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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 8, 2014 8:00am-10:01am PST

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memorable moments today. i think we did. stay here though because more is coming up in the "cnn newsroom." we turn to our colleague fredericka whitfield. >> i'm going to borrow the words of sage, the olympians, you corked it out. now i'm going to cork it out. that's my new lingo for the day. i'm feeling the olympic spirit. thank you. appreciate it. we've got a lot straight ahead. it's the 11:00 a.m. eastern hour of the "newsroom." starts right now. controversy at the opening ceremony of the olympic games. russia gives one of the most prestigious roles of the night to a woman who sent a racially offensive tweet recently about president obama. we are live from sochi. and firing back, woody allen writes a column in "the new york times" addressing allegations he sexuallys a alled his adopted daughter. he lays out his case and
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addresses rumors that his son may actually be frank sinatra's child? plus, we dig deeper into the story of the mysterious cast away. did he really survive 13 months at sea? his extraordinary account and new information about his condition this hour. it didn't take long for controversy to hit the 2014 sochi olympic games. it happened right at the opening ceremonies. extremely controversial former olympian was chosen to light the olympic torch. three-time figure skating champion stirring outrage around world last year, after sending a racially offensive tweet the posting was a photograph of the president and mrs. obama with a banana photo shopped in the foreground as you see there.
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nick paton walsh is here from sochi, russia. nick, was this a political jab from the russian president, vladimir putin? >> hard to tell in many ways but i'm sure they were fully mindful of that recent controversy. very well known olympic athlete here, muchlt approximately gold medal winner. a very well known figure amongst the russian public. that's the justification clearly for giving her that key role. but the tweet she put up was removed by her but no apology issued. this probably feeds into the broader tone of relations between moscow and washington, simply no love lost. edward snowden, variety of problems. syria as well. the decision by barack obama not to personally attend but instead to send a delegation of often openly gay individuals. that's a rebuttal, too, to all
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the homophobic pushing out. no love lost at all. it might just be a jab perhaps at washington but also at the same time this is a popular figure. np in the russian parliament, too, part of the putin, that was another reason she got that role. >> a lot of security concerns persist around the olympic games. today russian special forces carried out an operation in dagestan. what have you learned about what took place? >> it's not a lot of information circulated about these emergency operations in the russian media because many say the kremlin try to keep that all quiet during the olympics. what we know is that in capital of dagestan russian special forces circled a house. in that was a man, ethnic russian who converted to islam who is a leader of one of the militant groups who is said to have links to the bombing which
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killed 34 at the end of last year. they surrounded that house. one person surrendered themselves. five were killed in the operation. so those jobs, those operations continue by russian special forces all the time. continually pursuing what they can. that gives you an idea of the level of security threat and, of course, also we're not hearing much about this in the local media. nothing really about it on state media. russia's not really one to talk about that kind of activity when they want everyone to focus on the sports behind me. >> thank you so much, nick paton walsh. we'll check back with you. all right. big news, in fact, on b the medal front. let's talk about that as the winter olympic games under way. the u.s. actually winning its first gold medal today. there's a picture right there officially sage kotsenburg clinched first place in the new snowboard event, the men's slope style event. tweeted, wow, i just won the olympics. bringing back the first gold here to the usa. and here is what he had to say
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at a press conference just half hour ago. >> feels like a dream right now. just winning a gold on the first day and the first event of slope style ever being in the olympics, seriously the craziest thing ever. you know, i thought about it a little bit but i never really -- i don't know. there's something like i didn't think it would happen. >> well, very much did happen. congrats to him, sage. and here's a look at where the medal count overall standing right now. we are -- we're looking at the winner. the losers, and all the highlights later on this hour. and you can always find complete results on take a look at the numbers right there. all right. now to north korea where american kenneth bae is in a labor camp at this moment. a pro-north korean publication says he has been there for about three weeks now. the state department says they are deeply concerned about bae's health. they want pyongyang to grant him
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special amnesty and is calling for his immediate release. ba bae was arrested in november 2012. a former police officer accused of killing a man for texting during a movie is vowing to fight for his freedom. 71-year-old curtis reeves' lawyer says that he will appeal a florida judge's ruling denying his client bail. police say reeves got into an argument with a navy vet chad oulson texted his 2-year-old daughter inside a tampa theater just last month. when the argument escalated reeves allegedly opened fire on oulson. surveillance video released at yesterday's bail hearing shows reeves in the theater before the shooting, sitting down there. all right, happening right now in florida. a trial resumes over the death of a teenager who was killed after an argument over loud music coming from the car. prosecutors from the george zimmerman murder trial are trying this case. they say michael dunn opened
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fire into an suv full of teenagers at a gas station after arguing with them for playing loud music. our tory dunnan has details. >> when i reached in and touched him, blood appeared on my finger railroads michael dunn, the man charge with first degree murder in the jordan davis case, looked on as witnesses relived the night the 17-year-old was shot and killed. davis' best friend leland brunson, among those testified. he was sitting next to davis in the back of a red suv when an argument over loud music broke out at a jacksonville gas station. >> it's fair to say he asked for a common courtesy just to lower the music, correct? >> yes. >> thompson, another teen in the suv said dunn in his parked car next to them asked them to turn down the music. everyone agrees the music was turned down. but that's when things escalated between davis and dunn. >> but isn't it true that jordan davis said to you, [ bleep ] that [ bleep ] turn it back up? >> yes, sir. >> thompson testified he did
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exactly that. and that he turned the music back up. it's at that point the timeline gets fuzzy. dunn told investigators he heard threats, then saw a weapon. >> i saw a barrel come up on the window, like a single shot shotgun where here's the barrel and this part of the barrel, i saw that part of the barrel. and it was either a barrel or a stick. they're like, we're going to kill you. >> dunn by his own admission says he pulled out a gun out of his glove compartment and he says in self-defense, fired multiple times. jordan davis was shot. as for michael dunn's claims of being threatened with the weapon first, police they say never found a weapon inside the teens' suv. in court, all three teens maintained they never had a weapon. >> let's bring in tory dunnan right now. tory, what happened in court today? this is a rare saturday trial.
