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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 23, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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today. >> no, no, no. more news for you. let's head over to the "newsroom." kyra phillips is in for carol costello. >> good morning. happening right now in the newsroom, everyone, deadline day, if you want obamacare by next year, today is the day. enrollment may be clouded as the white house hopes are high its approval at a new low. plus, moving the bull's-eye, target still in damage control mode this morning after that massive hack attack. one big bank even limiting how much you can spend anywhere, just two days before christmas. and ducking cover, the dynasty's phil richardson speaking out and not apologizing saying, he's a lover, not a hater. the "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. thanks so much for joining me. i'm kara philips in for carol
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costello today. for most people who want health insurance through obamacare, today is the last day to sign up to have coverage by january 1st. the problem, plagued website is working better now even though it was down on friday. more than half a million people have signed up for plans in the first three weeks of december but as a new cnn poll shows, support for the law has plummeted. we start with our report this morning with athena jones. >> reporter: the latest poll by cnn/orc show tsz white house has a long way to go to convince the american public the president's signature domestic achievement, obamacare, is working. support for the affordable care act dropped to a record low, just 35% approve of the law. a five-point drop in less than a month. 62% oppose it, despite the president's efforts to defend it. >> despite the website problems, despite the messaging problems, despite all that, it's working. >> reporter: the new poll numbers come as republicans continue to rail against
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obamacare. >> the rollout and the ideas behind the fact that the federal government could manage appropriately one-sixth of the economy is proving itself erroneous. >> reporter: as members of the president's own party pushed a delay until 2015 fines for people who don't buy insurance by the end of march. >> this whole 2014 will be a transitional year too to find out where our glitches are and nuances that we have to work for and find out if the market can produce the pruthd products that we need to keep us healthy. >> reporter: the administration did offer a reprieve last week to people whose policies are being canceled and who haven't been able to find affordable plan on the exchanges. they will be allowed to buy catastrophic coverage or be exempted from the fine. while enrollment from the federal website is speeding up states running their own exchanges have seen mixed results. making matters worse for the white house the drop in support from the law was driven by women. 60% now oppose it compared to
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54% in november. >> women oftentimes are the ones who are making the health care decisions in the family. >> reporter: just last week they launched a renewed push aimed at moms hoping they will help sell the law. and in another sign of bad news, most poll respondents believe they're going to pay more, not less, under the new law. 63% said their medical bills will increase. just 7% expect them to fall. and athena jones joining me now from honolulu where the president is spending his christmas holiday. the president mentioned another big enrollment number on friday. right? what is it? >> that's right, kyra. it's interesting that we're getting these number directly from the president himself. he said on friday that more than a million people had signed up for health insurance either via the state exchange or the federal exchange since october 1st when this all began. of course, that's still a long way away from the administration's goal of 7 million people enrolling by the end of march. kyra? >> we're going to talk more
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about that. athena jones, thanks so much. let's look closer at those numbers and political impact. of course we're bringing in john avlon for that, cnn political analyst and executive editor for "the daily beast." days before the deadline the site was down for several hours on friday and note that came out was, whoops, sorry, scheduled maintenance. this is not the time or routine maintenance, john. >> yeah, no, we're in crunch time. this is approving people. and rollout has been to fundamentally screwed up as the president himself admits when it's taken off line those are people not coming on and that adds to the perception that things are still fundamentally broken. this is a perception problem as well as a political problem for the president. these numbers are going in the wrong direction at the wrong time. >> if you look a the latest numbers, still more than half the country doesn't agree with obamacare for a variety of reasons. >> yeah, that's one of the really interesting things about this poll, kyra. we've got 43% of americans disagree with it because they
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say it's too liberal. that makes sense. 15%, the fastest growing number, say they disagree with it because it is too liberal. the president is stuck in the middle here. but the trend is not his friend. and the fact that women seem to be driving this latest round of disapproval is a real problem for reasons the president explained. women tend to be the health care decision makers in the household. here's the thing. monday, today's the deadline, if you don't have insurance, if you want to have it by january 1 you have to purchase it. the larger deadline is out in march. but the chronic confusion around this law, that's what adding to the negative perception. there is still time before the midterm elections for the administration to rack up numbers and make people see, according to their narrative, the republicans claim this is end of freedom as we know it aren't true and it may be a good deal. but the numbers, the initial results are very problematic. for those self-employed folks, they're the runs getting the brunt of this and that is a driving factor in our society across the board right now. >> let's talking about those numbers and you ho you rack especially the numbers because we're far from hitting that 7
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million sign-up goal and that could be disastrous and we need enough healthy people to sign up to offset the sick folks. if that doesn't happen then medical costs could be brutal pchl. >> that's exactly right. the marketplace argument behind this plan is that if you get enough healthy people to sign up, if they can be induced, the young people, that awful pajama boy ad was trying to induce young people to sign up, that will create the balance to lower costs for everybody. if you don't have enough young healthy people signing up, the market dynamic doesn't work. already you're seeing a lot of health insurance companies push back and say, look, all of these last-minute changes may work for politics but they hurt the practicality. at the end of the day the impact this has on the midterm elections, there is still time for people to see. it's not like the current health care system is real popular in america. but the market dynamics that were supposed to work to bring down costs seem fundamentally flawed unless they can hit the
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benchmarkses. >> let's look at the law. constituents have been complaining. will continue to complain. right? politicians have got to get involved, a tweak, amendment, whatever it is. and then the law isn't even the way -- it's not going forward the way it was intended. then what? >> well, look, there's always going to be a little bit of -- you want people in washington to make adjustments based on facts on the ground. the problem is you have this deep illogical divide over the law despite the fact that it was originally a republican plan. that is ancient history. the republicans are so i'd logically invested in 2 defeat of this law they're pumping it up. democrats, on the other hand, need to defend this as a core legacy, not just the obama administration but of liberalism, can government solve big complex problems. that's why this is such a frouth debate. that's what this is such intense politics as well as people's lives, as well as whether their health care at the end of the day is cheaper and have some of the benefits promised like no pre-existing conditions.
