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tv   Early Start  CNN  December 12, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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"early start" begins now. cold, cold! and cold! much of the country waking up to bitter freezing temperatures and that is not all, folks. a big snowstorm targeting the east coast. indra petersons is out in the cold tracking your winter forecast today! >> she is sampling the elements for you this morning. a budget battle waging in washington but this time it's not between republicans and democrats. it's all within the republican party. the harsh words speaker john boehner had for some of his colleagues. chaos on the streets. the nation stands on the brink as protesters battle with police demanding their president step down.
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we are live with the very latest this morning. good morning. welcome to "early start" i'm zoraida sambolin. glad you're with us. >> you're kidding! i'm john berman. she had a ten-minute battle with her computer and swearing. >> it's all revolved now. no thanks to you. hide under the blanket and do not get out of bed. revel in your snuggie. it is freezing outside for most of the country. really cold out there. adding insult to injury for some areas, there is more snow on the way. >> that's not fair. take a look at the buffalo suburbs blanketed by heavy lake-effect snow. some areas on the great lakes are getting upwards of 30 inches! believe it or not. it shut down the new york state freeway for time. cars completely buried. >> it was insane. insane. the consistency was like insane.
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it went from a big fluffy flakes down to the little ones, back to the big wins and then pounding, just insane. >> full range of flake size in buffalo. fargo, north dakota. it looks nice, right? the temperatures not nice at all. 18 below zero! that was on wednesday morning. you factor in the wind and it felt even colder than that. >> northern wisconsin is also frigid. temperatures were just under freezing in wausau but the wind was blowing and that made it feel even worse. try about 30 below. how does that feel? >> cold for those who do not have homes, these kind of temperatures are not just annoying but deadly. volunteers are fan out in many cities including st. louis using the homeless to use shelters and get out of the cold. >> so many don't want to so if you can do anything to encourage them, that would be great. indra petersons is outside
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on this cold morning. how does it feel? you look good. >> thank you. can you see my breath? 26 degrees right now so we know we are below freezing this morning. no, we have not factored in the windchill. we know it's even cooler when you factor in that windchill. look at the map right now. look at these temperatures. talking about it feeling like it is 18 degrees right now! we are not the coolest spot. a lot of single digits out there and we have advisories. especially when you talk about wisconsin. you talk about illinois, minnesota with the windchill this morning, you're talking about those deadly conditions that feels like negative 20 to negative 25 degrees this morning so definitely a dangerous situation. with the biggest concern today we are talking about lake-effect snow off ontario. we could see about two feet the next 24 hours and erie under a foot of snow. we know that is not the story moving forward. the next snow maker and next system dropping out of montana and going to the south to the central plains. we are looking for a wintry mix
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and picking up around kansas and missouri for tomorrow and get into the weekend. snow from the northeast all the way back to missouri. a wintry mix again. you're talking about new england really basically back down through west virginia and into the southeast. it is going to be more rain. if you're wondering why is it still cold and how long? get comfortable. it is going to be here for a couple of days. really looks like the next week or so. >> get comfortable. >> stop asking the questions and just deal with it. >> i am, right? >> you are. you look like you're enjoying it. thank you. >> sure. the house is set to vote today on the compromise budget deal that would keep the government operating through 2015. both seem to be lining up behind the plan that would partially end the budget cuts known as a sequester and prevent another shutdown but some groups are blasting the trillion dollar deal saying it doesn't do enough
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to cut spending or the deficit and that drew a sharp review from house speaker john boehner who said fellow republicans should not listen to them. >> they are using our members and american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. listen. if you're for more deficit reduction, you're for this agreement. >> the senate is voted to vote on the compromise next week and president obama has indicated he will sign it. as for what the senate is up to right now it looks look little still in the chamber. they are stopping republicans from using procedural delays to block the president's nominees. republicans have turned to another delaying tact tick using all of their alorted debate time keep on talking about the nominees as a protest.
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>> you're still looking for bodies? >> it looks like staffers are there. but there is activity and it's 5:00 in the morning so something is going on there. more americans are successfully signing up for health coverage under obama care. new figures show 365,000 people have now picked a policy through the website or other state-run agencies. the numbers are better than during the website's first month of operation when over a hundred thousand signed up but a far cry from the 7 million projected to ultimately enroll by next year. >> more information about the asiana flight that crashed in san francisco earlier this year. . it shows the jet landing and careening down the runway after hitting that sea wall.
