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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 15, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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superintendent of the roswell school district. >> thank you, governor. i would like to thank the governor and secretary of state. the outpouring of support from our community, from our state and the public education department has been incredible. the outpouring of support and -- >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we are bringing you a live news conference on that school shooting in roswell, new mexico. let's listen in. >> -- kids from colorado schools who were involved with things like this offering to come -- send a group of kids, here and we will consider that. this is a very difficult situation and we've been very, very well supported. our focus of course is our kids. our focus is well-being of the two that were injured and the well-being of the one who was the perpetrator.
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these are our kids. it doesn't stop being our kids because they're injured or because they're incarcerated. our teachers tomorrow have a very, very difficult and stressful day coming, and they've all worked very hard today to prepare for tomorrow. as the governor said, tuesday when those kids came to school, the teachers were different than they will be tomorrow. tomorrow they will all be counsel counselors. every staff member is in there working to prepare the kids for tomorrow. our hearts go out to our two in lubbock, and we wish them speedy recovery. we wish them back at school. i am a parent of two little girls in the school district,
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elementary age. they went to school yesterday. they went to school today. their mother is an employee of the school district. she's a counselor. she was here today with a group to work with kids tomorrow. i have to confidence in roswell independent school district. i have the confidence that we're safe. i have the confidence that we have the best teachers in the state who will do the best job with our kids. and tomorrow i told the teachers it's a face of courage, it's a face of love, and a face of positive that you have to put on for every one of our kids. you're the leader of the class. you're the leader that is going to lead these kids back from where they've been in the last two days.
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i appreciate all of the consideration of the media. there are a lot of things with school that i can't talk about, and i've been very well respected with that. and just know that my position as a superintendent, my position as a teacher and a principal and a dad is these kids are number one and appreciate what you do. thank you. >> chief kassetas? >> good afternoon. i'll provide you with an update as far as our investigation. i know there's been some discussion about the suspect and his name and why i haven't been able to disclose that. it's because i'm bound as a law enforcement agency by the criminal code, the children's code as to what i can say and
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confirm at this point in time. again, i want to reiterate that we have the sole individual in custody that's responsible for this event, this situation. we're still working with the district attorney's office on the actual charge lg and how that will role out so, i don't have any definitive information for you on that. kas we worked through to night to make sure we would finish executing the three search warrants so we could return the gymnasium back to the school. we went in and executed those warrants on the suspect's locker, on -- i'll categorize it as a duffel bag. i believe it was categorized as an instrument case. that's not correct. it's a duffel bag. and also the residence on sycamore street in roswell.
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due to the fact that the warrants are sealed i cannot disclose exactly what we found at this time. however, i can tell you we did find evidence that the suspect had planned this event. i can't discuss the particulars as to why, but we definitely discovered that through the warrant process. to speak to the weapon that was used, again, i'll reconfirm that it's a 20-gauge pump shotgun. the handle or stock was sawed off, making more of a pistol grip-type weapon. it had three rounds of ammunition in that weapon, what i would categorize as bird shot. all three rounds were expended during the incident. we believe from our criminalistics one round went into the ceiling area, and not in any particular order, second round was shot into the floor of the gymnasium, and the third round was aimed into the stands
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at the students. we believe that the distance that weapon when fired at the two young individuals that were struck was about 12 to 15 feet in distance. our investigation is somewhat wrapping up. we've done over -- what we would categorize as primary interviews. our efforts will continue to -- continue to reach out to anybody else that believes they're a witness to this and saw exactly what happened and what was pertinent to the investigation. i want to stress that i believe that this is an isolated incident. i'm very pleased throughout yesterday and today how the school officials and local officials have interacted with the state police to allow us to do our jobs and get this process as completed as we can.
