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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the world build more roundabouts. the answer is norway. when comparing the number of people in norway, the count is that much more impressive. thank you to all of you for being part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. >> hello everyone. here are the top stories we are foll following in the news room. half of the u.s. is getting hit by a polar brast. what you need to know to stay safe during the deep freeze. the governor of new york is about to announce a major change to his state's medical marijuana laws. anxious waiting tore millions of americans going without
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unemployment benefits. two people injured after a three-alarm fire broke out in a new york high rise. crews asay there are people inside but it is not clear if they are trapped. temperatures will be falling to unbelievable low s and many states will be getting more snow and ice. the nasty snow and ice is
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creating headaches for those traveling home. the flights are still being cancelled because of the weather mostly in chicago and in the windy city today's high 13 degrees. tomorrow negative 12 with windchills of more than 40 below zero. and then there is greenway, wisconsin. it is colder. in a few hours football fans will be piling into lambeu field. it is the green bay packers versus the san francisco 49ers. i can't wait to see what the fans are looking like. how are they going to stay warm in that field? >> fred absolutely, you have to come out here bundled up. we are not talking 80 degrees and balmy out here.
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it is about 5 degrees. we expect the temperature to plummet. getting down to the negative teens and 20s. the question will this be the ice bowl? that game back in 1967. right now it is not looking like that will be the case, but again we are talking 60,000 people coming into the stadium to watch the packers play the 49ers. it is unclear whether they will wear short sleeves or not. cold place to watch a football game today. >> is there anything the nfl or the stadium is doing to keep you warm? >> when fans get here, they did this before in 2007, they are passing out hot chocolate and coffee, things to keep people warm and they did put out that warning to people to make sure
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that you come out bundled up wear the hat and layers help. when you talk to fans out here we've been doing this our whole life, it is hard hitting football. >> i don't know if you can be ready for this kind of cool. overnight, the windchills should be getting to extreme cold. anywhere from 20, 30, 40 below zero. i'm a texas guy. >> i hope people don't get frost bite. >> you don't have to be outside
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at a football game to feel the effects of the deep freeze. >> we have temperatures dropping into the negative 40s and 50s which seems so wrong. >> we are talking about dangerous temperatures. they can feel more comfortable. we are not talking about cold, we are talking about very cold. what are the issues that people might start to see in the next couple of days. >> we are dealing with frozen pipes. >> a lady called saying her pipe was frozen. this is insulation you can put around the pipe to keep the cold
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out. >> do a little planning. here in brooklyn they suggest running your water frequently as temperatures fall and protecting pipes beforehand. we have electric cables that you run along the pipe and it keeps the heat along the pipe. they are being scooped up in new york city. they can add warmth to your house without overworking your furnace. >> the best thing to do is insulation. insulation is the best thing. you can save energy and money. spray foams can get the job done quickly. >> they can go in gaps in doorways and molding. >> and plastic sheets for drafty windows come in all sizes. >> we are looking at 140 million
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people in sub vero temperatures. >> the red cross has activated tens of thousands of people to get ready for this event. >> with historic lows s setting for the midwest, the red cross is focused on the dangers of driving. pack things to dig yourself out. avoid driving without a fully charged cell phone. skip the rock salt calcium chloride is better. >> if you find yourself stranded in your car the safest thing to do is hunker down in that car and wait for help. the red cross is saying that as
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the temperatures fall they are seeing a spike in fires. is a good reminder to keep an eye on any fires you have in your home. >> there is a fire going on in midtown. we have been noticing eye number of fires in the past couple of days now. >> thank you so much. >> all right. clearly mother nature is not messing around this week. alexandra steel now has a look at who is in for the worst of it. >> cold air continues to be the name of the game weatherwise. it is a piece of the polar puds puzzle. it is the coldest air in north america and it will be ours. we are going to watch it spread south and eastward. highs today 15 below today in e
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de deluth. m marquette to chicago. monday 50 degrees close to 50. colder than where we should be high of 13 below. we are going to shatter records for difffrebt reasons. heading toward tuesday 27 degrees below average. and low temperatures in atlanta single digits for the first time since 2003. so how cold is it? let's get perspective you know where anchorage is, 34 will be the high temperature on monday. minnesota will have a high of 16 below. chicago will be colder on monday. st. louis missouri will be