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in fact, it's the jury who said we want to keep this going. so what do they hear today? >> yes, yeah, fred. i mean, the jury, they're sequestered so they said, okay, yeah, let's just go and deal with this today. they actually wanted to work tomorrow but the judge denied the request to work on sunday. anyway, this morning you had the lead evidence tech. he's the guy who gathered all of the information on the scene. looked at all the evidence. and this was a question that he answered. >> what types of things would you be looking for as a major case evidence technician in a homicide case? >> i'm looking for weapons, contraband, items of that nature. >> okay. is there a pocket in that door? >> yes, there is. >> can you circle the pocket of the door? did you closely examine the items inside the pocket of that door? >> yes, i did. >> did you find any weapons,
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sticks, metal pipes, or anything else in that pocket? >> no, i did not. >> so, fred, this is obviously a key component of the case because michael dunn said he saw a weapon pointed at him in the car. police have said they never found a weapon inside the car at all. and yesterday in court the three teens testified they never had one, they never threw it off to the side after the shooting, they never had anyone pick it up, never stashed it anywhere. this is going to continue to come up. >> certainly not dispute a tragic situation. tory dunnan, thank you so much. our legal guys will be weighing in on this case next hour and they will dig deep into the see more hoffman death investigation. let's talk about something who loves heights. nick is getting back up there on the wire. he conquered the grand canyon and niagara falls. what's his next challenge? he's going to join me live here next hour. and next, woody allen is
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and for dark spots rapid tone repair.
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side of the story in an ongoing feud with his adopted daughter dylan farrow and ex-wife mia. in a new op-ed in "the new york times" allen said he never molested dylan. and he blames mia farrow for planting the story in dylan's mind. alexandra field is following the story. alexandra, what more is woody allen revealing in this op-ed? >> well, it's this denial, something he's been saying for the last 20 years and he repeats it here. it's going to be published tomorrow. he writes, quote, of course, i did not molest dylan. i loved her and hoped one day she will grasp how she's been cheated out of having a loving father. on top of the denial he goes on to blame his ex mia farrow. she's the one who has fueled
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these allegations over the years and he accuses her of coaching dylan. so he spoke to a clinical psychologist to ask whether or not it is possible for a parent to coach a child in this way, without ever having been involved in this case, it would be impossible to say. but when asked, here's what jeff gardere said. listen to this. >> there are cases where we have what's called false memories, where there may be a family divided as we see with this particular family and the situation where a parent may say that you were abused when, in fact, maybe they were not abused. all it takes is that one suggestion and then the mind just accepts it and then runs with it and over the years has all sorts of cognitive reconstructs to make it real for that individual. >> now, dylan farrow is
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maintaining the same story she has been telling for more than 20 years. she's already responded to the op-ed written by woody allen. she says that it's a rehash of some of the old lies. she's sticking with her story. as for allen, he writes in the op-ed that that's the last that he's going to comment on this matter. he won't be saying anything else. fred? >> alexandra field, thanks so much in new york. all right. justin bieber, just can't seem to stay out of trouble these days. the faa is now, quote, looking into a problem onboard a charter flight he took from canada to new jersey. bieber and his father were extremely verbally abusive to the flight attendant. apparently ignored repeated orders from her and the pilot to stop smoking marijuana. according to the crew, the cabin wreaked with pot smoke forcing the pilots to wear oxygen masks. and this is just bieber's latest run-in with the law. some are suggesting it's time to deport him back to canada. naturally that's become kind of a late night punch line as well
8:17 am
these days. >> if justin bieber does get deported can we do it by catapult? >> frankly i'm fine with deporting justin bieber as long as we get toronto mayor rob ford in exchange. >> one has been b president and one may want to be president. why is senator rand paul throwing mud at bill clinton? and will it stick? mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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kentucky is defending his comments calling former president bill clinton a sexual predator. he went on c-span and called out clinton because of the 1998 monica lewinsky affair and said people who raised campaign cash with clinton's help should return it. >> i really think that anybody who wants to take money from bill clinton or have a fund-raiser has a lot of explaining to do. in fact, i think they should give the money back. if they want to take a position on women's rights, by all means, do, but you can't do it and take it from a guy who is using his position of authority to take advantage of young women in the workplace. >> so what does it all mean for 2016 presidential politics? will cain is a commentator and conservative commentator on
8:22 am new haircut. and author of "52 reasons to vote for obama." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> will, you first. rand paul says bill clinton is bad for democrat candidates but they embrace clinton at a treat this weekend in washington. what is the senator up to with all of this? >> i think that what's going on, i think there's an extreme amount of frustration on the conservative side, on the republican side of the aisle. over the hypocrisy of the whole war on women. i understand if you're a democrat or even if you're an independent and you're like, bill clinton again? i mean, it's hard for me to get passionate about this. >> 1998, what is this all about? >> almost 20 years. why do that? because republicans haved that to endure this fictitious war on women because they question whether or not women have a right to have birth control paid for by someone else or a serious disagreement over abortion.
8:23 am
we've had this war on women thing launched over and over. and when you examine hypocrisy of bill clinton being a leader of the party and rand paul make legitimate point about bill clinton's past you choke, you choke on the hypocrisy. in the end, i will say this, if you painted a cardboard picture of this store and you said here is a man who has done this in the past and you didn't have a name attached to it or a party attached to it, i think most americans would look at it and say that's kind of hypocritical to be launching war on women attacks from that position. >> legitimate point or irrelevant point? >> this goes to show what a complete nut rand paul is. he's trying to far up the far right republican base but it's a stupid strategy. why? bill clinton is one of the most popular politician on the face of the earth. even half the republicans have a favorable view of him. his favorability nationwide is consisting in the '60s and '70s. i think democrats, republicans, and independents alike recall very fondly economic expansion
8:24 am
and job growth that prevailed during his eight years in office. look at what he's done with the clinton global initiative. look what he's done with president george h.w. bush. the fact is, the lewinsky scandal is ancient history. it happened 16 years ago. if you think back as to what happened to the republicans when they went down this moral crusade against bill clinton last time during the '98 midterm, it was the first time since the civil war that the opposition party failed to gain any seats in congress. it's just plain dumb. >> so let's talk more about the potential on backfiring. you look at this latest poll and it shows, you know, hillary clinton is still, you know, receiving about 70%, you know, of the support here. if a choice, you know, for the 2016. so, you know, you wonder, language like this, whether it's to bring in bill clinton or not, does this only make hillary clinton an even stronger, more viable candidate? >> you know, yong this is a
8:25 am
potential win for republicans. benard has the name title strategist attached to his name which means he's going to be much more adept at painting a picture than he wants you to see, to tell you the strategy behind that. what i'm telling you is this, the question i'm addressing is should it be. should bill clinton be that p p popular? when he has that kind of a past? should he be able to launch and be the leader of a party that points out, hey, women's rights are important, women's place in the workplace is important. should he be the spokesman for this? that's a very valid question and has nothing to do with strategy. i don't know if this is going to work, making hillary clinton president or not. i'm telling you this is a legit should question. >> bernard, quick, respond to that one and we got to go. >> will, listen, we have to deal with the facts. hillary clinton, i believe, is going to be the standard bearer of the democratic party and likely be the next president. she's got 58% favorability. she's got a 55/39 lead over chris christie in the latest polls. i think the democratic party is
8:26 am
going to be united around her and i think she can speak far better than her husband on the cause of women's rights in the future of the united states. i think hillary clinton, should she run, is very well positioned to be our next president and first defemale president. >> thank you. >> you bet. straight ahead, castaways, everyone agrees, this is a pretty amazing survival story. 13 months on a small boat in the ocean. but then there are a lot of folks who are still doubting that claim. we have an exclusive interviews. and next, the u.s. getting gold. who got it? where that puts the u.s. on the medal count now in russia. [ ostad ] most people have never even heard of acid erosion. there's a lot of fruits and drinks that have acids in them that you might not know about.
