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tv   AC 360 Later  CNN  January 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> i want to arrange a freestyle battle between alex trebek and wolf blitzer. welcome to "ago 360 later." the country stays frozen, dennis rodman melts down and the cake boss joins us. we begin with andrew sullivan founder of the dish. jeffrey toobin, and pamela brown, in the middle of a blizzard near buffalo. in minneapolis, stephanie elam. pamela, how cold is it? >> reporter: anderson, it's the kind of cold where your cheeks hurt, your teeth hurt. we're dealing with a trifecta of
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the cold and the whipping winds and of course, the snow. in fact, this blizzard warning has been effect here in buffalo since last night. it's expected to two through tomorrow morning. there hasn't been a blizzard warning here in buffalo since 1993. despite that, residents here, they're no strangers to winter weather. this is a lot, anderson, that it's a ghost town. you see here around me, there's no cars on the roads. all the businesses are closed. people are heeding those warnings and hunkering down, san diego inside. authorities are saying that's a big reason why they believe there haven't been any big injuries or they haven't seen many cases dealing with frostbite, hypothermia. so far, there haven't been any deaths. it is very dangerous.
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officials said on one highway, there were 50 stranded cars there, and they had to help rescue the passengers on snowmobiles. officials couldn't even be in their cars because it was too dangerous on the roads. the sabres hockey game was cancelled tonight. first time in 13 years. >> pamela, they're expecting i heard three feet, but chad myers said as much as five feet of snow. >> reporter: yes. we were expecting to see about three feet of snow here, anderson. right now, we're not really seeing those totals we thought we would see. there's about 10 inches. a big reason is lake erie, there's ice on the lake now, which is affecting the lake-effect snow. so the warmth of the water isn't creating the accumulation that we thought we would see. it feels like negative 21 degrees here. so i guess the best word is brutal. best way to sum it up.
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>> stephanie blew all of our minds last night on the program by turning hot water, which he threw from a cup, and made it into snow. that's her last night. i watched that on replay late into the night last night. just blew my mind. there it is again. we talked earlier tonight, it was too warm for that. so it's significantly warmer tonight? >> reporter: it's negative 1. and you know what? i never thought that negative 1 would feel so awesome, but it does. it feels a lot better. i'm starting to get this whole psyche out here, it's not so bad, it's 20 degrees, i'll wear my wind breaker. just to show you how much we were trying to make you happy, anderson, it's just water. no flames. it's just fertilizer we brought from a retailer. but we're trying to make snow and it's just water. we sprayed this t-shirt. as you can see, it's nice and
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frozen in just a little bit of time. so still cold enough to freeze your shirt off of you if that's your thing. >> and how long is this bad expected there? >> reporter: it's starting to warm up. by thursday, it's supposed to be a whole 20 degrees. never thought that would sound hot. that sounds hot. so they're going to be fine by the end of the week, above freezing by the end of the week. >> now we turn to dennis rodman. we have to talk about him, unfortunately. alleged friend of north korea's dictator, kim jong-un. americans in jail, american citizen in jail, kenneth bay. dennis rodman, that's his friend apparently. the former nba great in north
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korea on a good will mission, was asked about one of those jailed americans, kenneth bay this morning. watch what happened. >> you do have a relationship with this man. you said it many times. we've seen it demonstrated, for whatever reason. are you going to take an opportunity, if you get it, to speak up for the family of kenneth bay and to say, let us know why this man is being held? that this is wrong, he is sick. if you can help, will you take the opportunity? >> the one thing about politics, kenneth bay -- if you understand. if you understand what kenneth bay did, do you understand what he did? >> what did he do? you tell me, what did he do? >> no, you tell me! you tell me! why is he held captive? >> they haven't released any charges. they haven't released any reasons. >> listen -- >> let me do this.
