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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 6, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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wolf. the winter games in sochi just got more frightening. the latest is toothpaste bombs bound for this russian resort town. as olympic events begin and the last of team usa arrives in russia. intelligence officials are looking into this possible new terror plot involving toothpaste tubes. homeland security warning airlines with direct flights serving russia to be aware of the possibility that explosive materials could be concealed in toothpaste and cosmetic tubes coming into the country. live from sochi is our senior correspondent, nick walsh. do we know if the toothpaste
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bombs would be intended to be used in sochi itself or on planes and who is behind this? >> reporter: the logic is tested and they want to get the explosive color on to an aircraft and use it on board the plane rather than take it off the plane and get it through the ring of steel, particularly in an area where explosives are easy to come by. given the frequency of blasts across the southern region and areas further away where i'm standing now. do we know who is behind this? no. the suggestions are they may have links to the extremist groups here. the caucuses and emirates said they will threat tone engulf the flames. with vladamir putin and the key is how credible they are.
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the impact they will have on american tourists. >> not just the tourists, but the athletes with the headlines each day. cnn talked to some of them about the possible fears as they arrived into sochi. here's what they told us. >> welcome to sochi. what do you think? >> so far, so good. just landed. >> are you? >> yes, of course. it's the olympics. >> while you were flying, there were security alerts about explosive toothpaste. did that get to you? does that stress you out? >> yesterday we were doing processing and traveling all morning, so we hadn't heard about it, but our job here is to focus on what we can control and do and that's how we will perform at our first olympics. >> maybe not too worried. back up with you, we have learned that the u.s. ski and snow boring team hired a private firm. what does security look like. just around the hotels and venues where they have seen.
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>> different layers of security. there police all over where the venue is. when you try to get near where the athletes will be staying, we have a number of passes to get us through certain blockades and the actual ones you need to get through to the athletes are hard to come by. there is enough security and sniffer dogs checking and police everywhere. to make the athletes certainly feel safe, but make them anxious is the drumbeat of terror issues and the threats that have been coming up in the past two weeks. barely a day seems to go by in the last week that we haven't heard something. >> talking to former olympic athletes, of all people who can compartmentalize these issues, it's athletes. thank you very much from sochi. you remember before the olympics in this bizarre move, vladimir putin released his most controversial prisoners. including these women. the punk rock riot jailed for activism are here in the states
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in brooklyn. on stage with madonna. acknowledged at a benefit concert for amnesty international. florida authorities have revealed the name of the man who they believe is the answer to a case that haunted one family for the last 25 years. the disappearance of tiffany session, the university of florida student who when she was 20 years young disappeared february 9th, 1989 telling a roommate he was going out for a run. her father was determined to find her. >> i'm tired and scared and hopeful. i'm feeling every emotion you can feel right now. >> optimistic? >> damn right i am. until we find her. >> that was 1989. today his hair is a tad whiter. patrick sessions and his determine has not waned now that the sheriff has named the focus of the investigation.
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they now believe paul rolls tookative any and litook ative tiffany and likely killed her. they believe the killer and sex offender convicted in other cases is also responsible in this case. >> he destroyed three or four families that we know of and their daughters. with no remorse. this is for real. this is our chance to close this case and bring peace to this family and to tiffany. i need it. parrot phone with me now is tiffany's father, patrick sessions. mr. sessions, thank you for calling in. here we are to the month, 25 years since you lot of your daughter. you mentioned the word peace in that news conference. with the news today, do you feel any sense of that? >> well, i'm not sure i'm at peace yet, but i certainly am
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energized and have a lot of optimism we are on the right trail here. not just me, but i want to figure out what happened. the sheriff got up and said things a lot stronger than i would have frankly. we believe we found the right guy. >> you are aware of this man, this possible connection to your daughter's case. when prison officials found paul rolls's journal with the date, 2-9-89 and the two tnumber two scrawled in it, what was your thought? >> it was like a punch in the stomach. it took the wind out of my sails. the prison officials said it was the detective who actually got them from the priest that rolls had left his things to. nobody knew there was anybody in there. when we found that, it was a shock. >> because you believe it was that that really conclusively links this man to your daughter
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and the disappearance, yes? >> right. it's just that day. you want to see the whole book. he named other girls in the book. he is clearly keeping the journal to himself to remember what he had done and he had to remember the time tiffany disappearedings, he was not a suspect in 2002 when he wrote this. if they had not found it, he would have been in a lot of trouble. by putting a date down, he memorialized it. >> let's remind everyone because i know you have been. this is still an ongoing investigation. your daughter's body has still never been found. this was tiffany's mother today. listen. >> it's important for me that i find out. this is my only baby. she my masterpiece. i want everybody to know it has
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been a 25-year struggle. it would be nice to be able to put her to rest. >> here's my question to you. paul rolls died february of 2013. if he was the man who killed your daughter, he will never face justice for what he did. how does that sit with you? >> well, frankly i don't care about that. what i care about is i'm happy he can never hurt anybody else. i wish he were still alive so we could interrogate him, but he denied it after we found his dna. i don't think we would get anything out of him. he never each admitted other stuff. he died a very unpleasant death from cancer and it's tough. >> thank you for calling in.
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i wish you and your family peace. thanks. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, take a look at this. this is the boat on which the castaway spent 13 months. we are told his health is failing. why doctors are having a tough time caring for this man. plus, tonight, jay leno signs off from his top rated late night show after 22 years. will we see him on tv again? what about the future of late night tv? that's next. dentures are very different to real teeth.
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. the end of an era on late night television. the number one show by the way for more than 20 years later tonight. jay leno bids farewell to the
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tonight show audience after a nearly 22-year reign. >> here's jay leno! >> let's see how y'all feel in 30 years. >> dear mr. leno, you are the new host of the tonight show. >> 22 years, folks. that is a lifetime in hollywood. just to refresh your memory, we want to go back to the year 1992 when jay leno took the late night helm. a brief look back. a gallon of gas costs $1. the mall of america opened. hurricane andrew devastated south florida and bill cinton game president and one of the hottest films on the big screen made sharon stone a star. >> you like playing games, don't you? >> it's nice. >> basic instinct.
