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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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quo only to find out that, well, it just wasn't true. >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> reporter: joe johns, cnn, washington. >> great piece. also, joe johns is filling in for jake tapper today. "the lead" starts right now. on this day after christmas, we will gladly return justin bieber. how much is postage to canada? i'm joe johns. this is "the lead." the money lead. how can you exchange the gifts you don't want when they haven't even arrived yet? so many families still waiting for christmas to happen because of a monumental backlog at ups. the world lead. a christmas plea to the president from an american abducted by al qaeda in pakistan over two years ago. what the white house is saying today. and the pop lead. it's hard to take justin bieber seriously even in retirement. the singer breaks millions of little hearts by announcing he's taking a break. hey, did you hear he has a new
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movie out? i'm joe johns in for jake tapper. we begin with the money lead. we're not sure if an angel got his wings when the closing bell rang on wall street a few moments ago, but there are certainly some stock portfolios out there ready to take flight. the markets enjoyed a huge post-christmas boost, setting the stage for a year end rally. cnn business correspondent zain asher joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more. zain, why does it always seem like investors end up on santa's nice list this time of year? >> i know. december is traditionally a very good month for stocks but yes, this is the 50th record close that we've had so far this year. not necessarily a surprise, especially given the rally that we've seen in the last six trading days. one thing to note, though, is that volume was certainly light today, given that it was the day after christmas. roughly around 230 million shares traded. it does sound like a huge amount but it's actually not that much in trading terms.
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so it means it's easier for traders to kick the market around. in terms of headwinds, the only headwinds that i can see right now, having spoken to traders, is in january. that's when earnings season begins and then the retailers have sort of suffered very disappointing earnings or sales, i should say, this holiday season, up by more than 2.3% compared to last year but only because of the discounts offered which might affect profits. in the meantime, people's 401(k)s certainly enjoying very healthy gains. s&p 500 and the dow up by between 25% and 30% so far this year. on a normal year, it would only be up by roughly around 10%. so my anticipation is that for the meantime at least, this rally is set to continue. joe? >> certainly good news for everybody who has money in the market. thanks for that, zain asher. if it looked a little bare under your christmas tree, don't worry. your loved ones weren't necessarily being cheap. santa had some delivery issues. ups and fed ex had issues delivering the huge volume of packages in time for christmas
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and now, they are under fire. fed ex released a statement saying it was proud of its team's efforts and that they operated on quote, very high service levels. ups apologized and said we know how hard it is for everyone to receive their holiday packages and we're working around the clock to resolve this issue. both companies say that the number of packages exceeded their projections for this time of year, but shouldn't they have been better prepared? joining me now is wall street journal reporter suzanne katner. suzanne, how did this happen? we know this holiday season had a smaller shopping window with thanksgiving being so late in the year, that one analyst says holiday shopping last weekend was up 37% from the year before, but wouldn't these companies have been prepared for that? >> well, i think what's happening is there was a last minute surge in online shopping. i mean, there is normally a lull between thanksgiving and christmas, but this year, things really slowed down in the middle
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and people just waited until the very last minute, in part because retailers really dropped prices the last weekend before christmas, so that's when the best deals were. consumers know it, they have been trained to wait and they waited for those deals, and more shoppers than ever are buying online, plus a lot of retailers extended their window for delivery by christmas. you could order as late as 11:00 p.m. monday night and still have that so-called guarantee of a christmas delivery, although, you know, that guarantee turned out to be worthless in a lot of cases. >> now, this isn't totally uncommon. a research analyst says about 15% of online shoppers who order items by the specified cut-off date set by the retailers don't get their packages by christmas eve. you think we're making too big of a deal of this? >> well, it's true, this does happen every year. this does seem to be a bit of an exception, in part just because the number of people shopping online has grown. it's not necessarily that the percentage of failed deliveries
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has grown. it's just that the numbers are getting bigger so they matter more. more people are getting affected. i think that's really what's happening this year. >> what are these companies trying to do to make amends? is an apology enough at this stage? >> well, you know, apologies are not going to, you know, fall very well at this stage but amazon, for instance, is offering $20 gift cards to a lot of customers. most retailers are offering to refund the shipping charges. but when you look, when we have talked to customers, they are still upset. that doesn't make up for the fact that they didn't have that present to give their son or daughter or husband, and you know, a lot of customers say well, they said it was guaranteed, we thought it was guaranteed. if we knew there could be an issue, we would have just gone to the store and picked up the item. so it does raise questions whether this will do damage to people's willingness to order online next year. >> what about good will, the brand, is this going to hurt the reputation of places like amazon and walmart that people rely on?