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those elements are proper. the republican move is going to be can they offer an alternative. if it's simply opposition, that is a difficult alternative to campaign on. it can work but it's not sufficient ultimately. you need to propose a solution, not just oppose. >> john, good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> you, too, kyra. be well. >> you bet. just getting this in here to cnn. live pictures now from detroit where we're told a plane has apparently slid off the runway. it's detroit metro airport. these pictures coming to us from our affiliate wdiv. no one was hurt. that plane was a delta flight, flight 2283. it was en route to atlanta. it has been rescheduled for 10:00 a.m. this morning. we'll keep you updated there from detroit. the nation's largest bank is slapping some new safeguards in place after that massive security breach at retail giant target. it effects shoppers who used a jpmorgan chase debit card at target during that three-week
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security failure. now, their holiday shopping with that compromised debit card has new atm and purchase limits. we'll have the detates in a moment but, first, target is now offering a free credit monitoring service for the roughly 40 million customers who may have been exposed. and over the weekend, target gave a store-wide discount of 10% for all shoppers on both saturday and sunday. cnn's george howell outside a target store in warrenville, illinois. has that impacted the shopping from where you are, george? >> reporter: well, kyra, look, you are finding some shoppers who are shopping elsewhere. sales are reportedly down. there are also reportedly three class action lawsuits. the timing on this could not be worse when you consider it's right before the christmas rush. some last-minute christmas shoppers may be frozen in their tracks because of the massive security breach at target. jpmorgan chase, the nation's
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largest bank, has temporarily placed limits on those customers potentially impacted by the hacked. chase clients who shopped at u.s. target stores between november 27th and december 15th can now only withdraw $100 a day from atms, their daily total spending now capped at $300. with 40 million credit and debit card accounts now considered compromised, irate customers took target to task online. one tweet reads, quote, my bank account got hacked and now i can't finish christmas shopping. @target, anything to help? another chimed in. the moral of this story, target hacking and chase bankcard limits have a backup plan, cash, paper checks, gift cards, one other bank card. and other hacked customers are asking why it wasn't noticed sooner. >> they purchased six gift cards at $200 and as the person at the bank told me they went for a seventh and it was denied
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because i didn't have enough. and i just think that would have been suspicious. >> reporter: u.s. senators richard bloomenthal and chuck schumer are looking for immediate action. >> we can get to the bottom of how target's in-store security was compromised in order to make sure that target in the future and all other stores adequately protect consumers from this kind of devastating theft. >> reporter: some customers in california have already filed what could become a class action lawsuit against target, saying the chain, quote, failed to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices. target said on sunday it notified millions of effected customers via e-mail and is working with the secret service and financial institutions to resolve the problem. they also offered customers 10% store wide diss coucounts this weekend as well as free credit
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monitoring. so there's no doubt this incident has a lot of people furious. the question, could we see more of this sort of thing according to the national retail federation, the answer so that is yes. simply because of the magnetic strip on the back of these cards, technology that they say is similar to what we see ones cassette tapes. it's easily compromised and, kyra, can be easily copied. >> oh, my gosh, cassette tapes. you just took us both way back, george howell. >> yes. >> oh, yes. we could keep going. all right. ice, snow, rain, floods, even weirdly warm weather have hit different parts of the country now. the bizarre storm system comes as 94 million people are traveling for the holidays. on roads like these, even up to the skies. more than 100 flights now canceled across the u.s. and hundreds are delayed, according to
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indra, what kind of holiday can travelers expect? >> i think you pretty much nailed it with weird weather. we still have the remnants of everything that happened over the weekend. we saw over an inch of ice in upstate new york. record breaking heat in the east. ten inches of rain across the mid west and the southeast. by the way, yeah, this is only our first weekend of winter weather. it's just two days before christmas and a powerful storm system is knocking most of the country into weather extremes, all on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. freezing rain and snow slammed in middle of the country, creating colossal sheets of ice on the roofs of these outlet shops in oklahoma city and in the east, unseasonable warmth. upstate new york, an ice storm knocked out power, freezing branches and roadways. a stark difference just a few hours away in new york city which saw a record high of 71 degrees over the weekend. >> i love it.
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feels like it's may in december. >> reporter: a dangerous mix of storms, flooding, snow, and ice threatens travel plans this week. and our neighbor to the north isn't immune. >> oh, there it goes. >> toronto, canada, seeing one of the worst ice storms in recent memory. severe storms swept across the south. in arkansas, this damage was from 130-mile-per-hour tornado. >> i threw my whole body weight over my 16-month-old child to save his life and i found my daughter and flung her towards the bathroom to save her life. >> reporter: in nelson county, kentucky, this flood water swept this car downstream killing three people inside. >> we were hoping to make some rescues. >> sheets of rain and wind. >> reporter: in charlotte, fan of the new orleans/carolina panthers name endured drenching rain. >> how about this guy right below the booth? >> reporter: this guy seemed to have the worse seat of the house as rain cascaded down from the up dper desk.
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for nearly 94 million expected travelers, it's a wacky combo of weather. >> extreme weather still continues this morning. let's talk about the icing first. still seeing new england into the northeast. only about a quarter of an inch potential still left. it should diminish as the morning continues on. farther down the south we're still talking about rain in big metropolitan areas. generally one, maybe three-inch areas. we do still have flooding concerns. should be exiting offshore as we go through the evening especially through the carolinas. that should be the slowest place that we see it exit offshore. keep in mind, may be warm in the morning but we're going to cool off as the day goes on. many places should see highs as the overnight lows once the cold front kicks through. how about the snow? still one to three inches of snow around the lakes. we'll watch for that. these temperature contrast, 73 in tampa right now, negative 3 -- or 23 in bismarck. that would be a gap. pretty extreme temperatures are still in the forecast. one of the bigger things you'll notice, look how unusual the overnight lows are.
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should be in the 30s. d.c. was 59 degrees this morning. that's what i'm talking about. some of our highs today could be from this morning. it will get cooler as we go through the afternoon and especially as we go throughout the week. talk about a good 40-degree temperature drop in 48 hours. by christmas day, at least it will feel like christmas for everyone, i don't know why, but if they were complaining with 70-degree teps in the northeast, we'll see 20s and 30s by christmas day. i'm not excited. i'm okay with it if it's christmas. i'll give you that, kyra. >> yeah, come on. it gets you in the whole holiday spirit. >> i'm trying to. >> to go to green bay, wisconsin. you will feel the spirit. >> no, i'm good. still to come, peyton manning makes nfl history. what a ride he's had this season. joe carter in the house next. [ male announcer ] the new new york is open.
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because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. check ourg top stories. a plane wing slices a building. you can actually see the boeing 747 right here. the accident happened as the plane was taxiing at johannesburg airport. all passengers are okay. british airways has now launched an investigation. and today the denver city council will tackle the issue of
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punishing minors caught with pot. the council will vote on measures that would make marijuana possession by those under the age of 18 punishable by a small fine but it will not be put on their permanent record. the council will also vote on a measure to ban marijuana businesses within 1,000 feet of a school. and for the third time this year, dennis rodman has returned from a highly publicized trip to north korea but this time there was no meeting with the man he calls, quote, a very good guy. talk about kim jong-un rodman was in town to help train a basketball team for an exhibition match in january. he says he's not worried about not seeing the north korean leader this time around. he plans to return to the country in about a week. and "duck dynasty" star phil robertson says he's a lover, not an hater. in the interview, robertson said he was just merely quoting the bible when he made those comments to gq that labeled
6:21 am
homosexuality a sin. those comments did get him suspended from the hit show, by the way. meanwhile, another politician is expressing public support for the family. louisiana lieutenant governor says "duck dynasty" is important for state tourism and he will help the robertson family find new producer it is they can't reach a deal with a&e. it's set to air january 15th. peyton manning's magical year got even better on sunday. the denver broncos quarterback set an nfl record with this 51st touchdown pass of the season. joe carter here with all the hoopla, all action. >> it's fun for me to watch. i'm a huge denver broncos fan. >> that's where you're from. >> it's not hard to follow. it's been a fun season. what's great about this back story is a few years ago, 2 1/2 years ago, peyton had four neck surgeries. many thought his career might be over forever. maybe he would never be the
6:22 am
same. here he is at the beige of 37 having arguably the greatest season of his entire nfl career. he's got a lot of records. yesterday he had the 51st touchdown pass which breaks tom brady's record of 50. to think he could actually set two more records next weekend in the game against the oakland raiders. if the broncos score 28 points they will be the first team in nfl history to score 600 points. if peyton manning throws for 266 yards, he will be pass -- he'll pass drew brees for the all time passing yards record. the man had the ability to have the touchdown record, yards record and points record all when people say his career might be over. >> it's amazing you mention drew brees. same thing with drew brees. >> comebacks. don't count them out. >> when you were describing peyton i was drinking about drew brees and, bam, you put it right in there. awesome. they're good guys. >> they are. did you ever see the manning documentary that was just on tv recently about his father, "the
6:23 am
book of manning." >> no. >> yesterday after the game peyton manning said, i love the record, love having it but i'm certain it's going to be broken. >> i think it's a unique thing and a neat thing to be a part of nfl history even though it may be temporary. i personally think all season records are going down, especially at if they go to 18 game and there won't be an asterisk to them. brady will probably break it next year if not the year after. we'll enjoy it as long as it lasts and hopefully the hall of fame will send the ball back once somebody throws for more. >> great headline today "usa today" sports. peyton is great but the super bowl is better. broncos are setting themselves up with records and they have a great position to possibly be number one seed in the playoffs and have home field advantage throughout. that's where they were last year and they got one and done by the ravens. this could be all for nothing if peyton does not get to the super bowl and win the super bowl.
