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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 6, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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won four world series titles with the yankees. along the way, he flew 120 air combat missions in world war ii and korea. the only major leaguer ever to see combat in two wars. baseball star hall of fame broadcaster american war hero. jake taper starts right now. . polar vortex, sounds like a device on go tham city. the national league has not been this cold in decades in many parts of the country. how cold? temperatures in half the u.s. could drop below zero. is there any relief in sight? and politics lead. she's made no official decision about 2016 yet. no official decision. given the level of planning and organization, isn't it a shadow campaign under way? and also in national news,
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we'll go to vegas, baby for the start of the consumer electronics show where what's cutting edge today will be in your living room or garage tomorrow. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. it's cold out there. and not just here. it's january, but it's historically cold. the cold people will look back upon and say it was freezing. now the reason? the polar vortex. about half the country could see temperatures below freezing within the next 48 hours. coldest in 20 years in many places. so what exactly is a polar vortex? it's been described as an arctic hurricane or cyclone, a swirling mass of frigid air. better yet stay inside. right now the polar vortex is moving south and dropping temperatures to dangerous levels pr maine all the way through
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alabama. high temperatures in parts of the midwest won't even get up to zero today. minneapolis has issued a particularly dangerous situation warning which is usually only used for events such as tornadoes. in chicago, the temperature was at one point colder than it is in the south pole. all of us has you checking flights to key west which has temperatures in the 80s today. beware. cold air is crippling air travel with 3,600 flights cancelled so far just today. cnn has correspondents all over the country. stephanie is tanding by live in minneapolis. ted rollins is in chicago. and chad meyers is in the cnn severe weather center with the forecast. stephanie, you look so happy out there. >> reporter: you're so right, jake. it's bad when people who live in minneapolis are sending you tweets saying, good luck out there, i'm not going outside.
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that's how cold it is outside. even people used to the cold do not want to come outside. when you take a first breath, you can feel it it freeze through your nose. because it's so drastically and dangerously cold here, city officials are making sure that they are out patrolling looking for anyone who may need assistance, checking on elderly and animals as well. if they see someone, taking them to the hospital and to a shelter. that's what their priority is now. crime goes down tremendously in these situations. they do see an uptick in domestic issues because people are staying inside, but they are focusing on that. it's so cold here they closed down the schools. something that does not happen. the last time schools were closed was in 19 7. they are closing them down bauds they don't want children to be out waiting for the bus. in five minutes in this cold, your skin can freeze. they are taking serious precautions here. it's still very cold and it's the middle of the day.
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it was negative 25 when we looked at 5:00 in the morning. that's without the windchill. for another place that's doing its own little chilly dance, ted is in chicago. hi, ted. >> reporter: same deal down here. it's absolutely freezing. check out the chicago river with the mist coming across it. more importantly look at the michigan. avenue bridge. normally this time of day on a monday after a holiday, this bridge would be packed with pedestrians. michigan avenue would be packed as well. people have been told to stay home. public schools will be off tomorrow along with the suburban schools here in the chicago area. it's minus 12 degrees. but when you look at the flags, you add the wind chill and that gets it down to around minus 40 degrees. i can tell you, it it feels like minus 40 degrees. let's head to chad in the weather center in atlanta where it's nice and toasty.
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>> i'm very sorry that you can see a river steam in chicago in the winter. that's the difference between how cold the air is and how relatively warm the water is, which is probably about 34. there's a big enough difference that it looks like steam. arctic vortex, it's a low pressure dip in. the jet stream. it happens sometimes. there's a polar jet stream almost all the time. here's the north pole. it goes back and forth and keeps all the cold air bottled up here. until one of the troughs decides to do that. then all of a sudden all that cold air that's supposed to be up here gets released down here and we get cold. and that's what's happening now. that's where this vortex is going. it's sending all of the air that's supposed to be up in alaska, supposed to be in canada, it's not there anymore. it's down here by us. it's getting pushed to the
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south. it's 54 in boston right now. tomorrow morning it will be 11. the morning after, it will be 7. that's how cold this air is. 43 below in duluth. 39 below in green bay. 36 below in milwaukee. the pets feel it too. please make sure that you take care of the pets. at least they can get out of the wind and obviously that water in their water bowl isn't going to stay liquid very long. new york city, down to 11. it should be 27. tomorrow, 13. a big warm-up for you in the morning. it it doesn't get above freezing even in atlanta for the next 48 hours. we'll stay cold. that's the issue. pipes are going to begin to freeze. we talk about this this all the time. it's winter, it's cold, but when it gets this cold and been this cold, people die. so just be careful out there. don't go. outside. you know the tires a bald. you get a flat tire and it's so cold and you freeze in your car trying to get home.
