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tv   All the Best All the Worst 2013  CNN  January 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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provided tyler this opportunity is because he's doing it for others, not just for himself. >> how did you choose duchenne? >> they are not my family. one time we went to a barbecue and i wanted to runaround with the boys, and when we came -- when we went home, i asked my dad how come they couldn't runaround with me? my dad told me the disease they had and i asked my dad can i help them in any way? then i started helping them and now i did this climb for them. >> it's unbelievable you did that at age eight, right? >> yes. >> you're amazing, kid. i wish i had half the strength of you. good luck and keep us posted. >> thank you very much, we really appreciate it. that does it for this edition of 360.
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up next, all the best, all the worst, 2013. have a good weekend. from spy guy candles to health care chaos. >> we fumble the rollout of health care law. >> from an electric car that went zoom to a fallen star that went boom. from miley gone mad to canadians gone crazy. >> the stress is largely of my own making. >> ain't nobody got time for that. >> 2013 was a bumpy road and for the next hour, we'll look at the one and only ms. america, chef and restaurant mark and record holding jeopardy champion and author of because i said so ken
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jennings prom cnn's cross fire s.e. cupp and van jones and michaela. buckle up, it's "ac 360"s all the best, all the worst 2013 >> i'm tom foreman. and there is no road map for a year like this one. in politics, international affairs, sports, music, movies and so much more it seemed at any moment like we were going to spin completely out of control but it is fun to look back on. so start your engines, here we go. >> oh, my goodness. i don't even know where to begin. >> 2013 was a roller coaster year. >> oh, my god.
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>> felt like a lot of things were happening like a tectonic plate was shifting. >> let's start with some of the best big news, especially for the planet's one billion catholics, a new pope. >> the pope's a rock star now. >> benedict bowed out to make room for pope francis who won the hearts of catholics and non-catholics alike. >> in this age of kim kardashian and anthony weiner it was incredible to celebrate humility for a moment. >> you can be conservative but you don't have to make everybody mad. >> suddenly i'm aware i'm in a see through dress talking about the pope but it's i'm sure he would forgive me. >> so much seemed unforgivable or unforgettable in the world from the train crashes to the raging civil war in syria to the
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nairobi mall attack and the typhoon that ripped through the philippines. but the worst surprise came closer to home. >> something just blew up -- run! go! >> the boston marathon bombings. >> i'm a new yorker. it's reminiscent of that eerie 9/11 feeling of shock and you can't believe this is happening and why is the biggest question. >> the manhunt for the tsarnaev brothers gave few answers. and the rolling stones cover of the brother. >> made him feel like a rock star. it was sensationalism. >> but that didn't stop the best comeback. >> this is our [ bleep ] city. >> when the boston red sox won the world series that region really needed that boost and that upliftment.
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and still to this day i really salute boston. >> worst and best crime story. the escape of three women in cleveland after years of being secretly held captive and tormented in the home of ariel castro. >> i am glad they got the guy but the victims will never be the same. >> castro killed himself and the house was torn down. not soon enough for many. >> people just wanted to go over there and stomp on the dirt. to have that happening in an american city is shocking. >> hannah anderson lost her mother and brother. >> shocking too were all the headline grabbing abductions. the fatal shootings in the u.s. capital, in malls, schools and the d.c. navy yard. >> and i think all of these stories are united by one common principle which is we need to fix our mental health system. healthy happy people don't shoot
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up a school or a navy yard. >> the story is what is happening in the woods in big bear. the cabin was said to be empty. >> but the silver lining is when terrible tragedies like this happen it unites us. >> worst bad run. oscar pistorius accused of gunning his girlfriend. worst bad breakup, jodi arias. >> i can understand why that verdict was made from watching the coverage that i saw. >> for weeks witnesses told captivating tales of her relationship with travis alexander who she was accused of killing. >> you can't but notice she is a beautiful girl. >> the only thing i remember about the trial is her lawyer tried to get her off by putting glasses on her. i'm afraid i have glasses now.
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okay. we move for immediate dismissal. >> guilty. >> the jury couldn't see that. she was found guilty. >> my concern about this true crime stuff is it leaves people with the impression that america is a much more dangerous place than it is. crime rates are going down. people forget that. >> best crowning achievement. the first appearance of kate and william's royal baby, prince george. >> nothing like a baby to reinvigorate a family. what family needs that more than the royal family? >> worst unexpected arrival? the meteoroid that exploded over russia. >> did you see that video? it's insane. terrifying. >> holy crap. is nasa ready for this?