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>> well, there is a lot of blame going around. there's a lot of finger pointing which is somewhat interesting. some of the retailers are blaming the shippers like ups and fed ex. ups in some cases sent customers e-mails saying look, we didn't receive the package in time, it's not our fault. so there does seem to be plenty of blame going around but at the end of the day, i think the customer's really going to hold the retailer who they ordered from responsible. >> and target, they say there's no evidence of unencrypted pin data being compromised when 40 million credit and debit cards were stolen, but are we any closer to knowing who did it? >> well, it looks like we may be getting a little bit closer. there is a blogger out there who tracks this and he has identified a man in the ukraine who he says is selling some of these credit card -- this credit card data on a website, and
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because this person may have had a forum run by some other russian hackers, they exposed his identity so it doesn't mean that this person has stolen the information, but he may know -- he may be in contact with the actual thieves. so at least it seems like the loop is getting a little bit smaller in trying to figure out who is responsible. >> right. the guy is brian krebs. talked to him online today. thanks so much for that. a memo about fast food being unhealthy shouldn't exactly raise any eyebrows these days, unless of course it comes from one of the biggest fast food chains on the planet, mcdonald's. it's taking heat for yet another super-sized blunder on its employee website. the site included a tip to workers to avoid unhealthy meals like a cheeseburger, fries and soda. you know, the stuff mcdonald's has built a billion dollar empire trying to push to the rest of us. the mcresource line website
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instead advises employees to opt for healthier options like a sub, salad and water. this is a suggestion we're sure the folks at subway must truly appreciate. joining us now live is cnn correspondent sundlin serfati. has mcdonald's figured out how to talk their way out of this? >> they are trying very hard. they know they are in big trouble for this. they say they are re-evaluating how they're communicating with employees. in a statement released today, they say quote, a xwoincombinatf factors led up to re-evaluation. we directed the vendor to take down the website along with outside groups taking elements out of context, this created unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary. none of this helps our mcdonald's team members. that was the original goal of the website, to provide tips to workers on how to live a healthy
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lifestyle, but this was such a big contradiction it really did change the focus and put it on how unhealthy, unfortunately, fast food is for mcdonald's. >> didn't this website have another problem? tell me about that. >> they've had numerous problems. this website is run by a third party vendor outside of mcdonald's but mcdonald's of course contracts with the vendors. it tells how to sell off possessions to get out of debt and provided a hotline on how to get food stamps and so this really just called more attention to what the problem is and what many workers say the problem is working with mcdonald's, these low wages. >> thanks so much. happy holidays to you. >> you, too. coming up, he was abducted by al qaeda over two years ago and now he's begging president obama to negotiate with the terrorists for his release. plus, hillary clinton might be the odds-on favorite for the democratic nomination in 2016 if
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government contractor warren weinstein can be seen begging the obama administration to help secure his release. weinstein was taken from his home in pakistan by al qaeda operatives back in 2011 and hasn't been allowed to see his family since. >> i have been cut off from my family. my wife, who is over 70. my two daughters, my two grandchildren, my son-in-law and perhaps new members of the family whom i have never met. needless to say, i have been suffering deep anxiety every part of every day, not knowing what is happening to my family, not knowing how they are, and because i am not with them. >> joining me now is cnn foreign affairs reporter elise labatt. what else can you tell us about this video? >> it's really interesting. you can see over the last couple of years that he's been -- we
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have been seeing pictures of him. you can really see that the years have taken their toll on him. he says he's full of a lot of anxiety, he says that -- to president obama listen, this is your second term, you don't have to worry about re-election, you can take these hard decisions. he's really not only pleading with the president but also secretary of state, the public and the media. he says he's really disappointed that we're not paying enough attention to his case. he's been serving his government his whole life and he's worried that he's being abandoned and forgotten. >> state department saying anything about this? >> they're being very low key about it, only to say that they're working to authenticate it and i think that means they're trying to see that this is a recent proof of life, but they're just saying that obviously they want to get him released as soon as possible, not talking about any type of negotiations. if you look at what al qaeda is looking for in return for his release, they are asking for release of al qaeda prisoners. they are asking for an end to drone strikes in afghanistan, pakistan, somalia, lemon.
