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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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but third of the nation in the path of a norse storm. >> the temperatures are extreme and that is a hazard not just for ice conditions but the impact on human beings. >> air travel snarled, thousands of flights cancelled and communities at a standstill. classes are canceled, offices closed, highways shut down. >> the wind is crazy out here. if you don't keep yourself on
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all but you'll get blown away. >> the worst part is it is going to get worse. >> i am natalie allen, a special welcome to viewers in the united states for this hour of "cnn newsroom" and the snow is falling, the wind is blowing but it is the dangerous cold that will be a major concern for days to come. the storm swept out of the central plains with winter storm warnings from tennessee to the state of maine. now the roads are a nightmare. more than 2200 airline flights have been canceled, all told 100 million people are feeling the impact. right now this monster of a storm is pummeling the northeast, massachusetts expecting the worst calling for voluntary evacuations along the east coast, where the high tide could bring significant flooding. boston has been gearing up, preparing homeless shelters,
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calling of schools two days in advance and the mayor offered sounded by said of the storm. >> take precautions and take public transportation. take care of one another. our team is ready, we have been through this before and we will get through this storm and public works is ready to do their work. >> the public seems to be cooperating. boston is trying to plow the streets but they cannot keep up and many people off the streets. live from boston. >> we want to show you how bad the dress can get. if we come over here this is a place where the snow plow actually went through a couple of minutes ago. it is quite smooth but then when we walk over to this side of the road the winds are blowing heavily. you can tell how it comes up and the snow was higher on this side because it has been blown by the wind.
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our measuring stick again, here the snow is almost exactly a little bit under a foot. this is a little higher because of the snow drift. in total the snow is about ten inches but the wind is blowing it in a lot of places and the reason for that is not only because the wind is strong but the snow is light. the snow flakes are small and light and they are getting blown around. the other thing we are feeling at this point especially during the night is the temperatures have been dropping over the past couple of hours. it is bitter cold and the snow plows are having a difficult time keeping up with the severe weather conditions. it is banned in boston and the schools are going to be out tomorrow. even worse in many coastal areas where some areas are already seeing around 18 inches of snow. some of them think they will get up to 24 inches of snow,
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possibly more. two peavy moore night, we are expecting the snow to continue until about 5:00 a.m. in the morning. a lot of people will spend time trying to dig out of all of the snow in the morning. >> absolutely. i know the officials there want people to be prepared. how long could they be snow in? >> it depends on how bad the snow is. in boston many of these people will dig out their cars in the morning and they should be able to get to anywhere. there is no real power outage anywhere but some people if they are snow and they could be there for well over a day. many of these people, local authorities are telling them they should have their emergency kit at home. that includes a flashlight, battery, some sort of independent heating source and, of course, things like dry food, canned food, things to keep you going for a couple of days. it is unclear if there will be
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communities that will have to do that. certainly there are some that will be suffering from the snow especially in the outlying areas. not in the city where we're seeing more snowfall and those places are harder to reach for things like snowplows as well. >> thank you. in boston for us. thanks. in new york state the governor has declared a state of emergency and authorities are warning people to stay off the roads. albany expecting as much as 18 inches with wind chills of 15 to 20 below. new york city could get anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow. it would be the first test for the new mayor who was sworn and just wednesday. to the east of new york city, long island is under a blizzard warning until friday afternoon. that is where will he is breathing ailments.
