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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 18, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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intrigues cases of the day, week, month, you nam it. thanks so much. >> thank you. all right. much more of the news room straight ahead. straight ahead. the next hour begins now. -- captions by vitac -- new reforms have been laid out for the nsa's hotly debated surveillance methoded. what the changes mean for your privacy. and people were furious when a hunter paid $350,000 for a permit to kill a black rhino. now, that man is giving his reason for bidding on the permit. and pope francis has taken the world by surprise and taking the post as the head of the catholic church now and people also think he performed an exorcism. that story coming up.
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the national security agency won't be saving records on your calls or e-mails. the president made that clear yesterday. wikileaks founder julian assange ridiculed the president's proposals as quote, embarrassing. our national correspondent joins us from washington with the latest reaction with the reformed proposals. >> these are supposed to reassure americans are worried about potential privacy concerns and while there will be some added safeguards, that controversial bulk data collection program is sticking around. the nsa reforms are meant to reassure. >> the united states is not spying on ordinary people who don't threaten our national security. >> because there are people who do, the president says the surveillance program needs to stick around. >> these efforts have prevented
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multiple attacks an saveded innocent lives. >> but to answer those weary of potential privacy abuses, the president proposed changing, but not ending nsa's controversial bulk collection of phone numbers, times and lengths of calls. effective immediately, nsa analysts will now have to get court approval to tap into the data and he's recommending moving storage of those records out of the government's hands and into a third party's control. potentially to phone companies. >> this will not be simple. more work needs to be done to determine exactly how this system might work. >> but he's punted hammering out the details to congress and before the government is given permission to look at phone records, he's proposing a new panel of independent advocates to argue against the government in front of the secret foreign intelligence surveillance court. a public voice that could include the aclu. >> if privacy advocates would
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ensure they kick the tires on those issues and make sure that the government has to explain the reasons why it wants the data. >> but stewart baker says too many cooks in the kitchen will hurt. >> it is another layer. it will slow things down. in many case, it won't be needed. >> also scaled back, the president says unless there's a national security reason, the u.s. will no longer eves drop on friendly heads of state and world leaders. >> our close friends and alleys deserve to know that if i want to know what they think about an issue, i'll pick up the phone and call them, rather than turning to surveillance. >> and critics of the president say it was too short on specifics and really left too many of those details up to congress to work on. and capitol hill is still very divided over so many of these issues, so it's really not clear when, if at all, these changes will actually get made. >> all right. thanks so much. appreciate it. all right.
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so much more about this important issue coming up in just about 15 minutes from now. we'll debate privacy versus security with a civil rights attorney in new york state. governor chris christie in florida helping to raise money for gop governors. but what does that mean? has he escapeded the bridge scandal he left behind in new jersey? we'll have more on that later on. in southern california, firefighters are scrambling to put on a fast growing wildfire east of los angeles. it's only 30% contained right now. the colby fire underscores the severe drought across most of the state. the governor issued an emergency friday and urged californians to cut back on their water usage. and in about an hour from now, family and friends will say good-bye today to a man shot and killed inside a movie theatre after a texting dispute. chad olsen's funeral is scheduled for today in land o
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lakes florida. he was shot on monday. his wife, nicole, was injured. a 71-year-old retired officer is charged with his murder and held without bail. police say olsen was texting his daughter's babysitter during previews when reeves told olsen to put away the phone. philadelphia police are searching right now for the suspect in yet another school shooting. investigators issued an arrest warrant this morning, a day after two students were shot at a high school gym. both are expected to be okay, thankfully. what more do we know about this situation? >> police are troubled because this juvenile suspect in this shooting was supposed to turn himself in this morning. that didn't happen and at this hour, police are still waiting. police are on the hunt this morning for a young man who pulled a gun in a philadelphia high school friday afternoon. shooting two students in the arm. >> one student is a female.