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that's not going to happen. >> normally situations like this tend to be handled quietly. does this video change the dynamic? >> i don't think so. you're right, these things are handled very quietly, very privately. the family hasn't said anything. the company hasn't said anything. he works for a private company so it's very possible that this company has been working trying to bargain for, negotiate his type of release. but they don't want to say anything that, a, will antagonize al qaeda and he seems to be alive actually do anything to harm him and b, they don't want to jeopardize any efforts. but you can bet they're really looking at this video carefully and seeing if there's anything that they can figure out that gives them any clues that they can exploit. >> when the state department says they're trying to authenticate this and we look at it and a lot of people will say that's him, what else is there to authenticate, or is that just sort of a cop-out? >> well, i think they're looking again to see that it's a recent proof of life. how does this compare, you know,
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with experts that look at how much he might have aged, how his health is, what kind of condition he seems to be in. they are presumably cooperating with the "washington post" about this video, where did it come from, how was it sent. those type of things that could give them any clue to what exact elements of al qaeda are holding this gentleman, are there any type of influence, any loyalties on the ground that they can work, that they can source with their contacts to see if there's anything they can do to help find him or help get him released. >> thanks so much. good to see you today. this is the second video al qaeda has released of warren weinstein since his kidnapping and the timing of this new one is likely no accident. for more on that, let's go live to cnn national security analyst bob baer who is also a former cia operative. bob, your thoughts on why this video is being released now. >> well, they want publicity and are not getting any headway. nobody's talking to them.
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nobody's offering them exchange. the u.s. government's not going to talk to them. the pakistani government is probably not moved on this. so they just want to get traction on this thing and say we're still relevant, we have an american hostage. >> in the video, weinstein makes a direct appeal to president obama to help him. here's what he said. >> mr. obama, you're a family man and so you understand the deep mental anxiety and anguish that i have been experiencing and therefore appealing to you on a humanitarian basis, if nothing else, and asking that you take the necessary actions to expedite my release. >> what effect does that have? how likely is it that the obama administration will actually make moves to secure weinstein's release?
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>> not too much. what they're going to do is send the ambassador in to see the foreign minister and say hey, what's new on this guy, they are going to take the analysis from the tape. they will be able to tell you where it was filmed, probably in the tribal areas, just by the temperature of the video. you can see that. and they will say what's new. the pakistanis don't have great sources up there, either. they'll say we're still looking. this whole area, the tribal areas, nobody can get up there. there's going to be no rescue attempt. the cia can't get up there. so you know, it's pretty much a stand-off at this point and just hope his health holds up because it's not the kind of place you want to be a captive. >> is there a back door on this? does the administration have any other options at this point that don't involve negotiating with al qaeda? >> no. they want omar al rahman, the mastermind supposedly of the 1993 bomber of the world trade center, stopping drone attacks,
1:19 pm
it's not something that's negotiable, not something that's going to be bought. what we can best hope for is a gesture on the part of these people is to release him with some message. >> we have heard comparisons between woeinstein's situation and that of robert levinson, who was kidnapped in iran. what do you see as the similarities and differences between the cases? >> i think it's big. levinson was undoubtedly taken by the iranians, the government and he was most likely, this is speculation, turned over to a militant group. if anybody is able to follow this trail it's the iranian government. i hope there is some sort of back channel to tehran looking for this man. so i think the possibility of his being released or his fate determined is a lot better than weinstein. >> bob baer, thanks for that. when we come back, some people just have to wait until the last minute but those
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procrastinators surely left the president smiling today. plus, they flaunted their life on reality tv even though what they were doing was illegal until now. i'll talk to the sister wives' lawyer, next.
