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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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will stay where they are on monday. all over the state, no school because it's been canceled by the governor as being too cold. philadelphia, single digit temperatures and ice are on the way as the cold wave moouts eastwards from the midwest. the nine inches of snow that fell yesterday froze solid overnight. we'll see what real football fans are made of tomorrow afternoon at lambeau field in green bay, wisconsin. they will play in the open air stadium where the forecast is calling for temperatures that will feel around 20 below zero. it could go down in the books as the coldest profootball game ever played. margaret is in boston where the bottom is already starting to fall out of the temperatures this evening. >> reporter: right now, it's 20 degrees warmer than it was this morning. it was two degrees and overnight, near record low temperatures. people are out now. we are standing in a church parking lot, a mass at 4:00. people coming in and out.
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the biggest obstacle is the snow. you can see the snowplowed up and pushed aside. people have been trying to traps through it throughout the day. statewide, 3400 snowplows were sent out to deal with all the snow. the capacity is 4,000. you know the state was putting everything out on the plows. martin, the thing is, we have made it through the snow and made it through the wind. up next is rain. they are expecting heavy rainfall tomorrow and into monday. so, we are already getting warnings from emergency workers about rooftops. people are saying the snow is packed on rooftops, the heavy rain is going to come and clear off the rooftops for safety and security. >> as margaret said, boston, new york and the eastern sea board are all about to get rain. after that, single digit temperatures. alexander steel has her eyes on the system's movement. >> this is not your average arctic outbreak.
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what we have is a piece of the polar vortex, the coldest air of the northern hemisphere. this is rarefied air coming. take a look at the windchills. tomorrow afternoon, game time in green bay, 14 below is what it will feel like. duluth to minneapolis, by sunday night, 45 below. 40 below in minneapolis to 55. this is incredibly cold. the coldest crux of the air is monday and tuesday. give you perspective on monday, one of the coldist days, anchorage, alaska, 32. international falls, 15 below, colder an anchorage. chicago, air temperature 11 below. st. louis will be two. 30 degrees colder than anchorage. atlanta, georgia, 25 colder than anchorage, alaska. airport troubles at chicago, denver and los angeles sunday as well as new york and washington
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and atlanta because of low clouds. martin? >> thanks. we are glad some people are making the most of these snow, ice-covered days. we have been asking for your pictures, videos and anything else that shows how you are dealing with the elements. for that, jennifer is picking through them. she has good news. >> people love sharing their pictures and i love going through them. the first one is fire island, new york. i'm sorry to the selfies. take a look at that. that bench is just frozen over. you can see that some of that water is gushed up and just stayed on that bench. lots of icicles on there today. thanks for sending that in. now, let's head out to times square in new york. that's where people were snapping selfies yesterday. last night, as it has snow was coming down. they were being respectful, instead of asking people to take off their gloves and take a
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picture for them, they were having fun snapping photos themselves. lots of fun in times square. some of my favorite i-reports come from people taking videos and pictures of four-legged furry friends. they have been having fun out there. thanks to barbara for sending this one. pups on the deck. they are having fun out there. they look very curious. just check that out. just can't get enough of that snow out there. the last one comes from salem, new hampshire. they had eight to ten inches of snow and want to say thank you to -- check out this dog, bailey. look at that. this is one of my favorite ones of the day. he's having so much fun with the snow blower. he can't get enough. wondering where it's all coming from. having a lot of fun. we want to see your i-reports. send them to you may see them on the air. martin? >> wonderful stuff. thank you. keep it coming.
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in new york city people are lucky to be alive after they made an emergency landing on the freeway. it was forced to set down on the busy highway in the bronx. you can hear his voice. >> mayday. we are losing engines. power, power, we are losing power. >> no ground vehicles were hit. one person was on the plane and was treated for a minor head injury. the past few days of heavy snowfall shut down airports in boston, new york and chicago. when that happens, chaos comes. 3,000 flights canceled yesterday. that means a backlog, long lines and frustrated passengers going nowhere. the latest information we have from a flight tracking service, more than 1100 flights canceled today, that's domestic and international flights.