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that's all i have for you on the investigative part. [ inaudible question ] no. no. i can't talk about exactly what we found on the particular search warrant, but i'm of the belief that there are no other firearms that were involved. [ inaudible question ] he's in albuquerque at a location there. >> any more evidence that he warned other students or posted anything anywhere to suggest kids ought not to come to school on tuesday? >> you know, we have some indication of that. we're still going through the social media, as i talked about, but we believe there were some preliminary warnings as he arrived at school but we're working through those with interviews. >> online or -- >> we believe to some students he ran into. >> on the morning of. >> yes. >> was there a note? >> i can't disclose that.
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we found evidence to believe it was thought out and planned prior to. >> can you tell if it was a random shooting or was it targeted? >> i can probably speak to the fact that i believe when the incident occurred it was random, the victims were random. [ inaudible question ] you know what, that's a great question. it's a very complex case, as you all know. the district attorney can speak to that a little better. i don't believe she's here now. she's working through the process with my investigators. but i don't believe it's anything other than it is a very complex case and we need to make sure we get it right. >> is it possible when you look at where his weapon came from, that -- whoever it came from, they could face charges with the fact this minor had this gun? >> that's a district attorney question.
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i don't know that. >> where did the gun come from? >> the gun came from the residence of the suspect. >> is it fair to say the parents [ inaudible ]? >> i would say so, yes. >> some said he was bullied and that's what you found in your interviews. did that play a part in this? >> we have not put down those statements. we're still working with that. [ inaudible question ] we're well over 60. i don't have the exact number, but i believe we're at 60 we're calling primary witnesses. >> can you tell who modified the gun? >> we believe the suspect modified the weapon by cutting off the stock. >> how does a system treat a 12-year-old accused of this? >> it's a pretty complex i would say system we're navigating through. for the particulars it would be best to talk to the district attorney and my investigators. i know they're working through
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the complexities of that. but definitely the age puts a different spin on it from an adult offender. >> the first two shots, were they inadvertent or was he trying to scare someone? >> i don't know that. >> chief, you said there's ed he planned this event. can you elaborate on that? was the target the school, was it students in general? it sounds like you don't think it was a particular student. can you comment on that at all? >> you know, not right now because i haven't -- i -- i think i need to let my investigators continue to work through the evidence they found. i don't want to give you misleading information. so i have to hold off on commenting further on that. >> is there any indication he had a plan that was in any way interrupted by the teacher or the state police officer? did he have more ammunition in the bag, or did it seem like he had more in mind than what he ended up doing? >> there's no indication he had any ammunition other than what was loaded in that weapon, three
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rounds. >> what do you know about the suspect's involvement in the community, in school? >> i don't know much about that myself. i can't comment on that right now. >> what kind of time line can you give us? >> i can't. i'm not a lawyer. you'll have to go to the district attorney for that. >> not releasing the suspect's name out of respect for your investigation, if we release it, does it hinder your investigation in any way? i know you can't say save who he is, but i think everybody knows. >> it doesn't hinder our investigation in any way, no. >> are his parents cooperating? >> i don't know. i haven't spoken to them. i know my investigators have been in contact with them. i would only assume yes, i believe so. [ inaudible question ] yes. >> the 20-gauge shotgun, you have any idea of the make and model? >> i don't right now. >> we've been listening to the press conference live from roswell, new mexico. new mexico state police chief pete kassetas talking about the