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>> best close call, the asteroid that nearly collided with earth. >> sooner or later it's got to happen, right? >> it's a big, big universe. >> it looks amazing in movies. i'd like to see it but in a non-devastating way. >> this is in a direct path of the tornado. >> worst devastation. >> is anyone here? where you at? >> that came much closer to the ground from flooding, tornados and many more natural disasters. >> in my opinion, mother nature's way of saying you better start paying attention or i'm going to continue to slap you around. >> a lot of freak weather this year, depending on what you watch it's either climate change or gay marriage. i got to go climate change here. >> and before we go on to other subjects, best thing north korea did this year, taking dennis rodman off our hands for a while.
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>> none of that is as crazy as bringing dennis rodman over there as the representative of american culture. >> and the worse thing? they sent him back. >> why barack obama are you afraid to talk to dennis rodman? >> ♪ why did you say i just walked away i will always want you ♪ ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball -- >> we'll be back with miley's hot music. " breaking bad's" cool groove and a good kid gone bat when all the best, all the worst, 2013 continues.
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we saw some exhilarating highs and astonishing lows as pop culture tried to make its way through all the events rocking through the world but it's the best artistic shake up came from, of all places, montana. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball -- >> i guess miley cyrus isn't hannah montana any more. >> i remember twerking taking off. >> she turned in her pg rating, smocking pot on stage. she wouldn't have any secrets. >> well, as embarrassing and uncomfortable as it was to watch miley cyrus twerking it was that much more embarrassing to have to explain to my mother what
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twerking was, which may or may no have included a demonstration. i'm not saying. >> but it worked. >> we're talking about it. i don't think people have stopped talking about her since. >> i like miley cyrus. i'm going to say it. i like miley cyrus. everybody is like -- i'm serious. ♪ i know you want it you're a good girl -- >> the music world gave us plenty to talk about including robin thicke's "blurred lines" which sounded so much like an old marvin gaye hit some called it a worst blurred line between a tribute and a ripoff. >> the blurred line as sampling and using something for inspiration it's tough. i think it's arguable anyway. >> i think they may have borrowed the essence of what marvin gaye's music was about. >> i watched the video carefully 60 or 70 times and i have come
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to the conclusion that the song is not very nice to women. ♪ i got my eyes on you -- >> no arguing that other artists broke ground some with newer sounds like drake. >> i truly believe that drake is the future of hip hop. if you saw the crowd he attracts it's people of all walks of lives. >> some with classic grooves like pearl jam. >> i think it was one of their better albums in a long time. that was exciting for me. >> and some that combined musical styles with great success like florida georgia line's "cruising". >> i like that song. i like the more suitable for pop version with nelle. more suitable for pop audiences. >> ♪ dancing through the fire --
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>> right now my favorite song is katy perry "roar" it's constantly being played on my ipod. >> best video anna kendrick's hit a remake from 1931. ♪ you're going to miss me when i'm gone -- >> worst video of the year, kim kardashian and kanye's "bound 2". although it gets points by seth rogen and james franco. >> ♪ everybody's diamonds on your time piece jet planes islands tigers on a gold leash -- >> best song, the crown goes to the 17-year-old phenom from new zealand, lorde who saw "royals" shoot up the chart this year. >> and it's actually that i, as
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an old person, like, which is great. it makes me feel very hip. >> best run away success, beyonce's album who rewrote the record books for sales. ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air -- >> but that didn't keep her from capturing the oh, say can you sing award for lip syncing the national anthem. the out of this world prize chris hatfield who covered david bowie's "space odyssey" in orbit. >> and the worst song of 2013, who cares if he was kidding. the fox bit. ♪ what the fox say ♪
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♪ what the fox say ♪ ♪ what the fox say >> the parody was so bat it spawned other parody like "saturday night live". >> what does my girl say. ♪ ♪ what does my girl say ♪ >> bad taste and animals running amok were not confined to music in 2013. indeed as we turn our thoughts to television, those two came together to give us the worst idea for a thriller since "snakes on a plane" "sharknado" was a high flying hit for the sci-fi channel. contrast that with what many fans thought was the best series
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on network tv, "scandal". >> kerry washington as olivia pope is scandal. >> there must be some unmet need on the part of a lot of people to have an affair with a president. i don't know why this show works, but it works. >> it's all about location, location, location. >> worst trend. the overwhelming number of programs playing to that same audience. >> there are a million of them. these shows trying to make something of these amazing washington stories that you can't write or script. reality is better than fiction when it comes to politics right now. >> politics aside. several shows continued to enjoy strong runs including "american idol," "dancing with the stars" and "the voice" worst idea on that front. the diving competition for "b"
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grade celebrities "splash." crime shows burned up the ratings in all sorts of forms. in reality tv, "duck dynasty" swam on. >> you hit the jackpot. >> even if they ended up in hot water by year's end. >> this family is so incredible. such good people. >> "orange is the new black" made good starts "and big bang theory" laughed to the bank. >> i love "the min dee" project and "modern family" is a good family show. so i like that one, as well. >> worst way to get a laugh? "family guy" killing off brian the dog. >> i think that sometimes change for the sake of change is just folly, my friends. brian is the only rational character on that show.