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how about this? a security snafu allowed hundreds of international passengers to skip u.s. customs as they entered the country. when airport officials realized what happened, it set off a mad scramble to round everyone up. some passengers already left. we have this video of the chaos. this was an international flight from madrid to new york. how did all the passengers avoid going through customs? >> caller: you know, we landed and i think they rerouted our plane in a domestic terminal. when we got off the plane, we were walking past buffalo wild wings and i realized i never went through customs. i went to ask how to get my bag and i realized that i had cleared customs without ever going through it. anybody without a bag to go get
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had gone through. i went back and they insisted that they tried to round everybody up who had already gone through. i guess, if you didn't have a bag, you cleared the airport. they tried to find everybody. >> for an international passenger, i mean, that's a dream come true. as you point out for tsa and security officials, it's a nightmare. do you think they were able to get everybody or how did that go? >> caller: i have no idea. i love delta. i fly them really often. they are a great airline, for me. what happened was i had already actually gone through and realized i wasn't going to be able to get my bag. anybody who didn't check a bag, i'm sure they went out on the street, caught a cab and went into manhattan. anybody that needed a bag, they had to go back and figure it out. i had to go back and they kept us in a room for a bit, then tried to shuttle us all through the regular customs.
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yeah, i don't know how it happened. it was a crazy day. we were comparing the crazy stories that happened. >> well, it happens. of course, no one wants it to, thanks for joining us and for capturing that moment with the video. >> thanks for having me. cnn has reached out to delta for comment. we'll bring you that as soon as the airline responds. coming up, a tv host breaks down in tears while apologizing to mitt romney and his family. we are four days into january. if the past holds true, many people have given up their new year's resolutions. just ahead, some simple tips to give you a better shot at success. honestly, as much as i love this job, i plan to do a lot more. i needed a new laptop for my pre-med classes, something that runs office and has a keyboard. but i wanted a tablet for me, for stuff like twitter and xbox, so my downtime can be more like uptime. that's why i got a windows 2 in 1 which does both --
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dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ and spend your time working hard to get to point "b". and "b" could be here... or even here. but for you, "b" is not the end. capella university will help take you further,
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because our competency-based curriculum is designed for your profession, to move you forward to where you want to be. your point "c". capella university. start your journey at msnbc host melissa harris perry teared up on television today during an apology to mitt
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romney. listen. >> my intention was not malicious, but i broke the ground rule that families are off limits. for that, i am sorry. also, allow me to apologize to other families with transracial adoption. i am sorry we suggested they are in any way funny or deserving of ridicule. on this program, we are dedicated to advocating for a wide diversity of families, it is one of our core principles. when we are doing so, it must be with the utmost respect. generally aappreciate yative to everyone who offered serious criticism of last sunday's programs. i am reminded, our fiercest critics can be our best teachers. >> this photo holding his grandson. no word from the romney's who are on a family vacation. the controversy is triggering strong emotions and
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opinions on what is appropriate and what is not to say in the public arena. earlier, i talked with ben ferguson and mark hill. listen. >> earlier in the week people blasted her for not offering a public apology on television. they said she only did it through twitter. it had to be reminded it was a weekend show. we had to give her until saturday. she gave an apology, it was dignified, uncompromising and she did all she could to honor the romney family and move forward. >> ben? >> i think she certainly knew her job was probably on the line and that's probably the reason you saw a lot of this desperation compared to last week. last week, this was a pre-planned in the teleprompter, picture produced on screen live. this is something that was well
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thought out for a year end show that was supposed to be funny and there's nothing funny about a stereo type that somehow people only of one race can adopt a child of one race and puts a stigma out there that was laughed, mocked about, there are millions of kids around the world that need to be adopted, hundreds of thousands in fact u.s. the last thing we need is a stereo type that only the race of a child is what can adopt that child. so, for me, i'm not sure this wasn't about her saving her job as it was about her saying she's sorry for what she did. last week, she loved it, laughed at it and produced it. it's a problem. >> that's unfair. first of all, in the teleprompter, there wasn't racial humor. we are beginning from the premise, this shouldn't have happened. it's not about defending what she did. let's not say she went into the segment with the mind set of
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mocking a child or saying anything offensive. >> let's push the conversation forward and include "duck dynasty." let's include this conversation we are talking about now. a lot of it is based upon what is appropriate or not appropriate to say in public in the public arena. i'm wondering, do you think any of this politically is correct sentiment? the old pc thing. are we suddenly saying it's difficult to talk about anything controversial? ben, you can start it off. >> there's a difference between being, you know, blunt about your moral beliefs, as phil robertson was in his article. he was not eloquent in the way he said it. he does believe in the bible and the 12 sins. he was standing up for what he believes. there's a difference of that and taking a family picture and mocking it based on the fact there's an african-american xhild with a bunch of white people.