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school shooting in roswell. two students shot. the suspect 12 years old, one of the victims 12, the other 13. the tragic shooting in new mexico is just one of the latest active shooter events in this country so, common the examples roll off the tongue these days -- newtown, navy yard, ft. hood, virginia tech. rapid response training center looked at over 100 active shooting events defined as one or more persons whose primary mote sieve mass murder in a confined or populated area. this does not include gang or family related shootings. the researchers found the number of these types of mass shootings has increased from an average of about five a year prior to 2009 and in 2013 it was 15. for more, let's turn to jay peter blair, associate professor at texas state university wo who recollected on this study. you found an increase in these
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active shooter events. do we have any idea why? >> no, we don't at this time. that wasn't a primary focus for our study. when we looked at these events, we're a law enforcement training center and we're primarily concerned about helping law enforcement respond to, i think it's also important to point out because these are pretty infrequent events that small changes can make it look like there have been big movements when there may not have been. there's always the possibility that for some reason our search strategy, we searched through lexis/nexis, previous, before 2008, maybe we weren't able to identify as this many things because they weren't archived as well. keep that in mind as well. but looking at them it does appear there's been an an increase. >> increase in these type of mass shootings. let's get your reaction to the press conference in roswell. we have a 12-year-old suspect. he gets a 20-gauge pump shotgun from his parents, according to
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the state chief of police. he brings it in to school, starts shooting. apparently randomly. does this fit the mold? >> it sound very typical for school shooters in particular getting their weapons from their family, going to school, and maybe being frustrated with particular individuals at school but taking out their frustration more randomly and generally against the school as a whole. >> let's talk about the common locations for these shootings. 29% in schools, 40% in businesses. if you're caught in one of these situations, what do you do? >> well, there's some guidance at the federal level. the federal government talks about run, hide, fight. that's a good strategy. if you can get away or avoid them, run away. that's the best thing. if you can't get away from them, maybe there's gun nooir the hallway and you're worried about getting shot if you went out there, the next best thing to do
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is hide. but when we talk about hide, we want to be clear we're not talking act hiding under a desk somewhere where if the shooter comes in the room with you you're helpless. talking act taking action to prevent the shooter from getting to you, closing and locking doors, barricading them. the last result is to fight or defend yourself if you get stuck in that situation. you want to place yourself in the room so if the attacker does come in you're in a position to fight as opposed to being too far away to do anything. >> if your study of these active shooter events or mass shootings, is there a commonality to the shooters thems? do they have any sort of similarity? >> there's not a demographic profile if that's what you're asking. most of the shooters tend to be male. there are some female shooters. because we looked at events that weren't just school based, we looked at school and other locations. there's no pattern as far as age. there's really not a pattern as far as ethnicity or race either.
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>> what about mental health history? are they usually people like the shooter we saw in newtown, people kwhofd mental health issues for a long, long time or sometimes are they people that seemed perfectly fine up until the moment they walked into the school or the business and had a gun? >> well, that was outside the scope of our study. but other work that's been done suggests these aren't just situations where somebody snaps and then all of a sudden launches the attack. instead, there tenlds to be an ongoing downward spiral of people who are not very successful in their lives and they have a period of time where they're in serious trouble before they actually launch an attack. but, again, that really was outside the scope of what our study looked at. >> peter blair, thank for your time. we appreciate it. up next, proof an american soldier held by the taliban is still alive after a video is released by his captors. but while it appears to be made in the last month it does raise serious questions about bowe bergdahl's health.
