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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 24, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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i'm martin savidge. the next hour of the cnn newsroom begins right now. you're here, you're in the newsroom. i'm martin savidge, it's great to be with you. people from boston to the nation's capitol could have an unwanted guest this thanksgiving. a powerful and dangerous winter storm. this is how it looks right now in the southwest. high wind, snow, sleet, rain, all pushing east. treacherous road conditions out west have already claimed five lives. singer willie nelson suspended his concert tour after one of his buses hate patch of ice in east texas and skid need an overpass. several band members were hurt. already the storm forced the cancellation of 300 flights at dallas out for room airport. meteorologist karen ma beginis has been tracking the storm. karen, what we want to know is what is going on the next few
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days. >> is a very dangerous situation in teks and new mexico. also west texas. but now that is spreading toward the east and it does include the dallas metroplex. already an icy mixture. little bit of freezing rain and sleet reported between interstate 20 and interstate 10. this is what we're looking to see, kind of the bulk of the icy situation. but the dynamics of this storm system are going to be changing as we head towards that all important travel day that will effect tens of millions of people, not just along the gulf coast but across the mid-atlantic in the northeast. we start out, an isolated situation coming up for morning hours for dallas. then it looks like the spine of the appalachians have that mix. and where you see the purple, along the i-95 corridor and to
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the west, we could see an icy mix and snow fall across interior sections of the northeast. but, the track of this storm still has to be determined but right now it looks like washington, d.c., new york city and boston are looking at a rain event, a cold rain event. as we look in the forecast coming up monday, mostly sunny northwest down to southwest, dl as will gratly clear out but will focus on the storm system moving through the gulf and eventually toward the northeast. marty, back to you. >> we will keep an eye on that one. thank you, karen. now that a nuclear deal fween iran and the world, world powers, is officially on paper, there is definitely nonuniversal agreement that that is a good thing. one of the loudest voices against this agreement is the prime minister of israel. he said the deal with iran makes the world a more dangerous place. he was against any negotiationes with iran.
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president obama of course does not share his feelings. we are told the two men spoke about this today for about a half an hour. the president ensured netanyahu that there will be throughout the negotiations. the terms are iran has to scale back nuclear material and allow inspectors and monitors. in return for some of the tough interaction inial sanctions that hurt iran's economy, well, they will go away. iran's president went on television today calling the deal a win for his negotiators. iranian people tell cnn that they see this as an opportunity to improve relations with the west. the iran nuclear deal is getting mixed reviews from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. live in washington, d.c., tory, washington, d.c. lawmakers are not shy about giving their opinion about this deal, are they? report not at all. so yes, this is a tough spot for the president to be in, but it
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is also one for members of congress and one of the key factors driving some of them is support for israel. take a listen to chuck schumer. he is playing around with the idea of trying to lobby more sanctions in iran, something the president said could derail the agreement. >> as for additional sanctions that congress is considering, the disproportionality of this agreement makes it more likely that democrats and republicans will join together and pass additional sanctions when we return in december. i intend to discuss that possibility with my colleagues. >> so you heard it there. but we also want to show you this. because new york republican peter king issued a statement that says in part president obama's agreement with iran a serious strategic mistake. this agreement is a victory for iran and a defeat for the united states and our ally nets middle east. specifically israel and saudi
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arabia. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. will go into this with eyes wide open. and martin, he pointed out there will be no illusions that this is based on trust, but instead verifications. we will wait and see if that is enough to keep congress from acting. >> some sort of vote by congress for additional sanctions would be a real problem for the obama administration. what are they goinging to do or how do they convince law makers to get on board with the deal? >> it is going to be a whole lot of convincing that this is better in the long run. but on the flip side of things, some members of congress have ideas of their own. in fact the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee wants kerry to come up to capitol hill. as you can tell, martin, lots of opinions and the next coming days will be important. >> absolutely. >> tory dunnan, thank you. it may have been more than just public negotiations that
