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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 29, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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so it is here to stay. we are on the move. >> one woman making a real difference. don't miss cnn heroes all-star tribute this sunday, december 1st, at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. on "the situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. >> i'm ashleigh banfield, in for brooke baldwin. thanks for joining me, everyone, today, and happy holidays to you. of course, we're well into black friday today. and while there are certainly some sweet deals to be had, it's also getting kind of ugly out there. we'll cover all the angles over the next couple hours. first, i'm going to start with the ugly. take a look.
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>> i guess that's proof positive that the tvs are the hot items this year because this fight broke out over a stack of them at a walmart in north carolina. and i got to be honest, we're not entirely sure where this next skirmish happened, but it proves women are not afraid to mix it up for a cheap tv. yikes. proud to be an american. as a careful reminder as well today, when you leave with your bargains, beware. because as a man left this las vegas target store with a big screen tv, another man came up and fired a warning shot. the customer dropped the tv, the crook took off with it. and here's where i'm going to
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suggest that you don't do this at home. the victim turned around and went after the robber, tried to get this tv back. big mistake. listen to what happened next. >> the gentleman let off about two rounds, shooting the guy in his leg. and he just hopped in the car and took off. he didn't even get the tv. if you can see, it's still sitting over there. >> yeah, it is. just still sitting there, right there on the ground. and as scary as all that sounds, we're happy to report the shopper is not going to die from his wounds. so much for the steals. now, let's look towards the deals. yeah, nicer, isn't it? makes you happier. a lot of happy shoppers at least in moiami on black friday. margaret is outside macy's fl flagship store in new york city. what's the mood here today, margaret? >> reporter: there were fights
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and arrests and stabbings at wall marts, but here, it's been calm. that what we have been hearing from mall managers across the country. you can see the macy's window e display behind me, but remember, this mall is as long as a city block. it's extremely crowded because not everybody bought into the early store opening hours. >> i would never shot on thanksgiving. >> no? >> you're with family and eat on thanksgiving. then you shop. >> now, not everybody bought into those shopping hours. these new hours have caused people to come up with different kinds of shopping strategies. do you bring your family with you to shop on thanksgiving? >> do you wait until friday morning when a lot of people thought the deals would be gone. a lot of options for consumers. >> for the first time, macy's opening up on thanksgiving day. they got a little flack. how is macy's responding to all
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that? >> we spoke to the ceo and he said that decision has been really, really popular to open up with those earlier hours. >> on our case, we just want to do what our customers want and what our associated want. we are being responsive in that way. i think the fact that 15,000 people versus 11,000 who were here at last year at midnight, is an indication that people want to be here when we opened our doors. >> we're hearing the numbers this year are not going to be record-breaking, but they are up, and we asked a couple ceos about next year, and they say these hours are going to be the new normal. >> the new normal. all right, margaret conley, thanks for that. it looks like it's not too terribly cold, too, so not a bad assignment if you're working today. >> by the way, speaking of today, it's half-day for the market. stock market closed. it's been on such a tear this month, and even so, it finished in the last trading of november a little flat. in fact, there are the numbers
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for you. it fell just under 11 points today. s&p 500 down a wee bit. a little under one point, and nasdaq gaining 15 points. the dow and s&p end on record highs. that means your 401(k) is doing well. on the case now, an amish family is in hiding today to keep their sick child out of the hands of a court-appointed caregiver. 11-year-old sarah hirshburger has leukemia, lymphoma, in fact. doctors say she needs to finish receiving her chemotherapy, or they say she'll die within the year, almost to a certitude, but her family said the treatment made sarah so sick, they have chosen to use natural remedies instead. last month, her father spoke by phone to our affiliate.
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>> our belief is the natural stuff will do just as much as what that does. if it's god's will. if we do chemotherapy and she would happen to die, she would be mourning. >> a guardian was sent to overtake her care. when she was supposed to be picked up, the family was nowhere to be found. that's it, they're on the lam. with me now is attorney heather hansen, and cnn's nick valencia. sarah's grandfather is saying sarah is actually doing well, but he's not saying where she is. am i correct? >> that's correct. we tried repeatedly to get in touch with the family. they live among the amish in rural ohio, making it difficult. the grandfather doesn't have a phone, but he spoke to a newspaper, and he said sarah is
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cancer-free. he said blood and imaging tests have shown sarah is continuing treatments with natural products and is cancer-free. there's no way for us to confirm that, ashleigh, because as you mentioned, the family is still in hiding. according to the local newspaper, the grandfather said the little girl was taken down to central america and received holistic medicine there at a clinic. the doctors at akron's children hospital, they're at the center of this controversy with the family. they spoke to cnn's "new day" earlier this summer and explained to us how they got in this situation. >> and the child did have some side effects, which would be certainly expected. and then the decision initially was they wanted to have additional complementary medicine, which is something we would certainly be supportive of. then the decision shifted it would only be using the alternative medicine or herbal medicine. >> doctors say there is no proven track record of alternative medicine working in cancer cases. her last chemotherapy, ashleigh,
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was in june, so about five months ago. doctors say if she's not treated soon, there's a good chance she will die. >> nick valencia reporting for us. thank you. i want to bring in heather hansen with the legal side of this. anyone watching would probably have two questions. number one, can't a parent make a decision about what to do with their children? and number two, can't society protect children from parents who make bad decisions? >> well, and ashleigh, that's the question. that's why judges get paid the big pucks. they're having to step in and make these decisions as to what's in the best interest of the child. and should the parents be allowed to decide that or should the state? here, the judge, the first judge said that the parents were allowed to decide. and that sarah did not have to have chemotherapy. it was an appellate court who changed that decision. now it's being appealed again. this is going to go through some steps before it's finally decided. >> the doctors said apparently she's got an 85% chance of
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surviving if she received full chemotherapy. is there law effectively on the books. every state is different, but effectively across the country that says if there's a proven medical treatment, we're bound by that. we can't just say i don't like that. i want something natural for my kids. >> no, and that's the point. there is no law. there's no legislation. this is state by state, case by case, weighing the risks and benefits for each parent and each child. oftentimes, ashleigh, if the parents could get a physician to say the alternative treatments are working, the judges will weigh that and perhaps rule in favor of the parents, but each case is different, and each case makes the next case lean different ways. >> and always, the standard that we repeat so often is the best interest of the child. heather, thank you. i'm going to tap your acumen later on, so don't go too far, if you would, please, on this working day for you. coming up, a picture of enrique iglesias. that's what a teenager used to get through up to two years of
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captivity inside her own home. we've got some brand new details emerging on this story about what she and her sisters went through in captivity. strangely enough, including how loud music played a role. and also, a ufc fighter is now on life support. only 30 years old. we'll tell you what happened and how his family is going to have to make a very tough decision very, very soon. back in a moment. you already wet to the doctor? not yet. but i took this new clearblue test. it's like two tests in one. oh, my god. i think i'm gonna cry. [ female announcer ] the new clearblue pregnancy test also estimates how many weeks. weeks estimator. only from clearblue.
