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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  December 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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throughout my whole take on this go, to i wrote an op-ed there. much more news now with "new day sunday." >> until this really stops, i don't think we'll see any improvement at all. >> it's not over. just as the south begins to thaw from a massive ice storm, a new system moves into the northeast bringing snow, sleet, and ice. the bulls eye for this wicked weather? our nation's capital. ♪ >> it's a dare of prayer in south africa as the country mourns the loss of a legend. we're live in johannesburg, remembering mandela. and some dysfunction to
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destiny in a tense battle. auburn claims the ssec title ovr missouri. but will they go all the way? the bcs title is at stake. >> i hope you're waking up to a winning team. let's put it that way. i'm not -- it does not feel good. >> i knew that before i asked the question though. >> i know! good morning, everybody. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 out west. this is "new day sunday." >> might be one of the days you just want to peek out the window and stay inside. we're talking about ice and snow. and just the cold fact for a large part of the eastern united states that's what it is today. >> yeah. but beyond it just being annoying and in the way, it is dangerous. seven deaths are being blamed or linked to the storm. look for ice and snow to make driving really risky from southern ohio all the way to washington, d.c. and before the day is done, the
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system will slide north to philly, new york, boston. there's going to be this mixture of ice and sleet and snow and rain and all the junk you really don't want to deal with on the roads. had is dallas. look at this. miles of drivers stuck on interstate 35 for up to ten hours. i can't even deal with a ten-hour drive much less sitting in one spot for ten hours. the storm also led to hundreds of canceled flights, left thousands of people without power. >> so we want to go north a little bit, northeast, to cnn's torre dunnian in roanoke, virginia. that storm is moving in there. so i'm wondering what you're seeing now as compared to say an hour ago. does it feel any different? >> so, christie, you know, it does feel a little bit colder after hearing you guys talk. the theme of the day for most people is going to be think warm thoughts. i have to tell you, i'm thinking about hawaii, headed there for the holidays. let's talk about what is happening here. a little bit of a different
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story. take a look at the they are mom per. it's gone down in the past few hours since we started talking this morning. now closer to 34 or so. that is really going to be the concern. if it dips below freezing, they're expecting really a thick layer of ice. it's going to be dangerous for driving conditions. they also are talking about obviously the fact that ice gathers on power lines and trees and things like that. i want to show you this. so far, obviously, we're not seeing that yet this morning. from the storm really, it moved from kentucky to the east coast. it's going all the way up the east coast. it's going to be nasty conditions for everyone. they've had a lot of preparations for this. de-icing the roadways ahead of time. and also at the airport, they have staff that is working on 24-hour shifts here. so far, no delays there. but we'll keep a close eye on everything on this very cold morning. >> all right, torre dunnan. for the folks not headed to hawaii for the holidays, a mai
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tai does it. it will warm you up. >> turn up the heat, i suppose. >> let's bring in jennifer grey. >> jennifer, my parents just left yesterday to drive home from atlanta to ohio. and i'm so grateful they got there. >> good. >> yeah, because they really, really got in before it got bad. we are seeing the second wave continuing to push up into the northeast. and so already seeing snow across portions of the south even and northern arkansas and into missouri. this is just around now we're expected to see the ice and snow continue to develop as we go through the day to dayment and then by 5:00 this afternoon, you can see freezing rain, sleet, really pushing into the d.c. area. they could see anywhere from a quarter inch to eye haa half in ice. we could see power outages anywhere from northern virginia through d.c. and then up into the northeast. and then by the time it makes it to new york city and boston, it will be more of a wintry mix. they could still deal with sleet and snow though as we go through the overnight into monday
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morning. and then it basically turns into a rain event as we head through monday. more rain for the southeast even on monday as well. so what we're looking at for snow totals, up to five inches across portions of minneapolis and des moines, milwaukee and then lesser amounts, one to two inches, as we get around the d.c. area. we'll be watching this over the next couple of days. >> all right. jennifer grey, thank you. people around the world are mourning the death of former south african president nelson mandela. the current president in south african is urging his country to celebrate mandela and everything he stood for. millions of people across the country are doing just that. ♪ these are the streets of johannesburg earlier. they gathered in places of
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worship, homes and places all over south africa to honor mandela. world leaders are preparing to do the same as well. president obama, a trio of former u.s. presidents will attend mandela's memorial service on tuesday. we go to johhannesburg now. you've been discussing this move and what it meendz to spend the next few days celebrating nelson mandela. tell us more about that and what you've been seeing today. >> well, you can hear it as well. this constant lament, this constant song of thanks just around me here in the streets. people continue to come here. it's becoming like a pilgrimage, i think. and just remember, this is a very suburban street in a quiet wealthy area of johannesburg and ten blocks that way, eight blocks that way, people are parking their cars and walking,