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sealed this deal. senior obama administration official says that u.s. has been meeting privately with iranian officials since president eye san ranee has been president. >> reporter: in geneva, a historic deal is struck. >> for the first time in nearly a decade, we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program. and keep parts of the program will be rolled back. >> reporter: designed to block iran from ever building a nuclear weapon. >> these are substantial resolutions that will keep iran from ever building a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: after talks between iran and six world powers in geneva, quickly crippling economics sanctions will be eased in all about $7 billion in relief. in exchange, iran agreed to halt enrichment of uranium about 5%, well below weapons grade np end
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to dilute its stockpile so it cannot be used for a weapon. and will not use an iraq heavy nuclear. in answer to a question to cnn, saying the deal gave iran what it long sought, formal recognition to its freedom after peaceful nuclear program. >> some iranian officials are claiming the right has been recognized. the white house says there is no formal recognition to the right to enrich. how did you square that circle p. >> the plan of action, as we call it, in two distinct phases. has a very clear reference to the fact that iranian enrichment program will continue and will be a part of any agreement. now and in the future. >> reporter: iran's president was sharply critical calling it
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a historic mistake. >> iran is taking only cosmetic steps, which could reverse easily within a few weeks and in return sanctions that took years to put in place are going to be eased. >>. >> reporter: secretary kerry offered this to the nearest allies in the region. >> the next step proves proof certain, fail safe set of steps which eliminate the current prospect of a break-out and creation after nuclear weapon. >> still, the deal has its critics back in washington. republican senators including south carolina's lindsay graham deeply skeptical. >> so all that's left in place is what they've got, question is, should they be allowed to enrich given their behavior at all? >> reporter: both iranian and western officials say this is a sea change in iran's relations with the west. when you look at the outline of
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the deal, many components that would not have been predicted a few months ago and right until the agreement was announced past 3:00 in the morning geneva time, there were doubts that could come to an adpreemt nlt announcement came out in four simple words. we have a deal. jim sciutto, cnn, geneva. >> the deal could be a make or break moment for the president in the middle of what's been a pretty rough second term. is this deal one for the history books? or it will just merely muddle the waters in the middle east? the political debate is next. ♪
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there's no question that these are definitely troubled times for president obama. his approval rating is the lowest of his presidency. then you've got the affordable care act. crippled by a very troubled roll-out. signup at the website. so now have you this historic deal that's been reached between
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iran and six world powers. and you might thinking with hey, it couldn't come at a president time. the president late last night announcing the deal as a success. >> the international unit is on display today. the world is united in support of our determination to pri vent iran from building a nuclear weapon. iran must know that security and prosperity will never come through the pursuit of nuclear weapons. it must come through fully verifiable agreements. >> i don't think that the case. let's bring in democratic treemist and cnn political commentator is in dallas where he braved the weather. thanks, ben. maria, let me start with you. is this agreement really enough
3:14 pm
to distract the nation from what been the horrible roll-out of obama care. >> it is historical in nature, that's for sure. i'll tell you a secret, international schedule of things that happened on the international stage has nothing to do with the president's domestic agenda. whether it will quote unquote distract from obama care, who knows. i can tell thought president can actually walk and chew gum at the same time. focussing on his priority to make sure iran never arequires a nuclear weapon and we saw that was a first step of success in the announcement last night and he is also focusened on making sure that bm care is up and running, get fixed. we see more good news daily on that end. more people are signing up. more people looking at their options. more people liking what they see. i think more important the american people are seeing real leadership from this president on both tracks. whether one that has been difficult and one that focused on a while.