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happened to these girls as they allegedly suffered while being held captive by their own mother and stepfather in their own arizona home. police say the girls were age 12, 13, and 17. and had been held in separate locked rooms, possibly for up to two full years. their every move monitored by video cameras aimed at their beds. but on tuesday, the two younger sisters told police they managed to escape after the stepfather kicked in their door and tried to attack them, allegedly with a knife. they ran to a neighbor's home who alerted authorities, and police say the full extent of the psychological damage wasn't even apparent until officers found the eldest sister locked in her bedroom. >> when we entered into the room of the oldest girl, she was surprised that we were even there. the music was so loud, and she had no idea what was going on around her, that when the
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officers started banging on the door and opened the door to go in, she was totally surprised to see police. had no idea we were even there. >> the girls' mother, 32-year-old sophia richter. and the stepfather on the left, 34-year-old fernando richter, are charged with child abuse and kidnapping. the stepfather is also charged with one count of sexual abuse of a child under 15. and here's a shocker. more charges are expected. hln's lynn berry joining me now live. lynn, every time i come across a story like this, and i see these details, i think, it can't be. there must be something to explain all of this. are police being tight lipped on this, or are the details just too graphic? >> the details are coming out. what they have told us, what we know, are extremely graphic already. they're learning more from the girls that are talking to police and giving their account of
11:16 am
these two very long years. and ashleigh, the conditions here were unimaginable. the girls say they were mal94ished because they only ate once a day. they were completely filthy. they hadn't bathed in four to six months. that's just the physical toll. the environment was just as bad if not worse. they're locked in these room. they have this alarm system and surveillance cameras as you said pointing towards the bed, and they had to lissage to a constant barrage of this blablic 24/7. and here's so sick. if they had a reaction or likes the music, it would change to white noise, just static. the cameras, they had to make hand signals to the cameras if they wanted to use the bathroom. sometimes they would let them out, sometimes they wouldn't. if they didn't let them out, theywise use their closets and live in these conditions. all of this is apparently documented, according to police, by the 17-year-old in a journal.
11:17 am
police found the picture of enrique iglesias. that was her most prized possession. she said it's what got her through the really difficult times. police say they returned that journal to her, and just how happy she was. >> just so hard to imagine. >> there's no way to know this right now, i'm assuming, with the affidavits and the search warrants, that the journal will become a key piece of evidence, but where are the girls right now and what do we know about their rehabilitation, their rescue? >> that's the only bright spot if you can find one. they're all together, which police really made note that that's significant because when they saw each other, you could tell it was for the first time in a long time. when they interviewed them separately, they became anxious, needing to be together. so they have put them in a home with child protective services in a group home, and they will insure that these three girls remain together. and that is really the only bright spot we can find in this.
11:18 am
this is their own mother. >> this is it, lynn. look, we just came through this ordeal with ariel castro and what he did with his three captives and how horrifying it was. but he effectively didn't know them. and then you hear about a mother. and a mother with a stepfather. >> at the hands of the people who were supposed to protect them. >> it seemed like this was part of the joy, not a reaction or an inability to parent. it was just an enjoyment. it defies logic. hopefully there will be a lot more charges. thank you for your work. lynn berry reporting live. still ahead, big legal trouble for a celebrity chef. allegations that were not supposed to come out in public have come out in public. cocaine use and cover-ups all surfacing. >> there is no bad way to eat it.
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>> that's nigella lawson in better times. also, there is brand new information just out of $100,000 lavish spending sprees. we're on the case on this one. trying to sort through what happened. also, a tragic story out of tennessee. after being married for just a few days, a newly wed couple has a terrible car accident. the bride is now a widow. and she joins me next on how her faith is getting her through this difficult time. [ female announcer ] crest + scope gives you the ultimate in fresh breath. so you have the courage to jump in, go in for the hug, or make sparks fly. it's the only toothpaste that combines the freshness of scope with the cleaning power of crest. crest + scope. life opens up when you do. crest + scope. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day.
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mixed marshtial artist shan delocereio is on life support. the 30-year-old ultimate fighter has not shown brain activity after procedure was done on wednesday. yesterday, reports on social media began circulating he had died. his family is hoping for the best but plans to make a final decision today on whether to take him off life support. or not. it's a very difficult decision, especially during these holidays. everybody has been clicking on quite a remarkable story we're running on a new bride had a beautiful wedding, a beautiful marriage, in fact. look at that picture, an image of joy. there's the truck, we just got hitched. sadly the wedding and marriage
11:24 am
lasted only seven days because tragedy struck on the eighth day. buck and tasha story were driving back from their honeymoon to gatlin brg, tennessee. tasha got sleepy and snuggled up in the passenger seat. she tried to stay warm, but the next thing she knew, she was being airlifted to a hospital. her groom and her soul mate who had been in the driver's seat was gone. tasha's leg had to be amputated, and i now want to bring in writer/producer daphne, who wrote this emotional piece on tasha is going to join us in a moment to talk ability what she's gone through. first, daphne, the story is, first of all, a remarkable read. total strangers stopped when they saw this accident. and they all immediately got right down to business. can you take it from there? >> yes. four people stopped to help tasha. they all saw the car flip in
11:25 am
front of them. and it was two women and two gentlemen. they pulled over, they went to the car. they heard tasha crying for help. one gentleman was able to get her out of the car. the others put blankets on her to keep her from going into shock. they stayed, they held her hand, and prayed with her. and comforted her. in the moments before the emergency personnel arrived. and then the two women found tasha and buck's cell phones and were calling everyone they could until they reached tasha's mom. and then they also were walking along the highway, picking up all of the belongings that were strewn along the road. souvenir photos from their honeymoon, a wedding guest book, and they all knew that this couple had just been married. and that made it so heartbreaking for everybody involved. they've stayed all in touch with
11:26 am
tasha and her family. i think they all really felt that there was something that brought them there to help her that day. some greater purpose. >> it's hard seeing those photographs of this suv with the writing on it, just hitched, and then seeing the wreck of the same suv. you can still see some of that writing on the window of the suv. daphne, thank you for that. i appreciate your reporting. on, that's a remarkable read and a lot of people are clicking on this right now. i want to bring in now toshi story, joining us live from telephone. thank you very much for being a part of our thanksgiving holiday program. first and foremost, i know you spent the better part of a month in the hospital. how are you doing? >> i'm doing really good now. i'm here back home in panama city, and i'm doing well. and i went to therapy today, and
11:27 am
i'm feeling a lot better being back home and being around my family, friends, and church friends as well. >> i know that in addition to the loss of your leg, you also had some serious internal injuries as well. are you recovering from that? >> actually, i am. it's actually healing very well. the bottom is still not where they want it to be. they're still looking at the fascia. but the top is just shrinking dramatically small, and it's looking very good. and a good pink color and red color they want. so my mom and grandmother and family, we're excited, you know, for the healing of that. >> i'm looking at your pictures from your wedding night. bride, groom, you look so incredibly happy. it's hard to believe you can even talk today. this is all so raw and so
11:28 am
recent. you must have a remarkable support system. >> i do. i have, you know, not just my faith and you know, god being a big part of my life. but my mom and my grandmother being there when times got tough and i needed to cry. and my mom just holding my face and saying, it's going to be okay, baby. you're going to do fine. it's okay to cry. and i have two amazing pastors. you know, robert and stacey, who had been a tremendous part of my life, telling me it's okay to be sad. and it's okay to grieve, because you know, even jesus grieved. and i'm just forever grateful for them and just the people, even at the accident, supporting me and cheering me on, and making me feel like a little cheerleader, so i'm thankful for them as well. >> you're a beacon for all of us. i want to ask you about your
11:29 am
forward recovery and perhaps being fitted for a prosthetic leg. do you have any plns right now or is it all too early? >> well, i actually talked to my doctor from here, and there is going to be a gentleman coming in. he's going to talk to me about what they call a shrinker. and that will go over my leg, and what that does, ashleigh, is it will shrink my stump down. we named it jack. it will shrink jack down, smaller than my left leg, and that's going to fit me for a pr prosthesis. it might not be a year. it might be sooner than a year. so hearing him say that and getting the positive, you know, vibes and feedback from him made me feel really good. >> you're making me feel really good. your positive vibe is just astounding. given what you have gone through, tasha, you are amazing. thank you, and god bless you. >> thank you so much.
