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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 17, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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thanks for being with us on "new day". april lot of news. only one place to go for that, the "newsroom" with carol costello. >> you got that right, chris. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom" breaking news. at 30,000 feet -- co-pilot hijacking his own plane loaded with more than 200 passengers landing in switzerland to seek
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asylum. the drama unfolding each second. judge also one on one with george zimmerman. >> do you regret that you killed trayvon martin? cnn's chris cuomo. >> do you have regrets about it? >> certainly i think about that night and i think my life would be tremendously easier if i had stayed home. >> the must see interview straight ahead. plus, obama and barclay. >> thanks for taking the time. the nba hall of famer talking all things basketball. >> how often do you get play basketball now? >> these days once a month. you got to start thinking about elbows and you break your nose right before a state of the union address. >> and obamacare. >> what do you think of the term obamacare? >> and it's fallon's night. the new king of the "tonight
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show". here's jimmy. you're live in the cnn "newsroom". good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with breaking news from overnight. co-pilot hijacking his own flight and take over the airliner on a desperate mission for asylum. first off we'll tell you all 202 people aboard are safe and sound. there's a route. it left the capital last night bound for rome but when the pilot left the cockpit for the restroom the co-pilot seized his chance. he locked the cockpit door and rerouted the plane to geneva, switzerland. the airliner landed safely and the co-pilot now face as whole lot of questions. we go live to berlin for more. good morning. >> reporter: hi, carol. the authorities say the passengers on board that plane were never in danger but wasn't a safe situation.
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the airliner was circling over geneva for several hours until it was intercepted by two jets there and force tloond. tinting thing that happened is that this co-pilot even as he was taking over the plane was only worried about managing to get asylum in switzerland. we have some voice recordings with his interactions with tower control. listen to what he says to them. >> and, you have to give us lastly information about the asylum -- because everything is not in english portion. >> yes, i know. sorry butter with still waiting for the response. >> reporter: we have to mention at this point the airliner was very low on fuel and trying to get an answer there from authorities. keep in mind this was at 6:00 a.m. in the morning on a monday. certainly going to be very
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difficult for those air traffic control towers get any sort of answer from a swiss politician. in the end he landed taxpayer craft. everybody on board was safe. he is now in custody. whether or not he's going to get asylum is something that's very much in question, carol. >> there was some sort of rope from the cockpit because there are rumors earlier he climbed down that rope on to the tarmac. >> reporter: very interesting question. you're absolutely right. he use ad rope to climb down to the tarmac. another piece of interaction between him and the tower don't make any sudden moves. i'm opening up the cockpit window and climb down with a rope. he planned this. we have to note modern airline cockpits actually always have a rope in a compartment above one of the windows and that's a safety precaution because if one of these airliners has to make a hard landing or crash landing and the way out to the emergency exit is filled by fire or some other obstruction the pilots do have that rope as a last way of getting out of the aircraft and
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clearly he used that rope to get out of the aircraft as fast as possible. he was immediately apprehended when he got there on the tarmac. there's that picture of that rope hanging out the window. it was a bizarre morning for those passengers. one other weird thing most of them thought they landed in rome, in italy and not in switzerland. they didn't even know where they were. it was really a very bizarre day for those people. they all escaped unhurt. >> all safe and sound. shocking news this weekend from a courtroom in florida where a jury fails to reach a verdict in the loud music murder trial. convicting michael dunn of attempted second-degree murder and shooting at a vehicle but on the biggest charge first-degree murder of jordan davis that jury was hung. both sides say the fight is not over. a few hours ago michael dunn's daughter reacted to the verdict on "good morning america". >> i can't imagine life without
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him. he's generous, protects himself. if he sees another way that's what he's going to do. >> we go to jacksonville, florida for more. >> reporter: good morning, carol. jury deliberated for about 30 hours before reaching their partial verdict. now both sides are preparing for the next step. >> mr. dunn, your having been convicted of count ii, iii and iv by a jury. >> reporter: michael dunn guilty of three counts of second-degree attempted murder in the shooting that killed jordan davis. but on the charge related to the 17-year-old's death the jury could not agree. >> based on the jury's inability to reach a verdict as to count i i would declare that mistried. >> reporter: following the verdict outrange disappointment outside the courthouse. and on twitter many questioned how the jury could fail to reach
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a verdict on the murder charge. one tweet reads, a partial lie is still a lie and partial justice is still injustice. >> juries do confusing things. >> reporter: legal experts say the jury's initial request to see the surveillance video where you could hear the gunfire the night of the shooting may provide insight into how jurors were struggling over the murder charge. >> the logic may be they thought deshoot potentially in self-defense and that there was a gap when he could have threat scene and then he shot again as truck of guesting away. maybe they thought that was the attempted on the other occupants of the vehicle. >> reporter: another possibility the jury may have disagreed on whether dunn was guilty of first-degree murder. >> on closing, he said we don't want lesser offenses. >> we don't want a lesser include offense. >> all or nothing. >> that's what he said to them. >> reporter: the conviction on the other counts means the 47-year-old will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.
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>> he's going to learn that he must be remorseful for the killing of my son. >> reporter: dunn could still face another trial on the murder charge. davis' mother says their fight is not over. >> we will continue to stand and we will continue to wait for justice for jordan. >> reporter: angel gentleman cory says she intends to pursue a second trial on that first-degree murder charge. dunn's attorney says they will file appeal. the dunn case stirred strong echos of the trayvon martin case the teenager who was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer. both trayvon's parents hatch voiced their support and sympathy for the family. this morning we're hearing from george zimmerman the maniac quit in trayvon martin's death in the
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seven months since the jury returned the not guilty verdict in his murder trial the public has seen little of zimmerman, aside from his various scrapes with the law. now two years after shooting the unarmed teenager he describes his life as a lightning rod for criticism and death threats. chris cuomo of cnn's "new day" sat down for an extensive one on one interview. >> two main reasons to interview george zimmerman. first is because there's so many questions that remain about his case and we got to ask him about all of them and people can judge their answers for themselves. and the second is that there's so many big issues that resevere berated out of that case we sautin michael dunn case, questions for society that george zimmerman is given a lot of credit of accalculate zal-- being a calculated zealot. is that who he really is or something less? >> do you regret that you killed trayvon martin?