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i can relate to brian. best return from the afterlife, that same character. "the walking dead" is a huge hit and plenty of other showed had successful finishes. >> cooking 100 pounds a week. >> i watch way too much tv but i love "breaking bad". >> "game of thrones." >> spoiler alert. he becomes a lumberjack. last episode of cheers, nobody becomes a lumber jack. last sparanos, lumber jack. i don't know what they were thinking. and finally best commercial we could have given it to van damme and his volvos or the camel. >> mike, mike, mike, mike, what day is it mike? >> hump day. >> but at the last moment, joe boxer rushed in to claim the
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prize for k-mart with bells on. >> i can't talk about it. i blush like 18 times just thinking about each of those bells. >> when we return we will be ringing in the new year with the best in law making. >> i would not like them here or there. i would not like them anywhere. >> and the worst in law breaking. >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> as all the best and all the worst runs on. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms.
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new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is.
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in terms of politics, last january everyone was saying at least it can't get any worse.
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but now with winter bearing down again, well let's just say expectations are falling faster than the temperature. >> stand up for your country or do you want to take it down! >> they will say it is the mean old republicans. >> feel like i'm serving in the kindergarten. >> if you care about politics, this is got to be one of the crappiest years ever. no matter what team you are rooting for at some point in politics you put your head on the desk and cry. >> barack obama's second presidential inauguration brought high hopes for some but they were short lived. call it the worst disappointment for followers. one by one big issues like immigration, gun control and energy development were pushed aside. >> he set out a big agenda and has not accomplished much of it. i know he would blame republicans for that.
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but in some sense, he's got to take responsibility. for not being able to lead the country or congress toward the kind of solutions that he's asking for. >> this law is not ready for primetime. >> lost their minds. >> every single member of the republican conference in the senate prepared to appeal will cut from education, medicare, social security. >> the worst budget blunder according to many voters was the government shutdown. >> democrats didn't want to shut down, once the ball gets rolling, it's just too big of a
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thing to stop. >> hundreds of thousands of workers were furloughed, government contracts put out of work. >> why is the federal government spending money to keep veterans out of the memorial? >> the national park and monuments fenced off, veterans were left to break in and at the national zoo even the panda cam went dark. >> you know, watching my government >> watching the government barricade national monuments was a particular low point but on the other hand, there was more drinking. so it balanced out. >> there was a game of chicken played by both sides all year long and at one point it is like these aren't chicken. these are turkeys. >> politics is a game that is more of an arm wrestle. see who can win and when you win you pat yourself on the chest and the politicians that are actually doing something to help, i think, are far and few between, personally.
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>> oddly enough, they didn't help themselves much either. worst case of tripping over your own feet, the white house's unveiling of the calamitous website, >> i guess it was funny to me that the the republicans sent all this money to sabotage obamacare not knowing that the democrats were busy doing that. >> it's all on me. >> it cost the president momentum headlines and keeping young adults on parents' policies, no noting of preexisting conditions. >> we spent all of our time in this town arguing about the 15% of stuff that we'll never degree on and ignore the 85% of the stuff we agree on. it's nuts. the turmoil over benghazi and the nsa spying scandal did not improve confidence. best and worst whistle blower, edward snowden.
