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tv   Around the World  CNN  December 20, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i know you guys are going to love it. a huge christmas surprise. a south carolina middle schooler, tammy wood asked to open up the box. that's her dad. oh. >> hey, bud. >> daddy. >> hey. hey, buddy. i missed you. >> don't you just -- air force major jason wood, tammy and her little brotherly had no idea he was going to make it home for the holidays and that brings a tear. happy holidays, merry christmas, happiy kwanzaa. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- prostitution gets a big break in canada. we'll tell you what the country's supreme court decided. >> investigators in london trying to figure out what caused this theater's ceiling to collapse jiring dozens of people in london's historic west end theater district. >> i don't think it was an
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explosion. and the ceiling came down. >> we just thought it was sound effects of the theater. >> and we have a verdict in the trial of celebrity chef nigella lawson's former aides. now lawson is slamming the defense for ruining her reputation by asking questions about her cocaine use. welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. well, an apology from the united states, that's what india wants in part at least for the humiliating arrest of one of its diplomats in new york. >> india's deputy counsel general was handcuffed, strip searched, jailed last week before being released on jail charged with visa fraud for allegedly lying how much she was paying her nanny. prosecutors say she was give nanny far below the minimum wage. >> the diplomat has pleaded not guilty to all of this, denies all of it, but it has tensions between the u.s. and india
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escalating pretty much daily. let's go to new delhi. mallika kapur is standing by there. how does the foreign minister think this is going to play out? an uproar diplomatically is not in anyone's interests. >> no, it's not notice anyone's interests. i did get the feeling he is very, very keen to resolve this issue as soon as possible. there was definitely a zing feeling that he wants to put this incident behind him and he gets the feeling the u.s. wants to do that, as well. how does he resolve it? he said it's not really up to him to lay down a laundry list of conditions. he says what india really wants from the u.s. is to see the u.s. withdraw the charges against its diplomat. he says the charges are unfair and frankly speaking, he said if the u.s. had noticed a problem between two indian citizens, an indian diplomat and her nanny, the u.s. should have referred the matter back to india. >> and then if you have a
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problem, if you have a problem about compliance with the labor law, just tell us. i mean, what would we do? either withdraw the person, the employee, or just negotiate some exceptions. they're possible. it can be done. they can be bilateral exceptions. they can be done and they have been done. >> reporter: he said by not sending the matter back to india, it's a slight on the indian judicial system. that's uncalled for and just unfair. >> animally ca, what did the foreign minister say about removing traffic barriers from outside the u.s. embassy? is there any movement on that? >> reporter: yes, i did ask him about that. he was very careful to say let me make it clear they're not security barriers. he told me they were.simply traffic barriers. they said they had placed the traffic barriers outside the u.s. embassy to help ease congestion in the area and that it was a friendly gesture, a
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gesture of courtesy which india extended to a friend, the united states. he said when we get the feeling the country isn't being that friendly anymore, we took away the courtesy. he said we're not being hostile or tough but do believe in reciprocity. if the u.s. isn't being that friendly, that's why we took away the traffic barriers but he insisted at no point did he say that he was scaling back security of the u.s. diplomats inside and they remain as safe as ever in india. >> as a courtesy, is he he thinking of putting them back there? >> not yet. i think they'll have to resolve this issue before they do that. >> all right. mallika kapur, appreciate it. obviously a lot of work still ahead. little things or big things but it is all about how it looks and diplomacy very much perception. >> both sides want to sort this out and don't want it to get out of control. let's turn to another part of the world, the korean peninsula,
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always a little bit tense. a new threat today coming from north korea. interestingly by fax. they still have one of those. >> they're faxing. they're threatening an attack on the south without notice. the threat came, as you mentioned by fax. and the threat comes as former baseball star dennis rodman making a return visit to pyongyang for what he is calling basketball diplomacy. anna coren is in seoul with the details on both of these new developments. >> suzanne and michael, after a period of relative calm on the korean peninsula, north korea has issued a warning to south korea threatening to strike mercilessly if anti-regime protests continue here in the capital. the south korean government responded saying if there was any provocation, it would retaliate. now, the u.s. and south korean governments believe that north korea is preparing for an act of aggression following the political instability in the country. just last week, north korean leader kim jong-un had his uncle
