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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 11, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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is bad behavior. >> on the note of the child, jeff, the child is 2 years old and can he get into the good home and be okay, and forget all of this? i mean, is he young enough to block all of this out? >> well, it is vitally important that the child and the mother get help. she is a child herself, and i believe that is starting to happen. holly is absolutely correct, the police union was disgraceful by doing this, and they are race-baiting, and it is absolutely wrong. we need to help the child help the mother, and not instill fear within the community the. >> and help that child, amen to that. and jeff and holly, thank you so muc much. >> thank you. >> thank you. and your "cnn newsroom," and i'm kyra phillips and hundreds of thousands of people are desperate for answers as officials say it is going to be days before they will be able to
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use their tap water. in west virginia, 75,000 gallons of a toxic chemical has leaked into drinking water. this means no bathing or cooking or brushing your teeth, and things that people depend on. and aaron mcpike is in washington, and the department of homeland security has sent truckloads of fresh water, but it is not going to last long. so do we have any idea with when this is going to be over? >> well, kyra, well, they are going to have to keep doing that for a while, because it seems likett is go oing to take days. take a listen to what jeff mcintyre said earlier today, and he is the president of west virginia american water. >> i would expect that we are talking about days. our teams are out, and we have employees that have worked this system and extremely knowledgeable of the system and out collecting the samples, and looking at the flushing activities at this time, but we are talking days.
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>> and in addition to those days, what they are going to be doing is to be testing the water supply, but they can't deem it safe to use until they produce a number of tests that say it is safe, kyra. so that the truckloads of water have to be what the people rely on for a long time. on top of that, businesses throu throughout charleston and the surrounding areas are closed as well. so there is a significant economic impact as well as the daily life impact, and of course, the health impact of the thousands off people who are sick after being exposed to the wat water. >> we will definitely continue to follow the story. erin, thank you. and baseball superstar alex rodriguez has won a partial victory in fighting his suspension to steroid use. but he is not happy about it. an arbitrator upheld most of the suspension, but he reduced the 211-game penalty to 162 games
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which includes the 2014 season and the playoffs. rodriguez will be 44 years old if he decides to come back to play for the yankees in 2015 and no easy task for a guy with a lot of injuries in the recent year years. we will talk about this to terrence moore who is a columnist for and what do you think? is he going to play baseball again? >> he is done. and start with this. alex rodriguez gave one of the quotes of 2013 when he said that bud selig hates my guts, and bud se lig is the commissioner of baseball and guess what? he hates his guts. this is all designed to get him out of major league baseball, and people talk about the 211-game suspension, but it is a figure that baseball put down out, there because they knew it would be reduced to this, and as you point out, if he comes back in 2015, not only nearly 44 years old, with but two surgery repaired hips and has not played
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more than 134 games for two years. >> and when these guys get busted for performance enhancing drugs, that just changes the dynamic of how good are they? do the records matter? should they be paid all of that money? and fans are outraged, what are we watching? what are we get inting? >> and that is what has been said, alex rodriguez had the chance to be the greatest of all time, an lifetime batting average of .299 and over 600 home runs and now he is headed to be the biggest cheat challenging barry bonds and roger clemens, and yet on this side, these guys knew what they were doing, and it is difficult to feel sorry for them. >> when you say the biggest cheat, could this finally put the change in motion where the players are, okay, let's go back to the old days, where, you know, the days of what, babe ruth, where he was known to put back a few cocktails. >> that is not going to happen. it is all about getting the edge
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and do what you can to get it rig right. >> and so even when baseball's greatest, one of the greatest players, okay, is going through this -- >> true. >> it is not going to make a dent? >> well, answer it this way, this guy, alex rodriguez is still saying he is innocent, and his version of saying "i'm not a crook," i did not have sex with that woman" and "i was blindsided by what happened on that bridge." and that is why he is not respected by the peers and even people came out to say they respect the process which is a slap to the a-rod, and here is a guy who does not get it except in this sense, a lot of people think it is about money, and he is trying to get as much as he can and he signed the original $275 million contract, and now he is going to be out only $25 million, and i say only, because he is still going to have $61 million in the bank after all of this is cleared up. >> so, he is never going to have
