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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 4, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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just a quick reminder, pulling double duty. it's called in case you missed it. it is at 11:30 eastern. we're trying to showcase the best moments on cnn each and every day. let's go to washington with jake tapper, starts now. >> new insight into the horrors of new town. a fuller understanding of what happened inside sandy hook elementary. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." we have relied on eyewitness accounts of newtown. the courts decided it was in the public interest and the 911 calls from that terrible day have been released. from 8 degrees to 80. colorado and texas might as well be in different hemispheres.
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joe biden sticks his foot in his mouth in japan, but pulls it out in time to tell off the chinese. it's been a solid year since a gunman open fired and killed 20 children all ages six and seven. it's a tragedy that will be forever difficult to fathom in scope and horror. a short time ago they were released. the state prosecutor that lead the investigation fought to keep them sealed but lost the court battle. they're concerns are absolutely valid. cnn will broadcast a portion of the released audio and they can be placed in the proper context. in the meantime, debra has been
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pouring over the tapes, what struck you about these 911 calls? >> it was fascinating to hear. the first call was from a work who appear todd be in the office where the gunman was able to gra breakthrough the class. she says he is walking down the hall, carrying his weapon, and that he is shooting. she said sandy hook elementary. the second call is from a woman shot in the foot. she was able to get inside of a classroom and when the dispatcher says, are you in lock downright now, she says no, no we're not in lock down. there was two adults also in the classroom, it appears they were sheltering some of the children inside that room. one of the key people who really emerges in all of this is the
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custodian who was there. he was the eyes and ears for the principal dispatcher there, telling what he was hearing, when he was hearing it, when there was gunfire, when there was violence. he identifies himself as a discuss toad yum. he says tell them to call connecticut state police. they relay information that those police are also on their way. the scope of this horror and tragedy becoming very quickly apparent to those there. >> how many calls were released today? >> there was a total of six 911 calls that were released. it takes about 25 minutes to listen to them all. i listened to them a number of times and each time there are details that begin to emerge. you can hear in several of the calls what sounds like gunshots. you hear also the police dispatchers that remain very
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calm through this ordeal immediately notifying state police. so really assessing the situation in the school so they would know exactly how to respond. it is chilling. you can here the fear, the urgency, and the calmness of professionals responding to what became a tragedy. >> i want to bring in richard bloomenthal. we're not airing the tapes. i know you have very strong feelings about these tapes being released to the public, why should they have not been released? >> the law required they be released. we have in connecticut a very strong freedom of information act and the judge really had no choice but to order their release and the prosecutor had to yield to this process and he decided not to appeal that
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ruling. of course my heart went to the families because they are now reliving the unspeakable and i will never forget the sights and sounds of parents emerging knowing that their children would not be coming home that day, and i think the tapes bring back those memories. they force the entire community and all of us involved on that one day to relive the grief and the speed that all of this occurred. it is not only the scope and the horror and the courage of those educators who were on the speed of what happened.
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>> i went to president to newtown, and the grief was tangible. it was a physical thing you could feel. it is difficult to talk about even right now. in the last few weeks, there was an information, there was haunting details from the shooter who was clearly a young man suffering from sight mental health issues, and yet his mother, nancy lanza kept weapons in the house, took her son to the shooting range, she even planned to buy him a gun for christmas last year. she says, quote, you would want treatment for someone like that. he was isolated from everyone but his mother, and she did not have the understanding. i know it is sensitive because she is the one that he killed
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that day, but is that mother correct? should nancy lanza have stepped up more? >> nancy lanza probably needed help herself. and it certainly, as a parent, of four children, i can speak eternally about the challenges of parenting. not in this kind of situation, but easy to say in hindsight what she should have done. the point is what society should have done is reach out to adam lanza and provide the diagnosis and treatment that we would hope a civilized country would provide. that is directly, i think, relevant to these tapes. as well as the investigative report that it ought to be common ground.