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pushing strollers, bringing their children along, elderly people coming with bouquets of flowers. others have picked flouers from their gardens. this is a very south african affair. it's a mandela's south africa. it is such a multiracial crowd. you have people from all walks of life. and i think if there is ever any tribute to nelson mandela and the leadership that he showed more than 20 years ago when he brought this nation together is literally behind me. look at this picture. listen to it. this is his legacy. >> yes. and we'll hear more about the legacy at the event that's are scheduled throughout the week. we know it's middle of the afternoon there. the mandela family is expected to give an update this hour on funeral arrangements. have they given that update or are we still expecting that? >> we are waiting for that update from the family. yesterday they just said their thanks. they said he had time for everybody, kings and queens, great and good.
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and i think we're going to hear that kind of comment again. in terms of the schedule for the next few days, we're going to see all the heads of state coming on tuesday along with 90,000 south africans packed into that soccer stadium. and then, you know, the actual state funerals which takes place in a remote rural area where nelson mandela wanted to be buried. we're going to be seeing all of those events as well as nelson mandela lying in state for three days during the week at the union buildings which is the seat of government here where he took oath as the first black president. i think also what's important to remember when we look at all of this and the fact that churches, synagogues, temples, mosques across this country, the pavements have become prayer circles, just remember nelson mandela was not a religious man. in fact his daughter told me that he really didn't believe in god. he believed in infinity.
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this is a man who really used his own self-confidence, his own inner discipline, his own strength rather than faith. i think everybody around here is acknowledging that. he in a way has become like some sort of spiritual myth at the moment. >> robin, we're going to expand that conversation about forgiveness which many people associate with nelson mandela in the realm of religion and outside of religion. thank you, robin. now i don't know if you heard about this south carolina sheriff who is defying president obama's order to lower the american flag to honor nelson mandela until sunset tomorrow. we're talking about the sheriff rick clark who says he doesn't think it's right. >> the show of sign of respect for what nelson mandela has done. i have no problem with lowering it in south africa and our country, but it is our people who sacrifice for our country. >> while has rare for a u.s. president to order flags lowered
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for a nonu.s. citizen, it has happened. george bush did it for pope john paul ii and bill clinton did it for yitzhak rabin. president johnson lowered flags for winston churchill. still to come on "new day," last night florida state didn't just beat duke, who did you pick in that game? >> let's not talk about that. >> they crushed duke. check out the quarterback there. hurdling over the defense for the touchdown en route to victory. highlights, upsets from all of saturday's big games. that's coming up. plus, exploring mandela's message of forgiveness. we're going to talk about what it means to forgive. and if it matters why you choose to do it. ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪
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all right. a cold morning across its northeast. nfl games going on. and we are going to see the eagle hosting detroit a little later this afternoon. at 1:00, it is going to be cold. temperatures at kickoff, 34 degrees. possible snow and sleet across the area. and then we have the redskins at kansas city going off. kickoff, 30 degrees, freezing
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rain and sleet. very chili in denver, a cold 12 degrees. it is going to be a cold sunday for nfl football, guys. it is just going to be brutal. >> yes. >> so let's talk college football. >> let's talk it. >> let's warm it up with some college football. >> yesterday was a big day. it seems now that national championship is set, right? >> yeah. >> i think there is little debate about who is playing in the national championship game. >> huge upset though, joe. >> i know. i know you feel bad. ohio state, unbelievable. they didn't lose a game in two years. >> thinking for the twitters followers. they say come on, give me a little moment. >> you know, ohio state certainly picked a bad time to lose their first game in 24 games. all they needed is one more win and they would have been playing florida state in the national championship. >> just one more win. >> oh, yeah! >> they were up by a touchdown in the third quarter. but then michigan state came
5:15 am
roaring back and upset ohio state. so now michigan state is headed to its first rose bowl in 25 years. ohio state heads to the couch. in celebration of the first rose bowl in a quarter century, msu students burned couches, tree branches and anything else they could find. east lansing police had to show up in riot gear. no injuries reported. just good old fashioned american celebration. love that. >> this is the scene of the iconic landmark, the trees may be gone. but the tradition continues. all that white stuff, toilet paper. yep. they're headed to the national championship game. of course because auburn took care of business earlier in the day by beating missouri in a 59-42 shootout. what a remarkable game that was. and what a remarkable turn around it's been for auburn. 0-8 last year in the sec.