6:24 am
i know that's harsh to say but that's the expectations now. could this be another season where peyton has inflated, huge statistical number but doesn't win the big one. >> we can talk about the mind/body connection. all the surgeries and injuries and he is so focus and mentally driven into the mission. i mean, look at what he's done. it's power, the power of the mind. >> and to see how the team is following him in this mission because obviously he's more than just a great quarterback. he's a great leader. obviously his preparation going into each game, the way he handles practices, the way he handles media, the way he handles off the field, grace and commercial ads and being a celebrity but not let that distraction carry over into his preparation and work and all the stuff that goes into his family. see that documentary as i mentioned, qutd the book of manning" goes back to his father archie and how archie never pressured him to be a college quarterback, never pressured him to be in the nfl. you make your own choices. i'm not going to tell you who to
6:25 am
play for and to be a quarterback. >> what a lesson for all of white house are parents. that's for sure. joe, thanks so much. still to come, she urged women across the country to lean in if they wanted to get ahead at work. well, we have an in-depth look at facebook's sheryl sandburg and some of the other most talked about women of the year. ♪ [ car beeps ] ♪ ♪ we're gonna need a bigger bucket. ♪ [ male announcer ] more people are leaving bmw, mercedes and lexus for audi than ever before. the holidays won't last and neither will the season of audi. visit today. ♪ visit today. here we honor the proud thaccomplishmentsss. of our students and alumni. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross.
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2013 was within incredible year for women, big jobs, big selling books. kelly wallace and carols can tell lo cat soun and talked about women and the criticism that sheryl sandburg received for her book "lean in." >> a lot of women were saying, okay, sheryl sandburg, are you blaming us, are you blaming us for not being able to crack the glass ceiling? is it all women's fault, right? and are we not doing enough, are we not leaning in enough? that really did get people fired up. i will say that sheryl sandberg as she heard that criticism said, you know what, i'm not saying that everybody needs to be a ceo.
6:29 am
i'm just saying that we can all potentially do a better job when it comes to doing more in our own careers, maybe not leaning back years before we decide to have kids but going hard for years. when you have kids maybe making a different decision. she tried to clear up some of the controversy that erupted at the start. >> still her book was incredibly popular. it was a best seller. you have to wonder what her next move will be. a lot of people said she should run for public office. >> i mean, it will be interesting because she struck such a chord. women responded to her. she's been talking a lot at the end of the year and maybe in 2014 about getting men as part of this equation, right? it's not just about women leaning in, it's about men doing more and the workplace and organizations around the country to both help women lean in, to support younger women, so i think that is something we will probably see her talking more and more about in the early part of 2014. >> okay. let's talk about another woman who leaned in all of the way to
6:30 am
the top, right? >> yes. >> general motors mary barra ceo, first ever woman to head an american car company. it's so great to see this because it's a traditionally male industry. right? and here's a woman who grew up in the industry who is now leading general motors. >> it's a fantastic story. as you said, right, the first u.s. -- first woman to lead a u.s. automaker. she joins a small but, you know, somewhat growing list, right, of female ceos. and that it is a heavily -- male dominated industry, speaks volumes. she's going to bring kind of her own eksz pexpertise and managem style to the top. at the same time, carol, you know, and we've talked about this, the numbers are small. the number of, you know, executive officers at companies hasn't really changed over the past four years. the number of women on boards hasn't really changed over the past eight years. we have a long way to go. when you see moments like this, you have to stop and say that's
6:31 am
great news for women in the workplace. >> you say we have a long way to go in this next topic certainly illustrates that. a new poll says women still prefer working for men. this is a gallop poll. why? >> yeah, i know. you know, i like to always look at the positive, right? the gender gap is narrowing. but, yes, women and men still say they prefer to work for men. a lot of people will say, carol, that, you know, there are stereotypes, right, a man might be viewed as assertive, male boss. a woman might exit the same qualities might be viewed in less than positive terms. i won't say the word on tv here. part of that. also, there aren't as many women, right? so if you have five bosses and you only have one female boss and you have four male bosses, if you have four bosses, male bosses, maybe one of them is not so great but three were great. if you only have one female boss and you happen to have a bad female boss it might cull your
6:32 am
thinking to think all female bosses are like that. i think as we take women have more and more leadership positions across the country, hopefully that preference gap will narrow even more. still to come, a fledgling country descending into violence and americans raising to get out. we'll get the details straight ahead. [ female announcer ] there's one thing dave's always wanted to do when he retires -- keep working, but for himself. so as his financial advisor, i took a look at everything he has. the 401(k). insurance policies. even money he's invested elsewhere. we're building a retirement plan to help him launch a second career. dave's flight school. go dave. when people talk, great things can happen. so start a conversation with an advisor who's fully invested in you.
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and good morning. i'm kyra phillips. stories that we're watching right now for you in the "newsroom," support for obamacare is now at an all-time low. that's according to the latest cnn/orc poll which shows just 35% of americans back that law. for the majority of those against obamacare they oppose it because it doesn't go far enough. more than 1 million people have signed up for insurance through obamacare since enrollment again october 1st. we're keeping a close eye on detroit metro airport where just a short time ago this plane slid off the runway. no one was hurt. the plane was delta flight 2283. it was en route to atlanta. it has been rescheduled for 10:00 a.m. this morning. we'll bring you updates as we get them. and christmas eve duty.