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that they have to do more to provide mental health outreach and treatment. i'm glad that the mental health regulations finally, four years late, have been released by the administration, but the need for adam lanza to have received help so that like him, other dangerous people may be helped before they commit these crimes. >> last january, senator, just a few weeks after the tragedy, support for stricter gun control was at 55%. now according to a poll released today, that number has dropped to 49%. back in december of 1993, 70% of americans supported stricter regulations on gun ownership. what's going on? your side of this debate is losing the public opinion war. >> i'm not so sure that my side of the debate, in favor of
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sensible, common sense issues to control gun violence is losing the debate. we need to prevent gun violence. i think the vast majority of american people, 80 or 90% of people believe that mental health background checks. and gun owners are in favor of sensible mental health nichetives and i have helped to lead this effort with republican and democratic colleagues like kelly iyot, and we also need to be mindful of the lessons of that tame. those tape that's have been released. the speed of this massacre was enabled by an assault weapon and a high capacity magazine or a series of magazines that allowed
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him to kill 20 beautiful children and six educators in a matter of minutes. that speed comes across on the tape as well. the community is still healing on this one year anniversary. they still feel the horrific tragedy of that unbelievable day. and i think that will last awhile. and i hope that the polls will reflect on the lessons that we need to take away. >> all right, senator blumenthal, thank you. cnn will broadcast part of the calls when it is been reviewed.
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cold, yes. 12 degrees is the high here in boulder, colorado today. we're talking about dangerously cold temperatures as we head into the evening hours, jake. we hear it is supposed to get down into negative nine degrees tonight. on this day in history, the lowest temperature recorded was negative one on december 4. so it's not usually this cold at this time of year, and particularly for how long we're expecting it to be cold. we're not expecting to see temperatures above freezing for the next several days. really we're talking about teens and single digits. this is going to melt, and under the snow is a lot of ice. people have been working here to try to clear that snow and ice before it dips under zero tonight. we have avalanche danger right
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now in the high country. treacherous road conditions that shut down a couple main roads through the mountain passes, and even beaver creek resort had to cancel downhill training today. it was not good enough conditions for the world class skiers to practice in the snow. temperatures continue to get colder and colder as this storm system just sits other colorado right now, jake. >> in human terms, does it feel like your fears are going to fall off? your face is numb? >> reporter: to give you a better sense. let me take off my glove. i have four layers of jackets on, and i'm just warm enough to
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be out here for about ten minutes at a time. >> we appreciate the live shot. get indoors. >> we want to bring in chad meyers. a lot of our viewers are wondering if that weather is coming for me. >> the answer for most of you, except for the east coast, that cold air is sinking south and east. it doesn't get to colorado and western colorado to california, but it all points east from there. minneapolis it's snowing. and they had 20 inches in duluth. let me show you a live shot right now from minnesota. that's how much you can see of minneapolis. that is from st. cloud looking over to minneapolis. what a mess. yellow stone montana right now, jake, is three below zero.
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anchorage, alaska, is 20. and in dallas, it's 80. this is what western colorado looks like. at least it's moving because yesterday at this time i-70 was completely shut down. there was not a car moving east or west there. nine in denver. go to oklahoma, now. 27, the other side of oklahoma, 77, the same state, 27 to 77, and denver from nine, dallas down to 80. it will be colder tomorrow, farther south to the east. we'll see the battle zone here on this blue line. snow on that side, ice right through here, and it will rain all day, all night for the so h southeastesout southeastesout
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southeastesout southea southeastern coast. the ice is going to begin in dallas. it is going to memphis and by the time is gets cold enough to make ice in new york, the moisture will be gone. so that's some good news, it will just be a cold front that rolls by. by the time we get to new york city, it's essentially over. >> i'm expecting dennis quaid to come running out warning of the end of the world. what is this awkward exchange he had with women in japan. and billy joel gets the celion dion treatment. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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>> welcome back. chaos is paving the way for jihadist as they fight in syria. there is concerns that those with tied to al qaeda are
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seizing the opportunity to set up shop. they're worried these groups could be a threat to israel and europe. including some of the same people fighting syrian president bashar al assad. needless to say, it's a tall order to expect immediate action from the white house. they say there are already strategies in place for the rise of the militant groups in the region. the nsa says of course it's not spying on the cell phones of american citizens, but if it happens to be one of the five billion tracked every day, that pledge doesn't apply to you. top secret documents provided by edward snowden says they gather those billions of records from across the road and help them track the movements of certain people and uncover what may be
1:26 pm
dama dangerous. they say they do, incidently, obtain location information on certain phones. one manager told the post they gather information from tens of millions of americans that travel abroad with their phones every year. >> vice president joe biden continues his excellent adventure arriving in china overnight. biden told the chinese later that the u.s. does not recognize their air defense zone over the east china sea. they also talked about the nuclear issue. no word if he was able to confirm if he sacked his uncle. i spoke with jon huntsman who left that post to seek the republican nomination in 2012. i asked him what he made of biden's diplomatic efforts.