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how cold is it for you? >> good morning. the story, i think, is the cold. the colder temperatures. we have several inches of snow on the ground and as you can see, it blows the snow around. they can be occasional wind gusts which necessitate the blizzard warning. it is about how frigid it feels. in many cases these are temperatures people have not felt in many years and that is across many different states affected by the storm. that is why this storm bills different from so many others. that is why it is harder for so many of the road crews and the officials who are trying to keep up with the storm. behind this is the long island expressway. nothing out there because it is officially shut down. that went into effect midnight local time and will stay in effect for several more hours. the highway was shut down so the
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road crews can get a head start essentially on trying to get the roads clear given the fact the snow can be blowing around. we have seen most people respecting that and it has only been emergency crews and snow plows. because the snow was blowing around they have their work cut out for them. it is because of the frigid temperatures and the time of day in the middle of the night that makes it especially difficult for the crews working out here. >> the long car that did not heed the warning just past behind you. hopefully that will not be the case for most people tucked inside. >> it makes it easier when they are not in in the meantime we are a few human popsicle is out here. >> take care, we appreciate it. thank you. you'll hear is occasionally use the word nor'easter, the type of storm that is blasting the northeast. they certainly know the term but for our international viewers,
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the nor'easter officially it as a cyclone like storm that moves along the east coast of north america. it is called the nor'easter because the winds blow from the northeasterly direction. the nor'easter is a contraction. there you have it. our meteorlogists knows about it and he has been tracking this for us and he joins us now. our correspondents standing and that tell the story, don't they? >> i am impressed by them because the wind chill in boston is 6 below below zero. some portions have dropped to 20 below below zero across boston not wearing hat. a better perspective, stretching all way across portions of the hot l valley, kentucky, tennessee, 22 states underneath some sort of went to watch,
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advisories, or warning. this region home to 90 million people impacted by the storm system. take the amount of snow has and put it over europe it stretches all the way to poland from france including germany. that is how large and it is their radar. the rain off shore and across the areas on the coastline we're getting the heaviest snow and temperatures are so cold the snow flakes are changing shapes because a lot of times you begin to change the shape, they become linear and that is the sort of snow we have coming down across portions of boston toward new york city. 30 million people being impacted and the blizzard warning now wish you for portions of long island stretching toward cape cod. the good news is people in the boston metro are left out of bed and new york city is left out of
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it. still we have this condition with wind gusts over 45 miles an hour your visibility down to 1/4 of a mile, you know it is dangerous. the additional snowfall, if we get to seven inches sometimes tomorrow morning when things start to improve that would be a month of snowfall across portions of new york city for january. you look at boston, 6-12 inches, some areas with a snow drift already approaching tendentious, major headaches across the region. the temperatures at this hour boston the ambient air temperature without the wind is to, providence the poor, new york get 16. this is what it feels like right now and boston and there goes again to 20 below below zero. you know what they're feeling. 7.5 million people in this area
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of boston, talking about a lot of people feeling the cold is there. the coldest in the 21st century. >> my goodness. january 2014 not coming in quiet and the good news is no power outages in boston and we hope that holds. we will see you again, thanks very much. across the country the winter storms have hobbled air travel, more than 2200 flights had been canceled. the most affected airport in chicago o'hare with 725 flights canceled in and out, and newark international airport serving new york city 354 cancellations. cleveland airport in ohio 201 cancellations so far and philadelphia 151 cancellations. anyone trying to head home for the holiday not quite yet. still to come on "cnn newsroom,"
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been a look at the u.s. capitol and this is a look at the white house at this early hour. they will give an inch of snow with temperatures in the 20 that it will fill cold because of the wind guess. the wind and snow expected to continue the night so people will be waking up to miserable conditions in several states. there is even more pain ahead. it was a numbing 40 below in northern minnesota thursday. that frigidaire is falling and it is expected to stick around for several days. this storm is making travel and advisable if not impossible. hard to imagine people taking to the roadways but they do. the national weather service says falling and blowing snow
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with strong winds and poor visibility are likely. this will lead to whiteout conditions making travel extremely dangerous. they said do not travel. new york city might get up to a foot of snow and as we said, the new mayor is facing his first big test after less than 48 hours in office. richard qwest is breathing the streets live and our role in coverage vehicle joins us now. where are you ruling? >> we are rolling down seventh avenue and that is times square at the end, which of course, there was the best part of 1 million people just 48 hours ago. as we stop here of these lights, you can start to see the emergency vehicles which are now peppering new york. there are some 1700 snow plows out and about in the city at the moment.