6:36 am
220 miles above earth. two spacewalking astronauts plan to put in a new pump tomorrow to fix the space station's cooling system. now, that mission had to be cut short on saturday when water got into one of the astronaut's space suit. that suit, of course, has been replaced. well, opening bell ringing on wall street, stock futures pointing higher this morning. and the markets just might hit another high before the christmas break. following the markets from new york, zain? >> yes, markets opening higher right now. if we are lucky if things go smoothly we might see the 48th record close for the year. november usually a good month for stocks. starting to see that santa claus rise that investors are expecting. first of all, apple signed a deal with china mobile. planning to give the company access to 7 million new customers. am l apple is up 3%.
6:37 am
facebook, not market moving news per se but certainly validation that facebook is one of the most important companies out there. a lot of mutual funds, makes it easier for the average joe to gain access to facebook shares. also, we are watching, waiting for consumer sentiment to come out. certainly important this time of the year. the better people feel about the economy the more likely they are to spend. >> let's hope. $3 billion tunnel project for seattle is on hold this morning after a humongous drill was stopped in its tracks. cnn's stephanie elam takes a look into the mystery. >> reporter: no doubt bertha is a behemoth. at five stories tall she's billed as the largest dine tame tunnelling machine in the world. bertha was only a tenth of the way on her nearly two-mile journey when she suddenly encountered something large enough and strong enough to stop
6:38 am
her in her tracks. >> we're being really cautious. want to make sure that we don't damage this $80 million machine. >> reporter: what is it? the mystery is fueling lots of speculation. geologists point to how seattle's watery edges were filled in with just about anything by the city's pioneers. >> you find old shoes, newspapers. there's a boat buried in downtown seattle. so you name it. it could be down there. >> reporter: another theory is it's a massive boulder left during the ice age. residents have their own guesses. >> some kind of bur yell ground maybe? >> taking a christmas break saying, merry christmas, big bertha. >> reporter: if that's the case, bertha's christmas break started two weeks ago. since then, the $3 billion tunnel project has been on hold as workers drill wells to eye leave yatd water pressure in front of bertha in hopes of sending workers to the front of the drill to see what she's up against. >> you can't back the machine up because you have the segmental lining behind you. all you can really do is proceed
6:39 am
forward were the transportation department says bertha won't be moving forward until next year, after the mystery is solved. stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. still to come, while a number of children want shiny new gadgets, big expensive toys this year, some kids just want a pair of shoes. up next, letters to santa and how you can helpful fill some pretty humble wishes. [ male announcer ] the new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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i'll tell you what. forget the xbox, forget the ipad, forget the hundreds of dollars in gifts that your kids are asking for this year. some children, like 13-year-old carla, just want a coat to be warm this wenter. here's what carla wrote to santa claus. dear santa claus. my name is karla. i'm 13 years old. i have a brother. i'm a hardworking student. i like to read many books. so far this year, i haven't good because my mother is a single woman and she's working very hard. i have a sibling, for that i do not believe that my mother will give me something for this christmas. santa claus, you are my hopefulness. i would like this christmas to have ice skates. and if you can't, it's okay. i'll be happy if you can just give me some clothes. merry christmas, santa claus.
6:43 am
karla. the postmaster of manhattan is here to tell us about the u.s. postal service's operation santa and the thousands and thousands of letters you receive every year from kids writing to santa. i mean, how do you do it? i think that my heart would just break. i would want to help every single one of these kids. >> hi, kyra. yes, every year we go through this program. we are at the post office. we have a staff of what we call elves and we have a chief elf. we open the letters, available to the public. we implore that the public comes in and picks up as many letters as they can to help these children and their families. >> not a lot of people know this. you can go to the post office. adopt one of these letters and actually send the child what they're asking for. i want to read another one, elvin. this is from a little boy oliver that really touched my entire team this morning. it says, dear santa claus. i'm sorry to disturb you and
6:44 am
mrs. claus. i'm oliver, 11 years old. this year my parents don't have money to spend for christmas gifts. this is why i'm writing to you. it would make my christmas spirit be joyful, if you and your elves send me some toys and clothes. anything you send will bring me joy on christmas day. thank you, santa, mrs. claus and your elves. have a merry christmas and happy new year. with love, oliver. and then he give his jacket size, pants size, shirts, sneakers, sweater. mean, it's just incredible to me. of course the throws in "darely of a wimpy kid, hard luck," i love it. it puts things in perspective when you read these letters at a time where there are so many kids who have no idea what it's like to want like this. >> absolutely, kyra. around your would think that they were asking for just toys and things, xboxes, but they do ask for clothes.
6:45 am
we've had situations where they've asked for food to help their families. and this time of -- in the time right now we need to he'll them as much as we can. we ask the public to go up and pick up the letters. we are open today until 4:00 and tomorrow until 4:00, we still have plenty of letters to give out and help hopefully the customers and the public will go and adopt more letters and help these children. >> just to put it in perspective. you can do it at a number of post offices across the country but now it's come down to the wire. you can only go to the manhattan post office right now, is that right? >> that's correct, kyra. >> okay. so let's say someone is watching this. they want to do something now or tomorrow before 4:00. how easy is it? what do they do? >> they just go into the james a. farley post through the penn station, go through the big steps on the right-hand side of the building. there's a sign that says operation santa claus. go in. we have employees helping. we have the letter available. just go in and pick a letter, bring it back home, buy the gift
6:46 am
and bring it right back to the post office and we'll mail it for you. >> looking through the letters i love how these kids say please bring something for my sibling, please bring something for my mom, she's out of work. is there any way you can bring my dad money. wow. they're just so generous. they don't just talking about themselves but their entire family members. this program has impacted your family as well, too, right? your wife has wanted to give back and has. >> yes. absolutely, kyra. she's picked up letters in the past and we've seen, you know, the impact that it has on our family as well. we normally don't look at it as how fortunate we are. and we definitely have given gifts and we've sent gifts to different -- different children and when you read the letters, every single one impacts you. it's not just one specific letter. we're always happy to help. >> we were sure touched this morning. i figured out what i'm going to do with my twins next year. [ male announcer ] my client gloria
6:47 am
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6:49 am
so, what are you waiting for? go call now! we'll finish up here. well, northeastern africa, a harrowing rescue mission. as the world's newest country teeters on the verge of civil war, the evacuation of about 15 people believed to be the last americans came just a day after a mission had to be aborted. four u.s. troops were wounded
6:50 am
when their aircraft came under intense fire from the ground. the oil rich country has numerous armed groups fighting for hour right now. what's the latest? >> what is believed to be the final americans have been flown out of south sudan. however, the u.s. embassies is now saying if there are people not yet accounted for, they need to contact the u.s. embassy because the country is getting so dangerous. it's basically a power struggle between the president and vice president. there's more fighting going on. the government army says it wants to march on some of the towns held by the opposition. and what we have here is a situation where tens of thousands of people are seeking refuge in u.n. camps. and it's very difficulty for them to protect these camps.