1:27 pm
>> so his language chosen is deeply concerning. >> yeah, that's the terminology. a lot of what goes on with our ally japan and korea to some extent is absolutely critical at this point. and the language used, i think was appropriate given the circumstances. now it will play out in beijing. the new leader of china was asked who we got to know on a personal level. xi was vice president before he was president of china. it's quite unusual for the head of china to accord this amount of time to the president of the united states. so he is giving him a private dinner, he spent two hours with him in a bilateral meeting. so that is taking us all in a direction that defines parameters around the drama playing out in the east china
1:28 pm
sea. how do you get them talking? how do you build confidence and greater trust between the players in the region. how do you come up with a protocol for diffusing attention. it's difficult and the only way to make it better is by the united states having the conversation with china that no one else can have. >> the u.s. agreed to comply with china's air identification zone. some people say that's the wrong message to send and it conveys weakness to the chinese. what do you think? the administration started out by doing the right thing. they sent a couple b-52s on a free of navigation mission. that happened immediately. that was the right thing to do. i think there was a miscue for how we handle aviation. it was at odds with what japan was doing. >> and you can see more of my
1:29 pm
interview with jon huntsman on erin burnett out front. let's check on our political panel in the green room. it's been more than four decades since bill clinton's carefree days as a students. he was asked once again about that time. he didn't inhale, his answer was still hazy, aren't we past this as a nation? >> no, i think it still needs to be a high priority for us. and it all depends on what your definition of inhale is. [ female announcer ] thanks for financing my first car.
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welcome back to "the lead." one way to get the 2016 rumor mill going is promising you're not running for president.
1:34 pm
elizabeth warren said i pledge to serve out my term. i'm not running for president. margaret carlson, anna navaro, and gloria borger. i believe he went back on the show he announced it and said he was reconsidering. >> the did use the word pledge. and she did sign a letter with the other women, democratic senators urging hillary clinton to run. today he used the word pledge, and i think that's a hard thing to get out of. should hillary clinton decide not to run, there is a large opening, people want a woman --
1:35 pm
i think pledge is tough to go back on. >> hillary clinton is second after vice president biden. a lot of people have never heard of her. why do people like her? >> she said that financial melt down there was a culprit and they had to pay. there was 100 pictures of her on that cover, and we knew she was becoming famous, but there is that element where she is the only one that made it her business to come take on the banks. >> and i have to say, again, we're talking about 2016 and we're not talking about joe biden. with pundants and democrats for years. >> at least this week we saw
1:36 pm
him. we have not seen him be active on syria or iran -- >> he is in china right now. >> every time we see him he sticks his foot in his mouth. >> i believe that biden would be a very serious contender if hillary clinton decides not to run. i think it's hard for a vice president, and -- >> there is a piece of polling, clinton 63%, biden, 12%, that is a huge drop off, 63 to 12. let's talk about the sound of joe biden, what he said in japan. headlines are mostly about this comment he made to japanese women, there is a more serious issue going on, this is what he said to to women in japan at their job.