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and they have to wait until there is 2 inches of snow before they can plow all roads properly. the traffic is moving exceptionally slowly. it looks like we are about to have an emergency vehicle coming toward us which is unusual. if we pulled or i can give you an idea, bear with me. because one of the really big issues they have here in new york along with everywhere else is not just the snow, which as you can see is now actually getting deep. what you can also feel is the bitter cold that is now taking place. they are expecting temperatures of around minus-10 in the next
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few hours. that means, of course, it will be not only difficult but painful to get around. >> we appreciate you getting around for us and showing us the view from your car. we talked >> are they shutting those down? >> no. no. i mean, in theory the train system continues. there will obviously be delays. there will obviously be problems as the morning commute nobody would seriously expect anything like a normal morning commute. this is not a city that handles snow very well. it's been snowing now for 5 1/2 hours. this is seventh avenue. we're just about to arrive in
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times square. we haven't really seen a snowplow. but the major thoroughfares are getting really and truly snowed. so put this forward another five hours into the morning and you really do understand that new york is probably going to almost grind to a standstill in the morning. >> as it should. all right. richard quest, roving about in this weather for us. >> times square. look at. just think about it. less than 48 hours ago, this was full. over there you can still see some revellers. this is times square that we're now driving through. a million people here a few days ago. now just a couple of dozen. and the snow is bringing it to a standstill. >> they rang in the new year, and then wham, they get this. all right. richard, thanks so much. we'll see you again. all right. susan candiotti has now more on new york's new mayor and the challenge he's facing so early
10:19 pm
in his term with this storm. >> reporter: day one on the job, and already storm clouds are gathering. >> i went to sleep as commissioner dougherty will appreciate of visions of snow in my head. >> reporter: new york's new mayor bill deblasio, how he'll deal with predictions of up to 10 inches of snow in the city. an avalanche of criticism fell on now former mayor bloomberg in 2010 when up to two feet of snow went unemployed for days. >> we have to get it right. there's no question about it. >> reporter: deblasio is defending himself from critics following stinging attacks on bloomberg by some speakers, excluding himself from president clinton made at his swearing in. >> that the plantation called new york city be the city of god. >> changing the stop and frisk law is as important as it is the change of a law is only the tip of the iceberg in fixing our
10:20 pm
deeply dickensia new yon system >> i respect them and their right to say whatever is appropriate. >> reporter: some political consultants felt the criticism was way out of bounds. >> it was shocking how he was treated. >> reporter: deblasio's legacy has yet to be written but his progressive platform has the left excited. skid him about it. >> people in this city, i've got one simple constituency. 8.14 million new yorkers. if they see us moving forward, if they're feeling the effects of this change that's what it's all about. if others elsewhere take good lessons from us that's gratifying. >> reporter: it wasn't by chance the clip tons publicly support their friend given hillary's possible presidential run in 2016. >> there if there would be a primary challenge against hillary clinton it would come from the left. there's some part among the c p
10:21 pm
clinton faithful their relationship with him may inoculate them. >> reporter: laguardia once said, there's no democrat or republican way of cleaning the streets. one analyst suggests the snowstorm might test that philosophy. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> so take a peek at some of the worst nor'easters on record. remember superstorm sandy? it hit in october 2012. sandy was a hurricane that morphed into a nor'easter as it moved up the eastern seaboard of the u.s. the storm was blamed for 117 deaths in the u.s., 69 more in canada and the caribbean. 1993 storm of the century stretched from canada all the way to central america, dumping snow, causing tornadoes and eastern hurricane-force winds in some places. in 1991, the so-called perfect storm blasted the u.s. east coast. it killed more than a dozen
10:22 pm
people, including the crew of the andrea gail fishing boat inspiring a book and a movie "the perfect storm." and some of the heaviest snow on record fell during the great u.s. blizzard of yes, 1888. paralyzing new york city. hopefully it won't be the same this year for new york. we'll have more on the storm coming up this hour. also next, john kerry back in the middle east coming up the hurdles he faces on his mission for peace.