11:30 am
ashleigh, and god bless you as well. >> i wish you every ounce of recovery you deserve, and from everyone here at cnn, happy thanksgiving holiday. i know this is a terrible time, but you are a remarkable woman. tasha storey, thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much, ashleigh. it was my pleasure. >> tasha coming to us live about her recovery and about her so much to be thankful for at this time for all of us as well. you can read a lot more about tasha and buck's incredible love story and the tragic accident that ended his life and changed hers forever. a remarkable read on i encourage you to have a look. we are following a number of stories for you today on this holiday. thanksgiving friday. just hours away now from the deadline for the obama care website to be up and running. almost entirely. and more reports of glitches and outages. up next, what this means for the president if the site is not working by deadline.
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and also, celebrity chef nigella lawson accused of using cocaine and marijuana on a daily basis. today, her ex-husband testifies in court. hear what he had to say about the alleged drug use. we're on the case. i started part-time, now i'm a manager. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. ♪ ♪
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and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare excellent chef nigella lawson's millionaire ex-husband testified that he in fact never saw her do drugs during their entire ten-year marriage. that doesn't matter, though, because he says he believes there are drug allegations, he believes those allegations that are being made against her from two former assistants of theirs.
11:35 am
you probably well know nigella lawson. >> there is for me just no bad way to eat bread. that's why i thank goodness you can get this by the quarter loaf. >> a bombshell e-mail was read in court this week from lawson's ex-husband, charles satchy, on the right of your screen. that e-mail alleged lawson was using cocaine and marijuana on a daily basis for a decade. he wrote the two ex-assistants would, quote, probably get off because lawson was so off her head on drugs and allowed them to spend whatever they liked. that's important because the two former personal assistants are accused of embezzling more than a million dollars from the former couple. trial attorney heather hansen joins me from new york. this is the kind of information or the salacious detail i would have expected in a divorce case. this is not a divorce case. this is a case about two assistants and embezzlement
11:36 am
accusation, yet this very private e-mail gets into the case, in a country where they gag everything like this. why did it become public? >> well, it became public because it is the defense's allegation that she was allowing them to spend this money so they would continue to hide her drug use. so what would not normally come in, her alleged drug use, gets in because they say that was the reason they say they were allowed to spend this money. >> ultimately on the stand, mr. sauchy had to admit, he never actually saw her do the drugs in all these years we have been married. must be pretty damaging to his side of the story. >> without a doubt, ashleigh. you know, they're in the middle of a divorce, so you know he's already angry with her. there's absolutely no evidence thus far of any drug use other than this e-mail. he admits he never saw her do it. there's no evidence of an understanding between these people who stole the money and nigella lawson that they agreed to keep her drug use secret. there's no evidence of these
11:37 am
allegation whatsoever. >> obviously when something like this happens and you have a big profile like nigella lawson, it could be damaging to your brand. does she have recourse, or is this just bad luck? it's evidence. it came into a case. he didn't go and take to the microphones and call her a drug addict. >> that's what happens. when you're in a court of law, it's one of the exceptions to slander and libel, not only here, but also in london which is where this is being tried. it is a place where they can feel happy to exchange this type of mudslinging without any real repercussions. >> like the rob ford thing. he says he's going to sue the people who spoke to the police about his allegations of bad behavior. sorry they were talking to the police, sorry it was written down. heather, thank you for that. appreciate it. political pop. after two months of glitches and gremlins and bad reviews, the
11:38 am
obama care website is facing a critical deadline, and it's h r hours away. it's supposed to be up and running properly by tomorrow. jill doherty is at the white house. i have been watching the christmas preparations and the tree arriving at the white house, i almost forgot tomorrow is november 30th, the dreaded deadline. is the white house talking about it today? are the critics talking louder? what's the circumstance? >> the white house isn't saying much of anything, but we do have the latest is kathleen sebelius, who is the hhs secretary, has a little squib in huffington post, and these are issues, calling them holiday shopping tips for using and essentially, what she's saying, i'll give you some of them. she says shop that, again, is that website, the troubled website, during off-peak hours. mornings, nights, and weekends. then second, have your income and tax information ready when
11:39 am
you logon. and comparison shop to get the best deal. so these are some suggestions, but behind the scenes, they have this team of tech experts who are working around the clock, trying to get to the point. it won't be a final fix, at least that's what they're saying. i think probably trying to downplay some of the expectations. it won't be a final fix, but they want to get it to the point where they can get 55,000 people or so online at the same time. not more -- possibly overwhelming it. there are a lot of technical fixes, but we will see because tomorrow is the deadline. they're self-imposed. they set it up, we'll see if they can meet it. >> it's probably lucky all of that happening not only on a saturday, but a holiday saturday when the news cycle is a little less excitable. can i switch gears for a second with you? i heard something today, and i'm not sure if you know about it, but i'm going to tap you live on
11:40 am
tv. a nugget of information about the obamas possibly deciding to stay in washington after their term is finished at the white house. i always think presidents want to get as far away as they want to, but is that true, is that in the zeitgeist now? >> they have a house in chicago, but this came out on abc with barbara walters. she did an interview with the president and the first lady. they were talking about the possibility after 2016, they might stick around in d.c. and really, it has to do with their daughters. especially sasha. she'll be a sophomore in high school. right in the middle of school. and malia will be off in college. there was an interesting quote by the president who said, you know, they made a lot of sacrifices for his -- i think he said cockamamie ideas about running for things. so yeah, it might be possible that they would stay around here. >> you'll have to start poking around to ask the first lady if she has designed on washington,
11:41 am
