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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 15, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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tune in to our regular show every sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. eastern. good night and thanks for watching this gps special. hello, i'm martin savidge. news newstopping our stories. a huge snowstorm dumps up to 16 inches of snow from kansas to maine. that's creating dangerous conditions on roads and a real headache for thousands of stranded air travelers. outrage across the country over a wealthy teen's slap on the risk sentence for a deadly dui accident. our legal experts weigh in on the legitimacy of the affluenza defense. and pope francis, he's "time" magazine's person of the year but he's getting other less flattering titles from some
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political conservatives who don't like his comments about materialism and trickle down economics. the debate this hour. we begin with the huge snowstorm that has made life difficult for much of the country. it hit a thousand-mile-wide area dumping anywhere from 6 to 16 inches of snow from kansas to maine. roads are slick, flights are canceled, and the snowplows are out in force. here's cnn a's alexandra field. >> reporter: the sights and sounds of a feergs winter storm overnight the large swath of snow and ice moved into the northeast packing a punch that has many in the region digging in for a long winter.
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>> the back roads are starting to stick. it looks like it's coming down pretty good now. they might get a little worse, especially the back roads. >> i'm going to stay in for this and get out of the way. >> reporter: boston's mayor tom menino cautioning everyone this holiday season before the worst hits his city. >> be very careful as you come back from those parties. the roadways will be -- snow on them and just ask when you celebrate and celebrate responsibly. this is a snowstorm that is a major proportion and we should be able to handle it. >> reporter: the 1,000-mile path has put kansas to maine in the bull's-eye with storm warnings and watches across the board. airport delays caused by the storm are forcing many flights to be canceled with a ripple effect being felt coast to coast. dangerous conditions are a major factor. in new england, the
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massachusetts d.o.t. says they're ready. >> we have almost 4,000 pieces of equipment. we have both caught spreaders and plows in heavy, really heavy pieces of equipment as well as some specialized snow blowing equipment. >> reporter: and yet despite the blizzard-like conditions not everyone came to a halt. the annual army game went on as planned. the navy midshipmen beat army for the 12th straight year in a row, 34-7. and aaron flanigan got her wish of a white wedding, the pottstown wedding couple said their i dos in the middle of a snowstorm. >> i wanted it to snow and i think it's beautiful because i'm from massachusetts so it works for me and i got it. >> reporter: you hit the jackpot. >> yes, i did. >> congratulations to them. alexandra joins us from woburn. it looks like it stopped
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snowing. how are the road conditions? >> reporter: martin, it has stopped snowing. if you take a look the plows have been through here. they've made pretty quick work of this cleanup. but drivers aren't entirely in the clear at this point. the department of transportation here in massachusetts is warning that because of the falling temperatures there is still this afternoon that possibility of flash freezing so it is something to be aware of as people head out today, martin. >> thanks, alexandra. now the real question is where is this storm heading and what is the impact will be for the workweek? we turn to alexandra steele from the weather center. >> now to the real alexandra please stand up or stand outside or stand in here. hi, martin. hi, everyone. the storm is over. afait accompli. it made its move and snow in boston but for the most part it did as expected forecastwise. we saw what we expected to see. dot, dot, dot, it is not over yet. it is for that storm. we've got a new clipper coming
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off the lakes and between now and tuesday, the lee side of lake ontario used to that 2 to 4 on the lee side of lake erie, even here in the big cities we could see a few more inches, hartford, new york, potentially 1 to 2, maybe 5 inches but here's a look at what the last storm did. on to new york, western new york, 12, north haven, connecticut, the bull's-eye for a lot of the storm, 7.2, boston, 6, even in new york city and central park, 5. as expected so the snow that fell will not go anywhere because look at these temperatures. staying well below average in boston, new york and washington, so what fell will stay. refreeze potentially overnight and then a few more inches coming in between tomorrow and tuesday. hey, conversely in the southeast look at temperatures in atlanta getting to 60. so above average from memphis to dallas all the what i to new orleans. look at this, martin, international fall, hour by hour right now, 22 below.