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colder. as will atlanta north north with the high of 24. so you get the sense of the breath and depth of this cold and of course records being shattered of 1909 with the high of minneapolis of 19 below. windchills dropping to 60 below in minneapolis. chicago all time daily high. breaking records for the consistent number of days sub zero. boston the story is different it is going to be cold. but monday it is going to be cloudy with 50 degrees. temperature drop from 50 to 19 in one day. similar in new york we drop from 50 to 13 on tuesday. the cold air is in place and we are going to feel it. all right in jerusalem this morning secretary of state said
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the u.s. will help iraq in it's fight against an al qaeda linked group. iraq has been rocked by violence and today was no exception. at least 18 people died in gave different bombings. pope francis will be in the holy land in may. he will visit jerusalem and the west bank. it will be his first trip to the holy land as pontiff. medical marijuana, one governor could make it a reality in his state. why the people of new york won't get a say in his state. and a lifeline in the form of unemployment benefits that debeat next. ! ,
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not everyone believes that edward snowden damaged the infrastructure. saying he should get a fair trial and a reasonable sentence. the "new york times" called for the u.s. government to give snowden clemency. he admits leaking details on how the nsa collects data on nearly all americans. congress is back in action after the break. but will 2014 be more
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productive? >> reporter: the president's vacation is over. he faces the reality of congress. >> get ready for possible de ja vu. >> i wish i had a magic wand to say i know things will be better. >> right off the bat an easy one for the senate. >> but next a real battle over long-term unemployment benefits. both sides arguing sunday. before vacation was over president obama pressed this weekend to extenld the payments. >> with regard to unemployment insurance, i'm not opposed to it. i'm opposed to having it without paying for it. we have never offset emergency spending.
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we have people that are desperate. they have been out of work for a much as two years. >> a major deadline to fund the government. >> it needs to be finalized. >> as early as february, a deadline to raise the debt ceiling again with both sides dug in. >> i think it will be harmful if republicans use 2014 to threaten default again on the debt limit. >> it can't be my way or the highway on such a big issue. >> not to mention continued attempts by republicans to change obama care. >> it is a flawed law and it needs real change. >> don't wait for all of this to be crossed off the lift.
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>> 2/3 of americans called congress the worst ever. and the midterm elections will suck up desire to compromise. these will be times of large fruitful legislative harvest. >> sunland addinging to to the list. won't congress have to address the list at some point. might congress weigh in at some point? they have been working on legislation to put limits on the nsa. we will hear definitively on what we forms. this sets up a fierce debate for them. >> thank you so much. it is a big to do list.
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we will talk more about what is on that list. it is the second weeks that americans may have to go without groceries or heating their home or paying their rent. for many of them, that is how they would pay for those necessities. majority leader harry reid says he is confident that it will pass the senate. james burling says it is a krurl issue. >> people have to remember that emergency unemployment benefits only go to people who are actively looking for a job. for a lot of people that encourages them to keep looking when they are getting discouraged. and tomorrow is the day that 1.3 americans will go to their mailbox and find that check
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missing. he is for extending the benefits and republican marshia blackburn of tennessee. congresswoman let me begin with you. why wouldn't you want to extend unemployment benefits? what we would love to see happen is for the president and mr. sper ling to say what can we do right now to create the environment for jobs growth to take place. i hear that the uncertainty that is coming from washington and what is happening with the new 40,000 pages of regulations that
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are coming out. people want to see less government over reach and they would like to have washington out of the way and get back to creating jobs and getting back to work. >> what do you say to the person who is going to be looking for the check that is not going to be there? they want to look at the politics they want to know how do i and what can i count onto pay that rent and put food on the table and try to keep the heat going in these near freezing and sub vero temperatures? >> you are right. and yeah, but what you need to be doing right now is in washington, the policies need to be what do we do to make it a priority to help individuals get back to work so they are in charge of that paycheck and they have a job that they like?