6:30 pm
the federal contractor that went on the lamb and spilled embarrassing secrets of who the government is keeping tabs on. some call him a traitor and some a patriot. >> the first rule of spy club is don't get caught and the idea that the united states is spying on the personal phone and e-mail records of world leaders, including allies, i think was a lot for people to take. >> it all added up to the worst case of plummeting polls. congress watched its already terrible approval rating go into the basement. >> we proved between 2008 and 2012 that you can't win by just making the other guy look bad. we have to offer alternatives. >> and public faith in president obama sank to new lows on par with the man he replaced and despite late-year cooperation, the fighting generally went on. >> i think in terms of entering an era of goodwill and bipartisan we put the car in
6:31 pm
reverse and slammed on the gas. >> i think people are frustrated with how things are going in d.c. you feel it. people just shake their heads like what is going on? >> still you had to go outside of washington for the best political scandals of the year and they belong to the mayors. >> the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. >> bob filner had to give up his seat amid allegations he was grabbing at those of others. in new york, one time sexting congressman, anthony weiner lost a bid for the mayor's office. couldn't put his finger on the reason. >> i think entertaining is the best word but it's i wish him all the best in his endeavors. >> but the worst mayor on the continent? give it up for toronto's rob ford.
6:32 pm
>> these allegations are ridiculous. >> he denied smoking crack. then admitted it. >> yes, i have smoked crack/cocaine. >> then admitted it. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> just a little bit of crack. >> then he ran around like a lost moose in a mall. >> i look at him as i look at most things canadian and just think you're adorable. it sounds bad but even canada doesn't take canada seriously. >> s.e. cupp, i'm going to smack you. >> and to have this kind of scandal going on when i'm canadian in a group of a bunch of americans. you know they're going to give me the business about them. i tell them i'm from the west coast of canada. that is an important distinction to make. >> coming up -- we'll turn our attention to the most distinctive movies of the year. and those that were just stinkers.
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>> oh, that's cold. we'll look at a very long ball. >> and going to hold on and win -- hold on one second -- >> very close call. and that's not all as all the best, all the worst continues. ns every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? because only the sleep number bed offers dual air technology that lets two people find the perfect balance of comfort and support for their bodies. their sleep number setting. ok, right there.
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i'm talking to you.
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>> "catching fire" the latest course in "the hunger games". >> i didn't know what to do. >> what were you thinking? >> burned up the box office as the year wound down. >> you will have enough gold to rebuild ten times over. >> "the hobbit" saga warmed theaters. >> and "american hustle" brought the heat but it's that could not stop the worst trend in hollywood -- >> no, no, get off me! >> remaking classics like "carrie" and "the great gatsby". >> i saw that. terrible. >> gatsby doesn't exist. >> although a lot of fans don't mind. >> i loved it. >> i saw it on a flight to london. i saw it on the way there and on the way back because i loved it so much. >> next stop, fruitvale station.
6:38 pm
>> my favorite movie of 2013 was "fruitvale station". >> get off the train now! >> there were plenty of sequels and returns of favorite characters. "ironman 3" showed his mettle. >> the great ones always return. >> we haven't seen you awhile, america. you haven't changed a bit. >> it the anchorman kept it classy. and the man of steel came out of the phone booth once again. >> i was very disappointed in superman. >> can't i keep pretending i'm your son? >> he is constantly agonizing i never met my real daddy and can't be on the track team. get your head out of your butt, superman. >> space movies blasted off all year. >> i'm a huge "star trek" fan. i loved the new "star trek" movie that came out. >> "enders game" also came to play.
6:39 pm
>> i can't breath. and even sandra bullock took flight. >> the movie "gravity" showed whatnot to do in space. what i hope never happens to me in space. >> it's completely frozen. >> it was a big year for animation with "frozen." "planes," "monsters university." >> gru's back in the game. >> and "despicable me 2". >> i am a fan of animation. but i don't have children. >> i am angry. you are angry. but you most show loyalty. >> best and most timely biopic, mandela. >> i was born a freeman. lived with my family in new york. >> until day i was deceived. >> best message movie it was "12 years a slave." >> it's a lot of white guilt for a friday night. i'm working my way up to that.