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it's that cold out there. atlanta will be 7. new orleans will be 16. ever been to jackson square? there's plants everywhere. they will be dead or brought inside. that's how cold it's getting across the deep south because of the polar vortex. >> chad myers, thanks. it's difficult to do that in the cold and also look as though you're enjoying it. the cold weather put a freeze on air travel in the u.s. you're looking at long delays. if you're lucky enough to have a flight that hasn't been cancelled yet, we're tracking all this around the country. >> you said it, jake. all because of what we just saw on our screens there with stephanie as well as ted. so jetblue at this hour, they are reducing operations as we speak. in just one hour, they will completely shut down operations in new york, new jersey and boston airports. now the operations will not be
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back at 100% until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. and they are blaming weather as well as new faa rules. the new rules mandate ten hours minimum rest period before flight. the airlines specifically jetblue say the restrictions are compounding the delays. they have more than two years to comply with this and to prepare. i want to talk about the ripple effect. that's what a lot of people are experiencing right now. they are stuck in airports. and they may look out the window and may say, look, the weather looks pretty good where i am. why is my flight delayed? let's look a this flight path with one aircraft. it's supposed to go from new york to houston, then up to dulles in the washington, d.c. area and to new orleans. so we look here in d.c., not too bad. new orleans, not too bad. you may be delayed because if that airplane by some chance runs into some problems in new york, it's not going to make it
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it to houston. that means it's not going to make it to you here in d.c. either. so what you have is a situation of a delay here for these people. eventually the airlines will find another airplane and eventually you will get to your destination, but it may be hours later before you can get there. this is a ripple effect that we're talking about here. so far today, we can tell you there have been nearly 5,000 delays and more than 3,600 cancellations. compare that to a normal day where you see about 200 cancellations and usually airlines are about 84% on time. that gives you a little context. >> just brutal. thanks so much. i want to turn to some other national news and a key vote later today to restore benefits to 1.3 million unemployed americans. two hours ago the senate returned from their holiday break. the bill they are considering would consider long-term jobless benefits. they were originally introduced
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in 208 under president bush and they already expired on december 28th. president obama and many in the democratic party want to reinstate and extend unemployment insurance. that was not included in. the deal that was passed before the end of the year. joining us from the white house, thank you for being on the show, the director of the national economic council. president obama is nudging lawmakers to vote in favor of extension. what's the math for us right now? 55 democrats, 1 republican, you need 4 republicans. are you any closer to getting there? >> i am not the person in charge of kouning the votes, but what i can tell you is extending unemployment benefits has historically enjoyed bipartisan support. president bush signed laws into effect for emergency unemployment compensation five times. and it was done on a bipartisan fashion five times. historically, that's been the case. and members have just gotten
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back from visiting their constituents. people are suffering because i have met them. they have gone to emergency situations. people were supposed to get their checks today and they are not in the mail because the program is not in existence. i hope congress will address that this week. we are hopeful that they will. >> some indicated they are open to the extension but they want some strings. here's what rand paul told abc news. >> i've always said that i'm not opposed to unemployment insurance. i'm opposed to having it without paying for it. the longer you have it, it provides some disincentive to work. >> i'd like you to respond to that. why not pay for it it with cuts elsewhere or raising taxes elsewhere? some way to pay for it. and two, the discussion that some people believe it's a disincentive for job seekers.