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executed after being convicted of treason. kim is currently hosting former nba star dennis rodman who is in pyongyang coaching north korea's basketball team. they're preparing for an exhibition game against an american team made up of ex-professional players to celebrate kim's birthday next month. the two men have become close friends. this is rodman's third trip to the her mit kingdom this year. rodman says he's not interested in politics or raising the issue of human rights. nor is he willing to bring up the imprisonment of american missionary kenneth bay sentenced to 15 years hard labor for allegedly trying to overthrow the regime. the u.s. government insists it has not asked rodman to replay a message to u.n. on its behalf. the two countries have not spoken for at least two years. the analysts believe both washington and seoul will be closely watching rodman's trip
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trying to get whatever information they can on north korea's young dictator. back to you. >> all right. anna coren there. there has been a fairly speedy verdict in na million dollar fraud case against two former assistants of the celebrity chef nigella lawson and her ex-husband charles saatchi. >> francesca and liz bet ta were found not guilty of misusing credit cards when they racked up luxury purchases worth more than $1 million. cnn's erin mclaughlin explains nigella lawson's confessed drug use during the trial might have tipped the jury against her it's a trial turned real life soap opera, played out in a london courtroom. the star witnesses celebrity chef nigella lawson an us cooed of habitual drug use. and her multimillionaire ex-husband charles saatchi, accused of ipty mat terrorism.
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the actual wa defendants, their former personal assist nz, liz bet ta and fran chess cal grillo. the prosecution alleged the sisters fraudulently abused sachi company credit cards to fund a million dollar lifestyle. the defense claimed nigella allowed them to spend what they wanted to hide her drug habit from sachi. >> i think the celebrities need to return to the days of downton abby where the staff were not friends. >> lawson admitted to only having done cocaine during two separate life phases. i did not have a drug problem, she said. i had a life problem. she certainly had problems with saatchi who she cast as a brilliant but brutal man. details of the breakdown of their marriage were divulged in court, including the now infamous argument outside a trendy london restaurant in june. >> there's nigella lawson. >> tabloid photos so saatchi's
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hand around her neck. another shows his hand pinching her nose. lawson testified the argument was over her desire to have grandchildren. and she said saatchi spread false rumors he had been examining her for cocaine. when saatchi was asked in court if the argument was about drugs, he said no. i was holding her head by the neck to make her focus, he said. other intimate allegations were revealed by the defense, claims satcally would have his assistants buy his book to improve sales. and spent most of the time in his room. nigella was accused of keeping cocaine in a hollowed out book. all of it now part of public court record. >> i think the winners from this particular case are simply the public. we've devoured this great soap opera. the tabloids have done well. the media has done well out of it. when we reflect on this maybe in two or three months time we'll
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think why did we do it. >> erin mclaughlin, cnn, london. >> the sisters still face a civil suit brought by charles saatchi. lawson released a statement after the verdict claiming that the trial wasn't about justice, but rather about destroying her reputation. now, she said over the three-week trial, the jury was faced with a ridiculous sideshow of false allegations about drug use. which made focus on the actual criminal trial impossible. >> all right. let's turn to canada now. the country's supreme court ruling unanimously that the rights of prostitutes are being infringed by three key laws that make it difficult for sex workers to make a living. sex for money is not illegal in canada, but the high court found bans on owning a brothel, advertising or hiring a bodyguard cuba "do not pass charter muster." >> so rather than sweeping the laws aside, however, the bans will remain in force to give
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parliament time to actually wa amend them. here's more of what we're working for on "around the world." he was russian president vladimir putin's number one political rival. now putin has released him after the oil tycoon was in prison for years. could this come back to haunt him? >> unbelievable scenes too, a baby crying and abandoned, just one casualty, this in the central african republic's growing violence. check out these pictures. >> found alone in the bush, the u.s. gets more involved in this story, by the way, as the african nation looks like it could turn into another rwanda. people hope it won't but there are fears. [ female announcer ] thanks for financing my first car. thanks for giving me your smile. thanks for inspiring me. thanks for showing me my potential. for teaching me not to take life so seriously. thanks for loving me and being my best friend.