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approximately 15 years of age. the other student is a male student. approximately 15 years of age. and as i said, both students are in stable condition. >> the suspect is believed to have been in the gym with seven other students at the delaware valley charter high school. the stool was placed on lockdown following the shooting and while one 17-year-old was identified as the gunman, he has since been cleared and released. outside the school friday, parents were anxiously awaiting word that their kids were okay. >> i'm just still flabbergasted by how a child would bring a gun to school. i just want to know that. just tell me. if you can tell me how that happened, i'm good. >> the incident was captured on surveillance video and investigators are reviewing the tape. as of late friday, police are still looking for the weapon. now, they have one message for the shooter. >> come turn yourself in. get it over with now. come turn yourself in. we're going through the process we need to and we're going to
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come get you in custody. >> initially, there were three persons of interest. two have been questioned by police and released. police are still waiting for that juvenile to turn himself in and as you mentioned, those two students who were shot, nonlife threatening injuries. they're expected to survive. >> they know who this person is. >> they do. >> did he go to the school? >> we don't know those details. we know he was in the gym at the time. he was friends with other students, especially those questioned in this shooting, but we don't know too many details. we know police know a lot more than they're releasing to us. >> thanks so much. the fbi is joining in the search for david byrd, who's been missing. he vanished last saturday after going for a walk. his family said he left without his cell phone or the medication he takes twice a day following a liver transplant nine years ago. byrd's sister-in-law says the family is baffled by unconfirmed reports this his credit card may have been used in mexico.
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and new developments in the case of an autistic teenager who disappeared in new york city back in october. a lawyer for the teen's family told cnn that body parts were found next to the east river in queens. police believe it could be the teen. he went missing from his school in october and cannot communicate verbally. his mother will provide investigators with her dna so they can determine whether the remains are those of her child. and a group of passengers who were aboard an asiana flight that crashed last summer are now suing the aircraft maker, boeing. the suit claims that pilots got inadequate low speed warnings due to the equipment insulation error and defects that boeing knew about. boeing declined cnn's request for comment. and government forces in south sudan have retaken a key
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town from rebels. the mayor feels even nor civilian casualties than the hundreds killed when rebels held the camp previously in december. and chris christie is in florida helping to raise money for republicans. has the scandal in new jersey hurt his popularity? and president obama announces big changes for the nsa, how will it affect all of our privacy. when jake and i first set out on our own, we ate anything. but in time you realize the better you eat, the better you feel. these days we both eat smarter. and i give jake purina cat chow naturals. made with real chicken and salmon, it's high in protein like a cat's natural diet. and no added artificial flavors. we've come a long way. and whatever's ahead, we'll be there for each other. naturally. purina cat chow naturals. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation,
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chris christie is in florida for several fund-raisers. gop governors are hoping that the star power will turn into car. torrey, is the bridge scandal and the federal probe of how money following him to florida? >> i talked to one woman who was inside during this fund raising
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event. she is in there when governor christie was there as well as florida's governor and she said not once, never did any of the talk about these scandals come up. i just mentioned these are all closed door fund-raisers that are taking place today and chris christie's here in the state of florida to fund raise for rick scott. but also for the republican governor's association. here's actually what rick scott had to say a few days ago about christie's trip down here. >> he did the right thing. he apologized. went to the community and apologized, so i look forward to seeing him. >> so, fred, up next is a trip where he heads to west palm beach for another fund-raiser and then he's going to be in ft. lauderdale a little bit later on today, but this is really the first time that members of his own party are going to have the opportunity to ask him questions. any questions they may want ant about the scandals that are taking over the news right now. >> all right, and then, how is he going to spend the remaining
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weekend? >> so the big event is going to be on sunday. that's in north palm beach. this is called a donor outreach event. that means there are potential donors there who are just there to meet chris christie. and that could be big. if he decides to run in 2016. important to point out that fund-raiser is going to be happening at the cofounder of home depot's house. he's also a billionaire. what he said is that actually, the popularity of the event has gone up since the scandal from 200 people to 500 people. now, possibly more than that. he says people are calling and basically giving their opinions on how chris christie has acted during this thing, they're impressed with the way she's handled this situation, but tomorrow is going to be a big test for him. >> all right, thanks so much in orlando. so, before the new jersey bridge scandal, it almost seemeded like governor christie could do no wrong.