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money problems, but he sure loses face on so many levels, too. and the greatest game, right? >> but these guys, apparently, they don't care about that. and i'm a baseball hall of fame voter, and this is the thing that we go through every year for some of us, because it sas s on the ballot the voting part of it is that you have to consider integrity and character, and that is why i will never ever vote for anybody who is tainted by this steroid crisis. >> but what about the individuals who have not been tainted, because that is interesting, you actually vote. >> yes. >> and is there a time when you are going through and thinking, boy, i wonder if he, or he -- >> it is all of of the time. it is all of the time. >> and doesn't it put doubt into the process. >> well, i don't know about the process, because it is the best vote prog cess, and we get it right more often than don't, but the guys who don't get in this time like fred mcgriff. >> and mike piazza. >> and fred mcgriff, no votes out there for him, and he has the numbers to deserve to be in
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there, but is system is still good, regardless of all of this, because it is meant to be a very selective process, and that what we do, very selective, and last year, nobody got in. and the basketball hall of fame, if you can breathe and dribble a little bit, you are eligible to be in the basketball hall of fame. >> oh, no, we are going to have a war now between all of the basketball fans, what is terrence talking about? get that guy off of television. i know you will be back tomorrow. looking forward to it, terrence. and now overseas, israel is preparing a state funeral, and prime minister ariel sharon died today. the last eight years of his life spent in a coma, and the israeli public will begin to pay their last respects when sharon will lie in the kanessett, and thet president did send his condolence, and the american
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delegation will be sent to his funeral. another major retailer says that some of your info is stolen, and the scammers are taking advantage of the situation. and also, cars that drive and park themselves, and new iphone case that doubles as the stun gun. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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well, the target store chain says it looks like the credit card store breach is worse than reer ported. here is the new figure, 70 million customers may have had their personal information hacked, personal phone numbers and echt mail and other addresses, and now another store says it has a serious security issue. niemann marcus. in the height of the holiday shopping season, they say that hackers got into their programming system, and started grabbing information. how many customers? we don't know.
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and jennifer is watching it for us today. and so for those who use the niemann marcus card, what do you say to them? sgel w it >> well, it is difficult to know how concerned people should be, because we don't know how many numbers have been taken, and with target, the investigation is farther along and we have the new information that 70 million people had other information taken aside are from the credit card numbers like their name and phone number and e-mail address and mailing address, and we will find out what happened with niemann marcus, and the days to come. it happened in mid--december when niemann marcus learned about a possible security breach, and that is when they informed the police, and they started to work with the secret servi service, and the forensic team, and it took until december 31st for them to determine it was a security breach, and they were the victim of a cyber security
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breach and so were their customer customers. again, at this point, we don't know how widespread or how many customer customers are affected, and we are still waiting to find out what the time frame was of when that security breach happened. niemann marcus has issued this statement, we have begun to contain the intrusion, and have taken significant steps to ep hance further information security, and that is important, because of course, they want to protect against another security breach. >> as you know, i was impacted by the target situation and my bank was proactive and same thing with niemann marcus? >> well, it seems that the banks are being proactive and instead of waiting for the fraud, they are taking care of it on the front end and these are two letters that people got recently from their banks and one had a new credit card attached to the letter. >> that is one of the employee, and he said, i got my new card. >> right. and another employee got this letter saying that you will receive a new card in ten business days, and so to wait
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until fraud happens on the credit card, they are going to i issue them a new card, and of course, if you have questions or get a letter like this, and is this new card legitimate, call the bank or the credit card company and who sent it to you, and make sure that they did in fact send it to you, and that is the one that you should be using. >> jennifer, great advice. thanks. and some of the hottest gadgets that we will be seeing in the copping years were at the las vegas electronics consumer show. and there is a new car that is going to be get 180 miles per gallon, and new wearables, devices that help you run or n monitor every bodily function that you can think of and probably a few that you can't. tech expert katy linendohl was there. >> and to your point, i saw everything from a smart toothbrush to solar-powered car and you have to say, whoa, this
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is incredible. and one theme from last year to this year is 4k tvs, and people say, what is that? well, the reader's digest, it is four times the resolution of the hdtv we have in our homes, and also bendable screens. c curve screens were announced by the biggest company, and they say that they have a better viewing angle and reduce the graer glar glare, and if you are saying, oh, i just got a new tv, don't fear, because that thing is $70,000. and 4k tvs were the rage this year. >> and $70,000, maybe not. and with the price of the components dropping, we are seeing the start-up companies making smaller devices like small cameras, and you wear them? that is what made a splash this year? >> yes, a lot of the wear cameras. and gopro is the one to catch there, and liquid images came up with a line of underwater going