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welcome back. he is the only american p.o.w. believed to still be in captivity. u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl reportedly left the base in afghanistan in 2009 and fell into the hands of the enemy. since then his family has only
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seen him in proof of life and propaganda videos. but for almost three years there hasn't been a new one until apparently now. our chief you are in correspondent jim sciutto is on the story for us. bergdahl's family has new hope he's still alive? >> they do. these things are always a bit of a double-edged sword because on the one hand it's a reminder he's been in captivity five years but on the other hand it is proof of life. i'm told by a u.s. official who's seen the video there's a time reference to december 14th last month, so up to that point we know he was alive and not necessarily well. there's some deterioration in his health but at least alive, something that the family is grateful for. i should make it clear that the video you're about to see is not the latest video. it's the previous video. we've only had this video described to us by officials with knowledge. >> reporter: for the first time in three years evidence abducted u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is still alive. the new video described to cnn
1:21 pm
includes a time reference to december 14th, 2013. it is the first proof of life since a series of tapes released in 2010 and 2011 by the taliban. >> release me, please. i'm begging you. bring me home. please. >> reporter: unlike earlier recordings, however, these new images sjoberg dal in declining health, says a u.s. million official with knowledge. bergdahl was captured in june 2009 and is believed to be held by the taliban-aligned haqani network inside pakistan. today yellow ribbons lined the streets of his hometown, hailey, idaho, where his family has been fighting for his return ever since. >> a father does not leave his son alone on the battlefield. i do not live here. i live in afghanistan. my cell phone is set on afghan time. my weather is afghan weather. i might be standing here, but i
1:22 pm
am living vicariously through my son. i will not leave you on the battlefield. >> reporter: in 2011 his father made this impassioned video appeal direct to his son's kidnappers. >> it's past time for him and the others to come down. to the nation of pakistan, our family, we wish to convey our compassionate respect. >> reporter: u.s. officials say his safe return is a top priority. u.s. central command keeps a constant reminder of him in its headquarters in florida. >> our hearts today are with the bergdahl family. using our military, intelligence, and diplomatic tools the united states is continuing its strong efforts to secure sergeant bergdahl's safe release. >> reporter: bergdahl is the only american soldier currently in captivity. >> over time you're going to deteriorate physically. you're going to deteriorate psychologically because it's very isolating.
1:23 pm
so you just hold on and hope that it's going to come to an end eventually. >> reporter: david rode captured and held by the taliban in 2008 working for "the new york times" keeps in touch with the bergdahl family. >> you decide it's your job to stay alive and wait and hope there's some kind of resolution to the case and it's absolutely incredible that bowe bergdahl has stayed alive through these 4 1/2 years. >> the family of sergeant bergdahl released a statement today. i want to read part of it "as we have said many times in the past 4 1/2 years we request his captors to release him safely so our only son can be reunited with his mother and father. bowe, if you see this, continue to remain strong through patience. your endurance will carry you to the finish line. breathe." i've been to sun valley and you see the yellow ribbon, the messages on the hotels and restaurant, the whole town
1:24 pm
waiting for some news. this is not the news they want. they want him to be free. but they know as of last month he was alive. >> in the summer it will be five years. >> only american in captivity. >> coming up, sorry, president of france, the invitation only comes with a plus one when you come to the white house for dinner next month, not a plus two. so you'll have to either bring your girlfriend or your mistress. that's next. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning to the politics lead, a newly declassified report out today states the attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in
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benghazi that claimed four american lives never should have happened. both democrats and republicans agree the ait cans were preventable. the atax claimed the lives of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens, sean smith, glen doherty and tyrone woods. the bipartisan report faults the state department saying officials there ignored, did not respond or did not fulfill cables asking for more security personnel. senator dianne feinstein is chair of the committee. >> the security was inadequate and should have been beefed up. >> report states despite initial official statements the intelligence community now beliefs there were no protests outside the benghazi facility sparking a siege of the u.s. compound and despite claims that the attacks were spontaneous, the report says, quote, the collective assessment of the intelligence community remains that the attacks were deliberate and organized. something u.s. officials, including now national security advisor susan rice contradicted
1:29 pm
