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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 15, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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♪ whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ i gotta take a leak. >> new jersey traffic jam. excellent, excellent music right there. thanks very much for watching. i will be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern. newsroom continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. great to be with you at this hour. it's not clear if a 12-year-old boy will face adult changes for what happened at the school campus in new mexico yesterday morning. cnn is not naming him, but in all of seconds he allegedly terrorized the middle school and shot two students and surrender and he may have told others to stay away. >> preliminary information that possibly some of the students
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were warned by the individual, the suspect prior to the shooting not to go to school. we have not corroborated that yet. we do not have a definitive answer. we will be looking into that. >> the 11-year-old boy hit in the face remains in critical condition. as for the 13-year-old girl, kendall sanders seen in a couple of facebook photos is recovering after being hit in her shoulder. here she is. he are learning more about those hurt, we are hearing about those who helped. let's go to stephanie live in roswell. there is a news conference set for next hour and we will take that, but tell me about the hero teacher and as far as a motive. >> that's the question that everyone wants answered at this point. why would a 12-year-old take it upon himself to bring a gun to school and shoot into a group of his classmates? that we still do not know. police are taking a look at
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social media to see if there was chatter and see if there were words about him saying stay away from school. we don't know that. what we know is that the teachers and staff at the school had some training as far as an active shooter on campus and that may have meant a lot. one teacher took it upon himself to confront the young gunman and get him to put his gun on the ground. listen to what the governor of new mexico had to say about the teacher. >> for mr. masterson, who was a hero, who stood there and allowed the gun to be pointed right at him. and to talk down that young boy, to drop the gun so that there would be no more young kids hurt. >> at this point school was canceled for today. there is counseling available to students and staff and people in
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the community who need it. also inside, we are seeing faculty come in. the governor of new mexico is inside getting counseling and talking through this very difficult situation which i'm sure no one can imagine what it's like until you go through it. >> not at all. thank you. we will take you back to roswell as soon as the news conference gets under way. these are the poke who is know how to be in front of a class, but too often teachers are forced to be on the frontline of a crisis. how do you talk down a shooter with a gun in your face? just a couple of months ago i talked to teacher who had an answer for that. she is linda rob. she herself had to convince a student to give up a gun. he was all of 12 years of age and he was unpopular and from a troubled family. day in march he brought a fully loaded gun into class and told the teacher and classmates to get on the floor. here's how linda talked him
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down. >> what exactly did you say? do you remember? >> yes, i said sam, you know i care a lot about you. we talked in the hall and i complimented you when you got a new shirt and when you had a haircut. you were always helpful to me and i care so much about you. you can trust me. totally. he knew he could. >> was he responding to you? >> he never said a word. not one word. held the gun up. >> how did it end? >> i said to him, before you decide what you are going to do with that gun, why don't you come out in the hall and talk to me like we always talked. i didn't know what he would do. i watched him and he slowly got out of the chair and started walking across the classroom and i thought this is it. he is either going to shoot me or i don't know what's going to happen. when he got to me, he went into
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my arms. i hugged him. >> there is a harsh new warning for a popular pain killer that may be in your medicine cabinet. acetominophen is found in cold and cough medicines and also pain killers. vicodin, percocet and codeine. now they said your doctor should stop prescribing anything that contains more than 325 milligrams in it. elizabeth cohen, i see a pill bottle. what's the danger? >> this is my producer's lor tab. he has a bad back. >> sorry about your back. >> this is helpful to him. it's hydrocodone and acetominophen. that's 500 milligrams. now they said they don't want
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doctors to prescribe this. too much overtime can fry your liver. it can damage it to the point where you need a transplant or kills you. they want to try to cut down on touch acetominaphen people are getting and we don't want people taking the huge doses. >> i don't want to fry my liver. are you supposed to dump all these bottles with greater than 325? >> i don't want people saying i just took a tylenol. we are not talking doses here and there. it's high doses overtime that is the issue. what we can do because many of us have the stuff in our cabinets is here's what you want to remember. don't take more than 4,000 milligrams a day. that sounds like a lot, but it's not. if you are like john and taking lor tab for your back or tylenol for something else or taking it in a cold or cough medicine.
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it can add up and you don't realize it has acetominophen in it. they take tylenol and it's in all sorts of stuff. >> who is looking at the number really? i'm not. >> this is what the fda said you should be. i know most people aren't, but you should be. >> something to be aware of. thank you very much. now shocking revelations about the investigation into an attack that killed four americans at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. 15 people helping the fbi in libya have been killed since the attack. this is according to a senate intelligence report. joining me now is evan perez. who are these people? do we know how they were killed? >> brooke, the senate intelligence report said these were people who were trying to help them get to the bottom of this attack. they had a terrible time trying to figure out who did this and who was behind it. these people, there have been
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dozens of assassinations in benghazi and the question has always been whether anybody involved in those attacks is also taking retaliation. we have sound from senator dianne feinstein who is in the capital. here's what she had to say. >> i can't say that it was all preventable and i don't want to say that. what i can say is that the security was inadequate and should have been beefed up based on trip wires of what happened in the past six months. >> now brooke, the report that this committee has been working on for sometime has a bunch of other findings including that not only were there plenty of warnings from intelligence agencies over the past few months, but the state department
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didn't do anything to improve security. another finding was that the attacks were not pre planned. >> they were or were not? >> they were not preplanned. it was very organized, but not necessarily something that was very well preplanned ahead of time. another of the findings, this has been controversial as you know. the question of whether or not the military could have come in and saved these people. the investigation found that there was really not much anybody could do. there was nobody that was telling the military to stand down and they got there as quickly as they could. finally that the administration did things that made it more confusing. the infamous talking points that were talked about so much in the past year. the administration didn't come