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i would love to speak on this -- >> go ahead. >> you know, you've got ten guys here, ten guys here that have left their families, left their families to help this country with a sports venture. all these guys here. do anyone understand that? >> we do. and we appreciate that, and we wish them well with -- >> no, no, i'm just saying i don't believe a [ bleep ], i don't give a rat's what the hell you think. >> don't use them for the -- >> they came here -- >> you just basically were saying kenneth bay did something wrong. we don't know what the charges are. don't use these guys as a shield. >> listen, listen -- >> ain't no shield. let me do this! really, really? i'm going to tell you one thing. people around the world, around the world, i'm going to do one thing.
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you're a guy behind a mike right now. we're the guys here doing one thing. we're going to go back to america and take the abuse. do you have to take the abuse? well, we're going to take it. let me know, are you going to take it? we're going to get it. but guess what? one day, one day -- >> the white house refused to dignify his remarks with a comment. he seemed drunk to me or on something. it was incoherent. i read the transcript multiple times. it makes no sense. >> i thought he made several interesting points. >> really? >> no, it was nuts, craziness. he's being used and he's part of
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a spectacle over there and they may be crazy enough in north korea to give him something for going over there. i hope they give him kenneth bay. >> that would be one thing if he was willing to say something to kim jong-un about kenneth bay, but he almost seems to be accusing kenneth bay of having done something wrong. >> he is. it's an absolute disgrace. this person is a disgrace to his country for going out there and selling out a fellow american to this disgusting dictator. at some point, this man is not well. there's something wrong there. and certainly the incoherence of what he was saying suggests that. but look, he's not being used. he's a grownup. he's choosing, choosing to support and associate with one of the most foulest, most disgusting people on the planet. >> he said it's not that bad there yesterday. >> he's talking about the abuse he's going to face.
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you know what abuse the north korean people will face daily? >> you didn't look at him like he's a diplomat. he totally looks drunk. real recognizes real and crazy recognizes crazy. i feel like kim chose him because they're both crazy, and he's there with this group -- those poor players in the background look like they want to disappear. i'm sure they were going to come over, make a it -- make a little money and sneak out. two of the players were fired for drinking. >> the players kept saying and trying to interject saying this is something we've done in taiwan and other places. there's a big difference playing a charity match in taiwan for typhoon victims. this is a birthday present for a dictator who americans should not be celebrating his birthday.
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the man who has killed untold numbers of people. >> what a crazy place to be a loose cannon. if you can execute your uncle -- >> it's also, the other basketball players said we played for typhoon victims elsewhere. it's not as if they're playing for prisoners in a concentration camps. they're playing to the elites. this is not something for the average person in north korea, that they have any access to. it just legitimizes this man's regime. >> it legitimizes it by this cult of celebrity which no one ever says no to. this man is a disgrace and he deserves abuse when he comes home. and yes, the people of north korea deserve better. >> he's obviously not rational or subject to the normal scrutiny of -- he doesn't care what we say. he's obviously crazy. and part of this process that
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he's enjoying the attention, look, i'm a basketball fan. dennis rodman was crazy when he was a player ten years ago. >> he was a great player, though. >> it doesn't mean you're any less crazy. but the reason why he's over there is because he's a crazy person, not because like many basketball players -- >> we're going to continue this discussion. we're going to talk with laura ling, who was captured, tried and sentenced to north korea. we'll talk to her on the other side of the break.
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welcome back. dennis rodman, who melted down today when asked some tough questions about his trip to north korea. take a look. >> no, no, i'm just saying -- [ bleep ]. i don't give a rat's ass what's the hell you think. look at them! >> laura ling joins us. four years ago, she was held and detained for 140 days. as you see dennis rodman, what do you think, particularly what he said about kenneth bay, a man who is being held there now? >> look, he's a whacko, he's a nut. but i don't think anyone expects him to be this ambassador or to
11:16 pm
produce this diplomatic breakthrough. at least we shouldn't. it's like this bizarre reality show, you know, the celebrity and the dictator. i was very disappointed to hear his comments about kenneth bay. clearly, he didn't know what he was talking about. and that's really unfortunate. but with these basketball players being there under this so-called good will mission, i would hope that the north koreans could release kenneth bay as a compassionate gesture. >> how easy would it be for dennis rodman, it would be a great gesture. i spoke with kenneth bay's sister about rodman and her trip and i just want to play that. >> this isn't some game. this is about a person's life.