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his plain spoken style hit a note with voters and there's been a swirl of speculation he might make a run for the white house in 2016, but has the scandal changed people's perspectives now? cnn political editor, paul steinhauser, looks at the latest numbers. >> first off, do you believe chris christie when he said that -- >> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue. in its planning or its execution. >> a plurality of americans say yes. but they mostly believe the republican governor from new jersey. according to an nbc news maris poll. the poll was conducted earlier this week entirely after he apologized for the bridge last september, which caused massive traffic jams on the new jersey side of the nation's busiest bridge and entangled the governor in the biggest political controversy of his career. >> i am who i am, but i am not a
10:16 am
bully. >> said christie in response to his brash style of politics. it seems most of you agree. only a quarter describe him as a bully, with nearly half calling him a strong leader. he is considering a run for the white house. the poll suggest he's lost ground to hillary clinton in a possible 2016 presidential match-up. they were nearly tied last month. now, he trails her by 13 points in a hypothetical showdown. remember, this is just one early poll with multiple investigations underway, this story could change over and over again over the coming weeks and months and that could change your opinion as well. >> so true. thanks so much. president obama's new restrictions on the nsa. will changes mean more or less privacy? and later, the man who paid big bucks for a chance to kill an endangered rhino. hear his surprising remark for his critics. [ male announcer ] this is the story
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became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. president obama announced restrictions on phone call upon toring and pledged the u.s. would no longer spy on leaders who were allieallies. julian assange spoke to cnn and said these changes only came about because of the work of
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whistleblowers. >> it's clear that the president would not be speaking today were it not for the actions of edward snowden and before him. this president has been dragged, kicking and screaming, to today's address. he is being very reluctant to make any concrete reforms and unfortunately today, we also see very few concrete reforms. what we see is kicking off the ball into the congressional graphs. kicking it off into panels of lawyers that will report instruct to report back at some stage in the future. mi greatest concern i think looking at this broader package is that there is what was not said. >> so, did obama go far enough in his reforms? i'm joined by the former homeland security director for
10:21 am
new york. good to see you. and norman siegel, a former civil rights attorney and director at new york civil liberties union. so, reviews of these change, proposals, have been mixed. norman, let me begin with you. what's your evaluation of what assange said, particularly at the end? he says that this is more about what wasn't said. >> well, i generally agree with what he said. i was disappointed in the speech and proposals. i think rhetorical flourishes are not adequate anymore. we have a system where it's in effect a dragnet surveillance of suspicious unless people, it's a violation of the fourth amendment. >> what did you want to hear from the president? >> well, i wanted him to say that we were going to end the bulk metadata information. he did say that he'll end nsa
10:22 am
having access to it unless they get a court order, but the pfizer court is secret. we shouldn't have secret courts in america. who's going to appoint if judges and what is going to be the criteria if the public advocate? so, there are some serious problems with regard to not having an adversary system to have the checks and balances on the government's abuse of liberty and privacy. >> michael, is it your view that the president couldn't go further than this? >> during the commission on the 9/11 attacks, they came back and said you've got to connect the dots. well, that's what the nsa does and now, because of a revelation of someone who took an oath and broke it, we now understand there's a lot more information out there than we ever suspected, yet this is all part of the intelligence community and the way they try to provide the protection for this country. so frankly, i think the president did a very good job of
10:23 am
trying to balance the legitimate concerns on privacy, but also the need to continue providing security for this nation. >> so, you know, i wonder, does this mean that there's a victory in this for edward snowden? that if he had not revealed these classified information, that we wouldn't even be at this point? >> absolutely. one of the questions is whether or not any of this bulk metadata is even ektive. the judge if d.c. said no. snowden made this stuff available. why did it take seven years before the american public learned this? why did obama sit on it for five years? we wouldn't be here today discussing this issue. the speech would not have occurred and even the changes would not have occurred. it's analogous to daniel else burg in releasing the pentagon papers. do i think he's a hero? no. a trader, absolutely not.