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>> hold on. ben one heard what maria said. the secretary of state -- >> he does. >> could have made settled this sooner rather than later. that's what some speculate. >> well, i think that this is obviously political in nature. that's the worst part about this agreement is we literally just rewarded iran for having bad behavior. they've continued on this track to build a nuclear weapon. and so, after we put in sanctions and they continue to move forward, we have now said okay, we will reward you with billions of dollars that you can get your hand on. we are also in this nuclear deal which i read earlier, we will give them humanitarian aid. the biggest issue with that is there is three americans right now in iran in prison that we know of. one is a pastor, criston pastor. and the president of the united states of america in this deal didn't even get the americans back that have been in prison in iran but we are sending
3:16 pm
humanitarian aid. so we don't give aid to our prisoners in eiran but we do to the people of iran. i think this is done for political reasons and it's sad. >> i think a lot of people would say the divide of disagreement may have been beyond political lines. maria, some say they aren't keen on this idea either. >> clearly, this deal is not perfect. no deal as complicated as this, right now achieves a first important step that has been not achievable in decades. it's not going to be perfect. not everybody will like it. no question that secretary kerry has his work cut out for him. it is a good thing he comes from the senate, the people he has to convince, and once i talks about the details that are in this deal, it has a lot of teeth. it has a drop-dead deadline that iran has to show progress and if
3:17 pm
if that doesn't happen, campaigns will be ratcheted up. and on the option of military action. >> you look at chuck schumer today. chuck schumer is a guy that understands foreign policy and when it is political and when it's not. when chuck schumer comes out and as adamant as he is today on this saying this is a bad deal for america, we are rewarding bad behavior, the president's foreign policy right now is out to see, look at iran and how they react to this. they are celebrating this in the streets because they know that today was a massive victory for the president of iran and america is the one played in this all because barack obama want to come back and say, i had some sort of victory because my poll numbers are low and obama care is a disaster? again, look at this -- >> that is so ridiculous -- that is so ridiculous to think that this deal came about because
3:18 pm
obama care has been the roll-out of obama care has not been great. that's just ridiculous. >> we've got to go. we have to cut it there. this is a good first step. and not the last of the debate. nice to see you, ben. good to see you, maria. >> thank you, martin. you too. >> are they or aren't they? for the very first time, the vatican put on public display what appear to be the remains of st. peter. but there is controversy here. and we will bring it for you next. great. this is the last thing i need.) seriously? the last thing you need is some guy giving you a new catalytic converter when all you got is a loose gas cap. what? it is that simple sometimes. thanks. now let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! and i have no feet... i really didn't think this through. trust the midas touch.
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pope francis will meet russian president, vladimir putin, for the first time. some are calling this the most important papal summit in decades. the relationship had been strained lately bp but the two then have one thing that unites them, that the crisis in syria. today, for the first time ever, the bones believed to be s st. peters remains were put on display. mystery and controversy surround if they really are authentic. it comes down to faith. >>. >> reporter: i think it is something of a leap of faith to say those are the remains of st. peter. they were kept for decade in an urn in the papal apartment with an inscription that says
3:23 pm
tradition holds that these are the bones or remains of st. peter. now circumstantial evidence may point to the possibility that those are the bones, after much study, it was found they belong it a man about 5'7" who died between ages of 60 and 70. which does coincide with the traditional narrative of the life and death of st. peter. but there's no way anyone can carry out any sort of dna test on those bones to ascertain they belong to st. peter. one more bit of evidence to add is apparently they were found in an underground cavity that did have an inscription in ancient greek that said, peter is within. which indicates or suggests that somebody by the name of peter was buried down there. but historians and
3:24 pm
archaeologists aren't all together convinced. but this is a matter of faith when it comes to the catholic church. >> thanks very much for that explanation. right now, millions of americans are in the path of a storm that could become a nor'easter. and this isn't good news for those traveling for thanksgiving. coming up, a look at who is bracing for the cold and wet holiday. ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. ♪ by the end of december, we'll be delivering ♪ ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 8 front yards blinding
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a huge winter storm is working its way east across the united states. and this video here will tell you much of the story, driving too fast on icy roads, led to this roll over of an suv in oklahoma city. fortunately, this driver was wearing a seatbelt and walked away unhurt. but scenes just like it could become all too common over the thanksgiving holiday because this is all about timing. as this storm moves east, it could collide with an arctic blast out of canada and the moisture coming up from the gulf by thanksgiving, east coast might find itself in the grips of a full blown nor'easter. right now, it's dallas fort worth that is in the path of this particular storm. taking a look here at the tower cam coming at us from the dallas fort worth airport. so some 300 flights were canceleded
3:29 pm
there today. doesn't look that bad. but as you know, doesn't take much to interrupt flights. nick, how long before it hits where you are? >> reporter: martin, that weather system came over us about 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. eastern, your time. that moisture didn't stick on the ground for very long. as we move into the evening hours and temperatures drop below freezing, we expect the road conditions to have major problems. earlier when i spoke to the texas department of public safety, they laid out the worst case scenario. >> depend on which model you are listening to as for as forecasts are concerned. if we end up with freezing rain, there was one model that called for half inch of ice. if that comes to pass, that's terrible for travel. >> and that low pressure system that's moving its way from southern california through new mexico on through texas and perhaps eventually into the northeast, it is causing temperatures to drop below about 10 to 20 degrees below average for this time of year.