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clean quickly with what it knew. this investigation has found that it caused the confusion. >> thank you. coming up, cnn learched of new evidence showing the only american soldier being held as prisoner of war in afghanistan. groups in new york revealing an unprecedented security operation to keep people safe if they are headed to the super bowlment wait until you hear about the measures they are taking. that's next. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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. >> cnn has learned new evidence has learned that the old u.s. soldier held in captivity in afghanistan is alive. it was made by the group holding him captive for almost five years. we have not seen the video of the 27-year-old prisoner of war, but a u.s. military official described it to us. he said it shows his health is declined and contains a reference to december 14th of last year indicating he was alive as recently as last month. his captors released a handful of videos showing his capture, but the one we are learning
11:14 am
about is the first in nearly three years. last year his family got a letter from him through the red cross. he was taken captive in june of 2009 and a group aligned with the taliban is believed to be holding him in pakistan. the u.s. has been trying to bring this man home. the bergdahl is asking for his release and pleading. they addressed him directly. they said bowe, if you see this, continue to remain strong through patience. your endurance will carry you to the finish line. breathe. today in new york, security groups revealing unprecedented ways to keep people safe at the super bowl. the big game is at met life stadium in new jersey. live to zane asher. in recent years, has there been
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an event of this size in new york thinking back? >> this event really is unprecedented especially in terms of security. one event in recent history is the 2004 republican national convention, but even that pales in comparison to the super bowl. this is going to be a collaboration between the fbi, department of homeland security, state and local police. 100 different agencies. in the wake of 9/11, the world trade center, you can just imagine how crucial security is to an event of this magnitude. some of the things they are watching out for are things like active shooters, for example. bomb threats and chemical threats. that's what they are watching for. this is a level one security event. it became level one after 9/11 and now the super bowl is coming to the very area where 9/11 happened. in terms of specific policies, i want to mention the bad policy
11:16 am
that will be crucial. >> reminder to the ladies. >> exactly. exactly. ladies will be allowed to bring small purses, but if you are coming here, you have to have a see through transparent bag. you will not be allowed to bring luggage or suitcases or brief cases or backpacks. nothing like that will be allowed. this will be a mass transevent. two ways to come to the super bowl. you might be lucky enough to have one of 10,000 parking passes, but everyone else it will be about mass transit. there will be security check points. behind me, there is going to be a massive perimeter built around the stadium and a few miles around. it provides basically a 300 foot buffer between the stadium and everyone else. nothing will be allowed through that unless it is thoroughly vetted first. >> makes sense. some people will be grumbling, but it's for good reason.
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zane ashner new york. thank you very much. one woman said the man accused of shooting a guy in the movie theater for texting looked familiar. then she realized he did the same thing to her recently. plus any moment the passengers and the crew of flight 1549 will raise their glasses. live pictures from new york to remember at this hour. five years ago today, the miracle on the husbandson. we will bring it to you live. you are watching cnn. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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prepare to be amazed. [ male announcer ] don't wait. call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. the retired police officer accused of shooting and killing a man at the movies because he was texting books scarily familiar to a florida woman. she was texting before a movie a couple of weeks ago when the same man confronted her in the same movie theater. and he threatened her as well. >> he became just upset about the whole situation and kept staring and giving us dirty looks. the guy in front of us started texting and the situation just
11:21 am
got worse. he gets up. he's like can you do me a favor? can you please just stop texting? >> then when she heard about that fatal movie theater shooting from monday, her glad ran cold. >> i had to pull over the car becau because -- it could have been us. >> friends say the victim here, chad oleson adored his 2-year-old daughter, lexi and he was texting his daughter's baby-sitter when the confrontation began. he tossed a bag of popcorn at the suspect. the bullet that killed him went through his wife's hand first. 71-year-old curtis reefs is charged with second-degree murder. his lawyer said oleson was the aggressor. he is being held without bail. despite the claim that he was in fear of his safety, florida's
11:22 am
stand your ground defense does not apply to the case. florida's fight against illegal pill mills is having an unintended side effect. over the past two years, they came down hard on sellers of the elicit pain killers and so much so the addicts are turning to heroin in staggering numbers. >> did you ever think you would be addicted to heroin? >> not in a million years. >> at 33 years old, jamie is trying to guilty clean. the native bostonian is about to leave a rehab in florida and said he started at a young age drinking, smoking pot and quickly moved to pain pills and eventually heroin. >> i never thought in my wildest dreams i would ever stick a needle in my arm. no one grows up thinking you know what i'm going to do, i'm going to be a heroin addict when i grow up. >> is it a growing problem?
11:23 am
>> it's huge. rampant. the readily availableness of heroin is astronomical. >> nationwide heroin use is skyrocketing. yearly government drug surveys shows in 2002, 166,000 americans over the age of 12 said they had used heroin. it jumped to 335,000 users in 2012. rehab facilities are seeing it front and center. >> this is the first year i can remember seeing this many people coming in with an addiction to heroin. >> del rey beach florida is dubbed the recovery capital of the u.s. >> people are losing their lives. >> in 2012, they had three overdoses with one death. in 2013, 27 overdoses with two confirmed deaths. at one point, first responders feared they had run out of a drug used to reverse the effects of heroin. >> every day, call after call.
11:24 am
>> police said the spike in use is partly due to closing down pill mills. people are turning to heroin to get their high. >> people were getting hills for around $10 or so. now it's much more expensive. >> is that how much you can get the heroin for? >> we heard as low as $6 a capsule. >> they seized more heroin here than the past ten years combined. this could be a problem that extends beyond city limits. >> it's not just florida. we have people from new york, new jersey, kentucky. >> david who doesn't want to show his face is a self-described addict. his drug is oxycodone, but when he can't get it, he can get heroin. he has been in and out of recovery. >> heroin is easier than the
11:25 am
pills. everyone is flocking to heroin. >> how easy is it to find? >> it's everywhere. >> is this an epidemic? >> i don't know if it is yet, but it's going to be there. >> it's that bad? >> it's that bad, yeah. >> it's a battle he hopes he will win. >> it's a monko your back you can't shake. >> leaving rehab doesn't mean he's cured. del rey beach, florida. >> coming up, five years ago this hour, a stunning crash landing on the hudson in new york. remember these pictures? today the passengers are meeting in new york to mark the anniversary. you will see the big toast live any moment. we have a camera on the left of your screen. also, have you seen this photograph? supermodel giselle is riding an atv sans helmet with the baby hanging on. you know she is getting heat for
11:26 am
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>> just about the bottom of the hour. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. now we talk about supermodel gi cell. she is talking about a provocative photo holding her baby daughter, vivian lake. tmz posted this photo snapped of her riding this atv, clutching her 1-year-old in one arm and other hand on the handle bars. you can see no helmet on either of them. social media went crazy, questioning her parenting skills and i feel like we were just talking about her. she was blasted for this instagram picture she posted and caught a lot of flack showing she can be a mother and multitask and breast-feed surrounded by this glam squad.
