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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  December 23, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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to you. i'm going to follow up every year and see how much more cute this gets. michael and martin grey, merry christmas. and thanks so much. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thanks for having us. >> my pleasure. thanks for joining us today. "legal view" starts right now. >> well, one restaurant chain is now saying it made a mistake pulling duck dynasty themed products from its shelves. plus crazy extreme weather sweeping across the nation. ice, snow, tornadoes, flooding, even warm temperatures in places, that's right, where it's supposed to be cold. what you can expect in the coming days. and target now itself a target of lawsuits after a huge
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security breach involving mill yojz of shoppers. two senators now calling for an investigation. hello everyone. it is now monday, december 23rd. welcome to "legal view." first up this morning, cracker barrel's big about face on "duck dynasty." they say it never should have yanked the merchandise from its shelves. the outdry to huge that the restaurant put everything back two days later. their letters to customer says, quote, our intent was to avoid ochbtding and that's just what we've done. they've been the topic of heated debate since the network suspended star phil robertson over remarks about hoax sexuality. now the lieutenant governor is speaking out saying he will use his influence to keep the show
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going. i'm joined my our panel. gentlemen, the first thing that i have so ask both of you, are we really surprised? this is a self-described redneck, upy hating, circle hunting, frog shooter. whatever he does with frogs. people watch this show because he's honest. >> that's when you -- you have issues where they're going to say things that are honest to them but all of a sudden it offends other people. every reality show is very scripted so i'm sure there are things he said on the show that are edited out. the problem is this was an interview he had with gq. did they overreact? i think they jumped the gun.
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had they not come out and fired him, this probably would have blown over. >> let me ask you brian about the issue of scripting. there are a lot of comments that he likely makes during the course of the show. he's complained about the fact that rechbss to jesus have been removed from the show. are these scrubbed to be more politically correct? >> reality shows in general are often times semi-scripted. although, some of the lines, one liners are spontaneous and come off the cuff. on "duck dynasty equity you are aware that they're a christian family that's serious about their faith, but you don't see and hear a lot about that. they occasionally will show a prayer or something to that effect. but it's true that some of their comments about their faith and points of view are taken out of the show because the show isn't
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really about religion. but the fact that they feel that their views are taken out of the show are probably an uncomfortable thing. >> people who are potentially controversial absolutely. >> it might be a great show had about religion but it probably doesn't belong on a & e. >> in terms of crackal barrel, should they have gone with duck dynasty even though the comments are hurtful? >> yeah. everyone jumped the gun. they got very scared and said we have to back away and then rerealized it really wasn't that bad. cracker barrel did a smart thing, they came back and owned it. they said we listened to the audience, and they told us we are wrong and we're changing our view. and for something like cracker barrel, the customers run that company. they did the smart thing and
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said, we screwed up. we're backing away. >> so brian, that raise the the larger question. do you think that this quick reversal by cracker barrel who came out and said these are offensive but hey, most people that eat our our stores don't think they're that bad. >> they've gotten a lot of free publicity at the end the day. and i don't think a & e is going to be affected by this in the long-term. i think a & e will do whatever it has to do to keep the show on the air if the robertson people is willing to keep it on the air. >> and what i like this question to both of you, he criticizes rich kids, upys and pretty woman who can't cook, but my take on that is probable i the safe
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people you can target. >> the irony is the best thing that this week happens to be christmas. we'll forget about it, and come back next week and there will be another scandal. >> there are meetings again today about this. it's taking up their christmas week. >> thank you gentlemen both for being here today with us. and our other big story, the weather. this week it is bizarre. it's cold where it's normally hot. hot where it's normally cold. those details, next.