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>> no doubt jay leno has seen the ups and downs of late night. reliable sources host has the leno legacy. brian stelter, we will begin with the leno legacy. people love him and love to hit on him. >> and maybe that's what made him so successful. he had a bit of both of those. >> why do they love to hate on him so much? >> i think the conan thing is part of it. he appeals to a middle american audience that some people on the coasts like to mock. his humor is the kind that is palatable to lots of different people. he's not the niche comedian you might find on other channels. as a result people who want that more niche comedy would love to rag on leno before the conan debacle. the conan thing deepened people's dislike for him. now it has been a few years. he is getting a lot of praise on
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the way out. >> this man is the king. you look at him and he is on top. i guess the obvious question is if he is on top, why is he leaving? >> they tried to do this last time. people look at this and think why are they trying to push a guy out who is still number one. nbc is thinking about the future and thinking about younger, hipper talent. jimmy fallon and a younger audience also. . we are making a play and it will hurt them in the short-term. >> interesting. as the bosses will hope to benefit them. you bring up jimmy fallon. he gets the seat next. why beyond the younger audience, he is so hot with making videos go virl and things of that nature. why are they so hot to hire him specifically? >> he's a different kind of comic from leno. he's more of a variety show guy. she able to sing and dance.
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maybe not that well -- >> he tries. he can play the guitar. >> his times with brian williams when they are slow jamming the news, that kind of thing wouldn't feel right with leno, but fallon brings all of that. that energy is something that nbc is eager to have. >> and like jay leno, he has a mighty nice rolodex. >> he does and "the tonight show" moving from the west to the east coast is a big deal. we will see battles between his tonight show and letterman's late show also in new york city. it will be interesting to see which shows celebrities choose and when. >> do you think this is the last time we will see jay leno with such a huge presence on? >> absolutely not. the only question is where he will end up. a great story on the front page and he pointed out. leno's contract is actually up on nbc. he has several more months under contract. not soon after that contract
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ends, we will see leno elsewhere. there all sorts of rumors about where that could be. could it be fox broadcast and a channel like cnn. leno will have a lot of offers. >> that's for the next conversation. thank you. >> by the way, jay leno said nbc asked him to leave six months early so fallon could launch the new show and it would help him. leno said sure, as long as the network paid his staff until september. coming up, the suspect in the florida movie theater shooting breaks down in court. new perspective on what happened inside that theater and what the suspect said to his wife just after shots were fired. plus a man claims he was lot of at sea for more than a year. the health of the castaway who washed ashore is failing. new images on the boat on which he apparently survived. next.
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. a castaway lot of at sea for more than a year is not doing well now. he washed ashore on the marshall islands in a small fishing boat more than a week ago. doctors say he is back in the hospital and severely dehydrated and his limbs are swelling and he is low on vitamins and minerals. elizabeth cohen here. initially he seemed fine. he was in and out. what's happening now with him?
11:22 am
>> it's hard to tell because they are reluctant to come forward. given what the situation appears to be, what's going on here? >> if someone was out there for 13 months, dehydration, starvation and probably traum a. he probably got knocked around and it could be infection. he was eating uncooked meat. >> turtles and birds, etc. >> there is salmonella and other bad things can happen. it's a lot to take someone out of that. one of the things to remember is if someone has been in this starvation dehydration mode, you can't just puff them up with food and water. you have to do it slowly and carefully. >> is that why he initially was okay and relapsed? he hadn't fully reemerged back into normal life and living and normal food? >> yes, but the doctors we talked to said that is a
11:23 am
distinct possibility that maybe he was brought out too quickly. they have this experience with prisoners of war and other people who are dehydrated and starved. when they try to get them out quickly, it could hurt them. there is sort of a science to how to get someone out of this state. your body gets used to it for that period of time and you can't do it quickly. >> it's a period of acclimation. >> exactly. you can't automatic bring him back and you have to let the body slowly get used to things. >> we will see how he does. thank you very much. >> coming up, the former police officer accused of killing a father in a movie theater breaks down in court. we will tell you what his wife apparently did seconds after the shooting, all over a text message. plus president obama said immigration is one of the top priorities, but john boehner is saying sorry. it's not going to happen this year. it involves trust. we will cut through the spin on
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11:28 am
curtis reefs shot and killed a father who had been using his cell phone during movie previews. the evidence will cap an intense day of testimony, both the defendant and the victim's wife were brought to tears. cnn's martin savage has details. >> retired tampa police officer shedded tears in court. >> he has high blood pressure. >> family and friends came to the 71-year-old's defense in a bond reduction hearing that felt more like a murder trial. more than eight hours of emotional testimony. reefs pleaded not guilt tow second-degree murder and aggravated battery charges stemming from a shooting in this central florida movie theater january 13th. he is accused of shooting and killing chad oleson who was texting with his 2-year-old daughter's baby-sitter during the movies. >> he said i can't believe he shot me. he took a step and a half and
11:29 am
collapsed on my son. >> he said he acted in self defense after being hit in the face with an unknown object. witnesses say the only thing thrown was president obama corn and reefs fired a shot, killing oleson and wounding his wife. >> i checked his pupils to see if they would react to light and they did not. >> oleson's widow wept as he sat in civilian clothes and no handcuffs. reefs asked that her father is released. >> he has arthritis in his hands. he kept his tools that he knew his hands would get better and he would be able to do it again. it hasn't happened. >> an off duty deputy attending the movie said he heard reefs talking to his wife about the shooting after the gunshot. >> she postured and said that was no cause to shoot anyone. he leaned back around and stuck his finger out as to
11:30 am
>> it is not moving forward? not his, said john boehner. >> widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws. it's going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes. >> house speaker john boehner saying the president cannot be trusted to enforce the law. e forming the laws probably won't happen as the president as we know really, really wants.