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welcome back to cnn news room. 24 minutes after the hour right now. travel is highly discouraged across much of the northeastern u.s. at this moment. roads are icy, and visibility is poor at best. flying is not even an option. in many cases more than 2200 flights have been canceled. the hardest-hit airport, chicago's o'hare and boston's logan airport stopped its flights a few hours ago. we'll have more on the storm in a moment. but first a check of some of the other stories that we're following. we have this just in. india's prime minister is about to call it quits. he says he'll step down after this year's elections even if his congress party defies the
10:25 pm
odds and wins a third consecutive term. mr. singh says it's time to hand the job to a new prime minister. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will be heading to the west bank today for talks with palestinian thorn president mahmoud abbas. kerry trying to narrow differences on a framework agreement for a final deal with israel's prime minister netanyahu. >> the time is soon arriving where leaders are going to have to make difficult decisions. we are close to that time, if not at it. and i think we understand the circumstances within which we are working. >> for more on this story, stay with us. we'll be going thrive jerusalem later at cnn news room. still no claim of responsibility for thursday's powerful bomb blast in southern beirut. the latest explosion targeted the powerful shi'ite group hezbollah and comes a week after
10:26 pm
a similar blast killed a prominent sunni politician. mohammed jamjoum has more on the attacks and why the security situation in lebanon is getting worse. >> reporter: a powerful and deadly explosion ripped through a southern beirut suburb on thursday, killing at least four people and injuring dozens. the car bomb targeted a densely populated neighborhood in southern beirut that is known as a stronghold of militant shi'ite group hezbollah. while nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, it is believed that this is yet another example of the spillover of violence from syria's civil war which is raging uncontrollably just next door. there's a rising tide of anger in lebanon towards hezbollah because they have been participating in the syrian civil war, fighting alongside em battled president bashar al assad's forces as they try to regain control in that country's civil war. this is the second time in less than a week that a car bomb has
10:27 pm
hit the capital of lebanon. just last friday at least seven people were killed when a car bomb detonated in a downtown area in beirut. a commercial district here. that car bomb targeted a sunni political leader, and there are grave concerns here in lebanon that the sectarian divisions are only deepening in this country because of the syrian civil war. the sectarian divisions in lebanon mirror the sectarian divisions in syria and they have grown worse here as they have grown worse there. it is worth noting that this is not the first time that the neighborhood that was targeted in southern beirut on thursday has been targeted in the last several months. in july a car bomb went off there. in august a car bomb went off there. in november, twin suicide bombings went off outside the iranian embassy which is in the neighborhood close to there. the concern here in lebanon is that the frequency and intensity of these attacks has only grown in reason months. and from all the residents that
10:28 pm
i've been speaking with here this evening, they worry this will only continue in the weeks and months ahead. mohammed jamjoum, cnn, beirut. rebels in south sudan are still battling government troops even as 2ke8 delegations from both sides are in india for talks on ending two weeks of hostilities. sued pes /* peace talks are expected to begin today. authorities in northern california have arrested a suspect in the new year's day murder of roman catholic priest erik freed. the priest's body was found inside the rectory of his eureka, california church. the police chief says a suspect was apprehended thursday afternoon about 50 miles south of eureka. as this night goes on, so does the snow. the latest on the storm hammering the u.s. when cnn news room returns.