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winter is officially here and just two days before christmas, much of the country is deal with wild and deadly weather. from snow and ice to torrential rain and powerful winds. it's blamed for at least ten deaths. what was harsh in some places was like summer in others. >> i came outside and everything was covered with ice. about a half inch. went to clean off the car, and
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that was a fun task. >> we were sitting in there for our afternoon snack, and just sitting there. wind came up and it just went everywhere. no clothes. the christmas gifts were demolished. everything is gone. >> it truly is a catastrophic ice storm. probably one of the worst that we've ever had. >> i brought boots to walk through snow. i have a heavy parka, and i was so warm yesterday that i had to buy a t-shirt so i could come out. >> the weather is great. fantastic. but it doesn't feel like christmas. it's like a global warming christmas. >> well, our extreme weather expert chad myers joins us live
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now. and here in new york city, it was so ridiculously warm yesterday that it just felt unnatural. what is behind all of this and what can holiday travelers really expect? >> it was warm down here too. i filled up my car with gas, and i went, wow, what a great day to fill up because tomorrow is colder. the cold air is behind the warm air that we had over the weekend. hartford, new york, all down in philadelphia, this is where the rain it. there's a trough of low pressure in the west and a ridge in the east. that's all shifting now. we're going to get the colder air in here. i'm going to new york to cover the weather for the next couple of days, that's why it's going to get cold. never invite a weather man to a golf outing. much better day traveling tomorrow than today. many planes are delayed. not significant delays but certainly 15 to 30 minds. low visibility and low ceilings
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and the planes have to separate themselves just a little bit. there's been so much weather the past couple of days that everywhere across the country is picking up something. branchs from the ice storm, shoving some snow. the next system is a very small one only a couple of inches of snow. >> and is this -- how unusual are these sort of -- is this pattern of weather, the sort of hodgepodge quilt of weather all around the country? >> it's a matter of this. the jet stream is now going up and down and up and down more significantly than it used to. when that happens, you get the extreme warm here, you get the extreme cold here. what we like to see is the jet stream that does that and everybody gets average or normal. but that's not happening this year. >> thanks so much. well, the american who made a video poking fun at teens, he
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was sentenced today to one year in prison and fined $2700. he's charged with endangering national security. it was uploaded to the internet and opens with the text saying it's fictional and not meant to offend. >> reporter: everyone in the family to a-list hollywood community has a lot of people scratching their heads. there were tears among family members and a sense of relief mixed with confusion as a judge sentenced this american and his friends to prison time and a fine. he and two other foreign nationals were sentenced to one year in prison and a 10,000 dur rum fine which is roughly $2700. the other two were sentenced to eight months in prison.
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they've served nearly nine months in prison awaiting a verdict. and the families are hoping that the sentence will include time served but that was not made clear during the hearing. they were sentenced under the cybercrime laws. it was for an amateur film that they put together and posted on youtube that was supposed to be a funny parody. they clearly didn't find it musing and the judge convicted them for it. his family members are beside themselves because they were hoping that he would be freed after the verdict and be home by christmas. that is not likely to happen. >> thank you. well, mysterious teen deaths, military base shootings, bombings in boston, brutal murders, young women found after being kidnapped more than ten
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well, a surprising statement from al qadea, yesterday the leader in the arabian peninsula apologized for a deadly attack on a hospital in yemen earlier this month. they said they were trying to avoid both the hospital and inside. dozens of people were killed in that attack. a super model killed by her famous boyfriend on valentine's day. a shooting spree inside the military base. what do they have in common? well, 2013, a look back at the year's most notorious trials. >> number 10. >> we have a report that shots have been fired at the washington navy yard. >> the u.s. navy is telling us three shots were fired. they tell us an active shooter is still inside that building.