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>> it's a simple question. but one george zimmerman can't seem to answer. >> unfortunately, the department of justice is conducting a civil rights investigation so those are the types of questions that because of the investigation i have to tread lightly on and i can't answer. >> we checked and the department of justice isn't investigating any civil rights investigations but says charges aren't expected. still disseminate's reluctance seems to be more than about legalities. >> do you regret that night? >> certainly i think about that night. my life would be tremendously easier if i had stayed home. >> if you could go back you would have stayed home that night? >> certainly, yes. in hindsight, absolutely. >> as a point of clarification you said my life would be so much easier. when you say i wish i had stayed home that night are you think about you and trayvon martin? >> certainly i think about him. i think about my family. all the families that have been
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put in any type of dangerous situation. so, yes i think about everybody involved. >> but safe to say if you could change how that night came out, you would both be alive today? >> i think that's just a different way of rephrasing it. >> if you could go back dynasty again you would have stayed home that night? >> i would have stayed home. >> both of you still would be alive? >> that's the presumption i can't make. i could have gotten in a car accident when i left. >> you wouldn't have wound up killing trayvon martin if you had your way. >> he wouldn't have ended up attacking me either if i stayed home. >> his family, do you think about his family? is that true? >> certainly. yes. >> because people want to know that, right? coming out of this situation they haven't heard you say i feel for his family. >> i appreciate the opportunity. i would hope that they had seen that at the bond hearing i did address that. >> it's different in court. >> sure.
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but i was simply saying i did address it. because another misconception is that i never apologized i never reached out to the family. would i like to? certainly. >> what would you say? >> you know, i would say exactly what i said on the stand that i'm sorry for their loss, and -- just exactly what i said on the stand most likely. >> thoughts about the victim, trayvon martin. the victim was trayvon martin, you know that. >> no, i certainly was a victim when i was having my head bashed into the concrete and windows broken and beaten so i wouldn't say i was not a victim. >> on this zimmerman is sure, despite the public outrage painting him as a racist in a
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strong case by a prosecution calling him a murderer. >> what do you want to say to people who believe that you went out that night as a vigilante looking for trouble and found it and bailed yourself out? >> i don't focus on them. ideal with their hatred by loving my supporters more. >> when people would reach out to you for the wrong reasons, who are supportive of you for the wrong reasons because they like that a young black man had been killed, how did that make you feel that they saw you as somehow symbolically as representing them? >> equally as disgusted with them as i was with people that were threatening my family and saying negative things about me. >> it is through all of it listening to the evidence and everybody's different take on your actions and reactions did it make you doubt yourself? >> no. >> why not? >> faith. >> ain yourself or god?
6:14 am
>> in god. he's ultimately the only judge i have to answer to. he knows what happened. i know what happened. >> a faith that keeps him in florida despite a number of threats on his life. if people around you say george you got to go. >> i'll never leave this country and i'll leave my home when i want to leave my home. i know it sounds stubborn and maybe ideological but i'll move when i want to. >> the word "haunted" often comes up in these situations. do you fine yourself haunted by memories of that night? >> no. >> because? >> i don't know. >> george zimmerman is not haunted by taking a man's life. perhaps more surprising, zimmerman thought his life would stay the same. >> the feeling was that people will accept this, you know, i'm going to go through trial. it is what is it. the out come will be accepted and i'll move on. >> that's what i hoped for.
6:15 am
>> when did you realize that wasn't what you hoped for. >> the first speeding ticket when it made international news. it was shocking to me. >> course a lot more than speeding tickets. there are two main take weighs for us and why we thought this was relevant. the first is the silence that you hear when i ask him about what he wanted to say to the family and how reluctant he is to say that he wished he had not killed trayvon martin. the reason for that is he believes he was a victim and what he did was right and that's why he stuck, he's not haunted, he doesn't have any doubts. the bigger question becomes, carol, why make this man relevant. he is relevant. i think just as important as him being relevant is why. people assume he's a calculating manipulator of the storm. i asked him about stand your ground he doesn't want to be the face of it. i asked him about self-defense he says he doesn't understand it. he's relevant.
6:16 am
he's an example of what happens when someone who is relatively unsophisticated and makes a series of bad decision and gets bailed out by a law, the florida self-defense statute that makes it too easy for someone to get away with murder. it doesn't punish stupid the way the law should carol and as a result you'll have verdicts where juries are tested and you'll see that even a good jury like michael dunn can't come out to the right situation because of the law and also because of a lot of other prejudice and culture issues that we have to deal with outside of the courtroom. >> in my mind he's clearly troubled. he hasn't been able to find a job. he's been getting into these scrapes with the law, accused of domestic violence and he's traveling at high rates of speed when he knows he'll be stopped by police and that the spotlight will shine ever brighty on him. he seems troubled to me. did he seem that way to you? >> absolutely. he's got to wear a bullet proof vest. he's got people making death
6:17 am
threats. he can't go anywhere. he can't be with his family. a lot of people hear that and they say he has his life and not in jail where he would have been if he was in any other state. it's about the balance of it and certainly being at the center of such a huge trial makes him very relevant. the question is why. not about ignoring him. it's about examining him the right way. this is a discussion, carol, you've been great with it but we need to keep having a discussion how we treat violence in the country, how we punish it. as a culture it has to change. >> we'll talk about it in the next hour of "newsroom". president obama talks health care, hoops and a lot more. >> reporter: president obama weighing in on a number of topics as he was interviewed by charles barclay from lebron james to michael sam to the controversy over obamacare. we'll have a live report right after this. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
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in honor of presidents' day a new cnn poll looks at president obama's approval right. we took an average of the three latest nonpartisan polls it shows the president's approval rating at a dismal of 42%. it's down ten percent jack points from a year ago. last night president obama talked everything from health care to hoops. he sat down with former nba star charles barclay for an interview that aired just before the nba all-star game on tnt. the president is known as an avid basketball player but says it's now harder to hit the court since he's now busy running the
6:22 am
country. >> how often do you get play basketball now? >> you know these days once a month. things happen. one you get older and creakier. the second thing is you got to start thinking about elbows and you break your nose right before a state of the union address. >> that would be bad. we have more. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. this was an interesting interview covered a range of topics over several minutes. president obama was asked by charles barclay to weigh in, who is better, lebron or michael jordan. pretty diplomatic answer from president obama as he acknowledged lebron james' prowess and also acknowledged michael jordan and his chicago checks. they talked about michael sam who recently came out and they talked about the controversy over obamacare. >> what do you think of the term obamacare?
