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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 2, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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welcome back. it's time for not just the good stuff but the better stuff. why? joel hartman the atlanta homeless man we told you about, returned the wallet, digging through the trash, found one, looking for food, returned it to a guest at the omni hotel. the omni so impressed they put him up for the entire thanksgiving holiday. strangers sent in money. >> that's great. >> joel has a couple job offers. >> that a boy. >> that's not the best part. all the attention helped joel's family who's been looking for him for years. >> no. >> now they found him. >> oh, my goodness. >> i can't wait to see my family. >> i've been looking for -- i've never stopped looking for him. >> oh. that is love right there. >> so this is the latest step. we will continue the story of this man's recovery. it's never easy. he was homeless, dealing with mental illness. we'll tell you the story. >> good steps in the right direction. >> the big story this morning, the train derailment, lot of news. get you to carol costello from
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the newsroom. >> thanks, guys. "newsroom" starts now. >> happening now in the "newsroom". >> by the time i looked up it was going off its tracks. >> bronx train disaster. >> i heard at love crunching and grinding and i started seeing stars in front of my eyes. >> brand new details this morning, four killed, dozens injured. are these trains safe? also, "fast and furious," america remembering actor paul walker this morning. new overnight, who was behind the wheel and this photo believed to be one of the last pictures of the star. plus, cyber monday. on-line deals plenty. >> last year the dales cyber monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday were all over a billion dollars on-line. >> money-saving tips to make the most of your money.
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you're live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. crews are starting to upright the train cars following that deadly derailment in the bronx. these are live pictures from the scene. all seven cars of a metro north commuter train jumped the tracks killing four passengers and critically injuring seven others as it went around a curve. the passenger who took them, walked away unhurt. she sat down, amanda swanson her name, sat down with "new day" anchor kate bolduan. >> i barely have scrapes and bruises. i'm sore, but i came out of this more unscathed than some car accidents i've been in, and just hearing about the other injuries, walking past the people on the stretchers, it was just i have no idea why or how i
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am sitting here talking to you the way i am right now. it's just insane. as the train started to derail, i just noticed that my body was at a serious incline and that woke me up. it wasn't noise. i had headphones in, music playing and once i opened my eyes i became aware of the screeching metal and realized like this is a train crash and this is happening right now. >> and having that thought as it's happening? >> oh, yeah. it was slow motion. it was very, very different. and when it landed i fell to the side where the windows had been smashed out into the ground. all of those windows had broken through, gravel and glass, alliall flying into the windows. i managed to put my bag in front of my face. i don't have any cuts. i still have my phone, it's shattered and workings and i dialed 911. >> wow. cnn's alexandria field joins me from the scene from the bronx. bring us up to date.
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>> carol, investigators have been working through the night and this morning they are doing the heavy lifting. just before daybreak, a couple cranes were brought in. they lifted the locomotive on to the track and two cranes are working their way down the line. they are picking up the derailed passenger cars and putting them on the track. it should help to point them to the cause of the deadly accident. overnight the names of all four passengers killed at the metro north commuter train crash sunday were released. police identified 54-year-old donna smith. >> donna was a wonderful person. she was kind, neighborly, friendly. >> reporter: 35-year-old ahn kisook, 59-year-old james ferrari and this man, 58-year-old father of four james lovell. >> i'll remember him as having dignity and determination and being, you know, a wonderful father. >> reporter: three of them ejected from the train, its cars
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strewn along the tracks in the bronx. >> i got thrown across back and forth and it came to like a halt and there was just seem -- people screaming. >> reporter: early sunday a throng of rescue workers scoured the grisly scene, one railcar nearly plunging into the water. >> i can see some people like flying from my left eye to the right side, people from the back. it's just crazy. >> reporter: at 7:20 a.m. the commuter train carrying 150 passengers on its way to grand central station from poughkeepsie approached an extremely sharp curve that required a speed limit of 30 miles per hour along the harlem river compared to the straightaway prior requiring a speed limit of 70 miles per hour. >> the curve has been here for many, many years, right, and trains take the curve, but it can't just be the curve. >> reporter: the train conductor said he tried to apply the brakes, but says they didn't work as all seven cars derailed barreling off the tracks.
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>> by the time i looked up it was completely going off its track and there was the rubble flying at my face. >> reporter: only 1700 feet away from a previous july derailment where ten garbage freight cars flipped on their sides. >> we don't know what the train speed was. we will learn that from the vehicle event recorders. >> reporter: this is the second passenger train derailment in six months for metro north. in may, an eastbound train derailed in bridgeport, connecticut, and was hit by a westbound train. 76 people were injured. sunday's crash eerily similar to the train that derailed in spain killing 79 passengers. in that crash the train was approaching a sharp turn. security video showed the shocking moment the train, going more than twice the speed limit, hurdled off the tracks. officials are looking into what role, if any, speed played in the bronx accident. >> and the ntsb says it has
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actually located two event recorders. one was in the locomotive in the back of the train. the other was in the train's front car. the information recorded will give investigators an idea of the trains's speed, its velocity and how the brake system was working. carol? >> alexandria field, reporting live from the bronx. thank you. new details about the fiery car crash that killed "fast and furious" actor paul walker over the weekend. california police say speed was a factor in saturday's accident. walker was in the passenger's seat of this 2005 porsche. this photo taken just 30 minutes before he was killed. last week, walker gave what would become one of his last interviews in this next clip, walker talks about what he learned from his latest role. his response is chilling. >> the machine is life. just endlessly cranking. we're running around and we're trying to juggle all these balls and running all over the place. when they all hit the floor we panic. there's really no need.
