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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 21, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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so much easier to stay in the car. he's doing his job. >> win win for him. he's having fun. it. >> got to work on that. >> he'd probably beat me down on my own couch. a lot of news this morning. let's to get to. now to carol costello in the newsroom. >> thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. how safe will americans be at the olympics. security tightens as the games draw closer. suspects look for the black widow. police around the games are handing out fliers searching for the women. they suspect there are two more black widows threatening terror attacks around sochi. hundreds of american athletes and dignitaries head towards
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russian. the state department and u.s. military are sending two u.s. warships to the black sea. helicopter hers and c 17 aircraft are heading to the region in case american athletes need to be evacuated. phil black is in volgograd this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. black widows are female suicide bombers often acting to take revenge for a lost loved one or husband. they have attacked and killed here many times. according to the security plan to protect sochi, they were never supposed to get close to the olympic city. russian police are racing against the clock to find this woman who they say may be working with the known terrorist organization planning an attack on the olympics. she may already be inside sochi ready to strike. >> obviously the russian security forces are concerned
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that perhaps people have already penetrated their outer perimeter in sochi. >> 22-year-old is described as a black widow o a notorious type of suicide bomber. police distributed fliers to hotels hotels in sochi and asking staff to be on the lookout. there could be so called other black widows. >> we shouldn't assume she's the only one they're concerned about. she's likely part of a larger network. she's believed to be from dagestan. agents have been conducting interviews with people of the region for weeks asking community members if there are issues they should be focussing. this morning the russian antiterrorist committee posted a statement saying they killed seven rebels in pakistan early last week. one is a black widow.
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all this after a new terror threat this past weekend from two young men in this video claiming responsibility for twin suicide bombings in volgograd last month. they say as for the olympics, we've prepared a present for you. sochi is uniquely at risk because hot beds are leaving the olympics closer to danger. >> reporter: russian authorities are not commenting on the black widow sochi suspect. their official line is there's an adequate security plan in place. they believe they've done all they can to protect these games. the only reason we know about this suspect because authorities have turned to hotel workers to try and find her. clearly they are concerned. this wasn't supposed to happen. terrorists were not supposed to be able to enter the city through the so called ring of
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steel surrounding it. it is possible one has with just weeks to go until the games begin. >> phil black live from russia this morning. thanks so much. this time of we're, cold weather is nothing new. in 12 hours half the country will feel temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average. 2,000 flights have been cancelled ahead of the cold front expected to bring a foot of snow from virginia all the way up to maine. in ohio the governor declared a state of emergency because of a shortage of propane and oil. in the capital, offices are closed. people in indianapolis are driving through snow wrapping up their morning commutes. it is nasty. george is in chicago, rene marsh live at reagan national airport. george, i want to start with you. you're in the coldest spot of all. good morning. >> reporter: carol, good many. 3 degrees here in chicago. we're getting to see the storm first. it is headed your way, rather
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toward the east coast, toward new york, toward washington d.c. overnight we saw lake-effect snow. you can see behind us, couple of inches. we're expecting to see sun which is great news. very cold temperatures. that's the situation here. as the storm continues to move east ward it will drop temperatures as it moves toward. >> george howell reporting live from chicago this morning. now we want to bring in rene marsh where flights are already cancelled. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. snow isn't here yet, but we're seeking the problems here in the washington d.c. area. let's give you perspective. on a typical day they have 200 cancellations. we're already past 2,000 cancellations at airport across the country.
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the problem airports, we have a list for you. at the top of the list, philadelphia. airports in new york as well as new jersey and right here in the washington d.c. area. i'm joined by a traveler trying to get to his destination. you have a job interview in new orleans. you're stuck here now. >> yes, ma'am. i was trying to get to new orleans for a job interview. i understand there may be issues for flights inbound i suppose, but i don't see snow and i know for a fact new orleans is roughly in the 50s, close to 60s now. not understanding why i'm not able to get out of the area. i'm hoping they're delaying my flight and i would like to get there before the snow starts. >> reporter: you know what, he's not the only one that has the question. you look out the window, don't see snow. he pulled up the app on his iphone and says it's 60s in new orleans. this is a ripple effect with problems across the country.
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>> we have winds down south. i'm with him, always wonder why. good luck to that guy. inauguration day in new jersey. what would normally be chris christie's spot in the spot light, now scandals cast shadows on him and his ambitions. at his side and at center of his latest controversy, his lieutenant governor. she fierce loi denies claims she tried to strong arm the hoboken mayor. >> when you see the lieutenant governor, in a press conference now saying point blank, you're memory of your recollection of this is offensive and completely inaccurate. as a victim of sandy, she's offended. you're saying she's lying? >> yeah. she said she would deny it. she's denying it. part of me is not surprised.
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my reaction is, you're offended? how do you think i feel and everyone in hoboken feels? we haven't been given that much sandy funding. we have been told there's a connection between the to. when there's a push to get one particular project through. >> cnn erin mcpike has more this morning. good morning. >> reporter: carol, good morning to you. just so we know what was happening later today, i want to point out to you, christie is coming here to the trenton war memorial giving his inaugural address after he is sworn in at noon. i just spoke to an aid to chris christie who tells they ellis island event this evening is cancelled due to severe winter weather. as you know the east coast is getting pounded be a blizzard. so it's not the best day for his inauguration. obviously also there are controversies that are overshadowing the inauguration. >> governor christie, you have a
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few seconds? >> in his remarks, he is expected to discuss smaller government and unity among the people. on monday, forceful denials and rge which as of lying flew back and forth between chris christie's lieutenant governor and hoboken's mayor dawn zimmer. >> the suggestion anyone would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is wholly and completely false. >> a sandy victim herself called zimmer's actizations false and illogical. zimmer spoke to cooper about the threat. >> if someone tells you in a parking lot, tell hit and i'll deny it, you remember. i was upset.