11:30 am
her comments about being a working mother not popular with some who found it offendive to other mom who is have jobs. mrs. brady is mow stranger to controversy. with me from the moms on sirius xm. nice to see you ladies again. >> i caught flack for lashing out at her last time. >> i have a feeling there may be lashing this time. if i recall we had an intense debate when we saw the multitasking gi cell last time. this photo, to you first, denise and then melissa. this picture of her on the atv, what do you think? >> clearly it's not a selfie, but the first question is who took the picture for her to put it out there and why does she think that is going to take away from her last photo? to be honest with you, i might defend her a little bit.
11:31 am
i hope that she is going mile per hour. as parents we all do things that are not the brightest sometimes. my son wanted to sit in the front seat of a wrangler and i let him do it for a mile with a friend who was going three miles per hour. i personally wouldn't do this, but i understand how it happens. i question her photography in this case and who is getting that close to put that photo out. >> i will let you jump in. let me quote the reps saying she was on a private beach driving very, very slowly. does that make you feel better? this was maybe for a mom and her daughter and she wanted a cute picture on an atv crawling along. >> sorry. this photo makes me cringe. it's ignorant parenting 100%. when you are a public figure
11:32 am
like giselle and she knows she is out there and controversial, she needs to be smart. there is going to be a soupid parent who sees it and goes okay, if she can do it, i can do it. i'm not only worried about her baby, but where is here helmet? she is going to lose her endorsements if you hit one rock, one bump. >> protect her beautiful head as well. that's illegal in costa rica. we go to the mommy blog a lot. the title of this article, giselle takes her baby on an atv right. let me get this straight. she thinks breast-feeding should be a law, but she is okay with cruzzing around with no helmets in sight even for her baby? something doesn't add up here. would it make a difference if say she was not moving on the atv. she just got the picture for
11:33 am
photography sake? no bigs? >> i take the lenient way with this photo again as long as she was going one mile an hour. i wouldn't do it and i hope other people won't follow suit here and do it, but i think we all as parents do things that sometimes we regret as long as she didn't claim to be multitasking, i will give her a break here. >> her publicist said she might have been going very, very slowly. where is the stopwatch? we don't know. she is covering her you know what. it's a dangerous photo and it was really stupid. let's be safe, parents. >> ladies, got to pull away. thank you very much. let's stay in new york and talk about the miracle on the hudson. it was years ago this very moment 155 people were sitting on a us airways plane getting ready to take off and in moments, their lives would change forever. here is how it unfolded. >> breaking story here in "the
11:34 am
situation room." a us airways plane you see it there is in the hudson river. it's an airbus a-320. 135 people on board. this is us airways flight 1549 from la guardia in new york city scheduled to go to charlotte, north carolina. we are told shortly after take off it went into the hudson river not far away as you know from la guardia airport. this is right off of manhattan and people all over manhattan were watching this plane go into the water shortly after taking off from la guardia. no indications of injuries or anything o long those lines. you see lots of boats and ferries all-around that plane. you can see much of the plane still above the water. some of it beginning to go underneath. >> that was wolf five years ago
11:35 am
handling the breaking news. what we learned is it was a flock of geese that hit the plane and thanks to the quick thinking of the pilot, everyone survived. speaking of, let's go right to sulley sullen berg speaking to mark that moment. >> 155 people faced a sudden unexpected challenge. many people came together and did their jobs exceedingly well to give us such a wonderful out come. landing in the hudson only solved the first and biggest problem of the day. it didn't solve the problem. we then had to find a way to get 155 people out of the hudson river to safety on a day when the air temperature was 21 degrees and the water was 38. many had gotten wet. fortunately without waiting for any official notification on their own initiative, new york
11:36 am
waterway employees observed the landing and radioed their vessels and began to turn them towards us. the first new york waterway ferry we know from watching the surveillance tapes arrived alongside flight 1549 less than four minutes after we stopped in the hudson. by the time i left the aircraft after the evacuation was complete as the last person off the aircraft, the aircraft was surrounded by rescue vessels and the rescue of everyone on board was well under way. we have much to be thankful for. much was saved that day. it's the efforts not only of the crew, the rescuers, and the first responders that everyone survived. had even one person not survived, i couldn't have celebrated any of this. on their own initiative, several
11:37 am
years before, new york waterway performed for their vessels safety equipment not required by u.s. coast guard regulations. a cradle that was essential in helping people to get from the water level up to the deck of the vessels, some eight or ten feet above them. we had one passenger on flight 1549 who boarded the aircraft leaving la guardia in a wheelchair who had to be assisted up. we had a young family of four including the youngest passenger in the flight who was less than a-year-old. there was much effort. the passengers themselves behaved admirably. thank you for coming to help us celebrate this day. we can't thank enough the captains and crews of all of the vessel who is came to our aid when we very much needed every bit of help they could give us.
11:38 am
>> i can't believe it's been five years. captain sullenberger. we will be talking to two of the passengers who were on that plane when they heard the captain come over the intercom say this is your captain, brace for impact. talk about time for the bucket list starting. today we will talk to the two performs and ask how their lives have changed at the top of next hour. do you have children? have they racked up huge bills buying apps on your iphone? if so, apple could pay you back. they announced a huge settlement today. later, have you seen this? jimmy fallon doing an amazing springsteen. standing alongside the boss himself. what did they team up for? it involves this guy, new jersey governor, chris christie. back in a moment. woman: vamanos. driver & passenger: vamanos. woman: gracias.