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ls, and you can take some 380 pixels, but this is what got me, this is an eagle live wi-fi streaming capable, and imagine being out there, and i can see you using this, and the viewers will send you a link, and you can show them what you see live. and you think of conflicts as a journalists or going underwater, and being able to stream live is cool capable. >> my gosh, and then you wonder, is anybody tracking? that is another issue. and what about the health world? it is getting into the tech game, right? >> big into the tech game, and i have to tell you that 35 football fields full of gadgets, and half of them were health and f fitness gadgets, and what is cool about the consumers is that there is no shortage of options for different fit gadgets. this is vivo fit, and it has a
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one-year battery life. it connects you with other users to give you rewards and water resistant to 164 feet, and if you are on the computer, and it says, hey, why don't you move around a little bit, because it monitors your inactivity, and this sucker here, i pulled their entire booth. and if you had braces like i did, and it is a pain in the butt and this is called ak sellerdent which will cut your braces time in half. and it is a little gadget that caught my attention on the show floor. >> and this is like information overload! okay. how about this, our phones, turning into stun guns? that is what caught my attention. >> okay. so i was blown away by the fact that yellow jacket case which is starting at $100, and it is a stun gun built right into the phone, and i fact checked it again, and it said 950,000
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volts, andly tell you that in nevada it was legal and i was playing with it burk i want to pass on the education that i received. you cannot bring this into new york or new jersey and you have to check your state, but what a cool safety feature to take with you, and yes, a stun gun iphone case. >> and i have had a couple of friends mugged for the iphone, and that would have come in handy indeed. well, it is exciting stuff, katy. thank you so much. >> thank you. and coming up, we are talking pot. your pot seized from criminals and repurchased for medical use, and how the medical marijuana law in new york has shortcomings that advocates are worried about. i will have that story and much more in two minutes. connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs will shift your perception. this is the pursuit of perfection. of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street
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now just $10. including everyone's favorite fettuccine alfredo and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad, and warm breadsticks. signature favorites now just ten dollars, monday through thursday, at olive garden. so where might the supply come from for new york's new medical marijuana laws? well, some medical marijuana's advocates are are speaking out for the governor's push to legalize it. this is an odd way to go about it, and how did it turn out like this, rosa? >> well, the governor revived an old law from the 1980s, and you know what worked in the 1980s, it does not necessarily work in 2014. and advocates will tell you that if the source of the marijuana is in fact, marijuana e seized from criminals, it is not going to help h many patients, because they will tell you that a lot of the patients, especially
3:22 pm
children need it, a particular strain of marijuana to treat their illnesses. >> are you so happy? >> reporter: for missy miller, every second with her 14-year-old son oliver in their long island home is a gift. he had a stroke in utero, and leaving him with a brain stem injury, and including having seizures. sometimes he has hundreds a day. >> okay. okay. >> reporter: oliver takes a dozen medications, and some with debilitating side effects. >> we have had side effects where he developed a blood clotting complication, and almost died. >> reporter: nothing has really worked to reduce the seizures, and that is why miller started to researching a strain of medical marijuana called charlotte's web. >> in is the strain that is saving children's lives. >> reporter: but it is illegal in new york, and she is considering a move to california where it is legal. wednesday's announcement by
3:23 pm
governor andrew cuomo could keep her in new york. >> we will establish a program allowing up to 20 hospitals to prescribe medical marijuana. >> reporter: and through executive power he is going to revive a law from 1980 to legalize marijuana and the problem is that the supply will come from street pot seized from criminals and repurposed for medical are reasons, according to richard godfrey. >> the hospital will have to analyze it as to the strength, and make sure it does not have insecticides in it or other problem, and that is expensive and labor sbintensive. >> reporter: and one opponent sees a different issue, a law driven by politics. >> well, serious questions can be raised about using a political vehicle to achieve the use of a prescribable medication in america. >> reporter: cultivating marijuana in new york is
3:24 pm
illegal. under the old law the marijuana would come from the fda, but god freed says that won't happen, and that is why he is pushing for comprehensive medical marijuana legislation since 1987 to cultivate and license specific train, and he says under the current law tens of thousands of new yorkers could be left with medical marijuana that is unsuitable for their use. and missy miller says that her son is one of them. and cnn has made multiple calls to the governor and asking specifically about the source of the medical marijuana and where it could woman come from and as of this broadcast, our phone calls have not been returned, and as for oliver, his mother says that the specific strain that he needs is charlotte's web, and it is dispensed as an oil, and the fact that it is found out on the street confiscated by the police is very unlike ly.