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i did a journal a few days later. >> and also the claims are absurd saying i welcome a thorough law enforcement review of her claims complicates matters. zimmer herself has given different versions of her story and supports christie's record as governor. he has done good things for hoboken. he's done terrific things for the state overall. he's been a great governor. >> a national poll from the research center shows his unfavorable rating doubling from 17 to 34%. those that have heard of the george washington bridge controversy say they don't believe him when he says he doesn't know the lean clo about closures. >> the university is putting out a poll on what the controversy
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may have done to his presidential ambitions. >> what's fascinating, we have exerts of his i think inaugural speech. i'm going to read it to you. the attitude that puts everyone into a box they are not permitted to leave. the attitude that puts political whims ahead of policy agreements. the belief that compromise is a dirty word. it's interesting because that's exactly what the mayor of hoboken and others are accusing christie of doing. >> reporter: well, carol, that's right. obviously this inaugural after dress was supposed to be a flat form for him to preview the campaign message for 2016. he's going to talk a lot about bipartisan ship today and try to move forward and past these controversies. >> erin mcpike, thanks so much. stay with us for the swearing in
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and inago ral address. the coverage continues today with jake tapper. police in south texas have arrested two mexican citizens along the border near mcallen texas saying the two had fake credit cards obtaining information from victims. initially the arrests were thought to be linked to the target hacking. investigators say that may not be the case. there are concerns about where all this personal information that was stolen from target has gone. cnn chief business correspondent christine is live in new york to tell us more. >> it's like the wild west out there with your personal information. there's a black market for it. people get information and create fraudulent credit and
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debit cards. these are horror stories you've been hearing. if you're a target shopper and may have been one of the 70 million that got an e-mail from target and are concerned about whether it's real or not. look at the top from the to, from, subject there. make clear you're not sucked in by a scammer trying to make you think it's officially target. here's what you do if you see an e-mail from target pop up. go to,ttps go to the target corporate website. check your credit history. it's free. check your history to see if anything unusual happened. check your debit and bank statements everyday if you think you could have been one of the 70 million people. put a freeze on your account
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too. you should try to do that. when you open up the e-mail from target, there's a link for credit monitoring. you can pursue that or go to the corporate website for target to do that yourself. credit be careful. i want to reiterate. target has found 12 different potential scams of people using their name and trying to go out and scam more money from nervous customers. don't click anything that looks unusual or doesn't have a header like i showed you. don't click on anything with misspellings or anything that asks for your social security number or personal information. that's somebody trying to add insult to injury. be careful. go to the target website and try to backtrack that way so you don't get hurt again. >> many thanks christine romance. still ahead, he's held in
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north korea for charges against the government. pamela brown has that story. good morning carol. kenneth bae's sister says she's skoo scared after seeing her brother in that interview statement. more on that after the break. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪
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the family of american hostage kenneth bae making desperate plea to gain freedom for the american held captive in north korea accused of bringing down the government through activities. terri chung reads in part our family apologizes on kenneth's behalf. we humbly ask for your mercy to release my brother. that comes as bae is seen on camera for the first time in months. in an interview, his sister tells pamela brown the video was hard to watch. >> good morning. terri saw her brother in that video tape statement. she says it was upsetting and her family is scared about what's going to happen next. he has been in prison in north korea for 15 months. his sister says he is now the
6:19 am
longest american detained in recent history. she's pleading with the u.s. government to bring him home now. >> overnight, kenneth bae's family heartbroken after watching his first appearance in months. >> it's very difficult for the family to watch him having to plead for help from the u.s. government. >> the american missionary held in north korea for more than a year read a statement before cameras in the hospital. bae pleading with the u.s. government, press and family to stop making it worse for him by quote making vile rumors about north korea. >> that was the most difficult part for us which is now why we're imploring leaders. >> they sent on to say he committed a quote serious crime against the country's government adding he did not experience hue plan rights abuse. bae says he wants to be pardoned
6:20 am
and returned to his loving family asking the press, u.s. government and his family to quote make a more active effort and pay more attention. experts say the new aimages coud be a positive sign. >> the fact they've paraded him out and gone through this suggests they have some kind of demand in mind. >> earlier this move, former nba star dennis rodman travelled to north korea for an exhibition game for leader kim jong-un's birthday. in an interview with "new day," rodman pointed blame at bae for his detention. >> do you understand what he did? >> what did he do? tell me what did he do? >> you tell me. why is he held captive? >> rodman has sense apologized and checked into rehab. his controversial visit has officials questioning whether it
6:21 am
played a role in kim jong-un to show bae. >> this was a disaster for him. maybe now he wants to initiate a possible dialogue with kenneth bae as a bargaining chip. >> experts say bae's video tape statement follows north korea's pathologist earn of exacting false confessions. most recently rgs newman, a korean war veteran freed from the country after he says he was forced to give a false confession. perhaps giving the bae family hope there. carol. >> i hope so. pamela brown reporting live from new york this morning. still to come, reports of drinking and dancing. we are live with more. >> good luck. we'll have those stories for you. hearing all about them this morning. ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪
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prince harry is back from his trip to the south pole. the fresh faced 29-year-old and his teammates are opening up for the first time about the 200 mile journey.
6:25 am
rumors are flying about exactly how much fun they had in the south pole. rumors flying they danced in the nude while drinking champagne that sounds kind of like a fun event in cold temperatures. let's head to london and max foster. really? >> i see someone opened the can on this today. there was a press conference. prince harry was there. dominique west also in on this chest. it was servicemen and women on the long track. when they got to the south pole they were relieved and wanted to celebrate. they did indeed take one of the prosthetic legs off one of the trackers and drank champagne out of it. harry didn't dance naked this time. we can confirm he went on a two day bend with truck drivers drinking lethal home brew according to dominique west. it does seem as though prince
6:26 am
harry earned relaxation time. during the whole trip he was the one building the pits. >> he took it upon himself to dig the pits and with quite an artistic flair. he built this amazing one. we stayed in a camp two or three days. he went to town on it, took him hours. there were wind breaks and lovely roll holder, flat form for your feet, list of instructions. i thought this guy has got real flare. or too much time on his hands. a serious event rising awareness for service veterans. he was giving that message today. >> you've got to love prince harry. i shouldn't be laughing that the, but that's really funny.
6:27 am
>> he was being serious. we'll let you hear him. he won't be happy if we only talk about him drinking champagne out of prosthetic limbs. i hope this truly unbelievable achievement by me and everyone in australia, what they've achieved will remind everybody that that is simply -- that they can achieve anything they want to. >> absolutely. they know how to celebrate carol. >> they certainly do. thanks max foster. still to come in the newsroom, freezing temperatures and heating oil in short supply. that's the problem facing many states today. what's being done about it next. it says here that a woman's sex drive increases at the age of 80.