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11:41 am
. parents, i'm talking to you. your kids with one of these. if your child racked up a big bill playing an ap on your iphone without your permission, you could be getting money back. apple agreed to give full refunds for tokens and other goods kids bought through mobile apps without mom or dad's consent. >> one consumer reporter reported her daughter spent
11:42 am
$2600 on an ap. >> i'm still commuting that. how many people get these checks? >> it could be tens of thousands of people. that's the number of complaints that the ftc got. you count that all together and they reported millions of dollars in unauthorized charges. you asked about the $2600, it's huge, but not the norm. they were from 99 cents to $100. there were people who reported $500 charges. >> should i know these apps? maybe because i don't have kids. >> i don't know what they are and i have kids. >> let me walk you through what happened. the kids bought these mobile apps and the virtual currency without getting their parents's consent. the parent has to enter a password before the kid can buy
11:43 am
anything. once you put that in, this was active and open for 15 minutes. if the purchase takes two minutes, they walk away and they have the phone and rack up the charges. apple is in trouble for not telling parents about the window. they have to pay at least $32 million. >> sneaky kiddies. thank you. >> now a husband gets an e-mail from his ex-wife warning him she wants to hurt herself and her family. he rushes to the family home and makes a discovery. his ex-wife dead from a suicide and his two kids, talented teen musicians shot dead and allegedly killed by their own mother. joining me is nick valencia. horrible. do we know what led to this? >> she said in an e-mail she was
11:44 am
going to do harm to herself and a neighbor went in the home and made that grizzly discovery. he was outside and that dramatic phone call with police dispatch and two talented teenagers had been killed in a murder suicide. neighbors were shocked by this news of what happened to this fam leechl. >> i loved alex and jackie so much. they are like my own kids. alex was always at my house. he's my son's best friend. >> shock. she was a sweet lady. she was a southern lady. she had a really southern accent and sounded have been educated. >> there was a noticeable change in her demeanor in the last couple of days. they were going through financial turmoil. they still had money issues. there was turmoil and court do you means that we got our hands on, she said she had to sell her
11:45 am
late father's watch to pay for gas and groceries and kid's clothing. they had just been divorced a month prior, but he was going through financial problems as well. he racked up debt of $2,000 a month and had $790,000 in debt as late as last year. they were well-known real estate brokers, but hit hard by the financial crisis and housing bubble burst and led to this turmoil in the home. married for about 20 years and recently divorced and now this grizzly discovery. two bright futures. they were straight a students. one a violinist and one a cellist. >> coming up next here, we are talking about new polls showing chris christie not losing favor with folks in new jersey amidst scandals. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> president obama in north carolina today pushing to pass more funding for unemployment insurance. that was not the only economic issue. he was there to promote the newest high tech manufacturing hub at north carolina state university. >> the big companies will help small companies because they are going to be able to use equipment they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to test and prototype new products
11:49 am
and of course american workers will come right here to north carolina to learn the skills that companies are looking for. the next generation of manufacturing will be an american revolution. >> after the speech, president obama plans to name a new leader of the small business administration. she is maria contrera sweet. she is a founder and board chair in los angeles. now to something i didn't realize until today. i knew chris christie was a major fan of bruce springsteen, but he claims he has been to more than 100 springsteen shows. governor christie said he has been to a concert 130 times. that's a lot of midnight power drives. chris christie knows the real boss from the imposter. see if you do.
11:50 am
♪ i can't hear you! ♪ governor let me in ♪ i want to be your friend there will be no partisan divisions ♪ ♪ let me wrap your legs around your mighty rims and relieve your stressful conditions ♪ ♪ you have wall street masters stuck cheek to cheek ♪ ♪ with blue collar truckers and man i really got to take a leak ♪ ♪ but i can't, i'm stuck in governor chris christie's new
11:51 am
jersey traffic jam ♪ ♪ highways jammed with drivers with noplace left to go ♪ ♪ and the press conference went on and on ♪ ♪ it was longer than one of my old damn shows ♪ ♪ some day governor i don't know when ♪ ♪ till then you're killing the working man ♪ ♪ who is stuck in the governor chris christie new jersey
11:52 am
traffic jam ♪ >> bruce springsteen got them and jimmy fallon, gloria borger as quickly as we watched that. we want to know we have that awesome wig. let me ask you this. do you think that could help chris christie? that jam session? >> look, chris christie of course is going to laugh at that and think it's fabulous. he should laugh at it and he's a big bruce springsteen fan. i don't think it hurts them. when you enjoy people who are making fun of you and speaking you, that's all to the good. >> let's talk about the new poll. it shows surprisingly little damage. 55% still approve of the job he is doing. quinnipiac conducted a poll in the wake of the scandal and
11:53 am
christie's bully rating is one of the lowest he had at 45%. that's a word used to describe him many times. they said the traffic jam scandal raises real questions about christie's temperament and the word you use is petty. are you surprised. and the numbers have been all over the place and another new jersey poll didn't think he had the right temperament to be president. that's a big number. people are stepping back from this now. people in new jersey have been paying a lot of attention to this. he is going to be judged by how he handles this right now. >> to your point before the state of the state. >> that's right. how he can get out of this and whether he does it with good
11:54 am
nature and good humor. they will be doing a detailed investigation and issuing subpoenas and looking at a lot of e-mails and the texts. this has to be peeled back. we don't know all the details. in terms of the temperament issue though, the point is even though chris christie said he knew nothing about this, people in his office were doing this because they thought it would make him happy. when you work for a governor ors ennor or president, you don't like to bring them bad news ump like to do things that please them. >> that didn't work. >> there is an environment in which they thought this would somehow make him happy. >> gloria borger, no, it did not. not at all. 108 minutes of hearing about that. read gloria's column.
11:55 am
a new report on the attacks out of benghazi. 15 people were cooperating with the fbi are now dead. those details and we will take you live to florida. a man allegedly shot and killed a fellow movie-goer because he was texting during the previews. stay here. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive.
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11:57 am
>> everyone loves rumors,
11:58 am
especially when they are true. a woman loses 650 pounds without surgery. here's the cnn pop. big news fr s from fleetwood ma. 37 years after the band put their relationship affairs and break ups to music on a smash album, rumors, christine mcvie is back. they are choosing a possible tour for the full filt max teres this year. >> say my name. >> some has gone all hizen berg in new mexico. inspired by breaking bad. this is not exactly up to standards. chemicals are used to turn it blue and it's making people sick.
11:59 am
val said being fat made her sick. she lot of 37 pounds. her secret is old fashioned diet and exercise and said if she can do it, anyone can. >> release the resistance. let go of the limitations. it's a lie you can do it. >> making it easier to stick to your diet, pizza by the slice from pizza hut. it's the first chain where they called for bigger and fattier pies. they are testing at two stores and if it's a hit, it could go nationwide. that's today's cnn pop. and we continue on. i'm brooke baldwin. it's not clear if a 12-year-old boy will face adult charges for what happened at this school campous tuesday. cnn is not naming him, but this
12:00 pm
school is closed today. the police tape marks campus. it was tuesday morning and all of ten seconds this young boy allegedly shot two students and then surrendered. at this hour, we may learn more about a motive and what led to this attack. police are holding a news conference in about a half hour from now. they revealed the boy suspect may have told others to stay away. >> the preliminary information that possibly some of the students were warned by the individual and the suspect prior to the shooting not to go to school. we have not corroborated that. i do not have a definitive answer, but we will be looking at that. >> stephanie is there for us. stephanie, it's like these days teachers are not just teaching. they are intervening in horrendous incidents.
