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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 5, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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but the bad voice saz says no, stay here. have another shot. so has it gott better in the fie years? yes. do i still have day that is she has to put up with? yes. thursday night, 9:00, we begin the soul survivor. we begin another hour of the cnn news room. j deep freeze and arctic blasts are pushing temperatures to record low frs the midwest.
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holiday funnel is over and the work begins for the u.s. congress. a critical volt tochs their agenda. it's a toxic love triangle. that's before the u.s. supreme court this hour. and we're following some breaking news. a plane has crashed and the air kraft appears to be challenger of 00. but they don't know how many people were on board that plane.
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now that dangerous arctic blast. it's targeting the midwest and pushing well below zero. the front is marching east. by tuesday, half the country will be shivering in subl-zero temperatures. the nasty weather is being blamed for thou sablds of flight cancellationings. in fact, two jets slid off of icy tax sid ways.
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one of the coldest games in nfl history. last week, we talked and it was five degrees. we're expecting a little warm front to move in. has it happened? right now, we know that it's 5 degrees here. this is probably as warm as it will get. they're offering coffee. they're offering hot chocolate to help. they also sent out that warning so that you'll bundle up.
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we stalked to a few fans. >> you can prepare for it, but you can't really prepare for it. >> can you come prepared? as long as you're bundled up and limits your time ouds. you have to limit your time out here. as little skin that is exposed to this weather, the belter. best to just come prepared. >> i wonder at a lot of stadiums and any public place, are fans allowed to come in with blankets, any kind of additional
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supplies to keep them warm? >> there is a spefk list that fans have to adhere to. obviously, you'll have to check that list out. we do see people bringing several things in. what i have on is good, and i've seen people to get through this. good: it's about survival. appreciate that. stay warm. clearly, we're in for some pretty nasty weather. here it comes, the arctic ip vags.
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it's a piece of the polar vortex that's coming down. it will be ours here in the lower 48. we're going to watch it spread south and eastward. take a look at these highs today. 125 b 15 bre low will be the high. >> monday, indianapolis, 50 degrees. a high of only 13 below in indianapolis. we are going to shatter records here from the north to the south. as we head for tuesday, 27 degrees below average. so how cold is it?
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34 will be the high temperature of only 12 below. santd lewis missouri will be colder. so you kind of get the sense. windchills on monday dropping to 60 below potential lil in min yap lisz. connell sis tent record for detroit. monday, cloudy with rain and 50 degrees. and then, that arctic air hits boston. look at the temperature drop from 50-19 in one day. similar scenario, in new york, we dropped them almost 50-134
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for a high on tuesday. temperatures could soonl hit 13 below. walter allen from the affiliate wish explains. >> i guess if something did happen to me, i'm just another body on the sfreet. >> and every day being homeless is just a struggle. >> low temperatures are expected to be close to 20 below.
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>> the truth, it's as cold as the prerkted features. >> there's another homeless man that stays over there. and i hope he makes it. but in these temperatures, i don't think you're getting it. >>. >> i reach out every day trying to getmen and women outsd there. >> their shelters are beyond capacity.
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>> canned goods and other items poured out of three cars. >> we have to help one another out in this time of need. we're all human. it's unthinkable that someone has to suffer. >> the red cross has opened two people in the shelters for people who need a place to go. 52 stayed behind. the polar star and the coast guard's only ice breaker has left.
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pope francis will be in the early morning in may: >> crews are still trying to get control of that fire which started only the 20th floor. smoke was pouring out. >> after closing the door on a rather disapointing 2013, the house starts on tuesday and the agenda is already packed.
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how does congress hope to turn things around this year? many of these issues have started fights in the past. ? r. >> if you're a glass hafl full kind ofl person, they're the most unproductive. >> i wish i had a magic wand to sail i know things will be better. >> this year, congress has a full plate. a battle over long-term enemployment benefits.