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that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ here are the numbers. 3 billion people watch the opening ceremony of the winter olympic games in sochi. pretty spectacular, but, not perfect. there were a couple of flaws. start with the failed lighting of the fifth olympic ring there but it was still pretty. guess what, some of you saw it and some of you different. russians in particular were shown a doctored video of the ring before it actually aired. it was a rehearsal video where all five rings actually burst on cue. miraculous how that happens. some gaffes aside, this is about the sport. and really the opening ceremonies, about, you know, celebrating the culture of the host city. amanda davies is with us now. amanda, pretty extraordinary
8:31 am
display of pride but at the same time there was kind of this facade that came with the opening ceremonies, right, amanda? >> yeah, the organizers had put so much emphasis on that opening ceremony because of all the controversy in the build-up to this games. they really wanted that to be the moment that drew a line in the sands and then we had the ring incident, which we sitting here watching it on russian television didn't say because, as you said, they put up the picture from the rehearsals. but it's not the first time we've been do you knowed in an opening ceremony. you might remember the incident in beijing with that beautiful little girl who was singing that solo in front of billions around the world and actually we realized afterwards that she had been dubbed as well. but today it is all about these things, slightly more
8:32 am
impressive. this is actually a chocolate medal. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm eating it later. yeah. >> we know it's been -- one of those have already been awarded to a snowboarder, sage, who is, you know, corking it out, as he says. tell us more. >> yeah. the most fantastic story. the first olympic gold medal ever awarded in this snowboard slopestyle is one of the 12 new events here this year. but we've been talking about it all week because of the controversy about the course being a bit dangerous. one of the riders broke his collar bone in practice and then, of course, the mega star shaun white pulled out. it's expected one of the canadians actually win the gold. people have been talking about max paris and matt mcmorris. but sage kotsenburg who didn't even expect to be in the final, he tweeted 11:00 this morning saying, whoa, how random is this. i made the finals at the olympics. he didn't just make the finals.
8:33 am
two hours later he then took gold with a fantastic performance on his first round. even at his press conference a couple hours later, you could tell he still couldn't believe what he had done. >> i'm really stoked to just -- i can't believe like it's -- this is all in one day, too. feels like already a week ago that it happened because it's just been already getting so crazy. but so stoked to be here and just like represent the usa for sure and being part of the first slopestyle team for the u.s. is pretty cool and then bringing home the gold is just icing on the cake. >> we went to see the women's hockey team usa got off to a winning start there. they febeat finland 3-1. five gold medals awarded here today. norway won more medals than anybody else in vancouver four years ago basically picked up
8:34 am
where she left off, took cold in the 15 kilometer biathlon and her veteran teammate, sorry, won the ski athlon. and in the bi athlon her compatriot, 40 years of age and took gold in that. equal the all-time record for olympic medals. he's got 12 olympic medals in total. and then the other great story out of today is the arena where the speed skaters will take place. they installed orange seats. it looks absolutely spectacular inside. there were hundreds of dutch fans. and they were rewarded for their dedication. it was a dutch one-two-three on the podium as finn, the reigning olympic champion set another olympic record. i think there will be a big party in holland as well. >> ink. lots of excitement at the start of the games.
8:35 am
i like it. amanda davies, we'll check back with you later on. all right. the backdrop of all of this, the ongoing threat of terror while the opening ceremony was going on. hijacker, in fact, who a turkish news agency say is this man that you're about to see actually attempted to take over a plane and fly it to sochi. meanwhile, several u.s. athletes are hiring private security to feel secure. zain asher has that. >> hi, they're called global rescue. their job is to provide medical and security services. they're working closely with the u.s. snowboarding team in sochi. we traveled down to boston to take a look at their command center. war zones, natural disaster, remote rescue operations. >> we're used to these types of environments where there are threats and they're not quite sure necessarily where the threats might come from. >> meet the man who will be watching the olympics more
8:36 am
closely than most and not for the athletics. dan richards runs global rescue, a private security firm that will provide additional security for the u.s. ski and snowboarding team in sochi. >> when it comes to information and intelligence we actually have our own teams of intel analysts located in our operations centers here in the united states and some of our other global locations. and they're constantly feeding us information. >> reporter: global rescue has had people on the ground gathering intelligence in sochi for months. they include former navy and army rangers trained and dispatched from this command center in boston. >> the strength of our guys on the ground is for them to be able to see multiple options sometime simultaneously and immediately and the spectrum of capability. how do you communicate? what are your options? >> reporter: the u.s. ski and snowboarding team will compete here at the ski resort in sochi. an area where narrow roads and rugged terrain. does that make, you know,
8:37 am
evacuating the u.s. ski team from an area particularly challenging? >> well, any time you have a limitation on entry of points it definitely presents a level of challenge. >> reporter: how much can a private security firm really do in the event of an attack? >> in our city, for example, if we have an incident, the first thing they do is close the bridges in the tunnels. the same thing is going to happen over there. they're going to lock it down. no private security firm is going to walk in there and suddenly have them abandon their procedures. >> reporter: global rescue admits while the russians are in charge, their value lies in providing an extra layer of protection, especially when the athletes are traveling to and from the games. >> if you're on the outside, you're pretty much on your own. and that's unfortunately the reality of this situation. >> reporter: richards points out there is a silver lining. >> this terror threat to the games, which should represent the world coming together in front of the athletic competition, is actually bringing us together in ways that we might not expected.
8:38 am
we're being forced to come together and you t night and try and confront this threat in a united way, which is interesting. >> reporter: and, fred, now the games have begun, the big question is if there is an attack or something does happen can this small private security firm really provide the degree of security needed to protect the teams. obviously they don't have the same capabilities as the military, for example, they don't have the capacity to wiretap and we did try and ask them what they have in terms of weapons. they said they do not disclose that information. fred? >> tight lipped on that. understandably. thanks so much. so for all the latest results from the olympic winter games in sochi go to you'll find it all there. again, we celebrate the first gold win by an american snowboarder. extreme tightrope walker. you know the name that's synonymous to that. it would be this man right here. nick wallenda is at it again. when is he not at it? he's moving indoors for a new
8:39 am
attempt, in fact. tonight right here in atlanta and right now he's in the studio. he's going to be walking right over, coming up. welcome back. how is everything?