11:17 pm
father of three, a son and brother, and a husband. dennis rodman, he's not a diplomat, he says it himself, and he's not in a position to pass judgment on kenneth bay. >> laura, from personal experience, an outreach like this can have a big impact. you were able to get out by bill clinton going over there. >> absolutely. i think it was a huge opportunity missed, and this man's life is at stake. but what can you expect from somebody like dennis rodman, who is erratic, whose behavior is erratic -- >> i think you can expect the following of basic decency, which is you do not throw a fellow american under the bulls in front of a dictator. that teams to me to be self-evident. >> laura, we can all agree that
11:18 pm
dennis rodman is the wrong answer. what's the right answer? what can the united states do to try to get kenneth bay back? >> i think that part of our attention has been so focused on dennis rodman. and what's unfortunate is that our attention should be focused on the condition of the north korean people and the humanitarian crisis they've been living in for decades. with regard to kenneth bay, it's a complicated situation, and it's so, you know, mired in politics, unfortunately, that it's, you know, it's -- it really is going to -- there's just no telling what it's going to take. but like i said, the north koreans have the ability to release him as a humanitarian gesture. they've done it in the past. hopefully that is something that will happen soon. >> what was it like being detained and being held captive for so long in north korea?
11:19 pm
on a day-to-day basis, how much contact did you have with what was going on, with any efforts being made to get you out? >> i mean, i had no contact with anyone from the outside world except a few visits with the swedish ambassador. i did know what was going on to some extent from letters i was allowed to see. but there were glimmers of compassion and humanity exhibited towards me from some of my captors. i think a similar connection was felt by them. there's a deep curiosity about the west, and i was allowed to watch television. almost everything on television, it seems is like this anti-u.s. rhetoric and it paints the united states as the enemy. and so for speaking about this basketball diplomacy, for this so-called cultural exchange to happen, perhaps it can introduce the north koreans to a more positive side. and perhaps yield something
11:20 pm
fruitful. that's what i can hope. because this exchange is going to happen. >> the idea that the north koreans think the americans or dennis rodman is -- that's -- >> that's a caricature. >> also speaking out more coherently than dennis rodman is former defense secretary robert gates. he's written a scathing memoir about congress, hillary clinton, joe biden and president obama. we'll tell you about that ahead. talking about afghanistan, he writes, as i sate there, i thought the president doesn't trust his commander, doesn't believe in his own strategy and doesn't consider the war to be his. for him, gates writes, it is all about getting out. mr. obama's management style
11:21 pm
comes in for criticism. gates writes, his white house was by far the most controlling in national security of any i had seen since nixon and kissing er ruled the roost. jim sciutto joins the panel now. jim, were you surprised he's writing a book already about a sitting president that's that scathing? >> i've been talking to a lot of officials still inside the administration tonight in terms of their reaction. you get a sense many will say this is washington. ex-officials write sometimes critical about their bosses and former colleagues. but this goes far in his criticism. he said president obama sent troops to war in afghanistan knowing that the policy was a failure. that's an aggressive thing to say about a sitting commander in chief. he said that the vice president of the united states has gotten every, in his words, every major foreign policy and national security wrong over the last four decades. that's a very personal thing.