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>> sure. as i mentioned a few moments ago when president bush signed legislation five different times to extend benefits, there were no strings attached. 14 of the last 17 times that compensation has been passed, there have been no strings attached whatsoever. what this proposal now is to do it for three months and then during ha three-month period, we work on a longer-term solution to this issue. right now people are suffering. as to the second point, the evidence simply doesn't support th that. one of the requirements for the emergency unemployment benefits is that you must keep looking for a job. in fact, the evidence demonstrate when is you remove these benefits and people become even more detached from the labor market, that has a worsening effect because they get even more discouraged. i've spoken to people who have been looking for work for so long. the last thing they want to do is sit home and watch television. they want the dignity of work. they are not sitting home
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because they are getting $200 or $300 a week. they can barely pay their rent. they are making choices between their rent and medicine and food. they want nothing more than to get back to work. the emergency unemployment compensation is anything but a disincentive. >> i understand that in the past this was passed without cuts, but we're in a different situation. the deficit and the national debt is much, much higher, the national debt is higher than it's been in the the past. and republicans control the house and there are a number of republicans who would e vote for this if it was paid for with cuts elsewhere. why not try to meet them half way. find cuts that can be applied down the road and get this passed. >> we actually are in a different situation. the situation is this. never in the history of taking up unemployment compensation, emergency unemployment compensation has the long-term unemployment rate been this high. to put it differently, congress
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has never failed to extend emergency unemployment compensation benefits when you have long-term unemployment of the nature in the extent we have now. the economy is making progress. 45 months in a row to the tune of 8 million jobs. but the unemployment rate remains too high. the president would be the first to o say it. when president bush signed the law in 2007 or 2008, unemployment was 5.6 or 5.7%. the duration of unemployment was 17 weeks. now we have 36 weeks average duration. now is not the time to shut off this critical lifeline for so many people. and that's why this three-month proposal provides that opportunity to come up with a long-term fix. if they are able to figure out a mechanism for funding it it during that period, that would be great. in the meantime it's not called emergency compensation for
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nothi nothing. for these millions of workers and families, it's an absolute d disaster right now. we need to help them. >> thank you very much. coming up, it's not official but it sure feels like it's almost official. the political machine already in motion preparing for a hillary clinton run for president. has her campaign already started? plus big bonuses for the little guys. the huge payouts some auto workers are getting this year. [ male announcer ] nearly 7 million clients. how did edward jones get so big? let me just put this away. ♪ could you teach our kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. to help me become an olympian, she was pretty much okay
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and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back. sometimes very rarely impossible things just happen. the wyoming republican primary for senate will not be one of them. it showed cheney trailing by more than 50 points. she announced this morning she was dropping her bid for office citing serious health issues in her immediate family. after cheney launched her run, her campaign struggled when she got in a sparring match with her sister over same-sex marriage and it all played out one facebook status at a time. in that initial video, she called for a new generation of leaders to step up. did the daughter of the former
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vice president ever stand a chance in the libertarian-leaning west? let's discuss it. republican strategist kevin madden, and host of cross fire van jones. now before we start, we caught up with cheney's would-be opponent senator from wyoming. here's what he had to say about liz cheney's decision. >> liz gave me a call and we had a brief conversation and i do believe that family comes first and respect her decision on that. she's in our prayers. she and her family are in our pray prayers. >> now let's remove the family issue and today's announcement and discuss the basic dynamic. liz cheney was never going to pull off the kind of race we saw of ted cruz or mike lee or
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others. her international experience meant her campaign was doomed. cheney found her calling card in public life was a spokesperson for a muscular foreign policy just wasn't playing politically even a republican primary and deeply conservative state. where do you see it going? >> it's very divided right now. there's a new isolationist wing of the party led by senator rand paul and others that meets with the liberal wing of the democratic party in a new sort of unholy alliance making both parties nervous. this is going to be a huge challenge, i think, in the next presidential cycle when republicans are coming together to nominate someone to lead the ticket and take back the white house. >> this is going to play out in the democratic primaries too. >> i think it's a holy alliance
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for sanity in both parties. we don't want to be involved in dumb wars and wasting a lot of money in places where we can't make a difference when we have huge problems here at home. i take exception to the characterization. >> it's a little crazy. >> unholy in the views of the parties. we see this debate playing out a little right now and we'll discuss had this later in the show, when we're looking at what's going on in the middle east and going on in lebanon and syria and iraq and you see john mccain criticizing the obama white house for having let the troops leave iraq and for not being more involved in syria and the basic response from the white house is if somebody wants to send u.s. troops to iraq or syria, they should just announce it. >> it's not robust enough to be between the two parties about what is a serious part of american foreign diplomacy and military around the globe. what i think is also a challenge right now from republican party is when you look at the perspective 2016 candidates, there's nobody really at the top of the roster that has a