5:16 am
now they're 12-1 overall sec champs and now headed to pasadena where i'll see them in the national championship game against the number one team in the country, florida state. winston, of course, the heisman favorite. he led his team to a very easy win over florida state. florida state, of course, the acc champs. they finish regular season a perfect 13-0. so very little debate about who the two teams will be in the national championship. guys, this marks the end of an era. the bcs is over. say good-bye. all the college football fans complaining about it can complain no more. next year it goes to a four team play-off. something a lot of football fans were wanting. they want a true national champion. then 8-12, 16 and so on. >> yeah. >> beyond the championship, we have an award to hand out ourselves today. this is the award of the day. now before the games yesterday these three came out on top. >> we don't know what happened to victor. >> i deposit really know much about the teams. i admit, i don't know much about college football.
5:17 am
>> i like your honesty. >> so we have the skill and we have some beginners who were choosing, beginner's luck. jennifer, doini don't think it' luck -- >> she really is skilled at college football. >> i'll admit that. >> i did guess maybe one of the games. >> so here's the standings. joe missed the missouri game. christy, ohio state. we already talked about that. >> i do not -- >> that is betting with your heart. if i didn't vote for them, my mother would have disowned me. and then there is the duke pick. >> i just want to be different. i thought what good is it? if i have to lose, i lose. >> i don't want to go to vegas with you. wayne to go vegas with you. >> exactly. congratulations to jennifer. >> thank you. you're the winner. >> imaginary trophy. >> yes, bragging rights. >> thank you. >> joe, jennifer, thank you. all right. so we're talking live with the new host of cnn's reliable
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hey, you know, we want to welcome brian stetler to cnn. he is the new host of "reliable sourc sources." >> every sunday. brian, good to have you. welcome to cnn. >> thank you. great to be here. >> so each week you're going to talk about the top stories and
5:22 am
media's approach to those stories. for your first ever "reliable sources," you're looking at the one year anniversary of the events in newtown, sandy hook. >> that's right. we are looking both back a wum days at the 911 tapes that were released this week were excruciating to hear and then looking forward to the anniversary and wondering if news organizations are going to come into newtown and use the town as backdrop for the coverage of the anniversary. cnn says they're not going to come to the down that day. they don't want to disrupt the families that are there. but it's an interesting media ethics ish u that we're going to talk to a reporter who actually lives in newtown. >> everybody remembers where they were, you know, when they heard about what is happening. you just couldn't walk away from your tv. i want to know -- >> all i wanted to do that day is go and hug my mom. >> and my kids. yeah. it was -- i lost it a couple
5:23 am
times on air. i'll admit it. that is one of the toughest days on air for me ever. i know that you're also going to be talking -- or did you talk, rather, you had an exclusive with ryan seacrest. >> that's right. i kind of sum up "reliable sources." we cover the wide spectrum of media from media ethics to entertainment. i asked him about the today show. a couple years ago there was a lot of talk, reporters whether he was ever going to co-host the "today show"ment i asked him fit was still a possibility. his answer surprised me. >> look, i mean, as far as i'm concerned, everything is -- i hope everything is a possibility. you know, i like to leave every door open. if it is open, i think that is up to them to decide. >> yeah. you've been contributing a few pieces. >> yeah. i certainly -- i am a type of person that likes to try and leave every door open. and say yes to as many things as i can. so hopefully, you know if, that
5:24 am
door is open, sure. >> but it is the kind of show that you'd enjoy doing? >> i like -- >> i wonder sometimes if you're too big for the "today" show. you have too much going on already. >> well, i like live broadcasting. i think that, you know, morning shows have evolved. there's been a paradigm shift in the style of the shows. the style of show that i watched when i was a kid and you watched when you were a kid is a little bit different than it is now. so, yeah, i'm hoping to. >> here's the context of that. his nbc deal is coming up in a few months. of course, the "today" show, matt lauer is some day going to leave. people wonder if ryan is the kind of ghi could replace hill. >> many people know your name from "the new york times" and covering media and now your face is on television. it will be every week. >> yes. >> tell us about this transition from print to television. has it been a challenge? >> it's been easier than i expected. the makeup is still taking time
5:25 am