8:40 am
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when you're a high wire expert there's always a new challenge, kind of how life rolls. for nick wallenda, this time
8:43 am
he's doing something a little differently today at the georgia dome in atlanta. he is one of the feature performers at the winter jam christian music concert tonight. and nick wallenda is right here in the studio. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> last we spoke you had just completed the grand canyon walk and everyone remembers that with the winds and, you know, your pants blowing and you were just, you know, a force of steel up there. and we're used to seeing you take on these incredible challenges but we always wonder what is going to be the next one. describe what's happening today at the georgia dome. >> today i'm walking over the top of the field there at the georgia dome looking forward to it. it's something i've been excited about for a while. we've been working on the permitting, the engineering, and very excited. i'll be over 100 feet up above the field walking over the stage where the concert will be playing and just very excited. it's an amazie inine ining venu amazing event. $10 to get in. some of the best christian bands out there.
8:44 am
>> this time lit be indoors. something that's different than what we've seen. you're going to have an audience, a live audience, means a lot of people. you're not going to have if serenity of lake placid or niagara falls or the grand canyon. >> you're giving me ideas for the next one. >> there you go. we'll talk. what does that do for your performance? does it offer a new challenge for you in this challenge when you've got a live audience? >> it does. i posted the other day i will be walking over the georgia dome over 100 feet up and i got tweets back saying, that's nothing. the truth is, every one we take seriously, just as serious as the last. my great grandfather lost his life on a wire that was fairly minuscule compared to the walks he had done. we learned that it doesn't matter if you're 50 feet up, 100 feet up or 1500 feet up over the grand canyon, either way you have to stay focus and treat them all the same. here at the dome we had to rig between the chain motor s hangig on the entire set for the concert. backdrop curtain so my balance,
8:45 am
we have to maneuver around that. many, many challenges indoors and outdoors. you have to stay just as focused. >> wow. the next challenge is really what drives you. is at your core. you and your team, how do you come about the challenges? sitting around throwing darts and just saying, let's think of the most ordinary next place? >> i feel like i'm very in tune with my great grandfather in the middle of the night wake up with a thought and i'll write it down. you know, whether it be the grand canyon, niagara falls came to me when i was a small child 4 years old when that vision came to my mind and i said i want to be the first person in the world to do that. the same with the grand canyon. we're doing two more specials live in the next two years with the discovery channel. extremely excited about those. we can't talk specifics. but i'm working on some big stuff. >> that's fun. very exciting. always good to see you. it's all heart pal.
8:46 am
itating. nick, nice to meet you. well, he says he survived on more than a year on a small boat on the ocean. that's a pretty extraordinary challenge. i think everybody would agree on that one. why is it that so many people don't believe him? [ ambient street noise ] ♪ ♪ ♪ abe! get in! punch it! [ male announcer ] let quicken loans help you save your money with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze. thanks, "g." choose two melt-in-your tmouth entrees,ed to amaze. olive garden's best 2 for $25 yet is ending soon! like new parmesan crusted chicken, 3 courses, 2 people, just $25 at olive garden! also enjoy weekday signature favorites, four classic pastas, now just $10!
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8:49 am
all right, by now, you've probably heard the story. a man says he survived more than a year on the ocean in a small boat. but many are doubting his claim. here's miguel with his exclusive report. >> well, this is the biggest island and this is the hotel where he has been staying since he got out of the hospital here. we believe that he is getting ready to leave soon. officials from el salvador have now arrived from tokyo because
8:50 am
there's no representation from the country here. it is a very, very out of the way place. we also spoke to a doctor, one who has intimate details about his care here, who says he believes he is ready to travel. >> you know, we had staff come in from the program to check up on him. and you know, he was a bit off, but maybe it's due to him being in the open for so many months and not to people, but i think he's finally getting it back. >> now, there has been a lot of skepticism about his story, whether or not he actually spent more than 13 months floating in a boat more than 6,000 miles from mexico to the marshall islands here out in the middle of the south pacific. one local we spoke to who has a little knowledge of this, he
8:51 am
spent three days out in the open himself. he says he just doesn't buy it. >> how tough is it to be out on the ocean for just a few days? >> it's very, very tough. >> thought you were going to die. >> i thought i was going to die. you start hallucinating. without fresh water. as far as burns, well, there isn't any burns until you get close to land. and turtles, we didn't, we have turtles in the marshall islands, but i've never heard of a turtle coming up and bumps our boats. >> despite the skepticism, perhaps his story really speaks for himself. he did speak to cnn exclusively and he told us how he survived on turtles and birds, turtles that bumped up beside the boat that he was able to capture. just unbelievable facts. but the fact that boat made it from mexico to here, cnn also has pictures of that boat an the
8:52 am
boats he says he left on in mexico. there's just no other way arpd it, no matter what skepticism you had, that boat clearly got from mexico to this place here. >> all right, thanks so much. miguel, hey, carmen carriere, she's not like most other fashion models. her story coming up. and are you a dog lover? one man says a dying dog turned his life around. >> this may look like an animal rescue, but for james, it is more like redemption. >> i was a bad person my whole life and now, i feel good about waking up in the morning, about going out. >> it was so bad and now, it's so good. his turn around is the focus of a new reality show on the oprah winfrey network. >> i used to stick people up. >> he used to work with the
8:53 am
toughest mob bosses around new york until one day, he found a small dog, neglected and sick. he nursed it back to health and much later when the animal died, the self-professed gangster discovered something newborn in him. >> from that day on, i've been sober. not a drink, not a drug. it gave me a purpose in my life. it gave me a reason to live. >> for almost a dozen years now, he's taken in countless lost and abandoned animals, trying to find new homes for them and always at the very least, keeping them safe. >> every animal that comes here, can stay here their entire life. until they find the right home. >> the work is time consuming and can be expensive. he helps pay the bills of a dog grooms business called diamond columbi kole. in many ways, he suggests he's
8:54 am
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fashion week is underway in new york and one stand out model is carmen carerra. >> i take selfies all day long. and little by little, i would see my photos, i would look in the mirror and kind of see it, but not really and now, i really see my angles. i told my husband, like wow, i'm kind of pretty. >> her name is carmen.