11:22 pm
so this is, as you look at it, it does not look like your typical political memoir. >> he writes that he was seething throughout much of the time. we always saw him as placid. he says he was seething at everything he was seeing behind the scenes. what do you make? >> it's not what i would expect from bob gates. i would expect it from some other people, but this man, who i think served his country extremely well and very ably, and seemed to get along with everybody around him and was a wonderful communicator to the public, the fact that he was enraged the entire time. i find it hard to understand. he says at a certain point that he agrees with most of the actual decisions that obama took in foreign policies, yet swings at him. to say that there was something wrong about obama trying to get out of afghanistan, when he was elected to get us out of afghanistan. >> that's the thing that struck
11:23 pm
me about the criticism of obama for being committed to getting people -- the troops out of afghanistan. first of all, obama, as andrew just said, promised to get us out of afghanistan. and second, most americans want us out of afghanistan. so why is that sort of politically inflammatory. isn't that praise? >> you saw in the book, as andrew said, he did say that the president got many of these calls right. he also praises the president's decision making in a number of places in the book, saying that he made decisions that were opposed by advisers and by the democratic base. he also calls the decision to launch the raid that killed osama bin laden in his words, the most courageous political decision he's seen during his time in the white house serving half a dozen presidents and a call that gates admits he wasn't willing to make. so there are contradictory parts of his story.
11:24 pm
>> he also recounts hillary clinton, a conversation he witnessed when hillary clinton and president obama in which hillary clinton said that her opposition to the surge in iraq was political, it was during the primary season and she was facing a tough primary challenge. and that he seems to indicate president obama kind of agreed with that. did that surprise you? do you think it does damage to hillary clinton? >> that struck me -- i read that part of the book. i bet hillary clinton would have a very different interpretation of that conversation. to stay that politics takes place in washington i don't think is a big scoop. but also the idea that the entire reason she opposed the surge was because of the campaign. i just find that sort of hard to believe. i bet she would have a different interpretation. >> it's brutal for biden saying biden has gotten everything wrong for the past three decades.
11:25 pm
>> four decades. >> i think that was the most scathing. >> the question is why the gratuitous insults? it's just not in his character. >> that's why it's so fascinating. we're seeing him in a whole other light. he talks about testifying in front of congress saying at one point he wanted to get up and throw his briefing book down and say that no american should talk to anybody like this. >> having covered a lot of congressional hearings, i'm sorry he didn't do that, because congressional hearings are so awful. the posturing, the ignorance, the grand standing on the part of the congressman, and women, is so appalling. and the administration officials, democrat, republican, have to sit there and listen to this. you know, i have a lot of sympathy for that view. >> the one thing i found odd is he didn't like the fact that the president challenged the
11:26 pm
military chiefs. he thought they weren't respected. i want a president to talk to his military chiefs and disagree with them. >> there's people around the president, the way he says they spoke to the military chiefs, sort of belittling -- >> that's a subjective interpretation. >> we have to take a break. up next, the cake boss joins us. also ahead, florida state's football team the new national champs. one tweet about the quarterback's performance scored a lot of controversy. that's ahead.
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florida state beat auburn. >> i ran from here to that game. >> it was the mother of alabama's quarterback who took some issue with florida state's quarterback during his post game interview. the mother of a.j. mccarron tweeted am alisti listening to english. here is what winston said during
11:33 pm
the interview which aired. >> after struggling through the first half, what was the bigst adjustment. >> we had to go back to playing florida state football. we were us be bigger than the game. we were kbbigger than the game. can't nobody be bigger than this game. we did that. we came out victorious. >> you had an embrace with your coach. what did you guys share in that moment? >> we champions. can say we a champions together and through everything we went through, through all that haters, through every single thing, we came out victorious and god did this. i'm so blessed. he's so blessed. all the stuff he handle with ethan and he coach us. that touch me. it's nobody but god. >> ethan being the reference to his son. you said it once, you said if we're going to do it big. how big is this moment?