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because -- >> everything's -- >> focus. it's right here. it's what's important. it's of the heart, family, friends, the rest, nonsense. >> exactly. >> a video posted to youtube shows the inferno moments after the car slammed into a pole and burst into flames. now it's unclear how fast the car was going, but these photos shot by cnn show figure 8 skid marks near the crash scene. cnn's alan duke took those photos and joins us live from los angeles. describe the scene for us. >> well, first of all, the scene today is one of mourning with fans, with their flowers and their memorials to him at the charred site of the road expressing grief, something that they began doing as soon as the police took the yellow tape away from the crash scene late saturday night. the fans were there waiting with flowers and they began that. the outpouring of love is impressive. the actual crash scene, now i
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was there when they -- the coroner was there. they were working to extract the bodies, remove them and take them back to the los angeles to the morgue for the autopsy. the scene there, you could still smell the smoke in the air. probably could still now. it's a wide industrial park or business park road and it was probably pretty deserted on a saturday afternoon. this car that is now destroyed, originally cost $450,000. it is only in the eight years it had been on the road, been driven 3200 miles. it had been sold five or six times according to "auto week" magazine and they quoted professional drivers saying it was a scary car to drive, v 10, 610 horsepower engine, very hard to drive. roger rodus, apparently behind the wheel, is a top-notch race driver, does it every weekend, builds and works on these cars. he owned the cars. he owned an exotic car shop just down the street from here. how would he crash this car is the big mystery, that they're
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trying to solve. the skidmarks you saw are all over the road for about 50 yards. wasn't necessarily from him that day, but somebody had been doing the doughnuts and the other maneuvers on that stretch of asphalt which, of course, is near his car shop. >> what are authorities telling you about those skid marks? >> they're saying they're looking at them. i did see them measuring them and looking at them. there are a bunch of them. whether they played into his or not, we don't know. listen, this is a high-powered car. this car is not something i would want to try to drive. about 200 miles a year is all this car has been driven. that's how difficult it is to drive. it's a show car. they take it to car shows. in fact, on saturday, they were using it to raise money. it was part of an open house car show at the shop. people could come in there, gawk at the car and other cars in the shop, and donate a toy for children in the philippines. >> alan duke, i'm sure you'll
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stay on this story. thanks so much, alan duke reporting live from los angeles this morning. a man who allegedly had tuberculosis created a scare on a u.s. airways flight from austin texas to phoenix. when that plane landed in phoenix on saturday night it stopped short at the gate. paramedics and police boarded the plane and removed the man. passengers were advised to get tb tests. pretty scary prospect. cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here to tell us more about this. i would say that's something you wouldn't want to hear announced on the loud speaker on the plane. >> i can imagine those passengers are really scared. i want to tell them it is unlikely the they got tb from this man. a couple reasons why. number one, i want to read you a statement that the centers from disease control gave us. no infectious disease has been confirmed in this passenger. we don't know that this guy had tb. and even if a passenger had infectious tb, the duration of the flight was so short, there
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would likely be no risk of exposure to other passengers. >> so how do you get tb? >> you get tb usually from prolonged exposure, from people you work with or live with, day after day. there have been people who are sitting next to people with active tb on long international flights and they don't get tb. so it's very difficult. tb is a relatively hard thing to get. if i had tb, it's unlikely i would be giving it to you just on this couple minutes discussion, but if i had the flu, it would be much easier for you to get it from me. >> authorities were so worried this man had tb they went on the plane and got him off. i would assume they brought limb to the hospital. how did they know he had tb on this flight? >> i don't know. there was the case a couple years ago where a man had highly infectious drug resistant tb and he went to see his doctor and the doctor said don't travel but then the doctor found out he was traveling and reported him to the authorities or somehow it happened. so maybe that's what happened. maybe he saw a doctor and the doctor sort of dropped a dime on him. i mean i don't know.
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but often you wouldn't know. >> it's interesting. i'm sure you'll keep following the story throughout the day. find out more information for us. elizabeth cohen, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom" violence, vulgarity and ejections. the ohio state -- michigan game may have been on the year's thrilling list but will the on-field fight lead to suspensions ahead of the big 10 championships. oh, don't be naive. we'll be right back. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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the alabama/auburn rivalry lived up to the hype this weekend. i'm sure you've seen it. some are calling the iron bowl the 70th iron bowl one of the
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greatest football games ever played. with one second left, the two-time defending champs went for a lone field goal to win it. guess what? they replaced the place kicker came up short. auburn, and with no time ran it back all 109 yards to score a touchdown and beat the number one team in the nation. an then pandemonium reigns as expected auburn fans simply lost their minds celebrating that play. some disgruntled alabama fans are going to the extreme. you guessed it, sending death threats to the team's starting place kicker who wasn't even responsible for that final play. hateful tweets to the 22-year-old include quote, i'm coming for you, you are going to die tonight. alabama as a team played awful, but cade foster if you don't kill yourself i will, end quote. that's just wrong. violence and vulgarity eclipsing
6:18 am
another football game with tensions high between two long-standing rivals, a chaotic fight erupted in the first half of this weekend's ohio state/michigan game. when the dust settled, three players were kicked off the field, buckeyes offensive lineman marcus hall did not leave until that, yes, he flipped off the 100,000 fans in ann arbor. two middle fingers extended. cnn sports andy scholes joins me now. you would think they're throwing punches, get ejected, flip off the crowd, there would be some consequence, but no? >> listen to urban meyer doesn't seem like there's going to be. the missing three fourths of the michigan game was enough punishment for both of his players, marcus hall and dantrey wilson. you know, this is probably more than likely because the next game on the schedule is the big 10 championship game. he said none of the decision were final and still going to talk to the athletic director and big 10 commissioner but it's