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winter storm warnings are from tennessee all the way to maine. nearly 100 million people are feeling the storm's wrath in 22 states. travel is an absolute nightmare in many areas where icy roads
10:32 pm
and heavy snow are making driving treacherous. flying is also a problem. so far more than 2200 flights have been canceled. people in the northern u.s. are used to the cold and snow in january, of course. but just not so much of it. the governor of massachusetts has declared a snow emergency for the entire state. extremely cold temperatures are expected to sock chicago and the rest of the midwest for the next several days. but a nfl football playoff game is still set for this weekend in wisconsin. can you imagine? temperatures could reach minus 17 degrees. we will see if that game is played. and they're playing it safe in new york. the governor has already declared a state of emergency and closed down several main highways. let's go back out now to new york's long island. parts of which are under a blizzard warning until friday afternoon. that's where correspondent brian
10:33 pm
stelter is braving the elements for us. brian, we know that it certainly looks like a blizzard. i would imagine it's starting to feel like one. >> reporter: i think i'm going add one layer of clothing every time we talk, natalie. i put on another scarf in between live shots here because as night goes on it does get colder and colder out. even worse in boston and up toward maine, than it is here. but even out here on long island where we're about halfway between manhattan and east ha h hampton, when the wind kicks up and the snow starts to blow around it can be quite unpleasant to be out here. people make fun of television reporters for standing out in the elements. i used to make fun of them myself before joining cnn. but standing out here and feeling -- seeing how it feels and b, showing people at home like you all what it looks like because that way you guys don't have to go out yourself. i hope you can tell on am ca, it
10:34 pm
is definitely a winter wonderland type of storm. the tiny little snowflakes blowing around here are quite nice. and as i mentioned earlier, we're not going to see a feet of snow here. we will likely in boston. out here we're going to see the 6 to 10 inches which is a bearable amount of snow. the real challenge of course is the temperatures. the cold, frigid air makes it harder for the plows that are coming by behind me to actually move as fast and to keep up and to do their job. so we've got about three inches out here right now. and like i said, it is at least a very pretty snowstorm for people at home to see. >> hopefully they can stay inside and see it. we know that there are a lot of snowplows going by you now there, brian. they have closed not just one highway but several highways are closed in new york, correct?
10:35 pm
>> yeah. this is one of them. the long island express way which gets you out to the hamptons and back to manhattan. it was shut down at midnight and will stay this way at least until 5:00 a.m. this is this to give road crews a head start and discourage people from driving at all. technically the side streets, secondary roads are open. but authorities don't want people out, because if you're out there's always a chance of an accident or even just breaking down on the side of the road and having someone come and take care of you. we've seen sever police officers and several cruisers coming by as the evening goes on just to check on things. there was one fatal accident nearby earlier. it's always hard to know in these cases whether it's related to the storm or no. but the best situation, of course, is to stay home and not risk it. >> absolutely. brian stelter, experiencing a live shot in the elements. good luck out there, brian. thanks so much. as we mentioned, traveling is going to be a nightmare.
10:36 pm
you can't really fly, so our reporter is here to tell us more about what people are up against. again as we've mentioned, nor'easters, they're used to it. but this is a whopper. >> reporter: this much snow in this short of a time. everyone's sleeping right now across the northeast. but when they wake up it's going to be a different story. natalie, you talked about the 2200 flights that were canceled on thursday. pre-emptively 1200 have been canceled in the first 1 1/2 hours of friday across the northeast right now. it's incredible to see what the storm has the potential to do. i just want to take you out towards boston. this is the main area of concern. look at the current conditions sitting at 2 degrees. that's the current reading. snowing at this hour, the wind chill down to 20 degrees. so you factor in how strong the winds have to be to cause that wind chill. talking about 35 to 40-mile-per-hour winds, widespread cancellations. over 2,000 flights canceled. that was on thursday. the main areas that we're watching for friday going to be around new york city, philly,
10:37 pm
washington, significantly going to be impacted. the snow going to taper off. i think sometime in the early morning hours for new york city, say after sunrise, sometime in the early afternoon hours for boston, the winds though are not going anywhere. that's a big time storm system there as far as the winds are concerned when you're talking about 35 to 40 miles per hour. you notice everything does begin to push offshore. the temperatures though go downhill. the skies are going to clear up. once this happens we often talk about the clouds acting as a blanket kind of keeping the little heating that we've had. it's not going to be there on friday. we know a lot of us going to stick around, natalie. just looking at some of the data as well, it will cross i-87. albany, new york towards new york estimate officials there have actually closed the road since midnight at i-87 going into new york city. if you're across northern new york you can't even go into the city anymore because of the main highways closed because of the whiteout conditions. lastly, natalie, i noticed that flights as far away as los angeles, las vegas, phoenix where it's 80 degrees on friday, about 40 flights have been