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even minneapolis, 14 below by midnight and 15 miles south of lake speer yore, 27 degrees below zero is what it will feel like. >> i said it was a winter storm but we're not even in winter yet. >> that number is just a guideline. >> okay. thanks, alexandra. >> sure. sad news about an actor and eight-time academy award nominee that should be peter o'toole has died after a lock illness. o'toole passed away peacefully at the hospital yesterday. the actor got his first big role in the movie "lawrence of arabia" in 1962. he was nominated for an oscar eight times but never won. we'll have more on o'toole's life later on in the hour. took only 80 seconds for a gunman to march into the arapahoe high school and shoot another student and turn the gun on himself. that's the latest from police who are investigating the friday school shooting in colorado. as quickly as it started it was over. the gunman dead in the library
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and a 17-year-old girl shot in the head. martha shade takes us through how it happened. >> reporter: friday's or deal took a minute and 20 seconds. karl pierson walked into the school, fired several shots including one at a female student before killing himself, he said. the sheriff says the 18-year-old entered the school carrying a shotgun, multiple rounds of am mission, a machete and three molotov cocktails in his backpack and made his way to the library and ignited one of the bombs and turned the gun on himself as the school's resource officer approached. >> the response from the school resource officer, the response from the unarmed security officer was absolutely critical to the fact that we did not have additional injury and/or death in this particular matter. >> reporter: the female student clair davis was sitting with a friend when pierson stormed in and shot her.
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the 17-year-old is in critical condition at a local hospital. >> i believe clair davis was -- is an innocent young lady. she is an innocent victim and i believe that she probably was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: the sheriff says pierson purchased the shotgun and ammunition legally. >> it is our strong belief that he came to this school with that weapon and with multiple rounds and his intention was to utilize those multiple rounds to cause harm to a large number of individuals. >> reporter: while investigators are still trying to figure out what triggered pierson robinson says one thing is clear. >> he is someone who victimized an innocent young lady by an act of evil and in my opinion deserves no notoriety and certainly no celebrity. >> investigators say they have spoken to the shooter's parents and that they have searched both their homes, they didn't say what they found if anything but police say they believe the gunman did, in fact, act alone.
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the heisman trophy was awarded to no surprise here florida state quarterback jameis winston last night. that amid lingering questions about a sexual assault allegation. he is the youngest player to win the heisman hat 19 years of age. prosecutors said recently they will not file charges against him for a rape allegation that became public only last month. a law for the alleged victim is asking for further investigation. okay, up to space where china's land rover is exploring. that should be lunar rover, the moon's surface. the successful launch of the jade rabbit is more evidence of how quickly china is moving forward with its space program. one part of the mission looking beneath the lunar surface with radar to try and find valuable mineral deposits. the solar powered rover will be on the moon for at least three months. back here down on earth, senators are in the hot seat this week, a critical senate vote on a budget deal set for tuesday. the house just passed the deal
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which will prevent another government shutdown, at least that's the idea. but as the clock ticks to another shutdown, it is unclear if the senate will follow suit. if it doesn't, well, the government could run out of money as of january 15th. cnn's tory dunnen is in washington and some say this will pass. some are not so sure that democrats will get enough republicans on board. so what are you hearing today? >> reporter: so, martin, we're hearing it could be close and really all eyes are going to be on the senate where it is expected to pass but as i said perhaps narrowly. democrats will need gop votes to get it through so take a listen to what dick durbin had to say on cbs during "face the nation." >> this is the right thing to do for our country. a bipartisan agreement to get the first real budget in five years and i hope that at least eight or maybe even more republican senators will join us. well, we have a handful but we need more.