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highly unlikely he would suspend these guys with michigan state on saturday because if they win that game they would likely go to the national championship and, you know, they don't want to do anything tos lessen those chances. >> didn't the coach say he was going to have a conversation with this players, yell at them, smack their hands. >> he said there's no place for fighting in the game and actions like hall when he left the game. he did reiterate, missing three fourths was enough punishment to fit the crime. >> it wouldn't matter what game this happened in. these players would not miss the next game. let's not be naive. this is what's wrong with college football, isn't it? >> >> you can say it's what's wrong with college football but, you know, there's -- players flipping off fans is nothing new. i'm sure the michigan fans were not saying pleasant things to hall as he walked off the field. i'm making excuses for him and you're not buying them. >> no. well in light of all the things that ohio state has been through
6:20 am
in years past, last year, you would think they would want to set an example of good sportsmanship and we've come a long way and look how great we are now. >> you're right. but they want the whole team on the field for the next game to erase all the bad memories and get to the national championship this year. >> okay. you'll be back with more. thank you, andy. of all the moments from this weekend's game this one really stuck out. yes, it involving toronto mayor rob ford. just when you thought the crack smoke mayor had done it all he allegedly stole a musician's v.i.p. seat at the buffalo bills/atlanta game. here he is chowing down. for more than an hour the rocker tweeted about the unsportsmanlike move from the mayor. tweet. quote, rob ford is sitting in my seat at the bills game. he stole my seat. i don't know what to do. i'm by myself. i got to kick him out, right? i would kick anyone else, right? am i wrong? but all is well that ends well. mayes tweeted he, quote, got my seat back. some day we'll know the whole
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story. still to come in the "newsroom the obama care site on the mend. brianna keilar at the white house this morning. >> hi there, carol. the obama administration says it has met its goal and is running a whole lot smoother. but there's still a lot of problems as well i'll have a live report in just a moment. ke. i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee the office, which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee. go to
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you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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it's like the difference between night and day, how the
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man in charge of fixing the obama care website describes the experience for people who sign up now after that self-imposed deadline to get the site working for the majority of users. the obama administration under heavy criticism and scrutiny after botching the website's launch on october 1st says the site is better. much better. senior white house correspondent brianna keilar at the white house with more on this. good morning. >> good morning to you, carol. hhs officials say that over the course of the last couple months, there have been more than 400 fixes to at this point the capacity is at 50,000 users at a time being able to access the website and they have response rates down to less than a second. if folks go on the website, things should be moving a little more quickly. of course it's not just what consumers, people who are going on the website see that matters here, it's also insurers who take information from consumers and enroll them into insurance plans and there's still issues there it appears.
6:26 am
a spokesman for the industry group that represents insurance companies saying there's still a number of problems with the back-end systems. insurers are still getting enrollment files that have dupe plative and have missing or inactive information and in some cases they're not getting the enrollments at all. you still have obama administration officials urging people to access the website during nonpeak hours, so morning, evening and weekends and and you're going to be seeing this month how these web site repairs have fared. this is an anticipated period of heavy use for the website as a lot of people sign up, trying to get insurance in place by january 1st. carol? >> all right. plea yanna keilar reporting live from the white house this morning. thanks. still to come in the newsroom, crews uprighting the cars after a deadly commuter train derailment in the bronx. investigators are busy trying to figure out what went wrong and if speed played a role. the #1 prescribed
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good morning. i'm carol costello.
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thanks so much for joining me. ntsb investigators will be looking into whether speed and brakes played a role in a deadly train derailment. they tweeted out this picture of them recovering an event recorder. it will go a long way in helping them determine why a north metro commuter train jumped the tracks killing four and critically injuring 11 people yesterday. cnn's rene marsh is in washington this morning. what's the latest with the event recorders? >> we just got off the phone with the ntsb. they tell us they have recovered two event recorders. one in the front of the car of the train and the other in the locomotive which is the back of the train. now they've downloaded information from one of the two event recorders on the scene. we may get some information today on what they've learned from that recorder in a press briefing which is scheduled for later on today. now that second recorder we're told is on its way back here to d.c. to be downloaded. we know that investigators, they are still looking for video that
6:32 am
may have captured the derailment. they do not know yet if this train had cameras that captured images, but we should know that soon. also, investigators have not yet interviewsed the train crew, including the conductor. we are told, though, that will be done today or tomorrow. >> we know the speed limit at least on the straightaway, the straight parts of the track is 70 miles per hour. the train was supposed to slow to about 30 when it went around that curve. apparently it did not and that's why it derailed. do we know how fast the train was going? >> at this point the ntsb tells us they still do not know how fast the train was traveling. we know as you said, the approach was 70 miles per hour, the curve is 30 miles per hour, but those recorders do record information like the speed of the train so the ntsb tells us they may know how fast that train was going later on today. at this hour they continue to document the scene.