in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. >> our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that in fact what this began as was a spontaneous, not a premeditated, response to what had transpired in cairo. >> but the report blames those misstatements on the intelligence community for not correcting its initial erroneous reporting. terrorist groups were involved in the onslaught including two al qaeda affiliates and ansar al sharia, the report says. it shoots down the unsubstantiated allegation the military could have saved the lives of the four americans killed but had been told to stand down. sadly, security conditions on the ground in benghazi remain in tatters. the report notes disturbingly that 15 individuals supporting the fbi's investigation have been killed in libya since the attacks, though it's not clear that's why they were killed. in separate statements at the end of the report the democrats on the committee assail others for misinformed speculation and
1:30 pm
accusations long after the basic facts of the attack have been determined. republicans on the committee are going after the obama administration for refusing or being unable to attain accountability from the attackers themselves and from those u.s. government officials who made four management decisions relating to the benghazi facilities. singling out for ultimate criticism former secretary of state and potential 2016 presidential candidate hillary clinton. coming up next on the lead, he's not denying it. france's president hounded by reporters over an alleged affair. but this le bring the first lady or his rumored mistress to the white house state dinner? later, the nominations for worst movies of the year are out. which comedies -- i of course use that term loosely -- are on the list? and an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside
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we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in other world news, the most salacious political scandal going on in the u.s. right now
1:34 pm
has to do with a traffic jam in new jersey. so it's no wonder the french have once again found a way to out-sexy us. france's president francois hollande is facing hard-hitting questions from the press like who do we call the first lady, your girlfriend or your mistres? the media circus began when a french newspaper accused him of having an affair with an actress. he called it a private matter. he may not be able to dodge the issue for long seeing as all eyes will be on his plus one at a white house state dinner next month. cnn's erin mclauf lan has more. >> reporter: french president francois hollande saw the question coming. after rumors of an affair with an actress surfaced in a french tabloid. is his partner, valerie, still the first lady of france? and will she join him for next month's state dinner at the white house? >> the french president did not deny officially that he might have had an affair with julie.
1:35 pm
he's just saying, well, i don't want a breach into my private life. >> reporter: the obamas extended the invitation to france's first couple, expressly welcoming not only hollande but his girlfriend. is it possible he might bring the other woman instead? the white house seemed loathe to weigh in on the matter. >> what do you expect from the state visit in february? do you expect the french first lady to come with him? >> the president looks forward to seeing president hollande for the state visit in february. in terms of that question that you ask, i'd refer you to the french government. >> reporter: but it wouldn't be the first time affairs of the heart have raised questions of international protocol. back in 2001, then mexican president vicente fox was recently divorced and dating his press secretary. just ahead of his own state visit to the white house, he
1:36 pm
married her. over 13 years later, they're still together. it's unclear if that happily ever after is in store for president hollande. his live-in partner entered the hospital after reports of a scandal broke last week. and, well, she's still there, suffering from exhaustion. she and hollande aren't actually married. hollande spent 30 years with the mother of his four children before being kicked out for his liaison with his girlfriend. these trysts are nothing new in france. at the 1996 funeral of francois mitterand the former first lady and his mistress stood together with mitterand's illegitimate daughter. this whole affair obviously making headlines in france, but people will there are more concerned about what hollande is going to do to fix the troubled economy and less worried about
1:37 pm
his rendezvous. jake? >> we should note former french president nicholas colas sarkoz issues as well. a french num criticized him for laving his time and attention with his girlfriend saying he forgot he should have a romance with france, not with himself and his paramour. what about the white house now organizing a potentially awkward dinner party? what's the protocol? let's bring in "washington post" contributor and legendary hostess sally quinn. great to see you. if you're francois hollande, do you bring your girlfriend or do you bring your mistress or just see who you're -- >> i would come alone. >> come alone. >> definitely. >> that's the statement. >> then there's not much of a story. the story is he came alone and then there will be a paragraph and he has this romantic blah, blah, blah, and that's why he came alone. if he brings one or the other
1:38 pm