3:30 pm
these are temperatures that we are tending more -- they are more normally around january. not usually around november this time. as you mentioned, it doesn't look that bad right now. texas state officials are bracing for the worst. they say you can have about a quarter of an inch of freezing rain on those roads. black ice, comes out of nowhere for a lot of those travellers. so for those in the dallas fort worth area, be sure to stay safe. that quick note, martin, 300 departures cancelled from dallas fort worth airport. airport officials do tell us that is more of a precaution in anticipation set of veer weather. they are trying to limit the number of passengers stranded monday morning. >> of course that has a ripple effect across the country. thanks for the update. president obama working today to put a nuclear deal with iran into the first light. he spoke with benjamin netanyahu. he calls this weekend's agreement a historic mistake.
3:31 pm
iran agreed to roll back parts of the nuclear program. that in exchange for some lifting of some economic sanctiones. the deal has a time line, though. six months. during time negotiators will try to hammer out something more permanent. last night's announcements was crossing the finish line so to speak. though it actually started months ago when the iranian people elected a new president with new priorities. i want to get aaron david miller in here, because he is with the woodrow wilson international center and both democratic and republican administrators. aaron, you wrote? "politico" today, let's not celebrate yet. why? >> because it is way too early, martin, to break up the champagne. a and as i mentioned, the article put the party hats on. you have the first step against the background of profound suspicions. secret channel notwithstanding.
3:32 pm
big issues, not just on the nuclear weapons issue but variety of issues across the region. 150 iranians executed since president rowhani took office. you have difference over support for syria. and you've got key american allies. they are profoundly upset about what it is we are trying to do. i think there's a lot that needs to be done, in essence, to make this what people are claiming it is not, which is a hisser to to agreement. it could, could, forth the u.s./iranian relationship, but we are not there yet. >> okay, let's take it for what it is, a step maybe. but you record these secret meetings. which i had not heard of until lately. who is involved and how was it
3:33 pm
remained a secret. >> keeping radio silence is critical under any cirques. when moshed showed up in washington in state department 1977, my colleagues were shocked with the fact he had been meeting secretly with presidential adviser tahami. my former boss, madeleine albright, claiming that mushrooms grow better in dark places. i think that's absolutely right. so to back channel, starting before rowhani took office, creating measure of trust, a opening up a direct dialogue. i wasn't want to
3:34 pm
oversentimentalize it. but when two countries get their cues and rationalize it and direct contact, direct dialogue is important. i suspect it helped pave the way for this agreement. it was a discussion channel. >> let me ask you real quick before we run out of time, israeli president is not happy at all. he thinks that world is more dangerous because of this. describe the tough spot. >> rail find itself in. >> barack obama is sitting in washington surrounded by nonpredatory neighbors to his north and south and literally fish east and west with what are called nuclear assets. it is a small country, nonetheless, in a very dangerous neighborhood.
3:35 pm
and israelis have a very dark past, as well. so for netanyahu, this is existential in the way he looks at this issue and the sense of responsibility. i don't expect that these two guys will agree on much about the iran issue. they agree on the end state but how to get there, timing, sense of threat. this is really opened up a significant rift. and unlike lehman brothers, the relationship is too big to fail, but we are in for a rocky ride, martin. >> absolutely right. aaron david miller, thanks very much. nice to talk with you. >> nice to see you. see equal to the hunger games, breaking box office records. but also prompts girls to install themselves with bows and arrows. will there be pacts of young
3:36 pm
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on friday's 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination, part of the tragedy was almost forgotten. moth another man was killed that fateful day. remember dallas police officer jd tippit, lee harvey oswald's other victim. >> as bells rang out, to commemorate john f. kennedy, watched and listened. more than anyone, she must have had a double heartache. everyone lost a president, she
3:40 pm
lost a grandson. >> marie tippit was at home that day. she remembered her husband coming home for lunch. as she told nbc news, it was sudden lay she hectic day. >> they called him and told him the description of the person they were looking for. >> that person was lee harvey oswald. tippit pulled over at intersection of 10th and paden and stopped a man walking along the street. but as tippit got out of his car, lee harvey fired three times. he shot tippit a fourth time as he lay on the ground. jay tippit died instantly. >> i can't believe it. it was unlear. >> she was in agony as her husband was laid to rest.