6:33 am
this morning, the railcars which were flipped over on their sides, we know they were turned upright but this is their first full day at the site, carol. >> we -- i've also read reports that members of the train's crew says the conductor tried to apply the brakes and nothing happened. what do we know about that? >> again, that will be something that the ntsb will be looking into because those recorders will tell the investigators were the brakes applied at a certain point, when were the brakes applied and how fast was the train when -- how fast was the train going when these brakes were applied. so all answers that we're still looking for, but at this point, at this point we don't have those answers. >> i'm sure you'll follow this story, rene marsh reporting live from washington. other top stories at 32 minutes past the hour, another
6:34 am
train derailment in southern new mexico killed three railroad work es over the weekend. investigators say the locomotive was pulling eight cars when it derailed and plunged about 40 feet into a ravine. only the workers were on board the freight train. operated by southwestern railroad. the cause of the derailment still under investigation. a new wave of protests sweeping across the ukraine. some call it a revolution and are demanding a nationwide strike starting today. nine years ago, a popular revolt drove the prime minister from office and now dem separators want the current president booted out. the government is fighting against protesters with stun grenades and tear gas. china took a step forward in its space program today. it launched an unmanned lunar probe called the change e 3 and if all goes well, it will make a soft landing on the moon later this month. china would become the third country after the united states and russia to land a rover on the moon. invers are getting their first chance to react to the
6:35 am
holiday sales weekend as the opening bell ringing, guess it rang about three minutes ago, kicks off with several key economic reports including the latest job numbers all due this week. amazon, the mega on-line retailer has plans for something that could revolutionize the industry in a not t-too-distant futu future. it says it will use drones to deliver the things you order on-line right to your doorstep. looks like mini helicopters, right? amazon says they will have a range of about ten miles and won't have anyone controlling them. they'll be autonomous. no waiting either. the company says it can deliver orders same day. here's amazon president jeff bezos. >> we can do half hour delivery. >> half hour delivery? >> half hour delivery and carry objects we think up to five pounds which covers 86 % of the items that we deliver. >> mr. bezos says the drones could start it delivering in four to five years, maybe as early as 015 if the faa changes
6:36 am
the rules. other companies are thinking about drone deliveries too. among them, domino's pizza. happy cyber monday. or should i say happy cyber week. yes. retailers will offer deals all week long to entice you to spend more money and that's especially important in light of a tepid black friday. on average, shoppers dished out $407 over the thanksgiving weekend. that's down from $423 per shopper spent last year. now those numbers despite the fact that more people shopped until they dropped on thanksgiving day. that's up 27% from last year. with me now to talk about this david, the economics editor from "the "wall street journal." welcome, david. >> good morning. >> good morning. so these numbers are a bit confusing because walmart execs told me they had their best black friday sales ever. target said it had a successful start. yet, people spent less overall. so what does that say about our economy? >> well, first of all, the data
6:37 am
we get on -- from the retailers at this time of year is almost always contradictory and confusing. they are not always completely forthcoming because they don't want to discourage people from shopping. i think the most interesting thing we saw over the weekend, besides the fact that a number of retailers decided to be open on thanksgiving day, was that 40% of the sales were on-line. in a sense, cyber monday is an accra nism. cyber monday dates from the day when people had slow internet at home and came to work on monday after thanksgiving and ordered. now so many have broadband people are shopping on-line all the time and the retailers are scrambling to catch up with consumers. >> i shop on-line too in light of the incidents you see every black friday, always seems to be a fight somewhere and that can't help retailers, right? >> right. well, of course not. but i think people like going to the stores. we at the "wall street journal" and others did stories following teenagers around the mall and that's social. you can do that. i am having a hard time imagining the day when our lives
6:38 am
will be like the harry potter, when the owl came into the dining hall and dropped packages from your mom. imagine sitting at your desk and your mom sends you the top or tie and the drone hovers over your desk. it's amazing. >> i'm laughing because i can't imagine that day. i really can't. and i think it's coming sooner than we think. >> could be. i think you raised a good point about what does this tell us about the economy? if you add it all together people are being very cautious, shopping for discounts, the retailers are building that in, and until wages start to pick up and unemployment comes down more constructively, faster, retailers will be swimming upstream to try to get people to spend money because a lot of people are being kind of tight this year. >> you can see why, because congress has yet to pass a budget, right? the effects of obama care have yet to sink in. so you would -- you understand consumers are a little nervous
6:39 am
and don't want to spend as much money. >> right. i think those consumers who have jobs, who are lucky enough to have money in the stock market which is soaring, who are relieved that the value of their house is going up, those upper-end consumers will probably spend pretty readily and i expect the retailers who serve them will see a pretty good christmas. people who serve that mass market where wages haven't been rising, you're right, people may have some anxiety about health care, i think they're less worried about the budget than their paychecks and health care, those retailers have to work hard to get people to spend. >> you've touched on something, you know. the stock market is on fire. banks are profitable. the upper 1% doing just fine. so is this just the story of the american economy? >> it is definitely one story of the american economy. i think you're starting to see more political angst about this. i mean, all across the country in these little scattered places, washington, d.c., today, the seattle airport, municipalities starting to raise the minimum wage, something they
6:40 am
haven't done for some time. i think that's one response to people saying, we got to do something to even out the prosperity a little bit so that it's not so much concentrated at the top. the forces that are putting a wedge between whippers and losers in the economy are very strong, technology and globalization, and they're not going to go away. >> davids weal from the "wall street journal" thanks for sharing this morning. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> still to come, two americans detained in north korea. now the u.s. government is pleading with officials there for their release. up next, we'll hear from the sister of one of those detained. s and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises.