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welcome back. bit of an early christmas present for wall street. government figures showing that the gross domestic product, the gdp, grew at an annual rate of more than 4% in the third quarter. >> we actually haven't seen the gdp gloe grow like that in nearly two years. people are spending more money is, businesses are investing more in property and equipment helping to improve the overall economy. the dow and s&p hit an all-time high over the news richardest joining us now. this caught people by surprise. the expectations weren't this high. >> we had an earlier number of 3.6 which had started out at 2.. so what we saw with this number is it steadily got larger as each revision came out to the point we're now at 4.1. if we look at the year overall,
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you see first quarter is 1.1% growth, second quarter 2.5, and now you get this gang busterer quarter for the third. what it shows is what we now know from the fed and from all different sorts of sides. the u.s. economy is picking up speed. now, whether it's fast enough to make sizable inroads into unemployment is a different issue, but no doubt about it, the u.s. economy is recovering and faster than we believed. >> yeah, is it is sustainable, richard? >> in a short answer, yes. because all the black clouds are starting to dissipate. notably, congress's passing of the budget. that was a big worry for january. now, if the republicans decide to go to battle with the democrats over the debt ceiling in february, that will be a worry. but we know, let's just go by what we know. we've got this faster growth on
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gdp. we've got unemployment down at 7%. we've got tapering now under way and going to go right the way through 2014. we've got a stock market that's at an all-time high and is probably not a bubble. it's frothy, not a bubble. factor all that in, and you end up with not exactly a rosy scenario, but let me put it as a comfortable scenario. >> frothy but not a bubble. that makes me want a beer. all right. i want to ask you about another big story coming out of russia. and that is vladimir putin letting someone who was his biggest critic for years out of prison, ten years he served. mikhail khodorkovsky. a lot of people felt he was a political prisoner. it was more about putin trying to get rid of a rival. i actually spoke to his son pavel a little bit earlier. let's listen to what he had to say.
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>> my father doesn't vin political ambitions. it's up to him, of course, to decide what he wants to do. i think first items on his list are his family and his friends right now. >> of course, richard, he was a big player in russia, the richest man in the country for a while. does this feel a little bit like putin ten sort of air brushing things a little bit dealing with the anti-gay laws, sochi coming up, the winter games? >> absolutely. he says he did it on humanitarian grounds because khodorkovsky's mother is unwell, but if you look at what is going on in russia at the moment, you've got khodorkovsky having sudden amnesty out of the blue. apparently he requested it november 12th. you've got this amnesty for many people locked up, 20,000 people will get amnesty including members of the pussy riot's musical band locked up. left and right, you've got them
9:19 am
sweeping up to try and pretty up the picture before the world arrives on their doorstep in february for the winter olympics. whether or not that, would, we can't say. that's for individuals to decide. but let's not forget it, khodorkovsky was convicted and has served ten years in prison. it's not exactly as if this amnesty -- he was due to be released next year anyway. it's not exactly as if this amnesty is the largesse of the greatness. >> richard quest request the there in new york. >> yeah, he was one of the richest men in russia. >> the richest man. >> he doesn't have riches anymore. >> he has a little bit left over. his son was telling me he's got a few dollars tucked away, but not billions like he used to have. >> we are learning why a u.s. general in charge of nuclear weapons was relieved of duty. apparently a trip to moscow was the last straw. an air force investigative report says major general
9:20 am
michael carrie was drinking bragging about. hot women he met and late to meetings and rude to his hosts. too examples from the report, carrie kept can interrupting the guy during a monastery tour and tried to give her an awkward fist bump, another time tried to sing with a band at a restaurant and left his delegation to hang out with other women. they say his behavior didn't affect nuclear weapons operations but he is now with the air force space operation. >> whoops. now let's talk about the brazilian city of salvador getting ready the world for the biggest sporting event there is. we're talking about the world cup. is the world ready for salvador? this beautiful beach city is also brazil's murder capital. >>
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london now. police are now saying that no criminal act was involved when a large section of ceiling plaster fell down in the middle of the performance at the historic apollo theater. 112 years old. investigators are eager to find out though why if happened and whether other old buildings in that theater district perhaps prone to a similar sort of accident. >> at least 79 people were hurt in the falling debris, 7 being treated for serious injuries. incredibly no one was killed. the theater opened in 1901, it was named for the greek god of arts. the apollo.