11:31 am
gloria borger, i will bring you in. our chief political correspondent. those are strong words that the president cannot be trusted. why is boehner trying to make this immigration debate into something bigger than that. >> the use of the word trust is not a coincidence. it is very deliberate. they are looking at the polls over the last six months and know that the president is very vulnerable on the question of whether he is honest and trustworthy. over six or seven months his number has gone down a dozen points. a lot of that is due to the obamacare if you like your health care before, you can keep it problem. what they are trying to do is lay the blame at the president's feet, saying we don't trust him to do what needs to be done first in order to get immigration reform. >> do you think there is anything else at work? with regard to boehner and immigration. >> there is a lot of work and has to do with the republican
11:32 am
party. there is no agreement inside the republican party about how to best reform immigration. there some republican who is would say okay, we want a path to citizenship and others say absolutely not. we don't have that resolved. secondly, you are heading into a mid-term election. lots of republicans say don't take the focus off of obamacare. why do we want to start talking about immigration when we have a terrific issue in terms of obamacare. then others say you know what, the timing is bad. let's wait. see if we take control of the senate in 2014 and you have a republican house and a republican senate and then maybe we really would be able to get a deal we like. >> i see. they put up. >> a lot going on. >> thank you very much. let's stay in d.c. let me tell you what's happening here. the senate voting on whether or not to extend the jobless benefits. unemployment benefits. what's the news?
11:33 am
>> the answer once again is no. this vote is the latest attempt to extend the emergency unemployment benefits that expired in december. failed by just two votes. 58-40 and didn't get the 60 needed to break the filibuster. four republicans voted with the democrats in order to say that what they wanted to do with this particular attempt was to extend those expired benefits for three months and democrat his a way to pay for it. you were talking to gloria about a lot of the dynamics going on politically with republicans. this is a big, big dynamic for democrats. they knew going into the vote they most likely didn't have the votes to approve this. they also know that going into this mid-term election year, the issue of income inequality. i have been talking about it. >> the president has been talking about it. >> this is the top issue. politically that is a big thing. i wanted to keep taking a whack
11:34 am
at this and they have the title do that. they control the floor of the united states senate. there have been legitimate earnest bipartisan negotiations continuing over the past couple of months at this point. trying to figure out how to extend these expired benefits. we are talking about well over a million people who lot of their long-term benefits at the end of the december. they haven't gotten there yet. despite that, harry reid said let he put it on the floor and see where things go. that's what happened on the senate floor. this was just the latest attempt to do this and they started doing it when they came back in january. >> so for the 1 million americans, no dies on the unemployment benefits. chief congressional correspondent, thank you for the update there. members of dr. martin luther king's family are in court battling over his most precious items. this is the bible.
11:35 am
his nobel peace price. bernice king said her brothers want to sell the items. you will hear from her. you know him as the rough and tough patriarch of the chopper's family, but what you may not have known about paul tulths senior is he is a recovering addict. grimy. blowing things up and building bikes. it's what the star of the show orange county shoppers does best. there was a time that tulths's future didn't seem so bright. >> i started early drinking and getting high and back then you think that that stuff is going go away as you get older. what it does it is gets worse. >> as a younger guy they hit the sauce early and often. >> i could drink a quart of whiskey at lunchtime and go back to work. >> after years of giving everything to alcohol, he realized it came down to a
11:36 am
choice. live or die. >> i was pretty fortunate that i was able to get a 12-step program. i went nine years straight and i was afraid to miss a meeting. >> he began to change, but his friends didn't. >> just because i stopped drinking, didn't mean everything else did. everybody i associated with drank and drank hard. the first two years was really tough. >> the consequences were dire. >> i had a partner. he was 35 years old. i got sober and he didn't. he died the same year. >> that's why senior who is now sober for 29 years continues to share his story. >> after 12 years of tv, being myself and everybody knows that how [ bleep ] crazy i am. it's no secret. i always look at it, if i can get sober, anybody can. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. [ laughter ]
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. >> he is an american icon. a symbol of peace and equality and a treasure in his own right. the children of the late dr. martin luther king,jr. caught up in this bitter battle over two things he left behind. first his personal bible, the same one that president obama used when he was sworn in for his second term and dr. king's nobel peace prize. his sons, martin luther king king iii and dexter king want bernice king to happened them over. on paper this is the estate versus bernice king, but it's really brothers versus sister.
11:41 am
today bernice king made it clear she wants nothing to do with anything to do with selling these precious pieces of history. >> these are items my father would not sell. he gave away every dime of the nobel peace prize money. i believe he would feel that way if he were here today. i can't speak to what went wrong and why my brothers have voted to sell those two items. i just know that i am absolutely opposed to them. i know without a shadow of a doubt my father would be opposed. >> victor blackwell just came back from the news conference. we will get to that in a minute. we were talking about this and this was sad to see this happening. oar it's tough for people who idolize the family. it's not the first time a king family member sued another over
11:42 am
money or holdings. she said this is different. this is about her daddy's bible as he traveled across the south and fighting bigotry and hatred and what she said her father has a validation of his theory of nonviolence. >> that's the significance behind these two pieces of history. you just came back from ebeneiser baptist where his father preechd. bernice king was there and held a news conference. >> she said there is no way, not on her watch will the bible or nobel peace prize be sold. if she willingly participated in the sale, it would haunt her for the rest of her life. i don't know if it's irony or coincidence, but she was contacted by dexter king and martin king iii about selling the items.