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some are still thinking about it. >> reporter: all right, so here's where it stands, a handful of republicans tellen cnn they will back this measure. that could mean that the 55 senate democrats who were mostly expected to support it are close to the 60 votes that are needed. senator john mccain is among those republicans who says he'll vote yes. here's what he had to say. >> i hope it'll pass the senate. i'll do anything -- not anything but we must not shut down the government again. we can't do that to the people of this country and my state. >> reporter: so it's important to point out mccain says he wishes a certain provision concerning military retirement wasn't in this bill and that he's going to be looking to the chairman of the armed services committee to review that. still as you just heard him say he plans to support it as is. but there are top players like senator kelly ayotte and senator lindsey graham who opposed it because of the reduction in military benefits. at this point it's unclear how much that might add up overall opposition to the measure but as
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we know the senate is expected to take up the bill this week and bottom line most lawmakers agree that neither side got exactly what they wanted, but here's a good way to put it, martin. a former director of the congressional budget office said this go-around it could be more about symbolism and certainty for the next couple of years rather than any sort of policy at this point. >> very true. all right tory dunnan, obviously going to be an interesting week with tuesday perhaps the critical day. meanwhile, 19 firefighters that died in -- you'll remember this, the yarnell hill fire in arizona, in a minute we'll hear stunning and new audio that reveals details of the final moments. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked.
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the yarnell fire. that was in june. an audio recording has been released of the final moments and is revealing what they faced. elizabeth erwin reports. >> i was just saying i knew this was coming -- >> reporter: seeing the hot shots working together for the last time. >> i could just feel it, you know. >> reporter: hearing eric marsh talk to his crew makes what happens next even harder to handle. this is never-before-seen video watching the yarnell hill fire creep closer and closer. >> breaking in on arizona 16. we are in front of the flaming front. >> reporter: and hearing the granite mountain hot shots react to the shifts flames. what you're seeing now comes from another firefighter's helmet camera. he was not with the hot shots. but you can hear the final radio transmissions just moments before the men died. >> is granite mountain still in
12:17 pm
there? >> well, they're in the safety zone. >> air attack, granite mountain 7, how do you copy me? >> nations. >> granite mountain 7. >> this ain't good. it sounds like they got some trouble. we are preparing a deployment site and we are burning out around ourselves in a brush. and i'll give you a call when we are under the shelters. >> reporter: but minutes passed with no word. >> did they deploy, did they say? >> they said they'd let us know. >> you got your radio on? >> yeah. >> reporter: as crews try to contact the men, they're met with silence.
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>> granite mountain 7, bravo 33 air to ground. of that was elizabeth irwin of cnn affiliate knxv reporting. that's audio is from an poor communications contributed to the firefighters' death. a rich teenager drives drunk and kills four people. he's not heading to jail but rehab. his lawyers argue he was too wealthy to know any better. the controversial case after the break. and what would this pretty i'm thinking the ford fusion... ho, ho, ho!....the what? i need a car that's stylish and fashionable... especially in my line of work. now do you have a little lemonade stand? guys, i'm in fashion! but i also need amazing tech too... like active park assist... it practically parks itself. and what color would you like? i'll have my assistant send you over some swatches... oh... get a fusion with 0% financing for 60 months, plus $500 ford credit holiday bonus cash during the ford dream big sales event.
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in texas, a wealthy teenager admits that he was drunk when he drove into a crowd of four people killing them. but the judge gave him only probation, no prison time. the judge brought into the defense claim or bought in, i should say, that ethan couch was a victim of affluenza. he grew up rich and privileged and with parents who never set limits. so he basically didn't know right from wrong. a man whose wife and daughter were killed by ethan couch could barely control his grief when he talked to anderson cooper about losing them. >> you know, hollie and shelby were strong in their faith and
12:23 pm
their family and their friends and they were givers and there are some people in life that are givers and takers and they were truly givers. >> it is, of course, heartbreaking to hear the husband and father talk about his loss and you can count him among the many who are furious about this slap on the wrist sentence. let me bring in our legal experts mark geragos, defense attorney and faith jenkins a criminal lawyer and former criminal prosecutor. mark, let me start with you. what do you think of this so-called defense that he suffered from affluenza? >> well, i think, you know, i know that it makes kind of great headlines, the reality is it's not unlike what we had many years ago here in california with the so-called twinkie defense. these are not defenses. what they are are ways for people to try to explain what sometimes is inexplicable.