6:40 pm
>> worst movie that still made good money. "now you see me." >> look into my eyes and sleep. >> so bad that morgan freeman fell asleep during a promotional interview. >> that was terrible too. no, no. terrible. i was excited for that one. it was bad. yeah, it was really bad. >> worst movie almost everyone saw "oz the great and powerful" and the best movie almost no one saw. >> you never said your name. >> "mud." we didn't see a lot of sports movies this year which is strange because sports almost always gives us some of the most dramatic moments in the year and 2013 was no exception. in baseball's world series the red sox crushed the cardinals even if it did involve the worst fashion choice.
6:41 pm
>> the facial hair like a team full of barn storming hobos. >> in basketball's championship, the heat scorched the spurs all though the biggest news was from a washington wizard. who did something no active athlete in a major sport did before. >> jason collins coming out of the closet, that was monumental. i think he will open the door for a lot of people who are homosexual. >> in hockey, the blackhawks froze out the bruins to take the stanley cup. and in football, the ravens edged the 49ers to win the super bowl despite a nerve wracking power failure. it could have been a sign the nfl was heading to one of the worst seasons ever. >> a lot of bad news. >> the league was haunted with accusations of real crimes, real abuse and real head injuries. >> i don't know what it is, but it seems there is a concussion every game you watch.
6:42 pm
>> the nfl reached a $765 million settlement with players. participation in youth football appears to be plummeting. >> i think this is the year that 80% of moms in the quiet of their own heart without telling their husbands or partners said my kid is not playing football. >> the best return of an old favorite, the new york marathon was washed out by superstorm sandy but came back. >> for me it was why is my street closed? >> marathons are inspiring to me. the fact that someone could get up one day and run 26 miles like to me that's like throwing a magic hammer at aliens. >> 115 thousand -- >> best new sport -- downhill ice cross or full contact skating or whatever you call this insanity from red bull. worst way to lose a close basketball game with a even
6:43 pm
closer last second impossible shot. >> my goodness are they going to count that? take your pick. best way to get to the corner office in reno in record time. tag along with wing suit flier. worst way to wreck a racket. give it to serena williams right before she double faults to lose a big match. ♪ >> best way to get in the game, the danceoff between an usher and a young fan at a pistons game. and worst guy to go to the boards with, magnus carlsen, 22 years old, the world's newest chess champ. check him out, hello, ladies. >> in a moment we'll check out the latest high-tech and
6:44 pm
internet trends, plus the kid who cleaned up the city, the woman who pranced across the country. and this guy. >> look what i'm doing in college. >> excuse me man in the muscle shirt, did you get any muscles with that shirt. >> i don't care, mel. i don't care, mel. >> i need friends. blp
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technology showed no signs of slowing down in 2013.
6:48 pm
for many innovators and internet moguls it was full-speed ahead. >> best breakthrough of the year and it's a high-end one, tesla motors. their stock has been up and down but after years of talk about electric cars, everyone is watching tesla go, go, go. >> i think we hit a tipping point on electric cars. 20 years ago this will be the year that tesla took off. >> worst breaking point, blackberry, the president still uses one. but the company took a beating. >> i have been a blackberry loyalist for the past six years. i was so loyal i was like, okay, i'm like a captain. i'm going down with the ship. i will be buried with this thing. but it just got too difficult. so i caved and i got this very handsome -- it's an iphone.
6:49 pm
>> the iphone 5 s and 5 c not bad but that is fair praise indeed. >> hemlock holmes. >> samsung's brand new galaxy gear. the worst result of all of this, we're even more connected. >> i know it makes -- it benefits life in ways but it is affecting human beings in a negative way as well. >> best technology battle, the competition between tablet makers to drive features up and push prices down all while helping people read more. >> it was hard to make the transition to e-reader's but now i did it is so convenient. it's so nice to have multiple books in one device. the war between playstation 4 and xbox one for the gaming crowd.
