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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 25, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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flooding and massive delays across parts of the southern plains. we're going to tell you what else to expect over the next few days. also right now, police at yale university are checking a report of a person with a gun on or near the campus. an alert on the university's website urges people to stay where they are, schools in recess, most of the students have left campus. right now, the news anchor and talk show host katie couric is preparing for a new an seenment. yahoo! last named couric as the face of its global news operation starting early next year. hel, i'm wolf blitzer reporting today from washington. we begin with the weather, the warnings across the country which could make for some anxious moments for those of you trying to get home for thanksgiving. first off, there's the snow. this is what is it looks like in colorado. texas and oklahoma. and check out this wreck in oklahoma. besides the snow and icy roads,
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there's also strong winds and heavy rain. those are combining to make travel even more treacherous as the storm heads east. first, let's go to texas where hundreds of flights have already been canceled at the dallas fort worth airport. one of the busy in the corrupt also where nick valencia is standing by. what's the traffic situation look like right now? >> it has been a busy day here. here to talk about exactly what's happening here impacted the rest of the united states is the spokesperson for dallas fort worth international airport. where do we stand right now? how are things looking, david? >> we have about 180 departures cancel this had morning from dfw airport. that's going to have a ripple effect across the country. right now, the weather has gotten much better and the afternoon flying looks really good. most of the cancellations were in the morning hours and a lot of them due to the fact that very few planes were here in the
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morning to take the morning flights. it's looking a lot better for today and the rest of the day. >> we have seen things pick up here. are you saying the worst is past or are we in the clear here? >> i would say so. the worst is passed, at least for the dallas-fort worth area. so the afternoon flight schedule looks great. only just a few spots of cancellations here and there. but a very busy schedule for the afternoon. we're aware that it's thanksgiving travel week and it's a peak period for us anyway. and as it is across the country. we're trying to get as many flights out as we can. >> talk to us about why delays and cancellations, why that impacts the rest of the united states, places like the northeast, places like the deep south? talk to us about that. >> well, as a major global hub for aviation, dfw airport serves as a central point connecting for a lot of traffic moving across the country. when the you have a weather impact here, it's going to be felt in places like new york and cleveland and chicago. so being in the middle and being a big connecting hub, it's going
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to have impacts across the country. >> thank you very much for your time. good luck with the rest of the day. wolf, over the course of the next couple days, more than 40 million americans will be traveling for this thanksgiving holiday season. if you are traveling, it would be be very advisable to check in with the travel advisories and make sure your flights haven't been cancelled. >> nick, thanks very much. that's part of the story what's happening in dallas. the news looks encouraging there. chad meyers is joining us from the severe weather center in atlanta. so the storm looks like it's moved past dallas but heading towards the northeast, right? >> that's correct. i-95 from boston, new york, philadelphia, d.c. is all going to be wet. west of there, that's where the ice and snow is going to be. the issue is already it's monday. we've lost 500 flights. let's say there's 100 people per plane. you got 5,000 people now trying to find other seats on other planes. if you've been on a plane lately, you know there's three empty seats. 5,000 people trying to find
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planes that have three empty seats. how many more planes does that take to catch those people up already? and we're just starting. the rain now to memphis, back down to jackson into new orleans. planes are flying. don't get me wrong. there are 5,300 planes on this map going somewhere. the problem is, many of them are either slow, some of them are canceled but tonight we finally catch up. and then tomorrow, this thing. this thing moves to the east and to the north. it's rain coming out of the gulf of mexico. problem is, it's been cold the past couple of days from cleveland to to columbus down to wheeling and that cold air is going to be down below this rain. it's going to be 3,000 feet. it's going to be 34 degrees. where you live, it's going to 31 especially here in the middle atlantic states. that is going to be a problem. it's the icing event that really shuts down parts of pittsburgh, maybe columbus into wheeling, louisville, cincinnati down into tennessee, maybe as far as north
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as the north georgia mountains. it's going to be a mess. even if it doesn't ice, and i don't think it's going to in new york city, the wind is going to be blow og 40 and the planes will be slow because of that major wind event there. >> bad week for that to be happening, one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. chad, thanks very much. take a look at the world's busiest airports. check out suggest you do so. other news we're following including new indictments handed up about two hours or so ago in steubenville ohio in connection with the rape of a teenage girl who passed out at a party in august of 2012. it you may remember the blurred picture that was passed from smartphone to smartphone in the community. it ended with guilty verdicts for two steubenville football player, malleak richmond and trenton maze. the attorney general vowed to