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welcome back to "the lead." last minute shoppers weren't only wrecking the malls before christmas, they were cramming web sites and jamming phone lines to sign up for obamacare. officials say sign-ups surged ahead of the deadline to qualify for coverage on january 1st. saw nearly two million page views, and the call center received more than a quarter million calls.
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athena jones is live following the vacationing president in hawaii. athena, a welcome christmas present for the white house after a rough rollout. what's the administration saying? >> reporter: hi, joe. the administration has been touting that heavy traffic you just mentioned to earlier this week. lots of people logging on to try to sign up for coverage. but we won't know in a real sense how many people were able to enroll until mid-january. that's when the administration is next due to release its next batch of enrollment figures. those should be for the entire month of december. we do know that insurance companies had a conference call today with administration officials to talk about the shifting deadlines. this is not entirely uncommon. insurance companies have had regular contact with officials at hhs and at the centers for medicare and medicaid services. those are the government officials most involved in this rollout. we did hear from an insurance industry source who says that companies aren't yet seeing this big flood of enrollment applications, simply because it
1:25 pm
takes a few days to come through the exchanges and make their way over to the insurance companies themselves and of course, it's a holiday week so that could be a little bit delayed. that same source, though, said the shift from monday, december 23rd to the new deadline earlier this week of midnight on christmas eve isn't likely to have made a big impact on the number of applications they see coming in. i should tell you that administration officials have said as recently as last week that they expect there could be some problems that people face come january 1st, thinking that they signed up, that they successfully completed enrollment. they may show up at health care facilities or pharmacies only to find out that their applications weren't complete. the administration says they have a strong contingency plan in place to deal with that but of course, we have to wait and see what actually happens next week. >> not necessarily over yet. you've talked about the federal exchanges. what can you tell us about the state exchanges? >> reporter: state exchanges have also seen a big influx of people over the past several
1:26 pm
days, rushing to try to sign up for coverage. i'll tell you about a few states. connecticut saw 6700 people enroll on monday, that's december 23rd. that was about twice or several times the number of people who usually sign up on a monday. colorado also saw a record day on monday. they said 5,354 people enrolled through that state's exchange. and california by far the biggest number of enrollees, 103,000 people enrolled in california from friday to monday, bringing their total to 400,000. so those are just some of the state figures we have, but again, we'll have to wait for a few more weeks until we get a real sense of just how big this influx was when it comes to the and the state exchanges. >> athena jones live in hawaii tonight, thanks. while obamacare faced legal woes this year, the administration had an even bigger legal problem on its
1:27 pm
hands in 2013 with edward snowden. a federal judge recently ruled there's a case to be made that some of these practices are unconstitutional. president obama says he will make a statement next month about reforms to the nsa. snowden spent his christmas in russia gloating about it on television in a message. >> together we can find a better balance and remind the government that if it really wants to know how we feel, asking is always cheaper than spying. >> let's talk about this and other big legal stories of 2013 with jonathan turley, a legal scholar and law professor with the george washington university. he joins me now live from chicago. professor, want to read part of the opinion by judge leon. i have significant doubt about
1:28 pm
the efficacy of the metadata program. how much impact do you see this having and do you see nsa practices eventually being ruled unconstitutional? do you think this will eventually reach the supreme court? >> the judge's opinion is going to be appealed to the d.c. circuit and there, it will face judges that have been very supportive of the government and there are certainly many on the supreme court that have been supportive of the government and the national security arguments that it normally makes. but this is a conservative judge and by the way, i think many constitutional scholars, including myself, agree with him, particularly when he says that the framers of the constitution would be aghast at the very notion of the government collecting all of this metadata so that they can, you know, look at it if they feel they have or can show that they have a need. >> you have written and you think there's a case for the president to pardon snowden. why? >> well, i don't think that the