11:43 am
they are in her possession, she she is not going to give them back to the estate. that led her to say this. this is the first time i heard this. listen. >> i wish to ask my friends and the media and all the people of good will respectfully from this point on, i would appreciate it if you would refrain from grouping me with my brothers. >> wow. >> when you say that king's children or the family, she doesn't want to be lumped in with dexter and martin iii. we reached out to them several times and there is no mention of the sale in the lawsuit. we haven't heard from them directly that that's what they are going do. they want them so they can sell. >> thank you. it is now game on for u.s. olympic athletes qualifying events happening right now in
11:44 am
sochi for the winter games. opening ceremonies are hours away that happens tomorrow and the host of the sports show. we see who to watch for. >> without lindsay von, who will emerge as the favorite face of these olympics. is that person lolo jones? yes. that lolo jones. we last saw lolo in a different sport. hurdling at the summer olympics in 2012 and 2008. a year and a half ago she began training for the bobsled and now with controversy, she is on the u.s. team. jones never won a medal in london or beijing. she hopes to nab her first in sochi. >> i'm surprised how strong it makes you and how much if it's so well with track and field and how they get the bobsled. i feel like i should have done this years ago. >> america's new daryling in
11:45 am
women's figure skating with her name alone, gracing gold is a contender. winning her first national title in january. >> you get to be part of such a rich history in women's figure stating representing the united states. i think that's just sort of exciting to have your name on the list of skaters. >> then there is ashley wagner, her selection to the u.s. team was controversial. wagner placed fourth at last month's u.s. championships, falling twice. historically only the top three earned olympic spots, but this time, the selection committee awarded her a spot over 30 place finisher and vancouver olympian. u.s. skating officials felt wagner's overall body of work, two wins in previous championships and her fifth place finish at the world championships made her a better candidate for sochi. >> to have these girls who are pushing me, i know that they are
11:46 am
at the rink working hard. >> rough and tough more your style? as evidenced by this brawl, theus and canadian hockey teams do not like each other. canada is a gold medalists. the americans have the only other gold. one during the inaugural year in 1998. don't expect the tension to thaw any time soon and on the men's side, once again, nhl rivals become teammates as the hockey team looks to rebound from the heart breaking loss to canada and the game in vancouver. >> you can have battles in the regular season and the team that needs to be put together for the olympics and the united states. you find yourself sitting next to them and playing against them and with them.
11:47 am
>> of course there the slopes, makayla won seven world cup slaloms. >> when i'm racing in europe, i'm micheala and i race and that's it. going to the olympics and really wearing team usa jacket is going to have a new meaning. >> there is always the u.s. team's most unusual olympian, bodie miller. raised in new hampshire without electricity or running water, miller is on his fifth olympic team. he's 36 years old, making him the oldest alpine olympian in u.s. history. what's left in the tank? that's not an issue for shaun white. he's a contender and vying for the third gold medal. will he be the face of team usa? we will have to watch and see. >> speaking of shaun white she mentioned him. he's another star and another name and you know his face.
11:48 am
he withdrew from the slopestyle event. he said the course is intimid e intimidating and focusing on the half pipe hoping for the third gold medal there. coming up, technology might have made dating easier. technology is in your phone. what about finding love? a new study said for many it may be harder than ever. you will hear why. you are about to see a chase like you have never seen before straight from the la pell of a police officeofficer..
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>> once upon a time you had adam and eve. fast forward and you have this. we are going talk now about the oldest game known man and woman, the dating game. not the old show. we can toss out everything presmart phone. why? because smart phone apps are changing everything. dating websites, so 2013. the thing is the way they things are designed is meeting someone, going on a date, is that really even the purpose anymore? we write about this new dating game. it's an awesome story. laura joins me now. you have done your own investigative journalism and have tried out some of these apps.
11:53 am
you can use some of them. i'm wondering, how much time you actually spend just because it's like you flip through all these pictures versus spending times with dates. >> for me personally, i spend a lot more time flipping through than communicating and meeting people. these smart phones turned dating into a second experience. you are sitting in front of your or roommate and you swipe through to see what people are out there. sometimes it results in a match and that can be exciting and be an endorphin rush, but there is the urge to see who else can i see. >> i'm sure you do. there a lot of pictures as i have been educated on this. you have tips to sell themselves. let me run through this. for girls, you say go ahead and make the first move. don't wait for the guy. keep messages short. stay away from the old don't
11:54 am
message me if -- total buzz kill. guys, education. we want to know where got the degree. ditch the pick up lines and tell us what sports you play and post pictures that make you natural or to quote your piece, not like a -- can see say this on cnn? a bad as. what do you see as the biggest mistake both sexes can make? >> i think some of the mistakes that people make is kind of being too shallow. first of all, if you are given three people who you could connect with, you don't focus on them having that. if there 100, loafers when you wanted converse might be something. >> what? >> i don't know. people have different inclinations. if you know there 50 more people waiting for you, it's easy to swipe no. if the photo choice that you use
11:55 am
is incredibly important. it's your only choice to show personality if you are climbing a mountain or someone who is adventurous. if you are surrounded by friends, you are social. if you are taking a picture of yourself in front of a bathroom mirror winking, i appreciate that you clean your mirror, that's not what i want to see. >> the pictures people host. do something real. when you meet somebody, it's a waste of time for everyone as well. "time" magazine, pick up time as well. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a stunning police chase and gun battles and tattoos and 16 miles of suspense. you got to stay here for this. that's next.
11:56 am
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11:58 am
. you are about to get caught up in a police chase like you
11:59 am
have never been before. the target is a man with such disregard for the law he reportedly steals a patrol unit and takes the officers on a pursuit and shoots for them and has a tattoo of the words cop killer on his body. our affiliate krqe reports the suspect christopher chase died, shot eight times on top of that and the gun battles were reported through your lapel. they have cameras here. they were being worn by officers involved. we are about to play the video and it appears the officer under fire and shoots back while in the car. the video cuts into the unit and engage what sounds like the whole out assault. [ gunshots ] .