8:58 am
trans gender knockout. to get victoria's secret to hire her as their newest angel. >> now, she says to victoria's secret, bring it on. >> about a week before the show was filmed, in the back of my mind, i don't think that's going to happen, but i decided i'm going to audition this year. i've already reached out so victoria's secret, so why not? it's 2014. >> now, my next guest could -- just one catch. >> meet the glamourous model who used to be a boy. >> your private parts are different now, aren't they? >> we always kind of just make it about okay, well, let's see your before, your after and now, what do your genitals look like? it really doesn't give trans gendered people the proper credit, especially when you're working hard and you're doing things that not a lot of others have been able to do. i have a crazy amount of
8:59 am
creativity and i'd rather just be respected for that, rather than oh, look at me put on make up. >> she definitely has a spark and we saw cindy crawford in her. we saw daisy fuentes, jessica alba. >> the spread is for glamour or uk. it's my first i guess international magazine feature. it just goes to show i'm a model. that's what we do. it's exciting because i don't know too many trans models that have done that. there's very few. >> i mean, look at her now. everybody looks at her, she has this positive energy that she brings out there. i know for a fact she's going to make history. >> the victoria's secret position that my fans started, it's kind of validation. no matter how insecure i might
9:00 am
be, how unpretty i fight feel, there are people out there that look to me to be strong. like no matter what, i don't care if it's being trance or just latin, i'm proud of these things. just because it's not respected by some doesn't necessarily mean that i'm not going to respect myself. >> all right, we have much more >> all right, we have much more straight ahead in the newsroom. -- captions by vitac -- hello again, everyone. here are the top stories we're following. russia carries out a deadly raid in the shadows of the sochi olympic games. the crack down in dagestan. and firing back. woody allen writes a column in "the new york times." hear his side of the story and his daughter's response. plus, key testimony is underway right now in a murder trial that has made headlines across the
9:01 am
country. a florida man kills a teenager after getting into a fight over loud music being played from the car. was it self-defense? our legal guys weigh in this hour. russian forces aren't letting up on their intense security forces surrounding the games. special forces carried out a deadly raid in the republic of dagestan targeting a group of suspected militants. ian, what more are you learning about this operation? >> five militants were killed in the operation. and one person was captured. this is part of the militant group that was to the bombings we saw last december where over 30 people were killed by suicide bombers there. and this just high lights the
9:02 am
ongoing security operation around these olympic games. here in sochi, you're not hearing anything about these raids. russian tv is all about the olympics. there's somewhat of a media blackout going on, but the russians are taking security serious and dagestan isn't that far from where we are right here. the russians do not want to see anything that happened there happen here and thus, we're seeing these sorts of operations take place. >> so, ian, apparently, there is a lot of concern over you know cybersecurity. how athletes or even tourists might be protected against hackers. what more is being said about that or what at least is the strategy? >> well, the u.s. state department has said that when you come here to russia, just expect that all your communications, whether it be phone calls, any internet is going to be monitored by the russian authorities. the russian authorities have
9:03 am
said this is something that's going to happen. they say it's because of this ongoing threat of terrorism. these olympic games are secure. and just kind of give you the highlight of what they're monitoring. that is going on. earlier, a russian official has said they have videos clips from hotel rooms of people leaving the water on and destroying their rooms. this highlighted a lot of privacy concerns that the russian officials were monitoring guests. they said it's not the case, but there is a lot of concern about privacy here. >> thanks so much in sochi. and some big news on the medal front. the u.s. won its first gold medal today. clinched first place in the slopestyle. he tweeted this. wow, i just won the olympics, bringing back the first gold here to the u.s.a. and then this
9:04 am
is what he told reporters later. >> it feels like a dream right now. just winning a gold on the first day and the first event of slopestyle ever being in the olympics is seriously the craziest thing ever. i thought about it a little bit, but i never really, i don't know. i didn't really think it would happen. >> well, here's a look at the medal count. where it all stands right now. we'll have of course more on all the olympic events, the winner, losers and all the highlights later on this hour. you can always get complete results at if you're someone who pays attention to commercials, then you definitely caught this one perhaps last night. ♪ >> like the old love, the new love starts with a kiss. >> so, this is the new ad for chevrolet. the first to feature gay families during an olympic broadcast according to glad, this comes at a time when a
9:05 am
fairly new russian law banning gay propaganda has drawn international criticism and chevy isn't the only u.s. corporation sending a message of equali equality. erin mcpike has the story. >> amid the spectacle of the opening ceremonies, the united states sent a message to vladimir putin that russia's antigay propaganda law is wrong. two prominent former and openly gay olympians. brian boyaitano and kaitlin cah. >> we wanted to make very clear that we do not abide by discrimination in any forms, including on the base of sexual orientation. one of the wonderful things about the olympics is that you were judged by your merit. >> around the world, activists
9:06 am
are demanding that big corporate olympic sponsors go further than the general support for lgbt rights they've expressed so far and specifically condemn the russian law. and they're pressuring nbc to cover the controversy. groups like the human rights campaign are keeping a close watch on the network during the two week event and ramping up the pressure on the game's sponsors. >> i think coca-cola and mcdonald's have been leaders in the movement here in the u.s., but they've been silent when it comes to defending rights in russia. >> they're praising at&t for calling the law, quote, harmful to lbgt families and individuals and they point to google, which changed its home page to a rainbow thing and posted the olympic charter, calling for all individuals to have the possibility of practicing sport without discrimination of any kind. madonna and other celebrities
9:07 am
have spoken out. back state side in washington, gay rights groups are holding fund-raisers to keep the momentum alive for their counterparts in russia. >> all we're worried about is when the lights are out in sochi and the athletes go home, it will be a terrible time for lgbt people in russia. >> we reached out to both mcdonald's and coca-cola and they provided statements saying they -- didn't go so far as to specifically condemn that russian antigay propaganda law that stirred up really so much controversy, but i would say that gay rights groups have viewed this as a big opportunity over the next two weeks to really push their message. >> all right. thanks so much. joy and relief in a new york courtroom. after more than two decades in prison, we'll tell you what a set of convicted murders, what
9:08 am
set them free and what they're feeling an next, we woody allen is giving his accusations of sexual assault on him and he says it's the last time he's talking. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him,
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[ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. woody allen is telling his side of the story in a feud with his adopted daughter, dylan f farrow. he said he never molested dylan and blamed mia for planting the story in dylan's mind. what more is he saying in this op-ed? >> he really takes aim at his ex. at the time, a couple of 12 years was separating. it will be published in "the new york times" tomorrow and he issues a full denial of the
9:12 am
allegations which have again resurfaced. he says quote, i did not molest dylan. i loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father and exploited by a mother more interesteded in her own festering anger than her daughter's well being. now, that op-ed was released yesterday. it will be published tomorrow, but dylan has already come up with her own response. here's what she had to say. this is a quote now. she says once again, woody allen is attacking me and my family in an effort to discredit and silence me, but nothing he says or writes can change the truth. for 20 years, i have never waivered in describing what he did to me. i will carry the memories of survivinging these experiences for the rest of my life. now, dylan has been holding to this story for more than 20 years. that was her response this morning. as for woody allen, he is saying
9:13 am
the op-ed is his only comment. >> and then, what does woody allen say about his son, ronan? not only has he been outspoken about his thoughts, but there have been a lot of discussions about who his real dad, his biological dad is. >> this family feud, which has been going on, certainly playing out publicly and woody allen does touch on the question of his paternity. he basically acknowledges that ronan looks a bit like frank sinatra and he says that if ronan is in fact the son of frank sinatra, then it is a sign that mia was deceitful and lied as representing him as woody allen's son, so it does sort of leave the door open, but acknowledges these rumors, which have been circulating. >> thanks so much in new york. all right. also in new york, free at last.