to get used to. but there is a similarity that i discovered. in print, the newspaper has to come out every day. on television, the deadline is even more severe. it has to come out every minute. it reminds me of the paperweight that my high school newspaper editor gave me. she said -- it had the best words i ever seen about journalism. it said says, the greatest inspiration is the deadline. i think that is true in television and in newspapers. >> isn't that truth? brian stelter, host of "reliable sources." >> welcome to the cnn family. we're so glad to have you here, brian. good luck today with your first program. 11:00 a.m. eastern, people. yep, 11:00 a.m. eastern. we'll be watching, brian. >> still to come on "new day," finding the strength to forgive. >> yeah. we're going to examine one of nelson mandela's most enduring messages and discover how to live it in our own lives. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
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you're history. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. gets to the root of dandruff and hydrates the scalp. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. all right. bottom of the hour. hearty hello to you on this sunday. i'm christi paul. >> usually you say hello! >> well, people recognize it. >> we all recognize it from you doing it now. here are five things you need to know for your new day. a serious story for a lot of people. brutal winter storm going to blast the eastern u.s. with ice and snow and sleet today. washington, philadelphia, new york, boston, all about to be hit. making the monday morning commute, of course, a tricky one. seven deaths are linked to this storm. >> do be careful out there. number two, in southern
5:30 am
california today, thousands of fans of paul walker expected to attend a memorial at the site of the actor's fiery car crash. police say speed may have been a factor in last week's crash. walker's friend who was driving was also killed. >> he vafrpg lift billy graham's health has taken a turn for the worst. that is according to his son franklin. he said his taernlg got an infection just after his 95 rnlg birthday and has not been able to get his strength back. his dad is generally doing well for his age but he is extremely weak. number four, u.n. inspectors expected to wrap up work at a key nuclear facility and then return to vienna. iran signed a major accord on the nuclear program with western powers last month. today's inspection is the first since that deal was struck. even though that was something outside that deal. >> a bi-product of the deal. number five, south africans are celebrating nelson mandela
5:31 am
during a national day of prayer. they've gathered in churches and mosques and synagogues all across the nation to pay tribute to south africa's first black president and icon of reconciliation and forgiveness. president obama and george bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter will attend tuesday's memorial service for mandela. naz johannesburg. church mass from the church of nativity in bethlehem. ♪ that mass will also happen, i think we have pictures of that. the death of nelson mandela has led many to reflect on really what it means to forgive. and what it means to be forgiven. and when mandela walked out of prison after 27 years, brutal years behind bars, he forgave his jailers. he let go of the pain and regret and hurt. >> and, you know what? that's not an easy thing to do
5:32 am
for any of us in our lives based on if somebody has hurt us. a lot of us will never -- know what exactly that was like. but we get that hurt and that pain and how do you forgive? how do you get over it? to discuss, we are joined by brent stron who teaches bible and theology at the canvas school and in new york we have a clinical psychologist. thank you both so much for being with us. i want to read a quote to you here from mandela about forgiveness real quick. it is, "as i walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, i knew if i didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind i'd still be in prison." so, brent, what do you take from that? there's a lot of truth to that, isn't there? we're keeping ourselves hold up when we don't let it go. >> yeah. forgiveness is super hard, like you said. i mean you can't be cavalier about that. in the bible and theology,
5:33 am
christianity, its not cavalier about how hard it is to forgive. yet, it's imperative. it says in the scriptural text to forgive. in the new testament, jesus makes it a command that one must forgive if one wants to be forgiven and that includes in a personal recommendationship and that includes the relationship with the divine. >> want to preface this by saying i don't want people to think that i am questioning the motive of nelson mandela what i ask this question. it takes a lot to go and have tea with the widow of the man who created the apartheid system. but, jeff, the question is, does it matter if the forgiveness is based on religion or even if it is based on some moral codes, sometimes if it's just xpeeda to forgive and move on to get to another goal? does it matter? >> i don't think it matters at all. i think, of course, nelson mandela had religion and spurt you'll alt. so that certainly helped him. but he also had a political