1:37 pm
>> do your husbands like you working full-time? >> a lot of republicans say if a republican said that the gop war on women would be out there again, fair call? >> that part is true. but look, it's joe biden, we have all gotten accustomed to this. it's like crazy uncle joe at the table that says things that make you chuckle, cringe, sometimes they're okay. we're used to it. we know this him being joe biden. >> i think governor christie broad broadened the list of things that you can say and get away with. obama had the experience where joe decided that his policy on gay marriage was going to change. >> they're genuine in two
1:38 pm
different ways. >> and we started talking about it more and more seriously if hillary gets out -- >> he just spent five-and-a-half hours with the president of china. i don't know who was doing most of the talking during that meeting, but that's important. five-and-a-half hour meeting. a dinner -- you know this is where joe biden's experience on foreign relations committee, former chairman comes in. he has a personal relationship with this guy, so yes, he does say something like that. by the way, we're always complaining that our politicians are not candid. so you get a guy who is not candid and we complain about his candor. >> we are only talking about the blunder. we're not talking about what might have occurred in the meeting. >> yeah. we did cover it earlier, and we
1:39 pm
will cover it more with jon huntsman. he is a serious guy, but these gaffs get in the way. >> while we're talking about candor, let's talk about bill clinton and comments he made a few decades ago. he said this about experimenting while a student in england decades ago. >> i experimented with marijuana a few times, and i didn't like it, i didn't inhale. >> so he again tried to clarify. >> i told the truth, i thought it was funny. >> so this one doobie or whatever is haunting the president. marijuana is now legal in states in this country, should the media let it go? >> yes, by the time 2016 rolls
1:40 pm
round, we're all going to claim whether we inhaled or not. >> we'll all be high for that election. >> i'm surprised he was at all defensive about it. let it go. >> one last thing, i want to bring in the sound from vice president cheney asked about this feud between his daughters, listen. >> we, you know, we are surprised when there was an attack launched against liz on facebook. it was always launched in the family because that is our preference. >> doesn't he sound like the godfather. we like to deal with it it in the family. this is clearly embarrassing for him.
1:41 pm
he is to the left of liz cheney on gay marriage. >> the attacks were -- >> he supports mary on the issue, but -- >> you know -- >> politics is the business we have chosen. >> another godfather reference, i appreciate it. coming up next, a frat house in the heart of capitol hill. the guys living in it are some of the most powerful members of congress. plus, not a new album in 20 years. ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx.
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welcome back to "the lead." this is a true story. four congressman were picked to live in a house. what happens when politicians stop being polite and start getting real. "alpha house" is inspired by the
1:46 pm
living arrangements of four congressmen. the series is nothing like their lives, but it doesn't mean they don't enjoy their fair share of made for tv moments. dana bash took a tour of the real alpha house. >> paint peeling off of the walls, sheets for blinds. an ancient stove with a giant hole. what looks and feels like the most run down house on cam pus -- >> dick durbin and chuck schumer, the second and third ranging senate democrats live here together. their landlord and third roommate is george miller. the house is so legendary it inspired a new tv series, alpha
1:47 pm
house. except the senate roommates are republicans. >> we want to say they are nothing like us. don't even begin to think so. >> when people see this house, they will no. >> miller, the owner, started taking in ten gnats more than 30 years ago. the house has not been updated sense. >> we stopped bying lps. the same exact records are there now as the day i moved in in 1982. >> the products -- this is a cassette player. >> this is my medicine cabinet here. >> i didn't know you were a metrosexual. >> schumer's stuff is all over the living room. >> this is where you sleep every
1:48 pm
night? >> every night. >> and you wake up to barack obama starring you in the face? >> exactly. >> senator durbin did out you a little bit, he said this is the most you ever made your bed. >> and the blinds are particularly beautiful. a guy can see the weather. it's a special effect. >> the phone is still plugged in but has not worked in years. 547-5413. >> he is always saving money. >> their couch was a money saver too. >> my son wanted to throw it away. he put it out in the trash and it had to be 14 years old, but it's the best thing we have. >> that bridge -- >> it's a lethal weapon. >> no wonder they have a problem with rats. >> the rats may have done that.