12:01 pm
me about the teacher who stepped in. >> the staff members did have accountive shooter training and that may have come into play with what happened yesterday morning. teacher, an eighth grade social studies teacher when he saw the gunman come in and confronted him and had him put his gun down and got the child against the wall. when you think about what he did, it could have had an impact. we know that two students were injured. one in stable and one continuing to be in critical condition after he was shot in the face and the neck. if he was not stopped, it could have been worse. >> we are standing by for the news conference in a half hour. thank goodness for the teacher and so many others. thank you. it's hard to believe, but years ago today the world first saw this picture. remember this taken in the moments after us airways flight
12:02 pm
1549 made that miraculous landing on the hudson situation. >> breaking news story here in "the situation room." a us airways plane you see it right there, it's in the hudson river. it's an airbus a-320. 135 people told us airways flight 1549 from la guardia scheduled to go to charlotte, north caroline. we are told shortly after take off it went into the hudson river not far away from la guardia airport. this is off of manhattan and people all over manhattan were watching the plane go into the water shortly after taking off. we have no indications of injuries or anything along those lines. if you take a look, lots of boats and ferries all-around that plane. much of the plane still above
12:03 pm
the water, but some of it is beginning to go underneath. >> here's a name you know how. captain sulley sullenberger doing incredible and safely landing the plane after a flock of geese jammed the engines. many of the performs gathered at the exact hour the plane landed. captain sulley took to the airways. >> we have much to be thankful for. it's the efforts not only of the crew and the rescuers and first responders that everyone survived. had one person not survived, i personally couldn't have celebrated any of this. >> joining me now, two passengers on board that plane, barry leonard and beth cue. welcome to you. >> thank you. >> barry, you first sings we see you there in new york. five years ago today you were on the plane and you hear the voice come over the loudspeaker.
12:04 pm
this is the captain, brace for impact. since then i imagine your priorities have changed. can you give me example number one of that? >> yeah, in august of this year my son and i summited kilimanjaro. he has a bucket list and then at the end of november of this year, my daughter and i walked part of the camino desantiago in spain from sunrise to sunset with a fullback pack, 20 miles a day. >> wow. congratulations to you. how do you feel five years later? do you feel like this perspective, this bucket list, has it faded any for you? >> no. it's intensified actually. there many more things we want to do. my family plans to visit india to visit with the dalai lama and later on in the year we want to summit the highest mountain in
12:05 pm
antarctica and australia. >> wow. beth, i know you are on the phone from charlotte. set the scene for me. i understand a lot of people are wondering where the plane is. it's in a museum. correct me if i'm wrong. are you near the plane? >> i am right here in the carolina aviation museum. yes, a few passengers will be with me and we will get back on after 3:00. the seats at the exact time. 3:31 that the plane did crash in the hudson. >> everyone survived. how has your life changed in the last five years? >> well, i am more grateful for everything. for every day. i actually didn't have a bucket list like barry before the plane crashed and the first thing i did on my bucket list i think was to retire. i waited a year and then i
12:06 pm
retired from working. i figuring that working too many hours a day was not the way i wanted to spend this life i had been given back. >> good for you. it's something all of us can keep in mind. we weren't on this plane with the two of you, but for those of us who have not been in a near disaster and haven't had to brace for impact, what's your message, mr. kilimanjaro. what's your message for the rest of us? >> don't wait to do the things that are on your list of things you want to do. the other thing is as beth would say also, hug those people that are close to you. >> awesome words. thank you so much for taking the time with me. appreciate it. >> the only american soldier being held in captivity is being
12:07 pm
held and appears in a new video obtained by the u.s. military. the video is the first to surface in nearly three years. jim broke the story for us and before we go to the content of the video, we got a statement from the family. you are speaking directly to him. >> this family has gone through so much. he is from haley, idaho. i have been there a number of times and my wife is from nearby. i have driven by the streets lined with yellow ribbons and they have been waiting for good new for nearly five years and they haven't gotten the good news. here's what the family had to say. some you expect, but some is touching. as we have done so many times, we request his captors to release him safely so that our only son can be reunited. bowe, continue to remain strong through patience.
12:08 pm
your endurance will carry you to the finish line. breathe. trying to get a message to him somehow. the last time i video was released in those videos, his health looked good in light of how much time he has been in captivity. i am told by officials that his health has shown to be deteriorating. it's what you would expect after five years. the other thing i am told is it has a time reference to december 14th, last month. it gives us a sense that he was alive at least until a month ago. with this, you have good news and bad news. the bad news, this is a reminder of how long he has been there and no progress in terms of getting released. last month he was still alive. that's something. >> what is the pentagon doing to bring him home to take the yellow ribbons down. >> i spoke to them and they are doing everything they can. one part of the negotiation that has been under way is the network that is holding him.
12:09 pm
it's a taliban-linked network they believe he is held in pakistan. they asked for the release of five of their fellow fighter who is were held in guantanamo. that is a price that to this point the u.s. has not been willing to pay and understandably. there other parts of the negotiation. can you trust that if we give what they want, we will get his freedom. these are complicated things. that has been the demand for sometime. >> back on the one word that his family was passing along to bowe, breathe. appreciate it. just in, the pentagon announcing a cheating scandal in the air force. almost three dozen people caught here. just getting the details. we will have a live report coming up next. you know of the dangers of texting and driving. don't do it. we will show you what happens to the driver of this car who survived now and wants to warn
12:10 pm
others. the state senator proposes using a firing squad to execute prisoners. you will hear why, coming up. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber.