5:34 am
agenda. so we're talking victor a little bit of both here. he knew in order to destroy apartheid, in order to change the world, he had to look at forgiving his jailers. he had to leave that hate behind so he could be much more effective with regard to his agenda. but the fact is that it's not just about forgiving the other person that is important. the most important thing is that you're able to move on. you're able to let go of that anger and fear. you're a more efficient and happier person because that old saying of he who has hate, if you have hate for a person, that person will own you. >> isn't that the truth? you know, one of the things that i learned in my own life and the hardest thing for me to get about forgiveness is you can forgive someone and still cut them out of your life. you know if, somebody is dangerous for you in your life, if they're not a good person to have in your life, you can still
5:35 am
cut them out. you're allowed to do that. it doesn't make them suddenly safe four just because you forgive them, right? isn't it a defense mechanism. what does the bible say about that? >> forgiveness is not the same as forgetting. it is not a biblical max yum. we say it but not found in the bible. some things are so profoundly hurtful and bad that you're instructed no the to forget them. can you forgive them but not forget them. as you say, you have to protect yourself and make sure these things never happen again. but also because it keeps you thankful that you're not in that circumstance anymore if you remember what it was like. i think forgetting is not always a part of the equation. but rather changing our activity towards people. it's not just how we feel about them. but what we do towards them and can we avoid escalating or retaliating or seeking revenge rather letting that go, as you said. that's something we can do even if we don't ever forget.
5:36 am
>> how do we do that? don't you wonder? >> how do we start that conversation? even if it's internal? if it's intrainspective to forgive someone. often the people we have a grudge against don't even know it. they're going on about their life and don't know that we're so angry or so held by that resentment. jeff, how do you start the process of forgiveness? >> you start a day at a time. you know that if you let that anger go just for that day, don't worry about tomorrow. that will take care of itself. but the most important thing in getting rid of that anger is what nelson mandela did. you change your perception. instead of seeing that person as being very hateful, instead, you feel sorry for them because you know that they're also a victim. those jailers were also victims of apartheid. and that's why he was able to reach out to them and show them that they were living under an oppressive system that turned them into monsters.
5:37 am
so that's where that forgiveness comes in. because it's not about you. it's about them. and their hurt that makes them do something that can be so hateful. >> you know, we talk about a lot of what we're talking about is a post robin island mandela. a prerobin island mandela was probably more of an eye for an eye person than turn the other cheek. >> and that's what i wanted to ask you about. that's in the bible. there seems to be some people say conflicting messages. you have an eye for an eye in the old testament. then we have turn the other cheek. so can those two ideas even co-exist? is one better than the -- is one more important than the other? >> eye for an eye in the legal material of the old testament is really a way to limit a payback in crime scenarios. it is found throughout the afrpg enlt world in legal materials. so if someone committed a crime and they poked your eye out, you could poke their eye out but you couldn't kill them. there is a way to contain
5:38 am
escalation of violence or reparation. so it really doesn't have anything to do with forgiveness. and, of course, the old testament and new testament have a lot with proper care towards the enemies. if your enemy is hungry, give them food. if he's thirsty, feed him. one key thing about the biblical material and the way they talk about the enemies, there's a lot wlaf we would say is angry rhetoric about one's enemies in the psalms. even violent things are said. i think to jeff's point, it's a way that the ancient israelites worked through the contact of prayer, not with an angry fist toward their neighbor. it's a way to con taint violence and lit it go. let it go but don't let it own you and make it part of a different relationship. >> wow. >> dr. jeff gardier, thank you so much. brent strom, thank you as well. >> so glad to have both of you
5:39 am
here. >> great conversation. for more on faith, be sure to check out our belief blog at another major music group has pulled out of a show at sea world. part now says that a cnn documentary led to that decision. we'll explain. you're watching "new day sunday." [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too!