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the ntsb revealed the pilot was concerned about log the plane without help from an out of order airport navigation. they say the hearing was productive and now has a lot of information but the investigation into what happened will still take some time. >> this is a very high profile accident. it is a priority investigation for the ntsb and our target would be to complete the investigation prior to the one-year anniversary of the event, however, we will take as long as we need to take to complete the investigation. it's more important for us to do a complete and thorough investigation than it is to produce it by a date certain. >> three people died in the crash at san francisco international airport last july. the head of the nsa general keith alexander is defending the agency's surveillance phone and internet records saying no better way to help protect this country from foreign threats. he testified before the senate judiciary committee, alexander
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said collecting the records is the only way to, quote, connect the dots, and that the agency is careful to do it the right way. the obama administration is again sending key officials to capitol hill in hopes of holding off additional sanctions against iran. that as they work through a temporary nuclear deal with tehr tehran. representatives will testify before the senate banking committee today. the chairman of that committee said he will pause any efforts to levy sanctions but the house may take action as soon as today. a south african man who drawn attacks for his sign language interpretation during the memorial service for nelson mandela is now twengdefending himself. activists say they don't know who he is but he tells a south african radio station he is a fully qualified interpreter who has handled big events before. reluctantly admitting he is suffering from schizophrenia.
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some call his performance a mockery. we will talk about that in the next half hour. >> and get to the bottom of this. coming up, riots in the street of ukraine and demanding their president step down. we are live with the latest chaos. >> more news about the family stranded in the arctic cold of the nevada wilderness. plus it's time for your morning rhyme. tweet us with your own original verse. >> i'm still having difficulty logging on. >> the hash tags are early start and morning rhyme. >> by 6:00, i'll get on. >> we will read the best ones on the air in the next half hour. vl like you're growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available.
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camped out in kiev's square. they tried to clear the demonstrators out but now they have rebuilt their camps and authorities seem to be backing off right now. the president is calling for dialogue. we are live in kiev. what is the latest there? yesterday, violence. today, what are we seeing? >> reporter: hi, john. in fact, that violence has really just boosted the morale of the opposition and the protesters here in the square below me and they have rebuilt the barricades that were torn down by police are chain saws and covered them in snow and ice. i read a tweet just now say the place have to use hair dryers if they want to get through the blockades now. it is the fourth week of their protests and they are trying to defend values of what they have like a rule of law in this country and getting rid of
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corruption. they want the government, the president has said he is willing to negotiate but the opposition say not after what you did to us two weeks ago where they used real fru balancity on the streets and not what you did to us when you try to force down our barricades. we do not want to negotiate with you. so it's a stalemate now. >> a stalemate and with all of those people out there with the authorities standing by watching and the police there, a tense situation, perhaps combustible. diana, thank you. we have and update on the family found after trapped for days in the nevada mountains. four in the hospital recovering from what they went through but amazingly their injuries are said to be not serious. two family members have actually been relieved. here is casey wian. >> reporter: christina mcentee and her young daughter chloe were the first two family members relieved from the hospital on wednesday. they appeared stunned by the media attention that their story has generated and christina did
2:15 am
not want to speak to reporters. but we did speak with her aunt who traveled here from utah when the family went missing. she gave us more details about their ordeal and how they survived subzero temperatures, temperatures dropping as low as 20 degrees at one point. she said they lit fires, they burned sage brush, wood, they even burned the jeep's spare tire to stay warm. she also said that they were running out of patience staying put near their jeep. >> they were getting ready to start walking,, you know, they knew the general direction where they heard helicopters. she said at that point in time they were in a group and going to start walking. >> doctors kept some of the family members in the hospital a little bit longer keeping them on i.v. fluids because they were slightly dehydrated after being out in the nevada wilderness in
2:16 am
two days. family hoping everyone will be home soon because it is young chloe's fourth birthday today. back to you. >> look at that! isn't that sweet? yes. >> stay warm inside somewhere! 15 minutes after the hour. a texas teenager who knitted to drinking and driving in a crash that killed four people last june will not go to jail. a lot of people talking about this case. a judge sentenced 16-year-old ethan couch to probation instead saying he needs treatment to overwhen what a psychologist for the defense called, get this, affluenza, testifying the teenager's parents were partly to blame for not setting limits and him to believe wealth meant privilege. he had been allowed to drive since he was 13. on the night of the accident he was speeding in a pickup truck with his blood alcohol level three times the legal limit and he had valium in his system.