i have heard of ladies who develop further designs in washington after living in the white house. one of mitt romney's sons is today being called a hero. i don't know if you saw this tweet. but there was a terrible wreck. you got to look at this picture. police say a driver missed an off-ramp in utah, veered off the road, crashed right into a home. happy to report everyone is okay after all of this, but one of the first people on the scene, josh romney. and here is what he tweeted out. this picture came out this morning. he's smiling and essentially posing in front of a wreck, saying he helped lift four people to safety, that they're all okay. no word on what caused this crash. but we are told a medical condition may have been involved. again, josh romney on the site, tweeting out that he was a part of it all and happy that everyone is essentially okay. as we are as well. still ahead, take a look at this picture. an olympic torchbearer catches
11:42 am
fire. heck, look at that. during a relay. we now know how this happened and we also know his condition. also coming up, actress evan rachel wood takes to social media after her steamy love scene is cut out of her new movie. the actress is slamming hollywood's ratings board and her criticism doesn't end there. it's not just because the love scene is being cut. it's because of the kind of love scene that's being cut. you have to come back to find out what it is. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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actress evan rachel wood was not too happy after watching the final cut of her brand new movie. i think it's safe to say she wasn't just unhappy. she was steamed, because her steamy sex scene was not quite as steamy as she had expected it
11:46 am
to be. and the actress took to twitter to slam the hollywood ratings board after they apparently demanded the scene be toned down or they would slap the movie with the box office kiss of death, nc-17. she is saying it's because all of this is a double standard. it's not just about the sex scene. it's about the kind of sex scene. ah, nischelle turner. i'm glad you're here to talk about this. let's just get it out of the way, okay, my friend. it was an oral sex scene. they happen in the movies, okay, but this was -- okay, it was a man -- >> an oral sex scene where a woman was receiving oral sex from a man, yes. >> thank you, take it away. >> i know, sometimes a little dicy to talk about, but it definitely is out there. this movie, charlie countryman is a romantic action comedy. it debuted at sundance film festival this year in january. wide release in theaters on november 15th. apparently after evan rachel
11:47 am
wood got ahold of the final cut, that's when she got upset because she saw there were a number of changes in the movie. she took to twitter. when i say she took to twitter, she really took to twitter. first, we're all adults here, but these tweets are kind of graphic. if there are kids watching, you might want to do ear muffs. here's what she said. she said, after seeing the new cut of hash tag #charlie countryman, i would like to share my disappointment with the mpaa who thought it was necessary to censor a woman's sexuality once again. the scene where the two characters made love were edited but the scenes where people were murdered by having their heads blown off remained in tact and unaltered. this is the symptom of a society that wants to shame women and put them down for enjoying sex, especially when, gasp, the man isn't getting off as well. it's hard for me to believe, had the roles been reversed, it
11:48 am
still would have been cut. she is very clear how she feels, ashleigh. she thinks there's a double standard and she takes to task the movie industry, which has been taking to task before, for saying violence is okay for us to see but sex is not. >> the bigger issue, she may be right. i have seen plenty of issues where the roles are reversed and it's not nc-17. >> we have seen this in movies before. there are steamy sex scenes in a lot of movies. think about "monster's ball" where people questioned, was there actual sex in the movies? those were very graphic sex scenes. we didn't see it just being a woman getting pleasured. so that's where, you know, her issue comes in. i tell you, i think she has a bit of a point here. and no movie wants to get that nc-17 rating because that cuts the box office. that cuts into who can go see the movie. >> i declare, i'm glad you're here, nischelle turner, to take that from me. >> are you blushing yet?
11:49 am
>> my dress is red but my face is redder. thank you, my dear. >> all right. >> it's good you were here. >> okay, moving on, forget the so-called bad guys. a store owner in florida sets up a surveillance video to catch the so-called good guys. up next, we'll show you where police are being accused of repeatedly issuing citations to black people, and one man arrested and jails 56 times because he was at work. what is going on with this? we're on the case. ♪
11:50 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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11:52 am
hey, everybody. i'm glad you're with us today on this holiday friday. if i were earl sampson, i think if you were earl sampson, we could all agree we would be really ticked because earlicismson in florida has been stopped by police a total of 258 times.
11:53 am
258, and all of that in four years. the searches, 100 times. arrests and jailings, 56 times. almost every single one of these citations was issued at the same place, the convenience store where earl sampson works. our correspondent john zarrella is tracking the story in miami. first of all, can we be clear. is earl sampson an incredible criminal, or is there something stinky in that town? >> no, according to his attorney, there's nothing on his criminal record other than a marijuana possession charge. and most all the times when he's been picked up, detained, everything has been dismissed, thrown out, not adjudicated, nothing with mr. sampson. in fact, his attorney says if you added it up, all the timeses you mentioned, that's the equivalent of being arrested about once a week for the last -- or picked up or detained once a week for the last four years.
11:54 am
now, miami gardens police say they're taking the allegations against their officers seriously. they're looking into the complaints and allegations that their officers are targeting black males. and the mayor of miami gardens, which is just south -- north of miami, says that, look, this is a high-crime area and we have zero tolerance. here's what mr. sampson told their local affiliate. >> they always stop me, going in my pockets. asking me for my i.d. want to know my name. >> so how did all this get st t started? about a year and a half ago, the owner of a convenience store had enough, so he installed surveillance cameras to catch the police in action, to see what they were doing. he recorded dozens of instances where police were stopping dozens of people, including sampson. >> unbelievable. again, that was 258 times.
11:55 am
i'm still astounded at the number. john zarrella reporting for us. thank you, sir. nice to see you. happy holidays. coming up, be really, really careful when you take to the keyboard and write an online review, especially if it's not so positive, because one couple found themselves in a whole lot of financial hot water, and they have been trying for years to get their credit rating back. i'm not kidding you on this one. it could happen to all of us. it's all in the fine print, but we're going to blow it up big for you. new brakes help you stop faster and safer.