12:24 pm
how does some 16-year-old kid get in a car and end up killing four people and severely injuring somebody who is women him in the car? the problem you have and i know that this -- at some levels infuriates people even more, what do you do? taking a look at this kid right here. this is a kid if you put him in a state prison as an adult with other adults will not last 95 seconds. i know there's a significant amount of the population who say, well, that's a great thing let him go die in prison, but the law makes distinctions between actions, especially when you take a life that are intentional meaning that you got the intent to kill which is murder and manslaughter which is what this is and so i think this judge, you know, i know people are piling on her but i've done a little research on her. she's by no means out on the fringe. she is not a wing nut, so to speak. she is somebody who is very well thought of. i think she was troubled by what
12:25 pm
her options were with what to do with somebody like this. >> all right, let me bring faith in. do you agree with that? is that a correct read to take here that this was perhaps not revenge, but, of course, we're thinking about how to try to rehabilitate this young man. >> well, i think the efforts at rehabilitation should be focused on before a young man kills four people and i think -- >> but that didn't happen so we have to move on. >> right, so the message from this, i think, from her ruling says that if you are rich, there is a different standard of justice. and, you know, think about all of the kids in our juvenile justice system and the ones that probably really should deserve a second chance, the ones that are born with two strikes against them, they're born into abusive homes and neglectful pardons, they're poor, homeless, commit crimes. we have no problem sending those kids to jail but this kid who is born with everything given every opportunity to succeed in life, we give him a second chance. he's worth being sent to a
12:26 pm
$450,000 a year facility in california while we lock up the other kids and say, no, we have to remove you from society, from our own protection. it really is a travesty and double standard. >> i agree with you fully on this. but i will tell you is that in any way a surprise, mark? do you find it a surprise that some -- >> no. >> the disparity -- >> as somebody who -- well, faith, i was going to say that's certainly not breaking news. i've been arguing for years and i have, you know, kind of a robin hood practice where i represent very wealthy people and i also represent indigents and i will tell you that one of the most frustrating things about practicing criminal law is that there are two systems of justice and it isn't as if people start out that way or that anybody, you know, necessarily prosecutor, judges or even defense lawyers go in and say, okay, this person is poor, we're going to do something worse to them because they are, but what happens is is the opportunities that you have, the kinds of defenses that you
12:27 pm
can put up, the ability to do what you need to do to defend people is a function of your resources and your resources are a function of how wealthy you are. >> faith, i was just going to ago, do you think this is going to trigger a number of other defenses based on affluenza? it's the first i've heard of it. >> well, i think -- yes, it sends a very dangerous message. this case takes it a step further, mark. yes, when you're wealthy you can afford those top-notch attorneys and afford to pay experts to come in and present defenses like this. but now you have your own legal defense because i'm wealthy, because i'm rich, i didn't understand the consequences of my actions. that is what makes this decision so egregious. that's just one of the things. >> yeah, i mean i agree with you. we call it affluenza. i said earlier it's the spoiled brat syndrome, mark. >> wait, but the problem is i don't think for a minute that this judge unless she just lost
12:28 pm
her mind and bought into it, i don't think that that was the motivating factor for what she did. i think she -- i think and, you know, obviously we're sitting from afar, i think she took a look at this kid and said what am i going to do with him? where am i going to place him is part of the problem we have with the criminal justice system and remember he's a juvenile. there is a distinction that we make rightly or wrongly between juvenile courts which are for rehabilitation and adult courts which are for punishment. >> that is not the last we're going to hear of this case. thanks to mark geragos and faith jenkins. dennis rodman has pretty interesting travel plans and has a big stop before he goes home and could meet with an old friend. 1ñp
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are you feeling lucky lottery players counting down to the next mega millions drawing that will be on tuesday.