8:19 am
>> former navy reservist aaron alexis, gunned down 12 people before police shot and killed him. number 9, the mysterious death of 17-year-old kendrick johnson. >> i've got questions about the ken democratic johnson case. >> i'm not going to discuss that with you. >> why not? >> because our case is closed. >> his body found upside down in a rolled up wrestling mat in a gym last february. kendrick's parents believe he was murdered. now federal authorities are investigating. >> we are kendrick johnson. that's my child. and we're going to fight until it's all over. >> reporter: number 8. oscar pistorius. the played runner. a double amputee. beloved south african olympic
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athlete. indicted on charges of murder in august forring his model girlfriend. he admits that he shot her on valentine's day, but says it was an accident. number 7, california teen hannah anderson rescued after a week-long hunt for her abductor in august. family friend, james demash yoe, killed her mother and brother and family dog. their bodies, found in his burned home. fbi agents killed him in a shootout. number 6. a woman who needs no introduction. her outrageous behavior in the interrogation room. the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend. and ex-rated details of hir sex
8:21 am
life. jodi arias convicted of first-degree murder. but the jury could not decide if she should live or die for the crime. number 5. a gang of bikers taking on a suv driver in manhattan. it started with a bump. and moments later, this terrible scene. the driver runs over one biker. his wife says he was left payrollized. 11 other bikers, including an undercover cop, are indicted. number 4. edward snowden. branded by some as a hero. but others, a traitor. for exposing the nsa's spying programs in may. perhaps the biggest intelligence leak in u.s. history. charged with espionage. granted asylum in russia. number 3. george zimmerman found not
8:22 am
guilty in july of murdering trayvon martin. >> do you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> reporter: a tragic case that ignited questions about race. >> trayvon martin put race in this. you don't think that creepy ass cracker is is ray shall comment? >> no. >> reporter: and an emotional debate that even the president weighed in. >> if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. >> reporter: since decemberer man's acquittal, he's had a few other run ins with the law. number 2. three girls, kidnapped, rapeth and held captive for more than a decade. but on may 6th these three girls finally broke free.
8:23 am
>> i will not let the situation define who i am. >> i will live on. you will die a little every day. >> ariel castro sentenced to life in prison. >> i will not -- i'm not a monster. >> reporter: but ultimately he would do himself in, killing himself in the cell. that was 10 through 2. this is number 1. >> apparently there's been an explosion at the boston marathon. >> it's a marathon in boston and it was wrapping up. when you look at these devastating pictures, they were right at the finish line. pictures that were shot moments ago. >> reporter: double bombings at the finish line of the boston marathon on april 15th.
8:24 am
three people were killed, 264 others were wounded. and days later, a police officer would be killed. another wounded. within four days, one suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, shot and killed by police. then the manhunt for his brother that shut down the city. >> we believe the suspect is cornered in a boat. >> tsarnaev arrested april 19th and later charged. now the u.s. attorney is decided if he'll face the death penalty. the attack knocked the city down. but it was far from defeated. >> i kind of feel like we're all boston. >> reporter: the whole country united with one resounding message. strong, not just strong, boston strong. >> ashleigh banfield, thank you. and you can vote on the top ten overall stories of 2013,
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>> so we start this half hour with a secret service investigation, a wild manhunt, and millions and millions of your dollars at stake. that's some of what's going on right now in the wake of that massive hack of customer information at target. check your credit and debit card statements because 40 million accounts have been hacked. if you've shopped at the retail ernie time since black friday, someone or someones may have your name, card numbers, the expiration date and even the security codes. what's more, it's believed that the fake cards with the stolen information are now being put on
8:29 am
fake cards already hitting the streets. george howell has the latest on what you need to know. >> reporter: some last-minute christmas shoppers may be froze in their tracks because of the massive security breach at target. jp morgan chase has trarly placed limits on those customers potentially impacted by the hacking. chase clients who shopped at u.s. target stores between november 27th and december 15th can now only withdrawal $100 a day from atms. their daily total spending now capped at $300. with 40 million card accounts now considered compromised, irate customers took target to task online. one tweet reads, my bank account got hacked and now i can't finish christmas shopping. another chimed in. the moral of this story, target hacking and chase bank card limits have a backup plan.