1:29 pm
president's going to do it but i do think people, as i said sunday in the "l.a. times" i think there is a better case for pardon than people suggest. if you look at the thousands of pardons that have come down, this is a program that was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge, as we just discussed. it's viewed as abusive by many civil libertarians but also, the president has admitted, the congress has admitted that there were abuses. there are two task forces issuing reforms, there are new laws being proposed. all of those are a result of these disclosures. so when you pardon someone, it's not saying that you approve of what they did, but presidents often use pardons to heal these types of divisive issues, to show they want to move forward on things like reform. >> okay. let's turn to some big supreme court cases this year. proposition 8 and doma. the way was cleared for same sex marriages in california to resume and now we have utah
1:30 pm
officials asking the supreme court to put an emergency block on the same sex marriages now allowed in their state. do you think 2014 will be a big year for same sex legalization? almost 20 states actually have it now. >> i do. as you've noted, the trend here is to be more inclusive. the trend is towards recognition of same sex marriage. i think that is going to continue. that's sort of the general march of history, to be more tolerant and more inclusive. this is a very conservative state, a very conservative judge, and he felt, judge shelby felt that he had no alternative. i do think that many judges will continue to support that view. what the supreme court did with doma did not necessarily embrace the concept of constitutional protections for same sex marriage. it was a very carefully crafted opinion, but it's interesting that before judge shelby in utah, both sides, the state and
1:31 pm
the couples, argued that the case supported them. it's not very clear in that sense. but the courts themselves, if you look at all of the states, have tended to come down on the side of protecting same sex couples and guaranteeing this right. >> now, you're lead counsel in the sister wives polygamy case. what's your view? is your clients' case more similar to the gay marriage cases we've seen recently or does it have more in common with, say, the interracial marriage decisions from the 1960s like loving versus virginia? >> well, i think that the best analogy would be to laurence v texas ten years ago, when the supreme court said that you could not criminalize homosexual relations. that's what the court said in utah, this is a second judge in the same courthouse, and the judge said you can't criminalize these plural families. there's a difference between polygamy and bigamy. what's occurred after this decision is that polygamy is
1:32 pm
legal in utah. you can have that family, that's what this law was designed to get at, and no one can commit bigamy. i will note, by the way, that most bigamy prosecutions involve people who hold themselves out as traditional marriages. polygamists generally only have one license and the rest are called spiritual unions. so this is a victory i think more for privacy than polygamy. >> jonathan turley, thanks so much for that. >> thank you, joe. coming up next, she's still deciding whether to run so hillary clinton might want to check out our new polls. who's the only republican that beats her in a head-to-head matchup? plus, he has no shot of playing in the super bowl but is still hoping to make some money off of the game. one nfl player is renting his apartment to fans. how much is it going to cost you to live like a new york giant for a week? once upon a time, an insurance clerk stumbled upon a cottage.
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welcome back to "the lead."
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i'm joe johns filling in for jake tapper. in our politics lead, cnn is released brand new polls this hour measuring the voters' choices for president in 2016. john king is here to break it down for us. what do the polls tell us about our potential presidential front-runners? >> well, we should make clear from the get-go that late 2013 polling is a far from reliable indicator of what the american people will be looking for when they next pick a president in 2016. but these early numbers fun for holiday political conversations and could have some impact on how the potential candidates look at the weeks and months ahead. here's the test. early democratic favorite hillary clinton versus nine republican 2016 prospects, and with just one exception, secretary clinton comes out on top. in most cases by a landslide. she beats former florida governor jeb bush by 21. former arkansas governor mike huckabee by 15 points. 18 points is the clinton advantage over texas senator and tea party favorite ted cruz and she's up 17 over the texas governor, rick perry.