3:25 pm
kyra? >> well, gosh, as soon as you began that piece with oliver, and that is what put it all in perspective for me and just the mother everyday. i mean, that many seizures, and -- what -- >> well, i can tell you. she is so amazingly strong, kyra. i about broke out crying while we were doing that interview, because he does get these seizures every single day, and sometimes it is hundred s a ds and that woman is so strong, and she stays calm and collected and she knows that she has to do that, because when it comes to a severe epileptic seizure, she has to respond and she has medication that would then help him, so you are absolutely right. i'll not a mo eth-- not a mothe but as a woman, seeing this is incredibly moving. >> i will tell you as a mom, it moved me tremendously watching that. and let me ask you, what are the
3:26 pm
chances that a comprehensive marijuana bill would pass the state legislature? >> well, it is a point of contention here in the state of new york. but all of these advocates are keeping their fingers crossed, because that is what they say would solve these issues. they were hoping that the governor would make an announcement in the state of the state address, and when he made the announcement about the medical marijuana that he would actually endorse comprehensive medical marijuana bill publicly, and he did not do that, and so the advocates feel that they are back to ground zere e row, and they are going back on monday to lobby at the state legislature to keep lobbying for medical marijuana comprehensive bill in the state of new york. >> we will follow it with you, rosa, and send out amazing extra love to oliver and his amazing mom for sure. coming up next -- >> downtown charleston is an absolute ghost town as thousands of people continue to deal with the no usable running water.
3:27 pm
i'll have all of the details after the break. >> thank you. so much. and at the top of the hour, a is a f-- a is a fasafari group who to auction off a permit to hunt for a black rhino, and they believe it will help the species actually. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner.
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more questions than answers for residents in virginia as officials say it is safe to use the tap water. it is a state of emergency for some 300,000 people in nine counties, and 7500 gallons of a toxic chemical leak ed out of a storage tank into the groundwater and created a desperate situation to cause people not to have any water for bathing or toothbrushing, but there is some good news today. tractor-trailers have delivered drinking water. and we have elina there in west virginia, and no water and no end in sight, and how are people getting by? >> well, kyra, the people are coping as best they can, and this is no doubt a difficult si situation, and in downtown charleston is a ghost town. take a look. no one is out here, and all of the restaurants are closed. typically, this would be very,
3:31 pm
very busy, and the residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the unsecertainty of the situation. >> as soon as we can, fresh water, clean water. >> reporter: that is the plea for more than 300,000 people wait ing waiting to learn that their tap water is safe. it is more than 48 hours since they were told to stop using the water, and the end is still unknown. >> i would expect that we are talking about days. >> i think that the city will be this slow for so p many days. >> well, it is hopeless and you feel so hopeless, and you think about the, what it is going to cost all of the businesses. >> reporter: and that is the mayor of downtown charleston where every restaurant has been closed since thursday when the tem cal leak was detected. >> i almost forgot it was the weekend, because it is always so bu busy. >> reporter: lisa crouch manages
3:32 pm
this chili's, and she says she is preparing to open sunday after getting the green light from the health department and taking special precautions. we have to have a three-part sink with bottled wa the ter only for sanitizing and all of the sinks are set up with a sanitation station, and paper towels and if we cook, we ve to use gloves. >> reporter: authorities are continuing to test for chemical which is primarily used for coal, but in the meantime, the goal for thousands is to find a water which is clean and safe to use, and fema has sent trucks already with that task. >> people are anxious because they don't have certainty about what is going on, and we are, too, but there is no sense to panic, because we have options. >> reporter: and they say that the longer this goes on, the greater the concern for the vulnerable populations such as the elderly who may not be able to go and pick up their own bottled water, and meanwhile,
3:33 pm
the attorney's office has la launched an investigation into what happened. >> and thank you, alina. well, the sdandle of governor chris christie's office is getting bigger. the new jersey legislation is going to hold a special hearing to broaden the investigation. and there are also new documents which do not show connection between christie and the apparent thought to snarl the traffic there in new jersey. and margaret, you have been poring over all of these document, and what stands out to you at this point? >> well, kyra, an investigation has revealed about 2,000 documents, including scathing e-mails and two people have resigned and one was fired in what appears to be a cover-up by members of governor chris christie's inner circle. he cut ties with the top
3:34 pm