12:00 pm
. >> the four officers shot survived. >> now to our two, top of the hour. let's talk olympics. as the events begin and the last of team usa arrives, a new terror threat is looming am toothpaste bombs bound for sochi. direct flights into russia. be aware of this possibility that explosive materials could be concealed in tubes, cosmetic
12:01 pm
and toothpaste tubes coming into the country. the chairman talked to wolf blitzer and said this is not the only concern right now. >> there two threats. one is aviation and swont suicide bombers within russia which i think there is a high probability that one would probably go off again. we have seen two as you know explode in december, blowing up a train station and a bus. >> so the question now, should we take comfort in the new that is the suspected mastermind was just killed and two chechyan women with ties to terrorist groups were arrested from austria and france or should the fact that we are even talking about terrorists with mere hours to go until the opening ceremonies in sochi be cause for alarm? joining me now, secret service agent and former polygraph examiner and interrogator, nice
12:02 pm
to have you on. welcome. >> thank you. >> this latest threat is nothing new. a toothpaste bomb was used in bringing down a flight back in 1976. i have read that toothpaste could be the least of our concerns. how do you mean? >> you know, the idea is they are coming up with innovative ways to create explosives. the concern is everybody is looking for that traditional explosive. something big and bulky, but it doesn't have to be that. even though the blast would be small and contained, it would be enough to do what? bring an airline and a commercial jet down, hence target completed or even bringing that explosive device and sneaking it into countries. we are dealing with a different animal here. we have to deal with every single thing. >> you say somebody can sneak
12:03 pm
something in an iphone? >> yes. think in a non-conventional way. you can have an iphone or ipad and lace it with explosives or chemicals. this was a concern we had when we did security. you take the iphone and put it in front of the face of the person i'm protecting and it would do what? detonate. if you are looking to get a target and get that target, that would be a great way to do. a lot of times when we have people that we would protect, we would take the iphone and i pats and tell them to put them away or push them down. >> those are possibilities. you talked to russia and sochi is as safe as new york. when you hear from americans on the 60% of americans believing there will be an attack. you have worked in this line of work for a couple of years. >> the russians have to say it
12:04 pm
will be safe. do i think they are doing everything they can? absolutely. they are talking about a large super power. they have assets and resources and they are strong. they are doing everything. can you guarantee 100% that nothing will go down? you can never guarantee that. you can't guarantee that here. i was not able to do that. you put the measures in place. you have to hope nothing will happen. is there buzz and concern? yes. someone thinking to do something at the sochi olympics will have to be slick and confident and they will be risking a lot trying to carry something like that through. i would worry about the sort of targets. the restaurants or stores outside of the secure area. that would be probably the best place to execute some type of attack. >> i hope these conversations are for naught. i hope nothing happens. thank you so much for bringing all this to light and perspecti perspective. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i now want to talk something
12:05 pm
simple. water. dirty water to be precise. toxic water in west virginia. we thought it was over. i don't know if west virginia thought it was over, but two schools nearly charleston, the capital city were sent home early after a student and a teacher started feeling nauseous and dizzy. this all began when they began flushing this water that smelled -- look at this stuff. it smelled like licorice, they say. the same smell reported in the chemical leak that seeped into the taps of 3,000 people. the head cook at midland trail elementary school. the who took the picture of the yellowish water and even herself felt ill. we will come to you in a minute. first the news and perspective from our correspondent. the feds say the water is safe to drink. i want to quote them here. we are still getting feedback
12:06 pm
that there is a level of -- i'm reading this. there is a level of worry. that's the end quote. they say today they have had no water quality complaints from the public other than those coming from inside the school. i wanted to be precise when getting that quote. beyond that, what do you know? >> i feel so sorry for the people in charleston, west virginia. almost at the same moment the governor of that state was declaring the water is safe to drink, the kids are smelling this. i think one student and one teacher had to go to the hospital. from burning eyes and from fainting. three more today. a total of five schools that have kids home because they are smelling this smell. what is that smell? that is the signature smell of mcmh. the toxic chemical that went into the river and water supply. weeks ago now.
12:07 pm
people, parent, teachers, people cooking in schools are told don't worry, everything is safe. perhaps the testing is showing that the levels are not safe, but it's okay to drink smelly water and it's so confusing. >> sounds like it's not just about drinking, but smelling and inhaling. let me go to you and stick around because i want you to be part of this conversation. we know that you didn't have to go to midland trail this morning. but you have smelled this described licorice smell. me more about it. have you felt sick? >> yes, i have felt sick. i have actually never went to school a day that i haven't smelled the licorice smell. i voiced my concerns to administration and it's just like they don't want to hear it. when i went to work yesterday morning, as i go in, the water
12:08 pm
is running throughout the school and i was very concerned about it. as the day goes on, i get to where i almost fainted. it just hit me like out of nowhere. i'm concerned about the safety of the children in the counties that are affected. >> you said something. you said that you have smelled this in the school. it was a water main break area. are you saying you smelled this since the water main break or since this a month ago? >> ever since the water leak happened. we had four days off of school. when i went back, it was still there. the water that is orange, disgusting looking. of course when you used the hot water and puts the vapors out in
12:09 pm
the air and it's unbearable. >> did i read something you described, your skin after being around this smell. how did you describe how your skin feels? >> my skin is, as of last night, after i stayed at the school for like four hours yesterday in the chemical smell, i feel like i have been in a tanning bed. almost like a burn. >> almost like a burn. >> i have in the past, yes, ma'am. in the past when we started going back to school and we were using dishwashers and sinks and cleaning with it, i actually broke out into welts and had rashes all over my body. it was very itchy. there is something going on and i don't feel like we are being told the truth. >> what are have you been told from school administrators and even beyond? >> that the water is safe.
12:10 pm
the water -- they can't say it's safe, but it's okay to use. that for me is a head cook at the school, i take care of 250 kids and feed them lunch with the water. they want me to, but i have refused. that is not good enough for me. >> how are the kids and the parents? >> the children depend on me. >> what have they said? >> until the past couple of days, not really anything. until this got out about the smell when they came in and flushed the school. when the kids were getting sick and the staff was getting sick. they are outraged. >> do we know how long the schools will be closed? have they told you? >> no, ma'am. i had no information on when the school will be opening. >> thank you so much for joining
12:11 pm
me. it is so information to get the news out of what's happening in west virginia. you were there over the weekend. it's unreal. >> we tested the water and it came back to show the stuff is still in the water, but higher levels from the river into the pipes. the explanation could be that it's still filtering through the hundreds of miles of the pipes of the water district. they are saying it is safe to drink. not saying the chemical is not there. that's not good enough for the people who are smelling it and have to drink and bathe with it. >> when you look at the picture, not at all. thank you very much. now we move to this. breaking right now. three people are dead, seven have been rescued after a small boat capsized off of the southern coast of florida. the boat was found 75 miles northeast of the city of west palm beach. again, seven rescued and three are dead.