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find out if anyone else was involved criminally. today, four more indictments. he talked about it with our own ashleigh banfield. >> we have the superintendent of schools indicted on multiple counts. we have a principal of one of the schools who's been indicted. we have a coach who has been indicted. so i hope this does send a strong message. you know, people need to cooperate with investigations. they need not to hide evidence. and we hope that this, frankly, brings an end to this. grz. >> joined now by our legal he'll correspondent jean casarez in stuppenville watching all of this. the attorney general says he wanted to hold adults accountable, as well. what more can you tell us about the charges first of all against these four adults in this case? >> well, let's first look at the superintendent of schools. he has been charged with tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, two counts of obstructing an
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official proceeding and falsecification. he faces, wolf, seven years in prison. and then there is the wrestling coach from the high school. he is charged with failure to report, mandatory reporting. if you know or should have known than child abuse was occurring at your school and you knew about it, you can be charged. that is a misdemeanor. but he has been charged with that. this is interesting. an adult math through the bellardine, a voluntary coach for the football team was charged with allowing underaged drinking, obstructing official business, falsecification, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. this is what i've learned from the attorney general's office. it was his father's home pep lived there. that was where one of the parties took place and he saw the drinking, was aware of it and thus, now you have charges. so adults being charged with witnessing and occupying or owning a premises where that underage drinking goes forward. one thing also that is extremely
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born here, the last person, her name is lynn northwest goreman, a principal of the elementary school in town has been charged with failure to report, mandatory reportingin. but the date of that is april 2013. we now know the rape of this young girl occurred on august 11th, 1th, 2012. this predates that. the attorney general's office just told me the grand jury was looking at two different rapes. they have only charged one. may only be able to charge one, but failure to report for their elementary school principal goes toward the other alleged rape. >> so jean, what's the reaction in steubenville? >> i think the reaction is a little bit of anger, a little bit of shock. maybe some appreciation that more have been charged. we just spoke with one woman that said the right people
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haven't been charged here. of course, there's going to be a lot of opinions in this small community because everyone knows everyone. remember the focus of this community is football. >> it's a shocking story all around. jean casarez reporting for us from steubenville. still ahead, the secretary of state, iran's foreign minister, a deal sealed with a handshake. could this lead to more breakthroughs rolfing the united states and iran? our next guest thinks that's possible.
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the six-month deal places limits on iran's nuclear activities in exchange for easing some sanctions. world leaders hope it will pave the way for a long-term deal to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. the israeli prime minister been been calls the agreement a historic mistake. the administration is trying to aesz israel's concerns. >> we understand, israel has a right to be skeptical. an iranian bomb would present a threat to israel. we have the aim goal to prevent iran from getting a bomb. there may be differences how we get there. i think israel would have preferred not to do this first step. if we could have negotiated a comprehensive deal in a matter of days, we would have. >> lawmakers from both parties are skeptical of the deal. lintds say graham says it let's iran off the hook. he's pushing for more sanctions. >> yes, i think you'll have sanctions coming out in the next couple of weeks that will be bipartisan and tie the sanctions to the end game.
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my goal is to get new sanctions in place and the only way they can be relieved is if you dismantle the reactor, not suspend construction. if you stop enrichment, not just pause it. >> not only republicans are taking issue with the deal. there are prominent democrats, as well, including the senate foreign relations committee chairman bob menendez and senator chuck schumer of new york. >> i'm disappointed by the terms of the agreement between iran and the p 58 plus one nations because it does not seem proportional. iran simply freezes its its nuclear capabilities while we reduce the sanctions. that is not a poe portion nat agreement. >> let's bring in jay harmon, the president and ceo of the woodrow wilson international circle for scholars in washington, a former california democratic representatives who served on the house intelligence committee for a long time. jane, thanks very much for coming in. why doesn't the president have these prominent democrats on board, including the number
10:15 am
three democrat in the senate, chuck schumer? >> well, i think enormous credit is owed to john kerry and an excellent team who found agreement with six other nations and then iran on an -- >> i think we've just lost jane harman over at the woodrow wilson center, unfortunately. we've lost our little communications with her. the interview was only just beginning. we're going to try to reconnect with jane harman, get her thoughts. we have one confident president's advisors, national security advisors joining us as well, ben rhoades will join us this hour. we'll take a quick break. much more right after this. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day.