10:38 pm
canceled out of those airports combined. if your flights are coming out of the northeast and a nice sunny place like phoenix it's still going to cause headaches for you. >> going to have that domino effect when they start trying to catch up whenever they get there. >> yes. >> well hopefully this will just be a storm that people can stay and enjoy and have power throughout as well. >> that's the big important part, yeah. >> see you again. thank you. extreme weather like this can make or break political careers. more on that now from cnn's don lemon. >> reporter: another storm, another chance for political gain or pain. new jersey governor chris christie came under fire in december 2010 when he continued his disney world vacation during a storm that dumped three feet of snow on his state. he insisted he was just a phone call away. >> this is not like in the 1800s when no one would be able to get me. >> reporter: christie blasted democrats and the media for making a big deal of his absence and insisted everything in new jersey was under control. >> believe me, my cell phone was
10:39 pm
ringing where i was much more than i would have preferred it to under normal circumstances when i'm away on a family vacation. >> reporter: next door during that same so-called snowmageddon, new york city mayor mike em bloomberg got hammered for being in bermuda when the storm hit. he faced residents wondering why their streets were still clogged days after the blizzard. >> their response to the storm has not met our standards or the standards that new yorkers have come to expect from us. >> reporter: weather can make or break politicians everywhere. when chicago got pummelled by two huge blizzards in two weeks in 1979, its mayor michael blandik took the heat for a botched cleanup. he had the misfortune of a primary the next month when voters had memories of unplowed streets and uncollected garbage. jane byrne defeated him in the democratic primary and was voted in as chicago's new mayor. on the flip side, handling a snowstorm well can go a long
10:40 pm
way. back in that new jersey 2010 snowstorm that dogged christie, newark's then mayor cory booker managed to win hearts and minds with his hands-on approach literally one shovel of snow at a time. tweeting about his efforts every step of the way. >> if you want to get a love lot done you got to give up something to get it. today what i'm giving up is sleep. >> reporter: booker went on to win a seat in the u.s. senate representing new jersey. don lemon, cnn, new york. >> all right. we hope all of our politicians get an a for leadership in this storm. coming up, we'll have the very latest on conditions for all of the states that are in harm's way with this storm. we'll also in other news take you live to jerusalem for a look at john kerry's middle east peace mission.
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
welcome back to cnn news room 42 minutes after the hour. we have a live picture for you right now. this is new york city and times square. of course, 48 hours ago it was packed with millions of people. and now just a few out there. we suppose they are mainly city officials, but some people may still be braving the elements for one last feel of the winter storm that is bearing down right now on the city. new york is expected to get it, boston, maine, minnesota. the temperatures are flabbergasting. our reporter joins us once again
10:43 pm
to talk about that part of this nor'easter. >> reporter: brutal storm system, natalie. with some of the coldest air we've seen going back to the mid 1990s especially after we get through the weekend and the snow is on the ground, the temperature's expected to drop. this is the setup of the nor'easter. we have a low pressure system coming in out of the gulf. jet stream positioned across the south riding parallel to the eastern seaboard. portions of los angeles it's 77 and phoenix 75 fahrenheit on friday afternoon. the storm system tapping into moisture as it traverses over the gulf stream. in portions of winnipeg just two days ago it was actually colder for high temperature than on the surface of mars. that was based on the curiosity rover that's up there on mars at this hour. so pretty interesting stuff. show you how cold it can get across portions of southern canada. but thut putt that all together
10:44 pm
with a potent storm system impacting some 100 million people. that's really a recipe for disaster. that's exactly what we have over the next several hours before this begins to taper off. the watches and warnings in place. 22 states at some point or another have been underneath weather watches, warnings, advisories. and notice the red right on the immediate coast. long island, cape cod, portions of eastern new hampshire on into maine, that's where we have blizzard warnings in effect. meaning winds will be gusting uppardons of 45 miles per hour. visibility down to .25 mile. the storm system really the brunt of it happening as we speak. again going to fall apart into the morning hours. natalie what we're left with for hartford, connecticut, 4 to 7 inches. new york 3 to 7 inches. not much in the rocky mountain states but these are snowfall totals they typically see for the entire month of january. the heart of winter approaching here and they're seeing that in a matter of six to eight hours. that's why it's such a big deal for a lot of folks.