10:24 am
>> and so, michael -- >> he's a traitor. >> he's not. >> he didn't go, he didn't go out and leave the nsa and retire and then come and form an institute to try to reform the nsa. he went out and he put operations at risk, he put the united states at risk. come on, the guy's a traitor. >> so might it have been different in your view, if he would have stayed state side and revealed this kind of information, michael -- >> absolutely. >> your perception would be different. >> norman, if he would have stayed state side, do you believe the impact would have been as great? what we have right here or is it the fact that he went abroad and looked for comfort abroad, namely going to china and then now to russia. as opposed to just saying here in the united states and revealing what he thought was the right thing to do.
10:25 am
>> first of all, your premise for comfort. he's not in comfort now. second, i don't think it would have had the same impact. we know when whistleblowers blow the whistle, they're put in jail and disciplined. he is in the context of americans who engage in civil disobedien disobedience. this idea that obama said yes today, there was more heat than light, i disagree with the president on that. snowden did something valuable and we're going to make some changes hopefully because of what snowden did. he's not a traitor, michael. i think you're being too rhetorical. >> michael, last word. >> he didn't, the president said the review, no systemic abuses. one. two, he goes to russia. what's happening with the information? did they put it out at once? no. they're leaking it, slowly and surely. and it's not a lot of profound information. it's sensational. designeded to embarrass and degrade the ability of the
10:26 am
united states security force. that's not the point of it. why russia's doing this. this is a part of their -- intelligence efforts to degrade our intelligence forces. this guy -- >> no, it's not. it's to improve our intelligence forces. >> all right. >> if he believes in the united states and the justice system, why did he take a chance with the courts of the justice system of the united states? >> very often, it doesn't work. >> we'll leave it there, gentlemen. michael, norman, thanks to both of you. i appreciate your time. still ahead, four nfl teams, four coaches, biting their nails this weekend, hoping big wins tomorrow will send them to the super bowl. wait until you hear what one of the coaches reportedly warned his teammates about in tomorrow's game. plus, we'll take you live to park city, utah, for the sun dance film festival. you'll hear from actors about the new film, "love is strange."
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police tell me the suspect in this shooting did turn himself in to police about 1:00 p.m. local time, just a short time ago. no further details were given about this suspect. we do know that he is a
10:30 am
juvenile. his name has not been leased by police because of his age. initially, they were looking for three persons of interest. they eliminated two during interview process. they were cleared and released. this guy was supposed to turn himself in this morning. clearly, that didn't happen. but just a short time ago, he showed up at the police stag in northwest philadelphia turning himself in alongside his attorney. >> very good. i'm sure we'll get more details about the circumstances a bit later on. thank you so much. a nightmarish end to a dream vacation. dozens of passengers got sick on a royal caribbean cruise. christi paul has more on what caused the stomach bug. >> i spend like a whole night on the toilet. >> a major health scare on the high seas after dozens of passengers on royal caribbean's majesty of the seas experienced vomiting and diarrhea.
10:31 am
>> announcements were in english and spanish. >> royal caribbean says the ship arrived in port miami friday after four days in a bahamas and the florida keys, then would depart on another cruise as scheduled. over the course of that sailing, 66 of 2,581 guests and two of 844 crew members experienced the illness, thought to be nor o virus. those affected responded well to over the counter medication administered on the ship. the cdc describes it as a very contagious virus that can be spread by infected person, infected food or water or through contact with contaminated passengers. a new set of passengers is getting ready to sail after the ship was thoroughly cleaned. >> we were concerned. we all bought medication and we'll make sure that we're more cautious. >> it is really scary. i'm surprised they didn't notify
10:32 am
anybody that has booked a trip. >> passengers who boarded the ship yesterday were given a letter asking if they had experienced any gastro intestinal symptoms. those who felt uncomfortable were allowed to reskred their trip. cory nolton says he cares about preserving black rhinos. his argument, the money is donated to conservation, but his decision is triggering outrage across the world now. here's ed lavandera. >> he says he cares so much about the black rhino that he's willing to spend $350,000 of his own money, which is being doe thated to conversation causes, for the chance to hunt one, but