9:25 am
the theater same name opened in new york city's harlem more than a dozen years later. erin mclaughlin says it shocked victims their faces smeared with grime, they described what happened. >> it was certainly not your typical thursday night rat london's historic apollo theater. an audience of over 700 people, families and children had assembled for a performance of "the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime," and then. >> a loud bang. i don't think it was an explosion. and the ceiling came down. >> we just thought it was sound effects of the theater and then yeah, then we just looked up and the whole ceiling was like slow motion. >> parts of the roof started caving in. >> a lot of dust, chandelier, wood and all that sort of stuff landed on about five or six rose. >> and panic erupted inside the auditorium. >> we were at the ba can and he just looked at me and had panic on his face and just said run,
9:26 am
everybody get out. >> witnesses say people stayed calm and helped one another. quickly everyone was out. injured people, bloody and in shock were treated at the scene. some taken to the hospital aboard a london bus. >> we don't want to go into too much detail about what happened. suffice to say there has been a collapse of heavy plaster from what appears to be the roof of the auditorium within the theater. >> british prime minister david cameron tweeted his response to first responders. i'm grateful for the fast work of the emergency services in helping the injured. as for the cause of the collapse, well, that's still unclear. the policity later saying, there's no suggestion at this stage that this was the result of a criminal act. however, at this stage, we are keeping an open mind. erin mclaughlin, cnn, london. >> thousands of soccer fans from all over the world are going to be traveling to brazil and in
9:27 am
particular sal va dorl, brazil for the world cup. many of them might not realize they're headed into the murder capital of south america's biggest country. >> salvador is having terrible problems with drug gangs and violence. officials aren't just preparing the city for the moment, they're just trying to make it safe for visitors. here's cnn's shastas darington. >> fritters served up by smiling women in traditional dress. performers twisting through the air in mock fights. some of the many sights awaiting visitors to salvador, a world cup city along brazil's northeastern coast. unfortunately, so is this. a police blitz on buses coming to and from a nearby slum. male passengers are separated and searched for arms and drugs. then women's handbags are checked. at the end, a brief explanation.
9:28 am
we're trying to prevent robberies of buses he says. thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience. a popular tourist destination with pretty beaches, colonial architecture and a raucous carnival, it also has a somewhat darker side. in recent years, a surge in violent crime has turned salvador into the murder capital of brazil. raising red flags as the city gears up for the world cup just six months away. the stadium's been ready for months. they played the con federations cup here but people tell us there's still a lot of work to do in salvador. crime is the main concern. >> people don't feel safe, says this man. mostly because of drugs. the government is worried, says another woman. but i think with the steps they're taking, we'll see good results. then there's transportation. construction on an urban train system began more than a decade ago, but still isn't operating.