11:56 am
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i'm nischelle turner and i'm going to give you a backstage look at what it takes to put this whole cnn heroes awards show together. are you ready for this? this is going to be cool. come with me. this year, we're back in new york, baby, at the american museum of natural history where the very first cnn heroes took place seven years ago. >> i can't believe it's been that long. we're thrilled to be back here. it's iconic and it's beautiful. >> the first stop of the night for the everyday heroes and celebrities, the red carpet. wow, look at it in here. look at all these lights. you know, work like this takes hundreds of people to set up, working around the clock. and then the centerpiece of the evening. this year's cnn heroes will be honored right here in the whale room, where one of the museum's biggest treasures will be watching over us all night. uh-huh, i'm talking about this lady right here. but that's not all that has to be done to get ready for this special event. 51 tables to set up, nine
12:00 pm
cameras to put in place, and one giant video monitor. >> you wouldn't believe just really what it takes to put something like this on, and you know, we had about two days to bring it in and set it all up. >> transforming this beautiful room from this to this all to honor ten everyday people who are changing the world. >> it's just a nice thing to honor these people. these people, they don't get the limelight, they don't get honored. they don't have celebrities saying their names and praising their work. it's a nice thing for them, a nice pat on the back. >> a pat on the back from cnn that becomes a very special night of inspiration. >> trust me, it's awesome. you can catch cnn heroes, an all-star tribute on sunday, december 1st. all gets under way at 8:00 p.m. top of the hour now. i'm ashleigh banfield in for brooke, and welcome to the
12:01 pm
program this holiday friday. the holiday shopping season is off to a pretty brisk start, not just for the retailers but for the bargain hunters, too. the shoppers have been arriving in droves today. they snatched up the door busters on thanksgiving night and came back today for a second helping of all the deals. as we have all come to expect on black friday, there have been some serious moments of mayhem. take a look. yep, that's kind of what we have now been used to, the video. this one, this fight that broke out over a stack of tvs, was at a walmart in north carolina. we're not exactly sure where the next skirmish happened, but it does show the level of security at some stores. oh, man. all of this over just buying
12:02 pm
stuff. cheap. spoking of security, you might want to really watch it when you leave a store. one shopper at a las vegas target store was shot in the leg last night as he tried to stop a man who was stealing his big-screen tv. so please be very careful out there of your fellow shoppers and the possible robbers. but for the most part, the holiday shopping is off to a pretty good start. a roaring start. we're getting first reports from the big stores. target is reporting, quote, unprecedented numbers of shoppers in stores and online. walmart says it rang up $10 million in transactions in four hours just last night. but the shoppers aren't the only people lining up at walmart. there are some other people showing up, too. protesters, about 1500 protests scheduled today at walmart stores across the country. they're organized by a group of people called our walmart, pushing for better working
12:03 pm
conditions at the chain. kyung lah is outside a los angeles walmart where one of the protests is getting under way. you have been watching all morning. we're wary to know who are protesters, who are organizers, and how they compare overall to the number of employees and their soefgz. can you wrap that up for me? >> it's really difficult to tell exactly who is a walmart employee or who is a community member or a union organizer. walking through the crowd, it does appear there are some walmart employees both current and former, but what we're looking at here, primarily, is a community event. and this is being staged here just outside this walmart, on a black friday, so they can make a point about wages. you can see a lot of these people like the woman speaking on the stage right now. she has the number 25,000 on her chest. that number resonated here because most employees will not make $25,000 a year. and this protest has been
12:04 pm
repeated throughout california. there was another one just west of los angeles, in a city called ontario. and there were some arrests there. there were ten people arrested. it was peaceful, civil disobedience, trying to make a point about the wages, but we took the question to walmart's ceo, asking whether or not they could do anything about what the protesters are asking for. here's what's he told us. >> we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity for people to enter really at any life stage from 16 all the way to 76 if they would like to. and then they work hard and they can build a career. entry-level jobs are in our store. we have lots of opportunity for people to grow into management. today, over half our folks make well above the amount that's being requested. >> and so the lady you're looking at right now, you may be able to tell, she's actually
12:05 pm
holding a baby, in a baby bjorn. and that's symbolic here because they say that despite what the ceo says, it's not really a livable wage. it's not enough to raise a family or a child here in an expensive city like los angeles. ashleigh? >> kyung lah watching that as it develops throughout the day. thank you for that. i want to definitely tell our viewers right now, there are other ways to shop. you can avoid protests and packed stores and parking lots. you can just go online and shop, and a lot of people do. cyber monday, just days away. deals can be just as good online, sometimes better. but there are some tricks to saving even more money. stuff you may not have heard about. it's really simple. coming up in about 20 minutes, we'll talk to the man who runs this website. it showcases all of the best de deals. we'll have cyber monday tips for you to keep money in your wallet. like i said, i'm a good online shopper, and i saw stuff on here i did not know.
12:06 pm
hopefully, we can pass that to you. keeping with the online theme. a utah couple is being fined thousands of dollars, and all because they went online and wrote a negative review about a retailer. it started when the husband ordered some christmas trinkets online for his wife, that was back in '08. trinkets didn't show up, they got their money back, but the wife went online and said it wasn't the best experience, my words, not hers, but effectively the same thing. you probably have done the same thing, right? seems kind of harmless. not so much. this company now is fining this couple $3500 because of the negative review. i know. i can't believe it either. cnn's pamela brown tracked the story. >> john palmer bought a few christmas gifts for his wife on the website in 2008, never imagining he would still be paying the price five years later. the palmers say the items they
12:07 pm
ordered never arrived, the transaction was canceled. >> after 30 days or so, paypal said hey, there's no activity here. they turned around and gave the money back into my husband's account. and effectively canceled the sale. >> after repeated calls to cleargear to find out what happened, jenn palmer posted this review of the company on, saying in part, there is absolutely no way to get in touch with a physical human being, no extensions work. fast forward three and a half years, the palmers received this e-mail appearing to be from cleargear, stating they would be fined $3,500 if the negative review wasn't taken down in 72 hours. >> we were shocked that somebody would attempt to do this. it's ridiculous that anyone would turn around and try to extort us like this. >> have you ever heard of anything like this? >> i have never heard of anything happening like this to the consumer only because retailers mainly tip the consumer. >> the e-mail cited this rare
12:08 pm
disparagement clause. yours acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts more and more companies are adding this kind of language in the fine print as protection. >> the first amendment does not protect certain kinds of free speech. you can sign a contract giving away your free speech rights if it's a fair contract. this contract, though, is not fair, and frankly, it would be thrown out by any court. >> we found other examples of nondisparagement clauss, including this one from a vacation rental company, threatening to charge customers up to $10,000 in damages if a post containing unreasonable negative sentiment isn't removed. the company told cnn it stands by its practice. the palmers couldn't take down their review and refused to pay up. cleargear apparently then reported the bills as unpaid to
12:09 pm
a collections company. >> it was bad enough that when we went to get a second car, it took them a month to find a bank that was willing to finance us. because of the huge ding that this puts on our credit. >> cnn tried multiple phone numbers listed on cleargear's website, all disconnected. did respond via e-mail to our affiliate defending its actions. the palmers say they're taking their fight all the way to court. >> we don't want them to get away with this. apparently, we're not the only people they have done this to. we're just the only ones who are fighting back. and we're not giving up. >> the better business bureau is now investigating and has put the company on alert. now to protect yourself during this busy holiday shopping season, retail analysts suggest you read all the fine print and make sure a company is legitimate. if you do write a negative review, make sure that it's accurate because a company can sue you for libel even if it doesn't have that clause. back to you.
12:10 pm
>> all right. pamela brown with some pretty good information for us. and you just saw the gentleman on my right speaking briefly in pam brown's piece, cnn analyst paul callan. here's the deal. i do this all the time. i just click, yeah, i read it, and i move on and keep doing my business. some of those contracts are 10,000, 20,000 words long. you said some contracts aren't fair. what constitutes a fair contract? >> well, i mean, the lesson obviously is you have to be really careful about this and what you're agreeing to because you could be agreeing to something that could lead to a lawsuit or a big nick in your credit rating in the end. now, what constitutes fair? this is unfair to the nth degree. essentially, this couple is being punished for legitimately criticizing a company that didn't even supply the product that they ordered. you know what that means? in this case, this contract never even came into existence
12:11 pm
because part of the contract, of course, was to get the goods you ordered. for them to be fined $3,500, is ridiculous. i think they're going to really whack clearguard in this lawsuit. >> this is the problem. so it's this couple's responsibility now to launch a lawsuit of their own just to clear their names? >> sadly, they have no other option. usually the marketplace takes care of companies that abuse consumers. and a lot of the states have consumer protection laws. you can see the attorney general of a various state jumping in to protect consumers who don't have the money to fight back. and i would expect that you would see that sort of action if this trend superintends. bear in mind, and this is why i say you have to be careful. you can by contract limit your right to criticize. we can enter into a krablcontra do just about anything.
