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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 19, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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tourists. >> the video was posted to a well-known forum. it shows bomb blasted that truck on a local train station killing 34 people. the two men saying there is more to come. they say they have prepared what they describe as a present for tourists who will be in sochi during the games. they say it is in revenge for the muslim blood that has been spilled. they say they have a lit of names and have a task for each
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of them. they say their plan is thorough and everything is in place. they say they are prepared to host these games safely. but those attacks did trigger a surge in security in other parts of russia here in volgagrad and you are expected to see a lot of that tomorrow. from there the porcu torch rela make its way through the streets. phil black, cnn russia. >> lawmakers on both the house and senate intelligence committees say they are extremely concerned.
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15,000 americans are planning to go to is the sochi for the games what would you say to them? >> i don't think it is safe. the rest of russia, i would be very, very leery of traveling around. and i'm wondering. you have worked with the russians here and we know that the u.s. is sending fbi members to assist and provide security. >> how much cooperation to you anticipate between the two operations? >> not much. if you look the russians aren't going to share. they are going to say we can do it ourselves.
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don't bother us. we are going to have to take their word for it. 20 years and they haven't been able to suppress. i think we are going to see some sort of attacks in russia. maybe against foreigners or russians. >> i wouldn't go. i won't get on an airplane there. >> what areas would worry you? >> i think you look at the two attacks that are highly traveled
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area areas you look at that explosion and we know they have access to dangerous weapons. we think of a regime like this. they are good at it. the problem is such a big problem. as good as the russians are, they can't ensure 100% security >> i hope you are yowrong in th case. thank you for joining us today. >> back here in the united states. things got stickier for governor of numg today.
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according to hoboken mayor dawn zimmer krit tchristie staffers her she would not get hurricane relief money unless she cooperated. and she named names. you first this mayor saying that chris christie was playing games with people's lives. >> this is the first time here on cnn that she is tieing governor christie to the retaliation. >> the alleged retaliation happened 7 months ago. on cnn's "state of the union"
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dawn zimmer tells why she is coming forward now. i was concerned that we would really be cut out of the sandy funding. you do see parallels now. >> her charge sandy aid was hold hostage until she pushed through a project by the rockefeller group a developer with ties to the new jersey governor. after this hoboken event, in may she says lieutenant governor communitied what she said was a message that was from christie himself. she came and said you got to move forward with the ro rockefeller project. she said she had been with him on friday night and this was a message from the fof nor.
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she said it is outrageous but it is true. she says her account is about the conversation. she said, i thought he was honest and moral. this week i found out he is cut from the same cloth that i have been fighting for the same four years. democratic mayors with a political axe to grind come out of the woodwork. believes the lieutenant governor will confirm her account. i believe if and when she is asked to testify under oath the truth will come out and she will
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tell the truth. we contacted the governor's office again today and they stand by the previous statement that her conversation of the conversation is what is false. >> thank you very much for that. >> have his troubles from new jersey followed him to florida? we'll get the latest next and later, actor, activist and social media sensation, george takai opens up to his project that hits close to home. ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx. lease this 2014 cadillac srx for around $319 a month
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governor chris christie's troubles are compounding in new jersey. these are people that he hopes will write he checks if he makes a run for the white house. and today is the main event for the florida trip. well martin what is going on right now is governor christie is here inside this gated community. as you mentioned, this is not really a fund racing event. it is a chance for governor christie to meet potential donors and to give you more
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information about this event happening right now. it is a home that belongs to co-founder of home depot. the number of people wanting to come to this event has gone up. he says he has been getting calls from people saying they like that the way the governor is handling it so far. >> we just reported on the allegations made geagainst governor christie. and this surfaced during his
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trip to florida. she joins us from new york. timing is everything and the timing on this allegation interesting. do you think this is going to harm his reputation? >> the governor's office is pulling back on these allegations. in florida he is the man of the moment. and they do admire how he was
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hiring the scandal. he sacked that depsy chief of staff and he had nothing to do with it. when it seems like they have an eye got you moment. only in the sense that you can say that chris doesn't know anything about thisment you can say that he is finding this out. it makes two people who are out doing things without his
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knowledge. that is not a good look for a president. we don't know that he did do that. this mayor said that money was hold hostage. rather fof ngovernor christie s he did get that cash. >> in switching gears, i know, let's talk about president obama. his football comments. a reporter asked him about the risk of concussions and brain injuries. he he said i would not let my son play pro football. >> were you surprised by his
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position on it? is while we may still watch it as a guilty pleasure. we were trying to pursue the options. chances are he is too old for people to tell him what to do an anyw anyway. noted on your parenting skills. we should say that obama talked about his news on marijuana. he said quote i smoked pot as a kid and i view it as a bad ha t habit.