6:50 pm
>> on the interweb i became a fan of pinterest. >> the best app to pass the 1 hundred million active users mark. instagram. >> someone thinks wouldn't it be cool to take that photo you took look old timey and that's a billion dollar idea. worst trend connected to it, people posting endless pictures of their food. >> boy, it's funny. the dining room is now like the red carpet, the paparazzi at the red carpet. i tell people enjoy your food, please. you know what i mean? >> best invention with no obvious purpose, the robotic cubes that came tumbling out of m.i.t. they move, bounce, assemble themselves into all kinds of shapes. worst invention with a very specific purpose, shreddies. don't ask. best discovery, evidence from the curiosity rover of an ancient lost lake on mars that really might have supported
6:51 pm
life! worst place to get a summer tan? scientists say in july, antarctica dipped to 135 degrees below zero fahrenheit. that's cold enough to freeze your penguins off. best way to get excited about technology and science? give it to engineering student nick self. >> like a bad ass. we can do that! i am doing that! >> on the internet, technology practicality and goofiness ran rampant. >> ain't nobody got time for that. ain't nobody got time for that. >> she rose to fame as a witness to a fire in 2012 but stayed in the headlines by suing over versions of an auto tune version of herself. worst trend that really seemed fun for awhile? all those harlem shake videos.
6:52 pm
♪ >> yes, that i liked. i liked very much. in particular, the one that the miami heat did. i thought it was great. >> best exercise plan. whether or not it works. joanna rohrbach's prancersizing. >> i'm going to stand on the side of anti--prancersizing. but baby let your freak flag fly, whatever floats your boat. i'll do me, you do you and i'll choose not to prancercise. >> best use of vine videos. logan paul. raising the goofy college character to an all-time high, six seconds at a time. >> let's go. wrestle. come on, give me some! >> worst case of artistic inflation. a painting that sold for $142.4 million at auction. best artwork on an ipad, kyle lambert's absolutely mind blowing rendererings. no, that is not a photo.
6:53 pm
worst flight plan, the stunt flier who buzzed a photographer and wound up online. and got an faa investigation for his efforts. >> oh, my god. best commute, ed drove from new york to los angeles in 28 hours, 50 minutes. that's a record. worst commute. dog on a roomba. that's not a record, but it's really fun to watch. ♪ worst bad habit we need to break, even if it gave us the word of the year. selfie. >> everyone wants to think they look like they do in a mirror. and selfies teach you no, others see you with many more chins than that, you know. >> best judge, the won who gave a woman 30 days after she flipped him off in court. >> i find you in direct criminal contempt. 30 days in the county jail. worst would be criminal, the guy who tried to break into this store and tried to run and, oh,
6:54 pm
well. >> no. i love dumb criminal stories. i love dumb criminals. keep at it, dumb criminals. can't way to see more. >> and best crime fighter, 5-year-old miles scott in remission from leukemia, the make-a-wish foundation helped him enjoy a day as bat kid in the streets of san francisco while the whole city played along. >> he really cleaned up the city. i would vote for bat kid, frankly. >> that was amazing. loved seeing an entire city come together for one kid, just to make one kid's day. it was great. love that kid. >> when you consider all that has happened, what would you change going forward? in a moment, our panelists will give us their wishes for all the best, all the worst in the year to come. stick around. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn.
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our tour through 2013 is just about done. so let's wrap up, as we always do, by asking our panelists what they wish for the year to come. >> my wish in america for 2014 is that americans become less preoccupied with gossip and gossip loses its value and doesn't matter as much to us. >> what we do has a huge influence around the world
6:59 pm
globally. and i think we need to understand that. >> on the trivial side my big hope is that cee lo notwithstanding, guy liner does not become popular. i don't understand the appeal of mascara on guys. >> my platform is celebrating diversity through cultural diversity. >> my wish for 2014, that rob ford gets u.s. citizenship. right? am i right? who doesn't want to see more rob ford? >> i just wish that people would look up from their screens and actually enjoy the world and engage with each other and help each other and be kind to each other. >> america, what i wish for you for 2014 is that we can all link hands and take a big collective cleansing breath and just take a moment to remember who we are. >> and with that, we are done.
7:00 pm
i'm tom foreman. on behalf of everyone at "ac360" and cnn, we wish you all of the best and none of the worst in best and none of the worst in 2014 -- captions by vitac -- this is a good place to both experience fantasy and reality. ♪ >> beer, explosives and food? can't beat that. ♪ muy gracias. you s


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