2:17 am
the family of the victims say it was like a slap in the face with what he was sentenced to. >> for 25 weeks, i've been going through a healing process and the trial itself was just another milestone in that process. and so when the verdict came out, i mean, my immediately reaction is i'm back to week one, okay? we have accomplished nothing here. my healing process is out the window. we understand he is a juvenile. we understand rehabilitation has to occur. but let's face it here. i mean, there needs to be some justice here for the families. >> a lot of pain and a lot of hurt. >> i can't imagine that. >> couch will not be allowed to return to his parents while undergoing treatment. the judge decided he will remain in juvenile detention until a suitable treatment facility can be found and only if he doesn't complete probation would couch then face possible jail time. the debate here is over whether
2:18 am
wealth and privilege makes you treated differently in the judicial system here and it's got a lot of people up in arms. >> absolutely. and setting a precedent in a case like this. unbelievable. 17 minutes past the hour. let's move on. george zimmerman will not be facing domestic violence charges. prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence nor the cooperation of zimmerman's girlfriend now who made that initial complaint. in november you recall she accused him of pointing a gun at her but in an afterward this week, she recanted much of that and said she wants to now reconcile with zimmerman. prefers lining the streets of atlanta yesterday demanding answers about the mysterious death of a georgia teeth wn who found rolled up inside a gym mat. an autopsy revealed all of johnson's organs had been
2:19 am
removed. the family says no one has explained how that happened or why. witnesses at the trial of a montana woman accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff say she told the man she had a surprise for him that day. jordan graham is accused of murdering her husband just eight days after they were married. wednesday, a parade of family and friends took the stand along with a coroner who said her husband was not wearing his wedding ring when his body was found. graham has pleaded not guilty. a scare aboard the international space station after a pump on one of two sternal cooling units shut down. nasa is looking into whether the astronauts need to perform a space walk to fix it. are you feeling lucky? how about 400 million lucky? the megamillions jackpot has grown to the second largest amount in its history and could grow more before the numbers are
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"the bleacher report." good morning. >> good morning. the redskins are having a miserable season. they are 3-10 and yesterday mike shanahan made a controversial announcement saying rg3 was not playing the rest of the season in order to avoid injury. many people are questioning shanahan's motives. some things he is benching his franchise quarterback because of their up and down relationship. others think he is doing it to get fired! shanahan shot down both of those claims yesterday saying he got the owner's blessing for making the move. >> somebody said, hey, the reason why you're going with kirk is because you're trying to
2:25 am
get fired to get a year left on your contract. i'm not trying to get fired. i won't call up dan snyder and ask his opinion on a player i don't have to. and if he says no, i'm not going to go that direction. >> doc rivers made his return to boston last night for the first time since leaving the celtics. the crowd at the garden gave rivers a very warm reception. he got choked up during a video tribute. he said he was worthless the first quarter and a half of the game. he coached the celtics nine seasons and leading them to a nba championship. we are about to see a monumental change in major league baseball. they are planning to eliminate home plate collisions as soon as next season and not allowing runners to target catchers. both the owners and players will have to approve the proposed changes. on bleacher os,
2:26 am
alabama kicker had a bad week after missing three field goals against auburn. to cheer him hup, george w. bus sent him a letter saying life has its setbacks, i know. however, you will be stronger human with time. i wish you all the west. sincerely, another 43, george bush. >> very nice. >> that was very nice. >> and i bet it worked. >> he is getting outpouring of support from the alabama campus and everywhere. >> when his head was hanging, i don't think it could have hung any lower than that. thank you, andy. the top headlines and everything you will need to know for today right after the break. discover card. hey there, i just got my bill, and i see that it includes my fico® credit score. yup, you get it free each month to help you avoid surprises with your credit. good. i hate surprises. surprise! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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a big freeze taking over parts of the country. who is waking up to bitter cold temperatures and who is digging out from feet of fallen snow. the snowstorm could be heading straight for the east coast. indra petersons is tracking all of it for us outside this morning. a big budget battle, something big is happening in washington! republican versus republican. the house speaker lashes out to his own party. plus the sign language interpreter at nelson mandela's funeral is being called a fake. some say actually signing jibberish! new in the morning, he is defending himself. . we are live with the latest on this signing scandal. welcome back to "early
2:31 am