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to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays. test test test
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detained in north korea. on saturday, a national security council spokes woman urged north korea to let 85-year-old merrill newman return home to the united states. newman is a korean war veteran. he was detained in october as his tour group was leaving the communist country. over the weekend korean state media released this video of newman reading a handwritten, scripted apology for so-called crimes committed during the korean war. the u.s. is also pushing for the release of a second american,
6:44 am
kenneth bae, who's been in prison since last year. bae's sister spoke to chris cuomo about the last time she heard from her brother. >> last time we've had any news of kenneth when my mother was visiting back in october so she was there from the 11th through the 14th and she got to visit him in the hospital and we haven't had any updates since and at that time, i think his condition had improved some because he had been hospitalized for several months but, you know, he has chronic conditions that require ongoing attention by his doctors at home which is why he needs to come home now. >> help us understand that a little bit. was he injured during his detention or when did he become ill? how long has he been in the hospital? >> he's been in the hospital since august 5th. he's had some medical conditions, preexesisting prior to north korea. he had diabetes, he had enlarged heart, hypertension and my understanding is while he was in
6:45 am
labor camp, some of his injuries from before, he had some back injuries and a leg -- radiating leg pain, that had reoccurred during his hard labor because he was working in the field eight hours a day for six days and i think his body -- i think he has some malnutrition as well. he had lost 50 pounds during his 80 days of hard labor and i think his about body simply started to just give out. >> 50 pounds in 80 days? just to be clear, he's not being held in a hotel. he was w he was in a hard labor camp? >> that's right. it's hard to describe the kind of just sheer pain and agony that our family has been enduring for the past 13 months. just the uncertainty and just, you know, not having him come home, especially for the holidays, has been particularly difficult. you know, this is -- the second
6:46 am
thanksgiving we spent without him and christmas is coming up and we really are hoping and praying he will be home by christmas. >> on saturday, an ambassador from sweden visited newman to deliver medication. newman is believed to be in good health, but u.s. officials say they are deeply concerned about both me. all new with the next hour of "newsroom" a baby born with a serious heart defect, denied a transplant. >> i was scared that he was going to die. there was actually a point where we were planning his funeral. >> the doctors told them the transplant was too risky. but his parents say the real reason maverick was denied a heart is because he's developmentally disabled. >> do you think they sort of discredited his life, discredited his future? >> absolutely. and if they were to say otherwise they would be lying. >> ahead, a couple's fight to save their son. that's all new in the next hour of cnn "newsroom." all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon
6:47 am
we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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6:50 am
we do know three people are in custody. ice ice the tang of -- the pipeup stretch sd 500 yards closing
6:51 am
interstate 290 for hours. police arrested a seattle man after he stole a ferry boat and took it on a joy ride. he also hinted at a bomb threat which scrambled the coast guard and s.w.a.t. team. they swarmed the boat and he was arrest arrested atlantic. >> why the click spawned so
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
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7:07 am
stars. he was in the passenger seat of this porsche. this photo snapped just 30 minutes before the car slammed into a pole and burst in flames. the mangled wreckage apparently captured on this youtube video. they have identified the driver as roger rodas a business partner who ran a high performance auto shop nearby. both men were drivers on the shop's race team. they just left a chair tie event for walker's organization, reach
7:08 am
out worldwide. >> om on. >> reporter: walker's love of speed both on and off the set was well-known. he spoke to cnn about making "fast & furious" and life intading art. >> i bought a nissan and imported it from japan. so the steering wheel is is on the rntds. >> are you a lead foot? >> yeah. i race it actually. >> reporter: walker's new film about a father struggling through hurricane katrina is dpu out this month. he leech behind his 15-year-old daughter meadow and will be remembered to the passion he remembered to the passion he brought to everything he
7:09 am
naturally from an investigative standpoint we need to find out if this is one of the issues. they're also saying that they're looking into the possibility that another car veered in front of the porsche and caused the trash. this is all information again from cnn's allen duke. he always says that sergeant richard cohen said that the
7:10 am
street has a reputation for fast drivers and drag racing. and there was a crackdown in that area by deputies just two years ago. also, we're looking at the skid marks. those are pictures that allen took near the scene about 150 yards from where the car crash was on as a result. he says as for the skid marks on the asphalt, they are also still looking at that information. so that, again, from cnn's alan duke. new information on this investigation into the crash that killed paul walker. >> that is is just eerily. because that would truly be life imitatining art. >> reporter: and we just heard from uniform pictures, who is the studio behind the "fast & furious" franchise, and they told us that they are now trying to decide whether they will delay the release of "fast & furious" 7.
7:11 am
it's slated for release on december 7th. they're having to decide whether or not to release a field of paul walker racing behind a wheel of a car and doing high octane stunts in a car just a few months after his death. football is now running commercial of the blue ray release of "fast & furious" 6 which featured paul walker behind the wheel of a car. and it's a jarring sight to see. >> unbelievable. i know you'll keep us posted with any new information coming in. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom", black friday is so yesterday. now it's all about cyber monday, baby. casey wian is tracking the action. casey, hi. >> reporter: hi. here at zappos, this is the biggest day of the year for them. the company says they're already on their way to setting a record. more, coming up. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
7:12 am
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the problems with the are well-known. and of course, it has caused political problems for the president as well. today the white house says the obama care website is now running better than ever after tech teams scrambled to fix the site this weekend. dr. sanjay gupta joins us now. have you been on the sight? >> i've tried to get on the site. and yesterday got an error message just briefly, but then hit refresh and it seemed to work pretty well. a lot different than back in
7:16 am
october. they say it can handle 50,000 concurrent users now, i think it was only a few hundred, frankly before. that's a lot better. if the website is working well, how well is that information actually getting to insurance companies. some are saying we're not getting these applicants or getting two applications. so if people show up in january or february fully expecting to be insured and they're not, that's going to be a problem. we're going to keep an eye on that. but the website itself does appear to be working better. >> one other question about the website itself. you know, they need an awful lot of people to sign up, right? and the website has become a national joke. and even if it's up and running more smoothly, be people believe that? >> i think there's a loss of confidence. there's no question. people do wait to sign up for things until the end. we're talking about the end of march. last numbers we have are about it 00,000.