6:51 am
two u.n. peacekeepers have been killed as well. one of the things that could be happening, and president obama has said this, is that american could indeed get involved. right now there's only about a few dozen troops on the ground to protect the u.s. embassy. however the administration says there might be more if there are more that need to keep that region protected. >> checking top stories, people who railroad forced to evacuate because of a wildfire won't be home until christmas eve. it's now contained on california's central coast. power crews are using choppers to restore electricity. the fire destroyed dozens of homes. >> it was just an enormous wall of flames. and actually, the smoke becomes illuminated at night. it was kind of glowing and pink. and i thought, oh, my god, this
6:52 am
was really close. it was balls of fire, you know, hot, fast. you know just ripping along. >> and at one point, 1,firefighters are battling the fire. now local crews are left the watch the hot spots. and today the issue of counseling minors on pot. it will make those under the age of 18 punable by a small fine but not put on their permanent record. it will also vote on a measure to ban the marijuana businesses close to a school. vin diesel announced that the movie will be released in april of 2015, "fast & furious 7." production stopped after walker was killed in a car crash last month. and jorm zimmerman sold his
6:53 am
paint for almost $111,000. we don't know who the buyer is. but zimmerman said he would deliver the painting in person. sometime is running out and the pressure is on. huge plays made in the nfl. >> it's not how you start but how you finish. we had a lot of great finishes yesterday. teams fighting to get into the playoffs. teams clirchling to get into the playoffs. and an epic fail when it comes to some fans in the nfl. that's up next. open to ambitio. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
6:54 am
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6:56 am
all right. it was another exciting sunday around the nfl. self-teams needing wins to stay in the playoff picture. joe carter again with the fantastic finishes. >> that's how we like it. nfl fans. >> makes a perfect report. >> and a lot of those finishes came in the nfc and trying to fight for the last came to get in the playoffs. carolina panthers haven't been in the playoffs in five years, but they climpled a spot yesterday pulling a stunning win over the saints. what can you say about claire line in a? this team is dangerous. and tony romo, last week we called him the goat. and this week you can call him a hero.
6:57 am
it's a must win for both teams now. whoever wins, gets into the playoffs. and the arizona cardinals, they're still in the picture. they pulled off a win yesterday, they beat seattle in seattle with a touchdown in the final two minutes. and packers could have made if four great finishes for my sports report, but instead, the packers have to win next week in order to get into the playoffs. the steelers, believe it or not have an outside chance of getting into the playoff spot. but they have to have a lot of help from a lot of other teams. and this next story, you can file it under epic fail. a group of 49er fans raised a lot of money to mock or brag about their five super bowl titles. here is the problem. that was supposed to go near the stadium in seattle. but instead it went about 27 miles away from the stadium in the middle of nowhere.
6:58 am
seahawk nans hoping to have the last laugh here. they say they're going to drive out to this billboard 27 miles away and stand in front of this billboard and photo bomb it. the idea was, they were going to say, hey, you may be a good team, but we have five titles. here is the billboard to prove it. oh, yeah, wait, we didn't put it anywhere near the stadium. >> is the spirit of vince lamb bourdy say who he may be rooting for? >> may be. >> i'm drawn toward lombardi somehow. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. well, good morning. i'm kyra phillips sitting in for carol costello today.
6:59 am
new cnn poll numbers out this morning show exactly how americans feel about obamacare. and we can sum it up with four short words. they don't like it. 62% now oppose the president's signature legislation. a number that has grown steadily since the election last year. and separately, 63% now think the law will increase how much they may for medical care. that's compared to 7% who say cost will decrease. and 28% who say costs will still remain the same. cnn political director mark pressman in washington. despite a recovery, shall we say recovery, for the website. it seems that they have a lot of work to do in selling the american public on this law. >> reporter: not only selling the american public but explaining how they can get health insurance. i think a lot of people out
7:00 am
there have no idea what's going on. there's been so much confusion and so many dead loips that have been blown through or moved. we don't know where the law stand. of course, you and i do because we have to know this stuff. but for our viewers that are many people who don't know what's going on. we saw last week michelle obama hosting mothers at the white house. we saw the president trying to go on a two-week effort to try to get people behind the health insurance law. but as you saw, the fact is, more and more people are becoming frustrated with the health insurance law. >> the majority of americans if you look at the numbers. we know that the republicans are against the law, that's a given. about a prominent democrat concerns to express his views as well. >> joe mansion is the senator of
7:01 am
west virginia, governor of west virginia, he wants to extend the deadline. this is what he had to say yesterday. >> do you think it falls of his own weight. >> absolutely. it cost becomes more than we can absorb. absolutely. >> reporter: people think that this is going to cost them more money. and the fact is, joe mansion thinks that the kinks need to be worked out before it's fully implemented. >> kwluf got to have the healthy people sign up to override the sick folks or the cost will skyrocket. and what about the people who for whatever reason can't sign up today? what happens to them? >> let's try to make it a little more confusing at this point. i'll try to make it as simple as possible. look. today is the deadline if you want to have health insurance or january 1st. if you have health insurance as a family or individual and it is going to expire on december 31st, if you sign up today, you
7:02 am
are guaranteed to have health insurance on january 1st. now there are some kind of exceptions that the white house has said that they're willing to entertain if you're having trouble signing up. but overall, you do not need to sign up for health insurance until the end of march, march 31st to insure that you have coverage going forward. if you do not sign up by march 31st, you will receive the penalty and will not be able to sign up until enrollment starts again in october. if you don't have health insurance right now, you better get it right now. >> appreciate it. well, you probably remember the saying, physician, heal thyself. right now, here is one scrambling to -- going to africa. hope i don't get a.i.d.s. just kidding, i'm white.
7:03 am
today, justine sacco is unemployed, sacked by the media company she was supposed to be helping. it's pretty unbelievable. i don't know what word to use. shocking. >> reporter: mind boggling. when you put it in the context that she's a pr executive, it looks like she could use a public sifgts of her own. just 53 characters, that's all it took, to cause her to lose her job. turns out the tweet is just one of several tasteless tweets on her now disabled twitter account. social media is calling it the tweet heard around the world. going to africa, hope i don't get a.i.d.s. just kidding, i'm white. now just three days after she sent out that tweet, she's out of a job and apologizing.
7:04 am
on sunday she issued this statement saying words cannot express how sorry i am and how necessary it is for me to apologize to the people of south africa who i have offended for being insensitive to this kries and to the millions of people living with the virus. i am ashamed. she was headed to the company. but on saturday, the company said sacco is no longer a good match and firing her. she now found herself a target of a social media mob on friday. sending out that tweet right before logging off line. >> not only is this a publicly sift's worst nightmare, it's any public figure's worst nightmare. to send out a tweet. it's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.
7:05 am
>> reporter: the #has justine landed yet, trending worldwide. a trial by twitter as many are calling it. according to her linkedin page, she was also a columnist for the wwe. she has a cache of questionable now deleted tweets about, i had a sex dream about an autistic kid last. and, i can't be fired about saying things while intoxicated, right? >> i don't think people like her realize the immediacy of twitter. one tweet, one statement is all it takeness the world of twitter and social media to cost somebody their career. >> yeah. learning that the hard way. if there is any good to come out of this controversy, it seems that her tweet brought a lot of
7:06 am
attention to a.i.d.s. relief charities. someone registered the name to link it to the website. >> that's creative pr. >> maybe they should hire that person. >> there you go. i'm telling you, they've got the replacement. this morning there is new fallout from the massive security breach at target. as many as 40 million shoppers may have been hacked and the outrage is creating ripples. class action lawsuit calls for an investigation and safeguards that have a lot of people feeling like they were victimized again. i paid in cash. i can't live without my target. >> it looks like it's impacting their business already. they had a report that says the traffic was down. what a weekend for your traffic to be down.