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those are two dichbt sets of circumstances. one is not funny. the other one, honestly, is not funny. they are both serious. if you want race relations to get better, don't mock or tell a white family they can't adopt someone that is african-american or vice versa. >> just to be clear, no one said that. she didn't say white people can't adopt. it's a false promoted by ben. >> it's not a false when the picture dealt with that. if we are going to -- let's not pc it. >> if you are saying the argument about adoption being made, fine. let's not pretend she said black people shouldn't be adopted by white people. i want to move beyond to the question asked. to the question i was asked about pc, i think the term pc is invoked in a way for people to be protected in a way that is offensi offensive. it stops me from being homo
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phobic. melissa was challenged for what she said. you have an obligation to challenge people whether you are a republican ar democrat. >> the founder of evacuated off a cruise ship. we'll have the details in a moment. if you never keep your new year's resolutions, cheer up. you are not alone. only 8% of us do. my next guest explains how simple tweaks could make big changes in 2014.
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go fish. and try our new rosemary garlic chicken at olive garden. the founder and ceo of has an abrupt and scary end to his vacation cruise in south america. a new year's day navy helicopter from ecuador flew him off an island to get an emergency surgery in the u.s. according to the navy, he developed a sickness related to kidney stones. he's one of the wealthiest men in the world. okay, new year, new year or so the saying goes. mathematically salespeopling, the odds aren't in our favor. 8% of americans who make resolutions keep them. you won't change much.
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not this year. we have good news with a guest who is joining me now. bonnie is the creator of welcome. many of our resolutions deal with health. what are we doing wrong and how can i change? >> definitely. thank you for having me, martin. a lot of resolutions are broad and they are something that we can't sustain. so, let's get right into them. the first one here is, you know, carbs. a lot of people try to give up carbs in the new year. it's not sustainable. i can't imagine my whole life without a piece of cake. change out your carbs. make the unhealthy carbs, healthy carbs. for example, choose a super food, quinoa, instead of white rice. instead of choosing processed
4:22 pm
cereal go for otds. how about wheat flour bed to make your sandwich every day. >> we talk about these resolutions. some people give a specific thing they want. say lose ten pounds. is that good to set that harsh a goal? >> it's a really harsh goal. it's really not realistic. someone like me, i hate weighing myself and i hate abiding by the pounds on the scale. what i like to focus on is making our lives healthier instead of losing weight. for example, if you have been ooeting things linked to obesity like artificial sweeteners or soda, switch them out for healthier things. choose good foods over bad foods. instead of coca-cola, go for a fermented drink that is naturally sweet. or switching out your equal or your sweet and low for coconut palm sugar with all the
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nutrients intact. you will eliminate the triggers linked to weight gain. >> here is the subject near and dear to me, going vegetarian or vegan. i have not gone all the way, but i'm trying to be more vegetarian. is that a good idea? >> it's a great idea and very noble. unfortunately, a lot of people can't go cold turkey. what i like to tell people is when you do eat meat, make sure it's sustainable, not from a factory, not produces with growth hormone linked to cancer, the animals aren't fed genetically engineered things, they are fed grass, things they should be eating. when animals are healthier, you will be healthier. when the meats aren't available, eat vegetarian, go plant based. those vegetables are going to create a long, healthy life and lean body. >> last but not least, i notice
4:24 pm
every january in the gym, i say wow, where did all these people come from. exercise more. >> definitely. i tried to sign up for a class this morning that i normally take and it was full. i was mad. i wish people would be like that year round. instead of saying exercising more in one month or two months, pick a time every single day that you devote to yourself and make that a habit. every single day, at a certain time, you are going to do something that is active. if you schedule that in and make that a habit, whether it be a walk, taking a yoga class, joining a friend at the gym, that time period will be part of your routine. your body will get used to it. it will become easier, doing it as part of your entire life forever. >> very nice advice. bonnie, the creator of thanks very much and happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, too. thank you so much.