1:37 pm
another 2012 gop contender, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum behind clinton by 19 points. two senate newcomers, rand paul and marco rubio run behind clinton by 13 points and 19 points respectively. house budget committee chairman paul ryan, remember mitt romney's vice presidential candidate in 2012, he comes closer. our new poll shows clinton with an eight point edge over the wisconsin congressman. so who's the one exception? new jersey governor chris christie, of course. christie edges clinton actually 48% to 46% among registered voters. that's a statistical dead heat but nonetheless, early bragging rights as christie begins a busy 2014 schedule crisscrossing the country. what makes him so much stronger against clinton than other republicans? don't underestimate name recognition. he's been in the headlines a lot because of his big recent re-election win in new jersey. digging deeper, he does beat clinton by 26 points among independents and by nine points among suburban voters and runs much closer to her in the northeast than any of the other republicans. so these numbers, a nice
1:38 pm
christmas present for governor christie and for the most part, they should also give secretary clinton a bit of holiday cheer. but this cautionary note. at this point in the 2008 presidential cycle, meaning polling conducted in late 2005, hillary clinton was the runaway leader among democrats. giuliani, the early republican front-runner. barack obama at that point, a freshman senator from illinois. so have fun with these new numbers. there will no doubt be a lot of chatter but i wouldn't use it to make any early bets in vegas. >> thanks for that, john king. so right. a lot to go over here. let's bring in our political panel. ron brownstein, cnn senior political analyst. cornel belcher, cnn political commentator, democratic pollster. terry jeffrey, a nationally syndicated columnist. john king makes a pretty good point. 2008, rudy giuliani at the front
1:39 pm
of the pack. how much stock can we put into this? >> presidential polls three years out are probably the least valuable, kind of the predictive tools, in the sense that as john pointed out, it is heavily about name identification at this point. but they can affect the dynamics in the race and once they get going, and i do think what you see here is something we will hear a lot of that will cause heartburn for terry's side of the republican party which is going to be the argument that chris christie is the strongest general election nominee, has the best opportunity to deal with their two systemic problems, suburban whites and minority voters. that will be an argument used against him by conservatives who are reluctant to entrust him with the future of their party. >> they are fairly worthless, a year out, two years out. your poll had obama down and mccain and hillary tied. the contours of the election haven't been defined yet. we define the concept of the election about experience being a negative which we used against
1:40 pm
hillary clinton and mccain. to me, what's most problematic is for republicans, i don't care who the nominee is, and it will be a he, unfortunately, if he can't compete with minority voters, you know, they are not going to get a wide electorate. look what happened in virginia last time around. that electorate is not getting whiter. we lost white women by 16 points last time around on the way to winning every state office in virginia. >> before we go off on the republicans, got to ask you, plan b. if hillary clinton doesn't run, who do you see? >> if hillary clinton doesn't run, i think we have a strong finish. there has been talk about right here in maryland, the governor of maryland -- joe, you know what, joe biden, i will say this, joe biden won over a lot of democrats in the debate where he did to congressman ryan what many were hoping that the president was going to do to mitt romney. so don't underestimate joe biden in the democratic primary if
1:41 pm
hillary clinton is not -- >> let me point out, that was a spot-on report by john king but here's an irony. at the end of 2006 when people thought hillary clinton might be a lock for the democratic nomination, they weren't thinking about barack obama, hillary clinton went out and ran to the left of obama on health care. she was the queen of the individual mandate. barack obama was not for that as a candidate. of course, we all know that she was the first one who spearheaded her husband's efforts to create a universal health care plan in his presidency. hillary this time around is definitely not a strong candidate. >> chris christie isn't a lock, all right? >> definitely not. >> so who else besides -- >> first let me say there's a big difference between giuliani and christie and also a difference between giuliani and romney. giuliani was a social liberal, social liberals will not survive a republican primary. mitt romney was someone who transparently flip-flopped on issues. in christie's first run in '09 he ran as a pro lifer.
1:42 pm
he's walked away from same sex marriage, lost a little of his credibility on same sex marriage, but will not be the conservative candidate in the primaries. i will say that. >> that's why his electability argument will be very important. the party divides almost exactly in half between what you would call the managerial side, more upscale and affluent and economically focused. the populist side, heavily evangelical. the divide last time was romney was the managerial candidate. they kept looking for mr. right on the other side. it became santorum. christie i think is a very strong candidate for that managerial half of the party. the other half will resist it but numbers like this become an asset. >> romney benefited from gingrich and san toretorum spli the conservative base. >> do you think chris christie can come out of a republican party dominated by the tea party? >> one big problem he has, he accepted the obamacare medicaid offer. that's going to hurt him.