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i don't know if people really want to feel this moment in washington. >> it's beautiful. merry christmas, everybody. come on! >> oh, christi paul with the christmas card here.
5:43 am
here we have the white house. you can see the snow coming down as jennifer grey told us all morning that the storm is moving east. new york, philly, boston, you're all under the gun. we'll talk about that laterment but also, good news this morning. korean war veteran detained in north korea for more than a month is waking up in america in his home. 85-year-old newman returned home yesterday. n newman was pulled off a plane and detained in october. that is just as his group was getting ready to fly back home. >> it's been a great, great homecoming. and i'm tired. i'm ready to be with my family now. and thank you all for the support. >> and there at the airport in san francisco, newman also called for the release of another american. this man kenneth bay. bay has been in north korea's custody since last year. the rock band heart has become now the third major act
5:44 am
to pull out of a show at sea world. >> ann and nancy wilson say they made the move after cnn aired our documentary. it shows sea world exploits marine mammals. earlier willie nelson and bare naked ladies pulled the plug on their shows. >> airplane passenger got a big surprise when he nodded off during a united express flight. >> he was flying from louisiana to california to see his sister, we know. had a layover in houston. he fell asleep and he says he got left behind, locked on the plane. >> i don't know how this happens. >> i don't either. >> i woke up and the lights were out. i was like what's going on? >> somehow everybody got off the flight without noticing this man was still sitting in his seat. he made it out after his girlfriend called the airline, united express. they're now investigating. when i fall asleep on a plane, i always wake up when we land.
5:45 am
that landing wakes me up. >> that's true. >> he clearly was in a deep sleep. >> very deep. >> and was not snoring. >> and they left him there. michael morton, if you heard that name, we've been talking about him this morning. he was convicted of murdering his wife. he spent 25 years in a prison in texas for the crime. here's the problem with that. he didn't do it. and the evidence proved it. >> it's so hard to believe that people see this, you know this is the subject of a new cnn documentary called unreal dream. take a look. >> i am probably the per son if i indication of that old axiom you remember about school that you can't prove a negative. how do you prove you didn't do something? >> how rough was it inside? >> i never liked it. but i got used to it. >> how long did it take you? >> probably 14 or 15 years. >> 14 or 15 years?
5:46 am
>> to get to where i was used to it. >> are the first years the hardest? >> the first years are hard just because it's a shock and it's new and it's constant adjustment. constant recalibration. >> you say i always thought that i would get out. what fueled the hope? >> it's difficult for me to say whether it what just faith that i knew i was right and i wasn't guilty that this would work out or just that i didn't know how deep i was in. >> you can catch an unreal dream by the way mike at mortian story tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. coming up, world leaders are watching iran this morning. u.n. inspectors, weapons inspectors are there visit one of the country's key nuclear facilities. >> and despite iran's effort to be more transparent, some u.s. lawmakers still want tougher sanctions. up next, we're going to talk
5:47 am
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5:50 am
and that certainly is huge. i know you're looking ahead to your week and wondering what is on top. tuesday, nelson mandela's memorial service in south africa. george bush, jimmy carter, bill clinton and obama all going to be on hand for that. and then wednesday, it's time for person of the year being announced much as always, editors choose the official winner. there is an online poll. for that, egypt's defense minister came out on top. others on the list include chris christie and, yes, miley cyrus. we'll see what they decide there. friday, it friday a big budget day for you? you get your paycheck, see where it's going to go. it is for congress. negotiation deadlines for it, that's what's on tap. important, of course, will
5:51 am
present a shutdown. and marking the anniversary of the sandy hook shooting. a gunman opened fire killing 26 people, most of them, as you remember, young children. then sunday, nelson mandela will be raid to rest. this funeral and burial will be on the grounds of the leader's childhood home. so in the hills where he used to run and play as a child. victor, of course, we'll be covering all of that throughout the week. >> of course. thank you. this morning u.n. weapons inspectors are on the ground in iran. iran has invited the inspectors to visit its heavy water production plant as a bi-product of the deal in geneva. this is also a deal with the international atomic energy association. the obama administration has praised iran's efforts. but a push in congress to impose tougher sanctions could complicate matters. let's bring in candy crowley. good to you have this morning.