12:12 pm
updates as soon as we get them. coming up, have you heard about subway's big announcement. removing an ingredient from the bread they bake. that ingredient used in yoga mats and shoes. why they are making a change right now. passing on the late night torch, jay leno is signing off from "the tonight show" after nearly 22 years. how big of a success will jimmy fallon be and what's next for the late night tv wars? that's coming up. you are watching cnn. let alone for under $300. but this asus with windows is lightweight and has everything they need -- not like chromebooks that can't install office or have to be connected to the internet to get much done. with this they can do homework, chat, play games -- on their own laptop, and their own time. so no more fighting... at least not over my laptop. ♪ honestly, i wanna see you be brave ♪ with the quicksilver cash back card from capital one,
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12:15 pm
the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. . >> 27 elementary school students have been rushed to the hospital for possible carbon monoxide
12:16 pm
poisoning. on the phone with me from the mayo clinic, can you hear me? me what you know about the kids. how are they? >> we actually saw 30 patients today and we are down to three. they are being held in the hospital for observation. they are precautionary. we saw a patient and by various means provided oxygen and they acknowledged a headache and precautionary and holding patients for observation. >> how did this poichk happen? tar it occurred at the elementary school and we are still awaiting investigation to determine the exact cause. >> okay. >> that are is at least good news from the 30 elementary
12:17 pm
school students we saw today. micah, thank you. stay in touch as we get more information. elizabeth cohen as we sat next to you. what are the symptoms and how do you know? >> it's dangerous because sometimes you don't know because it's colorless and odorless. people start to feel dizzy and nauseous. when many people start to feel that, that alerts people that something is going on. i was glad to hear they had three left for observation. hopefully they got this quickly. hundreds of people die a year from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> you heard the man with me on the phone. this was an issue at an elementary school in min. fortunately mayor clinic is an excellent place. let's move on. stand by. coming back for you in a minute. the end of an erra. jay leno
12:18 pm
leaving "the tonight show" and hosting the show. what happens next in the late night wars? we will talk to two experts on this one. plus, opening statements began this afternoon for the man accused of shooting and killing an unarmed teen over loud music. the prosecution said what he did moments after the shooting shows he is guilty. the defense says not so fast. stay here.
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
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[yawns] the presidents day sale is ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters four hours on the slopes.hours on weights. and two hours doing this stuff. which leaves me approximately two minutes to get my banking done. so i use the citi mobile app to quickly check my accounts and pay my bills. which leaves me about five seconds to kick back. that was nice. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. citi, with you every step of the way. >> back to the breaking news. northeast of west palm beach florida. three people are dead and seven
12:22 pm
have been rescued after a small boat capsized off of the coast of florida. the coast guard said it was found 75 miles northeast of the city of west palm beach, i have ryan dosz on the phone. chief petty officer with the u.s. coast guard. officer dosz, tell me what's happening right now. we have them on scene. around noon today, the royal navy ship will be on contact and they noticed they were on scene with the boat with seven people on top of all three bodies and reported so right now we have the coast guard cutter en route to go out. they will assess the situation and that depends on the medical support we will have. >> three dead and seven rescued. could there be other bodies? >> it's possible. we have to see what they are
12:23 pm
searching. >> this boat in reading the material i have from the u.s. coast guard is described as a pleasure boat. do we have any idea how this thing -- >> at this time we don't. they start talking to the survivors and we will be trying to determine. >> ryan dosz, chief petty officer of the u.s. coast guard and this pleasure boat overturning with three dead and rescues. a case that has drawn a lot of parallels to trayvon martin. a shooting in florida. an unarmed teen victim. they have seen the prosecutor and opening statements got under way today with fiery remarks. that's next. [ female announcer ] you know the little song he'll hum
12:24 pm
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12:27 pm
. he tried it once and didn't last long. this time jay leno is backing up his late night show. after 22 years his final show is tonight. >> let's see how y'all feel in 30 years. >> dear mr. leno, you are now the new host of the tonight show. >> you are shocking and outrageous. >> you are teasing me, right? >> let's see you kiss. >> 22 years.