6:23 am
>> i like it. i don't mind. i tell you five years from now when everybody is saying man i'm sure we glad we got health care a whole bunch of people don't call it obamacare any more. you don't know what life will throw at you and sometimes people don't recognize particularly young people how important it is to have coverage until you get sick and you realize you may lose everything you have or your parents may lose everything they have trying to make you well. so we're encouraging people to sign up. they got until march 31st to sign up for this year. >> this week michael sam came out. >> right. >> i saw the first lady call his decision courageous. >> right. >> what do you think about that? >> i really like the fact that michael did it before the draft because his attitude was, you know what? i know who i am. i know i can play great football. and judge me on the merits. >> speaking about attorney general holder announced same
6:24 am
sex benefits package in the last week. >> think about basketball. you think about what the nba was before african-americans were allowed to play on an equal footing. you think about the stories like oscar robinson tell of what they went through. you know, you think about what jackie robinson ended up meaning not just to baseball, but to the entire society. i wouldn't be sitting here if it weren't for him. i think america is stronger where everybody is being treated, you know, with respect and dignity. >> so, carol, some heavier topics as well as lighter ones with the focus on basketball. you mentioned president obama in this interview saying he only plays once a month and he worries sometimes about take an elbow to the face. you've seen him in the past, he actually had a busted lip once that required 12 stitches and he showed up once on the campaign
6:25 am
trail with a black eye. our he's in california. he's been doing more of the low impact golf this weekend and he comes back here to the white house tonight. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom" an emotional reaction by one of olympic's biggest games. bode miller speaks out about the reporter that brought him to tears. rachel nichols joins us next. or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me.
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history could be made today on the ice in sochi for the united states. they never had an olympic champion in ice dance but meryl davis and charlie white lead going into today's free skate. in fact the americans set a world record for points in the short dance. they were fantastic. the united states needs help with gold medals by the way. they sit in seventh place in the gold medal count. germany has the most gold medals. the netherlands have the most medals overall. the weather is still not cooperating in sochi. for the second straight day heavy fog has rolled in severely limiting visibility. the fog postponed the start of today's biathlon 15 k and pushed the super cross tomorrow. bob costas will return tonight hosting nbc's primetime olympic coverage. costas is over an eye infection that kept him away from the cameras. before these games, costas anchored the game for 14 years.
6:30 am
>> bode miller is known for his emotion as well as his skiing. moments after winning the bronze miller broke down in an interview with nbc. >> when you look up in the sky at the start we see you there and it just looks like you're talking to somebody. what's going on there? >> nbc is getting a lot of heat for this interview. rachel nichols joins us live from sochi. rachel some people say the nbc reporter went too far. >> reporter: yeah. you know, the person who isn't saying that is bode miller. bode miller tweet when he woke up in sochi this morning finding out while he was sleeping all of this furor been happening on his behalf. he appreciates everyone stick up
6:31 am
for him but he tweeted being againstle with kristen cooper it was crazy emotional and not her fault. my emotions were very raw. he went on to say she wasn't trying to cause any pain. you have to wrremember, cooper not a swrournlist she's a skier herself. bode trying to defend her there. people felt it was too far. the hockey hero from the miracle on ice was one of the people who tweeted that it was very insensitive. in fact he then went on to tweet bode miller directly and saying i'm sorry for that insensitive journalist. he spoke for a lot of people. bode had a tear going down his face before she asked that last question and there was a thought she should have stopped there or if she didn't maybe the people at nbc who had all of that edythe time in between the interview took place and when
6:32 am
they showed it on tv, 10, 12, 14 hours they should have pulled back from the interview. it's a matter of controversy which of course doesn't hurt nbc's ratings at all. >> it was strange to see bode miller showing that emotion. he's a brash guy. it's unyush to see him crying. >> reporter: absolutely. he's pretty stoic. that's why it took three or four questions for her to get that emotion out of him. but his brother's death affected him. his younger brother was a snowboarder and had talked about trying to be in this olympics as a competitor along with bode. they talked about it for a while. this olympics was the one where he had quite a good shot of making the team. but he had a motorcycle accident, actually about a dozen years ago. he had some seizure problems ever since and he died of apparent seizures about a year ago. very emotional for bode knowing
6:33 am
his brother could have been with him here and he of course was not able to be. >> rachel nichols, many thanks. coming up fairfax you're sick of the snow and bitter cold you're certainly not alone. a bit of bad news four. it's about to get worse again. up next the latest on another winter storm set to slam into the midwest and northeast. weekdays are for rising to the challenge. they're the days to take care of business. when possibilities become reality. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive, dedicated support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next. to take skincare to the next level, you're ready for roc®. roc® multi correxion has an exclusive 5 in 1 formula.
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36 minutes past the hour this morning more than 200 people aboard an ethiopian airline flight are safe after their plane was hijacked by the flight's co-pilot. he rerouted the plane from rome to geneva where he requested asylum. swiss authorities are questioning him but said the passengers were never in danger. 19-year-old pennsylvania woman facing murder charges along with her husband for killing a man they met on craigslist. she's now saying she killed 22 other people. on friday, miranda barbour was interviewed by a reporter in pennsylvania. that reporter says barbour's story seems legit. >> she's very meek, very mild, very low voiced. she never hesitated once. she never gave the impression was a rehearsal. miranda as you sit here do you have any remorse whatsoever and she said none. >> barbour said she quote
6:38 am
stopped counting once she reached 22 killings. the sunbury police department has been in contact with fbi and law enforcement in places where barbour previously lived while they investigate her claims. baltimore ravens ray rice and his fiancee were arrested over the weekend after a fight in atlantic city casinos. they were caught on surveillance cameras hitting each other. both were charged with simple assault and released a few hours later. rice's attorney describes the situation as quote, very minor physical altercation. just days after parts of the northeast gothamered by a foot of snow another round of winter weather is on the way. let's bring in meteorologist indra petersons. she has more whether we want to hear it or not. good morning. >> good morning. let's talk about this season so far. look at these numbers. new york city seeing about 55 inches of snow. that means eighth snowiest since we took records. philadelphia and indianapolis
6:39 am
same thing, third snowiest since we kept records. unbelievable season. and more snow already out there. minneapolis seeing the sneerks threat of freezing rain around st. louis and all of this expected to dump pretty good amounts. here we go again. minneapolis looking for four to six inches. chicago same thing then as you go through late evening pittsburgh two to five inches and still recovering on the east coast. new york city tonight and boston in through tomorrow still looking for several inches of snow key though on the back side they could see rain. that's how the picture looks. through the evening notice in the morning commute tomorrow that's when we'll start talking about snow around the mid-atlantic and new york city and pushing off towards new england by late evening tomorrow. but then, yes, this is where i want some gifts. things are changing, finally. jet stream lifting to the north. the cold air, retreating to the north. we'll be talking about a warm up and it's a good one. look at this. these are the departure from normal. highs today, d.c. looking for
6:40 am
36. 12 degrees below normal. check out atlanta, there carol, look at this. by wednesday, not 70 but close enough. long waiting for this. definitely a lot better by wednesday. >> i love the jet stream. >> right? >> depends on where it is. >> true. still to come in the "newsroom" new rules are going into place for banks trying to do business with marijuana dispsaries. >> reporter: it doesn't mean big banks are rushing in to the pot business. i'm going to tell you what's holding them back right after the break. it says here that a woman's sex drive increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disease. keep heart-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shredded wheat. doctors recommend it.