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the death of "fast and furious" actor, paul walker was gruesome, but at least it was swift according to the coroner's final autopsy report just released. alan duke has been reading through it and will be the details after this.
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4:27 pm
sad news from the music world. phil everily from the everily
4:28 pm
brothers died in a california hospital. ♪ wake up little suzy wake up ♪ wake up -- >> phil on the left is with his brother. they recorded more than 35 hits during their career including "wake up little suzy" "bye bye love." he was 74 years of age. high speeds played a huge role in paul walker's films. now an autopsy of the fast and furious confirms it. triple digit speeds played a part in his death. the autopsy revealed the final moments of walker and his friend, roger. roger drove the car they both died in on november 30th. we turn to alan duke. just how fast was the porsche going when it crashed? >> it was going above 100 miles per hour. how far above? they are not saying.
4:29 pm
just 100 plus. this was on a office park boulevard on a saturday afternoon at 3:00. the conditions were dry. there was no other traffic around. apparently, they decided to see what that 2005 par sh carrerra could do. it was a racing car designed to be driven on the street. for some reason, now the autopsy report doesn't say, but for some unknown reason, the driver lost control and it spun out of control hitting a light post and trees before bursting into flames. it was going in excess of the 45-mile-per-hour speed limit. >> very powerful vehicle. tell us they paul and roger died. >> the autopsy says their bodies were found in the car, the remnants of the car in a stance that suggests a defensive stance. walker's wrist and arm were fractured, suggesting he was
4:30 pm
bracing himself. they each had very severe trauma from the crash itself. the autopsy report is very gruesome in describing this. they did not die from the flames exclusively. apparently, they could have been dead well before the flames really engulfed the car. the reason we know this is because only scant traces of soot were found in their throat, meaning they didn't breathe very long once the flames started. that could be some comfort to fans and family because they were dead before the real horror started in the car. >> does this report close the investigation? is it done now? >> yes, it was ruled an accident. one law enforcement officer said, you know, if the driver survived, he could have been charged with manslaughter because he was driving over 100 miles per hour. he's not around to charge with that. so, the coroner called it an accident. >> what about the last "fast and
4:31 pm
furious" film paul walker was shooting when he died. is it going to be released? >> yes. with scene that is walker shot while he was in atlanta, in fact. it won't be released this summer as planned. instead, it will be april of next year, 2015 when it's released. they have to do some rewriting, reshooting and recon figuring of the script. it is coming out. the franchise will continue beyond walker's death. >> very touch. thank you for filling us in tonight. everyone's favorite feisty countess is coming back. season four of downton abbey. we'll take you on a tour of the set and tell you what may be in store for the upcoming season.