adviser, and campaign manager. it all started last september when his closest allies made it seem that closing down lanes to the george washington bridge was all part of a traffic study. for four days, there was gridlock and major inconvenience for the cocommuters and delays for emergency responders, but now it seems to be a stunt for retribution to the mayor of fort lee for not backing christie. and the man behind the investigation is john wisniewski who is a leading democrat, and he says that he has been looking into it, and the charges may be criminal. >> i'm not a prosecutor, but obvio obviously the laws have been broken and pat foy said that on the 13th, and the bridge and the police aofficers and the people who move the cones were all used for a political purpose and some type of retribution, and that violates the law, and law
3:35 pm
enforcement needs to be looking at this as well to make sure that any violations of law are addressed. >> and kyra, as this scandal unfolds other democratic mayors say they have been targets of retribution from christie's team. >> and let's talk about the new jersey special session. what is that about? >> an ability to the have all of the documents surrounding this issue made available, but who will they subpoena? christie's top aide who was fired or the other deputies who have resigned? meanwhile, governor christie has apologized and he says, quote, embarrassing and humiliating. >> i come out here to this office where i have been many times before, and i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey.
3:36 pm
i apologize to the people of fort lee and i apologize to the members of the state legislature. >> now, christie held a near two-hour press conference this week, and next week, he is scheduled to fund raise in florida. kyra? >> thank you, margaret. well, no shortage of political analysis of this mess surrounding the governor, but what about his brand as a leader and potential presidential candidate, and let's explore the drama from that angle from martha who is a marketing consultant, and ceo of demand, and martha, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and chris christie, we know he built his name and built the brand on the straight-talker, and transparent man in charge, but that is not the guy that we saw at the marathon news conference. as a brand consultant, what do you see as the biggest challenge that he is facing now? >> well, kyra, some products come into the marketplace, as
3:37 pm
what we call disruptive brands. a disruptive brand challenges the status quo, and creates change, and apple computer is a very good example p of a disruptive brand. they have challenged the status quo since their beginning, and that is what the brand stands for a different kind of choice and different way to go to market, and customers love them for that and they have a real emotional connection because of that, and i think that governor christie is a disruptive brand. he challenges the status quo, and people relate to him, and really like the way that he is aggressive in taking a position, and they appreciate the way that he puts petty politicses a, and he tries to be be bipartisan. i really feel that people are believing that he is on their
3:38 pm
side, and that is a sep tral part of governor christie's brand. and it is going to be difficult for the voters going forward for voters to believe that is what his brand is about, and the challenge for him is to regain the trust of voters that his brand is what it he says it is. >> and how does he do that? buzz he has to prove that what happened is not the norm for him. >> right, right. and that is an even more important question as he is moving from the local stage to the national stage, and right at the moment when he should be really being able to pay attention to expanding his following, and you know, in marketing terms bringing consumers into his brand, he now has a brand that is somewhat sullied, that is somewhat tarnished and that is a difficult thing to recover from. what he does need to focus on is getting positive momentum behind the aspirational elements of his brand that people relate to, and
3:39 pm
that people really like, and they hold him up in high regard because of those emotional connections that they have with the brand and he needs to get positive momentum gathered around those things, and he needs to act in ways that reinforce that so that people can start to rebuild some trust. >> and let me talk about his inner circle then, because i was interviewing former governor bill richardson and he said that he is going to have to get rid of all of the atoof the aides a going to have to clean house and start over. do you agree with that? >> well, the actions that he takes now as a result of this are going to be incredibly important. so i think that the challenge is for him to demonstrate that he's learned something from this. and in very simple terms that he has learned something taking away that he can apply, and apply it in a positive way to make himself a stronger executive, and to make himself a more effective executive and in
3:40 pm
fact to, make him more trustworthy leader, and to apply the lessons and to bring them into how he presents himself as a brand. so that the actions that he takes are important, and clearly one of the central issues on the table is whether the people surrounding him are helping him in really asserting a positive brand that at a national level people could respond to and trust in. >> and yeah, he has a big gut-check. martha pease, thank you. >> thank you. and we all want our medication to work better, right? res research suggests that you might be able to double the effectiveness of your meds. how? we will tell you next. she keeps you on your toes.