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once-a-day xarelto means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. markets open after the holiday weekend. stock futures higher this morning. stocks ended last week mixed with the dow down for the year. a storm system punched up by lake effect moisture is dumping up to 10 inches of snow in chicago. the system is rapidly rolling
6:31 am
eastward and will spread snow from the nation's capital through new england. blizzard warnings for cape cod. more than 2,000 flights have been cancelled nationwide. so do you go to the olympics in sochi or stay home? the russian president vladimir putin noinsists the games will safe even though there's a man hunt look for the black widow. the u.s. will send warships and aircraft to sochi in case the athletes need to be evacuated. michael grim of new york, cochair of the russian house caucus joins me now. good morning. >> good morning. should the americans go to sochi to watch the olympics? >> my natural instinct is say yes. you don't want the terrorists to win. one of the main goals of terror
6:32 am
him is invoek fear and stop people from living their daily lives. i would be disgenuine not to say i have serious concerns. if you're asking if i would send my family there, i have trepidation. there are serious and credible threats we know about. i'm not completely convince had the the russians will be able to completely keep us safe. that being said, it's not a slight against russia, no one can completely keep you safe not against terrorism. there's too many vulnerabilities. >> i just got this from my international desks. russian forces are conducting two terrorists operations. we don't know exactly what they're doing. it seems like the russians are on it. are they? >> i think they are. they're doing the best they can. let's analyze it a little bit. first of all there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. let's start at the beginning, the basics. when you talk about security, it's like an onion. in the center is the area most
6:33 am
protected. if you're in the venue watching the actual competitive game, that's probably the safest place to be. that's where the concentration of security will be. as you go out and start to peel away the layers of the onion, the outer most layers are most vulnerable. for people going obviously they want to see the games. they also want to see russia, see the culture, do what tourists do. i don't believe you're going to be able to make sure every restaurant, museum, all the tourists spots a mile or two miles from the actual competitive games and stadiums, there's no way to keep all those safe. we have possibly three black widows we are watching more. there's certainly credible threats. it's impossible to be completely safe especially when you get outside of the main venue or as i said said the center of the
6:34 am
onion. >> the u.s. is sending warships and planes to move athletes out if need be. america has offered full support to the russian government in relation to security. is that enough? >> here's the question with that. first of all is it enough to keep people safe? of course not. that's just a reaction if something happens. we want a contingency plan. we must. number one, will russia allow us to use the air and naval support in their nation? that's the first decision. that makes me a little uncomfortable. i worked deep undercover with the fbi. when you have a backup team, they often tell you when something goes wrong or breaks bad, the most the backup team will do is give you a properly burial. if there's an explosion of some sort, can we evacuate those that
6:35 am
survive? sure. once the ex employees goes off, the casualties have been had. that's the part that really the united states cannot do that much about. i hope that we are collaborating and working in conjunction with the russians so that we can help them any way we can to beef up their own security in their sovereign nation. >> last question. in hindsight, was sochi the right city to host the olympics? >> you negotiation it's very difficult to pick a venue like this for anyone. i don't want to second guess the commission. i think it's a difficult venue. it's certainly a bit out of the way. i think russia will have a difficult time getting people regardless of all terrorism concerns. it's just a little bit remote. i think it's difficult to attract people to go there and spend a long period of time to enjoy the games. >> thanks for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. ohio is running dangerously low on propane and heating oil.
6:36 am
the situation so dyer the governor has issued a state of emergency. keep in mind the high in ohio is a balmy 6 degrees. oil suppliers haven't seen it this bad in 20 years. >> i'm concerned. i'm concerned now because we don't know when we're getting it. we don't know if we're getting it. all the propane companies are in the same boat. >> ohio is not alone. 25 states republican expecting the same problem. christine romance is live in new york. is there anything anyone can do about it? >> the department of transportation and states are relaxing the commercial truck driver rules so truck drivers can drive more hours and consecutive days to fill up the trucks and get them where they need to go. that should help a little bit. you've got the suppliers, lp suppliers who are you know if you want to fill up you're tank, they're going to give you 100
6:37 am
gallons not fill up a 500 gallon tank. they'll say call us in a few weeks and see where they stand. this is a problem for rural communities that use lp tanks. 13 million american families we're talking about here, companies and industrial uses. car washes have shut down. they heat with lp. they can't get enough to keep going. we'll watch the economic knock down effect of this. one thing that's interesting, this cold weather was super wet in the midwest in the fall. they dried corn in these corn driers in the ag industry with propane. you had a big use of it in the fall in harvest time. now the cold weather it's really putting a pinch on states. ohio, michigan. lots of parts of the mid west. people that heat with propane are saying this cold weather is the last in a long series here. we've got a good eight to ten weeks of winter left. it bears watching.
6:38 am
>> christine romancmanromans, t. a woman says a teacher sexually molested her as a child. she posted their interview online. >> you realize what you did was wrong? >> yes, and i regret it. >> heart wrenching and heroism. the video prompts swift action. we'll have the video for you next. i have the flu, i took medicine but i still have symptoms. [ sneeze ] [ male announcer ] truth is not all flu products treat all your symptoms. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu speeds relief to these eight symptoms. [ breath of relief ] thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. ready? go.
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a sex abuse victim confronts her alleged abuser on youtube. it's a powerful of a damaged person taking control and scary for a parent that has a child in school. the victim is 28 years old with children of her own. when she was 12 years old she was allegedly abused by a teacher. when jamie heard that teacher was an assist ent principal in california, she called up the assistant principal and caught it on youtube. >> what about when a student comes in and says they're having
6:42 am
a sexual relationship with a teach senator. >> i'll involve law enforcement. >> how is that different from what you did when i was at the middle school? >> it's not. >> so why are you excluded from the law? i mean, why did you do that? i was only 12 years old when i met you. do you realize you brainwashed me and manipulated me? what you did was wrong? >> yes. and i regret it. >> do you know that i'm completely messed up, that i have so many issues because of you? >> i just wanted to help you. >> how is having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old student helping? >> it wasn't anything i
6:43 am
intended. i don't know what happened. >> it's completely shocking to me that you are an assistant principal. are you doing this with other students too? >> no. >> is that how you help them? >> no. not at all. >> you ruined my life. you ruined my childhood. do you realize that? you sicken me. everyday when i think about what you did, you sicken me. i have kids of my own, and i'm the age now i pretty much met you at. i could never think about doing the things you did. you should be so ashamed and so disgusted with yourself.