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a lot of us are on edge because we are one day away from the return of the characters who live upstairs and downstairs at if the downton abbey. the shocking third season, there's been a lot of waiting and speculation about what is in store for season four. we are going speculate about that, too. here is max foster with a look at the set and real home featured in "downton abbi." >> good morning. this is early for you to be up
4:35 pm
and abtd. >> early rises of us all. >> reporter: class and it's about class. the series follows the trials and tribulations of the crowley family and the outbreak of world war i. >> ethel, i have a message for you. >> reporter: it also tracks the parallel lives of servants living downstairs. it's a costume drama without an ending, airing in more than 100 countries. what is the reality behind the story line? i went to meet the lady who owns it real life downton abbey in southern england. >> how do you do? welcome to high cliff. >> a room many people recognize, fans of the show. i'm wondering how realistic the show is. the same sort of life as the crowley's? >> they would have had more staff living here. she's contracted into 18
4:36 pm
characters to follow. here, i think there would have been 60 living within the house. >> even more staff? >> a lot more staff. >> you are very patient with us. you are used to film crews. >> you are a lot smarter -- >> reporter: what's it like having them in the house? >> there's so much inside these things and video village and the light of the balloons. this isn't a film set. it's our home. it's been used for a set for a wonderful tv series. there is a funny balance. gone for the first episode and the first series, wondering if anyone would like it. now, it's amazing. it has a very steady audience here. america seems to have fallen in love with the series and the house and the characters. it's a complete phenomenon. >> a big star in america is
4:37 pm
maggie smith. the sofa where we often see her sitting. she's made your sofa very famous. >> she has. this is where she sits. this is the very room she's in. she has. she's amazing. we all watch out for the lines she delivers so brilliantly. they write the lines for her fantastically. >> you don't mind taking over the flies, do you. they force you to a first communion in southern italy. >> reporter: max foster, cnn. >> oh, let's bring in samantha. she is a pop culture expert and host of "pop trigger" on the young turks network. you can also catch her on dr. drew. it's been a year since the shocking season three finale. have you gone through all seven stages of grief yet? >> i'm still in denial. like you said, it's been almost
4:38 pm
a year. what does that say about my bereaving process, martin? >> the season four, thankfully, picks up six months after matthew's accident. i say thankfully. mourning on television is never enjoyable. >> never enjoyable. >> what do we know about the upcoming season? >> we are going to see a lot of changes with lady mary's character considering what happened at the end of season three. we are going to see wedlock. we are going to see the series first interracial romance. finally, a black character who is going to be a jazz musician. i'm excited for the return of shirley mcclain. she will be coming back in season four. we saw her a little in season three. she'll be joined by her son. he's going to be a real playboy in season four. >> oh, dear. i cannot wait.
4:39 pm
it begins tomorrow evening. downton is going to be a show to watch in 2014. stick around because samantha has a lot more to put on your radar for the new year. we'll be right back. male annou] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ on your busiest day, you see the gray. try root touch up by nice 'n easy. just brush our permanent color matching creme right where you need it. then rinse. in 10 minutes, zap those grays and get on with your day. nice 'n easy root touch up.
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♪ with her bold fashion choices, outrageous performances, miley cyrus seemed to come out of nowhere and take 2013 by storm. by the end of the year, she shed her disney image to become one of the biggest artists of the year. samantha is back, a pop culture expert. samantha, you know, if she was miley cyrus, the breakout artist of 2013, who do you think is going to have that title this year? >> well, i would have to give it to lord.
4:43 pm
she's the 17-year-old new zealand singer/song writer. she had an incredible end of 2013, nominated for four grammy's, she is's going to be launched into superstardom. she is the pop culture, which is interesting. another breakout star, an actress that i want everybody to keep their eyes and ears open to, margot robby. the blond bombshell from "the wolf of wall street." not only can you not take your eyes off her, but she is incredibly talents. >> go to move vis, which movies should we keep an eye out for? >> i was lucky to be invited to an advanced screening of a debut. oh, my gosh, this is one of the better movies i have seen in a
4:44 pm
long time. it's an independent, gritty, cool movie, but definitely exposes social injustices about current indian reservations. the cinematography is breathtaking. a lot of people are excited about george clooney's project. i say projec because she wrote the screen play and starred in it, directed and produced in it alongside actors like bill murray, matt damon. it's a true story that took place in world war ii, the special unit set out to recover stolen art from the nazi's. it premiers, february 7th. >> an incredible cast. we spoke of "downton abbey" coming to television. what other shows should we look for? >> as far as returning series, february 9th is going to be the premier of the second half of season four of walking dead on
4:45 pm
anc. the rumor is another beloved character is going to get the acti ax. i'm hoping it's not darrel. i love darrel. i would rather be carl than darrel. i know carl is a kid, what can i say? also, as far as highly anticipated new series, hbo has "true detective." it stars matthew mcconaughey and woody harrelson, two incredible movie stars. they are two detectives from the deep south trying to solve a crime. the interesting part is every season will be a brand-new cast because the case that they are investigating spans 17 years. each season will have a new time frame, a new cast. also, a lot of people are doesing about on abc, killer women. it stars patricia helper, you
4:46 pm
remember her from battle star. she kicks butt. a texas ranger and that premiers tuesday on abc. >> before we let you go, just give us one bold top prediction for 2014. music, tv, film, what do you see as standing out? >> believe it or not, going back to tv, sun dance has a new tv series called "red road". i saw a premier. jason, who i just spoke about in "road to paloma." wow, i think sundance is going tok like the new amc with cool, gritty, compelling new tv series, like in the line of "breaking bad" and "the wire." >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> how i have the love for "downton abbey" and "the walking dead" only freud could explain. >> me, too.