1:22 pm
developed foreign policy resume. that's going to be -- i'll tell you the truth. that was something that became apparent in 2012 when i was working for governor romney. that's a big challenge for your candidate. that's a big void for your candidate to fill. and i think a lot of people would say he didn't fill it as well as he should have. . that's something that 2016, are we always going to look to john mccain and lindsey graham to be the voice of foreign policy? but increasingly, 2016 perspective candidates are going to have to develop their resume on those issues. >> you look like you wanted to say something. >> it's interesting. i don't know where that development is going to go. some of the senators just don't have the experience. if you look at aid to egypt, whether or not we continue in occupying wars, drone use, they are divided all across. >> rand paul yelling ining at
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christie. >> in other political news, maggie reports that a shadow campaign is making moves on behalf. it's not just ready for hilary either, but they are remaking itself. this is a full-fledged operation. it was reported in politico that one of the things that's prevented the obama campaign manager of 2012 from going over to head this priorities usa effort for hilary is they don't want to upset vice president biden who is probably going to run too. >> there's a lot going on here. you do have the old establishment, the clinton establish m, and now the obama establishment coming together. what they are not noticing is this move on the left.
1:24 pm
you have governors making move. people are still hungry for warren to make a move. you could consolidate the center of the party and still have a big left wing. >> hillary clinton is giving speeches to goldman sachs. >> one of the things that i thought was so interesting at the inaugural in new york city is that's why the clintons were there. >> they can read polls better. they know solutions are very popular right now. we talk about minimum wage and social security. economic populism from the left is very popular. even over to the republican party. the clintons know that. di blaz owe represents something new. >> i want to run against that contrast, to tell you the truth. >> when you have somebody who's willing to charge a thu millionaires to put enough kids in pre-k, you want to run
1:25 pm
against that? >> we're facing this vote on unemployment insurance many a few mediciinutes. he doesn't know how many votes they have. are democrats going to lose this vote? >> they are not going to get the republicans million they find the money to cover this. >> that feeds into this. that's an issue they want to talk about on the campaign trail. >> we will hear a lot about that in the next year. >> thank you so much. good of you here. when we come back, the super bowl just a few weeks away. this year it's not just football. you'll also be able to do a little shopping through your tv remote. it's nabbed a golden globe nomination. is the new film anticatholic? the star is here to respond to critics, ahead. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it.
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it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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welcome back to "the lead." finally a story where a little guy gets a piece of the pie. hourly workers are on tap to get nearly $18,000 in bonus pay this year based on what's expected to be another banner year for the u.s. auto industry. the so-called big three will have more than $800 million in profit sharing to spread among 130,000 hourly workers. the impact on the economy alone is expected to be more than when the city hosted a super bowl in 2006. many auto workers have not received a pay raise in a decade and bonuses got wiped out when the entry started to tank. some can use your remote
1:30 pm
control during the super bowls for other than muting ads. h&m is launching a first of its kind commercial that lets you buy what you see right through your remote. the ads will be for soccer star david beckham's body wear clothing line. it it will only be available to customers with samsung smart tvs. in national news, after weeks of legal battles and emotional pleas, a family of a brain dead teen is declaring a partial victory. she's been released from the hospital, but threatened to take her off life support and is moved to a long-term care facility. she was declared brain dead a month ago. she suffered complications af n afton -- after tonsil surgery. family members say they found a facility to provide long-term treatment. several doctors at children's
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hospital and independent medical examiners all declared her brain dead. skblnchts at the risk of sounding like brian fan ta na, this is panda watch. i'm warning you now. if you have some kind of allergy to adorableness, it's about to reach dangerous levels. four months after she was born, bow bow is ready to meet her public. visitors to the zoo can finally see the panda cub in person on yan 18th. there are no guarantees. the zoo is warning everybody that she and her mom may not spend long periods in the exhibit in the early going. pandas are such divas. when we come back, john kerry hoping to accomplish something his predecessor could not. nothing says happy birthday like dennis rodman. what he's saying about this trip, ahead. ♪
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welcome back to "the lead." secretary of state john kerry is on his way home from his 10th visit to israel. kerry now seems more optimistic about a deal for midwest peace. >> the path is becoming clearer. the puzzle is becoming more defined. and it is becoming more much apparent to everybody what the remaining tough choices are and what the options are with respect to those choices. >> are we any closer to peace in the middle east and while we're in the neighborhood, let's take a look at how al qaeda is strengthening in the region. let's bring in jeffrey goldberg, columnist for bloomberg.