12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
12:13 pm
>> getting information just in to us. 34 officers cheated on a key proficiency test. this was a failure of integrity. we want to bring in our washington correspondent, joe johns. what do you know? >> we are talking about a monthly proficiency test to show the ability of air men to meet their standard duties dealing with the missaling and intercontinental missiles in the course of administering the test. they discovered evidence of cheating in august and september. it's called a launch officer proficiency test. debra lee james and the air force secretary talked about this stuff. listen. >> 34 missile launch officers at the air force base in montana were involved in the compromise of answers to a launch officer
12:14 pm
proficiency test. let me state this a different way. there was cheating that took place with respect to this particular test. some officers did it. others apparently knew about it and it appears that they did nothing or at least not enough to stop it. or to report it. this is absolutely unacceptable behavior and it is completely contrary to our core values in the air force and as everybody here knows, the number one core value is integrity. >> for all of things they are saying there, there is a lot they are not saying because the investigation is just beginning. they don't want to go too far. this is apparently the largest number of individuals to have been found and engaged in alleged cheating on tests at one time. there is a separate drug investigation going on. a lot of questions and cheating issue has come up at the air force base in montan a. they are
12:15 pm
trying to get to the bottom of it. how premeditated is this? do we know as far as punishment? >> there has been decertification that they are not on the job right now. there a lot of others who still remain on the job and they are not suggesting that they are in a bad way. the investigation continues. >> two explosive revelations on the attack in benghazi. 15 people helping the fbi in the aftermath of the 2012 attack have since been killed. this finding in the committee report. chief washington correspondent jake tapper. your show has done so much on benghazi. getting the new information with the deaths.
12:16 pm
suspicious? >> it is suspicious, although the report makes it clear to state that they don't know that the deaths of these 15 individuals who have been helpful or cooperated are tied to the investigation into the benghazi attacks. it certainly is insecure and unstable in libya, but the report is remarkable if for the only reason that it's bipartisan. the committee coming together and signing off on a report that was scathing about the state department not providing enough security for u.s. ambassador chris stevens and others in libya at the time. also debunking the experience theories. it is a comprehensive report and they look at all sorts of parts of the controversy and the white house talking points as well. >> military intervention and one headline i read about is the
12:17 pm
attack could have been prevented? >> absolutely. it states clearly that the attack and the incident was preventable and a different part of the report said they should have increased in benghazi based on the deteriorated intelligence community. the democrats and republicans give up the bipartisan part. the republicans issue a very scathing review of charlene lamb, pat kennedy, two officials and secretary of state and hopeful hillary clinton who may hold them accountable. >> they will be watching the lead and they will have much more on this. thank you. see you at the top of the hour. coming up next, a senator is trying to bring back the firing squad. is that even legal? how is that ethical?
12:18 pm
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12:21 pm
12:22 pm
isn't it just a tad barbaric? >> in my mind it would be. you have oklahoma and utah. utah has limited their firing squad to people that were sentenced to it before 2004. we are really only talking about oklahoma that even considers the firing squad right now. this is where burns is coming from. he's the lawmaker that wants the firing squad back. in those rare instances and i
12:23 pm
say rare because you look at millions of guilty pleas and trials that happen every day in our country, the rare incident of a death penalty sentence and even rarer is it implemented, you have three choices. firing squad. lethal injection and i would not recommend old sparky. >> old sparky? what's that? >> the electric chair. that's kind of a friendly name. i would under no circumstances am we reinstate that. that leaves you with lethal injection and gas chamber and firing squad. the argument is it's quick and easy and it costs about $25,000 to pull it off. even though a bullet costs you 99 cents. >> hang on. what about states? let's move past that. they are experimenting with drugs and the drug cocktail to
12:24 pm
be painful. we talked about wyoming and there serious questions about these methods. >> i think if you are going to have the death penalty, if we all agree that there is going to be the alternative of a death penalty, in my mind lethal injection is the most humane. it's not about making the person suffer, but the death penalty. if we can put a man on the moon and even if it brings on more expense to put a person to sleep before they receive the death penalty. how hard can it be? you go under the knife all the time, juice them up with propofol? even someone that is being convicted of murder. >> that's why i was asking about the painful possible proposition of the drug cocktail in ohio.
12:25 pm
we got them, nancy grace. thank you so much. watch on our sister station hln at 8:00 eastern. coming up next, this amazing video. take a look. quick thinking. home depot employee jumps into action to save a little baby. we will play a little bit of that for you. have you seen this picture? seinfeld fans, possible seinfeld reunion. maybe. jerry and george. we will talk live to the young woman who was there in the lucky spot to snap the photo. that's next. w just $10. including everyone's favorite fettuccine alfredo and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad, and warm breadsticks. signature favorites now just ten dollars, monday through thursday, at olive garden. my dad has aor afib.brillation, he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day.
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the risk of stroke with pradaxa.
12:28 pm
. just about the bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. where is seinfeld? he's up to something. he's up to something and whatever it is, it involves his friends like larry david, cocreator of seinfeld spotted slipping out of a diner in manhatt manhattan. this diner. it looks familiar. what if we add the base script? >> look at this. >> see where we are going with this? if not, let's look again at the photo.
12:29 pm
it's a photo we showed you before. see the two dudes there walking on in? that's jerry seinfeld and george. the photo was shot around the same time larry david was lurking around. what's going on here? with me now from los angeles, cnn entertainment commentator is senior west coast editor of "vanity fair" magazine. we tracked down ali, the who was in the right spot at the right time and snapped the photos. both of you, welcome. >> hi, good to be here. >> ali, let me get this out of the way. this is the first thought a lot of people looking at the picture saw. i thought photo shop. you areal ting me, this is the real deal. >> it is the real deal. i couldn't believe it myself. it's the real deal. >> here you are.
12:30 pm
a big fan. me the story behind the photo. what were you doing? >> i was on my way to work at a start up by columbia. the street was blocked off. of course i took a look around and i saw a film crew, but there was not a crowd around. i didn't think it was a big deal and as i walked past toms, i noticed jason alexander. >> go ahead. >> i noticed jason alexander and from across the street. i took a second look. i department think it could be real. him standing in front of the restaurant from seinfeld. i took a closer look and i realized jerry sign felled was there and they were chatting and laughing and walking towards the
12:31 pm
restaurant. i would be turning my neck to the side. were people mobbing them? it doesn't look like it in the pictures. >> nobody was mobbing them. it was amazing. people were walking by them. it was a scene like in a normal commute. >> so new york. people just go on their merry way. what is going on. seinfeld said that they are up to something big. you have this sweet from jason alexander who said hey, everybody. you will never guess what i did today. it's a secret. there is no way these men are going to a meal at this place, right? >> no way, brooke. how excited are we? the thought of any seinfeld reunion is amazing. larry david was saying he was working on some kind of play
12:32 pm
possibly and does that involve seinfeld and jason alexander. they don't find themselves on 112th street at the diner they shot the iconic show at that runs somewhere in the world to this day without good reason. i think we can look forward to something coming down the pipe pretty soon. ali, i hope you are going to columbia journalism school. >> awesome stuff. i tweeted and said hey, can you come on the show. to you, christa. let me show this idea. seinfeld reunion super bowl commercial. >> i think you might have hit the nail on the head, brooke. >> boom. i'm calling it now. that's my guess. ali, final question to you, if you had stopped jerry and jason, what would you have said?