9:29 am
salvador's new mayor says he's hoping to have it at least partially running in time for the football extravaganza. i think the balance is going to be positive, he says. the world cup is going to allow people to see another brazil they haven't seen. he says crime is finally starting to decline, thanks to government crackdowns, and it's concentrated in the slums. well, these problems affect act tourists? he says? do they happen in places tourists go to? no. at least that's the hope for the thousands of fans who will want to follow their teams up close during the world cup. starting with the very first match in in salvador between spain and holland. shasta darlington, cnn, salvador, brazil. >> and we're waiting this. president obama due to talk to reporters in 90 minutes before leaving on vacation in hawaii. among the questions we can expect, what does the president plan to do about a proposal in congress to ramp up sanctions
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welcome back. president obama about to leave washington for his annual vacation in hawaii. but before he goes, he's going to be facing off with reporters one last time. that news conference is expected to begin about 90 minutes or so. >> of course, he's going to face a lot of questions. one of them about the sanctions against iran. the president also going to go and talk about the strong economic numbers and the country's overall growth. i want to bring in wolf blitzer from washington. wolf, we do know he's facing a number of real challenges going into the next year. we're talking about obamacare, whether or not the website is really going to allow people to get the coverage they need. the nsa spying, whether or not they're going to cooperate on that and whether or not he's going to get something he's really wanted, immigration reform. what do you suspect he's going to start with in his opening statement? >> i assume he wants to start with positive news and the latest gdp numbers. the growth more than 4% in the third quarter. that's pretty good. if he wants to it out other positive economic numbers over the past year, housing starts
9:35 am
certainly the stock market when he took office, the markets, the dow jones was what, at 7,000 or so. it's at 16,000 right now. people who have 401(k) investments are doing well. if you take a look at the dow jones right now, it's almost up another 100 points. 16,276. so maybe he'll talk about the improving economy. he'll make the point the country still has a long way to go. 7% unemployment is not good. it's got to keep coming down and the disparity between the rich and poor has grown. a lot more people now are on food stamps than when he took office. there's mixed numbers. but the big issue he faces is his credibility, reliability, his competence as a result of the failures of the roll out of obamacare. >> yeah, wolf, let's talk about iran. a lot of people worried about this, particularly outside of the united states. that move in congress to threaten iran not with sanction relief but more sanctions. how likely is that going to
9:36 am
happen? and what would the president do if congress does pass such a thing? iran would say then deal off just when things are starting to look a little bit promising on that score. >> just yesterday the president said he would veto the bill. even though it wouldn't take effect for more than a year during which there would be an opportunity for the iranians to prove they're cooperate in eliminating or reducing their nuclear program significantly to the benefit of the rest of the region and indeed the world. but at this point, the president is being very tough on this because he is afraid, secretary kerry is afraid if the congress were to pass this legislation, then the iranians might bolt and decide they're ending all of this cooperation. those who support it say that's not going to happen. the only reason the iranians are cooperating right now is because they feel the bite of sanctions and lettinging this whoever over them if they don't comply or
9:37 am
come up with an agreement will only encourage them to do so. there are two sides. i think they have the votes in the senate and house to pass this legislation, but if the president vetoes it, then you need a two-thirds override in the senate and house. i don't know if he has that two-thirds vote. he might have the vote but it's a sensitive issue and i know the president probably if asked will discuss it at length today. >> wolf, thanks. good to see su as always. we'll be watching closely the press conference beginning at 2:00. a wave of violence continuing today in iraq. at least nine people were killed, some two dozen injured when two roadside bombs exploded at an outdoor market about 100 miles north of baghdad. >> yeah, this is becoming a daily event. 300 people, in fact, more than that, about 400 or 500 have been killed in the country this month. last month it was about 700. it is getting out of control. these killings began to spike earlier this year after authorities in iraq started to crackdown on a protest camp.