6:44 am
>> i am. i am. >> how [ bleep ] dare you. >> i think about it everyday. everyday. >> you're disgusting. bye. >> now the assistant principal resigned. california police are now investigating. with me now jeff and paul. thanks to both of you for being here this morning. >> sure. >> good morning carol. >> how strange is this to confront you're abuser and post hit on youtube? you can tell she has deep anger inside her. >> i think it helps because she's empowered enough. it took her ten years to discuss this and confront the person who molested her. what we often see with patients
6:45 am
is that it does take a number of years to be able to get there. what's different about this one is that she put it on youtube which tells us that not only is she empowered but she is also very angry. she wanted to get retribution and wanted to out this teacher in this way which i think is very healthy. >> i was amazed that the alleged abuser didn't just hang up. >> i don't think she could hang up for the simple fact that she knew she did something wrong. she was probably waiting for this to happen for years. now that it happened, she took some amount of responsibility for it, but still rationalizing by telling this young woman j i jamie, i just wantsed to help you. that's the denial predator. >> is it logical this woman
6:46 am
would have only molested this one kid and never again in 12 years? >> this is the part i do regret that this teacher or assistant principal now wasn't brought on charges of this earlier on because there is a very good possibility, we don't know for sure, that there were many before this young woman or many after because she continued working with children and again used the rationalization, i was trying to help you. how many other children, was she quote, trying to help. >> is there anything legally this young woman can do? >> she's in a tough situation carol. unfortunately in california there's a statute of limitations bringing cases like this in the criminal justice system. aggravated rape there's no statute. that involves rape with an weapon, injury caused to victim and variety of other things not
6:47 am
present in this case. in a normal sexual abuse case, the statute at that time when this happened was six years. she's 28 now. so the statute of limitations criminally probably expired two years ago. the california legislator has tried to change this retroactively. the a pellet courts have so much said no you can't do that. i want to throw in one thing. my quick research has disclosed in this which i find to be kind of shocking. the only person who could be prosecuted? this case appears to be the victim at this point because under california law it's illegal to tape record another person. they have an eves dropping law called the two party consent law. both parties have to consent to the eves dropping. she would not be prosecuted but
6:48 am
probably violated california law by taping the principal. >> if california is investigating the teacher, now assistant principal, can they investigate her because of that? >> violation of law has occurred by a civilian not a police officer. in a police officer or law enforcement official was involved in illegal taping the evidence would be thrown out and would though the be usable. this will not hurt a criminal investigation in any way, shape or form. i will note at one point the principal does say this never happened. she said that's not what happened when the young woman refers to a sexual relationship. the assistant principal's lawyer will argue although this looks bad for the principal, she was just going along. when confronted with the specific allegation she denied it. >> paul kal ran and jeff, thanks to both of you.
6:49 am
nice having you here. we'll be back in a minute. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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why is she suddenly facing questions about her up from the bootstrap story. >> the filibuster rocketed her to fame. the center piece of her campaign for governor in texas, a single mother, living in a trailer park, who put herself through harvard using student loans and hard work. it turns out, according to wayne slater at the class morning news, this isn't actually completely true. some of the details here were misleading. wendy davis, apparently was divorced when she was 21, and not 19. she only lived in a trailer park for a couple of months. her now ex-husband, jeff davis, actually helped pay for her harvard law school education by cashing out a 401(k).
6:53 am
she didn't do it by herself. the broad contours of her life story remain true. one truism of political campaigns, you go at your opponent's biggest strength. her biggest strength is this compelling life story. any time details of your biography are blurred, it is a real problem for any candidate. >> why blur your background at all? even with what's true in it's truest form, she is still admirable, right? >> absolutely. i think again the bigger picture here is that the story is generally true. any time a politician is answering questions about whether the story they present to the public is accurate, that's a problem. to your point, her republican opponent, greg abbott, has to tread carefully a little bit. if you start pressing wendy davis on the details of her life story, imagine, picture a debate in this governor's race a few months from now, if greg abbott starts pressing wendy davis on
6:54 am
the details of her biography. when did you move utout of a trailer park, when did you go to harvard, how did you pay about it? she could come back and theoretically say, no matter what the details, that's my life. her republican opponent has to tread carefully. this is still a very bad story for wendy davis. still to come in the "newsroom," the nfl may take the extra point out of the game. andy, andy, what's going on here. ? the extra point has become so automatic, we'll discuss after the break. it says here that a woman's sex drive
6:55 am
increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disease. keep heart-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shredded wheat. doctors recommend it.
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6:57 am
>> what, no more icing, no more last-minute dramatics or embarrassing misses? >> this time, i'm going to kick that football clear to the moon. >> okay, technically, that's not an extra point. who cares. i love that video. it does illustrate the extra points possible demise. say it ain't so, andy shoals? >> yes. nfl commissioner, roger goodell, said the extra points become so automatic. kickers only miss 5 out of 1200 this season. they have a 99.1 success rate.
6:58 am
they are really missed. it is the most boring play in the game. why waste the time. they are going to propose this and take away the extra point. for a touchdown, you automatically get 7 points. then, you would have the option if you want to run the two-point conversion play, you can do it nd aget an extra point. you get eight points. if you fail, you go to six. it is kind of like you are betting a point on a play, which i think is cool. i was against it. this would probably save 10-15 minutes per game. they have to kick it. sometimes someone gets hurt. that takes even more time. i am actually for it. the only thing i think it could mess up is football.
6:59 am
when they try to ice it, it is so stupid. why are you even doing that. >> the point i am making this morning. after the touchdown, i go to the bathroom or get a beer. i don't wait around for the extra point. i know it is going to be made. >> we'll see if they do it. the next hour, c"cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. it is inauguration day in new jersey. chris christie is sharing the spotlight with scandals that are casting long shadows on him and his presidential ambitions. just minutes ago, we learned that the state assembly and senate will form one committee to investigate allegations of abuse of power. at christie's side today and at the center of the latest controversy, his lieutenant governor, kim guadagno. she is piercely denying claims
7:00 am
she tried to strong arm hoboken's mayor on christie's behalf. hoboken's mayor brushed off the denial in an interview with anderson cooper. >> when you see the lieutenant governor, saying, point blank, your memory and rec lollection this conversation is offensive and completely inaccurate. as a victim, she is offended. you are saying she is lying? >> yeah. she said she would deny it and she is denying it. so part of me is not surprised. my reaction back is, euro euro you're offended. how do you think i feel and everybody in hoboken. >> cnn's erin mcpike is in
7:01 am
trent trenton with a preview of the inaugural address. >> reporter: the snow has finally started. because of this severe winter weather, the christie administration decided to call off tonight's inaugural party at ellis island. however, the main event is still going on. christie will be coming here. the ceremony begins at 11:30. this is the trenton war memorial. he will be sworn in around noon and get about a 25-minute address. aides say he won't be addressing any controversies we have been talking about recently. >> governor christie, do you have a few seconds? >> reporter: the embattled new jersey governor is expected to discuss the need for smaller government and unity among the people. apparently missing, the scandals engulfing his administration. on monday, forceful denials and charges of lying flew back between kim guadagno and dawn
7:02 am
zimmer. >> the suggestion that anyone would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is wholly and completely false. >> guadagno, a sandy victim herself, called zimmer's accusations, false and illogical. zimmer spoke exclusively to anderson cooper. >> this is not something you forget. when a lieutenant governor tells you in a parking lot, if you tell anyone, i will deny it. i was very upset. i did a journal entry a few days later. >> reporter: zimmer also accused new jersey community affairs commissioner, richard constable of intimidation for the project. he says the claims are absurd saying i welcome a full review of her libelous claims. zimmer still supports christie's record as governor. >> he has done very good things for hoboken, terrific things for