8:30 am
cash, paper checks, gift cards, one other bank card. and other hacked customers are asking why it wasn't noticed sooner. >> they purchased gift cards of $200. and they went for a 7th and it was dpd because i didn't have enough. and i think that would have been suspicious. >> reporter: senators are now demanding immediate federal investigations to prevent a breach like this from happening again. >> we can get to the bottom of hour target's instore payment security was compromised in order to make sure that target in the future and all other stores adequately protect consumers from this kind of devastating theft. >> reporter: some customers in california have filed what could become a class action lawsuit against target saying the chain, quote, failed to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices. targts said on sunday it
8:31 am
notified millions of affected customers via e-mail and is working with the severe weather service and financial institutions to resolve the problem. they offered customers 10% storewide discounts this weekend as well as free credit monitoring. >> we want to bring in now the legal panel. for more on this joey jackson and heather hansen. first of all, let's talk about this. now we've got lawsuits coming. no big surprise. but let's be clear on something, if target did have necessary security, which it appears they did, then arguably they too are victims. >> absolutely. they could be perceived that way. the issue becomes this, in this day and age where everyone is so sophisticated, should consumers at least when they go shopping have the safety and security and peace of mind to know that the
8:32 am
proet toe kols in place are reasonable and appropriate to the times. that's number one. number two meaning as of now, you know you have these sophisticated people out there, should you not be one step ahead of them instead of them being ahead of you. and number three, the issue becomes when they did know about it did they immediately ae act so they could not be revictimized again. >> this was a case that was investigated and still being investigated bit secret service. so arguably, if they were investigating, who knows whether target was told, don't let consumers know just yet because we're trying to figure out who has massively breached this system? >> i think target has an argument that if they were up to date with security michigans and had appropriate hiring and protection in place, there wasn't any negligence here. is target going to hold the bag or the credit card companies or
8:33 am
consumers. as between those three, i think the target is on target. >> that's good. >> it certainly can't be the consumers. when they go, as joey when as you say, they go with the good faith that their information is going protected. >> absolutely. >> one thing you have to keep in mind is that you look at the cards that we have. unlike europe, they're really not all that sophisticated. >> that's a problem. >> in europe they've got chips. it the difference between an old hundred dollar bill and a new one that has so many gis mows i thought it was fake. >> i really did too. just the other day, i'm looking, wow that's a $100 bill. but should we not anticipate and otherwise expect that the places that we shop at might have whatever tech nomg needs to be in place to preserve and protect our data. and going back to your point, i think target is really going to say for shareholders and our future, let's get this together
8:34 am
and protect our consumers. >> to go back to your point, i do think this maybe the impetus for change. now we have senators looking into this and four attorney generals looking into this. there may be a change in the way that all credit card companies handle their information. >> and i did speak to one expert who said this is a key area who said it's not just target. that before the end of the season we may see other stores. hold on, be careful. as we know, where there's a will, there's a way. thank you both of you. well, it's like a real-life scene from "gravity" for astronauts at the international space station. after a delay, they'll resume maneuvers more than 200 miles above the earth. next. so you get the same coverage,
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astronauts board the international space station are hoping a christmas eve space walk is the last they will have to make in a series of emergency repairs. it's been nearly two weeks of high drama after a crucial pump
8:38 am
valve mall functioned earlier in the month. what is going on up there? >> nasa is saying this is an issue related to the cooling system inside the space suit. they're saying he wasn't in any immediate danger or harm. but they don't want him out on another space walk wearing the same suit. >> reporter: nasa astronauts on a mission spent five and a half hours saturday on a high stakes space walk and they'll do it again christmas eve. >> we're good with that. >> reporter: if you thought your holidays had high drama, it doesn't compare. >> i don't know if you guys believe in miracles, but i got the hitch pin on the first try. >> that's awesome. >> it's reich a complex ballet with only two performers. >> reporter: they have already
8:39 am
successfully removed a faulty pump on the space station. >> night work. >> reporter: a new pump was supposed to be installed today but will be delayed until tomorrow after a potential problem with the space suit was discovered saturday. >> the only issue that i personally am having is it's very, very cold. >> one of the suits showed maybe a sign that it got a little water into the evaporator on the back which cools the suit when you're outside. >> reporter: they say the astronaut wasn't in danger and that it wasn't related to what happened in july. a reminder of the dangerous nature of the work being done 220 miles above earth. >> as trou knot is off structure. >> what do i do? >> reporter: the recent hit movie "gravity" puts a highly dramatized spin of the risks.
8:40 am
>> the movie is a good movie, but you probably don't want to watch that when you're in space. >> reporter: maybe not. he'll have a new space suit ready to wear when he heads back out on tuesday. >> nasa has 12 of these space walking space suits. he has a suit being refit so he can head back out there tomorrow. >> it is scary. all you have is what you've got up there with you. thank you so much. i'm not sure i could be the one up there doing that. well, chris hatfield, the former commander board the international space station joins me now. he's an author as well. and first, we have seen a lot of nasa success between safe space walks and landing rovers on mars. you showed the world how cool and amazing science can be.