1:36 pm
thanks for being here. secretary kerry says the path is becoming clearer. >> the weird thing about this is the path has been clear. we know what the parameters would be like going back to bill clinton's days. the path is known. the question is the will of the two leaders. benjamin netanyahu of israel and of the palestinians. the will and their political power to actually follow this path. that's what remains to be seen. john kerry spending a lot of time not dealing with syria and iran and iraq. spending a lot of time on this issue. not the biggest crisis in the middle east at the moment. spending a lot of time on this. but there's no evidence that these leaders have the capacity or will to follow him down this path. >> just in recent weeks, you read the headlines and it's more settlements for israel and refusing to say that israel should be a jewish state. >> we're talking about the 67
1:37 pm
lines be the lines and it's like it it feels like we have had this conversation before because we have had this conversation before. i don't want to take away anything from this. he's really putting a lot of energy into this. so he should get credit for that. but it's really he's taking a lot of risks and i'm not sure what the path is going to be. >> let's talk about the other issues he's not paying as much attention to. secretary kerry made comments on this trip about the surge of violence we have seen in iraq fighting insurgents, places where americans lost their lives fight i fighting for those places. take a listen to what secretary kerry said. >> this is a fight that belongs to the iraqis. that's what the president and the world decided some time ago when we left iraq. so we are not contemplating returning, we're not contemplating putting boots on the ground. >> i want to get your response to that, but also this is what
1:38 pm
the white house press secretary jay carney said when asked about a similar topic. >> i have heard members of congress suggest this, but if they suggest there should be american troops fighting and dying there today, they should say so. the president doesn't believe that. >> i'm sorry, i should have warned you about carney's beard. >> i shaved my beard this morning. i would have kept it. >> they are asked about kerry or carney, they are asked about what's going on. this total deterioration. you want to send in u.s. troops. >> here's the thing. sure, no one wants to send in u.s. troops. but if iraq becomes a place where there are al qaeda safe havens and if they are used the way they used to be used in afghanistan to plot attacks against american targets, then conditions will determine what america does in this case. that's why i said this is so important. iraq has become part of a proxy for iran. part of it is turned over to al
1:39 pm
qaeda now. do we want to go in there, of course, not. but if al qaeda established safe havens, that's a direct national security interest to the united states to prevent that. to say we don't want boots on the ground, that's fine. but what happens if iraq becomes in some ways what afghanistan used to be. >> the other big question is the other big news from secretary kerry is he said iran could contribute from the sidelines when it comes to looking for a solution in syria. what do you make of that? >> iran has been contributing to this conflict for quite some time. not the way we want. iran is the key ally, supporter of the syrian regime. one thing that kerry is doing is acknowledging that iran is a major player here. this is again, kind of conceding to iran we acknowledge that you are a major player in this and that we are look iing for a negotiated settlement. what iran is going to demand is
1:40 pm
assad to remain in power in some form. i mean, this this whole thing is going to blow up. it's another kml of one of the many places where the middle east is dissent grating where john kerry could be paying more attention to. he's got five balls in the air. but it's amazing the pace at which things are day sint grating. when we come back, all the tech gadgets you'll need in 2014 and cars that don't need you at all. we'll go to vegas for the latest from the consumers electronic show. and "saturday night live" no longer has to rely on guest. stars to play the first lady. no black women are in the cast. we'll meet the new cast member who will change that in the pop culture lead. olive garden's signature favorites now just ten dollars weeknights are for favorites. including everyone's favorite fettuccine alfredo and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad,
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welcome back. in other national news, entertainmented a ticks have the oscars, sports fans have the super bowl, but it doesn't get big e for techies than the consumer electronics show in vegas. people are gathering to dazzle us with their new inventions. will this be the year where somebody unveils a transporter? time to beam up the senior editor of who is live from las vegas. are they selling phones that sound like scarlet johansson? >> i'm working on that. once my company finishes that up, i'll make sure you get the first one if that's what you