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we've reconnected with jane harman, the president and ceo of the woodrow wilson international center for scholars here in washington. former democratic congresswoman from california. he's got problems with a buchbl of democrats, including influential ones when it comes to this deal with iran. the question, jane, is why are these democrats so concerned about this deal, the six-month deal? >> well, i think a lot of them haven't read it yet and being careful is a good idea. but i also think that with big parts of the pro-israel lobby in the united states being against it, the country of israel being against it, that's a stiff hill to climb. what i'm hopeful of as it is read carefully and if iran
10:20 am
adheres carefully to its terms, it sink in that this is the final chance for iran to do the right thing. this is not the final agreement. this is the interim agreement, and in six months, there will or there won't be a final agreement. if there will not be a final agreement in six months that does many of the things lind a graham who was just on your show says it needs to do, then there will be drastically rached up sanctions and the possibility of military action by israel or a group of nations by that time. so hopefully, this is this message is being heard in tehran. there is some celebration in the streets. i take that positively. we have communicated finally i think our message, which is this is not about regime change in iran. this is about policy change in iran. and iran has a chance to change the policy and kudos to the united states congress on a bipartisan basis that put in place very strong sanctions which then were connected by two administrations to international
10:21 am
sanctions, and that is what has generated the atmosphere in which john kerry and his team were able to negotiate something that i would call a very impressive interhim step. >> but you heard the criticism not only from john mccain, lindsey graham, chuck schumer, eliot engel, other members of congress, all your former colleagues all very knowledgeable when it comes to national security and foreign policy saying that easing of these sanctions is going to undermine this whole effort to deal with iran's nuclear programs. it removes it incentive they have to do with away with their nuclear ambitions. >> well, i wases in hal fax, canada, which is even colder than washington, d.c. over the weekend at the hal fax security conference with a lot of these folks and with the israeli defense minister and others talking about this. i understand why they are cautious. yes, you can make that argument. all i am saying in rebuttal is, this will get us, the world community through the iaea, with
10:22 am
which is a very capable organization on the ground to test whether for the next six months they meep what they say. if they don't, there will be dramatically increased sanctions passed by the united states congress that will go into effect and there might be additional options including the military option exercised to stop iran. stopping iran's nuclear weapons capabilitiability is the goal of the world community. that's what this deal says. that's what it says to me anyway. i think it says it to even the members of congress who are critical. that is the goal. i think iran does understand what comes next if there is not a final agreement that stops their nuclear weapons capability in six months. >> jane harman from the woodrow wilson center. thanks very much. have a nice thanksgiving this week, as well. >> you too, wolf. >> president obama's poll numbers take another hit. this time it's getting a little bit more personal. a new ccc/orc poll shows a dramatic turn in the way the
10:23 am
american public views the president's personal attributes. only 46% say he's honest and a strong leader down from 58 first in may and only four in ten think the president can manage government effectively. that happens to be a 12-point drop. our chief political analyst gloria borger is here. you've been going through the numbers. is it because of the failures of the affordable care act roll out? >> sure, i mean that's a huge part of it, not only because of the website but remember the president said if you like your health care policy, you can keep your health care policy. that turned out not to be the case. that can really account for the question of his honesty. also, this is a president whose second term has been plagued by lots of things. the nsa surveillance scandal, an the irs controversy and now the obama carroll out. i think if you put it all together, the american public is sort of saying wait a minute, we have some problems. >> only 46% say he's honest and strong leader.