12:12 pm
it's a free country. if it's a legitimate contract that both sides understood and agreed to, the court will enforce it. if it's a ridiculous contract like this one, which by the way, the wording in this one is defective because its purpose is to avoid libel. truth is a defense to libel. if their products are terrible, then it's not a libelous situation. this one, i think they will win. but be careful out there when you're signing these things. >> look, whoever is right, whoever is wrong, you have to go through all this hassle. they tried to get a car loan. they couldn't get a loan. they had to get a lawyer. it's really financially debilitating to get through this. paul, can you stick around? i have other stuff to talk about. >> absolutely. >> great. paul callan live for us in new york. coming up, an 11-year-old amish girl suffing from leukemia is missioning and so is her family because they don't want her to get chemo. her grandfather says the treatment that's natural that she's getting is working. we'll have that story next. also, a man can control his
12:13 pm
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today. effectively to keep their sick child out of the hands of court-apointed care givers. 11-year-old sarah hershberger has leukemia, and doctors at akron hospital said she needs to finish her chemotherapy treatments or she'll be dead within the year. doctors are saying that, and they're saying it's a safety. but the family said the treatment made sarah very sick, and they have chosen to use natural remedies instead. last month, her father spoke by
12:17 pm
phone to our affiliate. >> the natural stuff will do just as much as what that does. if it's god's will. if we do chemotherapy and she would happen to die, she would probably suffer more than if we do it this way and she would die. >> in october, the court appointed a guardian to oversee sarah's medical care. according to the akron beacon journal, when sarah was supposed to be picked up, the family was nowhere to be found. with me is nick valencia. i understand you have just gotten off the phone with the family's attorney. what are they saying? where are they? >> they would not comment on the whereabouts of the family, but he said the family also told them their little girl sarah is cancer free. it appears from c.a.t. scans she's had over the course of the last couple weeks to months, that the cancer is out of her system, or if there is cancer in there, there is very little evidence of it. i asked what is this case about
12:18 pm
to you? he said this is about the parental rights of a family, the constitutional rights of a family to decide the health care for their family. he also interestingly enough said this is not about whether or not they're going to refuse chemotherapy, they just don't want it as a first resort option. they don't want it forced on them. they want to go down this road of alternative medicine. the daughter was treated outside of the united states. he would not confirm that she was treated in south america, but that it is working. akron children's hospital has discredited, saying there's no proven track record, and if she gets chemotherapy, there's an 85% chance she'll survive. the chief medical officer spoke to new day just this past summer. >> and the child did have some side effects, which would be certainly expected. and then the decision initially was they wanted to have
12:19 pm
additional complementary medicine, which is something we would certainly be supportive then. then the decision shifted it would only be using the alternative or herbal medicine. >> the last time the 11-year-old girl sarah received chemotherapy was in june, five months ago, and as you mention, doctors are convinced if she does not receive chemotherapy, there's a strong likelihood she will die. >> i hope she's okay. i think that's the understatement. nick reporting live for us. >> space meets social media. it's the new instrugram account giving people an unbelievable view of our solar system. it looks fake it's so awesome. nasa is gaining followers, and the pictures have a lot of people following. we'll show you more of these remarkable images coming up next. >> the could be a major break through for thousands of americans. an artificial leg that can actually read your brain signals. you're going to hear from the
12:20 pm
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you're history. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. gets to the root of dandruff and hydrates the scalp. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. we always talk about how far technology has come, especially when you're on a smartphone, you can't believe what you can do. this is going to top everything. a bionic leg that reads your mind. you think about your raising your leg and the leg goes up, just like that. amazing. cnn's brian todd is in washington. you had an up close and personal look at the technology. i keep thinking, $6 million man, i don't know if it costs that, but it sure is worth it. >> we remember that tv series in the '70s. that's pretty much that come to
12:24 pm
life. this man is zach. he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident some years ago. doctors at the rehabilitation institute of chicago developed a software and a prosthetic that allowed the leg to read the signals from his brain. it attached to his thigh. there are electrodes that read the signals that the brain sends to the thigh. then a computer processes those signals and a mechanical leg then executes the signals and tells his leg what to do. you can see him there. he can bend his leg, extend it, point his toes up and down. he talked to us in just much more simple form, in real life, about what this is able to do for him. >> it's just reading the signals that my body is sending to walk. just like walking. so there's nothing -- there's nothing special about it in the sense of what i have had to learn. i just get up from a chair and
12:25 pm
walk. >> but again, it's the subtleties of walking where this is really coming into play here. he can go upstairs. you saw the video of him doing that. he can point his toes up and down. the subtleties of walking are what sets this apart, and people at that same institute are now working on bionic arms for people. it's incredible technology and we'll have a lot more about this in "the situation room" later on. >> one thing i can't figure out, brian, because i'm an idiot, i expected to see him wired to the hilt. if the electrodes are reading the signals, et cetera, i don't see any of that. >> he doesn't. he could have a pair of long slacks on and you would never know the difference. that's really the incredible part of this. they do have to tweak the technology a little bit, but it really is something that is exciting to watch. and he's just a test case, but they are developing this technology to help thousands of
12:26 pm
amputees from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, maybe even some of them could get back to active duty. that's according to the u.s. army. >> i like the first part of what you said, just helping them in the first place. i'm not sure i want to see them going back into active duties. the implications for all those returning vets, brian, i can't wait to see your piece later on. thank you for that. you have been busy. brian's full piece, by the way, the report will air on the bionic leg tonight on "the situation room," cnn, 5:00 eastern. trending right now, it turns out the comment that skimmed the edge of the sun, comet ison, it might have survived after all, at least in part. this time yesterday, it slipped behind the sun as expected, but it didn't reemerge. that had people thinking gravity would have destroyed it, but then the scientists noticed a little streak. can you see the circle? that just might be a wee chunk
12:27 pm
of the comet ison. it may have brightened as well, but will it fizzle off, veer off course? all those questions. there's no way to predict this, but we're certainly watching it. and since we are speaking of the wild blue yonder, how is this for a selfie? i love it. a pic from nasa's instagram page. this has topped 350,000 followers, and nasa just put it up in september. old pics, new pics, pretty cool stuff, and a nice piece running about it right now on highly recommend you check it out. you do not need me, lady in red, to tell you it is black friday. and sadly, scenes like this, you don't need me to tell you, are not uncommon. pushing, shoving, hitting, getting rasted, just to get an item that is marked down. if you don't want to be in the middle of any of that but you still want a great deal, the perfect solution, cyber monday. next, we'll talk to a man who
12:28 pm
has online shopping tips that are going to save you a whole bunch of money and you can sit there in your underwear. also, a college freshman, unbelievable story. he spent four days in jail, all because of the spelling of his name. we'll explain.