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i'm opposed to having it without paying for it. this fool irk ps. a major deadline that needs to be finalized. >> i think it will be harmful politically if republicans threaten to defaumt on the debt limit. >> it can be the be my way or the highway on such a big issue. >> not to mention continued atechts to change obama care. >> this has been a failed
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launch, a flawed law. >> news are not likely to be times of large, fruitful, legislative harvests. >> and the senate will start to would recollect on unemployment benefits tomorrow. that will give us an early read on how combative the wormd will be. lags week, it was colorado. now, another big state making it easier to use medicinal marnl. welcome back. how is everything?
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medical marijuana could soon be legal in new york. he will allow select hospitals to dispense it to some patients. the governor seems to be changing his tune a bit. >> he def nitly is. advocates are plez santly surprised. tens of thousands of new york patients will be able toe benefit from this. new york will join 120 other state that is now allow medical marijuana use for medical purposes, of course. take a look at the northeast. it's already legal in most states surrounding new york. now this is a bomd move. the state has already on multiple occasions killd comprehensive bills. under the measurement, the department of health department would create guidelines.
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and a panel of hopt doctors determines who qualifies for this prescription. now, this create as lot of questions like where is this marijuana going to come from. advocates say is this is a great first step, one some new yorkers have been waiting for for a very long sometime. there's people all over our state for literally this is a life and death issue. >> now, critics not happy about this. >> so when can we see the first sflipgs. >> i've got to say, the first prescription in three to four
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months! in the meantime, what is the government saying about all of this? you have a lot of advocates speaking on his behalf, but what about him? >> he's not saying much about this at the moment. he's expected to make the big anountsment on wednesday during his state of the state address. wu li but like you said, this is a great first step to allow the ball to starlt rolling in the state of new york. hopefully, they're keeping their fingers crossed. they will have a comp rehence ich bill that will clear all the kinks. >> thanks so much. appreciate that. >> are the political dominos starting to fall in the politics of pot. senior vice president at the democratic strategist and fompler chief council to the
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house judiciary committee. >> okay. so did colorado's new law have an impact on new york governor quo moe's decision to ease restrictions? >> i think there's a national rule and colorado had a lot offism pact in the debate. i think opponents of it certainly have an argument in terms of the science not being in with respect to motor issues and cognitive issues. but in new york, the real issue is the medical use of marijuana. >> i think there, the science really is in. we know it can have positive health benefits for brain seizures.
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75 pnt of doctors reports it. >> look, if we were talking about thc, i don't think we'd be talking very much. i agree. i think there's certainly a way you can dispense with that. now they're going to attempt to regular rate it like alcohol.
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the new mayor of new york seems to be getting all the head looips. so what is the real purpose of mario quo moe coming up with medical marijuana. i suspect it's because he doesn't want to talk about the economy. >> again, we're talking about a minimal use. >> do you wonder whether this would be the testing ground for whether new york would want to take it further like colorado did and go from medicinal use to recreational use? >>. >> the way i look at it, we have a great way. we have the great benefit now looking at krop kro. let them experiment.
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so in that sense, you know, let it go. don't rush off and do it. wait for colorado. >> okay, let's talk about politics of another kiem. let's talk about charlie crisp. he was republican and then an independent and now he's democrat. how many times can you change your party and still be considered credible? >> well, going back to teddy roosevelt, you ooel see lots of political figures change participate tiffs. lots and lots of examples. if you if you look at the poll, he's ahead.
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he's very, very high. his favorability in florida is very, very high. and he's traditionally taken positions that appeal to not just democrats, but on voting rights and consumer i shall shoes in 2008 keeping the polls open during the presidential election. i think he'll still get the political machine. . >> well, first of all, he left the republican party -- remember, he was on the ballot as the republican ran against the tea party cant dad.