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i was talking to a guy last week and he said i'm looking forward to going back to work and then i want to be complaining about how hard i'm working and looking forward to having a day off once in a while. and people want to be productive. we want to get dpogovernment ouf the way and figure out what hasn't been working in this we economy. >> congresswoman adler, people have said continuing to extend benefits really means that it is removing the incentive for people to go to work. you heard from jean sperling that you can't get the betwenef w unless you prove that you are actively looking for work, what do you say to them? >> first of all, notice that
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congresswoman rue refused to answer your question. she gave a long speech which i completely disagree with. you have to look at things and give states money to hire teachers and cops and firefighters and so forth and pay people unemployment insurance. you have to have been working and still actively working. and for those who say that if you give people unemployment insurance for more than 26 weeks they don't look for work, there is no evidence for that. the fact of the matter of that, in an economy in which there are three applicants for every single job, if it were true that
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they got the job, someone else wouldn't get the job because there is a limited supply of jobs. there is no evidence of that whatsoever. we have extended on a bipartisan basis unemployment insurance until the rate got to a more reasonable level so that people had a chance to find jobs. the second thing is when people get unemployment insurance they spend money. and other people are hired to make the food and market it and spend it. >> if i can say something. >> let me say something. >> says that this sawill kill 200,000 jobs. >> is it more costly to extend
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it like a ripple effect here? >> it is unfortunate that you say it is a partisan issue. i would direct you to the long-term negative effects of unemployment insurance. you have to look at that. you need to have the president and james sperling say how do we address this long-term systemic problem. over the past five years we have spent over $520 billion on unemployment insurance and the collective benefits. we have people that are hurting and saying we want to go back to work. so therefore some of the policies that are in effect right now are having effect. we have 2.6% of the nation's 7
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7.3% unemployed we have to focus on solving this problem. >> while they are out of work we can't let them starve and starve the economy. >> thank you so much. harry reid saying today that he believes he has the 60 votes to get this passed in the senate. >> thank you so much to both of you appreciate it. >> cold weather is moving across the country. but that won't stop the nfl playoffs. former player tells us what it is like to play in the cold. >> but first a changing of the guard at the bank. so will president obama's pick get the job? [ male announcer ] this is the story
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>> good to see you. why would she likely be confirmed? >> the president gets their way on this sort of appointment and she is well republicspected and if they had not changed the senate rules to require 51 votes she would have cleared the 51 vote requirement she is going to be the next fed chairperson. clearly she is someone who has been the left side of the debates. there are two big choices one is monetary policy and one is regulatory policy. the fed has had this stimulus
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program where they have been buying treasury bonds and she has been supported by that. and she has been a big supporter of that. she has been tapering it back and slowly. and they are going to continue along the track that mr. bernanke has set out. she has been someone who has been post the crash and too big to fail issue. there are a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of influence on the way that banks operate ip t in the comes years. this is not a job with simply a title but as chair or chief monetary policy-maker. there can be oweness on policy.
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>> as people mainfully watch, there isn't going to be any big jolt to the economy one way or the other. the most we are going to do is avoid catastrophe. or reduce the deficit or provide stimless in the short-term. the fed is a significant player here in terms of the way the levers that washington has. this policy has been controversial. it is fueling another bubble with the stock and housing markets and it tends to avoid investors and borrowers. but that is the principle means that washing than has had to influence the way that things go
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f . all indications go to continue it or scale it back slowly. >> happy new year to you. >> medical marijuana is legal in nearly half the state. how new york's governor is ma h marching forward and how it might not be easy. %
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but with pamprin, a period means sgo!! pain relievers only relieve pain. multi-symptom pamprin relieves all your symptoms. so there's no stopping you. period.