7:07 am
the weekend before christmas. and in some ways, it's a shame. these guys could have probably targeted any major shop. you know. i mean the kind of sophistication level you're looking at. but you just mentioned, some people are getting hit another way. which is if you had a chase debit card. if you used that at target, they're saying we're going to limit you everywhere now. they're saying we're protecting you. but they're also protecting themselves. they're going to be on the hook for a lot of these charges out there. you get only $300 a day for stuff and $100 in cash a day. which may be find. but this is the season when people are spending big. >> target is giving folks 10% discount and then lifetime consumer protection? how can you guarantee lifetime -- i would be pretty nerve russ right now about using a card. >> i would have thought it was guaranteed before.
7:08 am
>> right. >> and a lot of people, i can tell based on my twitter feed, that people do not feel safe there and are not willing to go there. it may take a long time to repair some of this damage. it makes me think, if these guys, these thieves pumd off something this size, i don't know what other retailer might be next. >> what could be the impact of these class action lawsuits? >> that's something that's going to have all of the companies getting on their toes. one of the questions that i have about the lawsuits that are reportedly being filed is are they really customers that are upset or are they lawyers saying, i'm filing on behalf the customers. i think it's only $5 million worth of damages. i think we can expect to see that number go way up. target's really got a problem. >> folks on twitter and friends of mine feel like 10% is kind of chinsy.
7:09 am
only 10%? >> still, what a hit for them to be taking at this time of year. the number two retailer in the country. this is a massive hit on them for many, many fronts. i'm going to get some ornaments there. >> you're still not giving up and i'm still paying in cash. still to come -- oh, yeah. that is falling ice. and it narrowly missed some holiday shoppers. and the weather that travelers can expect. >> just a taste of what we saw over the weekend. icy, and even tornadoes and record blaking heat in the east. we'll give you an update coming up in just a few minutes.
7:10 am
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[ male announcer ] at progresso, we believe the second chapter of your life should be just as bold as the first. try the new bold flavors of heart healthy soup from progresso. and checking top stories. president obama says more military action may be needed to protect u.s. citizens in south sudan. 15 americans have been rescued as the country gets closer to the civil war. the first rescue attempt failed saturday. four troops were wounded in that
7:13 am
operation. >> it's always a very tenuous situation when you're flying in to a relatively unknown, very hostile environment. the rebels probably have what's, you know, is probably soviet former soviet union type weaponry. those ak-47s are out there. >> nearly 40,000 people have taken shelter in the united nations. you can see this boeing 747 right there. that accident happened as the plane was taxiing at johannesburg airport. we're told all passengers are okay. ice, snow, rain, floods, even weirdly warm weather have hit different parts of the country. an this storm system comes as 94 million people travel for the
7:14 am
holidays. on roads like these. and, of course, up in the skies. more than 100 flights have been canceled across the u.s. indra petersen is live for us in new york. what can travelers expect right now? >> the piece of good news is the bulk of the weertd weather was over the weekend. we do still have stuff out there. we saw over an inch of icing in upstate new york. flooding anywhere from the south to the midwest. and record breaking heat in the east. and this was all only the first weekend of winter. two days before christmas and a powerful storm system is knocking most of the country into weather extremes all on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. freezing rain and snow slammed the middle of the country. creating colossal sheets of ice on these shops in oklahoma city.
7:15 am
while in the northeast, a bizarre mix of winter weather and unseasonal warmtd. in upstate new york, an ice storm knocked out power freezing branches and roadways. a stark difference just a few hours away in new york city which saw a record high of 7 1 degrees over the weekend. >> it feels like it's may in december. >> and dangerous mix of snow, flooding, snow and ice is threatening travel plans to the east. >> there it goes. >> toronto canada is seeing one of its worst ice storms in recent memory. in arkansas, this was from 130 mile per hour tornado. >> i threw my body weight over my 16 month old child to save his life and i flung my daughter to save her life. >> we knew we had a terrible situation here. we were hoping to make some
7:16 am
rescues. >> sheets of rain and wind. >> in charlotte, fans of the panthers game endured drenching rains. this guy seemed to have the worst seat in the house as rain cascaded down from the upper deck. flooding in the great lakes have rescuers busy. it's a whacky combo of weather. so this is what we have right now. a little bit of leftover icing in the bulk of the northeast. but it is moving out. and a lot of the major cities on the east coast looking for light rain. we could see heavier amounts of up to 3 inches. really overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning, it's exiting. we've done ice and rain. let's talk about the snow. one to three inches of snow still across the lakes. we're looking for that as well. the biggest story has been a temp contrast.
7:17 am
look at that temperature spread. unbelievable. over 90 degrees. what's unique on the east coast, a lot of our highs could be set in the early morning hours that we saw this morning. many of us saw r50s and 60s early this morning. temperatures will drop as we go throughout the day. we are going to be looking for the temperatures to continue to cool as we go into christmas eve and christmas day. so instead of 30 degrees above normal, we'll see them a good ten degrees below normal. we're not getting much snow here, but maybe a little clipper is going to cruise across the lakers and give them a little snow out there. and that's pretty much it for the christmas holiday. >> thanks so much. still to come, dennis rodman, no sucker for the spotlight. headed back from north korea. are we seriously still talking
7:18 am
about this guy? you won't believe about his latest attempt at basketball diplomacy. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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7:21 am
all right. so you say you're stressed out by last minute christmas shopping. consider what a couple of american astronauts will be doing. the project was on hold after one of the astronaut's space suit took in water. i wouldn't want to be in that situation. that takes the motive "gravity" to a whole other level. >> fortunately not a situation at all like that. nasa says this is an issue with the cooling station. they say he was never in harm's way because of it. but still, before the space walk can continue, nasa says it is necessary to switch sus soouts.
7:22 am
>> just wanted to verify that there are no rats exposed. >> reporter: they were on a mission to make repairs on a space station and they'll it again christmas eve. if you thought your holidays had high drama, it doesn't compare. >> i got the hitch pin on the first track. >> that's awesome, rick. >> it's sort of like a complex ballet with only two performers. >> the astronauts have already successfully removed a faulty pump that's needed to cool equipment on the space station. >> nice work, rick. >> reporter: a new pump was supposed to be installed today but now delayed until tomorrow after a problem was discovered with the space suit. >> the only issue that i'm personally having is it's very, very cold. >> one of the suits showed maybe
7:23 am
a sign that it got a little water on the vevaporator on the back. >> reporter: nasa says he was never in danger and wasn't -- when this -- a reminder of the dangerous nature of the work being done 220 miles above earth. >> astronaut is off structure. >> what do i do? >> the recently hit movie "gravity" puts a highly dramatized spin on the risks. >> the movie is a good movie, but you probably don't want to watch that when you're in space. >> maybe not. he'll have a new space suit ready to wear when they head pack out tuesday. so kyra, these space suits have been around for 35 years. nasa has 12 of them. the crew had a spare suit with
7:24 am
them. so today crew members are going to refit that suit for when he heads back out tomorrow. >> we'll track the mission. dennis rodman headed back home after his third trip to north korea this year. this time, there was no wining and dining from the north korean leader. the latest from cnn. >> reporter: former nba star dennis rodman flew out where he was training the national basketball team. they're preparing for an exhibition match next month. surprisingly, he did not meet with his close friend and said the trip was awesome and was looking forward to returning are for the big game on the 8th of january. there are reports that some of the players are concerned about their personal safety and are yet to sign up.
