8:44 am
>> yeah. i'm a serve yants of the lord. >> i think we're about out of time. >> well, let's not say that. you just -- >> time is important to you now, isn't it? >> oh, yeah, it has been for a long time. you know. and maybe we'll meet again sometime. >> reporter: cnn, missouri. >> he more than likely won't be meeting her again sometime. he's scheduled to be executed in a matter of hours. just after 12:01. i'm joined by jeffrey toobin. you and i have so many conversations about the death penalty. how often is it that the victims come out and say don't do this and, two-prong question, does it make any difference? >> it's not all that unusual. in recent years victims have had a lot more say in the legal system. the supreme court has said that state's can allow victims to speak to juries about whether to
8:45 am
impose the death penalty. >> but this is during the process. >> yes. but afterwards, there are a lot of victims' families who say we are morally opposed to the death penalty and certainly that's what larry flynt is doing here. there's no legal right to have your opinion followed. >> right. >> and in this circumstance, it seems like the chances are just about zero that flint's wishes will be honored. he can express them, but it doesn't mean it's going to work. >> what does it take for the 11:59 phone call. we hear about them and see them in the movies all the time. what are the odds and what does it take to get that phone call from the governor? >> this is the -- >> you're the king. >> you have no -- you have no restriction on what you can do. you can just decide that clemency is appropriate. now, most governors don't do
8:46 am
that. most of them allow executions to proceed. here, of course, you have one of the most notorious, horrible criminals really in american history. this guy is beyond notorious. so i think the odds of this execution being stopped are really approximately zero. and the governor of missouri has not indicated that he's going to stop this at all. >> and here is the other question i think a lot of people watching the video might have thought. wait a minute. doing the math, we're around 35 years since the bulk of these crimes. there was a body of work of this murderer. 22 at least. why so long? it's not unusual to hear 20 years before an execution after a crime. but 35? >> many supporters of the death penalty show -- say that this shows that the sim is not working quickly enough. opponents say, look, the legal system cannot process these
8:47 am
cases quickly enough. look how much time and money we're devoting to getting this guy executed. better off, put him in prison for life. it would save the government a lot of money to do that. >> when you say a lot of money, would have saved tens of millions with 22-odd cases, all of those appeals and all of the this time and litigation. >> that's one of the reasons that the death penalty is down in recent years. the cost is so great, that a lot a lot aren't even seek it. >> i always love talking to you about this stuff. thank you for that. there's another case that's kind of getting strange. remember brittany murphy and her strange death four years ago? it's now being revisited as her father is demanding more testing. there are some bizarre toxicology results that he's now bringing forward. but do they actually reveal that she died in a different way? find out next. (vo) you are a business pro.
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so we continue to follow some of the breaking news that's coming out of virginia. state senator there creigh deeds was stabbed in his own home. he survived this attack. we don't have a lot of details yet confirmed. if you nova have a politics, you may know that he ran for governor of virginia, against the current governor, back in 2009, but he lost. we have photographs of him as well as long woo his family. this is a picture right before
8:52 am
he gave his concession speech in '09. his wife is in the background. in the foreground is his son, his son hugging another one of his daughters. again, before going out to give the concession speech after losing to governor bob mcdonnell. state police are saying that there was one other person also found dead inside that home. we have heard from the university of virginia medical center that he is in critical condition. and we're expecting to get further details and and update from the police in a news conference that eight minutes o from now we've got our live cameras ready. you'll be privy to that will across party lines, all sorts of messages of good hope and will to that will family, as well. another story we're following, the father of actress brittany murphy, wants the investigation into his daughter's 2009 death
8:53 am
reopened because he believes that the star of the movie clueless was in fact, murdered. >> i have a feeling that there was a murder situation here. yeah, it's poison. yes, yes, i know that. >> so angelo says his daughter brittany murphy was poisoned and he says he has the lab reports to prove it. our entertainment it correspondent nischelle turner is with me. this one hit me out of the blue. what is he talking about, what kind of report? >> her family has had a lot of questions since her death. they didn't ever believe the cause of death was what was reported. so they've been asking questions for many years. now you did hear brittany murphy's father on good morning americaing this morning. he was saying his daughter was poisoned. he produced these toxicology reports that he says backs his story up. according to these reports conducted by a lab that bertotti
8:54 am
paid for, heavy metals were discovered in hair samples that the lab tested. there were things like arsenic, copper, lead and uranium. he has been suspicious of the l.a. coroner's determination that she died due to a combination of few moneyia, iron doo efficiency and multiple drug intoxication. just a few months after she died, her husband simon monjack also died suddenly from what the coroner said was pneumonia. this was really interesting at that time because the coroner's office didn't find anything suspicious in either of these deaths. both came so close together from the same cause, it just raises a lot of questions in this family's mind. they're continuing to ask questions now. they're not going to stop, i don't thinking >> that coroner saying at this point, sorry, we have what we have and this doesn't change figure. >> they're not going to reopen any inquiry into her deathing >> very weird. initial, thank you for bringing that to us. again toronto where the crack-smoking mayor just remains
8:55 am
defiant. running, pushing, yelling, apologizing, coming up after the break, his greatest hits. when i say hits, i literally mean his greatest hits next. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ female announcer ] feed a man a cookie and he eats a cookie. ♪ feed him a fresh baked cookie and he eats a much, much better cookie. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. bake the world a better place could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy!
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if you like all that crack smoking up in toronto, you may have missed something. we put it all together for you so you won't miss a thing. you're welcome. >> mr. mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two
8:59 am
year years? >> yes, i have. >> i can assure you i am not an alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. have you drank? have you done drugs, yes, i have. the reason i drank or did drugs was not because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity. that's all it was. i do not use crack cocaine. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine, can again, and again i apologize. it is very, very humiliating. for the past six months, i have been under tremendous, tremendous stress. i love my job. i love my job. these mistakes will never ever, ever happen again. >> i've had enough. i was sick and tired of all these allegations all this [ bleep ]. excuse my words.
9:00 am
sorry, he shouldn't have sworn in front of the kids. >> i'll do a drug and alcohol test right now. and i put a motion forward that every counselor do it, too. i know people party on the side. i know lawyers, doctors -- everybody has a good time. >> you know has done it. >> i'm not going to name names. mark my words, friends. this is going to be outright war in the next election. i'm going to do everything in my power. >> mayor ford, your time's up. >> everything in my power to beat you guys. >> like getting run over by a ford, ain't it? keep it classy, mayor. keep it classy. thanks for joining us, everybody. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> you're watching "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. we're following breaking news this hour. a virginia state senator and former candidate for governor,


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