5:52 am
your show is coming up in ten minutes. so the president said in conversation yesterday the brookings institute friday actually that he's okay with modest uranium enrichment program. how is that expected to t ed te? >> not particularly well. i do get the stlens is a willingness to back off a little over the six-month period, at least in terms of sanctions. but in terms of criticism, i think that continues. this is one of the things that israel has raised red flags about saying, you know, dmind of enrichment can lead to even more enrichment. you need less percentage less if you have a peaceful nuclear program for nuclear energy. the president of this administration seems willing to accept that. they're not -- there are some complaints on capitol hill. but in any event, i think the
5:53 am
six month period stays sanction free. as you know, congress wants to put more sanctions on them. i'm not sure that will happen. >> what happens after that, the pred said it is aut50/50 on the positi possibility of a deal. good jobs report coming out on friday. 203,000 jobs added in november. unemployment rate down to 7%. you know that cliche that success has 1,000 fathers. who is taking credit for this in d.c.? >> nobody yet. >> nobody? >> here's why. 7% unemployment is still unacceptable. and in particular, it is the long term unemployed that are of great concern both to the administration and folks on capitol hill. so it's one of those things where they say this is really good. we're on the road. things are better at least if you're on the democratic side. except for we won't stop until it's better still. republicans are saying well, look, this is better but it's
5:54 am
not good enough. so no one's really willing to claim it. i think we can say already that if this is indeed a full blown economic recovery, we're on the road. no more stops and starts, the president always gets credit and always gets blame for the economy regardless of how much he's able to turn it one way or the other. >> all right. candy crowley, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> keep it here, everybody, for "state of the union" with candy crowley. starts at the top of the hour right here on cnn. ya know, with new fedex one rate
5:55 am
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5:57 am
so let me ask you, did you
5:58 am
catch "the sound of music live." >> i didn't either. >> people on social media are none too kind about the show and carry under wood's performance. she has a voice like butter. >> she's a great singer. of course, the folks at saturday night live they gave their twist on this whole thing. >> a song is when you put notes together in a certain order and then notes of the noises you make with your mouth and that's music z that make sense? >> no! >> great. let's try it. ♪ doe a deer a female deer ♪ >> oh, no. nbc may not care much about all the hate online against "the sound of music live" though. 18.4 million people wafd the show and that is a success. now the best ratings before that, 2009, the series finale of
5:59 am
oich "e.r." >> let's bring in jennifer grey. we have this storm out there that is now moving. we saw the snow in d.c. >> incredible pictures coming out of d.c. right now. wintry mix. it's going to continue to push up the east coast. the northeast. look at those pictures right there. unbelievable. so that will be your story for today. we've also had some pictures come out of dallas where, you know, people take pictures of all the frozen things around town. and look at this. flowers. they were frozen in dallas. we had roses and all kinds of things come in. so some really pretty pictures, i guess, considering the situation there still very, very dangerous. and it's going to continue to be that way until the temperature can finally get above freezing which is going to be another day or so. >> it's always pretty when we look at it on tv or out a window. but when you have to drive in it, to travel at all, then it becomes dangerous. >> don't travel. jennifer, thank you so much. we appreciate the heads up on
6:00 am
everything today. everybody is really going to need it. thank you so much. we hope you make good memories today. >> absolutely. "state of the union" with candy crowley starts right now. thanks for being with us this morning. are we there yet? today is the season to be jolly and the president may have reason to be. >> we're moving in the right direction. >> it is for real? the lowest jobless rate in five years may mean a new political equation. a conversation with two top economists along with new york time economic writer annie lowry. >> how you doing? >> i'm good. >> and -- >> for the first time in over a decade, we have halted advances in the iranian nuclear program. >> a deal with one of the world's leading state sponsors of terror and what it might mean to the terrorism threat. republican mike mccall and democrat adam sft


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