7:25 am
rodman says there is nothing to worry about and he'll be announcing the team shortly. >> still to come, a fledgling company descending into violence and americans racing to get out. >> we'll have the latest on how the violence is escalating in south sudan and how maerks might send additional military resources there. when we get back. [ male announcer ] this is george.
7:26 am
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and good morning. i'm kyra phillips in for carol costello. stories that we're watching in the "newsroom." support for obamacare now at an all-time low. it shows 35% of americans back the law. and for the majority of those against obamacare. they pose it because it doesn't go far enough. check out live pictures from our nation ago capital. that's d.c., all right. much of the east coast getting pum melled by rain. temps now in the d.c. area, a
7:29 am
balmy 63 degrees. tonight's low, 35. in northeastern africa, a harrowing rescue mission as the world's newest country teeters on the verge of civil war. four u.s. troops were wounded with their aircraft came under intensifier from the ground. it's not clear who the attackers were. the oil rich country has numerous armed groups fighting for power. >> reporter: the tension there certainly and the fighting escalating there in south sudan. this started off as a battle between the president and former vice president of the country that has now escalated into almost an ethnic civil war. and as you said, the last 15 americans were air lifted out of south sudan yesterday. however, they are saying if there are still any americans on
7:30 am
the ground that might not be accounted for that they would try and notify the u.s. embassy and leave that country as soon as possible. and the president said there might be additional military assets that he could put on the ground to protect the u.s. embassy. but he is saying that this is in no way saying that the u.s. is getting involved in this. it's strictly to protect the u.s. embassy. many of these people trying to get into the u.n. bases. there are several people killed at one of these bases on friday. and right now it doesn't seem that at this point there's any sort of trus that might be in sight. >> just for a second, i want to put into perspective. why are you covering this from
7:31 am
new york? you're one of the best international correspondents on the ground. this is an area you know, you have covered. put into perspective to us how this violence compares to that in the past? we're talking about american lives and missions. how intense could this get and at what point is the president going to say, we have to take more action. >> it could get very intense. we have reported from that region quite a bit in the past and these are conflicts that can escalate very quickly and become very dangerous. as i said, in the beginning this was just a political battle but you have underlying ethnic tensions that have spilled over and gotten bigger in the past. this country is a very new one. as we said, it was part of sudan. many of the people that you're talking to now used to be insurgent armies fighting
7:32 am
against the government of sudan. then the countries separated. and right now it seems as though all of this is escalating again. there have been massacres between one tribe and another tribe in the past. this is something that could escalate quickly. and one of the things that's quite telling is that the united nations is saying that they want to bring in piece peace keeping from the con go next door. but they are also calling to help get forces on the ground to help this from escalating. what it would take for american to get involved, right now the u.s. is trying to stay away from that. but of course a very difficult situations. >> keep us updated. the nation's largest bank is slapping new safeguards in place after the massive security
7:33 am
breach at the retail giant target. it affects shoppers who used a jp morgan chase bank card. it now has new atm and purchase limits. but first, target for its part is offering a free credit monitoring service for the 40 million customers who have been expos exposed. and it's giving a 10% discount for those shopping on saturday and sunday. companies are rolling out all sorts of new high-tech gadgets to get you to spend even more. >> this holiday season, look for shopping to get a little bit personal. welcome to shopping 2.0.
7:34 am
where stores know your gender and your mood. with one new technology, they can even anticipate what you might want. that's a cupcake store in san francisco trying out a tech built by a company. >> if you like the red velvet cupcakes, you probably like the combination of cream cheese as well as cake and we recommend the pumpkin cheesecake. >> amazon is an incredible experience online. >> they want 20 bring that experience off line. >> off line retailers need to be able to recognize you. >> reporter: the technology, which you opt into, is banked into their payment system to collect your wieing behavior. it's integrated into a store
7:35 am
or's app. >> it will say, welcome back mark. it might suggest a new product. >> reporter: the index founders were previously behind google wallet. but it doesn't require a phone to pay. >> you walk up and enter an index pin and log into the store. >> right now it's limited to smaller retailers. but they're hoping that eventually it will be in major retailers. and imagine this, by walking into a store, you're actually logging into their store. ads are getting smart too. imagine technology that knows your gender and how you feel. digital ads on phones or tablets use the web cam to analyze your reaction and whether you're excited by product or not. and 'tis the season where surprisingly less might be more. >> my wallet is filled with cards. filled with them.
7:36 am
too many. this is a coin. >> reporter: the connected device combines all of your credit cards into one. >> all of these cards are inside my coin. >> it ends up choosing inside the wallet, you would choose it as an app. >> you would take a picture of your cards and keep one card for all your cards. >> all you ever need is one coin for all your cards. >> still to come, free the duck. a reality check for cracker barrel. they back peddle on its stance against "duck dynasty." the star the show says, i'm a lover, not a hater. that story after the break. 've ! ♪ ♪ must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish ♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ must be the honey!
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7:39 am
well, the "duck dynasty" debacle keeps on role. phil robertson's who recents comments about gays and african-americans, still under scrutiny. now under pressure from loyal fans cracker barrel is reversing its decision to pull duck dinety merchandise. don't you know what you're -- you know what you're going to get when you see duck dynasty.
7:40 am
i'm sorry, but i don't necessarily think he would be one that would be real sensitive towards issues that we're sensitive about. >> they said they decided to pull the products because he's getting vocal report. they released a statement saying, when we made the decision to remove and evaluate certain items, we offended many of our loyal customers. our intent was to avoid defending, but that's exactly what we've done. you flat out told us we were wrong. we listened. today we're putting all of our products back in the stores. duck dynasty is a $400 million merchandising base. this is christmas week, so -- >> there's a lot of people supporting this guy, right? >> an incredible amount of vocal
7:41 am
support. he has stirred this national controversy. he broke his silence this weekend. a british media outlet spent the weekend with him and sunday at a bible stud where he remained defiant. he said, i'm a lover of all men and women i'm not a hater. he said, he was just quoting the bible. those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom. all i did was quote from the scriptures. but they just didn't know it. whether i said it or they read it, what's the difference. the daily mail is thanking him for saying these comments. >> you know what you're going to get when you watch a show like that. >> people with saying you can judge a book by the cover. >> i totally disagree with the guy. i think he's so narrow-minded and he really needed to get with the times. but you've got politicians that
7:42 am
are expressing support for this guy too. >> it comes down to money and tourism. the lieutenant governor for louisiana coming out and saying they are a big contributor to tourism. a lot of people who watch cnn may watch it as well. 12 million viewers. >> i don't think the african-american population and gay community is going to want to go to louisiana for a tourist time there. well, i wish this would just go away, but it's a talker. >> it is. >> still to come. nba player jason collins coming out as gay. one of the big sports stories of 2013. check out our top ten and find out how you can vote for your own as well.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
well, the year's top ten sports stories are as much as about bad behavior off the field as terrific play on it. >> the year in sports included gruesome as in the horrific leg injury and the gullible. but our look back begins with the plug being pulled on super bowl xlvii.
