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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  April 2, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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what was originally reported. up to 80% of the city is blacked out. and it may take a while to restore electricity to those cities. >> martin, appreciate the update. >> the government will continue to work for as lon as necessary to face this emergency and protect our compatritheots. >> the hunt for clus, a british submarine joins in the search. we are live in perth. >> i am an angry mother. my family is hurt. i just, i want justice. >> when apologies aren't enough,
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sorry for deadly defects, family members of those who died demand more information. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. at least five people are dead following a major earthquake off the coast of chile. it could be felt as far away as peru. residents are told to stay away from coastal towns. some saw tsunami waves higher than two meters, and after shocks have been reported.
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chile's president appeared on television hours ago. declared that a number of northern provinces are disaster areas. she had this message. >> i would like to make a call for the people who live in areas to keep calm. follow the instructions of the local authorities and do everything that is necessary to ensure the security of themselves and their families. we have taken all the necessary steps to protect their lives, and the government will work as long as necessary to face this emergency and protect our compatriots. >> several hours since the quake was reported. tsunami warnings, have been cancelled, the after shocks continue to rattle the region. >> with an earthquake of this
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magnitude it will happen for several weeks. tsunami watches at one point included a dozen nations, cancelled. the warnings, cancelled. the remains in hawaii. i will read it allow, from the warning center. a major tsunami is not expected to strike the state of hawaii, threats occur that may be hazardous to swimmers and boaters as well. 3:30 in the morning local time there, i think that danger will be the past at that point. by the time we are in daylight, if people want to go on the beaches of hawaii, i think that will be lifted. as far as the earthquakes, they will continue for a time. you get an 8.2, you will get
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significant earthquakes. that is relatively shallow. the tsunami was generated. we don't know, it is not daylight yet, how destructive it wasn't. this was an exceptional event. it occurs once a year, can you go a year without one. this is where we are. chile, this is, if it is going to be destruction, this will be the spot that is going to be heavily hit had of the cluster you see here, the after shots we had one 6.2, which can cause significant damage. if a building was compromised already, we will have issues. people don't want to go in buildings, they are outside right now, they are scared with good season. chilly out there. that will be important, one, we
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don't want inclement weather when people are outside. as the president goes out there to survey the damage, we will have clear sky, sunrise is four and a half, five hours away, at that point, we will learn the scope of this latest calamity in chile, 8.8 back in 2010. hopefully, we learned a lot of lessons since then. 500 plus people died. >> the president heads mobilized the army, to restore law and order in that area. cell phone towers are not working in some areas, highways damaged. he joined me on the phone from golden, colorado. thank you for talking with us. thankfully, the tsunami warnings have been cancelled, the worst
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appears over, what does this 8.2 earthquake tell you what is ahead for the big one everyone is waiting for. >> this is already a big one. what it tells you, there will probe be a lot of after shocks in the coming weeks and months. we are going through that stage right now, we are seeing fairly significant 3.5 range every few minutes at the moment. >> we are seeing an abundance of caution on the part of authorities. what can they expect in the way of the after shocks and when it is safe to return to their homes? >> it won't be in the next two days or so there. is always a possibility of
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having a quake that is larger than the 8.2. as a general rule, the main shock is proceeded by smaller quakes. sometimes, that doesn't happen quite that way. if there was enough stress in that area, to warrant a larger quake, that is a possibility over the next couple of days or so. we will probably see some significant sized aftershocks, possible in the magnitude of six or possibly in the magnitude seven range in the next several days. >> explain to us, in the initial stage, seven hours or so, there was extensive tsunami watches and warnings, that coast line, up and down the coast line, and
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before we knew it, suddenly, they were cancelled. explain us us what you go through at the u.s. geological survey, to put out warnings like that. >> we don't put out warnings, that would be the noa tsunami warning center that puts out the warnings, they base it on a time frame. when this quake occurred, close to the coast it generated a localized tsunami that had a wave height around seven feet maximum in the central area. over the next couple of hours, they are able to access if there are various edpisode of waves that might be generated locally, they look at the prospect if
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there is a wide wave that was generated that might propagate throughout the pacific basin. >> we appreciate you joining us, explaining that to us. thank you very much. >> thank you. now to the search for the missing malaysia flight. the probe is a criminal investigation. more people are still being interviewed. the search for a trace of the airliner and the 239 aboard continues. >> a british submarine is helping the ships already in the focus. to the east, authorities will