4:47 pm
>> talk to you later. those of you east of the mississippi, today is not cold, but it's coming. the real cold is on the way. the nor'easters and blizzards are passed. you are talking about the deep, deep freeze. it's about to settle on half of the nation. the big weather map and everything with it, next. [ bottle ] okay, listen up!
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rough and dry.
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along came gold bond, rich, absorbs quickly. legs look healed, healthy. gold bond. ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. executive order this week allowing use of marijuana for those with serious illnesses. governor cuomo recently changed his decision on the legalization of medical marijuana. this comes just days after recreational use of the drug became legal in colorado. that sent thousand of people flocking to buy the drug. i spoke with suzanne craig, "the new york times" reporter who broke that story. >> he's not going to the legislature of new york, but he's found a provision in new york law that will allow him to do it on a limited level and see how it goes, so it's very interesting and is going to be up and running sometime early or late next year. there's a lot of things they have to iron out, but t on its
4:51 pm
way. >> this seems to be quite an about face here. what's behind the decision, do you think? >> well, i think he's had a profession of his views on this. he's been against it and it's interesting why he's come out now and i think his concerns before were rooted in the legal aspects, former attorney general, has been worried about how the police or control it. i think over time, there's been a lot of lobbying groups that want this and i think he's seen over time there can be benefits if it's done at a very limited way and to be sure on this it's going to be done in a limited way. only 20 hospitals in the state will be chosen. it's going to be very limited. anything has to be approved by department of health. this next story is a lit on the lighter side. pope francis, he's been known to
4:52 pm
call the faithful. when he called fine nuns on new year's eve, the sisters weren't home, so he left this voice mail. >> experts say that is indeed the pope's voice. he said jokingly, what are the nuns doing that they can't answer? and he continued, i am pope francis, i wish to greet you this end of the year. i will call you later. the nuns decided they would just wait for the pope to call back and sure enough, good for his word. a few hours later, he did and i imagine they had some explaining to do. while we are just 34 days away from the start of the winter
4:53 pm
olympics, excitement has been building, but all that changed following two deadly terror attacks. diana takes a look at the security for the games. >> russian authorities have discovered a link between the two deadly suicide bombings in volgograd. on sunday, a massive explosion rocked the city's railway station. this chilling surveillance video captured the horrific incident when a suicide bomber detonated 22 pounds of tnt, killing 18. authorities now say both bombs contained similar shrapnel, a sign they originated from the same region. the attacks highlight the same threat russia faces as they host the winter olympic games next month in sochi, u.just 400 mile south of the destination. zpl all of the olympic sites will have security. everybody will be screened, so i
4:54 pm
think it will be difficult for someone, a terrorist, to set off a bomb inside a village or venue. >> russia's president vladimir putin is personally involved in security plans, but russian authorities say they will not change security measures they already have in place, confident they're well prepared. u.s. authorities have offered full support to the russian government in ramping up security measures. in a statement, the united states olympic committee states in part, we are always concerned with the safety of our delegation at the sochi games and different in that regard. an effort by the committee because of the olympic games in atlanta. >> what concerns me is when you harden targets, you often force the terrorist to select softer targets. so that makes everything else in sochi, in the surrounding area,
4:55 pm
vulnerable. >> targets like transportation hubs where tourists and athletes will travel to and from the games. president putin's claim that he can protect the olympics also rests in part on whether he can control the situation in the north. >> back in this country, this is going to be a winter to remember for millions around the country, including new york's new mayor. >> the massive storm that pummelled new york is followed now by a massive response. but plumeting temperatures have officials warning that some of the dangerous conditions are are still ahead of us. >> best option is to stay close to home and not be outside too long. >> he shovels his own driveway, despite the decision that prompted city leaders to keep