7:46 am
not long after beyonce amped up the ground at halftime, the super bottom in new orleans was blanketed in darkness. for 34 minutes the ray vens and 49ers wr put on hold. with one second remaining it and that alabama and auburn were headed for overtime. what happened next was a play for the ages. there goes davis. davis is going to run it all the way back. >> auburn is going to win the football game. holy cow. oh, my god! auburn wins! >> lbj. >> lebron james as separated himself as the greatest player in pro basketball and a worldwide brand as evidenced like this chain in china.
7:47 am
when the heat won a second straight title with james earning back to back league and final's mvps. they were both miami dolphins. when jonathan martin accused richie incognito of harassment. and more importantly we're reexamining the pro foobt workplace. intimidation and aggression are a fabric of the sport. he was an american hero. cancer survivor. a seven-time tour defrauns champion. >> in all seven of your vick toes, did you ever take band substances railroad dope?
7:48 am
>> yes. >> he was stripped of his titles and was banned for life from cycling. gay athletes have long participated in major american team sports but did so in silence. jason collins has emerged as a voice. he said he spent a lifetime of skreessy but had to be true to himself and others. he may never again play in the nba but his announcement has a contribution far more important than points and rebounds. it's been a stain on america's past time. the steroid era. rodriguez has denied that he has used performance-enhancing drugs. while baseball judges a-rod today, time will ultimately determine his place in history. >> the troubled past of the
7:49 am
aaron hernandez. >> oscar pistorius, he's an south african olympic star accused of murdering his girlfriend. >> how does a successful athlete get charged with murder? he claims he mistakenly shot his girlfriend in his villa and will stand trial in march. and erin helper dez is also awaiting trial. a $755 million settlement between the nfl and ex-players over concussion related injuries was a good step. next is saving the game. the league hopes to committing millions to research and implementing new rules will ease concerns about head injuries.
7:50 am
in april, a boston tradition turned tragic. the bombings challenged a city and baseball team to move forward. and they did. the slogan boston strong was a rallying cry. and this is our [ bleep ] city. and nobody going to take our city. stay strong. >> reporter: a world series victory showed us all just how strong. >> and let's add to this story. peyton manning of course setting an nfl record yesterday with his 51st touchdown pass this season. he leads the denver broncos to a super bowl win, you can bet that story will make next year's top ten. you can vote on what you think. 2013's top sports stories were,
7:51 am
go to www .cnn/year in review. did you get all those numbers? still to come, two brothers have been posing with santa every year since birth. there you go. fast forward. see what they look like now and what all the kids standing in line think of them. >> reporter: where there is smoke in d.c., there is inspire barbecue. a small restaurant making a big impact. like teaching struggling young people the basics of working life. how to show up on time and balance a checkbook. take and give fair criticism. >> how do you get out of poverty? you get out through work and through doing a good day's work every day and looking at the
7:52 am
goodness of what you produce rather than what you don't have. >> reporter: over the past few years, they've taken in hundreds of young folks to work and learn for a period of time. some have trouble with the law, some with drug awe abuse. some with education. he graduated hoobl but quickly failed out of college. by the time he found inspire -- >> all the money i've earned, it was kind of wasted. so it was like, where do i go from there? where do i go next? do i find a job? go back into school. >> reporter: today he talks confidently about his future and his ideas. >> in learning how to do everything so that you can transition into permanent employment. >> these are life skills. >> reporter: so in the end, this food is not just fantastic, it truly is inspirational. cnn --
7:53 am
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take the energy quiz. energy lives here. well, two brothers spent more than 30 years straight snapping pictures on santa's lap. and this is why i'm laughing. you're going to meet them in a minute. they were sort of sitting on
7:56 am
santa's lap. here we go. we're going to rewind from 1980 when michael grey was just a tot. and then a few years later then his brother comes along. then the bad hair cuts, weird santa. and bam, three decades later, you're married with kids. in all three pictures, 34 in all, they are with santa every single year. not once did these brothers, michael and martin miss a year with santa. okay guys, full disclosure. the two of you are standing in line. let's say, i don't know, maybe 20, 21, you're not 4 anymore. and some kid looks at you and says, are you serious? where are your kids? did it happen? >> we usually -- oh, yeah. many times. we got lots of questions. >> plenty of awkward looks from parents. >> usually the parents were a
7:57 am
little sketched out by our presence. but we usually had the explanation and a bit of a preamble every time. we do this every year for our mom and it's a tradition. >> and so was there ever a time where santa kind of looked at you guys and said, okay, guys, really? you're not sitting on my lap. >> well, i think you can see through the evolution of the photos they kind of put us on the side of the chair instead of his poor knee. >> some were more welcoming than others. somewhere were like, come on, get in. and others were like, get on the chair. >> okay. so let me ask you, i'm going to ask you what do you think your most embarrassing photo was and what was your favorite. let's start with your favorite. what would you say, what year? >> i think this year's. >> yeah. i thought it was beautiful. with all our kids.
7:58 am
this year was an amazing year for our family. >> i have to give my wife credit for the theme as well. she picked formal well. our daughters looked great and his son looked dapper as well. >> i think the funnest one was the screaming child '84 maybe. >> yeah. >> i took note, '85. ' 5 was the first tears. >> those are embarrassing. and '98 was embarrassing as well. i was a bit overweight and acne faced. just a very awkward time in my life. >> those beautiful teenage years. >> it gets better, children. >> how about santa. he looks a little freaky there in the milled too. >> he was enjoying it. i don't know what was going on there. i don't ask questions. but we had a good time with him.
7:59 am
>> let me ask you guys. i know this has been a tribute to mom. and you're having a blast doing it too. i think it's hysterical. how long are we going to do this? >> hard to say. i mean -- >> i think we have, you know, the kids are going to be involved each and every year. so maybe when they start turning their teens and they don't want to do it anymore. >> when their level of embarrassment outreaches our commitment level then we'll run into issues. >> when they develop an opinion and they don't want to have to explain why they're in line with us. >> so when the son or daughter looks at you and says, okay, dad, it's just not funny anymore. go away. we're doing this on our own. >> the kids are making fun of me at school, let it go. >> it's all over the internet, dad, do we have to keep going? >> we're going to stick through it. >> for our mother. >> we love her very much. >> i'm going to stay committed
8:00 am
to you. i'm going to follow up every year and see how much more cute this gets. michael and martin grey, merry christmas. and thanks so much. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thanks for having us. >> my pleasure. thanks for joining us today. "legal view" starts right now. >> well, one restaurant chain is now saying it made a mistake pulling duck dynasty themed products from its shelves. plus crazy extreme weather sweeping across the nation. ice, snow, tornadoes, flooding, even warm temperatures in places, that's right, where it's supposed to be cold. what you can expect in the coming days. and target now itself a target of laws


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