start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour right now. you can call this the deep freeze, maybe? right? the severe cold has taken over much of the country with snow set to fall on some saers that have already been blasted with several feet of snow. >> like buffalo in the new york suburbs around there where upwards of 30 inches of lake-effect snow has fallen. it was snow bad -- it was so bad! >> you poor guy! you need some coffee. >> it shut down the freeway at times and cars were buried or snaried. >> i will keep on reading. a sign in fargo says it all. 18 blows zero wednesday morning. factor in the wind and it feels even colder than that. your turn. in northern wisconsin, they are feeling it too. temperatures were just under freezing up there. the wind was blowing and it felt
2:32 am
like 30 below which does not feel good. activists worry many will freeze for the homeless. in st. louis, they are fanning out, trying to encourage the homeless to come out of the cold. a lot of them don't want to. they consider their homes the outdoors so it's really difficult to convince them. >> this is a big weather system and a lot of people right now it's affecting and let's see where it is heading. indra petersons is feet away from our building but we will not let her in. >> i think that is so happy, you locked me out! >> it's one of the reasons, yes. >> let's talk about these temperatures. we know it is chilly out here. talking about 20s in new york but look at pittsburgh. it feels this morning like 5 degrees once you factor in the windchill. that is the story for huge chunk
2:33 am
of the country today. definitely dealing with those absolute chill out there. if you're out towards wisconsin, minnesota, even in towards illinois, the danger zone is. we are talking about with much windchill feeling like negative 20 to negative 25 degrees this morning so a big concern out there. same part of the country off the lakes today. lake-effect snow with the winds. anywhere from 1 to 2 feet and under two feet off ontario and a foot of snow possible today off erie. we know another system is out there spreading the chill and the cold air and expected to bring snow from montana through the central explains from kansas through portions of missouri. by tomorrow talk about the wintry mix already but there is goes off to the northeast. for the weekend, guys, here we go again. talking about the wintry mix affecting a huge chunk of the country from the northeast to the midwest again. >> indra petersons is outside spreading the chill. i like that.
2:34 am
>> twinkly lights behind her so you don't seem like you're cold. >> i know how to bundle. to washington, the bubt of cold. some are giving a proposed budget deal that will keep the government operating through 2015. the house set to vote today and while both republicans and democrats seem to be lining up behind the plan, some consecutive lobbying groups do not like it. they want those in the gop vote no saying the deal doesn't do enough to cut spending or the deficit. a sharp review from house speaker john boehner. >> they are using our members and they are using the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. listen. if you're for more deficit reduction, you're for this agreement. >> he hasn't spoken like that before, folks, so those are big words right there and a big moment in the republican party. the senate expected to vote on the budget promise next week. president obama indicating that he will likely sign it.
2:35 am
the senate has been at work all night long. let's take a live look at the senate floor as lawmakers hold a rare all night session. this is being driven by republicans. so they are upset at the democrats for blowing up the filibuster rules meaning they could not block the president's nominees so they are using all of their debate time to keep talking in order to slow down the approval process. new government figures show that nearly 365,000 people have picked a policy through or the 14 state-run exchanges. another 1.9 million registered but yet to pick a policy. the numbers are better than during the website's first month of operation. honestly, it would be hard to be better than anything but the first month. over a hundred thousand people signed up then but a far cry from the 7 million projected -- well, that they hope will enroll next year. new look at the crash that
2:36 am
happened in san francisco earlier this year by asiana jet. it shows the boeing plane careening down the runway after that crash. it was revealed during a hearing in washington the pilot told them he found it very difficult to land the boeing without help from an out of order airport navigation system. they say the hearing was productive and got a lot of information but the investigation into what actually happened will still take some time. >> this is a very high profile accident. it is a priority investigation for the ntsb and our target would be to complete the investigation prior to the one-year anniversary of the event. however, we will take as long as we need to take to complete the investigation. it's more important for us to do a complete and thorough investigation than it is to produce it by a date certain. >> three people died in that crash at san francisco international airport. that was last july. the head of the nsa
2:37 am
defending the agency's phone records. he told a committee no better way to help the country from foreign threats and indicates the agency is careful to do it the right way. another push by the obama administration to hold off additional sanctions against iran in light of the temporary nuclear deal with tehran. a committee's chairman has said he will pause any efforts to levy sanctions but action could come in the house, maybe as soon as today. coming up, he killed four people, seriously injured two others while driving drunk. his punishment? probation. the shocking defense that helped this wealthy teenager staying out of jail. the interpreter at nelson mandela's funeral accused of fraud, signing nonsense. this morning he is explaining what happened. we are live right after the
2:38 am