7:17 am
obviously nowhere near close. but you could see a here upturn in february and march as people realize the deadline is coming. >> as they say, time will tell. you wrote an interesting opinion piece or and you said we're focusing on the website and everybody having health insurance and we shouldn't be. what do you mean? >> we keep talking about the numbers. you're sick of talking about it. i think most people are. time will tell in terms of how people go back and judge this. but i think the important point is did we somehow make america a healthier place. and one thing i wrote about and looked at a lot of studies from the past, insurance alone does not do that. we're focusing on this idea of access. that's important. but there are plenty of studies out there including an experiment out of oregon where they had people who got medicaid and people who did not.
7:18 am
and they compared those. and they found the people that got medicaid went to the doctor more and got more care, but they weren't any healthier. >> even though they went to the doctor more? >> even though they went to the doctor. we've gotten used to the idea that you go to the doctor when you are sick or get preventive screening. but the idea of optimizing ourselves and doing what we can to keep ourselves healthy, that gets lost and diminished in all of this. people say i got insurance now, i maybe can be a little more risky in terms of my behaviors. there was a study that showed this. when people got medicare, especially men for example, they tended to exercise less and pick up smoking again and drink more. that's the exact thing you're trying to prevent from happening. access alone is not going to achieve the goal that i think we all agree on that we want to be a more healthy america. >> but something having
7:19 am
insurance will do is pay for the care that you need when you do get sick. >> absolutely. people will be less likely be bankrupt because of medical bills. but again, the bigger goal, the goal that we wished we had from the very start was we want to be healthier. and that's going to lead to all of these positive things as well. there was a study that came out of the journal of circulation, just 30 minutes addae, we would reduce heart attacks and risk of stroke by a third. >> that would require getting off the couch. i do it. i have to. >> but only about half americans come anywhere close to that. >> and if you want to read more, is the place to go. and be sure and catch sanjay gupta every saturday at 4:30 p.m. and sundays at 4:30 and
7:20 am
7:30 in the morning.
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7:23 am
just eight months ago, baby maverick higgs was in the fight of his life with a heart defect. his fight god harder when the
7:24 am
doctors said he did not qualify for a heart transplant. the mother says she thinks the doctors didn't want to waste the organ or on her son because he suffers from a rare genetic disorder. >> reporter: eight months ago this mom says she was told her son was going to die. >> he didn't want to play or be touched. he slepts all day, every day. it was miserable. >> reporter: maverick was 6 months old and needed a new heart. but his doctors at new york presbyterian hospital said no. >> i was scared that he was going to die. every day, that's the only thing that i thought of. there was actually a point where we were planning his funeral. >> reporter: maverick, who is one now, was unlucky enough to be born with two medical problems. the heart defect and a rare genetic des order.
7:25 am
doctors said he was an undesirable candidate for a transplant because it would limit his survive after he got the heart. >> but you did your own research? >> yes. >> and what did you find? >> that that is not true. >> reporter: she asked some of the world's top experts about her son's disorder and they said it would not limit his chances of survival with the new heart. that's what they told us too. dr. coffin, he's the coffin in the coffin syndrome, he told us it's wrong to deny someone a transplant because of the syndrome. so what do they think was the real reason? they think it's because of his genetic defect makes him developmentally disabled. >> i told them that i knew that that's why they wanted to not --
7:26 am
but i always understand that maverick is a baby. and he needed a heart. >> do you think they sort of discredited his life and future? >> absolutely. and if they were to say otherwise, they would be lying. >> reporter: maverick was dying. she pleaded with the doctors. >> i just said will you guys please reconsider this. reconsider transplant for maverick. and, sorry, there's nothing we can do about it. sorry. and they just get up and walk out of the room. that was it. and just left me there. i remember, i was laughing. because i was laughing with tears because i was in shock. i could not really believe that that was really happening. we're talking about my son's life. and you're looking at your watch and you just walked out on me. >> reporter: new york presbyterian declined our repeated request for an interview. and they told us, our evaluations are conducted with
7:27 am
compassion and bring the best ethical, medical and scientific principles to the process. maverick's parents didn't give up. they filed a discrimination complaint against the hospital and got him transferred to a new hospital that didn't have the same traps plant concerns. eventually it turned out that maverick got bet her without a transplant but that hasn't ended the controversy about whether transplant doctors discriminate against patients with disabilities. >> that's a tough story. how did his heart repair itself? >> well, it's not exactly clear happened. when he was at new york presbyterian, the mother says they didn't do anything. he was dying. and he was in heart failure. it's documented in the medical records. when they got to boston, they tinkered with his medications and he got better. something that the boston hospital did that the new york one didn't do appears to have gotten him better. >> they filed suit, this couple. >> they filed a complaint.
7:28 am
>> what happens now? >> the office of civil rights is going to look at that complaint and see if his civil rights were denied. by denying him the transplant, were they denying it because of his disability. if they find that he was, it's going to be a problem for the hospital. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years.