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medical marijuana could soon be a reality in new york. governor may allow some hospitals to dispense it to patients. isn't this an about face for this governor? >> it is a bold move for this governor. if you think about it. he is not going through the legislature. he is exercising his executive power and add row vavocates are surprised by this. tens of thousands of patients will benefit. let's start with what we know right now. new york will join 20 other states around the country that allow medical marijuana that
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allow recreational marijuana. if you look at the northeast. most of the states allow the use already. this is a bold move by the governor through an executive order he would allow the use of medical marijuana in a state where the senate has killed a bill there. how is this going to work? here is what we know. the measure would activate the department of health to create guidelines 20 hospitals in the state would determine who quali qualifies for a priescription. advocates say it is a great first step. it is a very good moment for new yorkers with answer and glaucoma
11:38 am
and a variety of conditions that are going to have the opportunity for the first time to benefit legally. >> chrritics are not happy abou this. here is a quote from jeffrey reynolds. he says: >> so let's talk about timing. i would like to talk about timing on two fronts. i have to say the two advocates s say it is not driven by politic s. we'll have to wait and see if three or four months you will
11:39 am
see prescriptions in the state of new york. >> all right keep us posted on that. as mentioned moments ago they are getting ready for the big nfl playoff game in the bitter cold city of green bay. the record cold might supercede the actual game. >> it will be a cold game anyway you slice it. we'll see high temperatures at kick off. this is what it feels like. it will feel like ten to fifteen degrees below zero. four of the top ten coldest games ever. arctic winds are in place. 17 below is what it will feel like. 39 degrees below zero is the
11:40 am
wind chill. tomorrow the coldest air drops south. feeling like 50 below in madison wisconsin. people coming home from the game still will feel that cold plunge. >> burrrr. thank you so much. crews at the field have been busy thawing out green bay's frozen tundra for the big green. >> fred, they know what they are doing. four of the top ten colder games have been played in green bay. workers have been attempting to defrost the field for the game. off the field one of the biggest concerns is keeping the beer taps from freezing. they are keeping the doors closed. you see where their minds are
11:41 am
at. the warmest spot might be in the bathrooms. scheduled kick off at 4:40. it was balmy 25 degrees in philly last night. 4th quarter eagles down 6, philadelphia thats a one point advantage. they left two much time on the clock for new orleans. shane graham says you bet you. that gives the saints their first road off win in team history. next saturday. it was 36 degrees outdoors yesterday in indianapolis. and the fans got treated to a historic performance. 35-13 in the second half. look the andrew luck.