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welcome back. 40 minutes past the hour. we are hearing from a south african man who got a lot of attention for what he did during nelson mandela's memorial service. he says he has been a sign interpreter before but activists say what he was signing was complete jibberish. aro, he calls himself a champion of sign language but a lot of people are calling him a fraud. is he? >> reporter: good morning to you, zo rye zoraida. >> reporter: according to the deaf institute, he is a fraud. people line up i didn't know me in pretoria, thousands waiting to see mandela lying in state. this interpreter was standing
2:42 am
beside barack obama and another number of world leaders on tuesday as the world was paying homage to nelson mandela during that memorial. the man took to the air waves of our radiation station in the morning to defender himself and the backlash people saying he was signing nonsense. he added had he a schizophrenic episode because of the enormity of the moment which caused him, according to his words, to panic. now there are some key questions the government will have to answer now why wasn't there a backup ready if this man isn't up to standard? why was he chosen to be next to world leaders on a momentous day and taking away the legacy of nelson mandela. the ruling part is corruption and nepotism is rampant and inhibiting progress. the government will have to answer how and why this man was
2:43 am
able to stand beside so many world leaders at a time when the deaf federation of south africa say people who can't hear weren't able to enjoy and bask in the glory of tuesday because they simply couldn't understand what this man was signing. we spoke with him earlier this morning as well, and he told us he is now in fear for his family because of this massive backlash. he says he is skipping town with his kid because of it. so certainly an interesting side story to these ten days of memorial for nelson mandela and one the government will be addressing here at the top of the hour. >> it's really unfortunate that he is getting all of that bab la backlash and he feels fear for his family but this was a world sage, right? >> reporter: absolutely. >> you managed how and why. the question is who hired him. do we know anything about that? >> the ruling party here is the frin national congress, the anc came out yesterday and said they have hired him before, they did
2:44 am
not hire him for the memorial service. so we look at the larger picture. tuesday's events and the ten days is organized by the south african government and it should be noted the anc is the dominant party in the government. the government says they have launched an investigation into this man, his qualifications, and, indeed, why he was next to so many world leaders. the fsa say they complained about this man in 2012 and they have the video to prove it and pointed out it me all sorts of things in the sign language industry. facial and body expressions are key, the color of your shirt so people can see your hands clearly is also key. they say this man broke all of the rules. so it will be interesting to see what the government response is here in this next hour. >> normally, things we don't talk about. thank you. >> the important thing people missed seeing that ceremony which was an important thing to
2:45 am
see. outrage in texas where a teenager admitted to driving drunk and killing four people has been sentenced with only probati probation. a judge sentenced 16-year-old ethan couch to probation instead saying he needs treatment to overcome what a psychologist told the defense was called affluenza, testifying the teenager's parents were partly to blame for not setting limits and him to believe wealth meant privilege. he had been allowed to drive since he was 13. on the night of the accident he was speeding in a pickup truck with his blood alcohol level three times the legal limit and he had valium in his system. prosecutors had asked for 20 years in prison. the family of the victims say it saying this is not right. >> for 25 weeks, i've been going through a healing process and the trial itself was just another milestone in that process.
2:46 am
and so when the verdict came out, i mean, my immediate reaction is i'm back to week one, okay? we have accomplished nothing here. my healing process is out the window. we understand he is a juvenile. we understand rehabilitation has to occur. but let's face it here. i mean, there needs to be some justice here for the families. >> couch is being held in a juvenile detention center. until treatment can be found. he will not be allowed to return to his parents and only if he doesn't complete probation would couch then possibly face jail time. the issue here people are saying because he is wealthy and privileged, he is receiving different treatment in the judicial system he would have otherwise. >> if the judge says it was his family that caused this because they gave him everything that he wanted, it seems he is still suffering from this affluenza from the judge. unbelievable. let's see what is coming up
2:47 am
on "new day." welcome back, chris easement thank you. good to be here. a lot more on the sign language interpreter or whatever you want to call him, at nelson mandela's memorial. experts are going to watch this video and we have to get to the bottom of it. this man, obviously, either knows how to interpret or doesn't so we will have an expert come in and get to the bottom of it right away. we will keep talking about that amazing story, the miracle in nevada. the family who survived two days in the freezing nevada wilderness and two have already left the hospital if you can believe. the family is sharing more details how they survived that ordeal. see you in a little bit. time for our morning rhyme. these are the best tweets of the day. today is from d. girl on the weather. waking up to a sore throat and is not makes me a happy camper -- not! >> you chose this.