1:45 pm
want. >> you say wearable technology is all the rage. what do you mean by that? >> when we talk about wearables, we're starting off with some of the fitness bands that you have seen. the nike fuel band. we have started to see that be. a gateway where big tech companies are, okay, we're going to take these wristbands and take them to the next level to smart watches, other types of things that track your sleep patterns and even just your heart rate. that's one of the major themes here. every company under the sun, small and large, are pushing the wearables on the consumer. we haven't really truly embrace ed it yet, so we'll have to see if that catches on. >> what kind of advances can we expect in this idea of smart technology? >> smart technology, when we talk about smart appliances, think about a crock pot or a toothbrush that can talk to your phone and control it it remotely or get information from it.
1:46 pm
these are smart allianppliancea. that's another initiative that's getting pushed out. the smart phone is the center to all of this. that's what you'll be able to use to check out when the crock pot is done or where your laundry is at. so this connected home or this idea of all these devices talking to each other through your phone, that's another big theme we're seeing. >> so you have your smart phone and you press a few buttons and you're doing house work but you're not even at your house or wake up and press a button and your coffee maker turns on? >> exactly. even there's a product where i can go to my phone and change the temperature of my apartment so it's nice and warm when i come home. that's what we do with these products now. they are all connected to the internet and allows us to do a the lot of things. >> what have you heard about the latest and greatest in cars? >> we have always talked about
1:47 pm
connected cars. cars being able to bring in apps and data of that nature. cars really in 2014 they kind of going to make this leap where some cars will have 4g chips kind of like the chip that you have in your phone to download data to get information. that's going to open it up because in the past they used a satellite link. the data is going to get there faster and it's like having the same data on your phone and then you have things like android coming out with cars. so now our cars are really becoming more familiar with the devices that we use every day. it's going to give us more access. maybe more distractions, but also give us more information and entertainment. >> thanks so much. have a blast out there. >> i will. thanks, jake. plenty of movies have heros and villains. what if the bad guys are a bunch of nuns? critics have attacked it's
1:48 pm
unfair to the church. the star fights back right after the break.
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welcome back. celebrities from beyonce to michelle obama might want to stay on their toes for the first time in seven years "saturday night live" added a black female cast member. they have confirmed reports that the she will join the cast in two weeks. she's the first african-american cast member since mya rudolph. keenan thompson said he would no
1:52 pm
longer dress in drag to play female characters. let's see you start off the new year with cartoon characters or by getting scared by evil spirits. apparently a no brainer for movie goers who pushed "frozen" back. the movie took in dlor 20 million in ticket sales. that was just enough to edge out the debut of "paranormal activity." it came in second with $18 million in earnings. not bad considering the flick only took about $5 million to make. it's a movie earning oscar buzz. philamena stars judy dench as a woman who spends 50 years searching for her son. one she had to give up when she was a toddler and she was an unwed teenager. he was adopted into the united states. the common practice in ireland at the time and something of a scandal in ireland. they refused to help her rekek
1:53 pm
with her son. she crosses paths with a journalism who offers to help. >> she had a baby when she was a teen. she's kept it secret for 50 years. >> i thought of him every day. >> the movie is based off a true story written and dmed in the book "the lost child of philamena lee." not knowing he was looking for her too. he grew up in the u.s. to become a lawyer. i don't want to spoil anymore of the movie. there are many details i'm not going to disclose for those who want to see the film. producer, writer and co-star of "philamena" joins us. you're nominated for a golden globe for best screen play. congratulations. the film has been widely well received. i saw it yesterday. very powerful. you do vm critics.