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find where that plane went down. for the latest on the search, we are live in perth, australia. the search is is moved to the ooft as we are just reported, closer to western australia's coast. have authorities explained why they have determined the move in that direction? we have seen the search charts come out, if you look the at the search charts, there is a general area where they believe the plane went down. whatever debris might have come from the plane will be moving with the ocean currents, they have looked at the search area west of where they believe the plane went down. now, just to the east. unfortunately, we haven't had any reports of them finding any potential debris, we should be expecting the first planes back in the next hour or so, hopefully, we will have some
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news when they come back. >> the other interesting part of this is that british submarine, of course, it sent going to be successful useful, until they narrow down the search zone. is there a sense that they want to throw it in there and start some sefrmt in a sense of desperation, perhaps? >> i think it is not just a sense of desperation, the fact that window is closing on finding the wreckage. they are bringing in all the possible, in case they are able to find the debris, deploy the scans, and a locator, for the u.s. navy, a submarine drone, that has sonar capability. they are all moving into the search area, in case they find a piece of the plane within that window, able to deploy them as
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soon as possible. live from perth, australia, the headquarters for the search operation. still nothing found at this point. we will have more on the missing plane coming up in 30 minutes from now. including a report of lack of coordination in search areas. >> still to come, general managers coe apol is to grieving families, few answers. your education is built to help move your career forward. here's how: we work with leading employers to learn what you need to learn so classes impact your career. while helping ensure credits you've already earned pay off. and we have career planning tools
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>> more now on the top story, at least five people have died after a earthquake off the coast of chile. it was an 8.2, and the president
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is sending the military to maintain order. security camera order at the moment that quake struck. you can see, all the goods falling from the shelves here, in this veers store, people stunned as to what happened. it it struck at about 8:47 local time. most tsunami warnings have been cancelled, an advisory remains in place. it was an emotional day at capital hill, testimony by general motors ceo. a design flaw that lead to 13 people in gm cars, families who believed they lost loved ones to the deflect met with her before she testified, why gm waited ten years to address the faulty admission switches affecting two
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million automobiles. >> it comes down to money. they want money. they are just they don't care about our lives. i am an angry mother. my family is hurt. i will never forget that 4:30 in the morning knock at the door from troopers, i want justice. >> a congressional committee grilled the chief executive for two hours. >> donna barb reported, they aren't done asking questions. >> lining the back wall of the hearing room, pictures of 13 people believed to have died because of a deflect in a gm ignition switch that disabled air ball games, they got a public apology. >> the families and friends who lost their live or were injured, i am deeply sorrow.
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>> reporter: those looking for answers. >> you don't know why they didn't replace the switch? >> i don't know the answer. that is why we are doing this investigation. i can't answer specific questions. >> deflected many of the lawmakers questions. >> we will do a complete investigation of this process. we are doing an investigation that spans over a decade. it is part of the investigation. >> frustration was palpable. >> what you answered -- they issued the recall this year, but knew about this since 2001. >> they were warned and did nothing. >> documents show back in 2005 showed they knew the switch was bad. >> it showed that this
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unacceptable cost increase was 57 cents. >> if that is true, that is a very disturbing fact. that isn't the way we make decisions. >> an open question is. >> in general, we moved from the cost culture after the bankruptcy, to a customer culture. the other question is if the agent is responsible. it blames gm for withholding information. >> our ability to find deflects requires automakers to provide information in good faith and on time. >> and after. gm's bankruptcy claim may
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legally shield them them paying compensation. gm has not said what its plans are. this time, before the senate, it may want be gm incompetence t but maybe a cover up. >> gm recalled seven million cars worldwide this year. most of those 2.6 million for a faulty ignition switch. power steering and side air bags, instrument panels and axel problems. pilots for lovethansa have started a walk out. striking with management over salaries and benefits. they said they want to start gar
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gaining again quickly. >> we are ready to talk. there was an offer, now we need to start talking about the offer in order to understand the different pogdss. we hope that after the strike or during the strike, negotiations can begin again. >> they have cancelled 4,000 flights because of the walk out. it is set to end on friday. still to come the squeeze on russia. >> can the alliance get them to move thousands of troops away from the ukraine border?