10:45 pm
>> all right, we'll see you again. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem within the next couple of hours. he will also meet palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas later today. kerry plans to propose a framework for a lasting peace deal between israel and the palestinians. ian lee joins us now live in jerusalem. and ian, certainly john kerry has been coming to this region several times over the past few months. he really wants something to break through. >> reporter: well, that's right, natalie. if you just look at yesterday, he met with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu for five hours in total. and before the meeting, the prime minister gave a grim outlook at talks especially with his negotiating partner, palestinian president mahmoud abbas. take a listen to this. >> a few days ago in ramallah, president abbas embraced
10:46 pm
terrorist terrorists to glorify the murders of innocent women and men as heroes is an outrage. how can president abbas say -- how can he say that he stands against terrorism when he embraces the perpetrators of terrorism and glorifies them as heroes? >> as you can see, natalie, john kerry has his work cut out for him. he has acknowledged that both sides will need to make tough decisions. and some of those tough decisions are security. israel wanted to make sure when and if there's a palestinian state that they are secure. there's also the status of jerusalem. the israelis say that it should be an undivided capital. the palestinians also want it as part of their capital. you also have the right of return, which means the millions of palestinian refugees who have fled since the creation of israel what to do with them.
10:47 pm
will they be abe to return back or won't they? that is one issue they'll have to deal with. the final borders. what will make up the borders of israel and the palestinian state as well as will the palestinians acknowledge israel as a jewish state. now secretary kerry has a long day of meetings ahead of him. right now he's meeting with the israeli foreign minister. later he'll meet with the prime minister netanyahu again. and then tonight he has a meeting with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. now, he's trying to get everyone to agree on a framework so that final negotiations can begin, but the clock is ticking. there have already been five months. he has four months to go before this framework can be agreed upon, natalie. >> all right. we'll wait and see how his next meetings go. ian lee covering for us live in jerusalem. ian, thank you. peace talks are set to begin between south sudan and rebels battling to bring down that new nation's government. while we wait for those negotiations to start in ethiopia, the situation on the
10:48 pm
ground in south sudan is deteriorating. government troops are mobilizing to try to stop a rebel advance on the capital, which is juba. at the same time there's been fresh fighting in the town of boor, scene of some of the worst fighting in nearly three weeks of violence. the violence is fuelling a humanitarian crisis. the united nations estimates 1,000 people have been killed, nearly 200,000 others displaced. senior international correspondent arwa dammann is in juba. she went on patrol with u.n. peacekeepers to get a first-hand look at what's happening. >> reporter: prior to the recent outbreak in fighting, the united nations was not patrolling like this in the streets of the capital juba. nor was it in most parts of the country. in fact, the united nations was seriously considering refocusing its mission. focusing more on development. that is how optimistic people were about the prospects for
10:49 pm
this country. but now that is all changed. >> so our focus was really shifting in line with the situation we thought prevailed and that we were seeing in south sudan. and it is almost unimaginable what has struck this country during the past three weeks. >> reporter: we're heading towards one of the neighborhoods that saw some of the worst violence. we were down there a few days ago, and it was almost completely deserted. part of the aim of these patrols is not just securing the local civilian population but also trying to rebuild a sense of confidence amongst people, thought is safe enough for them to go back home. >> i want to know that there's no problem. thank you, my brother. >> everything is okay. >> reporter: the neighborhood down the road does still remain fairly deserted. but out here we are seeing more open shops, more activity in the