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to "you are here."man, "that life exists and identity." "that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." "that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." what will your verse be?
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marijuana dispensaries getting more backing from
6:44 am
federal government. they can legally open bank accounts to deposit money from pot sales. let's bring in cnn chief business correspondent christine romans. a good thing because those business owners were having to carry these large amounts of cash because the banks wouldn't accept the cash. >> reporter: when you think about the product they have that's so valuable and prone to theft and you think about the cash nature of the business this is becoming according to eric holder a public safety issue for some of these companies. so the treasury department has issued some guidelines for how the banks can legally provide savings accounts, do banking service, even loans for these legal pot businesses. this is really, really a big deal in states like colorado and washington but also for the other states that are using, do medicinal marijuana businesses. here's the interesting thing. bankers remain reluctant. the american banking association saying look they still have an underlying challenge for banks, quote, possession or
6:45 am
distribution of marijuana violates federal law and banks that provide support for those activities face the risk of prosecution and asorted sanctions. we talked to wells fargo this morning. their policy they say is not to bank marijuana businesses, they are reviewing these new guidelines but for the time being their policies remain the same. you're seeing the big banks caution on this even though there are new guidelines from the government. analysts telling us they think small and mid-size community banks might be the best bet for legal pot businesses to do business in the banking industry. >> what are people who own pot businesses doing with the money they make? where do they put it? >> big safes. hiring armed guards at the doors. they are essentially operating a cash business. one of the interesting things the justice department has told u.s. attorneys not to pursue banks that do business with
6:46 am
legal marijuana disspendsaries. no illegal business with illegal drug cartels. no trafficking into states where it's not legal. some of these hurdles that the big banks are saying look, you know, can you really guarantee if you give a loan to a legal pot business that somewhere down the line one of those rules success violated they are just not so sure they want to do business quite yet with legal pot businesses. >> christine romans, thank you. all new in the next hour of "newsroom". a widespread natural disaster caused by the brutal winter weather, the cost of propane skyrocketing so high many people paying three times what they did last year. >> i worry about the people that don't have the money to pay for a tank fill up, the same people on fixed incomes, people that work for lower wages. >> we'll talk to a federal lawmaker who thinks the
6:47 am
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. . a search and rescue mission turns into a search and recovery mission after two skiers were killed in an avalanche. they were part of an experience group of skiers that got caught in the back country snow slide.
6:51 am
they are battling steep and rugged terrain to try and find their bodies and get them off the mountain. stephanie elam has more. >> reporter: the special avalanche advisory says it all. back country avalanche conditions are very dangerous. we are in the midst of a historic avalanche cycle. >> as long as it is here and it is snowing, we are going to continue our mitigation efforts. >> reporter: tragic circumstances sunday afternoon after an extensive search, search and rescue workers found two bodies beneath the snow. they were part of a team of 7 that triggered an avalanche outside of aspen. >> the two persons missing were wearing beacons. the ground crew was able to find the signals for them. the first team, however, that went up, had to wait for safety clearance. they found one body and then the safety team went to find a safe
6:52 am
traversing path for the second team to go. >> reporter: the thrill of the back country is alluring can also kill. it took the lives of six people in the past week from colorado to as far west as or gone. >> this is may flower gulch. >> reporter: gary tuchman hit the back country with an avalanche and safety expert highlighting the three must haves. >> beacon, probe, shovel. >> those are the three things you have to have? >> reporter: that's right. avalanche officials say unusual conditions can lead to surprising avalanches. >> the problem we have in the state of colorado and other states is that we have had a lot of snow this year. it is record snowfall through this time of year. very deep snow, very unstable conditions. >> people are always going for deeper and untracted areas.
6:53 am
the snow pack right now is not conducive to taking risks like that. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. still to come in the "newsroom," we lighten the mood. jimmy fallon makes his debut as host of "the tonight show" tonight. how will he set himself apart and keep the show on topic. michelle turner has the scoop. i quit smoking.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
say it ain't so, true to her word, j.k. rowling will not be whisking us away. her publisher announced she will be releasing her second book under the pseudonym robert galbraith. it is called "the silk work." it is her second in a series.
6:57 am
jimmy fallon officially takes over as host of "the tonight show" tonight. jay leno managed to keep the show at number one for most of his 22 years as the show's host. in this environment of more competition, including internet, streaming, cable tv and broadcast networks, what does fallon need to do to distinguish himself and still keep the show number one. a nischelle turner has the answers to every single one of those questions. good morning. everything and more. nbc wants them to skew younger. that's what they want. they want to grab the audience they have had trouble getting and grow that audience with jimmy, keep them along so he can continue that run at number one. he does have big shoes to fill, like you said. he debuts tonight. "the tonight show" is the 60-year tradition. it has launched so many careers. while this is probably the most prestigious of the jobs in late night. it is also the most scrutinized. jimmy is taking over for jay
6:58 am
leno. he mentioned that as well. he was the host for 22 years, a convincing number one for most of those. he also has to follow the 2009 debacle where nbc took jay off the air in favor of conan o'brien and we remember how that turned out. this time, jay's departure and jimmy's survival scene to be a bit more harmonious. they did that passing of the torch together, interviews together. we are looking at him on "the tonight show" right there. jay leno said in an interview that they did together that of anyone on the air in late night right now, jimmy fallon is the closest to johnny carson. jay says carson is the best to have ever done it. for the past 22 years, the show has been called "the tonight show" with jay leno. jimmy is going back to the carson days and calling it "the tonight show" starring jimmy
6:59 am
fallon. >> i will set my alarm and wake up and watch. thanks so much, any shenischell turner. our "cnn newsroom" starts now. >> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. there is extra heartache for the family of jordan davis. sunday would have been his 19th birthday. the jury could not reach a verdict against the man who admitted to killing him e was gunned down outside of a gas station thanksgiving weekend of 2012. on saturday, a florida jury convicted michael done on three counts of attempted second-degree murder for shooting at the three other teenagers in dave's car. they were deadlocked on that first-degree murder charge in his death. michael dunn's family reacted to the news that dunn could still spend the rest of his life behind bars. pi can't imagine life without
7:00 am
him. he is going to protect himself if he sees no other way. that's what he is going to do. the dunn case stirred strong echos of the trayvon martin case, the unarmed teenager that was shot to death by a neighborhood watch volunteer. trayvon's mother shared this hug with the mother of jordan davis. they have voiced their support and sympathy for lucia mg bath and her family. they are hearing from george zimmerman, the man acquitted in his death. the public has seen little of zimmerman in the seven months since they returned the verdict. now, two years after shooting the unarmed teenager, zimmerman describes his life as a lightning rod for criticism and death threats. he sat down for an extensive one-on-one interview with chris cuomo of cnn's "new day."