9:38 am
it's become very sectarian in nature. >> turning to afghanistan, a new poll shows a changing attitude in the u.s. about the war there. the abc news/"washington post" survey found 66% of americans do not think that the 13-year-old war was worth fighting. nearly 2300 u.s. troops have died in that conflict. let's turn to the central african republic now becoming what some might fear would be killing fields. we're going to look at the atrocities as the u.s. ambassador goes there and tries to talk the people to the table to discuss this and try to circumvent what many people fear could be a bloodbath. ç=
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spotlight on the atrocities under way in the heart of africa. samantha power is trying to stop the escalating violence between christians and muslims in the central african republic. she got a firsthand look at the crisis during a visit to the capital. >> human rights groups say more than a thousand people were killed there in just two days earlier this month. hundreds of thousands more are displaced and for many of them, food now running short. >> those responsible for atrocities must be held accountable. that is a very important element of preventing future violence anosikals of violence. >> more on then now from our own
9:43 am
nic robertson. >> reporter: in a hospital in the central african republic, the unimaginable, children wounded a machete attack. these and other chilling atrocities documented in the capital earlier this month by a team from amnesty international. >> what we saw particularly on december 5th was really armed groups deliberately killing large numbers of civilians. >> in amnesty's video, these horrific i thinks shot in the hospital's corridors. those less fortunate than the children evidence the human rights group says's of war crimes. >> that is pretty much a classic example of a war crime and when it's carried out systematically as it was on december 5th, it's a crime against humanity. >> during their two weeks in bagui, amnesty international says close to 1,000 people were killed in sectarian bloodletting. first a predominant lit
9:44 am
christian militia killing muslims followed immediately by revenge attacks about i a mostly muslim militia killing christians. it's been bloody since the government was overthrown. march by muslim rebels causing its president to fleet country. witnesses describing the barbarity. he fell in the hands of thug combatants he says, his throat was cut. you've seen his neck. cut with a knife. then they cut his hand, his genital genitalia. he was cut piece by piece as you can see. nearby, christians destroy a mosque in anger. the concern now, what began a few months ago as militia violence has infected everyone. >> in the situation where neighbors are killing neighbors. we move from a situation to a new development which is horrifying because now there are people who have been living
9:45 am
together for years who are killing each other. >> reporter: hundreds of kilometers to the north, another charity, human rights watch, were witnessing similar trauma, tens of thousands on the run living in fear. and this extraordinary moment. [ baby crying ] >> human rights watch says they found a baby lost by fleeing parents. but what happens next for this child and all the others is uncertain. >> it really will depend on the actions of the international community and the proper deployment of international troops to protect civilians and stop the violence. >> in a country with no army, no police, nos justice, no way of ending the violence itself, be that is a very big question. not easily answered. nic robertson, cnn, london.
9:46 am
>> it's just heartbreaking when you see the pictures in the story like that. they need so much help. it is escalating day by day. >> there's there's a few thousand u.n. troops and french troops are trying to bring things under control. it's hard to get out of bangui and into other areas. >> president obama taking action to protect americans. this is in south sudan. he is sendinging a content gincy of 45 service members to boost security at the u.s. embassy in the capital city of juba. a reported coup attempt last weekend triggered violence that has been spreading all week. yesterday a u.n. base came under attack. >> in fact, two indian army peacekeepers were killed, a couple others wounded. two civilians also died. very worrying situation. president obama releasing a statement that says "in 2011, millions of south saw dan he's voted to forge a new nation founded on the promise of a more peaceful and prosperous future
9:47 am
for all of suit sudan's people. today that future is at risk. south sudan stands at the precipice. recent fighting threatens to plunge south sudan back into the dark days of itsity past." and google has run into some trouble in europe. we're going to tell you how some countries say that the way the tech company clektz information on its users is illegal. across america people are taking charge
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with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. in spain anyway. privacy watchdogs there say the company broke privacy laws. >> google has now been ordered to pay a fine of more than $1 million, want to bring in zain asher to talk about this. zain, honestly, that's kind of a drop in the bucket for google, right? like $1 million. is there a message here? what's lined this? >> essentially spain is
9:51 am
basically saying that they will not tolerate what they consider to be privacy violations. here's the problem. there are three reasons for the penalty. they're saying google gathers data on users. they're saying they sort of combine users' personal information across various online services that google has. and number three, they keep the data indefinitely. that's also a problem because spain says people have no idea how long their personal information is being kept for this all started when google changed their privacy policy last year. google does have a response. i'm going to read it to you. they're saying we continue -- "we continue to engage fully with the spanish protection agency to explain our privacy policy and how it allows us to create six pler and more effective services." not exactly apology but there you have it. >> blackberry, lost $4.4 billion. >> $4.4 billion. i know. it's hard to consider one day, there wasn't a long time ago when it was one of the fastest
9:52 am
growing companies in america. $4.4 billion this quarter. that was their last. this time last year, they reported a profit of $14 million. not great but that's a huge swing from $14 million to $4.4 billion. the bottom line they had these new lines of phones, the ten models, z 10, q 10 and expected that to be the saving grace. they have not caught on. there's a lot of brand loyalty with smartphones and people are used to apple and google. shares down 50% so far year to date. suzanne and michael. >> good to see you as always. thank you. this is a fun one. penguins dressed as santa. christmas trees and reindeer all to bring a little bit of holiday cheever. >> what could possibly go wrong that's coming up. >> we'll see. of driving into beautiful. running hard down roads of your own making.