10:50 pm
streets, and members of the u.n. team trying to engage the population. these types of interactions are especially critical at a time like this. >> there are sharp wounds that have been opened. and i think it will take some time to heal the ruptures that exist. but again, it depends on what we're talking about and where. there really are differences across the country. and just as things unravelled very quickly, it is possible that things can come together again. i have to be a believer in that as well. >> reporter: this is one of the u.n. compounds in the capital. and even though the situation outside its gates is relatively speaking fairly safe, even those who do leave the compound during the day tend to come back at night. but the main issue for the u.n. is not necessarily protecting those civilians that have managed to seek sanctuary within
10:51 pm
its various bases across the country. the key issue is the tens of thousands of civilians who have not made it to u.n. bases who are believed to be hiding out in remote corners of the country out in the bush without access to proper food, clean water, or medical care. and the longer this drags on, the more dire the situation for the civilians will become. arwa damon, cnn, juba. coming up here, he was declared legally dead. but resurfaced more than a year later. shaggy and bearded. how this disgraced banker was finally caught. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list
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welcome back. our top story the northeastern u.s. now in the grips of a powerful winter storm. nearly 100 million people in 22 states are feeling the impact right now. getting around is a major problem both on the ground and in the air. so far more than 3500 flights have been canceled since thursday. the hardest-hit airport chicago's o'hare and boston's
10:55 pm
logan airport has now stoppeded all of its flights. we'll continue to track the storm for you. well, a georgia man charged with bank fraud is to appear in court monday to face a bond hearing. aubrey lee price is accused of embezzling millions from unsuspecting investors. david mattingly looks at this week's capture of a man many thought was long dead. >> reporter: the fbi never believed georgia banker aubrey lee price really went through with a plan to kill himself. but for a year and a half, investigators had no body and no clue where he could be. the elaborate hoax fell apart new year's eve when police in georgia stopped the now long, dark-haired and bearded price for driving with windows too darkly tinted. >> would you have recognized this guy? >> no. every time i see that shot, it doesn't get old how shocking it is. >> reporter: wendy cross is
10:56 pm
among more than 100 people allegedly defrauded by price in a $40 million investment scheme. a federal complaint says price confessed in a 22-page letter that he falsified statements with false returns in order to conceal more than $20 million in investor losses. >> it was my life savings. so yes, it was devastating. >> reporter: cross lost $300,000. it put her food truck business in jeopardy and left her emotionally and financially ruined. a risk she says she never suspected she was taking. >> reporter: it was a clean-cut, soft-spoken guy that seemed extremely professional. and that's how i knew him. >> reporter: in 2012, law enforcement said price told his family he was going to latin america, but instead flew to key west, bought diving weights and a ticket to a ferry to make it look like he drowned himself. security cameras caught him taking his last steps before he disappeared. the video stayed on the fbi
10:57 pm
wanted page in hopes he would make a mistake. >> did you believe he was dead? >> i never once thought that he was dead. >> why not? >> well, i saw the footage of him on the ferry in key west. and he had a backpack and a suitcase with him. >> reporter: an attorney representing victims says price was declared legally dead last year. now in the flesh and very much alive, price was in federal court for his first appearance, shackled and flanked by marshalls, he faces charges of fraud. david mattingly, cnn, atlanta. >> and that is cnn news room. i'm natalie allen. thank you for watching. for viewers in the u.s., "march of the penguins" is up next. for those around the world, news continues right after a short break. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest.
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