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
bottom of the hour, i'm ashleigh banfield in for brooke. thanks for joining us on this black friday holiday. the weekend is off to a rip-roaring start right now, but there's one more shopping event we still have to look forward to after today ends. cyber monday. online sales, the monday after the thanksgiving weekend, they tripled. tripled. web shoppers spent almost $1.5 billion last year on that day. that's a record. for a single day of online shopping. so how do you find the very best deals? because the interwebs is full of
12:32 pm
millions of things. brad wilson is back to help us navigate cyber monday. he's the founder and editor in chief of here's what i have always wondered. there's a lot of hype about cyber monday. as great as it sounds? >> it is now. it wasn't always. i didn't like it a lot for the first four or five years. the last two or three, much better. it's turned into the day that i do most of my shopping, and that says a lot. >> so can you give me some of the top tips -- just the general, the overview for doing your shopping at your computer on monday? >> sure. so one is, if you -- the banks are being very generous with credit card sign-up bonuses. if you have a card you just got that has a cash bonus for spending a certain amount of money, for example, the chase card right now, i break out, you get $200 if you spend $500 on your card. that's a great way to get additional savings off the top.
12:33 pm
another thing that is important is free shipping is basically the ruling. if you're not getting free shipping, you're doing something wrong. there's a coupon code or a competitor site that probably has the same item for less. another important one is you want to try and shop at online only stores. that's because for most of us, there's still a sales tax savings in doing so. if you're shopping at or versing walmart, you can save up to 10% that way. >> that's a good tip. good. what about the stores you don't know? should you be doing anything when you don't recognize that? >> you know, a good dose of common sense combined with -- i actually like using a good, strong credit card that has policies that back you up in case you're worried about that kiengd of thing. the combination of the two goes a long way. another important thing is to not forget coupon codes. they're so easy to get. takes 30 to 60 seconds to find
12:34 pm
one. there is the actual dollar amount or percent off amount of the coupon codes is never bigger than on cyber monday. if you have a particular store in mind, i would wait until monday. odds are the best discount of the season will be that day. >> brad, what are the top two best deals on cyber monday? >> you know, they're probably both at amazon. i put together a list, but two i really like is a dyson vacuum that's going to be $179, and also the roku is doing to be $39.99. another sleeper is $100 in itunes gift cards for only $79.99. >> that's clever. one other thing i want to point out which i read that i had no idea. the best time to shop on cyber monday is 12:01 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., so the first hour, and 9:00 a.m. to noon. just not as high traffic?
12:35 pm
is that simple? >> you know, there's two dynamics. one is there's a lot of things on sale for the entire day. those tend to start at midnight. the best deals there vanish. they vaporize. you want to get in there. you want to stay up late and try to knock some of those out. then there's also a lot of rolling deals throughout the day that are only valid for an hour or two or three. more of those are in the morning, and it tends to taper off later in the day. so you know, you want to stay up an extra hour or two and then pay attention. >> great stuff. brad wilson, thank you so much. appreciate it. happy thanksgiving long weekend to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too. if what a college student says is true, when the police in maryland ignored one letter in his name, it ended up costing him four days of his freedom. that name -- jajuan johnson. he told our baltimore affiliate,
12:36 pm
wjz, he spent four days behind bars after an officer mistakenly identified him. see one is jawan, and one is jawon. they sound the same. they might have as in the name, but what a difference. he is a freshman at west virginia state university, spells his name with just one a. >> never thought i would be sitting in jail, especially for something i knew for sure i didn't do. i told them that the picture wasn't me. they continued and insisted on the fact it was me. they said i was in the cell for 23 hours agai. >> 23 hours a day for days. wjz said when he was transferred to federal court, well, that's when officials ran his fingerprints and sent his
12:37 pm
picture to the prosecutors, and oops, realized they had the wrong man. cnn's legal analyst, paul callan is back with me now. these are the kinds of cases where i like to say, is that where you ask the prosecutors and the government to bring a wheelbarrow so you can haul the money away that you want to sue them for? or do you just not have that luxury of suing the government when they make a bad mistake like that? >> well, you know, as bad as the facts look in this case, it's still a tough time suing the government. i'll tell you why, because the government is going to come in, cops are going to say, hey, his name was virtually identical. you know, jawan, jawon with the a and the o. close name wise. there are reports, now, i'm not sure, i haven't seen confirmation, but one of the reports was the birthday of the two men was the same. the third thing that i heard is that the real jawon looks a lot like this poor guy, the college student jawan, so now the police
12:38 pm
are in a bind. what do they do? let him go. let's say it didn't apply in this case because he was a material witness to a burglary and that's a whole different set of facts, but let's say it was somebody accused of murder, and you said, gee, there's one letter off in his name. i guess we'll let him out. then he goes and killed somebody else, the cops would get sued in that situation, wouldn't they? >> you're right. >> i'm saying you have to prove negligence. now, i think he's got a great case after one day in custody, because after one day in custody, hey, run the prints. this is baltimore, maryland. the kid is from washington, d.c. call a cop in washington, d.c. and find out if they got the right person. plus, he's a witness. he's not a criminal. so give the cops the benefit of the doubt for one day, but three day. get out the wheelbarrow and let's give this kid some cash. >> and how about four days? haul out your silo. fill it with cash. >> you know. so there you go. >> i do want to say this, paul.
12:39 pm
cnn did reach out, trying to get a response from the police in this case. we didn't get one, but the police did give a response to the baltimore sun. we're going to run the response they gave to the newspaper. it says this, besides the similar names, the two johnsons had the same birthday, a quick comparison of a photo on the warrant and jawon johnson's driver's license seemed to match up. when you have a similar photo, name, and date of birth, the stars looked aligned. we honestly thought everything was on the up and up. kind of matches what you were saying, but four days? >> sadly, it's not really going to be a wheelbarrow. a smaller amount, but i think he would get something in a suit. >> okay, paul callan, thank you. do appreciate your insight as also. >> okay, thank you, ashleigh. a dramatic accident after a driver veers off the road. one of the first people to respond has ties to a former presidential candidate. and he's being called a hero for rescuing four people. two of them kids, inside that
12:40 pm
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chris criste is up, marco rubio is down, hillary clinton is way up. she could shock the planet and decline to run for president. what would that do to the dems? a new cnn poll out today about the race for the white house, 2016. pretty interesting stuff. our senior white house
12:44 pm
correspondent jim acosta is working today on this holiday friday. he's live in washington. let's talk a little bit about hillary clinton right now. and november 2013 because quite frankly what everyone wants to talk about is who is going to do the deed in november 2013. she's mopping the floor with other democrats right now. >> she really is. let's put the numbers up on screen. this is really no big surprise, ashleigh. we know if the democrats were to pick their nominee right now, it shows hillary has a commanding lead, 63%. joy biden is the nearest challenger at 12%. elizabeth warren who a lot of democrats say keep your eye on massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, she could be the spoiler in the next cycle. the howard dean, barack obama, who was the spoiler who ended up being the president, and then two governors, governor cuomo, andrew cuomo, and then martin
12:45 pm
omaily, the governor of maryland, who a lot of people say keep your eye on martin o'malley. what if hillary clinton does not run? she decides i have given it my shot, i'm not going to do it again. joe biden then vaults to the front. he doesn't have the same commanding lead hillary clinton does when she's in the running, but joe biden way out in front of elizabeth warren. that's when democrats would have to start wringing their hands. frankly, kwver cuomo in new york, he's showing a fairly strong position here in this minus hillary field. all of those numbers should make joe biden nervous if he's the one who is really the front runner in the sfbmeestablishmenk in 2013. >> i want to be clear that is not chris cuomo on that list. >> his numbers would be way up. >> i hear you. i would sloet fvote for him.