12:28 pm
it's a lifetime in hollywood to refresh the memory of what was going on in 1992. i take you back. remember this? a gallon of gas cost $1. mall of america just opened. hurricane andrew def stated america and president clinton came president. one of the biggest movies made sharon stone a star. >> you just had sex with him for your book. >> i liked what he did for you. >> i like playing games, don't you. >> it's nice. >> 1992 and basic instinct. leno compare and contrasted the competition as we doll for you. he is going out on a high note, leading the pack. nearly four million viewers and jimmy fallon about two million people watching him now. jimmy kimmel pulls in 2 1/2 and david letterman has nearly three
12:29 pm
million viewers down near the air. conan o'brien replaced him and he doesn't even crack a million. his numbers also down. let's talk about the jay leno legacy. cnn correspondent and steve from the tv guide magazine. welcome to both of you and steve, let me begin with you. i want you to, of everything jay leno did, what is the biggest imprint you think he left on late night tv? >> the biggest imprint is that he's a winner. that is what he cared about. he wants to please people. he had a work class attitude towards the show. tell jokes, get check. it was consistent and comforting and worked for a long time. >> what do you think, michelle? >> yeah, i agree. it's funny when people say what do you think jay leno's legacy is. i think of two things. survivor and winner. survivor because he didn't have
12:30 pm
an easy smooth road. it was controversy from the beginning when he was named the host in 1992. everyone thought david letterman would get it and he got it. then that debacle in 2009. he had to come back. he has taken hits, but in the end he's going out on top as number one. fans and viewers still turn to him. >> he's going out on top, but we mentioned the ratings. it's down year to year for late night tv. why are people pulling away? are. >> all the shows are down because there more choices. you didn't show all of them in the graphics, but chelsea handler and stephen colbert and jon stewart. >> at 11:00. the viewer has so many choices. they are playing back their favorite shows from prime time on dvr after prime time is over. it's an extremely competitive
12:31 pm
landscape and everyone is getting a smaller piece of the pie. they want to bring down the cost of the tonight show. it's not nearly as profitable as it used to be. they are bringing it to new york and getting a tax credit and paying jimmy fallon less. i think overall it's all about money. >> michelle, we talked about fallon, but kimmel and jon stewart. is it time for younger faces? >> i think so. everybody likes just a good joke at the end of the day. i definitely think that the net works always want that younger demographic. that demographic can grow with the audience. >> representing money. >> absolutely. >> i think definitely they want to go toward the jimmy fallon and jimmy kimmels. they are younger and hipper and fresher and the guests are a little more younger hollywood. i definitely think that would be
12:32 pm
the case and this is the wave of the future. i think that those guys especially jimmy fallon goes towards the internet a lot and does viral videos. >> he knows how to make it. >> exactly. >> then what about the women? chelsea handler, where are the rest of them? >> it's been a white male club for a long time. the pipeline fills up that way. the one african-american entry in late night years is arsenio hall. it's definitely been a gap. >> final question to you. prediction time. where do you think jay leno's first stop is? you know what i'm going to ask you. >> i don't think it will be on a show at 11:30. it will be very difficult for fox to get in the game now. but he certainly has -- he will
12:33 pm
have a lot of suitors. if you want to be on television today, there a lot of places to go. jay leno will end up somewhere soon. >> somewhere. who knows where. we will talk about that when we know. much a do. thanks to both of you very, very much. last night. i can't believe it. opening statements started this afternoon for a man accused of shooting and killing an unarmed teenager. the prosecution said there was an argument over loud music and the defense said it was self defense. we will hear both sides, next. ♪
12:34 pm
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12:36 pm
. >> happening right now in a florida courtroom, another trial over the death of an unarmed black teen. opening statements began a short time ago in what is called the
12:37 pm
loud music murder trial. there is a bit of deja vu. does he look familiar to you? john guy, the same prosecutor from the george zimmerman trial. state attorney angela cory. another prosecutor out of florida. they are prosecuting this man, 47-year-old michael dun charged with first-degree murder accused of shooting and killing jordan davis after a spat over loud music at a gas station. a short time ago during opening arguments, we heard the moment the gunshots were fired. [ gunshots ] >> oh, my gosh, somebody's shooting out of their car. >> michael david dunn pointed a semi automatic pistol at four
12:38 pm
unarmed kids from a distance much closer than you and i and then drove off. he didn't call the police. he went to his hotel with his girlfriend and called a pizza delivery man and ordered pizza. he took his little dog for a walk outside of that hotel. turned on a movie and made himself a big tall rum and coke. and the evidence will show the only person that cursed was jordan davis. and his words to michael dunn were i'm going [ bleep ] kill you. everyone will say he didn't have a weapon, but we know he did. he calls is a pocket knife. but when you see it, it's a tactical knife. >> that is some of what played out in the courtroom. our own correspond ept as a look
12:39 pm
at how the trial began. >> november 2012. authorities say it began with a fight over loud music at a jackson vil, florida gas station and ended with 17-year-old jordan davis. >> i do not wish this on any parent. >> february 2014, the trial under way for 47-year-old software developer michael dun charged with first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. he claims self defense in the shooting death of the unarmed teen. during the police interrogation, he told investigators he told davis and other teams he was parked next to the gax station to turn down their music and he heard threats from the teens and saw a gun in their car. >> the guy in the back was getting really agitated. my window is up and i can't hear anything they were saying. there was a lot of [ bleep ] them and [ bleep ] that.
12:40 pm
then the music comes back on. >> saying he feared for his safety, he retrieved his gun from inside his car and then police say he fired four shots into the suv davis was in. as it sped away, fired four more rounds. >> when you began to shoot, can you tell us that you ever saw a gun? >> i saw a barrel come up on the window. like the shotgun. there is a barrel. you can see this part and that part of the barrel. it's a barrel or a stick. they are like we are going kill you. >> davis, sitting in the back seat was killed. his three friends survived. they found no guns inside their suv and dun left the scene and never called police. >> i think that's going to be a big question for the jury. you are in a car. you put it in drive and get out
12:41 pm
and call the cops rather than take out a weapon and shoot into a car, killing one person. >> the case is being compared to george zimmerman case when he shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. he was acquitted claiming it was in self defense. >> let's talk to our legal analyst prosecutor, sunny hostin and defense attorney. you both covered the george zimmerman trial. sunny, to you first from the prosecution perspective, how did guy do today? >> i thought he did well in the zimmerman trial and well today. his opening was impassioned and one of the lessons he may have learned is that you have to personalize. you have to make this jury realize the victim was a real person, a loved person.
12:42 pm
i will say what is fascinating to me about this case is angela cory who was sitting in the gallery when i was in the courtroom was not really a part of the team. she is front and center now. she is examining witnesses. i have never seen that. in these cases in florida. they are talking about the state's attorney. >> why is she doing it? >> it's the import of the case. this is about stand your ground. this is about stand your ground. >> the teenager here as we mentioned in this piece, he didn't have a gun at the time. he did have a pocket knife. they are saying self defense. how did they prove that? >> the pocket knife is a total red herring.
12:43 pm
this piece illustrated that michael dun said and this may be a bad piece for him, he saw either the barrel of a shotgun or a stick. there is no mention of seeing a pocket knife. then of course it begs the question, if it's either a shotgun barrel or a stick, how does that put you in reasonable fear and justify the use of deadly force? what will be michael dunn's undoing is the consciousness of guilt he displayed by leaving the scene, not calling authorities and returning to his hotel. >> how do you explain that behavior post shooting? >> you got to spin it some way and the only way they are trying to play it is he felt unsafe. he wanted to take care of his dog and concerned about his girlfriend. in the panic of the moment were weighing on his mind. that's a bad piece of evidence. >> thank you both.