9:14 am
two men convicted on murder as teenagers spent more than two decades in a new york maximum security prison until new dna evidence proved they couldn't have killed antonio's mother, sister and cousin. one, just 15 years old at the time, told piers morgan police coerced a confession out of him. >> many years, i felt horrible that i had to do that and that i actually did it knowing that we wasn't guilty for a crime we didn't commit. but i just felt horrible and i felt horrible then and i still feel horrible now that we had to go through this whole process just to get justice. >> and after all this time, who wouldn't understand their reaction? >> i haven't slept yet. i've been up for over two days now.
9:15 am
i have no words right now. i'm just extremely happy. >> so, the d.a. says because of the new evidence, their 1992 convictions would not stand up in court again. the 2014 winter olympic games, sure to have a nickname. putin's games. so, what's at stake for the russian leader in these games? all that, next. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq,
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9:19 am
russian president putin was in the slight during the olympics opening ceremony and according to sochi's organizer, he was pleased with the results. that white hot spotlight will be on him for the rest of the games and that may be just what he wants. >> behind the grandeur, the scale, the absorbtant cost is one goal. restoring the state to its glory. friday's opening ceremony is the pinnacle of the 14 years at the helm for this kgb veteran, but his uncompromising pursuit of total power, it favors the state over the people. his initial deal with russia was simple. he dragged it from a war in chechnya and economic chaos to a
9:20 am
fragile stability where a middle class grew fast. a peace of mind russians welcomed, is singular, sober figure finally in charge, even if the prize was the loss of nearly all their freedoms. his adversary has his business empire crushed and was only released from jail perhaps to soften russia's image ahead of sochi. this is putin's games in his era. the road and ski jump that cost $9 billion, about the same as the gdp of laos. the decision to hold it in the only place in russia where winter snow isn't guaranteed, almost defying the possible of the soviets in their prime and above all, the enduring threat of attack from crazed radical suicide bombers, an extremism that didn't exist in russia when
9:21 am
putin came to power and that critics say was forged from a modern insurgency by his hammer and anvil strong man approach. this is putin's moment perhaps his peak. russia's boom is deflating the middle class he created, demanding more political power. he may wish the lights and spectacle never fade. >> i'm joined now by the director of the center for russian studies at georgetown university. also the author of "the limits of partnership u.s. russian relations in the 21st century." today, a lot of folks are talking about the glitch. there were a couple of glitches with the opening ceremony. namely this one of the olympic rings. we saw it in the u.s. on television. one of the lights didn't expand into a ring. instead, it looks like a snow flake, but instead, people saw
9:22 am
video from a rehearsal where it did work properly. is this an example of the kind of control this country wants to have over kind of the global perception of these olympic games ultimately? >> well, it definitely is. don't forget that you know, television, most of the tv in russia is controlled by the state and they wanted their population to see everything working very well and no glitches. now, of course, the fact that in other countries, people have seen it, it means that russians on the internet will be able to watch it, but it's putin to show that russia is back and everything is working well in russia. >> wow, and this really, i guess many have said, this is putin's games. that he very much wants this to be representative of where he should be. on the global stage. is that really who he is? in your view? >> yes. it definitely does. he fought very hard in the 2007 to get those games for russia
9:23 am
against all odds. if you think about it, it's in a town which has a subtropical climate. you can see all those palm trees. it's in a very dangerous neighborhood. reports before we came on. it cost $50 billion. this is very much about who he is. by sheer will power, staging these games, sort of in soviet fashion as nick said and to show they can control things and that russia is back and that the world should respect russia, should give it the respect that it used to have when the soviet union still existed. >> the opening ceremonies were pain stakingly choreographed, which brings us to this glitch. this former figure skating champ lighting the caldron. just a year ago, she was blasted as a racist, tweeting a photo of obama with a super imposed b bana
9:24 am
banana, yet, she is selected to play a pivotal role in the games. certainly, this was not an oversight. russian authorities couldn't have forgotten what took place last year. was this a very deliberate kind of snub at the u.s. by way of using her? >> i would hesitate to say it's a deliberate snub at the u.s. or president obama, although it is indeed a very offensive tweet. i would say it's more an example of the broader theme in the last six months. odd culture, civilization is as good as in the west. don't tell us what to do. this also relates to the lgbt legislation and you have to respect us for who we are and if you don't like it, that's too bad. >> angela, thank you so much. appreciate your insight. >> thank you. family and friends of actor philip seymour hoffman are
9:25 am
mourning in private with the investigation into his death is front page news. later, what's next for the suspect's police think are connected to the heroin found in his apartment? and next, the u.s. off to a flying start. clinching the first olympic gold medal in the sochi games. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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9:28 am
spectacular start for the the team u.s.a. in sochi. at least when it comes to the medal board. norway just got another gold, but we got the first gold medal. joining me now, amy scholes, loving it that we got it in snowboarding. >> want to warn everybody, spoiler alert, this won't be on tv until later today. if you don't want to know what happens, run away. >> but do come back. >> slopestyle was the first event to give out medals. it's the new event where snowboarders do crazy jumps
9:29 am
after making, do. >> rich: crazy tricks. >> corking it. >> sage kotsenburg, he woweded the crowd with with tricks never seen. he scored 93.5 on his first run down the mountain. now, kotsenburg, an idaho native, a really laid back dude. he tweeted this earlier today. whoa, how random is this? i made the finals at the olympi olympics. that's so awesome. he was in disbelief again after actually winning the gold. >> that was so cute. >> i'm really stoked to just, i can't believe this is all in one day, too. feels like already a week ago that it happened because it's just been already so crazy, but so stoked to be here and just like representing the u.s.a. for sure and being part of the first slopestyle team for the u.s. is pretty cool and then bringing home the gold is just icinging on the cake. >> he's by far my favorite
9:30 am
olympian. i don't know if anyone's going to top him. >> i like him a lot. >> here's a look at the overall medal count. norway at the top with four. netherlands in second with three and there's the united states right behind them with their one gold medal. keep an eye out on american ski e, hannah kearney in the free style moguls later in the afternoon. this was all over social media this morning. more trouble in the sochi bathrooms. this time, american bobsledder johnny quinn got trapped inside one of them, but he took matters into his own hands. he just smashed his way through the door to get out. >> he was like, oh, i must get out, i have an event. >> he's a former packers wide receiver. sochi jailbreak. pretty funny. >> i don't know if i want to mess around, breaking the law there. breaking down a door. >> you've seen more pictures of
9:31 am