1:54 pm
"the new york post" perhaps chief among them. i want to read part of what he said. the film doesn't mention that in 1952 ireland both mother and child's life would have been ruined and the nuns are giving both a chance at a fresh start that both in real life enjoy. this is a diabolical film straight up. what's your wre action to that kind of criticism? >> well, i think if t"the new york post" had given me a good critique, i would be more worried. i think kyle makes two mistakes. one, he says that some of those homes provided somewhere for these destitute single mothers back in the 1950s and '60s. but the reason they were ostracized by their families and their communities was because of the very church that he claims to look after them.
1:55 pm
so the church may have been part of the solution, but they were also part of the problem. he doesn't mention that. >> because of catholic dogma saying you shouldn't have out of wedlock sex. >> because of distorted catholic dogma and distortion of the catholic faith that let's those situations happen. and also to say it's an attack on catholics, i think the problem with when you write for a tabloid, you have a reductive nature where it's either this or that. the film is quite nuanced. the end of the movie, phil philamena lee forgives the perpetrators of this misdemeanor against her. she shows her faith has dignity. in fact, if you were so inclined, the blue collar
1:56 pm
putting the smug liberal intellectual in his place. he's selective. >> there's a criticism on the other side as well, especially abroad where it's raised a public discussion over what is without question a scandal over how adoptions were handled in ireland in that era. manics flynn, a city counsellor, says it lets the ireland government off the hook too much and the scandal is present day because there's been no one paying their dues to paying their mothers. how do you respond to that criticism? >> if you're getting it from both sides, you must be doing something right. i think that's valid. in the film you can only tell so much of the story and you can't go into all the political details of it. we were mindful of the fact we didn't -- the film is about something that happened to philamena herself and how
1:57 pm
individuals deal with things -- actions against them. what we didn't want to do is get into the idea of finger wagging from the present day against misdeeds of the past. that's an easy thing to do. we really didn't want to do that. we sort of steer away from that. it's more about how really it's a discussion about faith. it's about how you can be secular and nonreligious and you can love and respect people who have religious views. it's about tolerance more than anything. >> i can understand why it's controversial, but it is a very well made and the story itself just the true story, i was amazed after seeing the film to go back and read up on the actual story, real read the actual book and find out how much is actually true. you were raised catholic. you identify as an atheist now, but you were raised catholic. your parents fostered children. you went to catholic high
1:58 pm
school. >> that's right. >> what's been your own experience and as a lapsed, former catholic has this been difficult for you with people criticizing it it as anti-catholic. >> it was very important to me to, as i said, not to use a hammer to crack a nut. i do have issues with the catholic church, but i also r k recognize that we can learn from religion. even the secular people can learn from religion. really no one has a monopoly on wisdom. i didn't have a bad experience. i had a good experience. i had a good education. the values i was given by my parents who are still very catholic. they enabled me to write a film like this. it was important that although there were criticisms, that's the institution of the church that people are simple faith and dignified in the movie. philamena played by judy dench, shows at the end of the movie that there's something dignified
1:59 pm
and noble about living a simple, virtuous life. in some ways, the scandals that engulfed the church, some of the victims apart pr the direct victims of these scandals, the sex scandals in particular, some of the victims are those people who lived these quiet lives of simple faith who are forgotten in the melee. the film is a tribute to them as a criticism of parts of the church. >> thank you so much. good luck at the golden globes. >> thank you very much. there are not the dream team. they would have made a sweep fantasy hoops team in 1997. dennis rodman arrived in north korea today. he came with a roster of former nba stars to celebrate kim jong-un's birthday. >> we want to interact with him. he loves sports. i like the guy. the guy is awesome to me. that's about it. no more. >> the team's made up of many
2:00 pm
guys who could ball back in the day and ended up on reality tv like cliff robinson and kenny anderson. and doug christie, who recently announced he and his wife were aproducing porn og pi. happening now, 2014, a reset back from vacation. president obama atems to jump start his second term. his showdown could be less than one hour away. the pope and politics when pope francis, washington listens. and basketball party. dennis rodman heads back to north korea to help kim jong-un celebrate his birthday. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."