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well, the rare show of biparsan ship in kpg. >> the house of representatives approved new sanctions on russia. the measure provides a billion
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in loan guarantees to the ukraine. the senate passed it last week, it is on its way to president barack obama who is expected to sign it into law. >> they are meeting right now in brussels on the ukraine. they are looking at ways to boost the nato military presence in eastern europe. >> nato fighter jets training, a show of solidarity against russia as nato foreign ministers announce a suspension with russia. >> in the 21st century, the borders of europe will not be redrawn with force. john kerri did acknowledge what
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he called a welcome gesture. >> with respect to the escalation we were happy that yesterday russia made an announcement, president putin made the announcement initially, they would move the battalion back. >> u.s. officials tell cnning the overwhelming majority of the 40,000 russian troops would remain on the border with ukraine. several hundred may have moved around, it sent clear any have actually left. on the ukraine side of the border, cnn's carl penhaul found poorly equipped forces prepared to defend themselves. >> nato will boost its own security posture. >> today, we directed our
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military commanders to develop additional measures to enhance our collective defense and deterrence against any threat of aggression to the alliance. we will make sure we have updated military plans and exercises and deployment. >> could russia be pushed too far and retaliate? supplies in the war in afghanistan travel through russia and air space. arms control and nuclear weapons testing. >> two, one, turn. working together is still vital. >> i don't think we want to cut off any cooperation. russia has provided us with useful warnings, we provided warnings to them. >> president valdimir putin may have gotten exactly what he
12:26 am
wanted. keeping control of, the west may be happy to let him keep what territory he has. john kerri had planned to return to the mideast today, that trip is called off. the u.s. secretary of state cancelled the trip, after they signed the palestinian authority to join organizations, seen for a way for palestinians to get to statehood. >> he said he was doing this because israel has not kept its promise to release prisoners. they need to work together. >> united states is proud and ready and willing to be a facilitator in this process. the leaders on both sides have to make the decisions, not us.
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it is up to them to decide what they are prepared to do with each other, for the region, for peace. >> take a quick break right now. just ahead, the search for flight 370. >> a closed door meeting in malaysia. of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. can your makeup remover do that? he thought it was the endn for his dof the conversation.d... she didn't tell him that her college expenses were going up. or that she maxed out her card during spring break. when the satellite provider checked his credit, he found out his daughter didn't pay her bills. but he's not worried. now he checks his credit report and score at, allowing him to keep track of his credit and take a break of his own. experian. live credit confident.
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welcome back, you are
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watching cnn newsroom. welcome our viewers in the united states, and all around the world. >> 3:30 tuesday morning on the east coast, check some of the headlines. we have new video at the moment, a powerful 8.2 earthquake struck, off the coast of chile. five have died. awe tsunami watches and warnings have now been cancelled, an advisory remains in effect for hawaii. >> the search for milazia flight 370, nine ships are in the area, and a british submarine is in the area. this is a criminal investigation and more are being interviewed. >>. >> the company knew about fault
12:31 am
admission switches, waited ten years for a recall. she apologied during her testimony. >> the president quickly declared three northern provinces disaster areas. there were five deaths reported, tragic in itself, for the most part, lessons appeared to be learned in the wake of the quake and carried out. when can they expect to return home? >> there was a briefing a few minutes ago, where national authorities in chile say that as many as 900,000 were evacuated, they are saying they are lifting the state of emergency for the entire country. and a good portion of those people can actually return to their homes.