it's a huge story. he's going to have to work it out obviously with -- >> that's why he's delaying announcement who he's bringing. >> with valerie who's in the hospital about, you know, whether she's going to come or not. they're not married. that's one of the things. so the whole french attitude about sex and extramarital affairs is completely different from ours. >> that's in fact a recent poll showed 77% of french voters consider this a private matter. that is not how we in the united states with our puritan heritage, we would regard this. >> well, i think that there's no such thing as privacy. i remember when the clintons first came into the white house and everything was on the table, and hillary said in this sort of shocked voice, i thought there would be a certain zone of privacy. >> right. >> well, it ain't going to happen. especially in this environment. and you don't get on your motor scooter and race over to the misstress' apartment with the press following behind and think that you're going to have any
1:39 pm
privacy. >> that's not the most discreet way to do it. >> he wasn't discreet. he knew what he was doing. he knew he was going to get caught because you always get caught. then the question is what are the consequences. and i think at least from my point of view, who cares whether he's having an affair or not. that's between them. >> sure. >> the issue is -- and i think safety is an issue, you know, if you're on a motor scooter with one secret service or two, you're not safe. and so i think security is an issue, and i also think judgment's an issue, too, because it's a huge distraction from what he wants to accomplish, you know, with the economy. >> if you were at the white house now and social secretary, if you were in charge of protocol, do you just say it's up to him? >> yes. >> you don't say we'd really like it if you brought your longtime girlfriend. >> oh, i would stay so far away from that. welcome you and we'll wait to see what -- i mean -- >> the mitterand funeral and say
1:40 pm
we're going give you because you're the president of france we'll give you a plus two. >> no. but the people who work in the social offices will be talking to each other at a certain level and saying, you know, what's the story here and it will all be worked out. >> not a crisis by any sort but it is an amusement given the fact you have these state dinners to celebrate a relationship and it's actually causing a little bit of awkwardness. >> it's going to have to be a love affair between france and the united states. >> let's hope that's the only one going on then. sally, thanks so much. coming up next on "the lead," thousands of residents still without usable water in west virginia. new details about serious violations by the company blamed for the chemical spill. why were they not caught until after the disaster? ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that jumped on the woman... [ barks ] ...who brewed the coffee... brew coffee. [ male announcer ] ...that woke the man that was late for work... all right. i got to go.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in national news, outrage in the mountaineer state, only about half of the 300,000 people affected by a chemical spill in west virginia have gotten the okay to use their tap water again for the others. same deal as the last six days. no drinking it, no bayhing in it. last week an estimated 7,500 gallons of the chemical used in coal production leaked into the water supply from a company with a name ripped from a tom wolf or chris buckley novel -- freedom industries. the leak was first discovered by residents who noticed an odd licorice-like smell which authorities traced to leak from a storage tank along the elk river. freedom industries has been tightlipped. when the man identified as the company's president gave a news conference on the leak friday he couldn't end it quickly enough. today "charleston daily mail" is reporting it's no wonder the
1:45 pm
spill happened because the company had a number of violations but they were not found until after the fact. bringing in the roerter on these violations. you've gotten a look at the report from the state department of environmental protection on violations at the freedom industries facility. what did they find? >> reporter: that's right, jake. actually, they found out that the freedom industries had to move the chemical, the rest of the chemical that was on the site, moved it to another location, and the dep went in to check that location and found five violations including that they had no secondary containment, kind of the emergency barrier to prevent a leakage from getting off of a property. >> how effective are regulators in west virginia? the state has a reputation for basically handling over control to industry. obviously, i understand that it's an impoverished state. they need work.ess. but is there sufficient oversight of these companies? >> sure.
1:46 pm
that's been part of the larger debate going on since this spill. we found out that there's really some communication that's lacking between certain pars of the government. we see that there are reports that entities like freedom industries needs to file if they have a certain amount of chemicals. but freedom industries is in a category of other entities which are oil and gas rigs or gas stations and it's hard to comb through those reports and find anything apart from the chemical inventory that can give you details about the site. for example, the report filed by freedom industries didn't say this plant or this treatment -- not a treatment facility but a storage facility was anywhere near a water treatment center. so there's definitely been questions about whether or not there should be more regulations from the state dep or other officials. >> or just effective regulation. the company is kind of mysterious itself. gary southern was identified as freedom's president last week, but the website lists dennis ferrell as president. why is there so much mystery surrounding this company?