1:43 pm
>> let me jump in there. i got one more thing to touch before we go. we have some other polling cnn released today. one of these things that is particularly telling. it sort of shows a racial divide, if you will, on the right track/wrong track question. most whites say obama's policies would move the country the wrong direction while most non-whites say the opposite. why is that? >> first, it's a consistent divide and it's basically the white middle class is deeply skeptical that most government activism will benefit them. that's the problem. they see obamacare primarily -- been going on for a long time. what it really underscores is the stakes in what the electorate looks like in 2014. in 2012, mitt romney won 59% of white voters and barack obama beat him by five million votes. in 2010, republicans won 60% of white voters, almost exactly the same percentage, and had the best midterm for either party since 1938. the reason for the difference was who voted. so there's enormous stakes for democrats. this shows how important it is for democrats to turn out more
1:44 pm
of their presidential year coalition in the off year. without it, it could be a very tough november. >> yes. briefly. >> both parties in 2014, they need to motivate their base and get out their base. republicans have to watchdog illegal immigration in congress. they do that, it will hurt their base. >> they are also fighting. you have karl rove being attacked by tea partiers so there's a lot of tension within the republican party. not so much the democratic party, thankfully. >> because in 2016, a democratic change -- >> thanks, guys. thanks so much. ron, cornel, terry, thank you. coming up next on "the lead," freezing temperatures, power outages and snow. we take a look at what you can expect whenever you're traveling this holiday week. plus, serena williams grabbed the honor on the female side. who is crowned the male athlete of the year? just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up.
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." bing crosby never dream or sang about an iced christmas. many customers in maine who spent christmas without electricity might have to wait until tomorrow night to have power restored and the ice on the power lines and tree branches from this week's deadly ice storm isn't going to melt easily. the bottom is about drop out of the thermometer and more snow is in the forecast. let's check in with cnn meteorologist jennifer gray. hey, jennifer. >> yeah, we had a lot of ice from last weekend's storm and the problem is temperatures haven't gotten above freezing, so that's why they are still dealing with the ice and it's causing a lot of stress on the
1:49 pm
power lines and branches. so big problems in the north. we have seen some lake effect snow for today, not huge amounts, but still adding insult to injury when you already have all that ice on the ground. you don't want anything else falling. watertown could see more snow as we go through the evening hours, as well as places like buffalo, even cleveland. when you look at snow totals, two to four inches in syracuse as we go through tonight and then even in portions of maine, one to three inches possible. temperatures are still very, very cold, holding on in the 20s. detroit at 27, did not get above freezing for today. 27 in burlington right now. the good news for a lot of folks in the north, temperatures will actually get above freezing saturday and sunday. burlington, you will be at 38 on saturday. 31 on sunday, so you will have a little window where we could get some of that ice melt to go on. then detroit could reach 40 degrees on saturday. even sunday at 35. then we will get a little bit of
1:50 pm
sunshine, that will also help melt some of the ice as well. that will be good news for folks. it's actually warming across the country. denver at 51 degrees today. so it is warming across much of the country. >> really good news for people who have to still drive around new year's eve or so. thanks for that, jennifer gray. let's switch over to the sports lead now. what do you get the king who has everything? how about a new crown? today, lebron james was named the associated press male athlete of the year. it was a good year to be king. james won a second nba championship and a fourth mvp award, and he got married. he's only the third basketball player to win the men's award in its 82-year history. a couple guys named bird and jordan are the other two. you know them. serena williams was named female athlete of the year. earlier this week. if you want to live like a football player without all the hard hits, icy-hot and free
1:51 pm
gatorade you might want to check out our craig's list in central new jersey. new york giants rookie cooper taylor is offering his apartment for rent during super bowl week. the 900 square foot pad is a stone's throw from met life stadium where the big game will be played. the giants aren't going and apparently taylor just doesn't want to be anywhere near the place. the ad says we are big fans of a local team here and unfortunately will not be attending this year. dogs are okay and there's a great pancake place nearby. he's asking a mere $9,000 for a week's stay. if you got it, you got it. when we come back, if you have a teenaged daughter you probably spent christmas consoling her after justin bieber announces his retirement. is it really the end for bieber believers everywhere?