1:49 pm
>> how many did you have? >> i had a dream two nights ago that the rats were -- >> i thought they were in the senate, i didn't know they came to the house. >> what wear is this? >> ben franklin gave that to us. >> since this is not a kitchen fit for cooking, they take the easy route, cold cereal. >> they have breakfast together, watch sports at night. >> i come in about midnight from my office usually. and then -- >> you know by design. >> this is what they have on their counter -- >> screws and a random pill. and a pen in case you need one. >> yes, it's modern art. >> it's hard to bieve so much prominent politicians live in these conditions. >> they're only in washington about three nights a week.
1:50 pm
>> what makes it work? >> your friends. we love it, it's home. so dana, i did this story about six years ago for abc, and i don't think they have changed anything. miller's room is okay. >> i didn't go up there. >> but i think people would be very surprised to see how they live, particularly schumer. >> the flip side is that a lot of pe look at politicians and think they live like kings. some do, but they don't. that is an understatement. >> so when i did it, durbin killed a rat and he said it on tv and he got an angry letter from peta. >> that doesn't surprise me. so i'm sure the angry letters are coming. so people who are his descendents, because they make
1:51 pm
fun of him too. >> thank you. >> it works for them. >> coming up, who knew that saying grace could be so profitable. why norman rockwell is back in the headlines. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill, and my fico® credit score's on here. yeah, you've got our discover it card, so you get your fico® score on your monthly statements now, for free! that's nice of you! it's a great way to stay on top of your credit, and make sure things look the way they should. awesomesauce! huh! my twin sister always says that. wait...lisa?
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now my hands look great. [ female announcer ] gold bond intensive hand cream.
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so before you buy, go to to make sure that sales price... is a great price. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit welcome back, what does billy joel have in common with the new york knicks? joel is now officially a new york city franchise. he signed on to play a concert at madison square garden once a month indefinitely. it's all part of a growing trend where big name artists stop going on the road and let the road come to them. >> celine dion, elton, and cher.
1:56 pm
once they happen in vegas, they often stay there. casinos pay big bucks to get exclusive rights to a entertainer for weeks or years. and then they get to build the show of their dreams. >> tuesday night sin city pulled out all of the stops for it's newest recruit, britney spears. she will perform for two years at planet hollywood, nearly 100 shows total. >> we're always looking fortop entertainment. the value is having big name artists in the city, at the property. >> the residency business is great for tourism for these cities because people are making a specific choice to choose
1:57 pm
vegas over another city or destination to see their favorite act. >> spears has the strip, but it isn't great for everybody. billy joel is more of an east coast guy. he played at madison square garden 46 times. >> it never gets old. >> now he will make it a monthly tradition for as long as it keeps selling. >> they provide a unique and memorable show every night. >> now audiences without the hassle of big cities is a draw. >> people come from all over the world to see it. >> best show in lfg. >> donny and marie osmond settled in las vegas.
1:58 pm
>> i retired from having to just haul myself all over the world. she like other big names opted for the coliseum at caesars. >> it's a lot of work and time to spend nights in a hotel room away from your families. >> it's a safe bet for promoters too if they play their cards right. elton john's first show was so good, they invited him back. karlos santana also did it twice. first at planet hollywood, then at the hard rock cafe. >> se lean dion earned $400 million. her second show began in 2007 and has just been extended to 2019. billy joel sold out his first four shows around. >> britney spears in vegas, what
1:59 pm
could go wrong? the tragic death of paul walker put the latest installment of his movie franchise on hold. he starred in all but one of the six previous films. he was killed over the weekend when the car he was riding in slammed into a light pole and burst into flames. in 1951, norman rockwell got paid for a portrait "saving grace." today is fetched $46 million at auction. "saying grace" is one of several works sold today by the family of his long-time art director. make sure to follow me on twitter @jaketapper.
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and also at @thelead. also check out our facebook page. that's it for "the lead," i'm jake tapper. thank you, happening now, police withheld 911 recordings from the newtown massacre. there is controversy about whether or not the audio should ever be heard. what impact will it have and why release them now? tens of millions of americans are about to see temperatures plummet by 60 degrees or more in a matter of hours. sub zero temperatures, snow, and ice. cities not terribly used to the cold. where is this weather now and could it be headed toward you. will have be charges in that deadly new york train derailment. he broke down, reportedly filled with