12:32 am
however, they are still focussing their attention in the city the closest city of the epicenter is located in northern chile. 60 miles northwest they are saying that three massive fires that are in the earthquake might have caused them, are under control, they are trying to monitor the situation in the local area there, were as many as 300 escaped from a local prison escaped. 39 out of 300 inmates have been caught. the attention is on the town the
12:33 am
president his dispatched the military to help the people in need at this point. >> the fear of a tsunami has passed, the after shocks are a big problem. some of them, big in themselves. would represent an earthquake in themselves. >> it is important to say, up until last hour, authorities were talking about 20 after shocks after the big earthquake, magnitude of 8.2. experts are saying that, you can expect to continue to see those after shocks for weeks. this is an active area when it comes to seismic motion. in 2010, there was a massic earthquake that killed more than 500 people. as you can imagine, there was a lot of concern on the part of chillian authorities.
12:34 am
>> what a contract, when you look at the people were evacuated, people leaves, there was no panic, people had food, things in their bag, taking photographs, very calm. this is indeed, lessons learned. >> it is important to mention, that president searching for her first term in 2010, when the massive earthquake hit, now, this is beginning a second term, issued an emergency declaration for three provinces, the first five hours after the earthquake. it tell you how you important authorities are moving to help the people there. >> she will be getting down and dirty and going checking out the areas to ensure everything is is in order.
12:35 am
the families for those on board flight 370 remain desperate for information on their missing loved ones. jim joins us with more. what came from that meeting, notable, at least it wasn't as heated as previous meetings? >> reporter: this simeeting that went on for three hours. it included the family members who have come here from beijing to talk to officials. they said there that they came to the get answers, some progress was made. for them, this is an important element in all of this. they want the answers that they think they need to understand what happened to their loved ones that never arrived on the flight coming to beijing march
12:36 am
8th. the director of civil aviation was involved in that meeting to directly answer the questions, here is what he had to say at the conclusion of that talk. >> we had that meeting with the next of kin just now. this came from china. 29 of them from 18 families. it is a close -- closed door meeting. a very good meeting with them. we answer all their questions. >> reporter: he said they answered all of their questions, the families came out, yes, spokesman for the family said, yes, some of our questions, but we had more. they said that progress was made. that in and of itself is progress on this front. you know how unhappy the families have been with malazian authorities, that seems to be
12:37 am
calming down. meetings in hawaii, saying the transport minister you have seen out front of all the briefings here, he is saying that he is getting great cooperation from the u.s. in getting some of that high tech equip needed to conduct the search. they are determined to press on until they find the aircraft and the flight data report, to unravel the mystery of flight 370. some of the families may be returned to beijing. they came here to get answers, are they satisfied? they will be the judge of that may may a return to beijing. they are not being flown to australia, if and when they were to locate any debris directlily linked to mh 370.
12:38 am
those in charge are saying, it is a criminal investigation, from their point of view, hasn't it always been a criminal investigation? that is what director of police, he said it from almost day one. it it is a criminal probe, it is being treated as such, they have introduced now, 170 different individuals who might have ties, who might have touch thad aircraft before it touched off. they have been pressing their side of it. look the at several areas, the pilots, mental state, was it a hijacking. all of these different elements they have been probing that they say in the same breath, all options are still on the table. mechanical failure, other sources such as this one. they are trying to get to the bottom of it. more than anything else, what it says is that there is so little
12:39 am
evidence for what went on inside the cockpit of flight 370. until and unless they know the answer and receiver the flight data recorder and give them some idea, this will be a tough one indeed to solve. back to you. all along, there have been a lot of questions why they spend more than a week looking in the wrong area of the indian ocean for the plane. it may all come down to lack of coordination and search teams are playing catch up. for ten days, ships and aircraft combed an area the size of mexico. abrustly, last friday, everything was moved. >> they shifted.
12:40 am
1,100 to the northeast. >> the wall street journal said it was a lack of coordination between teams which lead to the search in the wrong area. to determine the plane's path, one team was calculating speed and fuel consumption rate. it says, another team, worked separately, using satellite data. it was after information from both teams was merged, that search shifted 700 miles away. >> a case study on how not to do an investigation. separate investigations of separate pieces, that may have cost us critical time in searching in perhaps the wrong area for the aircraft. u.s. investigations have been hampered by internal problems, after the flight 800 the
12:41 am
n.t.s.b. and -- now, different teams looking at mechanics, satellite, communicate during the investigation. james keith said they weren't equipped. >> not only do they not have environment, they don't have the structure and gulf of mexico. >> we wasted time and resources. down by four touchdowns. >> the malazians defended their conduct. >> the n it. sb, which has a team helping in this investigation, pushes back hard on the journal report.