12:33 pm
>> wow, i probably would have asked for a picture to be completely honest. i would have thanked them for being great and making an awesome show that i really loved growing up. >> christa, beyond jason -- >> it's nice. >> that is nice. i love that we refer to them by first name. the other stars of the show, they are pretty busy, right? right now? >> they are. that's the amazing thing about seinfeld. we saw all of them in the world all the time. julia louis dreyfus was nominated for a movie. for "veep." she is on television and in enough said. there is even oscar talk about it. they keep busy. when jiry is not doing his driving in cars and comedians and coffee. he is doing a stand up across
12:34 pm
america. i am keeping my fingers crossed and i love them and i would love to see something with them together. maybe it's a commercial and something else. >> no soup for you. i had to do it. thanks so much. we will have to see what happens. now time for the hottest videos of the day. >> a wall of ash after a volcano wakes up from a three-year slumber. indonesia's 800 foot mountain is erupting. lava and ash more than 220 times this week. local officials warn the eruption is growing more intense. a graphic warning about the dangers of texting while driving. this is dash cam video from police in florida. in this case the driver is very lucky. he crawled out of the car unharmed and told police he was texting behind the wheel.
12:35 pm
no luck and not much of an arm describes this guy. he lights a molotov cocktail and chucks it out the of a window and it bounces off the building and lands with a thud. he tries again and again and again and again. ti five times in all. from bad throws to a great catch. that is the home depot employee going into action to save a baby from what could have been a nasty fall. note to all you moms and dads. don't perch a baby carrier on the carts. kudos to chris for coming to the rescue. that's today's hit play. >> got to take a quick break. we will take you live to new mexico. student walked live into the middle school to shoot 12 students. thanks to the intervention of a
12:36 pm
teacher, nothing worse happened. hopefully we will get new information and as far as a motive of concern will be answered here. we'll be right back. afghanist. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. . in a matter of two days being half a century old, we will get a lot cooler. michelle obama reinforces how
12:39 pm
fabulous 50 is. remember this movie scene? >> speaking of that -- wait. a toast. to samantha. 50 and fabulous. >> those girls from movies to magazines. 50 is being celebrated. in the new edition of "people" magazine, the first lady is far from shying away from the big 5-0. he reveals to people she is not ruling out botox and she had a colonoscopy. let's talk about 50 and fabulous who blogs about life after 50. happy belated birthday. >> thank you, brooke. >> after reading the first lady's article in "people" magazine, she echoed something my mom called her 15th anniversary of being 50. she said the older you get, the
12:40 pm
more self-assures you are. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. it's a wonderful time and i'm excited about discovering new things. getting back to the fun things that i like to do in life. after so many years of working and raising children, it's really fun. >> it's fun. michelle obama talks about exercising and something that jumped out was shifting a little bit from the weight bearing stuff that she said is still important, but shifting for running and cardio to things like yoga that keep her more flexible. how do you 50 and fabulous, maintain. >> well, i'm a massage therapist and i get lots and lots of massages and i highly recommend. yoga and anything that can increase your flexibility is really, really important. pilates, yoga, walking. any of those are wonderful. >> you wrote this fantastic
12:41 pm
"huffington post" article which i can't even fully read the title because there was a curse word in there for fun. ten reasons why the 50s are bleeping awesome. >> let me read this. acquire an invisibility cloak. i was invisible to the opposite sex. not that i need that attention, but it is nice to be noticed when you are looking all sassy in the pants. the positive flip side of this is you can go into the grocery store looking like death is upon you. we know no one will notice. score, you say. a sense of humor, clearly. how does your perspective change? here you sit. what would you tell your 30-year-old self, if you could? >> oh, quit worrying so much about everything and have some fun. you know, the invisible gloek is
12:42 pm
not just for the opposite sex. it happens to men and women and with younger people. a young girl i encountered treated me as if i was nonexistent. it's hard. i'm working on my self esteem and fabulousness and knowing that i am not invisible. i am worthwhile and fun and vibrant and i would tell my 35-year-old self get over it. quit being so serious. >> don't sweat the small stuff is what michelle obama said. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> speaking of the first lady, don't miss the special, an extraordinary journey, michelle obama turns 5 here on cnn. it's back. a&e's hit show starts its new season after a summer of controversy and yes, "duck dynasty" will feature patriarch
12:43 pm
phil robertson. not just about gays, but african-americans as well. my next guest said it will attract a specific group of people. she writes southern blacks. we will ask her why.
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
race. supporters were outraged, but now that the show is back, many were asking will the scandal help the show. will more people start watching "duck dynasty," particularly african-americans? robertson apparently enjoys a measure of support for a number of reasons. here to talk more about that is yolanda young, a louisiana native and author of the memoire, on our way to beautiful. i read your piece and say a surprising group will be cheering on the show in its return and the group being southern blacks. >> i do not include myself among them, however as an african-american and a christian, i understand their position and our history and the things that lead african-americans to hospital phil robertson. >> why? he wrote about jim crow era. >> sure. he didn't say anything that
12:47 pm
people perceive necessarily as well as a racist. african-americans in the south are used to well-meaning, yes. yes. also we are extremely legalistic in the south when it comes to religion. there still churches where it's frowned upon to wear pants. so that group has continued to support him and make their position known. in fact, the black protestants are the only group that has gone up in their belief that homosexuality is a sin. even with the white evangelicals. >> he talked and it made a lot of news. i believe it was esquire. he saw african-americans singing in the fields. the people didn't jump as much on what he said about homosexuality. that meant about an hour's drive from the compound in louisiana. you talked to the bishop as
12:48 pm
pastor of the church. >> yes. >> he said while he supports freedom of speech -- >> he couldn't agree with his comments regardless. he said listen, we are a culture that has overcome a lot. we are used to making lemonade out of lemons. that doesn't mean because we can endure, we enjoy being oppressed. blacks in the south in the jim crow era and in fact until recently and some say we are still impressed in the south. he was misinformed. >> we wear the mask. >> exactly. >> many papers on that one back in the day. what would you say to other african-americans who criticized folk who is do support this? >> i would say let's be empathetic. it is easy. something that was key was robertson saying he didn't understand homosexuality and the desire for a same-sex union.