7:29 am
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7:32 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. in washington, and specifically at the white house, there might be more than a few sighs of relief this morning as the obama administration says its troubled website is now up and running for the majority of the users. including in the so-called fix, a 24-hour rapid response team and e-mail alerts for users suggesting other times to log in if the site gets tested. and let's bring in our panel right now. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> hey, carol. >> let's start with you. republicans and even some democrats are not so impressed with the fix, neither are the
7:33 am
insurance companies. is there anything that the administration can do to convince people that works? >> yeah. get it working. not just the front-end problems that they experience but the back-end problems. it's supposed to deliver health insurance on the back end. that enmoos submit applications to insurance companies, submit payments ultimately to insurance companies. but in the end, the website, is a minimum threshold that obama care must meet. it is a hurdle that must get cleared in order to satisfy what the government expects will be some demand for the product, for the products offered on the exchange. and that is a far more serious problem. is there a demand? will young healthy people opt into the system? because what you're talking about now are strauk ral problems, not technical problems. they are the term, a potential death spiral of this whole
7:34 am
application. >> you heard what will said. and there's also this problem, that is perception. because the rollout is such a disaster. and even if they're coming out say, u. wow, it's great, now young people come sign up now. will they believe it? >> that's an important question. if you don't have enough young people sign up, the market won't work as it should. first of all, reality check on the rollout, the white house is giving itself passing grades. that's worth being suspect. number two, is the idea that it works for the vast majority of the american people. there's wiggle room in there. around 10% of the americans aren't going to get the processing they need. that's a way of masking a problem for around 10% of the people who try to use it. there are a lot of folks locked into their position. will and his fellow conservatives, surely the death spiral. they would like this to go down
7:35 am
because they're invested in its failure. and a lot of democrats want to pretend it's sunshine and light. the next couple months are going to be the key. that includes the people who lost it when they realize the president's promise wasn't valid. it's got to start operating the way it's advertised, or that problem is going to metastasi d metastasized. >> and if it starts to work great and in a couple of months people are signing up and it seems successful, what will republicans do? it tens of thousands of people have signed up for health insurance and website is working okay, what will republicans do that when obama care wanted it to go away? >> well, look, first of all, if that happens, all of those, i would say at this point improbable scenarios play out, it would take something away from republicans politically. so far obama care, not just
7:36 am
indicts democrats on overpromising, on the incredible promises that they made, if you like your insurance, they can keep it, all of those promises, it also indicts liberalism on the ability to restuck tur the economy. but again, those are im probably books probable wishful thinking for all of that to play out. what i think 2014 might end up looking like, cheerleaders don't matter in this football game, the field has been set, what it could look like is a combination of if if you like your plan, you can keep it as the employer mandate kicks in, they get kicked off of them. and tarp, 2008 bailouts for the insurance companies who can't afford to insure only sick older people. >> that's jumping ten steps forward, john. >> but more probable at this point than the alternative. >> will is -- will is very
7:37 am
excited about the possibility of another tarp style bailout backlash. but he's a couple of move moves ahead of himself. the reason republicans are so invested in this, they have advertised obama care as the end of freedom as we know it. and if it falls short, there's going to be a credibility gap for conservatives. and that is a hope for democrats amid the disastrous rollout today. >> i appreciate it. many of you are boupoundinge pavement this weekend. but on this cybermonday, most retailers are hoping you'll let your fingers do a little more of the work as they offer more and more online. casey wian is at zappos. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. and we are behind the scenes at a website that appears to be working just fine.
7:38 am
zappos says it expects it could handle as many as 20,000 customer calls today, which would be a record for the company in a single day. last year on cybermonday, they did $22.6 million in sales. that was a record. they say they're already on pace this morning to break that record. now, here are some of the folks who work at their customer service center and handle the calls when they call in with some kind of an issue or want to place an order over the phone rather than online. they say that even the bosses here are working on cyber monday. everyone is manning the phones. >> all of our employees will be at work today at some point. if they're regularly scheduled to work today, they'll be coming in. if they weren't, they'll still be coming in to work part of their normal hours that they're usually scheduled for. we have holiday helpers which is other departments in the company
7:39 am
are trained to answer phone calls. and we have seasonal employees answering the phones today. >> and -- [ inaudible question ]. >> he'll be answering phones at some point this holiday season. it's required of everybody. >> reporter: now zappos really stresses customer service. and that means that they have no limit on the time that they spend on the phone. and they tell me that a few months ago one of these people actually spent 10.5 hours on the phone with a single customer. they talked about her order for an hour and talked about life for another 9.5 hours if you can imagine that. >> i can. thanks so much. we'll be right back. you pay? yep, best prices of the year. i can't see. honey. [ laughs ] brad. yeah? what are you doing? uh... hi. hi. [ male announcer ] it's the chevy black friday sale. during the chevy black friday sale,
7:40 am
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7:43 am
some scary breaking news out of toledo, ohio, this morning. it's a high school at the old west end of toledo. we understand from the police and affiliate reports that there may be a 15-year-old with a gun inside scott high school. now, we don't know for sure if that's true. but we do know authorities have contained a student who is 15 years old to one classroom. and we do know that negotiators are now on the scene trying to talk that student out of that classroom. according to the toledo blade, parents are asked to stay home and not come and get their
7:44 am
children. they believe they have the situation contained. i'm sorry i don't have more information for you. we're trying to get that right now. but what we know, a reported student gunman inside the scoot high school. we'll keep you posted. the nets bee go team is now at the site of the derailment in the bronx. they downloaded data from both of the black boxes tweeting out this picture of one of them. that information will play an important role of helping to determine if speed was a factor. one passenger told cnn, he thinks it was. >> we were going fast. we were going -- you could tell it was like something was up. and the people on the other side of the aisle actually fell on top of us. and we were grinding along the ground for, i don't know, 50 yards or something at a very fast pace. >> former vice chairman of the ntsb now joins me from washington. good morning. >> good morning.