3:41 pm
she had three lee children to raise. there is a memorial in honor of jd tippit but took a half century to make it happen. she told the dallas news, i'm glad we have it. it'll be a good thing to remember for history what happened here. >> thanks, anderson. >> the hunger games catching fire is even hotter than the original. millions of fans hit the theater this weekend. the blockbuster sequel number one at the box office. rosa, it seems like the movie isn't just inspiring people to buy tickets. >> you're right. it is inspiring young girls to improve their survival skills. and i'll get to na in just a moment. but let's start with a box office estimate. hunger games catching fire, folks, is en fuego. grossing $160 million. making it the fourth highest three-day weekend ever.
3:42 pm
once you add the more than $146 million at international box office, the worldwide total is a whopping $307 million. it was shot in places like georgia, hawaii, and new jersey. while the original movie was all filmed in north carolina. and it's inspiring hundreds of girl scouts there to put their archery skills to the test. scouts from all over the state gathered in shelby for a chance to earn their archery badges and learn about the film industry and impact to their home state. >> teach them about safety and the fun that we can have and that also teaching them a little bit about the movie industry and what that means and what that means to the local economy and how that brings money into our local economies as well. >> and if you're wondering how the hunger games catching fire rates with the original blockbuster that opened in march of 2012, hear this. catching fire brought in nearly $9 million more than the
3:43 pm
original hunger games. and martin, let the games begin, my friend. >> yeah. not bad. not bad. i sense this is not the only sequel of that. thank you very much, rosa. >> you're welcome. >> nfl penalizes a ref. benched for what he said to the player. we'll talk about this with terrence moore, just ahead. over the next 40 years the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people,
3:44 pm
and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and then really really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities. so we are now working in chicago and in washington, dc and newark. it's amazing how important safe, affordable housing is to the future of our society.
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> thanks giving is important to wall street. after all, consumer shopping is one of the economy's most important indicators. here is allison kosik. >> hi, martin. this will be a short week on wall street. traders get thanksgiving week off and look forward to the annual turkey dinner. friday will be a half day here at the new york stock exchange. and on that day, wall street
3:47 pm
will be watching to see how big the black friday crowds are. wells fargo is the latest firm to say it experts shoppers to be tight-fisted with their money. it has huge implications. consumer spending counts for two thirds of economic growth. if the question is, if shoppers turn out thanksgiving day. kmart, macy's, toys "r" us and best buy will be open on the holiday. it has been met with some public outcry. it'll be packed with a litany of housing reports. the government shut down in october delayed many of them. there's construction, building permits, pend willing home sales and home prices. martin, that's what's coming up this week on wall street. >> there's a lot to follow, allison, thank you, very much. >> a heisman winning player with
3:48 pm
a charge hanging over his head. and this evening, tom brady, versus peyton manning. let's tackle all of this, this week. i love the cliche. and we will talk to sports contributor, terrence moore. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> let us weigh in on what is going on in tallahassee. young man under fire, up for heisman trophy. his team is doing extremely well. i wonder for jamison, how much of a distraction could this be in. >> let's's look at this. they played idaho yesterday. and woodson was so shaken up, he only led them to 80 points. you and i quarterback in florida state can play at least 40 points against idaho. this weekend, playing bad florida team. they will win there, too. this hasn't been that much of a distraction because of that. the weak teams and also the prosecutor. prosecutor says he is not going
3:49 pm
to decide whether or not to do anything in this case until after the thanks giving day weekend. so that gives him a break too. >> some says this is trying to interfere with the playing of this team. >> it hasn't worked so far. >> and it is a pretty easy schedule. >> yes. >> if i was going to leak this information, i would have done it three or four weeks ago with a huge game on the line. but that's just me talking. these allegations, extremely serious. the question is what took authorities so so long. it happened in february but it is only now being investigated. >> when you have a city with a football factory, you have politicians, law enforcement agencies, officials, who have a tendency to become part after team. they start look the other way. the alleged rape victim here, people around her saying things along the lines of, they were warned by the tallahassee police
3:50 pm
one wet bet a one, you better not carry this too far. but willie mays is known as a tough guy, even with athletes. there was a star player in the '90, peter warrick, the prosecutors nailed for shoplifting and cost warrick the highsman trophy. keep that in mind too. >> and heisman trophy voting is right around the corner. >> right. >> i want to talk about the referee, roy elson, suspended for a game because of a comment with a washington red skin player. we usually think the refs get the abuse. what happened here? what is going on? >> first of all, this is a very bad year for officials. this is another example right here. nt fl made the right decision here, here, martin. i used to be an umpire back in
3:51 pm
the day, as a youth. and even back then, they told you, you cannot confront people as an official or umpire, no whatter what is said or done. now in this particular case, the people who support elson are saying that, this particular washington red skin offensive lineman used the n word, called him the n word and he was justified in retaliating. but you're not as an official. if you want it retaliate, you shouldn't be any kind of initial. >> once you lose control, then -- and it is a very violent sport. >> right. >> and you are like a sunday school teacher with your language. >> let's talk about the game on tap for tonight. the showdown tonight is about the quarter backs. these two men, classic confrontation of two generals of the field. who do you think is the favorite? >>. >> it's gotten to be tom brady. he is 9-4 against peyton manning. it is interesting.