12:49 pm
>> much more graphically than that. >> yes, but it's important not to be hypocritical. all since are equal and i would urge the community to not place such a heavy weight on a sin that impacts three to six percent of the population if you share that view that it is in fact a sin. >> you will not be tuning in tonight? >> i will not be tuning in. >> they have done amazing ratings and i wonder if it gets a boost. >> i think he will break records. >> read yolanda's piece. >> do you have children? have they racked up huge bills on your iphone? apple could be sending you a check. we will explain what you could be getting in your mail box. we are waiting on a news conference. live pictures on that school
12:50 pm
shooting. will we have more information as far as a motive goes? 12-year-old student, a suspect walked into the school just yesterday. that's next. there's a new form of innovation taking shape.
12:51 pm
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at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. when you see the final moments of asiana airlines flight 214, it almost seems a miracle anyone survived.
12:53 pm
it was the big plane that came in too slow and too low in san francisco last november. somehow of the 307 people on board, all but three did survive. give kwhan you're looking at. and one of the dead might be alive today had she not been accidentally run over by fire trucks on the tarmac. it's a horrifying accident that's just come into much sharper focus than ever before because the death of ye meng yuan, a name that mean "wish come true." here's correspondent dan simon. >> wait, wait. stop, stop, stop. there's a body right -- there's a body right there, right in front of you. >> reporter: schili ichilling n obtained by cbs news giving us a rare up-close look from a firefighter's helmet cam. the chaotic moments first responders encountered after asiana flight 214 crash landed in san francisco last july.
12:54 pm
16-year-old ye meng yuan was accidentally run over twice by fire trucks. her family has filed a wrongful death claim against the city. in particularly blunt language it accuses first responders of deliberately and abandoning the teen where they knew she would be in harm's way. >> stop, stop, stop. there's a body right -- there's a body right there. >> all right. >> right in front of you. >> reporter: does the new video prove tragic accident could have been avoided? there's also this -- another camera appears to show a firefighter directing a truck around the victim. >> we're heart broken. we're in the business of saving lives. many lives were saved that day. >> reporter: this video might be crucial to understand what happened to ye. she survived the crash but died from injuries after being run over. at the time officials said her body was obscured by foam and couldn't be seen by trucks. that combined with the chaos of putting out fire and rescuing
12:55 pm
victims. >> i will say this. it was very, very hectic, very emergency mode at the crash site minutes after the airplane came to rest and there was smoke inhalation and people were coming out of the fuselage as fast as they could. >> reporter: the spectacular crash of asiana flight 214 was captured on amateur video and on surveillance cameras. the boeing 777 descending too low on landing, crashing into the seawall and cartwheeling across the runway, tragically claiming the lives of two three passengers and i jekting two flight attendants from the aircraft on impact. a court has to decide whether fire crews were negligent and should be held accountable for the teenager's death. >> dan simon reporting. cnn has reached out to the fire department but they have not commented. wanted to get live now to roswell, new mexico. school official, police addressing the school shooting
12:56 pm
there at a middle school yesterday morning. >> i kept pushing, said, but, you know, did you see what happened? and he said yes. and i said and how does that make you feel? and he said i'm trying to shove it down. i'm trying to push it down. which means he doesn't want to express what he's feeling. but it will come out at one point. and that's why i'm asking people to make sure to take advantage. the community as whole, other kids from other schools are afraid. if it happened here in roswell in one school could it happen here in roswell in another school? and so kids are afraid. and i'm asking parents, don't just ask are you okay and get the response i'm okay. keep talking. sit down. how does this make you feel?
12:57 pm
what do you think even though you don't go to that sool? how do you feel about that? should we go talk to other kids and go to the turquoise health and wellness and small group of kids and talk about what's going on and how we e need to feel safe? roswell has done an amazing job. new mexico. i mean, this truly is new mexico. people pulling together yesterday. 1,500 folks praying for each other. praying for those two children. there is not a lot of an update on the two children. kendall sanders was upgraded to stable last night and is still in recovery. she's expected to be there about a week or more. she is 13 years old, and she has suffered injuries to her right shoulder. the other child is 12 years of age, and the parents have asked that we officially not gave his name. they have asked for privacy. the child is not -- he is in
12:58 pm
worse condition than kindle and is still listed in critical condition. he suffered injuries to the side of his face and his neck. and i can continue to ask all new mexicans to please pray for this young man and for kindle. we want to be able to welcome them home. we don't want this to be the extreme tragedy of losing either one of them. the family of the young boy has asked for their privacy. they don't want to be bothered right now. they're very, very focused on making sure their little boy is being taken care of. pete kassetas will be talking about the investigation. the secretary and i have been
12:59 pm
with teachers and other personnel in the school, in the library earlier today. we met with them because they had someone here with expertise on how to deal with critical situations, how to talk to kids, how to get them engaged because the children that return to school tomorrow were not the children who arrived on tuesday. they are different. and so how do they engage them, how do they get them back to being as normal as possible into their routines and into their conversations? and this expert was helping the personnel here at the school, how do you deal with those types of situations when maybe a child just breaks down and what do you do at that moment. for the first time'i i'm going
1:00 pm
introduce you to the superintendent of the roswell school district. >> thank you, governor. i would like to thank the governor and secretary of state. the outpouring of support from our community, from our state and the public education department has been incredible. the outpouring of support and -- >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we are bringing you a live news conference on that school shooting in roswell, new mexico. let's listen in. >> -- kids from colorado schools who were involved with things like this offering to come -- send a group of kids, here and we will consider that. this is a very difficult situation and we've been very, very well supported. our focus of course is our kids. our focus is well-being of the two that were injured and the well-being of the one who was the