7:03 am
the state overall. i do think he has been a great governor. >> a new national poll from the pew research center shows his unfavorable rating doubling from 17 to 34%. a majority of respondents that have heard of the george washington bridge controversy say they don't believe christie when he said he wasn't aware his aides weren't aware of the lane closure. >> reporter: we have new photos. he appears to be in very good spirits. we'll see if that changes. there is a new quinnipiac poll coming out at 3:00 in terms of what people think of him nationally in the wake of the scandals. stand by to see what the results are. >> it is interesting, he is sticking to his message in spite of these scandals. we have an exerpt of chris christie's speech he will deliver in an hour. >> we can not fall victim of the
7:04 am
attitude of washington, d.c. saying i'm always right and you are always wrong. the attitude that puts everyone in a box they are not permitted to leave. it puts political ahead of policy agreements, the belief that compromise is a dirty word. that is kind of ironic in light of all he is accused of today. >> reporter: carol, that's right. as you know, over the past four years, he has developed a big record of bipartisanship. that is what he is trying to take with him on to the national stanl a stage and obviously today, the national spotlight is on him and a preview of what he may do and run for president in 2016. >> erin mcpike, live from trenton, stay with us for live coverage. our coverage begins this morning, 11:00 eastern with jake tapper. >> happening right now, two russian special forces are conducting two anti-terrorism operations in the republic of dagestan, not far from the site of the olympic games. that's according to the russian
7:05 am
state news agency. these anti-terrorism operations comes as the search intensifies for this woman, a terrorist known as the black widow. police are handing out fliers searching for her because they think she may be planning an attack. this he expect there are two more black widows threatening terror attacks in and around sochi, says the state department and the u.s. military send two u.s. warships to the black sea along with helicopters and c-17 aircraft in case american athletes need to be evacuated. one security effort says, safety is not just up to one country. >> the key for any major event, specially the olympics, is robust intelligence, not just on the backs of the russians. everybody has a responsibility. the u.s., our european partners, everybody collecting intelligence and sharing it with one another. if the events are going to go off successfully and safely, it is going to be on everybody to be working. all hands on deck, collecting
7:06 am
that intelligence and sharing it. >> phil black is in volgograd russia with more on the black widow. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning, carol. yes, black widows, they are suicide bombers who usually act to avenge the loss of a husband or another loved one, who become radicalized in the process. russia knows what they can do all too well. they have attacked and killed many people here in the past. as you mentioned, authorities here believe to be tracking a number of them in the lead up to the sochi games. they are a threat that people know about. they were never supposed to get this close to russia's olympic city. russian police are racing against the clock to find this woman who they say may be working with a known terrorist organization planning an attack on the olympics. she may already be inside sochi ready to strike. >> obviously, the russian security forces are concerned
7:07 am
that perhaps people have already penetrated their out ter perimeter and are in sochi. >> reporter: the 22-year-old is described as a black widow, a notorious type of suicide terrorist that's emerged in russia's clashes with chechnyan separatists. they are asking police to be on the lookout for her. there could be other so-called black widows planning a strike. >> we shouldn't assume she is the only one they are concerned about. she is part of a larger network. >> reporter: she is believed to be from dagestan. in the u.s., law enforcement agencies have been conducting interviews with people from the region for weeks asking community members if there are in he issues where they should be focusing. this morning, the russian anti-terrorist committee posted a statement saying they killed seven rebels in dagestan early last week. one of those killed is a black widow by the name of zairera
7:08 am
aliva. all this after a new terror threat this past weekend from two young men in this video claiming responsibility for twin suicide bombings in volgograd last month. they say as for the olympics, we've prepared a present for you. terror analysts say sochi is uniquely at risk leaving the olympics closer to danger. russian authorities say they are doing all they can. their plan is in place. they believe the olympics will be safe. they are making no comment whatsoever on this sochi black widow suspect. the only reason we know about her is because they have gone to hotel workers and asked for their help in trying to find her. authorities are clearly concerned. this was not supposed to happen. the so-called ring of steel around the city was supposed to
7:09 am
prevent these sort of terror suspects from getting close to the games. it appears one may have slipped through, with the opening ceremony just three weeks away. >> phil black reporting live from russia. >> weeks after the massive breach at target, police have arrested two citizens in mca mcall mcallen, texas. they are accused of racking up tens of thousands of dollars at best buy, walmart and toys "r" us. pretty much no escaping the extreme weather today. a major snowstorm could bring life to a stand still along the east coast. it is already keeping air travelers on the grown. month are than 2,000 flights have already been canceled this morning. in indianapolis, drivers woke up to snow-covered roads and a pretty darn slow commute.
7:10 am
in washington, d.c., governor offices are closed ahead of today's winter storm threat and now many people are facing bitter cold across the midwest and they have another concern, will they be able to keep warm? millions are facing a propane shortage. the demand is so intense that there is a state of emergency declared in ohio and several others. one propane retailer says he has no idea when he will get a new shipment in. >> i'm concerned. >> i'm concerned now because we don't know when we are getting it, if we are getting it. all the propane companies are kind of in the same boat. >> the department of transportation has eased some restrictions on transporting propane to help replenish the empty tanks. george howe has that story from chicago. athena jones is live on the national mall in d.c. george, i want to start with you. good morning. >> reporter: carol, good morning. as you mentioned, with he no he that more than two dozen states have eased restrictions on propane drivers. just to help them get into those
7:11 am
areas, those communities where people need it most. again, you talk about bitter cold, here in chicago, i think we know a thing or two about that. bitter cold right now. it is 3 degrees here. overnight, we saw the effect of lake effect snow. it is typical here in this area. it comes in just as fast as it goes away. we did get a few inches of snow here. the same system we saw here in the chicago area. also, out in fargo, in bismarck, those areas were hit as well. the same system we saw here, heading out toward the east, headed toward new york city and washington, d.c. where you are already seeing many officials there taking precautions as the storm moves forward. carol? >> george howe reporting live from chicago. let's bring in athena jones. she is live on the national mall. good morning, athena. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the snow has gun to fall as you can see here in washington, d.c. not a meaningful accumulation yet. this snow is expected to pick up in the next few hours. it is not supposed to stop until
7:12 am
after 9:00 p.m. the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning and a windchill advisory for this area. we could see snow accumulations of between 3-10 inches. wind gusts could reach 20 miles an hour and into the teens an 7 degrees below zero overnight. a lot of cold and snow many could go. the city has been bracing for the storm. the federal government is closed. many school systems are closed. 200 snow plows out on the streets since 8:00 a.m. i have seen several trucks blowing salt on the roads to make sure they are passable and to avoid that ice that can be so dangerous. one more thing the national weather service is saying, travel will become dangerous. only travel in an emergency. if you must travel in your car, be sure to keep a blanket, an extra flashlight, food and water
7:13 am
in your car in case of an emergency. they ever advising folks to stay off the roads. so far, not nearly as much traffic as you usually see. >> that's a good thing. digging your hat, athena. i love that. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," tense moments outside a plant after a fire and partial building collapse. cnn's dan simon is covering that story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see part of that partial collapse. also, very cold today in omaha. minus 2 below. they will be going in and trying to recover a second body. we'll tell you about it coming up. your home's the place everyone gathers. so be ready with a stouffer's lasagna. it's the mouthwatering recipe that keeps them coming back. stouffer's. made with care for your family.