11:42 am
he threw for 443 yards. colts win it 35-44 completing the second largest come from behind victory in nfl playoff history. fred, back to you. >> thank you so much. >> okay so what is it like playing football in these cold conditions? former green bay packer will tell us coming up. and i unit within the nsa may be washing you online right now. how are they hacking into computers? hd
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an elite group of nsa hackers could be watching everything you do online. how are they hacking computers our brian todd explains. >> a typical error from microsoft. for some that may be a way into their computer for the nsa. this is their hacking organization. 106,000 men and women average age, mid 20s, early 30s. very young, very tech savvy organization. >> the unit is called tailored
11:46 am
access operations or tao. magazine cites internal nsa documents. it says some of the hackers are based in this building in san antonio. it says they can access cookies. the tags that pop up showing a computer's website. it looks like a real page but it is a fake one controlled by the nsa. what does the nsa want to find out? one would be to intercept and sniff your traffic. they have my user name and password. but what they want to do is ineffect my machine. the unit doesn't just do hacking. they intercept computers being
11:47 am
delivered. they plant their own monitored cables and usb plugs onto computers. they were concerned about the connecting cables on edward snowden's computers that they removed them after he leaked from an eve's dropping perspective this is a gold mine. if i can gain access to your computer i have access to all of your secrets. >> in response to the report taylor said: >> they say the hackers work with the cia and fbi to place
11:48 am
spyware on apparatus. they say any tools it uses investigations are legal. >> all right that bitter cold outside could make for a historic game in green bay and how do the players do this? former green bay packer tells us. lasses, something that runs office and has a keyboard. but i wanted a tablet for me, for stuff like twitter and xbox, so my downtime can be more like uptime. that's why i got a windows 2 in 1 which does both -- works as a laptop and a tablet. so i can manage my crazy life, and also have a life. [ beep ] gotta go. ♪ [poof!] [beep]
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today's playoff game between green bay and san francisco could be historic. winds will make it feel like 20 and below. what is it like to play in conditions like that? former player came on cnn today and explained. >> reporter: y >> you get moving around and i think that is what happens until you get off to the side. >> does it hurt more but is it more painful to get hit in those temperatures? >> you know i think in the beginning maybe a little bit? once you are playing, after the
11:52 am
game when you are trying to unthaw you don't feel it as the game is going on, but it hurts more when you get into the lockerroom and you start warming up and the nicks come up and you feel them. what do you think is worse. standing on the sidelines or getting in there and running? >> i give the fans a lot of credit. to sit out in the temperatures it has to make for a long day. when you are standing on the sl and sitting in the seats you have to work hard to stay warm. >> you know some of these pictures you were not wearing sleeves and i know all of these photos were not during games that were not 20 below. there is a tough guy image, that
11:53 am
the players didn't wear sleeves or didn't wear the longer sleeves. how about now? >> this is the weird part. you kind of scout and think can i wear sleeves that aren't partly down. you come up with putting balms onto try to keep your arms warm now that i'm out of it a few years i would probably go back and wear sleeves. with that mentality guys think it is a psychological advantage to not wear sleeves. >> does the league put safety measures into effect to make sure the players are safe? >> you know, once the ball is snapped, i don't think there is a lot of things that the league can put in place. i have never heard that happen.
11:54 am
both teams have the same temperatures. there are things that you have to alter probably because there are things that you have to do. once the game starts it is things as usual. >> i got to imagine that you got a team coming in from san francisco to play in wisconsin. there has to be some home field advantage. what do you expect to see this weekend? >> the fact that you live in the conditions is an advantage. i don't think anybody likes being outside. with green bay they throw the football out. they have a running game and it is easier to run in these conditions. this weather is going to be brutal for both these teams. who ever adjusts the best is going to be the best. >> right now it is five degrees as fans and players get ready for the green bay playing
11:55 am
against the 49ers. we take you there live in the next hour. >> hip hip hooray. >> the chants ended months ago. but andy murray is still being honored for being the first champion in 77 years. the tennis star received his officer medal from prince william. >> that going into the palace is a pretty cool experience. not many people are able to do that. >> so, to do this, away from the court is great. >> now murray will focus on getting fit in time for the australian open. >> but where will he sore his latest award? >> this prize pooch may already
11:56 am
have the answer.
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in the cnn film, "soul sou r survivor" we learn about jim lamsen. he lives in reno, nevada. where this life changed forever. >> this is the airport where we took off. >> i didn't move here to be near the crash scene. it was more of a -- um i don't know. >> you think really deep about what you are doing to your life and all the people that were involved with this accident that may have done more with your
12:00 pm
life and you feel guilty that you are not using your life to do something better. >> he always talked about it. he was depressed about it. and he was like why am i still here. i made a fool out of myself i'm not doing anything with my life that makes me sad. >> during the course of my life i have been curious to know what makes a person feel from a situation that happened to me. i've never been able to find out or talk to anything that has been through what i've been through. >> wow. you can follow his journey to healing when "sole sour survivor" airs tonight at 6:00 p.m. ky dickens joins