7:01 am
>> reporter: it was a simple speeding ticket but nothing is simple when george zimmerman is involved. it would be the first in a string of run-ins with police that some saw coming. >> it is just a matter of time. he will do it again. this is what he is about. what do you make of that kind of thought? >> i don't pay it any attention at all. >> reporter: next, zimmerman's wife called 911 saying he was threatening her and her father with a gun. there were no charges. divorce is pending. zimmerman's girlfriend accused her of threatening him with a shotgun. >> he would call to get his side of the story out. >> so why are you calling? what happened? >> i just want everyone to know the truth. >> his girlfriend would drop the charges and lift the restraining order. during our interview, she and her young daughter wouldn't leave his side and neither will
7:02 am
con t controversy thanks to his new hobby. >> i read what you put out about the paintings. this is therapy. this is helping me. you had to know they would cause attention. why are you putting the paintings out? what did you want that attention to be about? >> to be honest i-was hoping to be able to provide a decent lifestyle for my family. >> his first painting sold for more than $100,000. the next painting was priceless for a different reason. >> angela corey painting. >> provocative. i have this much for the justice system. you knew that was going to be provocative. >> why do it? >> it was a creative, tangible form to show my inner thoughts, inner feelings. >> negative towards angela core are i? >> it provided a tremendous release for me. it was worth it. >> then, there was the fight. a move as confusing as it was
7:03 am
disturbing. the man's defense at trial was an inability to hold off a teenager was a prize fighter willing to take on all comers for charity. >> the idea of you fighting, the image is bad but let alone a black rapper. the racial overtones of it were so horrible. what were you thinking there? >> when i signed on, it was never going to be a black rapper, white rapper, asian, hispanic rapper. it was going to be an unknown person, a small are event. >> the whole theory of this case is that trayvon wound upbeating this guy down. he had marks on the back of his head. now, he wants to fight. he is a fighter. do you understand how that was a contradiction there? >> yes. again, that tracks of people that said that are the small percentage that don't realize that a boxing match with a
7:04 am
referee in controlled conditions are significantly different than being mounted, as the witness stated, ground impound. if i went out there and got beat up, the charity was still getting paid. i don't want to get beat up but i saw it as an opportunity. i never expected it to turn out the way it did. >> george zimmerman seems to feel that way about a lot of things. for example, becoming the face of white/black tensions in america. >> i actually had two full peruvians and one american raising me. two-thirds of my upbringing was peruvian and black people in my family. it was very shocking to me that simply based off my last name, people would make that presumption. >> he is at the center of a debate about self-defense laws, he has little to say about them. >> because of what you have gone through, and what your case was about, do you have feelings about self-defense and where the line should be and what's right
7:05 am
and what's wrong? do you have thoughts about that? >> i am not well versed enough to tell you. i feel until i sit down and study the constitution, probably ten years worth of legal findings, i wouldn't be able to draw a solidified conclusion. i don't want to do what others have done to me and speak without examining information and facts. i do, however, support our second amendment. >> you might think zimmerman would be riveted to the michael done trial given its comparisons to the situation. >> i should have prefaced this interview by letting you know i don't watch news anymore. i watch comedy shows, home improvement shows. i'm not well-enough informed to give you exacts. >> how about advocating for the stand your ground laws that many identify with him? is. >> are you comfortable being the face of stand your ground? >> i'm not comfortable being the face of anything to be honest
7:06 am
with you. >> it is what he wants to be the face of going forward that may be the most confounding? justice? >> what do you want to do with your life? >> good. i would like to professionally continue my education and hopefully become an attorney. i think that's the best way to stop the miscarriage of justice that happened to me from happening to somebody else. i don't think it should happen to anyone ever again, not one person. >> what was the miscarriage of justice? >> the fact that two law enforcement entities stated that i had acted within the laws of our nation in self-defense. >> you don't think it was about the law? >> i know it wasn't. >> what does that make you? >> a scapegoat. >> a scapegoat for? >> the government, the president, the attorney general. >> they would be scapegoating you why? to show that they are taking a position on something that matters to a lot of people.
7:07 am
i don't know what they are thinking or why they are thinking it. all i know is that they are doing it. i don't know what agenda they have. >> the case is over. the judgment continues. >> while george zimmerman may have won his freedom but probably never truly free. >> i have a lot of people saying that they guarantee that they are going to kill me and i'll never be a free man. i realize that they don't know me. i've learned that the majority of people when they sit down with me one-on-one or with my family and i, they get a completely different perspective on me. >> when you are somewhere and people recognize who you are and they are looking at you, what do you do? >> smile. >> how often do they smile back? >> 99% of the time. the 1% that don't are the most vocal percent. definitely the most threatening percent, because they are very vocal about their displeasure. >> people are angry, george. they are angry. the case wound up being seen as
7:08 am
a metaphor for miscarriage of justice, blacks not receiving the same justice that whites do, their lives not mattering as much. this case became a metaphor, an example for that. your face became the face of, this is the guy that gets away with killing a black kid. what do you do with that? >> hope that i'm dispelling those, if it takes one person a day, at a time, to help them realize that that's not what this case was about. then that's what i'll do. >> let's bring in chris cuomo now from new york. chris, some viewers are writing to me, tweeting me. why did you choose to sit down and viinterview you george zimmerman? >> i think you have to look at the point of the interview. the idea that you should not give hem a platform. he should not be interviewed. carol, you tell me if you think i'm wrong. it is a no-brainer decision that george zimmerman is newsworthy. he is at the center of a major
7:09 am
criminal trial. the idea that you would avoid him because he is unpopular, because people don't like what he did, is not how journalism works. we all understand that, right? >> absolutely. i'm into full transparency. i was into what he had to say. it appears to me from the allegations of domestic violence and some of the traffic trouble he has gotten into. his life is clearly unsettled. some might say it is a mess. >> i think it is a safe assumption. i don't know that he would disagree. i think he feels like he has somewhat of a nonlife right now. the question becomes not whether or not a journalist interviews george zimmerman. there is no real question there. it is what do you do with the interview? my feeling is this. this man has been given a lot of power by people, specially his detract tors that he is a cool cue lating guy that worked the system and knew he could get away with this. i believe he is something decidedly less than that. he is a very good example of
7:10 am
what we have to be careful with. a guy that is relatively unsophisticated that made a series of bad choices and found himself killing somebody else and the law, because of the way it is designed, wound up allowing him to get away with it. it caused huge problems that we are seeing in the cry of having him not get more attention. we have to pay attention to him. we can use it as an example for change. that said, i don't know if in any state, they would have convicted george zimmerman because of how acute the circumstances were of the violent conflict that he wound up in with trayvon martin, no matter how many bad decisions by george zimmerman led him to that point. even where you have a responsibility to retreat, like in new york state and many states under self-defense laws. i still think it would have been a very difficult prosecution for him. again, the point is now larger. you interview him because he is relevant. he is newsworthy. he just is. what you do with him and the questions that arise out of it, i think those are important
7:11 am
choices. it is a very important discussion. >> he is relevant in light of the dunn case and the stand your ground case. >> if you had the chance to interview michael dunn, i'm sure you would take it. >> absolutely. the dunn verdict has created another stand your ground backlash. the hashtag sdang russ black kids materialized on twitter along with pictures. this one says, my son is clearly planning a robbery and shows a young boy drinking a root beer float and the picture of a baby with this underneath. he is getting aggressive, his temper is flaring and, my god, i feel fear. with me to talk about florida's stand your ground law, florida state representative, matt gates, a supporter of stand your ground and ahmad abu snided, co-founders of dream founders, a group opposed to stand your ground.