2:48 am
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♪ ♪ it doesn't show signs of stopping ♪ >> it takes me leaving. >> i love this. >> welcome back. we are playing christmas music. >> you know why? it is snowing. >> and zoraida will sing. christine romans, how are you? >> good to see you. good news became bad news. >> what? >> the budget of court is good news triggering worries the federal reserve could pull back
2:52 am
its stimulus is bad news so the good news/bad news dance you're seeing on wall street. i love to give you the perspective. this is my version of the let it snow song. the dow is up 21% this year. nasdaq up 33%. >> but we're in a good mood. >> it's been a wonderful year. also the s&p 500 friended facebook last night. what do i mean? less than two years after that ipo, goork will facebook will b the ipo. the biggest ever hotel ipo. hilton worldwide, stock trade today after a price of 20 dollars a share set last night and put the company's value at about the $20 billion. the foreclosure filings may
2:53 am
be at their lowest level in seven years. keep seeing the healing in economy and jobs and housing you're seeing these numbers kind of coalesce the best in five years. the best in seven years. that is progress. hard-core fans shell out big fans for their favorites but would you pay 40 bucks for a movie? >> no. >> when "the hobbit the desolation of smog" hits theaters at midnight, fans can get a so-called 40 dollar super ticket along with their popcorn. what do you get for 40 bucks? plush seats in big screen cinemas and advanced online copy of the current movie, as well as the first hobbit movie. it's a joint branch held for distributor warner brothers. >> you need to get your own hobbit, a creature to bring home
2:54 am
for 40 bucks. >> i bet they have money to spend and spend it on things that matter to them. >> hugely popular. >> you can go to new zealand and see it. northwestern. cell phones are banned in the air but that could soon change. >> i hope not. >> the story when we come back. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. [ engine revs ]
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it could be a big step towards changing what you can do on an airplane. the fcc today holds the first of
2:58 am
several meetings about possibly lifting a decades old ban while using cell phones while you're on a flight. the agency's chairman says no reason to prohibit them any more. >> how about it's the most annoying thing ever is one reason. >> most americans disagree with him. a new poll finds nearly half that say don't let people make calls on a flight! delta airlines listen to this has already said if the restrictions are lifted, it won't allow calls on its jet. delta is going to become very popular on, i suspect. we are going to have more on that coming up on "new day." brett larson will talk about that coming up in the 7:00 hour on "new day." >> actually, "new day" starts right now. what are you going to do with your car here? >> leave it until string! >> arctic blast. literally half the country waking up below freezing this morning. in some places, this is the
2:59 am
coldest it's been this early in decades! where are the temperatures plummeting the sharpest? we are tracking it all. speaking out. the infamous interpreter accused of signing jibberish at nelson man d mandela's memorial service. a woman crashes into a pole and nearly kills her but she says it saved her. your "new day" starts now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> thursday, december 12th, 6:00 in the east. the calendar may say it's cold outside. look at the map, showing more
3:00 am
than half of country experiencing temperatures below freezing. the northeast could be in for another round of snow this weeshs. in the irony of weather coverage, indra petersons is standing out in a frosty new york city warning you about the cold. >> we are talking about temperatures. pretty much two-thirds of the country below freezing, right here, right now in new york city, 24 degrees. it feels like 14 degrees right now. here's the bad side. we know there's more cold air, more snow on the way. >> everybody throughout the area is at the freezing mark. >> if you thought today was cold. >> the next few days will be cold. >> reporter: another blast of arctic air has millions from the great lakes to the northeast waking up in a deep freeze. city after city, experiencing temperatures 20 degrees or more below average. the coldest it's gotten in the taste of


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