11:34 pm
>> happy birthday. my cousin is in afghanistan watching this game. i'm proud to say i'm a florida sate s state seminole. >> she deleted the tweet. a lot of people said her comment was racist. it was not meant that way. i apologize if it offended anyone. for winston, he took a moment this afternoon to post this. for the people that criticize the way i talk, this is for y'all. the florida state seminoles are national champions. that is all. he speaks well. >> he's a heisman trophy winner and he just played the most amazing game. he's a kid. >> i thought he did great. >> when he mentioned his cousin in afghanistan as watching, that
11:35 pm
was a championship moment and this is a young boy that just played the game of his life and for an adult woman to do that, i thought it was really cheap. >> isn't it like the parents that go to the kids games and take it way more seriously than the kids do. >> at least tshe's the hater sh talking about. >> sometimes you get stereo typed people think you aren't smart or you can't contribute. for her to say that was uncalled for. that's just the way some people talk. if everybody around you talks like that, you grow up, it's like i'm from jersey. this is my accent. >> after winning a huge game to be able to speak extemporaneously, i speak in incoherent
11:36 pm
>> that's the great public official apology. i'm sorry if i offended you. >> i was taken out of context, and if i offended anybody, i'm sorry. >> she's a sore loser. >> if you watched every minute of the game, you saw what a dramatic finish it was. so you can see why auburn -- >> my mom recently said to me, i'm going to get on twitter. i was like no, no, no. >> are you kidding me? my industry is in fashion. do not stop her from being on twitter. >> there was not only the
11:37 pm
game -- >> you get to a certain age where you don't care what people think. >> that's why she doesn't need to be on twitter. >> i don't really want my mom involved in the vitriol to people directed on twitter. for everybody on line, there's this level of vitriol and just general nastiness. >> i thought that was a real important piece. amanda writes about sex and other topics, so it's a subject men seem to lose their heads about, and the abuse she's got, it's different with men and women. that's what is so interesting
11:38 pm
about this piece is women get a level of abuse on the web that men don't. >> the culture is structured for male white heterosexual christian dominance. so the further away you are from that construct, the more abuse, the more -- it's so difficult to navigate. imagine being a woman of color, a muslim woman with a voice. the world hasn't -- >> you live your entire life online except when you're here. what is it about being online that makes people so angry?
11:39 pm
>> there should be many more women involved -- >> there should be many more men coming to their support. >> as far as, you know, when people stay online, people are
11:40 pm
tougher online because they ain't going to stair you in the face. they become any little geeky guy behind the computer and they don't say it to your face. i remember when cake boss first aired, i got -- i was reading the blogs, i was reading online. the person from tlc, the publicist said to me, whatever you do, don't read it. trust me when i tell you, most of the people who comment online are haters. >> we have never allowed comment for 14 years. and we've had polls of readers that say do you want comment? and 2-1 they say no comments. >> it's not face to face and it's anonymous. your picture is not there, so
11:41 pm
you are an egg. if you look at people's twitter, it's just one vicious thing after another. >> the sexual violence is so intense. and when there's racial things on top. so something is happening to you, if you add, you know, if you're a transwoman, imagine what kind of comments you get. it gets deeper and thicker and harder. >> you have to deal with it, we have to fight back. >> we have to take a break -- >> they have to stand up publicly. >> i've got a 10-year-old daughter who has a cell phone. she can go on twitter and there's all this stuff there. it's a shame. what do you tell your kids? >> stick around, everyone. after the break, the visit that omaha union's police union posted on the web.
11:42 pm
it stars a doppler in a diaper exchanging curse words with adults.
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
welcome back. we are eating pastries with buddy here, and the rest of our panel. in nebraska, the police officers association is under fire over a video posted on its website that
11:46 pm
illustrates a cycle of thuggery in omaha's community. it shows a young child swearing back at adults. listen. >> obviously, the video has upset a lot of people and the fact that the police put the video online. >> there was adults, i question that in listening to the people that are holding the camera. they do not sound like adults. they do not sound like they're stable. and the fact that he put that up as an example of what? to do what? i feel like shaming is never a good tactic. if you really are wanting to stop the cycle of violence, how
11:47 pm
does that do that? and for us, the word "thug" is code for black. it's so riddled with -- it's so disturbing. like what's the point? >> honestly, i mean, my problem with the video is black, white or whatever. you've got good black, good white, it doesn't matter what color you are. for me, when you see something like that, what chances does that child have in life? where are they going to go? >> it did sound like one of the people was the child's mother. >> why don't you think to call children's services or help rather than putting up -- it's exploitive. what's the end goal? >> i see your point, but what do we do as a society to fix that?