7:12 am
thanks, gentlemen. >> ahmad, i want to start with you. the fact that this jury could not agree to convict mr. dunn on a first-degree murder? how does that affect those in florida? >> i don't think it had anything to do with the state of florida whether it was first-degree or second-degree. we are grieving. we are upset. we feel like that the justice system has let us down, because it was unable to prove that an unarmed and unhostile young black male was not a threat to an aggressive, violent individual such as michael dunn. >> representative gates, did florida's stand your ground law work in the dunn case? >> i don't think anybody is going to nominate michael dunn or george zimmerman for person of the year. overall, the stand your ground law has worked for the state of florida. if you look for the five years preceding stand your ground's passage, the murder rate was on
7:13 am
the rise. since we passed stand your ground, the murder rate has declined every year. i think the charge is inaccurate that stand your ground is disproportionately had a negative impact on african-americans. african-americans have asserted the stand your ground defense more than any other racial or ethnic group and by volume, african-americans have been more successful at asserting the stand your ground defense than any other group. i am of the belief that if someone is attacked they shouldn't have the duty to retreat. that's a view held by most floridians. when the proposal was made in florida to repeat the stand your ground, even most democrats on the committee i chair voted against the proposal to repeal stand your ground. there seems to be pretty wide consensus that the law is good, though we have a system that can generate results that make folks uncomfortable. >> representative gaetz, in light of these two teenagers that are dead, under florida's self-defense lawes, a jury must decide whether a person reasonably believes his life is
7:14 am
in danger. reasonable may mean overreaction in some people's minds. do you think this is why the jury could not decide to convict or acquit dunn on the first-degree murder charge? is it the way the law is written. >> i disagree with the premise of the question. being reasonable and overreacting are two different things. we learn in law school that the reasonable standard is an objective standard. now, i'll certainly concede that we have the worst justice system. >> some might look at dunn's testimony and say, oh, my gosh, he overreacted. other people might say he acted reasonably. it is difficult to determine. it obviously was for this jury. >> well, i will concede that we have the worst justice system on the planet earth except every other justice system ever created. we tilt every advantage toward the accused and, yes, because we have a system where juries, not robots makes the decisions, sometimes a member or a couple
7:15 am
of members of a jury will make a decision that others don't agree with. i didn't agree with the decision in the casey anthony case. that doesn't mean we go and repeal our homicide statutes. if we went and repealed statutes in criminal law every time we disagreed with an outcome, there would be no law left. >> i just want to posture this. this law is so confusing in some people's minds. the mothers and fathers have lost children. it is affecting families on the other side of the coin. listen to jordan davis's mother. let's listen. >> we are so very happy to have just a little bit of closure. it is sad for mr. dunn, that he will live the rest of his life
7:16 am
in that sense of torment. i will pray for him. i've asked my family to pray for him. >> so, that, first of all, was a really gracious thing for jordan davis' mother to say. it affects so many people's lives that the law isn't exactly clear, doesn't it? >> yeah, absolutely. i think what stand your ground did was it obviously removed the duty to safely retreat from our society. so now where pass a conflict can erupt between two individuals, be it popcorn in a movie theater or loud music at a gas station. rather than a responsible florida citizen taking a second to retreat, if possible and safely go home and make sure that multiple people are going home alive today, we encourage them to react aggressively and violently. that's what stand your ground does. we had self-defense laws prior
7:17 am
to 2005. prior to stand your ground, you were able to defend yourself. that's what self-defense is. stand your ground has changed that. >> representative gaetz, let's go back to the movie incident. curtis olson that shot and killed the man in the movie theater, was he justified in using the law sns. >> the good thing about the justice system, we don't let the politicians make those decisions. i am of the view that it is a good thing that michael dunn is going to spend the rest of his life in prison. that's a good outcome that he won't be out among the rest of us. there isn't this lack of clarity that you keep describing. stand your ground is pretty simple. it says, if you have a right to be where you are and you are not break the law -- >> these are three sensational cases. you don't think there is a problem with the law. >> i don't. just because you have three
7:18 am
outcomes that you don't like, you don't indict the law. if on average you look at the benefit the law has had. in my state, we are having fewer murders because we have a robust self-defense system. i think that that's probably a positive thing. had i been on the dunn jury with the evidence i saw, i probably would have voted to convict but, again, we have a jerseys stim where individuals bring their viewpoints. >> you would have voted to convict michael dunn of first-degree murder in the death of jordan davis? >> yes. just like i would have voted to convict casey anthony but that doesn't mean because there was a result i didn't agree with, that we throw out the entire criminal justice system. >> you don't think the jury, in part, couldn't come to a conclusion on that charge had anything to do with florida's stand your ground law? >> well, stand your ground in the dunn case was not an asserted defense. just like it wasn't an asserted defense in the zimmerman case.
7:19 am
now, i don't take the position that that doesn't mean that our stand your ground law didn't have some affect. i don't think the lack of clarity as a result of stand your ground. i think it is the facts that arose in those cases that the jury wasn't able to reach a verdict on beyond a reasonable doubt. again, we tilt every advantage to the accused. one of those is that all jurors have to agree if someone is to be convicted. here, they didn't, on that charge. again, michael dunn is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. >> but not at this point for killing jordan davis. we could go on and talk about it. >> for his conduct that evening. >> thank you so much. i have to end it there. representative matt gaetz and ahmad, thank you for joining me. cyberstalkers have struck again. this time against the group
7:20 am
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>> the popular crowd-funding site kick starter is encouraging people to change their passwords after a compremiomise of their information. they have been used for starter projects. it is unclear how many accounts were compromised. let's bring in the host of tech bytes, brett larson. >> good to be here. i wish i was here for better reasons. yet another hack attack. >> these are becoming increasingly popular.