8:41 am
but is everything a reminder of really how risky it is for those men and women who are up there? >> doing a space walk is necessary sometimes. space travel is still right at the edge of what we can do safely. and to have six people personal permanently living off the earth. when they have to fix something and go ahead outside it's a risk. but the success they had a couple of days ago and the very cautious way with which we do business up there, that improves our odds of success. and people are looking forward to getting everything done with the space walk tomorrow. >> and you did two of these space walks. in terms of what the pumps actually do, what is the risk? what is the danger? why is there an urgency to get
8:42 am
this resolved? >> the space station has to be cooled. it's incredibly hot in the direct sunlight. in the order of 300 degrees in the sun. space station has be cooled. the fluid we pump around is ammonia. one of the pumps that pumps it around the outside of the station failed to an unusable condition. we have to pull this pump. it's the size of a free refrigerator. pull it off. and now they've got a new one they're going to install. some of the danger is hooking up the big heavy lines, they're really thick and massive. and hooking those up, of course, if you were to leak ammonia, it's not a pleasant chemical. there's definite risk out there. we're not doing it recreationally. you showed that clip from "gravity." it's way more meticulous and serious than that. and they've been focusing on it. and they'll be ready the task
8:43 am
tomorrow. >> let's talk about the risk. clearly the people up there are probably some of the smartest people on the planet or in orbit as the case may be. but is enough done to protect their safety? >> i don't think anybody realizes just how seriously we take it and years and years of preparation that goes into it. i spent hundreds and hundreds of hours, weeks and weeks under water training for my space walks. and practicing everything to fine detail. we've had people in the pool down in houston evaluating these procedures. the most expert people we have. the two people who did this last time a few years ago, they'll be there helping to talk the crew through it. we really take our business seriously. i'm confident we'll be doing the right thing just purely as a result of all that work. >> and just so i know. where did they get this?
8:44 am
if the unit they're replacing is the size of a refrigerator, did they have that up there with them or is that something that had to be delivered to them? >> back in 2004 when we decided to end the space shuttle, of course we then laid out what spare parts might we need. so for the remaining seven years we flew the shuttle, we brought up spare parts. there's a few of these spares up there on a rack, bolted in and keeping cool on the outside of the station. >> pretty amazing. not the thing you can just go out and buy. thank you. we appreciate it. clearly fascinating to watch. brilliant people up there doing the job. thanks so much. >> happy holidays. >> today is a big deadline for people signing up or obamacare. and new polls out today about how americans feel about the president's plan pour affordable
8:45 am
health care. they're not pretty for the president. details ahead.
8:46 am
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open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at today is the deadline to sign up for obamacare for many states. if you want coverage starting january 1st, that's what you're going to have to do. but they're going to have to grapple another number out today. a poll shows that only 35% of
8:48 am
people support the health care law. and 43% call it too liberal. and when asked about the effect on their families, 16% said they'll be better off. 42% said they'll be worse off. and 40% said about the same. i'm joined now byron brownstein. do those poll numbers spell trouble for the white house or will we see people come back over again? >> well, look, they've had a very difficult time turning around these poll numbers throughout the entire legislative fight. particularly on the question of whether it will benefit you and your family. at their best, they've gotten to an even split on whether it's good for the country overall. but on the other question, they've never gotten above 35%, 40%. it's down about 12%.
8:49 am
and that's an ominous number. >> and so is this just sort of a healthy sinism or skepticism? what does the president have to do in 2014 to built greater support or keep it from snowballing? >> that's a good question. and the part i think is much bigger than the president. every time we've had a serious debate about health care under harry truman or anyone else, each time it moved in the same direction. it starts off with a lot of support for reform and as it unfolds people with insurance grow more concerned about whether it will affect what they already have. i don't think he has a huge opportunity to turn around the overall public opinion. i think the key is building a
8:50 am
constituency for the program by getting a large number of people signed up. and that has to be the core of their efforts going forward. >> and are you surprised that the number of women >> yeah, look, women are not immune to trends in society. the one thing that the president has going for him, as you know the as you started was the share of people who favor it or think it's not liberal enough is still greater than the share who oppose it because they think it's too liberal. on the other hand, 80% of republicans oppose it because it's too liberal which guarantees republican opposition will continue through 2014 and likely through the presidential race as in 2016 when we may see a second consecutive republican nominee running on this law. >> i want to talk to you in a year we when we see how this helps or hurts the american public. thank you so much. >> happy holidays. >> to you too. a piano brings holiday magic
8:51 am
to travelers at chicago's union station. watch how it plays along with this little girl. [ chopsticks ] ♪ >> so how does it work? meet the man behind the musical magic just ahead. 1ñp ♪ don't disguise bad odors in your trash. neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo.