11:48 pm
i do a lot of work, you know, in inner cities, in newark, where now mayor booker, and you see some of these kids and you feel bad. i was at a toy drive in downtown jersey city and you feel like you want them, you know, and there's good and bad. it's not all black, it's not all spanish, it's a mix. >> but your inspiration was to help. i don't feel like that that was the inspiration for putting that up. >> you seem to be denying those people were abusing that child. >> that's why i said there was child services. to me they sounded like teen parents. >> but that is adults. >> not necessarily. do you hear them? i feel like this is about child abuse versus -- >> they're not 13, 14 years old. >> but they do not sound stable.
11:49 pm
>> a lot of poor families in difficult circumstances are not stable. >> exactly. >> i've lived in a neighborhood for 20 years which had a huge amount of crime and still does to some extent. and i see young kids growing up, and you look at them and you see it harden over the years. all i do is i help fund a local after school arts and crafts thing to keep these kids off the street. part of the problem is keeping them from their parents. >> but you can't shame them into changing. you can't shame parents who abuse into changing. >> we have to acknowledge the stuff is happening. >> is that the right environment and the right presentation? >> is pretending that this bad things don't exist in families. the question here is, why is this video public? whose possible interest does
11:50 pm
that serve and what does it say about the people who released it? >> i agree. >> also, of course, you want to try to help this kid and have somebody who knows what they're doing intercede. >> let's take a quick break. up next, some stories you might have missed today. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713.
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welcome back. time now for "what's your story". andrew? >> the students are revolting in east side catholic middle school in washington, because the vice principal, very well liked guy, gay guy, actually got married. and the marriage, not being gay, it's the marriage that got him fired. >> he was fired because he got married? >> and he revealed today that in conversations with his boss, the catholic church advised him if he got a divorce, he might be able to be re-employed. but the kids, they're sitting in, they're protesting and it's spreading around schools. >> what's your story? >> i'm a big kung fu movie fan. saturday mornings were "soul train" and kung fu movies. that was my childhood.
11:55 pm
>> i read his name today. >> fun fun. and his brother was fun me. if it weren't for him, we wouldn't know bruce lee. >> was he a director? >> he was a producer and he had a huge production company, huge. he's a mogul in china. he did lots of community service. he would like walk into parties at 90 years old with chicks on his arm. but kung fu movies are such a part of american culture. i'm still obsessed with bruce lee. >> all right. what's your story? >> we talked about it at 8:00. retro report, former reporter for "the washington post" told the story of the 1971 break-in of an fbi office in pennsylvania where the perpetrators have revealed themselves after 40 years. it's an amazing tale and it's a
11:56 pm
real sort of footnote to the history of the late '60s, early '70s and the exposure of j. edgar hoover's misdeeds. >> you still don't think it was right? >> i don't think it was right but it's an interesting story. and twitter, come after me. >> we're out of time. buddy, great to have you on the program. >> thank you. a pleasure. thank you guys so much. these are awesome. are you cooking every day? >> i bake all the time. that's what i do. >> you've got to wake up early to bake. >> i'm in between 6:00 and 7:00 every morning. >> just a great service to humanity. >> we love it. everybody loves cake. >> who doesn't love cake? >> buddy, thank you very much. our best to the panel. that does it for "ago 360 later." we'll see you tomorrow night.
11:57 pm
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. this is piers morgan live. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight i say this is the thing that's making all the trouble right now. the polar vortex. under the wind chill tonight's temperatures could plunge to the lowest yet. not just uncomfortable, it's downright dangerous not just for people. i'll talk to the cue rater of the national zoo who is moving animals inside as we report now. philippe cousteau is here to explain why it's too cold even for some polar bears. plus you heard this from dennis rodman this morning. >> do you understand what kenneth bae did? do you understand what he did? >> what did he do? you tell me. >> to his country. no no no you tell me. you tell me.