7:24 am
we saw it with target and neiman marcus and now kickstarter. this is a social crowd funding site, not necessarily a retailer. we don't know if they were going after credit card information. kickstarter has stepped forward to say, not only that they had been hacked, as you mentioned, but that no one's credit card information had been compromised. i did read that there were two actual unauthorized uses of credit cards related to kickstarter users. not sure if it is in connection with this hack but it is there. >> it is just interesting. unlike target and neiman marcus, kickstarter was born on the internet. you would think they would be better able to protect consumers. >> exactly. they have always been an online company and not a brick-and-mortar turned-on line. hackers will try anything and everything to get at people's information. they often look for these back doors that are left open in software. it could be some very random stuff that they either weren't aware it was open or they just, it was left open for a different
7:25 am
reason and they didn't realize that it would compromise people's information and leave them open to hacking. >> so this makes me think of twitter and facebook. what protections they have in place. >> hopefully, very good protections. facebook in the last couple of weeks in light of the olympics, there was a lot of hacktivism. facebook said there were some hack attempts but they weren't successful. they were able to withstand them. twitter, we haven't seen it yet. so far, everything has been okay. as you just saw there. passwords, passwords, passwords. you shouldn't use the same password for everything. all it takes is a hacker to get one password to access pretty much everything. if it is the same, it will make it easy to get your information.
7:26 am
>> thanks for joining us. >> thanks, carol. still to come. a brutally cold winter. the cost owe propane sky rock et cans. what a group of lawmakers is urging the white house to do about it. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber.
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a group of vermont lawmakers wants the white house to step in and curb the export of propane to bring down skyrocketing prices. nationwide, prices are up about 60% from a year ago. senator bernie sanders is an independent and one of the
7:30 am
lawmakers calling for urgent and decisive action. welcome, sir. >> thank you very much. >> what are your constituents telling you about the cost of propane? >> they are angry and frightened. costs are skyrocketing. it is a cold winter. people need more fuel. in my state, many of the people who use propane are low income people. 25% of the people that get fuel assistance from the federal government use propane. so for these folks, it is now a choice about whether to stay warm in a very cold winter here in vermont or whether they buy the food they need or the prescription drugs they use. >> just tell us more about your plan to possibly bring those prices down. >> well, here is what we have as a nation. the production of propane domestically, has gone way up. we are producing more propane now than ever before. yet the costs are skyrocketing because the companies are
7:31 am
exporting huge amounts of propane all over the world. in fact, we have seen a doubling of exports of liquid petroleum gases in the last two years, a doubling. so we're producing more but the end result is that people in vermont and throughout this country are seeing huge increases in their prices, because much of that new production is going abroad. what we are asking the secretary of the commerce to do, which she has the authority to do, under the law, is to temporarily limit the export of this propane gas. >> that seems so strange to me that we would be serving those overseas before serving our own. >> that is exactly the point. obviously, i think most viewers know that the function of gas companies and oil companies is to make as much money as they possibly can. they do that very well. they are very profitable.
7:32 am
i agree with you. i think the function of the united states government and what we should be doing is protect struggling people that are hurting. many are low income people, from seeing huge increases in fuel prices at a time when the weather is very cold. that's exactly what we are urging the secretary of commerce to do, to put a temporary restriction on the export of propane. >> have you heard back from the secretary or the white house. >> not yet. we just sent the letter on friday. >> is this a bipartisan effort? >> well, in vermont, it is not. i'm an independent and the other senator is a democrat and the member of the house is a democrat. i should tell you that this problem extends far beyond vermont and the midwest prices have skyrocketed and in that sense, it is a bipartisan concern. you are right about that. senator bernie sanders, thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it.
7:33 am
still to come in the "newsroom," an airliner is hijacked. that's not even the headline. we'll tell you why the co-pilot commandeered his own plane. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. twochoose two melt-in-yourables mouth entrees, olive garden's best 2 for $25 yet is ending soon! like new parmesan crusted chicken, 3 courses, 2 people, just $25 at olive garden! also enjoy weekday signature favorites, four classic pastas, now just $10! phone: your account is already paid in full. oh, well in that case, back to vacation mode. ♪boots and pants and boots and pants♪ ♪and boots and pants and boots and pants♪ ♪and boots and pants... voice-enabled bill pay. just a tap away on the geico app. ♪ huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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7:36 am
drama overnight in switzerland. a co-pilot hijacks his own flight in ace desperate mission for asylum. here is the e-ththee ethee open flight. the co-pilot locked the door and rerouted it to geneva switzerland. the airliner landed and the
7:37 am
co-pilot was immediately arrested, but not without some drama. we are joined from berlin to tell us how this all went down. good morning. i don't think frederick is hearing us. nope, he is not. all right. well, let me just, as you can see, the passengers were getting off the plane. the co-pilot allowed every passenger to get off the plane. there was a rope on the cockpit. we are not sure if the co-pilot sh shimmied down that rope and then was arrested. the co-pilot is now in custody. we do not know if his wish for asylum was granted. >> other top stories this morning, a 19-year-old pennsylvania woman facing murder charges for killing a man they met on craigslist. she says she has killed at least 22 other people. she gave an interview to the
7:38 am
newspaper in sun berry, pennsylvania. she stopped counting once she hit 22 killings. they have been in contact with the fbi and law enforcement in places where barbara has previously lived while they investigate her claims a kentucky pastor best known for starring in a reality show about handling snakes. he died saturday after being bitten in a church service. the star of snake salvation believes in a bible passage that suggests that poisonous snakebites will not harm those who are anointed by god. he refused to be treated. >> i kept smacking him in the face, dad, get responsive. after he passed out in the bathroom, never did say nothing else. his last words was, sweet jesus. that was it. >> this is not the first time coots was bitten by a snam. he once lost part of a finger z.