1:47 pm
>> reporter: we think, and this is as much as we can tell, since as you know the only thing we've heard from mr. southern was during that press kmpb, we think it might have something to do with the fact this company officially merged with a few other companies on december 31st. it merged with poca blending, the company where they found the chemicals to be today or recently, and it also merged with a river terminal company which is the site of the elk river spill. and there's numerous names listed with the secretary of state. the secretary of state, some are mapging partner, some are founding partners. we're still trying to get to the bottom of who makes the decision and runs the company. >> lastly, david, the community right to know act in west virginia requires businesses to file reports if they store at least 10,000 pounds of hazardous chemicals. what happens to these reports and did freedom industries file any of them? >> reporter: they've filed this report the last six years but it doesn't give details about where
1:48 pm
the facility is located. it lists a little about the chemicals that are there but typically just the name. i looked through the report and didn't gave lot of details. in a different media report today some of the response officials say they don't even look at the reports that often or create any sort of plan. one official said they sort of fall through the cracks or are kind of left to decide. so there are still lots of questions. the local mayor, p the mayor of charleston, says he thinks somebody should go to jail over this so we're still learning about planning that needs to go in from county and state officials to prevent some sort of event like this from happening again. >> david boucher, thank you so much. appreciate it. shocking new video has come out in the moments after the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 in san francisco last sum they're killed three and injured more than 180 others. a helmet cam of a firefighter who responded to the scene shows a fire truck was warned about
1:49 pm
16-year-old ye meng yuan lie ong the ground. here's the video. >> stop, stop, stop. there's a body -- there's a body right there. >> according to cbs news, which obtained the video, the fire truck ran her over 15 minutes later while she was still alive. another truck ran her over minutes later. it seems to contradict reports that her body was covered by firefighting foam and was difficult to see. cbs news got the video from the girl's family. does this mean her death could have been prevented and did those firefighters do anything wrong? joining me now the former national transportation safety board managing director peter boles. you've coordinated a lot of ntsb investigations. looking at this video, do you think these response teams followed protocol? >> i think there were mistakes made. no one actually took 30 seconds to a minute to check the young woman on the ground, to check her vital signs before moving
1:50 pm
on. simply unforgivable. >> who is responsible ultimately? the firefighters or the airport or even some leeway because it's an emergency situation? >> there's always a tremendous amount of chaos in any first responder event. you know, oftentimes the early reports are completely wrong as they were in this case that she was covered with foam. but it is the responsibility of the firefighters who are first on the scene. their job is save lives. that's number one. and in this case they apparently thought someone else had done it. she'd already been checked, and she was left. unforgivable. >> attorneys for the family say the emergency worker who is spotted ye on the ground, quote, failed to move her to a safe location. do they have a point? >> i think they do and i'm not always a big fan of plaintiffs' attorneys but in this case they have a real strong point. >> if you were investigating this, what would you tell the family of this 16-year-old girl?
1:51 pm
>> i would apologize from the bottom of my heart and i would say, listen, we're going to set new policies and procedures and make sure that this never happens again. >> and lastly, sir, where are we on the investigation itself? >> well, they've had a hearing. the ntsb had a hearing on it. and they are zeroing in on pilot error and zeroing in on how the three piles in the cockpit interreacted with the sophisticated fly-by wire system that governs the plane. but it's going to come down to human performance i believe in the end. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. up next on "the lead," d-day for you "duck dynasty" fans. the reality show returns tonight. will a mu cast member from taiwan help viewers forget? the controversy of the last few weeks. so be ready with a stouffer's lasagna. it's the mouthwatering recipe that keeps them coming back.