4:56 pm
schools closed friday. >> it's nasty out here. very nasty. i could have stayed home, i would have stayed home. >> stay home. you don't have to come out, stay home. >> new york city saw almost 8 inches of snow. a foot f snow fell on long island during the worst of the storm thursday night into friday morning, a driving ban kept cars off of some of new york's busiest interstates. the long island sxraesz way shut down for eight hours because of blizzard conditions. holiday travelers were stopped in their tracks. passengers were grounded in new york city's airports. >> they said it's going to be a couple of days before the next flight. >> that might be one option for people fighting to get out, but what to do if you're stuck at home waiting for that snow to clear? >> my plan so to wake up early tomorrow, look out the window. see what it looks like. get the snow blower out and try to get to work. >> if that's the case,
4:57 pm
connecticut eat governor has some advice for you, too. >> if you want some tips on how to deal with the cold, first of all, i'll give you mine. don't put your tongue on a flag pole. >> i think i saw that somewhere. that winter nor'easter that dumped snow on millions two days ago, that was just the beginning. a real winter hammer is about to fall. alexandria steel is here now from the cnn severe weather center. let's talk about just how cold it will get. >> that was nothing. what we've got is that incredibly cold arctic air. what we have is a piece of the polar puzzle, of the polar vortex. the coldest air in the northern hemisphe hemisphere. duluth, 50 below. tomorrow if you're going to the game, we're going to see temperatures feel like about 20 below, so incredibly cold air stays there, stays, but we're going to watch it drop south and drop east and look at this. we've got actually, it could
4:58 pm
have been a snowstorm for new york. another one sunday and monday, but look at the temperatures, they're going to rebound into the 40s, almost 50 on monday, then that air comes and look at that drop. from almost 50 to 14. it goes farther south to what we've seen with this cold. 50 degrees in nashville to rain, then drop to 7 degrees on monday. so, 30, 40-degree temperature drops, but also, there's a snowstorm coming, but the snow in that arctic air for chicago which has gone seasons and seasons with snow, 8 to 12 for detroit and cleveland and eerie and chicago, but look what happens. this cold air is in place when the moisture gets there, so the eastern sea board, it's going to be rain there because the cold air comes after the moisture, so the timing's about 12 hours off. so, it's going to be rain monday in new york city, but could have been a snowstorm. >> well, at least we get beyond the seriousness of that. you've got some nice collection of photos here.
4:59 pm
>> i'll show you what's happening. see some pictures, too, in the next couple of days of what it's like out there. temperatures plum etting and everyone doing what they can. we saw thousands in atlanta, georgia, albany, new york, thousands of delays. >> beyond the sadness of this, we've got some nice pictures, these are dogs streaking out in the snow. it's a snow blower in new hampshire. this is pretty funny. this dog is probably going i've never seen it snow so much in one place. look at this. >> 4 inches. >> and then take a look at the snow employplows in evansville, indiana. it's a very serious and difficult job to be out there, but they're the ones that clear the roads and make it so that we can go. then this in new jersey. a lone person skiing on the beach. how often do you get to do that is this it's one way -- look at that. a beautiful image there, too, to sart of capitalize what weather
5:00 pm
will look like. we love these pictures. we love to hear from you and know what's going on in your backyard. the next thing to come is three young men who were convicted of terrible murders, but now, they are no longer young men and also, we're learning they may not be guilt either. cnn presents murder in west cnn presents murder in west memphis and it begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- west memphis police discovered the bodies of three 8-year-old boys in a drainage ditch. >> autopsies showed they died from blows to the head. >> a horrific crime. three young boys murdered. >> at 9:00 that night i knew that i would never see him alive again. >> three teenage boys suspected.