7:45 am
>> now, we've heard a lot about the speed of the train. because parentally the speed limit for that set of tracks is 70 miles per hour on the state away and then around the curve the train is supposed to slow to 30 miles per hour. that would be something easily determined, right? >> as long as the recorders are working in the train, absolutely. >> you could find out from the conductor as well, right? >> i don't know whether the conductor would be able to tell whether they were going 30 or 45 or what. but he probably -- or she, would have some idea. >> what kinds of questions will investigators be asking the crew on that train? >> well, i think that of the operator they're going to be asking braking, did he brake? apparently he said that he tried to brake and the brakes didn't work. well, again, the recorders will
7:46 am
have some evidence of that. i'm not sure that -- that they're going to get a lot of information from him. but certainly they're going to be looking at things like the track, whether the brakes, in fact, were workable. how fast the train was going. and -- and because there have been previous accidents there, whether the speed of 30 is a reasonable speed to have. presumably it is, as thousands of trains have gone by there. but, you know, the real issues are the track, the brakes, the human performance and then they'll go into other things like are there implications of having the engine on the back of the track with the operator in a
7:47 am
front car. i mean -- so there -- >> just so what people understand what you're talking about. the trains if they're going south, which this train was, are being pushed from behind by a car with with an engine, right? >> correct. >> and that somehow is more problematic than the engine at the front of the train? >> i don't think that there's any -- i've never heard that there's any evidence to that effect. but that's certainly something that the ntsb will be taking a close look at. from the human performance point of view. maybe it is -- it is true that if the -- if the operator of the engine is in the engine he has a better feel for the train and speeds, et cetera. but that's going to be a of big interest. >> how long do you suppose the investigation will last? how long will it take until we know something?
7:48 am
>> well, they'll be doing -- they'll be -- as they investigate, they'll be giving the public and press factual information. it will be probably at least a year before the final report is done with all of the analysis and conclusions and recommendations. >> bill frances, former ntsb investigator, thanks so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> i want to update you now on the situation in toledo, ohio. scott high school. we have new pictures to show you of the school itself. we have very sketchy information, and i apologize for that. but what we can glean from our affiliated is that a 15-year-old student is suspected of having a gun. supposedly he is kabed in one classroom. negotiators are on the scene.
7:49 am
i just got word in my ear that a suspect is now in custody. we don't have any other word about that suspect and who he is, right? not at this time. that's a good thing. that means the situation is contained. we have not heard of any injuries whatsoever. and hopefully they got the kid out of the classroom with no one getting hurt, including that child. we'll be back with more information after this. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. [ female announcer ] feed a man a cookie and he eats a cookie. ♪ feed him a fresh baked cookie and he eats a much, much better cookie. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
this just in. in details about the fiery crash that killed "fast & furious" star paul walker. cnn has now confirmed that the investigators looking into drag racing as a possible cause to the crash. what more are you learning, alan? >> when i was at the design of the crash on saturday, i noticed unusual skid marks on this very wide five-lane boulevard. in this business park of california. and i was wondering what did
7:53 am
they mean? and when i found out that this high performance car shop was just about a block away, i started thinking about how this street would be on a saturday afternoon. and the sheriff's department saturday night told us that speed was a factor when this porsche crashed into the light pole and burst into flames killing walker and the driver, roger rodas. what they're now telling us is they got a phone call sunday suggesting that there was another car involved. they don't know if it was true, but they're checking on it. possibly a drag race. at the least, perhaps another car involved veering in front causing this porsche which is notoriously difficult to handle with the huge v-10 engine, causing it to crash into the light post. so this would be tragically ironic for paul walker but it's a real part of the investigation going on now. >> it would explain a lot, though, right?
7:54 am
because the driver of the car in which paul walker was a passenger was an experienced driver i, i mean was a professional driver, right? >> yes. rodas as walker were both racers, they were on a team together. roger who was apparently behind the wheel in this car was the captain of the racing team. and they regularly won racing this kind of car. but this car apparently never was raced. it was about $.5 million of a car when it was new. and they've driven it about 200 miles a year. it's basically a show car. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb,
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checking our top stories at 58 minutes past. a suspect at a toledo, ohio, high school now in custody. that's according to the police department. following unconfirmed reports, he had a weapon. and the school is currently on lock down. pope francis met with benjamin netanyahu. they talked about on that skals blocking peace between the israelis and pal tinnians. and the pope will visit israel in may. money, literally, fell from the sky for lucky black friday shoppers at the mall of america. yes, a man actually tossed
7:59 am
1,0001 dollar bills as erode down an escalator. he was arrested and given a ticket. he says he was just trying to do something good. we won't hear him say it, but i swear that's what he said. the money fell down to a floor, and a group was singing "let it snow" at a concert below. speaks of holiday shopping. turns out it would cost you more than $114,000 to buy all of the items mentioned in the classic "twelve days of christmas." that's up almost 8% from last year. the 30 year average has just been under 3%. and here is when you really get skrujs, the nine lady ooze
8:00 am
dancing and lords a leaping, they all spiked this year. dancers cost a lot of money. thanks so much for joining me today. "legal view" starts now. >> hello, everyone, i'm michaela pereira in for ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we begin with breaking news. police in toledo, ohio, say they now have a suspect in custody who may have carried a weapon into scott high school. the suspect is believed to be a student. there are no reports of injuries. again, the suspect is in custody after quite a scare at that high school there in toledo. we'll bring you more information when we get it. the investigation into the death of actor paul