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and then, in the very same year, endorses barack obama. i think his days are over. it seems to me they wouldn't get elected in florida. so that's all there is too it. >> well, rick is correct with respect to teddy roosevelt. and he did lose after that. many politicians of change parties have now su seeded. i think all voters give candidates a mull began when
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they believe the position evolved on con slens. kwen mpx again, somewhere between 55 and 75% of the public. if they want to go and campaign, i think they're climbing up a steep hill. >> we will leave it is there. >> look, the ballot issue was of 262%. >> look at the polls today. it's a different day today. >> first it was our e-mails and then our computers. now, the nsa is building a new super computer. if you thought your online records were safe, think again. [ male announcer ] this is the story
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>> the air kraft appears to be arrivinining from tucson, arizo. they don't know how many people are on bord that plane. a horrible plane crash here.
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so sad, a horrible plane krashl we just saw happen at the aspen air port, end quote. >> joining me now on the phone, mr. burketta, tell us whand as far as you know? >> good afternoon. short shortly later this afternoon, overturned onto its top and caught fire. we do know that there was three people on board at this time if you confirm that one of those three did die and two were transported to the hospital. >> have any witnesses seemed
1:32 pm
whether there was a problem? o or does it seem that it happened on impact? right now, we have no way of knowing if it was before or the sequence of events up to the incident. >> can you tell us anything about the identities of the three people only board? >> we have no identities that we can share. we are waiting for the safety board to release a sachty report. we don't want to impede their
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investigation. >> of course, we are hoping the best of all the family members involved. thank you. >> and we will be right back. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
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the nsa has been quite busy from eavesdropping on our e-mail to hacking on our computers to
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developing software that tracks iphones. now, they're building a supercomputer that will be able to crack enkripgs on practically every computer in the world. here's cnn's brian todd. >> encryption, shields the most top secret crucial data that governments possess. now, the nsa is developing a quantum come pulter. >> when nsa gets that quantum computer, what will it be able to do? >> it will make it a lot easier for nsa to break the codes that foreign governments use but nsa will be ablg to break the colds that we use. it would be almost pointless trying to protect anything.
1:37 pm
>> we don't know for the most part what the capableties are. what sfeps are being taken. >> the quantum headline was reported by the washington post. when a regular computer tries to solve a problem, it has to go through each possible solution one-by-one hfl by-one until it arrives at the correct answer. >> how close is nsa to finishing this computer? it could be anywhere from fooichl years away to a decade or more. the nsa would ntd comment on the project. brooibl todd, cnn, washington. >> it's the superbowl for
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z this week in las vegas, the newest tech dpaj ets will be on display. hey, fred, i'm t minus 20 hours away from the 2014 consumer electronics show. it is the superbowl for geeks, like myself.
1:41 pm
it makes sense to call it the superbowl. there are over 40 football fields full of electronics to view. this year, what i'm excited to see is advancementeds in four k tv. it's four-times better resolution than your current high definition television which mea means, unforcue gnatly, your brand new fv is about sto be replaced. i think we're still a few years away, though. for k tv advances, i think we'll see more tell vigszs and less expensive.
1:42 pm
youtube just before the consumer electronics show announced they will begin streaming. also, we'll need cameraings that can capture that. i'd like to see an under 2,0e $0 quality image. that's going to be the game-changer. more specifically, for the independent film maker, that's going to give them the ability of having a hollywood look and feel to their movie, bud on a kick starter budget. they'll really be able to afford making a really quality frukt. automotive, not to be left out this year.
1:43 pm
i think we're going to see a lotover cool stuff. we are going to have some entertainmented options, streaming radio services like pandora will have more content in the cloud access. >> our cars are going to bl able be able to tell us things. and also, the smarter cars will
1:44 pm
be more plugged in. we'll be able to access them on unlocked doors. i also think there will be that one thing that everybody crowds around and all of us think, well, why didn't i think of that is this hopefully, it will be something small and give it a closer examination of it back in new york. i'll be checking in with cnn throughout the show. i will come back next weekend and give you a recap of everything. i will break the rule of what happens in ve grks as stays in vegas to give you the recap. >> thank goodness. break the rules. what a cliff hanger, thanks so much. the biggest game in college football is tomorrow. which team will leave with the bcs titling?