10:24 am
but take a look at this. 71% think he is -- that they believe that the president is likable. >> they like him. >> they like the president, but at the same time, they don't think he's an honest and strong leader. >> those numbers are in the stratosphere down a little bit but still very, very high. that's always been the president's really strong suit here. which is wolf, people even during the last presidential campaign, they liked him. they didn't like mitt romney very much. they like this had president. that will help him as he tries to get things done in the second term. but the question is really his competency. if the american public believes you're not competent to do your job, they're going to having trouble with you with your proposals in the second term and they're going to say you know what? we don't believe you can actually get things done. you know, people didn't believe that bill clinton was very honest after monica lewinsky but
10:25 am
did believe he could get things done. that's what helped him out. >> how do these drop in his numbers in his favoritability and all of these over numbers impact, for example, deals he's going to have to make comprehensive immigration reform or on the iran deal, stuff like that? does that undermine his credibility? >> they like him. the question is whether they're going to give him the benefit of the doubt. on the iran deal, as you were just pointing out with jane harman, there are good cases to be made on both sides of this issue. if this is a president that everybody thought was a strong leader and was honest and trustworthy, then more people would come down on his side on the question of whether this iran deal is good for the country. if they don't believe him and they don't think he's competent to manage, then maybe more people will come down on the other side of it. i think it's complicated to begin with. these things are never easy. but it's a question of whether they give him the benefit of the
10:26 am
doubt anymore. they like him. but they don't think he's a good manager. >> he's got his hands full right now. he's going out west to do some political fund raising right now looking ahead to 2014. they want to make sure they have the majority in the senate, if possible. that's going to be a major priority for the president. >> thanks very much. >> sure. >> he was in the room with president obama as the iran nuclear deal was being finalized in jaeb, switzerland. i'm going to get the behind the scenes view from the president's deputy national security advisor. we'll talk to him about critics who call this deal a mistake. ben rhoades standing by live from the white house. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life
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10:30 am
website urges people to stay where they are. the new haven police say they are interviewing several witnesses who did report seeing someone with a long gun, but police gave no description of the suspect. school is now in recess. lots of students have clearly left the campus. we're going to continue to bring you an update on this story as it becomes available. also right now, hundreds of flights are being canceled because of bad clr weather as a strong storm drops snow and freezing rain across parts of the south. chad meyers joining us from the cnn severe weather center in atlanta. what are we seeing now as this is storm heads east in an easterly direction? >> it's just getting its act together for the winter type precip east of the mississippi. now earlier in the weekend, if you weren't with us, there was an ice event through the texas and rolled through dals. that's why all the word canceled you saw on the airport ticker. but now it's raining here. it's warm enough to cause all rain across parts of say louisiana, mississippi, parts of
10:31 am
arkansas though north of the interstate here north of little rock, that is all snow and ice. and the cold air is in place from the north. the moisture from the gulf of mexico will get pulled up here and it will get thrown up over the top of the cold air. that's the problem. it will be 35 degrees aloft at 5,000 feet. it will be 31 degrees down below where we live through parts of tennessee, kentucky, northern georgia, maybe parts of northern mississippi. east of there, i-95 is all white. it's all wet, not white. i got a couple e-mails and tweets about new york city. you'll get a little bit of flurries to start and end but 99% of what you see east of i-95 will just be rain. this is the area, wolf, i'm concerned about. west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, parts of ohio and pennsylvania and upstate new york, there will be an ice event there. then it will snow on top of that and you won't be able to see the ice when you try to drive over it. we'll keep you up to date.
10:32 am
>> we'll stay in close touch with you. thank you. for the latest on the weather and a look at the world's busiest airports check out other news, more on iran right now. it's agreeing to limit some of its nuclear programs in exchange for an easing of international sanctions. president obama says it's an important step toward keeping iran from developing a nuclear weapon. crit particulars however call it a major mistake. we want to get behind it the scenes a closer look how the deal was finalized, discuss the political fallout. joining us now is ren rhoades, assistant to the president, deputy national security advisor for strategic communications. thanks very much for coming in. >> good to see you, wolf. >> i want to show viewers a photo released by the white house saturday night. there you see the president in the oval office casually dressed on the left, you see denis mcdonough, the white house chief of staff, tony blinken there on the right part of the screen and you in your shirt.