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welcome back to "the lead." time for the pop culture lead. look, everybody, somebody from taiwan has joined the cast of "duck dynasty." hmm. she's in five of the reality show debuts tonight on a&e and it will feature two new players, including rebecca robinson, a former exchange student from taiwan taken in by willie and corey robinson. this will also be the first new episode of the show since the controversy involving family patriarch phil robertson, his remarkings about homosexuality and african-americans sparked an uproar, one that led to his temporary suspension last month. while a&e and cast members are ready to put the controversy behind them, it's not clear whether viewers are just as anxious to move on. >> on the the bearded brood from "duck dynasty" returns to a&e for season five. >> sometimes you just got to go for the goose -- >> the robertson clan waded through controversy last year but they're expected to emerge from the muck with ratings
1:56 pm
intact. why? well, because for viewers the decision to forgive, forget, cheer on or flip the channel is all about whether these characters live up to their expectations. >> it's fascinating the nature of how we build relations with celebrities. we expect them to live up to that persona that actually we've created for them. now, as a celebrity that can work in your favor. you can actually be given a pass on some things. >> reporter: dynasty patriarch phil robertson charms his fans with his traditional beliefs about family and work. >> who's a great fisherman? >> you. >> reporter: when he voiced polarizing opinions on home sexuality and what life was like for african-americans before civil rights last month, a&e suspended him from the show. temporarily. afterward, his son willie tweeted old phil may be a little crude but his heart is good. he's the real deal. a message that seemed enough for the show's fans. not all who stumble recover. seinfeld's michael richards was
1:57 pm
beloved by the sitcom's fans for his role as kramer, the comedian's neurotic hipster dufus neighbor. then one night in 2006 the comedian launched into an "n" word-filled rant during a stand-up routine. yada, yada, yada, his career fell flat. >> be aware of your own social contract, the standards that people hold you to. if you do something that creates a breach, an absolute apology, definitive apology is the first step. >> reporter: richards apologized on jesse jackson's radio program that same year. >> i know that what i said hit an african-american, hit us all, because it came out in the open. and i see it and i will take full responsibility. >> reporter: but his words seemed to do little to repair his broken social contract with fans. >> the perfectly sane deed. >> reporter: luckily for nbc and the franchise the show was already off the air, except of
1:58 pm
course in rerun, in which richards, prescandal, seems to somehow be preserved in amber, protected from what the actor who plays him will later say. >> i've made plenty of mistakes along the way. >> reporter: food network this star paula deen made tearful apologies after having used the "n" word among other things. >> and i'm here to issue an apology. >> reporter: the wholesome chef known for her sugar-coated southern charm was pulled from the airwaves almost immediately. >> being hard but kind of caring. >> reporter: so with the "duck dynasty" smoothing its ruffled feathers with tonight's season premiere, the question is will the robertsons be rejected in any way at all or will they be rewarded? >> focus, guys. >> unlike previous celebrity controversies, the "duck dynasty" gang did not suffer any may major sponsorship hits after the scandal broke. cracker barrel temporarily pulled franchise from store shelves then reversed the decision. you'll have to wait till
1:59 pm
tomorrow to learn who's up for an oscar but the list is up for the anti-oscars known as the rozzies. it's definitely not an honor just to be nominated. the golden raspberry awards highlight the worst movies of the year and this time around "grown-ups 2," adam sandler's tour de force of awful leads the pack. it scored eight nominations including worst picture and worst actor. it has some stiff competition in that worst picture category. other nominees are "after earth," "the lone ranger," "a ma day ya christmas" and "movie 43." may the worst one win. if you're still talking about seinfeld episodes to this day, laughing abgeorge's failed career as a hand model, you'll will happy to know jerry seinfeld and the show's writer are reportedly working on a gigantic project for broadway. seinfeld might star in it.
2:00 pm
he and jason alexander were spotted outside the diner made famous on the tv show. larry david was there too. not clear what the meeting was about but there's speculation they were shooting a super bowl commercial. then again maybe they were just new yorking on the big salad. i wonder who paid. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." breaking news. fingers on the buttons could destroy the world, but dozens of nuclear missile launch officers in the united states are caught cheating on a test of their competency. also, a stunning report on benghazi says the attack that killed four americans was, quote, likely preventable. i'll spoke with the senate intelligence committee chair dianne feinstein. 100,000 computers implanted with spy devices that can be activated even when the users r aren't online. the latest