10:33 am
still, to some, this seems totally illogical. this was the scene inside the dallas safari club auction hall when he dropped $350,000 for a hunting permit issued by the government of namibia to hunt a black rhino. it didn't take long for him to get outed on social media and for the death threats to pour in. >> i had no idea it would be this visceral. i had no idea that they would be attacking my 2-year-old daughter and my 7-year-old daughter and they'd want to kill us all and burn us. >> he has hired a private security team while the fbi investigates the threats against him, but instead of hiding, he says he wants to convince his critics that this hunt will actually help the black rhino population thrive in namibia. >> it's a belief in conversation for me. >> he started hunting as a young boy. he hosts hunting shows on the outdoor channel and organizes
10:34 am
high-end hunting adventures around the world. he describes himself as a passionate con vservationist an argues that old rhinos threaten to kill other rhinos. >> they put this group together, they enter out, they identified them as a problem and they need to be for lack of a better term, exterminated for the species that continue. >> but he faces scathing criticism from other animal rights groups. critics say these sanctioned hunts will only drive up the price of endangered animals. >> the message it sends is that americans will throw money to kill one of the last species. it's saying the rarity of this animal means it's more valuable dead than alive and that is not going to help conserve the rhino. >> he says he has not scheduled the time to hunt in namibia yet,
10:35 am
but says it could be the most amazing experience of his life. >> i want to be there and be a part of it. i believe in the cycle of life. i don't believe that meat comes from the store. i believe that animal died and i respect it. >> this black rhino hunt is authorized by the namibian government. every year, they auction off the permits and say since this has been done in last 15 year, the population has come back from the brink of extinction. >> thanks so much. coming up, we're headed to the sun dance film festival where john lithgow and his buddy are standi ining by and did the pop perform an e or schism? [ male announcer ] they're known by a number for years but by their face...forever. the gillette fusion proglide, for unrivaled comfort even on sensitive skin.
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when you do think of ex
10:39 am
exorcisms, you might think of the well-known movie, "the exorcist." well, now, some people are thinking of a modern day version ca carried out by pope francis. he's getting a lot of attention over this video, which some say shows him performing an exorcism. the vatican is denying it. we learn more from priests in italy who are willing to speak out about it. >> this is the image many people have of exorcisms. scenes like this. but it is very much a reality. people wait outside this church all night in the italian village. people like phil maker lorenzo. someone put a curse on me and things started going very badly. i felt bad physically and psychologically. then he shows me items me brought for blessing. candles, water and even clothes to keep evil spirits away.
10:40 am
people who believe they're possessed come this this man. the pope is very open to exorcism. last year, some thought this video shows pope francis performing an exorcism. the vatican strongly denied the pope was performing an exorcism, but some think pope francis is putting more emphasis on exorcism mentioneded the devil in several early sermons, including -- himself an exorcist priest. we believe in the existence of the devil, he says, and pope francis from the very beginning has said we must be weary of the devil and the way to defend yourself against the devil is to go through the process of exorcism. it simply means ridding a person
10:41 am
of demons or curses. rituals include everything from prayers to blessing items, to using special oils. but critics like priests say many misunderstand the true meaning of fighting one's inner demons. there's a lot of superstition involved in this, he says. the truth is that the litdoes not allow any rituals, but people continue to flock to churches like this one in the hope that priests might be able to rid them of the curses and demons they have inside. two americans and two british citizens have been killed after a suicide bomber and gunman attacked a restaurant in kabul, afghanistan. nine foreigners and eight afghans were also killed friday. the taliban took responsibility and said it was payback for an air strike this week that killed
10:42 am
civilians. security forces killed the gunman in a shoot out. a big event happening now in park city, utah. it's the sun dance film festival. we'll go there live and talk to two leading actors, next. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place on chestnut street the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ ♪ this magic moment [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't.