10:33 am
you're there, as well. what was going on in the oval office when you met with the president saturday night? >> well, i hadn't slept in awhile, wolf. but what i can say is what we were doing is getting updates from the team in geneva on the finally text of the agreement they were negotiating. throughout the day, the president was in touch with negotiators. he spoke to secretary kerry about 3:00 in the afternoon our time. they were literally sending language back of the agreement they were negotiating with the iranians and the p5-plus-1. the president was reviewing that because we had a sense we could close the deal on saturday. >> did the president sign off on every paragraph basically in that document that was released yesterday? >> he basically did, wolf. essentially, he's been tracking this negotiation over the course of the last several weeks. he talked to secretary kerry before he went out to geneva on friday. and then on saturday, secretary kerry was calling him updating him what was the text of the agreement. and sending back language. so we were very comfortable with how the agreement came out.
10:34 am
and very grateful for the leadership of secretary kerry and our team on the ground in getting that done. >> did you always intend for the president to go out and address the nation whenever there was -- if there was going to be an agreement? we saw him late sated is night, what about 10:30 or so, he went out and made a major address welcoming this agreement. was that always the intention? >> we did, wolf. this is a significant first step towards an agreement. the most progress we've made with iran, certainly in the five years that president obama has been in office. and it sets a course towards potentially resolving one of the most difficult issues we've confronted as a corrupt which is the iranian nuclear issue. it was a late night for us, but at the same time, i have to note that the president was going out at 10:30, 11:00 at night, it was six hours ahead in geneva. president kerry worked till 6:00 in the morning there. it was necessary for the president to explain to the american people and the world why this is in our interests and a good first step. >> here's a line from that
10:35 am
agreement that was concluded late saturday night, early sunday morning in geneva. that jumped out at me. i'll put it on the screen. the u.s. administration acting consistent with the respective of roles of the president and the congress will refrain from imposing knew nuclear-related sanctions. so explain that. during the six-month period, even if congress were to strengthen increase sanctions against iran, the president is making it clear he would veto any of those sanctions? is that right? >> well, what we want, wolf, is to give this time to work over the course of the next six months. we do not believe there should be new sanctions. we've said to congress, we shouldn't move forward with sanctions during the next six months because we have to test whether the negotiation will work. if the iranians don't live up to their end of the bargain, we'll move to new sanctions with congress. but it's necessary now to test diplomacy. it's important to note though, wolf, even as we are giving them
10:36 am
limited relief, the bulk of the sanctions will be enforced. over the next six months, iran will lose more revenue by far than it gains in relief because of the sanctions congress has put in place. >> they are going to gain, according to administration officials, about $6 or $7 billion over the next six months, right? >> that's right. because we're enforcing the oil and banking sanctions that is comparable to what they lose in a month of the revenues they're denied through the sanctions we'll continue to enforce. people should see the perspective even they're going to continue to face economic sanctions. >> how much does iran lose regularly as a result of all of the sanctions? give us some perspective. that $6 billion or $7 billion they're going to gain, what does that is compare to as far as what iran is losing because they're failing to comply with
10:37 am
the united nations security council and the international atomic. agency requirements? >> over the last year and a half 0 or so since we started enforcing the most crippling sangs we've put on iran, they're somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 billion in frozen reserves. access that is -- funds that are being denied to the iranian government based on their oil sales and being cut off from the global financial system. you're talking about significant amounts of revenue they're denied on an annual basis. so the $6 billion or $7 billion is a fraction that have $100 billion frozen around the world. because we'll be continuing to enforce those sanctions, that revenue that is frozen will continue to go up. i think that the relief should be seen in that perspective. it's also reversible relief. if they don't meet their end of the bargain, we turn it of 0 and the sanctions are back fully in place. >> one final quell. an american christian pastor has been held in detention by the
10:38 am
iranians for a while, he's been sentenced to eight years in prison for questionable charges. there's a picture of this pastor and his family. they would like him out. here's the question a lot of people are asking right now who have been familiar with this case. why didn't you and maybe you did, but you'll tell me if you did, ask the iranians to do a gesture, release this christian pastor to show good faith, some good will? >> we did exactly that. we raised two issues with the iranians in our discussions with them. one is the nuke program, the other is americans detained in iran. president obama raised it with president rouhani when they spoke. we raised on the margins of the p 58 plus one talks. that includes this pastor. it also includes other americans. for instance, we've been concerned about, of course, the whereabouts of bob levinson missing for a long time. another issue we raised regularly with the iranians and we have said to them it would be the right thing to do not just for legal purposes but
10:39 am
humanitarian purposes to let these americans come home. >> what will do they say? why not show good will? why not release bob levinson, a former fbi agent missinging for several years, this christian pastor, why don't they show some good will and release these americans? >> well, with bob levinson, we've been working hard to establish his whereabouts. with these other americans we know who are in custody including the pastor, the iranians make assertions based on their own legal system. we reject those assertions they have a legal basis for being detains. wolf, it shows one thing which is we're trying to resolve the nuclear issue, which is of great concern to us. it doesn't lessen our concern about other activities of the iranian government. the detention of americans, also their activities in the region as it relates to support for assad. so our concerns extend beyond the nuclear issue.