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." in pop, he didn't stick around long enough for us to witness the full meltdown. at least there's always behind the music. twitter-soaked in tears from tweens after justin bieber announce his retirement from singing. this huge announcement has nothing at all to do with the fact that his new movie came out on christmas. what if this really is it, with his fan base now hitting their 20s and with his adorableness disappearing with every paparazzi he allegedly attacks, can he reinvent himself? joining us now is christopher john farley, editor of the "wall street journal" entertainment blog speakeasy and author of "game world." you look at this kid, so much success at such a young age. he's 19, sold 15 million albums, he's worth an estimated $130 million. why not retire? >> for the very reasons you said. because of the millions of records he's sold, because of the millions of records he may
1:56 pm
sell in the future, i very much doubt he's retiring. this is a common thing in pop music. people get disgusted with the industry, overwhelmed with work and suddenly announce they're retiring. it's also used as a way to leverage whatever product they're trying to sell. remember jay-z retired to help sell his album, and of course came back out of retirement and is still rapping to this day. you never know about retirement in pop music. justin bieber issued this tweet about his retirement just as he released his new movie documentary, "justin bieber's believe" which didn't do too well at the box office. it was at about 1,000 screens and only pulled in about $1.25 million which is not very good. for example, "the hobbit" took in $9 million on the same christmas day that bieber's documentary was released so it needed a lot of help at the box office, needed a lot of help in social media, and i think this
1:57 pm
tweet was designed to pump up the sales of his documentary. >> wow. 50 million twitter followers almost, probably the smartest movie ad of all time. biebs was probably on santa's naughty list this year, caught urinating in a bucket, caught in a brothel, took heat for saying anne frank would have been a believer. think this is a good time for a time-out? >> it probably is, especially for artists of around his generation, way to get attention is to do something outrageous, something that will get you retweets, get you on instagram, it will get your name out there. so people are talking about you and after awhile, that gets exhausting. we saw that kind of shock marketing work for miley cyrus to great effect this year but it's unclear if you can do that year after year and justin bieber has been at this for awhile. he's only 19 years old but kind of like kobe bryant, he has a
1:58 pm
lot of wear and tear on his celebrity knees here. he's been working it for a long time. he probably feels it's time to take a break and retire. there are suggestions out there that maybe this retirement doesn't mean full retirement, it just means taking a break and coming back at some later point. when i contacted his people, i haven't heard back from them yet so i don't know exactly what it means but i suspect it means we're not done with justin bieber yet. he sent a follow-up tweet that seems to suggest just that. >> you think he was over exposed? >> you know, i think to his core fans, there's no such thing as justin bieber overexposure. many people aren't into justin bieber. a little goes a long way. the fact this new movie was not a huge hit at the box office, in fact, it looks like it's shaping up to be a flop with only $1.25 on its first day, you have to think it's time for him to recharge his batteries, think about what direction he needs to take his celebrity next and see
1:59 pm
where he can really have maximum impact in the future. >> so a decade from now, what do you see? justin bieber, j.t. or lindsay lohan. pick one. >> bieber has some real talent. we'll see whether or not he can redesign his career and really be someone who can have an impact in the future. justin timberlake has already done that. anyone who has seen "inside lou and davis," he's in that so he goes from a boy band, being in a boy band to being a star of a really cool movie by some of the best film makers around. he's really been smart about his career. justin timberlake's in it for the long haul. >> thanks so much for that. good to see you. >> thank you. free samples are great at costco but in music they're what lawsuits are made up. the lead singer of ponderosa twins plus one is suing kanye west. ricky spicer says west sampled the group's song "bound" without its permission.
2:00 pm
spicer claims he can hear his voice at least four times on west's song "bound 2." in the album credit, def jam records says the song was licensed through rhino entertainment. spicer says he owns the copyright on the original song. that's it for "the lead." i'm joe johns. i turn you over to brianna keilar, filling in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, in a shocking new video, an american dauabduc by al qaeda pleads with the u.s. government to negotiate his release. a new worry as well for the tens of millions of target shoppers who have credit and debit cards compromised, was their pin information also stolen? a multi-million dollar identification system fails to stop an airport security breach when a man dressed as a woman walks on to a runway. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm brianna keilar. you're in "the situation room."


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