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tonight, a black female cast member joins "saturday night live." just a few weeks ago, sasheer was relatively unknown, but tonight, all eyes will be on the former upright citizens brigade comedian. she's making her big debut along with two new writers, who are also black. the sun dance film festival is now underway in utah. one movie stands out as especially relevant. it's called "love is strange" and john lithgow and alfred molina play a gay couple who get married. >> we have to sell the apartment and we found a buyer already. pretty soon, we're going to have to move out. now, it won't be long before i get another job and shouldn't be long before we find another
10:46 am
apartment, but in the meantime -- >> it's just a transition phase. probably just a week or two. >> we need to place to stay. >> miguel is covering the sun dance film festival for us. this seems to mirror a real life story out of seattle. explain. >> well, this is you know, the toughest gig in the business and there is a real life story that i want to get to, but i want to get to our stars first. thank you very much for joining us. love is strange. no matter what sort of love it is. having to live in someone else's place for a while. this film is about testing the bonds of life. tell us about it. >> fred and i play a couple that's been together for 40 years, married in every way except the legal way and they finally do get married, at the very beginning of the film. fred plays a teacher of music at
10:47 am
a catholic school and because of doctrine and rules, he's immediately let go from the school and that sends our lives and the lives of our family and friends into a kind of chaos. >> which of course reminds us of real life and the teacher in seattle, are you familiar with this? >> while we were shooting the movie, we were becoming aware that this very story was happening for real in places all around the country and so, we were conscious that the film is somehow now out of the -- it's a very timely story, but as john says, it's not a gay movie. it's really a movie about the universal theme, which is relationships and love and marriage and what holds and binds people together. john and i are both fortunate enough, we're both in marriages that have lasted more than 30 years. and we talked a lot while we
10:48 am
were filming, so much of that experience was so relevant to the way we were playing these roles. >> reading about the film, it reminds me about the saying, fish and house guests go bad after about three days. it's really about testing the bonds of relationships, not only between the couple, but amongst friends and everything else. the other thing that was interesting about it is that this is sort of a post gay marriage fight film. but we happen to be in utah, where they've just invalidated gay marriages here. you talk about being in the zeitgiest. >> for people like me who support marriage equality and same-sex marriage, this is a moment of great success, indication, but it's the fight that is far from over. there are still so many people who are very uncomfortable with this and in a way, we didn't set out to do a comical film. we're not sending a message.
10:49 am
in a way, we're simply doing a character study about a marriage and a beautiful marriage. a long and relationship to be celebrated, but the fact that it's a same-sex marriage, i don't think this story has been told in this way. which is a, it is a way which i think can make a mainstream audience just that little bit more -- >> and you don't see a lot of older gay men or relationships portrayed in the media, but for younger people, gay and straight, the whole gay marriage thing, it's the new civil rights movement. >> and also, you don't see many movies about relationships at this end of the age sprekt rum and it's, so, it's nice that we're looking at a relationship towards the let's say in the autumn or early winter of their lives and there's a kind of real, what i loved about it was that all the same preoccupati s preoccupations, concerns, compromises and sort of fights
10:50 am
that you have when you're just married, things that are exactly the same when you've been together for 30 years. >> it's real. >> the scene they showed at the top of this thing with you know, the discomforts you have in asking friends and you end up, one of you >> my character ends up staying with hi friends next door who are a gay couple, young. both new york policemen. >> i stay with my nephew and his wife. and their teenage son and my presence -- you can imagine. having a 68-year-old queen just lying in your son's bunk bed. you know? it just disrupts everything. as much as they love us, i mean -- our little circle of family and friends are completely devoted and loyal to us. so -- >> the film opens tonight here in sundance in park city. what is it like to be part of
10:51 am
the madness here, in the official madness of park city? >> it's my first. i've been hearing about it for years, and it's incredible. you're swept along. that's why we almost missed this interview. >> we don't talk about that on live air. >> but i tell you, it's only my second time. my first time actually was last year. so it's been, this is great. i love it. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. very good luck to you. very nice to meet you. fred, i'm going to send it back to you for now. >> fun stuff. thank you so much, gentlemen. appreciate it. all right. in washington, d.c., the first lady turned 50. we'll give awe sneak peek at her birthday celebration, right after this. ♪ ♪
10:52 am
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welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. the first lady is now 50. her birthday was yesterday, and michelle obama has decided to celebrate with gusto. she's having a huge bash tonight at the white house.