10:40 am
if we can get a peaceful resolution that assures us this they cannot develop a nuclear weapon, that would be in our interests. >> as far as the obama administration is concerned, you still regard iran as a state sponsor of terrorism? >> absolutely, wolf. just taking their support for hezbollah and some of the attacks we've seen across the region and indeed in different parts of the world over the last several years, we have serious concerns about iran's support for terrorism. at the same time, we want to deal with the nuclear issue in part because we want to make sure iran can never develop a nuclear weapon which would make its support for terrorism that much more disturbing. >> ben rhodes, advisor on communications. thanks very much, ben, for coming in. >> thanks, wolf. good to be with you. >> while the obama administration considers this a diplomatic break through, our next guest is cautioning the president should be more careful. the former senator, joe lieberman is standing by live.
10:41 am
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while the european union has welcomed the news that a deal with tehran has been reached israel has not. it has criticized the deal. benjamin netanyahu issue aid statement saying it "this is true the international pressure we applied was partly successful and has led to a better result than what was originally planned, but this is still a bad deal." the secretary of state john kerry says the deal will actually help israel's security. >> i believe that for this day
10:45 am
for the next six months, israel is in fact, safer than it was yesterday because we now have a mechanism by which we are going to expand the amount of time in which they can break out rather than narrow it. we are going to have insights to their program that we didn't have before. >> all right. so let's bring in the former senator, the former vice presidential nominee joe lieberman is joining us. thanks very much for coming in. >> great to be with you, wolf. thank you. >> a few days ago, you wrote an orrin op-ed article in the "washington post" saying given iran's history, the u.s. needs to be very wary of dealing with the iranians. what are your thoughts about this current six-month deal? >> well, the point of the op-ed that i wrote was to say that when we deal with iran, we're not dealing with a friend. the more i have dealt in foreign policy, the more it seems to me like human relations. you've got to know who your friends are and who your enemies
10:46 am
are and don't treat your enemies like friends till they prove they've changes. iran is an enemy. there's american blood on iranian hands going way back to the marine barracks in beirut a long time ago. of course, they're an autocratic government ta represses their own people contrary to our own values but relevant to this agreement, the iranians have a terrible record of not keeping agreements and frankly of lying. the main point i wanted to make in that op-ed, when you negotiate with iran, be careful. and frankly, if i had my way, i wouldn't have seen the u.s. or the p5-plus-1 negotiate an interim agreement. i would have held out, kept the sanctions on and gone for the comprehensive agreement because the interim agreement seems to set a new normal which is really an unsustainable and bad one. >> don't you have to start an
10:47 am
somewhere in dealing with an adversary? you know the u.s. was once bitter ennys with japan or germany or even china. so you start with modest steps and try to improve a relationship and hope that thing will change. this is a relatively modest step, potentially very significant. >> well, time will tell. i mean, this is probably is a historic agreement but we won't note till six months or beyond. i mean, if it sets up the situation for a comprehensive agreement, which i doubt, then it will be historically positive. if, as i fear it creates a new normal where people decide iran's open for business again, and yet, they've given up none of their nuclear infrastructure really and are just as ready to build a nuclear weapon as they were yesterday, then this will be seen as a historically catastrophic agreement which made the world much moral
10:48 am
insecure. i always believe that you've got to talk to your enemies, but what i'm saying here is, i believe it was a mistaking to enter into an interim agreement. i think the better course for us and our allies would have been to negotiate to a comprehensive agreement. it's going to be tough. but i'd rather learn that up front than create this entirely new situation where people start doing business with iran again and if we don't enter into the full comprehensive agreement, the world's going to be a lot less safe. >> senator lieberman, thanks so much for joining us. have a happy thanksgiving and happy hanukkah this week, as well. we always like having you here on cnn. >> same to you, wolf. all the best. >> we'll take a quick break. much more news right after this. ♪