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7:16 am
she can move right in. experian. live credit confident. federal investigators are trying to find out what caused a plant collapse in omaha, nebraska. the plant has a troubled history. it was cited 35 times by osha. cnn's dan simon is in omaha this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. a tragic accident. this is called the international nutrition company. a company that produces feed and
7:17 am
other products for livestock. 38 people inside the business yesterday and you had some kind of collapse. all but two people made it out alive. ten people also taken to the hospital. four of them in critical condition. what firefighters tell us is that there was a fire, some kind of collapse. they are investigating whether it was triggered by some kind of explosion. >> there has been a lot of discussion regarding whether there was an explosion or not. we are not prepared to make a comment with regards to what actually happened. it is very premature right now for us to make any comments like that. there has been reports of fire and explosion. what we do know, there was a significant event that occurred that resulted in a catastrophic failure of parts of that building. >> the body of a 53-year-old man was taken out last night. they had to suspend the recover
7:18 am
are recovery. it was so cold. you talked about this business being cited by osha. the most recent occurring, they received six citations, fined $10,000 for various safety issues. still no word on what might have caused this collapse yesterday. >> dan simon, reporting live. checking other top stories this morning. the family of u.s. hostage, kenneth bae, making a direct plea to the north korean government in an effort to get him released. it comes as bae is seen in a new video admitting to a serious crime and asking to be pardoned. north korea has a history of getting false confessions shortly before releasing hostages. bae has been held since november of 2012, accused of trying to bring down the government. you could face longer delays at the airport because of new
7:19 am
faa reports that will order more space between takeoffs and landing at new york, chicago, and dallas. pilots and air safety experts support those new rules. great news for the passengers. all 52 will soon be back on solid ground. the australian icebreaker that picked them up docks in tasmania tomorrow. on the heels of a report about the wealthiest 1% owning nearly half of the wealth across the globe. we are learned more about how americans feel about how wealth is distributed here at home. christine romans is here with that report. >> they are not happy. they seem to know what all of us have been talking about for the last coming years. incoming equality is a big economic theme. the president has made this his signature economic theme of the year. you are mentioning that poll
7:20 am
that found that so much of the world's wealth is concentrated into a few hands. only 7% are very satisfied with the income wealth distribution. 28% are somewhat dissatisfied. here is one other statistic to show you why. in the recovery, the bulk of the gain, the economic benefits of the recovery, have gone to the very top, the top 5%, the top 1% have captured 95% of the income gains in the recovery. everyone else shares just 5%. that shows you incoming equality at work. the white house and many democrats pushing to raise the minimum wa minimum wage. they say this can ameliorate this. it is not incoming equality that is the problem but more social immobility that worries him. the fact that you can't move up from where you started.
7:21 am
it will be the trend of the year. quickly, i want to show you that study you were talking about from the world economic form. the world's biggest leaders are going to discuss this. 85 richest people in the world have the same amount of wealth as 3.5 billion poorest people, carol. there has always been great income inequality in the world. this could be one of the biggest risks of the economy in developed nations and developing nations. >> you could say income inequality has been around forever but the gap is widening. that's the real problem. >> as senator marco rubio will point out. that wide gap, that you can't get yourself from one to the other. how do you make sure we have the policies in place to get from one to the other? some will say that globalization and technological change over the past 20 years, carol, have been so big. it is almost like a kind of technological revolution. it makes it easier to push jobs
7:22 am
off to the cheapest labor markets. that really hurts the people that already have wealth. that's part of the problem. it is certainly more complicated than one or two quick policy fixes. that's what they are really struggling with. >> christine romans, many thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," the water should be fine. most people around charleston, west virginia, they are still not drinking the water. doctors are still seeing patients who are affected by the water. is the water really safe? [ female announcer ] hands were made for playing. legs, for crossing. feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers
7:23 am
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7:25 am
new developments on the west virginia chemical leak. calling for tighter regulations, a bill proposed by the governor would mantane annual tank inspections and require new emergency plans in the event of a spill. the company whose plant leaked 7500 gallons of coal-cleaning chemicals into the water supply has filed for bankruptcy. it did that last week.
7:26 am
the water company says the water around charleston is safe to use. try convincing the thousands of customers. hospitals are still seeing patients with symptoms from the odor and sediment. dr. gupta is the executive director of the health department in west virginia. good morning, sir. >> good morning, carol. >> thank you so much for being here. a lot of people say that a smell is still emanating from their water. why would that be if the state department says the water is safe to drink? >> we are still seeing the odor or the smell coming in. it is not the pure chemical but the crude chemical that spilled into the river that has about seven compounds in it. perhaps the smell has a very low fresh hold. even the minimal amount of chemical, as long as it is there, the smell is still there.
7:27 am
>> some people say the smell is so strong from the water coming from their tap, it is giving them migraines. it is causing them to become sick to their stomach and a lot of them are going to the hospital. >> well, that's accurate. we are seeing about 500 or more emergency department visits in about over two dozen hospital admissions since all this began. almost half of them have happened after the water flushing and they were allowed to be having safe water. the problem here hassen abo bee reactions that could be explained by hyper sensitivity or allergic type or odor related. we need to understand, these are not causality proven. there may be a link to the compounds in the water to some of these symptoms. >> isn't that disturbing the
7:28 am
state of west virginia says, go ahead and drink your water but the smell of it might make you sick? >> we have been very consistent from the beginning to assert that it is the west virginia american water company that's been saying the water is safe. when we started to see these symptoms in people in our community, we have totally always said that it is your decision and if you don't feel comfortable drinking the water, which has a smell, it's okay to be sticking to the bottled water for a few days to weeks until that clears up. if you want to drink tap water instead, it is okay too. so we have been very consistent in sending that message to let people make their own decision for themselves, their children and their families. >> if i'm a consumer in that area, i want my health officials to tell me what's safe and what is not. i don't want it left up to me. i want to know. i want to trust you.