10:55 am
cnn's athena jones tells us what to expect at the big party. frrt you're a fan of the first lady -- ♪ stand there >> reporter: it's the hottest ticket in town. an invitation to a white house dance party saturday night to celebrate michelle obama's 50th birthday. ♪ signed, sealed delivered, i'm yours ♪ >> reporter: if you're pictures something like this. >> my better half -- and my dance partner -- ♪ let's stay together >> reporter: instead think -- a little "saturday night fever." after all, while the first lady may be tweeting about joining the aarp, she's known for her dancing prowess, and the party's host, the president, has told guests to wear comfortable shoes. because even with two ivy league degrees --. she's got a really fun-loving streak. she loves to dance, she loves music. and why not, you know -- you only turn 50 once.
10:56 am
why not make the most of it. >> reporter: we've seen some of the first lady's moves before. here she is doing "the dougie" on "late night with jimmy fallon" last year. and showing more moves with talk show host ellen degeneres back in 2008. ♪ >> reporter: saturday's celebration is set to last from 9:00 p.m. until midnight and it's being dubbed snacks and sips and dancing and dessert. >> my guess is, it won't be a cast of thousands. it might be big, but not super big. >> reporter: the white house is making a special request that will affect how much guests can share about the event. >> here's what's interesting about the invite to this late-night party for mrs. obama. it says no camera, no photographs. well -- i've covered many receptions at the white house, and even big shots like to take pictures. >> reporter: the obamas' inauguration afterpart last year drew the likes of usher, katy perry and beyonce, rumored to be
10:57 am
performing at saturday's event. athena jones, cnn, washington. >> all right. happy birthday to the first lady. all right. perhaps you ask every now and then, whatever happened to this person, or to that issue? chief business correspondent christine romans flashes back to the '80s in a preview of "your money." >> hi, fredricka. remember the '80s? leg warmers? remember reaganomics? whatever happened to trickle down jp why are record corporate profits not leading to better jobs with higher pay? i go one-on-one with newt gingrich next on a brand new "your money." >> thanks, christine. that texas man who got charged for warning drivers of a speed trap up ahead. he claim head was trying to help police by urging drivers to slow down, but they didn't buy it. now he faces trial. our affiliate from wfaa. >> reporter: an approaching officer demanded his drop it. no weapon, just a sign, which
10:58 am
read, "police ahead." warning drivers of the speed trap these two frisco officers set up minutes earlier. are you against these speed traps? >> absolutely not. i think it's very important for officers to actually be on the street and enforce laws. police arrested ron martin last october along el dorado parkway near preston road. wednesday he went to court. >> ultimately we're trying do the exact same thing. just not wearing a speed limit. >> reporter: yours say police ahead. you say the officers dp dp cover it up. >> correct. if people are speeding in the area they're not paying attention to the actual speed limit sign. >> reporter: martin wants people to drive slower through his community. officers, too. still, frisco police cited him for violating the sign ordinance, which says the person holding the sign has to be on private property. martin was in the median. besides, he ar gargues this
10:59 am
ordinance doesn't apply since she not a business. frisco police don't want to talk about the case until courts settle it first and it is going it trial next month, february 21st and martin pleaded not guilty. frisco police say they've een martin before, at least twice, doing the same thing. other cities already warn drivers of traffic enforcement, he says. the issue is bigger than a simple sign along a busy road, martin insists. it's free speech. convincing a court of that, though, it another story. >> thanks to jason whitley on that report. all right. it's awards season, hollywood. tonight it's the screen actors guild and handing out the hardware pap live report from the red carpet coming up at 3:00 eastern time. plus, actress rita moreno will receive a lifetime zsag award, dishes on her life off the screen with marlon brando and the king, elvis presley.
11:00 am
it's an '80s flashback you don't want to miss. christine romans tackling triple down economics with newt gingrich. i'm fredricka whitfield. "your money" starts right now. a 21st century labor movement brewing with the support of president obama and leading economists. i'm christine romans, this is "your money." these are the people who flip your burgers, and clean your offices and they want a raise. [ chanting ] >> reporter: fast food woeshgs aren't the only ones at the bottom of the economic ladder. 1.6 million americans live on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. that works out to just overs 15ds,000 a year, well below the poverty line for a family of three. another 17 million americans earn only slightly more. >> we have to sacrifice. either my husband eats today and i eat