10:49 am
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let's go to our senior white house correspondent, jim acosta. this just coming into cnn right now. jim, the administration now talking about that november 30th deadline, if you will, for getting the obama care website operational. they have been saying now for the vast majority of americans for several weeks. how does it look? >> well, wolf, what they're saying right now, and this was just said by the deputy press secretary, josh earnest, in a press gaggle aboard air force one in california. the president is moving from san francisco to los angeles later today, but en route to san francisco, josh earnest telling reporters that that site will be ready. he said it will be ready for the vast majority of users on november 30th. that they feel like at this point, they're going to hit that target date and he said that because for a couple of things. they feel like they have gotten the error rate down, that they have also gotten more capacity. they believe that 50,000 concurrent users can use
10:53 am as we speak right now, and they feel like that will be the case on november 30th. i did talk to a senior administration official about all of this who cautions that once again, this website will not be perfect. will not be perfect on november 30th, but they do feel like it will be ready for the vast majority of users. that's been the metric they've been using for the last several years, the vast majority of users on the website will be able to sign up and get health insurance. of course, all of this is coming at hopefully at least in the eyes of the white house, at a good time for them, because had they reached the deadline of november 30th and they were still having these website issues, there's no telling how much political trouble they would have been in up on capitol hill. >> we'll see what happens by november 30th. coming up, we remember lee harvey oswald's other victim. a closer look at the life of the dallas police officer, jd tippett. that's next. k with innovation.
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10:58 am
>> as the bells rangs out in dealey plaza to commemorate john kennedy, an 85-year-old great grandmother watched and listened and more than anyone in the audience, she must have felt a double heartache. the nation lost a president, she lost a husband. >> a dallas police officer was shot and killed while chasing a suspect. >> marie tippit was home that day. she remembers her husband coming home for a quick lunch before he headed back to his patrol car. it was suddenly a very hectic day. >> they called him and told him a description of the person they were looking for. >> that person was lee harvey oswald. tippit drove to the oak cliff neighborhood in dallas. he pulled over at 10th and patin and stopped a man on the street. as he got out of his patrol car, lee harvey oswald fired three times from a .38 caliber
10:59 am
revolver. he shot him a fourth time as he laid on the ground. he died instantly. >> i couldn't believe it. it was unreal. >> she was unagony. she had three children to raise and a pension of $225 a month from the dallas police. donations almost added up to $650,000. today, there's a memorial black at the corner of 10th and patton in honor of jd tippit, but it took almost a half century to make it happen. it was dedicated last year. she told the dallas news, quote, i'm proud we have it. it will be a good thing for history to remember what happened here. >> let's do a quick check of the markets right now. the dow jones industrial is up about 35 points. investors seem to be welcoming the nuclear deal with iran and its promise to bring more international stability. the price of oil dropped a
11:00 am
dollar a barrel. that could mean an increase in the iranian world in the market. that's it for me this hour. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." thanks very much for watching. "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. americans on the move this week, but all this just nasty weather is threatening everyone's travel plans on the roads and in the skies. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. live during the show, the long-awaited report on the shooting inside sandy hook is revealed. joel osteen joins me live on what he would tell these grieving families. plus, the man who lives the high life means the man who champions the poor. >> and -- a continue camp strikes back after the beastie boys threaten legal action over the song and this ad. we're on the cas


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