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you medici medicine. in the new study testing the migraine medicine, this is a surprising result. even though the migraine medication was equal to the placebo effect in pain, we found it accounted for 50% of the subject's overall pain relief. we bring in jennifer, and it is just one half of the stou di, but one half of the medicine's effect comes from the placebo effect, and half? that is stunning, doc. >> yes, it is. and the placebo concept is something that we have seen before, and a placebo is a
3:44 pm
substance that has no known medical effect, and the placebo effect is one ta has been studied in the past and it is a phenomenon that the patients may take a placebo and still experience a change in the symptoms, and that is what we are talking about with this particular study. in fact, the study took it one step further, and looked at patient's expectations. a and the study was built up with 66 people involved, and they were migraine sufferers, and they were given a placebo or migraine medication or sometimes a pill they didn't know what it was, and the researchers found a number of things, but one of the things they found is that when the patients were given positive e expectations, the effe effectiveness of not only the migraine medication, the placebo increased as well, so this is really quite interesting. >> and point out that the res researchers are from harvard medical school, and beth israel, and top notch places, and they found that when the participants were given a pill that they knew
3:45 pm
was a placebo, they reported pain relief, and so explain that? >> right, rig right. and this is going back to the placebo effect concept here that we are talking about. this is one study, and we certainly need a lot more information and studies to be done, but it is certainly an important piece of information to add to the growing body of knowledge. it talks to the patient expectations. and again, one of the conclusions or one of the findings showed of the study that when the patients had positive expectations, not only did the medication increase in the effectiveness, but the placebo did as well, and there are a lot of implications here for the practice of medicine and how they think of the mind/body connection. >> and i'm a big believer in the mind/body connection and look at the studies out there we are guard to that. and another line from this study, and i want to read the quote. the effectiveness of a good pharmaceutical may be doubled by enhancing the placebo effect. so what might this mean for
3:46 pm
medications and the effectiveness of them? i mean, is there a way to apply what we know from the study to find the placebo effect in other medicines? >> okay. well, that is a great question, and you know, the placebo effect is once again the idea that the substance which has no known medical effect causes a change in symptoms and patients and it is individual thing, but once again, going back to the study, one of the things that the study talked about is expectations. when the patients had positive expectations about what they were going to take, they tended to have an improvement in the symptoms, regardless of whether they were taking a medication or a placebo, and that is the crux of the issue, and where we need more research in, and certainly need more studies, but yes, could that affect the way we feel about the way we prescribe medications, and what we, as physicians, tell our patients? absolute absolutely, and also how the patients think about the medications. we are start ting to think that
3:47 pm
now that how the patients think about their medications may in fact affect or alter how effective those medications are. >> dr. jennifer caudal, thank you. >> thank you. and up next, buzz feed's buzzest feeds of the week, and even if you don't know them, trust me, you will want to see this. ing my citi thankyou card at the coffee shop, so i get 2 times the points. and those points add up fast. so, sure, make me the grunt. 'cause i'll be using those points to help me get to a beach in miami. and allllllll the big shots will be stuck here at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual apply, go to about the most track-tested is ever... but the truth is... we don't have to. the experts have spoken. now it's your move.