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pick the right five numbers and, oh, yeah, the megaball and instantly you will be incredibly rich. at least $550 million. that's before taxes, over half a billion. the jackpot could grow even bigger before tuesday. the lottery recently modified the rules that basically guarantees fewer winners but bigger jackpots. but remember your odds of winning are only about 1 in 259 million. basketball star dennis rodman going back to north korea this week, days after kim jong-un's uncle was executed. rodman says he will get there thursday. he will train the north korean basketball team for a game against a former nba or nba players. he's organizing that for kim jong-un's birthday in january. it's not clear if rodman will meet with the leader on this trip. the hobbits are back and seized control of the box office. >> you have no right to that.
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>> i have the only right. >> we've been -- >> the new hobbit movie racked up $74 million in domestic box office sales this weekend. quite the impressive amount of money they made, 84 million for the first hobbit movie when it debuted on a weekend much the other one that debuted was "a madea christmas," the worst debut ever for a madea movie. president obama's appearance at nelson mandela's memorial service this past week had a few moments, i guess you could say. they included the now infamous selfie that he took with the danish prime minister and then the sign language interpreter that many called a fake. of course, saturday night live couldn't resist the stumbles. >> i mean, first i got roped into taking a selfie with the blond female danish prime minister. some people said michelle was
12:34 pm
angry at me for that and i talked to her afterwards and i can assure you she was furious. then i got shaking hands with raul castro. in my defense he told me he was edward james olmos. and finally, there was a sign language interpreter who clearly had no idea what he was doing. but those were merely distractions and tonight, i would like to focus on health care. yeah. i have been listening to what americans are saying and some very valid concerns are being risked. but this is not a battle that will be won overnight and without a doubt we have seen
12:35 pm
huge improvements in our webs e website. we've had our best people working on it. our very best people. and those when claim we're moving in the wrong direction, well, that's just nonsense. i mean, some folks are bound to be frustrated but many are more -- many more are excited and -- >> that is saturday night as only "saturday night live" can do it and get away with it. well, he's not the president, he's also not the secretary of state but he is speaking for the united states in a very big protest in ukraine. what is senator john mccain up to? mccain, ukraine and the political game. all next in the cnn newsroom. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm.
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. senator john mccain is in ukraine and end told a crowd of demonstrators who oppose their government cozying up to russia not to worry about american support. >> we're here to support you. the sovereign right of the ukraine to determine its only destiny, freely and independently. to all ukrainians, america stands with you. >> demonstrators are rallying because they want to align economically with europe but their president is pro-russia. let's bring in chief political correspondent candy crowley anchor of "state of the union." john mccain was on your show today. saw that. what's the political ramifications of this tug-of-war in ukraine and how it impacts our politics in the united states now that a senator, especially one like john mccain has jumped in the middle of this dispute.