12:44 pm
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how did edward jones get so big? let me just put this away. ♪ could you teach our kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. . >> up next with the lead. jake tapper, maybe the worst kept secret in washington is the fact that some democrats up for
12:48 pm
reelection do not want to be seen with the president. his approval rating is below 50% and he knows he might be toxic. this could be a big deal. democrats are struggling to keep control of the u.s. senate and their star player might be riding the bench. >> the poll number up there and that doesn't tell the story. that's a national poll. state by state and polls in congressional districts. you look at the vulnerable democrats who are in not just purple states, but red states. mary landrieu from louisiana and his name is now escaping me. these are individuals in solidly red states and being seen with president obama is very unpopular. it could actually be a campaign liability during the state of
12:49 pm
the union. we interviewed the senator and i asked them if he would want president obama to come campaign with him. he said he would want president obama to come to alaska to show him all the way that obama's policies were hurting his state. this is a democrat. it's not that unusual dynamic. that's president bush in his mid-term. that is certainly not a welcome development for any president. >> there is a democrat who shared a stage with him although he is in a much different position right now. bill clinton sharing the stage with president obama in front of these democratic senators. here they are. why was he there, jake tapper? do they trust his political instincts more than the president's? >> i think there a few reasons why he was there. one, he was there to give him something of a pep talk. he is particularly good at that
12:50 pm
type of speech. perhaps better than president obama when it comes to the pep talk-type speech. he is . >>. >>. he is also somebody who enjoys much higher approval ratings than president obama currently does, as happens with former presidents. i think it's possible, if not likely that you'll see president clinton campaigning with the senators, the vulnerable senators that i mentioned before and not president obama. especially in certain parts of the country. >> okay. jake tapper, thank you, sir. see you at the top of the hour. >> good to see you, as always. two of the people arrested in the investigation into philip seymour hoffman's death were back in court today and they were just released from jail. one of the suspects is due back in court on the 14th of
12:51 pm
february. that scene changed quite a bit when the judge denied bail. look at her face. utter shock and dismay. her and max rosenbloom are 22 years of age. they pleaded not guilty. the district attorney's office decided not to prosecute the fourth person arrested in the tuesday night police raid. meanwhile, hoffman's friends and family are preparing to hold a private wake for the actor early this evening. a family friend says hoffman's funeral will be held tomorrow. a cnn exclusive. a troubling statistic from alaska. one study shows two out of every five women will be sexually assaulted. let me say that again. somebody here from cnn traveled all the way there to find out why and people are going to
12:52 pm
great lengths to try to stop this.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
now it's time to change the list. a digital team that brings the topics from the bottom of the list. the latest subject is a pretty tough one, not appropriate for children because we will talk now about the state of alaska and it has the highest rate of rape in the nation. 37% of women there are sexually assaulted. the obvious question is why? why is this happening there? apparently a big factor. it takes days for police to get in and out of the towns because it's so remote. cnn's digital columnist john sutter went to one city and spoke to victims there.
12:56 pm
>> reporter: beth wishes the police were here when she needed them. her boyfriend shattered her elbow and she didn't want me to use her real name because her abuser is still free. it might not have gone on this long had this place actually had police. with no one else to turn to, these are the faces of law enforcement in numanimka. the village's 72-year-old mayor and his son have become the police and ambulance service. >> i have two sons here. they usually help me to respond, you know, i try to be there in case of an emergency.
12:57 pm
>> reporter: ask anyone around town, they will tell you that it's a quiet place but after hearing so many stories, i get the sense that the violence is so common that it actually starts to sound normal. >> joining me is john sutter. i live that you and are letting voters vote on things. this is a town which means -- >> end of the land. >> what fascinated me the most, beyond the whys of what is happening is they are taking rapist and putting them in the center of the support circle. they are taking them in. >> yeah. i spent some time in another location. not in that village but with a group of sex offenders after they served their time. they basically have this group therapy that tries to integrate them into the community. partly because it's so frequent there. people often return to their
12:58 pm
home villages. it's very much the opposite of how a lot of the rest of the united states handles this where laws push sex offenders under overpasses and into homeless shelters often because of residency restrictions. here they are trying to integrate them in. i spent some time with these offenders. there are some unique and bizarre treatments related to this. one person was prescribed to sniff a jar of ammonia if he got inappropriate urges. >> ammonia. i read that. >> it was a really fascinating experience to meet some of these people and hear their stories. some of them were victims themselves. >> this guy that you're referring to is sheldon. tell me more about sheldon because he is a father, a husband, and a rapist and he's still around his victim. >> yeah. i focused on sheldon because he's trying to reform, just like the state is trying to reform him. the governor told me it was an
12:59 pm
epidemic there. sheldon lives next door to his wife and stepdaughter who was abused by him and they have allowed him to continue living next door, which was an unthinkable and extremely surprising situation when i first heard about it but when i talked to activists, they said that is not unique in alaska. that happens in many communities. you know, he's allowed to live next door to them and they had wanted to do that and try to help him recover. >> they want to help him? >> which is an incredible, incredible thip incredible thing, right? >> you would want that person as far away as possible. >> and it's very complicated, how close it is and the tension there and the real risk that they are incurring and the amount of forgiveness in that community i found to be incredibly powerful and that one victim, who is part of the -- they call it their safety net member, she's part of her nephew's safety net, he's a convicted sex offender, too, and was convicted of molesting her
1:00 pm
daughter. again, they want their community to be safe and they are sacrificing themselves in some ways to try to achieve that. >> thank you for going to alaska and doing this journalism. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. got my encrypted ipads, bottled water, rabies shot. i'm jake tapper. bring on "the lead." the world lead. olympians are hitting the slopes. we've all seen the question of plumbing and the his or her toilets and is the biggest threat one that we cannot see? the "politics lead," president obama saying it's not