sochi bathrooms than any olympics combined. >> very fun stuff. i appreciate it. nice impersonation. we're going to have much more after this. stick around. [ male announcer ] this is the story
9:32 am
of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
9:33 am
9:34 am
a teenager is shot dead
9:35 am
after an altercation over loud music outside a gas station and right now, in jacksonville, florida, a jury is trying to decide if it's murder. they're hearing the case against michael dunn accused of murdering jordan davis. davis' friends told their side of the story. >> when i reached in and touched him, blood appeared on my fingers. >> michael dunn, the man charged with first degree murder in the jordan davis case, looked on as witnesses relived the night the 17-year-old was shot and killed. davis' best friend among those who testifiy edtestified. >> did you love jordan davis? >> yes. >> are you lying for jordan davis? >> he was sitting next to davis in the back of a red suv when an argument over loud music broke out at a gas station. >> he asked for a common courtesy, just to lower the music, correct? >> another teen in the suv said
9:36 am
dunn asked them to turn down the music. thompson described it as pretty loud and said -- >> turn the music down, i can't hear myself think. >> everyone agrees the music was turned down, but that's when things escalated. >> but isn't it true that jordan davis said to you [ bleep ] that turn it back up? >> yes, sir. >> thompson testified he did exactly that and that he turned the music back up. it's at that point the timeline gets fuzzy. dunn told investigators he heard threats, then saw a weapon. >> i saw a barrel come up, like a single shot shotgun where there's a barrel. see this part of the barrel, that part of the barrel and it was either a barrel or a stick, but sir, they're like we're going to kill you. >> dunn says he pulled out a gun that he kept in his glove compartment and he says in self-defense -- fired multiple
9:37 am
times. jordan davis was shot. >> what did the driver do with the gun when he grabbed it from the glove compartment? >> he cocked it back. >> as of michael dunn's claims of being threatened first, police say they never found a weapon inside the teen's suv. in court, all three teens maintained they never had a weapon. >> when you got out of the car in the plaza, did you take anything out of your car? >> no, sir. >> like did you take a shotgun and shove it under a car that was in the parking lot? >> no, sir. >> one officer who arrived shortly after the shooting described what he saw. >> i saw a young, black male sitting on the driver's side rear passenger seat, sobbing uncontrol bly. he was cradle ling another young black male's head. >> avery and richard in las vegas. this is just so sad. so, jurors are hearing today from the lead evidence tech who
9:38 am
testified that no weapons were found in that suv. no sticks. nothing of that nature. so, avery, what more are we likely to learn from this witness? >> well, all these witnesses are palling up the evidence and it's another, we're back in florida again. here we go with an annoyance by some people converting it into feeling they have the right to pull a gun and kill somebody. whether it's in the theatre or some texting, whether somebody believes someone's in the wrong neighborhood and in a case like this, where the noise was too loud coming from somebody else's radio, this is extraordinary and in a case like this, if i'm prosecuting, line up the witnesses, independent witnesses and by the end of next week, the prosecution's case should be done. >> we heard dramatic testimony from these young men in the car. especially jordan's best friend.
9:39 am
how impactful? >> well, the testimony is very good when it comes in from the prosecutor, but then on cross-examination, what happens is the screw gets unscrewed and you find out that some of these witnesses have criminal histories. the driver was out violating curfew and you hear a story the crime scene was not well established, that the drivers, the driver in the car could have taken them away for a period of time. ditched a potential weapons, then return ed to the gas station. you know, fred, as a criminal defense attorney, you have to decide whether or not the case is even defensible and here, sadly, well sadly for some, this case appears very defensible. and again in the sunshine state, in the self-defense state, where these cases seem to garner a lot of sympathy for the shooter, i think that there's a lot to work with for the defense position. >> so, talk more about the shooter. i guess i don't have to say
9:40 am
alleged because he admits to doing it. michael dunn fled the scene. drove to a bed and breakfast with his girlfriend, ordered a pizza, stayed the night, then drove home where he was an hended. what will the jurors interpret from that kind of behavior? how could that possibly bode well for him? >> i don't think it can. it's so callous, so uncivilized. if you're involved, you believe you have a legitimate defense. the first thing you're going to do is call 911. you want the police there. but the idea he left the scene, got a pizza, took off from there, is extraordinarily increme nating and i think practically, i think he's in a lot of trouble right now. >> and lots of parallels are being drawn between trayvon martin and we're also seeing some familiar faces, same
9:41 am
prosecutors in the trial. we're now seeing this case as well. these jurors have to remember that. it was a highly publicized case. how influential could that be in this case? >> they didn't do so good in zimmerman, so they might fall apart. it's going to come down to this. the state of mind of the shooter and whether or not the jury believes his position that he felt or reasonably feared for his life, that he saw a shotgun coming at him, that he heard the victim say i'm going to kill you. it's getting, we're going to get on now, it's getting on now. it was this realistic, was it shotgun that's reasonable? if the jury buys that, fred, he's going to be acquitted. that's how it's going to come down in this case. it's not a black and white case although it is a black and white case. it's not on the law and you know, there is fodder here for a
9:42 am
jury to come back. the powerful line by thompson, who quotes dunn saying are you talking to me? what does he think, it's robert deneiro? this is extraordinary. >> it emanates from loud music, like someone throwing popcorn at you. >> it is terrible. thanks so much. we have another case we're going to talk about. bring it up there. we're going to talk a little bit later as we delve more into another legal case. thanks so much. police arrest several suspects in the investigation into drugs found in philip seymour hoffman's apartment, but could any of them be charged in his death? avery and richard will be back on that, next. i always say be the man with the plan
9:43 am
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9:46 am
family and friends of philip seymour hoffman say good-bye. hollywood stars were among those paying their respects. as hoffman is being mourned, police are moving ahead with the investigation. >> wednesday night in a manhattan courtroom, three people believed to be connected to the heroin found in philip seymour hoffman's apartment were indicted on drug charges. they were charged with misdemean
9:47 am
nors, while robert vineberg, a felony. >> my client by all accounts i know of has nothing to do with philip seymour hoffman. my client is not responsible for philip seymour hoffman's death. >> this arrest and these charges have absolutely nothing to do with mr. hoffman's unfortunate death. >> a total of four suspects were arrested tuesday night during this nypd drug raid caught on camera not far from hoffman's apartment. these photos show three of the arrests, the fourth person will not be prosecutored. they say there was no evidence he had any control of the drugs. investigators found 350 small bags named red bull and blacklist. different brands from those found in hoffman's apartment labeled ace of spades and ace of hearts. one of the suspects, robert
9:48 am