7:29 am
>> absolutely. the challenges here has been that the guidance that's coming to us has been slow and it has been challenging. so what we are trying to do is manage the public's distrust and outrage. we share some of that outrage in situations that are happening. the fact is, it is a very unique situation. this has not happened before in this manner. a lot of the chemicals, testing, and other factors are being developed in real time as we go forward. it is a very challenging situation. it is not something that has happened in this manner prior. >> the company that leaked the chemical into the water declared bankruptcy. is that making things more difficult for you? >> that's definitely troubling. it is also troubling that there were some studies that we were not aware of for several days afterwards when factors were
7:30 am
taken into account to develop the testings protocols for the chemical. there are a lot of questions that have been so far unanswered in the whole process. i'm sure our leaders and others are going to be making sure that this does not get repeated again. >> dr. rahul gupta, thanks so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," protecting hundreds of thousands of olympic athletes, leaders and spectators. a tall order for russia, just two weeks away from the games. do the russians have enough security in place. we'll talk about that. it's hip-hop. for cross-country, classical. and for jumps, i need something...special. so i use my citi thankyou visa card for music downloads and earn two times the points... plus a little extra inspiration. [ ♪ music plays ] the citi thankyou preferred visa card. earn two times the points on entertainment and dining out with no annual fee.
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7:33 am
i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. checking our top stories at 33 minutes past the hour. it is inauguration day for chris christie as he begins a second term as new jersey's governor. the day of pomp and ceremony is overshadowed by recent scandals. a new development we learned less than an hour ago. this morning, the state assembly and senate will announce the formation of one committee to investigate allegations of abuse of power. if you are one of the millions of people that received
7:34 am
an e-mail from target after the massive security breach, be careful about scammers. they may try to send you a fake e-mail that looks similar to the real e-mail from target to steal your information. a few things you can do, check out target's corporate website for more information. check your credit report and bank statements. this morning, russian security forces have begun anti-terrorist operations not far from the olympic games. these concerns grow. some 40,000 russian officers are being put into place just two weeks before the opening ceremonies get underway. many worry that's not enough. the u.s. plans to have military support within hours of sochi, including warships, helicopters and transport planes in case of a terrorist attack. former fbi crisis response agent, carl harand joins me now.
7:35 am
i know you worked security at two of the most recent olympic games. i will come out and ask you. will the olympics be safe from all you've heard? can it be? >> i think from the things that were put in place, it will be as safe as possible based on the threat level. i think what you are hearing is the threats before the olympics. every olympics, there has been some type of threat. >> to this extent, though? >> this is more. this is definitely more. the plans that are put into place, the contingency plans, that's always done for the olympics. you probably don't hear about them as much. >> so when the russians talk about a ring of steel, what do they mean by that? >> they are talking about the perimeter. that can be around the olympic village or the olympic facilities or it can encompass
7:36 am
all of that, which might include residential and business areas but normally, it is around the olympic ven yoo venues and the olympic village. it will be much tighter around the venues and the village. >> if i'm a spectator, i want to stay right in the olympic village. i don't want to sight see outside of that perimeter, because that might not be wise. >> i would say you would have more safer inside. it depends. normally, the perimeter is for where the venue, the spectators would be, where you come and awat watch the games. and for the olympic village. >> what kinds of security personnel will the russians have in place? right now, right near sochi, they are looking for these black widows, female suicide bombers who are threatening terrorist
7:37 am
attacks. >> i am sure they will have their military and other counter terrorism assets. these things can be personnel and other type of equipment such as cameras, other things that they might deploy. >> how hard would it be if, god forbid, there is an attack inside. we know the united states is sending warships and planes and helicopters. in case there is an attack and we need to get american athletes out, how simple would that be in russia for the americans to carry out? >> for planning, and i was in it a year ago. at that time, there were folks going over to russia and planning for that. all of the games, there are contingency plans for this type of situation. it is j us the that because of all of the threats and because of the attacks before, it is a little bit more out in the open. so those plans are worked way in
7:38 am
ahead of time, within the united states government agencies. they also have to coordinate and plan that with the russians. so i'm sure at this stage, whatever contingency plans that are for evacuation, they have coordinated that with the russians. >> so, on a scale of 1-10, how worried should we be? >> i would say under 5 probably, because of the activity that has occurred before. the attacks and the threats that have occurred before the games, so close to the games. >> thank you so much for being with us, carl herron a new arctic blast dissends on the united states and the airlines are starting to cancel. >> reporter: typically, we are in the hundreds. already, we nare in the
7:39 am
thousands. we will tell you which airports are being slammed the most when it comes to those cancellations. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy.
7:40 am
7:41 am
pretty much no escaping the snow today. temperatures could dip into the teens and single digits. oh, yea. the fierce winter storm making travel a nightmare. so far today, more than 2,500 flights have been canceled.
7:42 am
in washington, d.c., nonessential government workers are being told to stay off the roads and stay home. cnn's renee marsh live at reagan national. for all the madness, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you just gave that number off the top. over 2000 cancellations already. a typical day, we usually see around 200. we are well above that at this point. we want to take a look at the top airports that really are getting slammed so far today. this is what it is looking like. philadelphia right on top. they have month are than 400 cancellations. also seeing problems at laguardia, new york, newark, reagan, dulles, and jfk. this airport where i am, reagan national, they saw cancellations last time around when we saw this storm the beginning of this month. they are expecting way more
7:43 am
cancellations this time around and they are certainly getting prepared for it. it is an all hands on deck type of mentality here at reagan national. take a listen to what they told us just a few minutes ago. >> we've got snow teams we have recalled. we have them on stand by. they will be out on the runways throughout the day, running in shifts, keeping the runways clear. then, we have additional personnel on stand by and actually we have additional personnel in yourour operations department, keeping an eye on all the different variables for running an airport. >> reporter: we always talk about that ripple effect. that is not the exception here at all. we will see a ripple effect, of course, here at reagan. this is the hub for u.s. airways. dulles is the hub for united. even if you are going some place really sunny and the weather looks really good, you could be impacted as well. we will be tracking these numbers throughout the day.