12:40 pm
>> well, the relationship between the u.s. and russia has been rocky, shall we say and so there is that dynamic that goes on, this kind of tint of cold war. you have the fact that ukraine tends to be the powerhouse in the former soviet bloc and putin wants to keep him or keep that country in the russian orbit, if you will, to kind of increase his profile, raise his profile, be more of a power player. the u.s. is in a bit of a sticky situation because it is relying on russia to some extent to help in syria, hopefully to help in iran so you don't want a direct confrontation but the u.s. has made it very clear that they are on the side of the protesters and john mccain, you know, may not be the official spokesman for the u.s. obama administration but certainly he's on the same page with them,
12:41 pm
so this is right now from the u.s. moral support. they are looking to europe to see if they can sort of take the lead here and bring ukraine over. >> real keep keeping on the front, what was the response. >> essentially this underscores -- he called him a dangerous young man, kim, and brutal man and he thinks it's very scary because he's mercurial and his thought is china needs to do something about it because they are at this point kind of the only ally, friend or conduit through which -- which has any kind of relationship with north korea. he thinks it ought to be scary for china, as well. >> i agree in that regard. let's come back to the u.s. the budget deal, it's designed to prevent another government shutdown at least that's what's being said. it will head to the senate this week and some say that it will pass, others say, no, it may pass but it'll be razor thin. we know that the tea party
12:42 pm
republicans are against it, so where are moderate republicans and what are the prospects in the senate? >> well, mccain is one of those who says i'm going to vote for this bill. we can't have another shutdown and that's what's driving it is the desire on both sides not to have another spectacle of a shutdown, in particular, republicans. i suspect it will pass. i also suspect that the conservatives who oppose it may draw it out. the math is different in the senate. there may be some senate democrats who vote against it meaning that democratic leader harry reid is going to need republicans to come over. my guess can that in the end, it will pass and it might even be a fairly nice margin. at least for, you know, the senate which generally runs on very narrow margins >> that's why we call it compromise. nobody is fully happy. >> exactly. >> except me. i get to talk to you. candy crowley, wonderful to see you. have a wonderful holiday if i
12:43 pm
don't get to see you. >> back at you, martin. >> okay. the pope -- . [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement
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pope francis has amazing appeal and so i suppose it should come as no surprise he has been named "time" magazine's
12:47 pm
person of the year but not everyone thinks he deserves it. u.s. conservatives are attacking him for being too liberal and in his latest writing he talks about the idolatry of money saying "the worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human person. their lack of real concern for human beings, man is reduced to one of his needs alone, consumption." and radio talk show host rush limbaugh was quick to jump on it saying he's preaching marksism. take a listen. >> this is pure marksism coming out of the mouth of the pope. there is no such unfettered capitalism that doesn't exist anymore. that is a liberal socialist phrase to describe the united states. >> so is pope francis who is being seen by many as a reformer of the catholic church too
12:48 pm
liberal? our ben weedman finds out. >> reporter: martin, there's been a lot of talk about pope francis but probably a bit more complicated than that. he's made it quite clear he is not about to change the church's stance on gay marriage or bringing women into the priesthood or abortion. instead he seems to want to refocus the church's attention away from thee divisive issues and on to the plight of the poor and marginalized, for instance. over the last nine months we've heard him say the fact that hundreds of millions go hungry every day is a scandal. he's condemned consumerism and blasted trickle-down economics. now, it's important to keep in mind where he comes from. pope francis is from latin america. from argentina, where he saw firsthand one economic crisis after another in which the rich got richer and the poorer got poorer. i think basically what he's
12:49 pm
saying is that church needs to pay more attention to the needs of the salt of the earth which is a message i think we've heard from someone else. martin. >> ben wedeman reporting to us from rome. thanks very much. pope francis is responding to some comments that are recusing him of being a marxist. in an interview to an italian newspaper he says "marxist ideology is wrong but i have met many marxists in my life who are good people so i don't feel offended." a very typical personal flair. let's bring in bill donahue and kate childs-graham, young voices columnist for contra"the cathol national reporter." >> bill, let me start with you. bill, first, what do you think of this nomination being named by "time" magazine and what's your reaction? >> i'm very proud as a catholic. this is a man who towers over
12:50 pm
every world leader and unlike all world leaders, secular, or religious, he's a man you can put your arms around and is a man of the people. on the other hand let's take a look at the competition. an incompetent bureaucrat and a >> what do you think of rush limb comments, though, his criticisms? >> it's certainly silly. he has a right to say that. the pope, at the very least embraced liberation theology. the pope is clearly against that. he's against greed, which knows no economic model. >> i have to say, i had an atheist tell me she loved pope. i thought, wow. you're really winning over shfolks there. is this important to be named by "time" magazine are do you know that outside of the church, a
12:51 pm
lot of people like them? >> this is a nod for those outside the church and catholics. we want a parm p warm church, isn't obsessed with abortion, prohibiting same-sex marriage bupt focused on sanding on the side of the poor. that's why he's so popular who felt disenfranchised or disenchanted from the church. i think this is a win for those and catholics. >> go ahead, bill. then we'll bring in kate with you. >> no, no. i mean, a couple of weeks ago he condemned secular -- they want to cherry pick of things he says. he's strongly against a bizarre foe notion of two men getting married. he's made it clear.