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if you happen to pass through union station in chicago this month, i bet you told your friends about the piano. [ playing chopsticks ] ♪ ♪ [ boogie woogie ]
8:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> i love how all these people are getting into it. clearly, that is not your grandmother's player piano. it seemed to have a mind of its
8:56 am
own. the real brains right here with us, rod bliss is a writer, producer, and master of the deal he calls experienceal marketing. he makes stuff happen for a pump. rob, first of all, tell us before we get to the why, how did you actually pull this off? >> thanks for having me. how it worked, we took an ordinary looking piano and had it be remotely controlled by a piano bar me analyst in another room with his keyboard. we set up cameras and microphones so we could see and hear what's happening and respond in realtime. >> you call this experienceal marketing which is fascinating. did you have an expectation that people would react this way? that man who starts dancing and the other one takes out his trumpet and starts playing? >> you know, 22,000 people pass through chicago union station. and we were interacting with just about everyone coming through there. because of that, you know, it's just a numbers game.
8:57 am
of course, we're going to get hundreds and hundreds of interactions. so it did make sense with just the foot traffic we were working with. >> so what is it that you're marketing it by doing this? >> you know, we teamed up with amtrak to put this together. they're trying to do something special for the holiday season for passengers. we thought this this would be a unique way to do something fun and engage with people and special for people just passing through. something new for these commuters. >> the downside, obviously a viral anything. i love this man who just sort of lets his hair loose. nothing stays secret. i'm sure now you know a casting call turned up for this very shoot. rfl people actors? is this or is all of it or some of it staged now? >> well, we wanted to encourage as much participation as possible. we just took this idea and told everyone about it, yes, including talented groups to let them know this is happening,
8:58 am
come do whatever you want with it, but also theater companies or opera houses, jazz companies, anything, just hey, come here. this is the idea. interact with it however you want. but you know, the vast majority of people i would say were just regular people passing through that day. so much foot traffic we had to work with that it's inevitable that the majority is going to be like that can. >> i love this. this brings out the best in people when they see an opportunity, and this man starts playing his trumpet. did you have a lot of fun with this? the person playing the piano in the back, did you have a lot of fun with this. >> we were just laughing and smiling so much the whole time like you know this harmonica player that comes up and starts performing with us. out of nowhere, he came up and started playing with the piano. it was so powerful. it meant a lot to us and put a lot of smiles on our faces. >> i love this. sort of sheer joy. that is great during this holiday season. all right. rob bliss, thank you so much.
8:59 am
happy holiday to you and thank you for making it a little bit brighter for all the people in many chicago union station. >> thanks for having me. it had to happen. the magic of christmas meets the mischief of halloween. >> fa lease nav dad. >> mr. grinch. >> yes, it's a person in a christmas tree costume. scaring the dickens out of unsuspecting teachers at a high school in texas. it was all part of the buildup for the state championship football game against arch rival carthage bulldogs. karthnage won. thanks to my team for letting me have the surprise, as well. golden retrievers moving onto the next story is, fair swimmers but even they need retrieving when they fall through the ice on the false river in december. the massachusetts firefighter who fought their way 50 yards offshore yesterday to save that dog. it took time but everybody did make it out, at which point
9:00 am
crosby was warmed up and in the back seat of a nice toasty police car. last we heard, crosby and the firefighters were just fine. well, thanks for watching, everybody. want to wish you a happy holiday. safe travels. safe travels. "around the world" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- a an hair row zg rescue airlifts americans out of the violence in south sudan. now a warning from president obama. the united states may get more u.s. troops involved. >> the offensive tweet that angered people worldwide. one exec now fired and apologizing. a global company doing some damage control. >> and a massive winter storm knocks out power to hundreds of thousan thousand of people. now another storm poses more problems. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes.


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