7:44 am
renee marsh, many thanks to you. let's bring in indra petersen. tell us when the warmth will return. >> how about some travel delays, over four hours. that is what we are currently seeing. this is an alberta clipper. it started off as that just two days ago. light amounts of snow. we r only seeing about 1-2 inches of snow. chicago, lake effect snow, 3 inches. the closer to the coastline, you are getting moisture off of the atlantic. blizzard conditions. 8-12 inches. 4-8 in boston. 6-10 for new york, philly, d.c. we are talking about it towards new york city. boston expecting it by the
7:45 am
afternoon. staying all day long. still, hanging around in boston in the morning, finally exiting out of new england by tomorrow. keep in mind that low strengthens as it makes its way up the coastline. the winds get stronger. powdery. the temperatures, talk about well below normal. a second clipper may come in. they are talking about colder temperatures for the next day. so the win chill, yes, carol, feeling like single digits. >> i just saw minus 12 in atlanta. >> you are worried about that. try looking up here. >> i should complain. >> not at all. >> indra petersons, many thanks chris christie officially kicks off his second term today even as controversy looms over his administration. we'll talk next. you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go--
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so call... to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? after more than nine years of waiting, thousands of files became public revealing details of chicago prooesiests accused abusing children. they will speak out later today. ford needs more women in top jobs. that's what ford's chief operating officer, mark fields, is saying. he made the comments in a speech yesterday before a detroit women's group. he added they are stepping up
7:49 am
recruitment efforts. they made mary bara its ceo, the first-time ever, a woman heads one of detroit's big three carmakers. the nfl is thinking about doing away with the extra point. a team would get seven points for a touchdown. if they wanted an eighth point, they could run one from the 2 yard line, two-point conversion. if that failed, you would lose a point. commissioner roger goodell tells the nfl network, the extra point has become so automatic, it is boring. they may be on very different sides of the political spectrum but bill clinton and the man he defeated in the 1992 presidential election, george h.w. bush, have formed a very tight bond since leaving the white house. now, in a new interview with c-span, barbara bush talks about why she thinks her husband and clinton are so close. >> my husband, bill clinton, and i have become great friends. i think he thinks of george a little bit like the father he
7:50 am
didn't have and he is very loving to him. i really appreciate that. i love bill clinton. maybe not his politics but i love bill clinton. >> clinton and bush senior have seemed up to work on humanitarian issues in the past decade. after weeks of political revenge allegations on the staff, chris christie will try to put the focus back on the government. he is not expected to mention the controversies or to focus on unity. that might be a wise move. as a new pew research poll shows negative views of the new jersey governor have jumped in the last year from 17% in january of 2013, to 34% this month. that's compared to i alittle changed favorable view. national political reporter, peter hamby is in washington to talk more about this. good morning. >> hey, carol. this pew poll is pretty interesting.
7:51 am
christie's favorable ratings have remained pretty steady. his negatives have jumped up since one year ago today. look. this poll did not pressure the window of time after the bridge scandal sort of exploded. this is over the course of a year. so christie's numbers in january, 2013, were still really high after hurricane sandy. there was a lot of sympathy for him and a lot of respect after the way he handled the storm. those numbers were always going to come down. he is sort of falling back to earth now. the bright side here again is that his favorable ratings remain about the same. look, if he runs for president in 2016, those numbers are going to close. if you compare hillary clinton's fave,unfave numbers, she is about a plus 7. christie is about the same. 30% of the country doesn't know enough about him at all to have an opinion. america still has to get to know chris christie a good bit before he runs for president, if he
7:52 am
does. that's a long way out, as we know. >> i don't know whether this is good or bad but donald trump is coming to christie's aid. tell us about it. >> donald trump is surprised in new hampshire. he is speaking at saint ann'smentann's, a great school and program they bring. take a listen to what he said about christie just now. >> well, he is a friend of mine, a good friend of mine. he is a good guy. he is one e-mail away from a disaster. >> donald trump is prone to sort of over the top statements. in this case, he is actually being pretty sober and rational. he was saying he is close to christie. he is one e-mail away from disaster. basically, if another shoe p dros dr drops that shows that christie knew more than he let on, he would be in much bigger trouble. donald trump is right. we just showed his face on national tv.
7:53 am
he loves the attention. that's why he is in new hampshire today, carol. >> peter, many thanks to you. >> thanks. >> stay with us for live coverage of chris christie's swearing in and inaugural address. our coverage begins this morning at 11:00 eastern with jake tapper. i'll be right back. it can help provide the power for all this? natural gas. ♪ more than ever before, america's electricity is generated by it. exxonmobil uses advanced visualization and drilling technologies to produce natural gas... powering our lives... while reducing emissions by up to 60%. energy lives here. ♪
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7:56 am
a colorado skier survived an avalanche that he triggered capturing the whole thing on his internet video cam. he decided to take a risk on a questionable run. he said, he watched the snow split under him and open up into an avalanche. when you watch the video up close, i ski over a couple other people's tracks that didn't trigger it initially. it just kind of comes down to whoever. random chance. i saw it fracture. i just tried to go over the cliff and instantly deploy my air bag. >> that air bag saved his life. he realizes conditions were ripe for an avalanche and he hopes other skiers will learn from his mistake. do not do that. maybe you are thinking of making the trip to new jersey for the super bowl. i hope you are. if you are, i have a reality check for you. i'm sure you actually know this. the cause won't just burn a hole in your wallet but catch your pants on fire. you would be happy with an upper
7:57 am
deck ticket. you can find one on stubhub for just under $2600. there are no limo or taxi drops. the parking pass will cost you an additional $293. you will also need a place to crash. a three-night hotel stay will be required, $450 at the very minimum. that comes out to $3,333. that doesn't count good food and drink. if money is no object, you can pick up a seat on the 50 yard line for $50,000. that's $1 a yard. i'll be watching the game from my couch for free. any way you get it. he is the new angry face of football. richard sherman, the seattle seahawks player who went on the post-game rant. when it comes to people that go off the deep end, he has plenty of company. here is more from jeanne moos. >> reporter: first, he tipped the ball and then he ran his mouth. when you try me, that's the
7:58 am
result you are going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> now, we can't stop talking about him. seattle seahawks quarterback, richard sherman, has joined the ranks of the ranters. bobby knight famous for shooting a chair across the court and shooting his mouth off at his own team. >> you don't think last night was a picnic. now, you better get your head out of your --. number 8, oklahoma state coach who defending one of his young football players. >> because it is garbage. come after me. i'm a man. that's all i got to say. >> it makes me want to puke. >> reporter: or instead of throwing up, throw things. that's what the kansas city royals manager, hal mccray did. >> you think i'm a fool. i'm tired of all these dam questions every night. >> reporter: one sports writer hit by a tape-recorder, left with 1.5 inch gash.
7:59 am
what was charlie sheen smoking during his rants. >> can you smell the rotting vomit, the fermented puke that is your ris cera. >> reporter: alec baldwin had a phone rant to his teenage daughter. she said it was made out to be a much bigger deal than it was. >> you are a rude, thoughtless little big, okay. >> reporter: tyson threaten to eat his rival's kids. >> my style is impet tuous. i am ferocious. i want your heart. i want to eat his children. praise be to our lord. >> reporter: before he was shamed by his own sexting scandal, anthony weiner was a ranter par excellence. regular order went flying when an illinois state representative lost it. and then there was the guy who
8:00 am
was just asking ohio republicans to nominate him for county treasurer. treasure this. >> i have been a republican in times good and i have been a republican in times bad. >> reporter: he didn't get the nomination but he did get in a volkswagen ad. >> everybody wins! >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> i will hit the ground running, come out swinging and end up living. >> reporter: new york. >> my family lives in minerva, ohio. i don't remember that guy. i'll have to call my mom, later today. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. a special cover of chris christie's inaugural address is next. bundle up and hunker down. half the country is back in the