12:52 pm
he wants to send a message we've got to get beyond the parochial claims. >> for many catholics around the world, wee seeing an impact of pope francis' change in tone, even though he hasn't changed doctrine yet. catholic legislators pointed to the pope they supported that legislation. that's impact. that's change. >> they don't know any better's they should read what he said. okay? the pope is not against gay people. it you're against gay people you're not a good christian, but you're also not a good christian if you think that marriage should be dilute sewed you have people of the same sex getting married. those catholic legislators are out of step and ought to read what the pope has said. >> bill, i think that pope francis had said again and again he doesn't want this church to
12:53 pm
be a small chapel for the few. he wants it to be a big church, a home for all and that includes my family and yours. >> i wanted to ask quickly i know we're out of time does it matter if people outside of the catholic church like the pope or not? isn't it really the catholic church that matters and those participating in it? >> the pope is a world leader. of course it matters. its impact is felt by catholics and non-catholics alike. the catholic church is a huge service provider. in the united states the bishops use their money and their mights to advocate for good and for bad. >> bill, the last word we'll quick. i'm sorry, kate. didn't mean to cut you off. >> it does matter what's jews think and they are happy with people with no faith at all. while it's of particular concern to catholics she the head of the state, the holy sea, as a member of the u.n. >> merry christmas to you both.
12:54 pm
thank you both for coming in today. >> "market call." >> "market call." one of the giants of film passed away. lacking back at some of peter o'toole's life, next. and into rich interior accents. or putting the beauty of a forest in the palm of your hands... it will take you to another place... wherever you happen to be. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is the best of what we're made of. well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot,"
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actor peter o'toole has died at the age of 81. his agent said he passed away at the hospital after being ill for some time. his movie careers spanned nearly 50 years and included eight academy award nominations. here's a look back at his life. he was one of the greats. peter o'toole was simply an icon, towards the end of his life continued to wow audiences with his screen presence. born in ire flland in 1932, he e his professional debut in 1955.
12:58 pm
from the west end he transitioned from the stage to film. in "lawrence of arabia" he was catapulted to worldwide stardom and earned him his first emmy nomination. it was the beginning of a string of successful films during the 1950s including another oscar performance opposite kath katheriarine hepburn. admittedly a heavy drinker, it threatened his career and his life. he managed to give back the drink and a comeback in "the stuntman." a self-described entertainer by trade, o'toole marked his own image as an alcoholic, over the hill matinee idol in "my favorite year" earning his seventh oscar nomination.
12:59 pm
though he made some forgettable films through the '80s sump as 1984 "super girl" o'toole continued to work appearing in several made for tv films including "joan of arc." >> this is every bit as important as the other. >> reporter: in 2003, the academy motion pictures arts and sciences honored the actor for lifetime achievement. initially he declined hearing it would signal the end of his career. >> i suppose fighting for love makes more sense than all the rest. >> reporter: but o'toole carried on returning to the desert sands where his career began in 2004's "sword and sandals" epic a "troy." in his golden years became oo s obsessed with a much younger woman, and in "venus" nor best
1:00 pm
actor nomination, confirming his status of a legendary performer. >> in terms of people that have gone, i've lost a few, and i miss them dreadfully, but they're not here. on we go. >> reporter: finally in july of 2012, o'toole himself admitted that he could not go on in the acting business. he officially retired, giving the profession of "profoundly grateful" farewell. peter o'toole, an immortal on-screen. uniquely human off. >> oh, i love the parts he played. a life well lived. peter o'toole will be missed. much more ahead from the "newsroom" in just a moment. first up, he suffered several concussions on the baseball field. now we're just learning how damaging that was to the late ryan freel. he is the


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