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3:50 pm
buzz feed tends to hit the nail on the head when it comes to the top topics, and no question that the topic this week is the polar vortex. it is the most clicked on and talked about stories of the week, so let's talk about it more. okay. beginning in new york, we are joined by the senior editor of buzzfeed. i thaug itought it was a flashy banner, but not really, it is a whole thing, and some of the things that we saw take it to a whole new level. >> oh, yeah. and one of the things that people were doing this week is that the science experiment
3:51 pm
where you throw the boiling water out into the air where it is cold out and supposed to turn into snow. and people were doing this, but there is an unexpected result which is that the water blew back at them and it was burning them. >> not really smart. i don't know if we want to -- well, there it is. we demonstrated. and i thought, okay, this poor guy, he is going to be railed by everybody who knows him now. what the heck. >> yeah. not exactly the smartest thing. i don't think that anyone was actually injured, but it is funny to see them do these sort of ridiculous things. >> and another hot list this week, 16 books to read before they hit the theaters this week, and what are the top ones? >> well, so some of the top ones that we are going to be seeing are "labor day" starring kate winsl winslet, and another one is "monument men" starring george clooney and matt damon and bill
3:52 pm
murray, about a group of american soldiers in world war ii who were art historians who went to save artwork in germany from the german bombings. and also "a winter's tale" which is starring colin farrell. and "vampire academy" which is a teen movie, and a long way down a book by nick hornby which is going to be starring rosalyn paul. >> and lastly, something that you cannot turn away from, celeb photo shopping, and why do we love these so much this is. >> well, there is something gratifying about seeing that celebrities are not exactly, you know, that they are a little bit more human than they look on the magazine covers, and they look so beautiful, and then all of the sudden, well, you know, they had a little bit of the help retouching that we don't have when we are taking pictures of ourselves. >> and lay it out there, they are beautiful without any makeup
3:53 pm
on, and every single one of the pictures, okay, well, maybe discoloration in the skin, but still gorgeous. >> yes, there is a reason that they are famous actress and movie stars, and they are gorgeous people, and it is am maidsing that they don't need the retouching, but still, all of the magazines do it. >> well, loogt a you, you are the natural beauty right there coming to us live out of new york. >> oh, please. >> and katy, thank you for the hot topics and talkers. >> thank you. and it is an ancient city that we read about in school, and today a large part of it is reduced to rubble after a massive fire.
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
an enormous fire tore through an ancient place and one of china's most important tourist sites. it happened before dawn in a town of southwest china which legend has inspired the mythical paradise of shangri-la. about 100 houses burned to the ground, and nobody was killed, but investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. and now the iraq where nearly 60 people have die d and 300 wounded in a sharp spike of violen violence. most of them were caught in the middle of fighting between militants linked to al qaeda. and most of it happened in
3:57 pm
baghdad province of anbar. michael holmes is there. >> in the case of ramadi, the e help with iraqi security forces, fig fighters from the al qaeda linked state of syria and iraq are still in the region, and they have been involved in many of the clashes and the incidents that have taken place so far this weekend. and also, video surfaced allegedly showing the tribal fighters clashing with the government forces near a town seven kilometers north of fallujah. also said to be there are these humv humvees, and cnn cannot independently verify the videos. and this is said to be a rise in fighting in the anbar province,
3:58 pm
and many leaders say that the assertions are just being used to hit at them and not just the extremists, and they feel like the long-promised inclusion, and reconciliation by the shia-dominated government is just the opposite, rejection and they say persecution. dismantling of a protest camp last month turned the apger and frustration into the latest bout of violence, and opened the door to the islamic state of syria fighters to step in with their weapons. some sunni fighters rejected that alliance saying that the extremists were the worse of two bad options. many believe that mr. maliki can still diffuse the tensions p by bringing these tribal leaders into the fold, and perhaps returning to paying them to keep the extremists out, the way the americans did in creating the sons of iraq or awakening during the darkest days of the war.
3:59 pm
mr. al maliki speeches as of late have not shown signs of that. they remain en force, and the violence continues. >> michael holmes for us in in baghdad. thanks. you are in the "cnn newsroom," and i'm kyra phillips and thank you for joining us. a massive security breach and target is not the only retailer involved. >> and don't go near the water or drink it or bathe in it. a toxic situation is getting worse. and a-rod may have won a battle against major league baseball, but not the war. he may have played his last game. those stories are all coming up. in a few hours now, some wealthy hunters will auction off a permit to kill a rare black rhino. the dallas safari club says that as surprising as it may sound, tonight's auction is done in the name of conservation, to save
4:00 pm
the threatened black rhinoceros, and the hunting permit is expected to fetch up to $1 million. here is ed lavn dandara. >> reporter: coming this close to a black rhinoceros is rare. there are only 5,000 left in the world. in the country of namimbia in southern africa, only 700 alive. thousands of miles away in the convention hall in texas, the dallas safari club says they have a way to save the ancient beast. the group will auction off a permit from the namimbian government to kill one black rhino. the president ben carter says that sacrificing one animal for the greater good is smart conservation. >> it is going to raise more money than any other way you could do to help to provide for all of the conservation needs that we need. >> and it has sparked death threats which the fbi is investigating