7:39 am
>> if you thought you were going to get a break, from minnesota to maine, people will be getting slammed with more snow and bitter cold. in some parts of the midwest, up to 8 inches were expected. this on top of the latest blast new england got just yesterday. month are than a foot of snow dumped on cape cod. thousands are without power. still to come in the "newsroom," charles barkley goes one-on-one with president obama as nba fans tune in. what the president has to say about everything from food to health care just ahead. spring cannot get here soon enough specially after all the snow and ice storms barreling across the country this winter. i just told you about that. nascar driver, brian vickers, is here to give you a glimpse of the warm weather to come. he is our travel insider z hi, i'm brian vickers, the nascar driver. ft. lauderdale is my city. we're here at yellows in ft. lauderdale. it actually stands for you only
7:40 am
live once. why i think yolo's is great, is the food. it is good to have the open indoor/outdoor atmosphere. yolo's has that. we are sitting here at the ford lauderdale beach. this is the wave wall. you see a lot of people running on the boardwalk, riding bikes, swimming in the ocean. it is a great place to stay healthy, stay active, specially when you are traveling on the road or if you live here. now, we're at coconuts, one of my favorite places. a great place for a little 5:00 happy hour. it is a place you can boat to. it is no the a tourist spot at all. it is kind of tucked away. i love coming here on the boat, a nice, slow cruise, tying off and having a nice cocktail. in the off-season, not on the road. a great place to end the day.
7:41 am
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john kerry blames the syrian government for the peace talks not ending the civil war. john mccain calls u.s. policy in syria an abysmal failure. >> there is still ways we can assist. to do nothing, we will see a further deterioration and a regional zation of the conflict. in the meantime, cnn has obtained a remarkable group of
7:45 am
videos regarding the islamic group, icist. they are so radical all al qaeda has separated themselves. some of the images you are about to see are graphic. ben we'd amhas an exclusive rep. >> reporter: the voice off camera asks, how old are you? >> i was born in 1980. in are you married? >> yes, he responds, i have two children. >> do you want to see them again? >> god knows i do. i have nothing to hide. a man who calls himself bassem and a doctor pauses, collecting his thoughts. >> talk, answer quickly. are you cooking up lies, shouted the other? >> this video is one of eight interrogations obtained by cnn interest syrian opposition
7:46 am
activists. the interrogators speak with distinct iraqi accents and ask questions about goings on in the town of abeb northeast of lepo. from the questions, it is clear the interrogators are not with the regime of the president bashar al assad but rather with isis, the islamic state of iraq in syria. another chilling video we will show you later may be a clue. early last year isis emerged as a major in northern syria. since then, the ultraextremist group has exposed strict extremist law, held public flogings and executions and has battled other execution groups in fightings that have left well over 2000 dead. even al qaeda's leader has demanded they leave syria. missing is any mention
7:47 am
whatsoever of the assad regime. the only concern is the challenge posed by other opposition factions and the local populous to ice sis. >> who is erasing the slogans and symbols of eye sis on the walls says the interrogator? >> i wear, i don't know, as god is my witness, responds this man, who identified himself as hamad. >> what were they saying about the islamic state, he asks. say the truth, save yourself. >> i will speak the truth even if i lose my head responds this man who says he is called mustafa. >> all of these clips were found in the residence of this man. activists describe him as an isis commander and an intelligence officer. they found the abandoned video in january after he fled fighting between isis and other factions.
7:48 am
some of the flips and still shots show a young woman in the company of abu ahmad trying her hand at shooting an ak-47 assault rifle. >> steady, steady, he tells her. >> isis is imposing the strictest possible dress code on women in the areas it controls. given her face is uncovered, clearly this was for abu ahmed and this unidentified woman, a private moment. what happened to the interrogated man? it is not clear from the videos. one of the last recordings documents in detail ruthless isis style justice, execution by flashlight. ready, asks the voice off camera. 14 men, some apparently quite young your shot, one after the other. the scenes are too graphic for us to show. some fall into the mass grave already dug. the new boss in this part of syria, not unlike the old boss.
7:49 am
ben wedeman, cnn, turkey. and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can.
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your auto and home insurance. call liberty mutual insurance at... [ thump ] to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings. all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? president obama talks hoops, politics and a whole lot more with former nba star, charles barkley. it aired on tnt before last night's game. he told barkley he has a lot of respect for michael sam, who
7:53 am
could become the first openly gay player in the nfl. >> this week, michael sam came out. i saw the first lady call his decision courageous. what do you think about that? >> i really like the fact that michael did it before the draft. his attitude was, you know what, i know who i am. i know i can play great football and judge me on the merits. barkley also asked the president about the term obama kaifrmt. >> i like it. five years from now, there are going to be a whole bunch of people who don't call it obamacare because they don't want me to get the credit. >> a lot of you -- many viewers complain when we use the term obamacare. the president, he embraces it. >> he does embrace it.
7:54 am
he really has no choice but to embrace it. it is his signature domestic issue. it is something that's going to be his legacy. the fact is, you know, his presidency is going to be determined whether it is a failure or whether it is a success. that's why we see the press really out there trumpeting it and trying to make it work. he acknowledges there are problems with it. he acknowledges that there were problems trying to get people signed up on the website. we have seen a turn around. we just saw in january, another 1 million people have enrolled in obama care. the fact is, there still are problems with it. that's why we have seen republicans, carol, continue to talk about all the problems of it. they said they are going to make an issue of obama care in the november elections. that's why they continue to talk about it. >> i know there is a new cnn poll of polls out on the president's approval rating. what does it show. >> it shows they are sliding. right now, in the past year, we have seen the president's approval rating continue to slowed down now to 42% from a
7:55 am
high of 53%. this time last year. it just goes to show you right now there is quite a bit of uncertainty right now carol in the country. not only is there uncertainty when it comes to the economy but the fact is that there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the housing market. a lot of uncertainty when it comes to people's jobs. it comes with a lot of uncertainty with global unrest right now with terrorism and what have you. i think that's what we are seeing right now with this secretary term regarding president obama. i think you are seeing a lot of backlash against washington, d.c. there is a lot of anger directed at washington. president obama is facing a bit of the brunt. if we were to show what the approval rating is from congress, it would be far below 42%. >> do interviews with charles barclay help the president, you think? >> i do think. that's why we see president obama, michelle obama going out and doing interviews with the likes of charles barclay or jay leno or jimmy fallon or doing
7:56 am
interviews, you know, on entertainment weekly or any of these types of shows, because it is opening him up to a whole different audience. he did an interview with bill owe really. it didn't go so well during super bowl. the fact of the hat tmatter is,e are folks that watch cnn or fox news. a whole lot of other folks that tune in to entertainment programs or only tune into sports programs. this allows the president to reach those viewers. when you have charles barclay interviewing the president, it gives him an opportunity to reach out to a different type of viewer. >> mark preston, thanks as usual. thanks for joining me. berman and michaela starts after the break ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short
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a snake handling pastor dies from a snakebite. how widespread is this sometimes fatal display of fate? >> this winter, record highs in alaska. record lows in the lower 48. record drought in california. the big question everyone is asking is, climate change the culprit. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. those stories and right now at this


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