vineberg, is a well-known jazz musician in the new york club scene. je investigators say they found most of the drugs in his apartment, adding he had hoffman's number this his cell phone. vineberg's neighbors say they're surprised. >> one of the nicest people i've ever met. smart. yeah, he goes out of his way to be nice. great guy. honestly. >> still unknown is what led hoffman to relapse after 23 years of being sober. some insight may come from his journal that investigators found in his living room. >> a loving father. >> new york's broadway community celebrating his life in a vigil still reeling from his death. ♪ >> our legal guys are back now. avery, a law professor in cleveland and richard, a new york criminal attorney and law
9:49 am
professor from las vegas. richard, even if police determine that the heroin found in robert vineberg's apartment is the same drug that killed hoffman, could he be held liable for the actor's death? >> no. absolutely not. under new york law, in 1972, the appellate division, a high court in new york ruled that even if you sell drugs and those drugs later on kill your customer, you cannot be charged for the murder or manslaughter of that individual. so, that's new york law. it's not going to happen that way. this is unprecedented, fred. the amount of resources that have been put together in such a short period of time to make arrests, get search warrants, get a criminal indictment for philip seymour hoffman's death. it's tragic. but fred, people go to bed at night and dream to have a fantasy life like this individual had. he had the resources to treat
9:50 am
his addiction. he had the ability to do it. he knew what he was doing. he has to take responsibility for his own death. it was selfish. he had three children. he didn't take care of himself and for everyone now to bend over -- this man had the ability to treat himself and stop and do it. >> so, sounds like you're saying there shouldn't be a criminal case whether it involves these summits or not. so, avery, where do you come from on this? should there be any kind of criminal investigation that should support the discovery of the circumstances surrounding hoffman's death? >> well, of course there should be. the fact, you can't argue that you're dealing with a renowned actor, one of the great actors of our generation, but he was drug add led likely and that journal is going to help us understand that, but the idea that someone supplying and someone involved should have no responsibility either criminal or civil, to me, is not right. i mean, i think nypd is doing the right thing by assigning that kind of manpower, that kind
9:51 am
of staffing to this investigation. and you know what? i think there's much more to this story i think vineberg is smack in the middle of this thing. he's the only one charged with a felony and these other two are going to start singing to try to get out of this mess and they're going to implicate vineberg even further. >> but it is pretty remarkable that this kind of manpower would be assigned to this investigation when clearly after the death of anyone's overdose, it doesn't afford them these kinds of resources to try to get to the bottom of how the drugs came about, where they came from, so, richard, that setting the stage, i guess it becomes an issue of fairness. should all overdose cases be treated like this? why just someone who is a celebrity? >> i look for uniformity in the application of law and law enforcement and you don't see it. you see celebrity justice and then you see justice for the people that don't have money. it's not the same.
9:52 am
there are drug overdoses of poor individuals every day in new york. you never see attention like this, but avery, for you to say they're going to sing and this and that, vineberg was charged with position with intent to sell based on the quantity he had. had nothing to do with the death of hoffman and the other people were charged with low level m misdemeanors. >> we're going to have to leave it there, unless avery have a quick thought. >> there's much more to be told here. responsible for his own death. no doubt about that. >> thanks so much. always good to see you. >> take care. a legal battle between the children of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. why part of it involves this right here. ♪ ♪ so you can get out of your element. so you can explore a new frontier and a different discipline.
9:53 am
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martin luther king jr.'s children are locked in a battle
9:56 am
over two items he left behind. his nobel peace prize and his traveling bible. the same one president obama used when he was sworn in for his second term. ber nice king claims her brothers want to sell the items. this week, she took a stance to distance herself from the brothers. >> i wish to ask my friends in the media, the public and all the people of good will, respectfully from this point on, i would appreciate it if you would refrain from grouping me with my brothers. >> whoa. the family feud is now a legal battle. the civil rights leader's estate controlled by his sons has filed a legal complaint to force their sister to turn over the medal and the bible. bernice king says she won't do that. and she won't say who the items are set to be sold to or why, but she told cnn why it's
9:57 am
important for her to stand on what she calls quote the right side of history. >> i don't feel his legacy will ever be tainted because he's a world icon. he's a visionary leader that so many people around the world draw strength from, direction from. and i think that's well established in the world, global history and he's a leader, an icon of the ages and so, for us though, you know, that's one of the reasons why it was important for me to make it clear that i'd be on the right side of history, so 20, 30, 50, 100 years from now, it will be known that bernice a. king did not support the selling of these sacred items. >> it does seem all very tawdry. can you tell us where the items are now and where you think they should be? >> at the vice of legal counsel, i'm not able to say where they are, but my brothers are aware of where they are and you know,
9:58 am
it was my hope even when the bible returned from the inauguration that it could have been on display at the king center just as a footnote. that particular traveling bible had been on exhibition at the king center for years. and so, you know, it's my hope that one day, it can be on display again. >> and the medicial? >> the medal's a little different. i mean, it's you know as you know, those medals are 23, 24% gold. it requires extreme security. as you can imagine. i'm not sure of many medals that are displayed consistently, but at some point, you know, it would be my hope that for a limited time period, but we do have just so you know, we have a replica of the nobel peace prize here at the king center on display. >> and reverend king, i know you
9:59 am
mentioned before that your father, he copyrighted i have a dream speech and other works, that there wasn't anything inherently wrong with financial gain from his work, but you said you draw the line and you draw the line at the bible here because of principle, because of the items that you say they are trying to sell. is there any way that you think you can work this out with your brothers so that it doesn't get farther than it does, so that the lawsuit goes away and these precious things that the country values is put back on display and people can appreciate your father's accomplishments in that kind of way? >> well, that's my hope and that's my prayer, that that will occur. >> and cnn's attempts to contact the brothers have been unsuccessful. this isn't the first time the king children have been at odds over the dad's estate. there have been other lawsuits over the years. bernice hopes she and her brothers can reconcile.
10:00 am
we have much more straight ahead and we will get a restart right and we will get a restart right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, again, everyone. here are the top stories we're following. escala escalating tension in a florida courtroom. a man accused of murdering a teenager during a fight over loud music claims self-defense. hear today's heated exchanges and the testimony that could be critical to this case and woody allen breaks his silence addressing accusations he molested his adopted daughter. his detailed account and his daughter's reaction coming up. then to sochi, russia, where team u.s.a. has snagged its first gold. find out who won and where the u.s. medal stands, where the u.s. rather stands on the medal board. all right, let's get started. in florida and