3:52 pm
i just checked the weather. supposed to be 20 degrees foxboro. now we know about tom brady and snow. so that's one thing in his favor. but it should be new england winning this game. >> all right. we will see how it plays out. terrence, pleasure to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you and your family. >> thank you. >> many of you are on holiday next week. there are extra family around. those in-laws that you might want to dazzle with your brilliance. well, we're here to help you. know that. what you need know about the week ahead. coming up. th
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what would you pay to own a piece of hollywood history? the iconic statuette of the mall tees falcon from 1941 film is up for auction on monday. it's considered one of the most valuable props in movie history and could fetch up to $1 million. place your bets. interneat gambling goaes on-lin legally in tuesday. any adult in the garden state with a computer or smart phone can play the same games found in casinos. new jersey joins nevada and delaware where it is legal to bet on-line. wednesday, watch the giant balloons come to life. ahead of macy's thanksgiving day parade. spectators will have the chance of seeing the balloons inflated and they may want to look extra close at some balloons. snoopy, woodstock and spongebob squarepants will all get make overs this year. as americans give thanks on
3:57 pm
thursday, jews will celebrate hanukkah. the first day of hanukkah and thanksgiving will overlap, to mark the thanksgiveika holiday. hundreds of wal-mart workersiworkers are planning to stage a black friday work out. employees are promising widespread massive strikes and protests. the workers want better wages, benefits and working conditions. and that's your weekly five. >> and as promised, five questions for the week ahead. up first, deal with iran, history-making agreements met with sharp criticism for both side of the aisle. how does secretary kerry and president obama sell the deal to
3:58 pm
congress? and better yet, to the american people. and stocks climbed higher for a seventh straight week last week. dow and s&p close at record highs. will the mideast news make waves? number three, deadly winter storm taking aim at the east coast. ice and snow. they threaten to wreak havoc for thanksgiving travel. it is the northeast in for a holiday nor'easter. how about that. and number four, black friday shopping in all its glory. thissier, a handful of stores actually will open early on turkey day, thanksgiving. they will be opening to pay off for the retailers. number five, rumors are swirling, get this, news anchor katie couric may be planning to leave abc news? according to the hollywood reporter. she may be on her way to yahoo!. katie couric, jumping ship?
3:59 pm
okay, winter weather. miley cyrus turned 21 this weekend. but the birthday bash was not all fun and games. police say a burglar entered her home. the homeowner who police would not identify but cnn confirmed was miley told police that some personal items were taken. didn't specify. officers say there were no signs of forced entry and they don't have any suspects. >> father and son in long island new york are accused of trying to cheat a lottery winner out of a million dollar prize. police say they own a deli grocery where they gave the customer a $1,000 winning or winnings, for his ticket. but ticket was worth $1 million. th they got a little suspicious. they offered him 10 grand not to go to police. you can see where this went. the men went right to police and
4:00 pm
they were arrested on larceny charges. >> a mass marks the end of the catholic church's year of faith. bones were found during an archaeological dig at the vatican in the 1940s. mystery surround whether they really are authentic. i'm martin savidge. the next hour of "newsroom" starts right now. you are in the newsroom. i'm martin savidge. already a storm is blamed for five deaths. this video of oklahoma shows how quickly thing can go wrong on an icy highway. fortunately this driver was wearing a seatbelt and walked away unhurt. cnn has beenra


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