12:46 pm
but he lost out to that good looking thing in people magazine to his brother, which i think is hilarious. you're going to do more on the republicans in the lead, sitting in for jake tapper. >> not surprising chris christie is out in front, but what is interesting is the rest of the pack, we'll show the numbers and break them down in 15 minutes. >> top of the hour, get yourself a coffee, settle in, and we'll toss you the baton in a moment. i love this story, i really do. political pop, one of mitt romney's sons is being called a hero. all of this after a terrible wreck. not so terrible, everyone is okay, but take a look at the picture. police say a driver missed an off-ramp in utah, crashed into a home. everyone in the home is okay. the first people to arrive on the scene saw it happen, josh romney, mitt romney's son. he tweeted out this picture. he listed four of the people inside the car to safety, and
12:47 pm
they were mostly okay. really, they were doing all right, but some people are now criticizing him, saying he shouldn't be posing and smiling in front of the wreck eed vehic. i'm just going to say it, thanksgiving. thankful that josh romney was there to help the people get out of the car and that they're all okay. thank you, josh. period. who cares. >> how far will you go to win a game? a few professional coaches are making big headlines for blurring the lines between competing and cheating. one of them, this guy, jason kidd. oh, what a stunt. spilling a drink to gain an advantage. that's not my assessment. and he's not the only coach. that's next. [ female announcer ] thanks for financing my first car.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
brooklyn nets head coach jason kidd, former famous player, may have just made the
12:51 pm
most expensive soda spill in the nba. maybe of all time. have you seen the video? the nets were out of time-outs at the end of wednesday's game and kidd seems to mouth the words "hit me" to one of his players. okay. it's there. but on another camera angle, you can really see him say "hit me." there it is. yep. then oh, there goes the soda. so they collide. he drew up a play during the clean up. the nba is fining him $50,000 for this stunt. he's not the only coach catching some heat. cnn's michelle turner is back along with mike freeman, an nfl writer for bleacher report. mike, i want to start with you. first of all, when i saw that, i just was dumbstruck. i don't know a lot about sports. i'm not like nischelle, who is awesome in everything. i saw that and thought it was a one in a million thing. now i'm hearing from a lot of sporty thing, this type of thing goes on.
12:52 pm
>> all the time. there's a saying in sports that if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying. >> i knew he was going to say that. >> yes. that happens all across the sports world. one of the things we focus a lot on in sports, we focus on the players that try to cheat, the performance-enhancing drugs and things like that, but this goes on in the coaching world, too, this stuff. coaches are desperate to win. they want to win as much as the players do. and they don't want to lose, they don't want to get fired, they want to try as hard to get over as players and sometimes those coaches venture into areas they shouldn't and we have seen it, these last two examples. it's very, very common. >> weigh in on the thing i was watching, even me as a complete football moron was astounded watching the steelers coach, mike tomlin, i think his name is. looked like he might have cost them a touchdown here. he's on the sidelines, in the way of the play. >> yeah. >> look at this. i'm an idiot and i know that's
12:53 pm
wrong. >> you're looking at jacoby jones there last night during the steelers/ravens game. you see mike tomlin on the sideline standing in an area where coaches are banned from standing during the game. he's watching the jumbotron and jones has sprinted free from the defender and is probably going to score a touchdown on the return. mike tomlin at the very end kind of gets out of the way but it's just enough for jacoby jones to have to slow down and cut inside so the defender tackles him and saves the touchdown. you know, mike tomlin says of course i wasn't -- i didn't do this intentionally but when you see him after the play, he's kind of got this smirk on his face like did i do that? and now the nfl is actually looking into this and saying he should have either been penalized or the ravens given a touchdown in this situation, because he did prevent, they believe, jacoby jones from scoring. but you know, mike is right. this goes on a lot and coaches and players do a lot of kind of
12:54 pm
funny things sometimes to try and get over the best they can by just bending the rules enough. we heard joe flacco, the quarterback for the ravens last year during the super bowl say he was caught on nfl films audio saying trip him, just trip whoever comes by, try to prevent him from getting a touchdown. they want to win. you're right. >> all our cnn viewers who love you for your entertainment reports probably don't know you were a side line reporter for fox sports and one of my favorite people, period. thank you. i will give you cool props. what about that. happy weekend to both of you. back after this. too big. too small. too soft.
12:55 pm
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we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. cnn is honoring everyday people who just so happen to be changing our world. on this thanksgiving weekend we wanted to give a hat tip to cnn's heroes, our multi-talented correspondent nischelle turner has a preview. >> reporter: it's that time of year again, when giving back to others is in the air. hosted by cnn's anderson cooper, this year's annual heroes event is packed with emotion and unforgettable moments.
12:59 pm
a night when hollywood's brightest stars come together -- >> it shines a light on people that don't do it for the light. >> this is the people to get excited about. it kind of makes your jaw drop. >> reporter: to shine a spotlight on ten remarkable people who are changing the world. >> this is like the academy awards for good people. >> reporter: like a great grandmother who used her life savings to turn a bus into a classroom. >> get on the bus, everybody. cnn hero. >> reporter: and a woman who started a drill team to keep kids off the streets. >> the pride of camden, new jersey. >> reporter: turning the tables on the traditional awards show. >> i'm not the only hero in this room and none of us is heroes stand alone. >> reporter: cnn heroes puts these everyday people center stage. it's a star-studded event with a few surprises.
1:00 pm
and a heroic ending that you don't want to miss. >> the 2013 cnn hero of the year -- >> reporter: a night to gather together to celebrate the human spirit. >> watch it all this sunday at 8:00 p.m. i'm ashleigh banfield. have a great weekend. "the lead" starts right now. what's a few missing teeth if you can get an ipad mini for under $200? i'm jim acosta. this is "the lead." the world lead. tensions racheting up between china and japan. china seizing a bigger air space and japan making it clear that it won't respect that. u.s. forced to pick a side. the politics lead. brand new polls giving us a snapshot of 2016. you may not be shocked to learn who's in the lead but the runners-up is where it gets interesting. and the buried lead. it's been nearly 50 years since j.d. salinger last published anything but now the stories he


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