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the nfl playoff games aren't the only football games people will be talking about. auburn and florida state will face off in the bcs championship monday night. joe carter has the preview. >> hello to you, fred, from sunny california. no one picked the auburn tigers. it was supposed to be the other
1:48 pm
team from alabama playing for all the marbles. they were 0-8 in the sec. they had only one three games all season long. he pulled off a new attitude and new mind set. >> we knew we were going to be good, but we dnts know we were going to be in the championship. >> back in 2009, florida state decide ds to part ways with bobby bowden. and the plan has seen a lot more wins. >> and the winner is jamus winston, florida state
1:49 pm
university. j i still have that goal. i'm looking to change other people's lives. i'm looking to make my teammates happen i. the campuses of auburn and flp fl state are pretty cool. the road to separate the two couldn't have been pretty hard. florida state, the team of dominance. come monday night, it will be the final time that we see the college football champion crowned through the system. >> back to you, fred. >> tens of thousands of football fanls are watching their teams today, including in green bay, ice si cold green bay where forecast eres say could it be one of the coldest games ever played in the nfl?
1:50 pm
>> fred, most doctors would say if you can, try and minimize your time out doors. >> look, a lot has changed over the years. people talk about layering clothe g. let me dwif you a couple of things that may surprise you. but you want to layer pretty loosely. the goal is to get warm air trap ed. wear a hat, make sure you cover exposed posed skinl.
1:51 pm
if they're looking red, you're going to expect that. some of those areas will turn white. the two biggest concerns are frostbite and hypothermia. eating a big meal could be helpful. drinking alcohol could have the opposite effect. general rule of thumb. at the templetures we're talking about, about 15 minutes before you kwop frostbite. stay safe. get inside as much as possible. >> now, to a far more serious topic, the war in syria has forced more than 2 million people from their homes and their country.
1:52 pm
many of them are children. >> people are fleeing. these children are zufring. they have lice, scabies, they're not getting the medical atengsz they need. there's going to be a lost generation of children if this kwonts. children deserve to have a childhood.
1:53 pm
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dennis rodman on the way to north korea. >> he promised he'd be back to shoot hoops for the north korean leader's birthday. he turns 31 wednesday. and dennis rodman confirmed that he'll be at the party with a faem of his ageing basketball buddies. >> i don't know dennis rodman personally.
1:57 pm
they could learn from his experiences. >> if this week's gang goes ahead as planned, expect the stars. >> north koreans were determined not to lose against south korea. >> he did not play against north korea. she feels on the same side. part of the 1991 world championships.
1:58 pm
what dennis rodman is doing now is personal, but i believe brave. >> sportsman ship is pure. i think diplomatic results can come out through sports. >> but rodman has talked down suggestions he would use basketball to free kree yanl american missionary. >> translator: north koreans try their hardest in training and competitions. the actual winning or losing didn't matter as much as they've given their all. they are satisfied that they've done their best.
1:59 pm
>> jobs, a troubled star and a court coming up in the week ahead. on wednesday, facing off against the senior national team in north korea. the exhibition game is in on who of leader kim jong un's 31st birthday. in friday, a court hearing in new york. reckless endangerment and criminal possession of marijuana. also, friday, we'll find out if
2:00 pm
employers did a lot of hiring last month. analysts are expecting good numbers when the labor department jobs report comes out at 8:30 a.m. all right, that's going to do it for me. thanks so much for being with me in the news room. much more straight ahead. >> you're there the cnn news room. i'm martin savidge and bone chilling cold. two thirds of america seeing record that nay haven't seen in decades. feel are being warned to stay off the slippery roads. >> well,