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all right. no escaping those end of the year lists. lots of lists, top ten, top 20. lots of headlines. >>, et cetera, et cetera. >> i love the list. >> you do love the list, don't you? >> he makes a good list. screaming goats, monkey in a snow suit. my goodness, it has to be jeanne moos, doesn't it? >> 'tis the season to be listing. from the 23 most breathtaking science photos of 2013 to the nine social media hoaxes you
9:57 am
fell for. like the twerking girl pretending to set herself on fire avidio, circulated by jimmy kimmel. we should be screaming from all of these lists. still how can you resist the 21 most cringe worthy tv news moments. >> what is wrong with you? >> good night, lawrence. >> usually we try to escape ads, but not the ones that make it on to a year ender list. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. >> any excuse for a list will do. the 28 most ridiculous celebrity face mashes combined sarah palin and honey boo boo. kim kardashian and chris christie. and what's with the random numbers? why 32? remember the days when a list was something on paper that you took to the grocery store? now, instead of bread and milk, there are even listing listing the best lists. jonathan mann known as youtube's song a daman is singing his list
9:58 am
of top require videos ♪ all the viral videos of 2013, held our attention ♪ ♪ guy guy, the hat check guy and this russian meet right ♪ >> but the video that gets his goat -- ♪ goats scream like humans >> with lists ranging from the top ten miley moments to the top ten harlem shakes -- it's hard to pick a clip of the year, but jimmy kimmel tried. >> monkey in a snow suit. >> alas, monkey in a snow suit didn't win. scared boss did. and as the scared boss came on the show to accept the award, there's been a crazy year, but if you think it's been crazy for you, wait till you see how nuts
9:59 am
it was for the amorous cows that made it to number one on the krezest dashcam videos. holy cow, not only were they not hurt, the male was ready for morrow man's. she's definitely at the top of his list. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> screaming boss wins hands down. screaming boss. i love that. kept getting hill over and over again. >> i'm not going to mention the cows. carry on. >> carrying on. we've got photos, several stories catching our attention today. take a look at this. south korea beginning to look a lot like christmas. we've been talking about this one all day. a group of penguins dressed as the santa claus christmas tree outfits. >> who asked them. walking around the zoo, a lot of people getting excited about christmas, and you know. i don't know how you do that. >> i'd love to see them swim in that.
10:00 am
that's the penguins in a suit. as i said, i'm sure they love that. to bow live kra, thousands gathering around an ecofriendly christmas tree. the tree stands 45 feet high. made up of 50,000 plastic bottles. >> pretty cool. people have to pedal on a bike to produce enough energy to actually light up the tree. >> oh. >> really cool. >> all right. that will do it for "around the world" today. we'll go off and make a list. >> yes, thanks for watching. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. have a great weekend. >> right now, president obama is getting ready to face some tough questions after a tough year. we'll preview the president's news conference set to he boo gin in one hour and have brand new job approval numbers out this hour. how is the president doing? right now, wall street investors are reacting in a big way to new economic numbers that show the economy growing at a much faster pace than initially thought. the surprising figure and what it means for your finances just ahead.


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