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i don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol. amy, do you agree with his comparison here? >> he won ders why he is so polarizing that he is in appropriately weighing in on controversial pop culture and parenting issues. he said he wouldn't put his son in football. who love it and find it is a great outlet for them. when it comes to the issue of alcohol and pot et cetera. for him to be drawing this, a lot of parents don't feel that way and don't appreciate the president of the united states coming out and sharing that point of view. this same president called the owner of the team that hired michael vick. he is congrating a football
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player who had dog fighting on his property. >> i'm waiting for lz to jump in. >> you are going to let me respond please? >> they ask a man a question. do you expect him to say no comment? >> let me finish, i let you finifi fini finish. he was hedging what he said if you read the interreview what he said about football. if someone asked me what my profession. >> >>: you let your child do x, y and z. and in regards to marijuana. the president has not said anything that the medical community has not said as well. he is not out going making
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comparisons and telling people what they must do. the reason why the mayor wan na is on that level, is because president nixon didn't like the drug. there is nothing wrong with him saying what science said. he didn't say i think it should be legalized. >> we have to end it there. we appreciate it and we know we'll be talking again. thank you both. >> disturbing details when a united nations committee over the sex abuse scandals that rocked the church. you will hear more right after this. then spend your time chasing your point "b"... ...the war of 1812. [ bell rings ] you get to point "b", and sometimes things change. but your journey is not done.
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dennis rodman is going to be out of the public eye for a while. his agent said today that he has checked into an alcohol rehab facility for the next 20 or 30 days. they said his drinking has escalated to a level that nobody close to him has seap before. he is embarrassed and remorseful about his recent behavior in kno north korea. united nations committee has
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rocked the nation. >> it was a highly unusual hearing there is quote no excuse for child sex abuse. the un panel on the rights of geneva talking about what kind of sanctions are imposed on priests. they were also asked about what is being down to transfer to cover up abuses. reaction from the catholic community has been mixed. the fact that the vatican was going to act. the catholic church has
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explained himself. it gives them the impression that it is on going. our problems are behind us. i'm concerned about feeding a stereotype. one vatican official ensured the panel that the issue is a priority pope francis told a senior official that the due proceedi proceedings feel guilty since march. >> coming up, actor author activist and social media s sensation talk about their newest project. stick around.
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the sundance film fest falis in full swing in utah. it showcases george takei. it opens up about this years in a camp and his personal achievements. he and his husband brad give a prey view of the film. >> i was involved in a civil-rights movement. i marched with dr. martin luther king. i was involved in the peace movement during the vietnam war. >> they put you in stereotypical roles. >> that is right. and the struggle for getting a
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more true depiction of asian american characters. but all this time. i was silent about another aspect of my life, i was gay from the time i was nine or ten i knew that bobby excited me more than janey. >> he said that he did not want control over this project but he is a control freak. >> he is the control freak. >> the director she showed up at our house one day so to speak and the cameras just rolled, her approach after while the project went on. >> he said that the film was shot over three years and it has
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been narrowed down to 90 minutes. the latest on the terror threat on the olympics tomorrow morning. paul walker life in the fast lane begins right now. >> we knew him as the fast and the furious. >> he had the blue eyes and the blond hair. >> turned mega watt movie star. >> i thought this young guy is so full of light. he really can act. >> but so much of paul walker's passion was played off