12:42 am
an agency saying all teams working well, sharing information and coordinating from the beginning. >> there is much more on the missing plane available on the airline. flight 370. a time line of events, a transcript full of links at a search for a survives. >> the challenges facing rescue workers, and family member presidency refusing to give up looking for their loved ones. >> family members digging through it pile. our commitment was to them, we will be out here, digging through this debris field for as long as they were willing to
12:43 am
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we received these images in the past 30 minutes, showing the moment the quake hit. the president the visit the hardest hit areas today, it caused a tsunami along the coast, five people have been killed and wide spread power outages reported. >> earlier, we heard from a coastal town not far from the
12:46 am
epicenter. take a listen to what he had to say. >> everybody was out. like a mile from shore. supposed to be okay. the plan was two, two and a half from the shore. in my business, everybody relaxed and nobody here -- so, probably we you got more information than me. it is like a ghost town here. after the earthquake. everybody is waiting for the tsunami. >> update now on a another
12:47 am
natural disaster. in washington, the death toll, 28. 20 people remain missing. this is the photo, bring it up, offers a chilly view. a rain saturated hillside gave way. sending wet earth and rocks down below, pulverizing communities in its path. >> hundreds are looking for victims, hauling out faint hope of finding survivors. >> they are working in potentially toxic conditions. >> a disaster zone, insurmountable volume of mud and muck. >> pushed all this material. >> ground level, alongside search and rescuers, this was once a nanchltd now, a mound of debris that spans a square mile.
12:48 am
>> there are areas, 60 to 80 feet deep, not able to access, it is like quick sand. the dangerous conditions remain ten days after the land slide. workers have to raw sewage, oil and gas, the work is slow and gruellingi they are focused on one thing. find the missing. >> we had family members digging through the pile. our commitment will be, we will be out here digging through the debris field for as long as they are willing. the goal is to cover the inch, without removing the muck. >> to provide access, the debris is staying put until groups can go through the piles to find the belongs for familiarly members who lost everything.
12:49 am
mother nature created the tragedy, now, mother nature is assisting the recovery. sun shines down, drying up the land enough for searchers to move forward in the hopes of bringing closure to a crushed community. cnn arlington, washington. a last minute surge has helped the white house meet the sign-up target for obamacare. 7.1 signed up. >> this law is helping millions of americans. in the coming year, it will help millions more. i said before, i will always work with anyone who is willing to make this law work even better. the debate over repealing the law is over. the affordable care act is here to stay.
12:50 am
>> the now his attention turns to raising the minimum wage for federal workers. >> if you are looking to grab a piece of real estate in manhattan, be prepared to pay up. a median price rose 18.5% to $972,000. that amount, four times the median home price. prices are set to continue to climb. big news in golf. tiger woods will miss the masters tournament. on his website, he said he had successful back surgery on monday for a pinched nerve. he said that he needs rest and rehabilitation and hopes to rejoin the tour this summer. wolf has not won a major before
12:51 am
that marriage started falling apart in 2000 nine he said he expects no long term effects from the surgery as he chases jack nicholas's record of 18 major wins. >> a chicago deejay known as the god father of house mousse ix. frankie knuckles died at 59, the cause of his death has not been disclosed. he is credited with house music back in the 1980s, the whistle song, the term house came from chicago where knuckles played called the warehouse. >> rolling stone called him one of the dozen most important deejays of all time.
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okay, it is coming up to eight hours since that earthquake rattled chele on a wednesday morning on the east coast of the united states. in chile, the president is ordering military in to keep order in those areas hardest hit. >> the quake had a magnitude of 8.2, and was another warnings have been cancelled, and advisory remains in effect for hawaii. okay, he has been tracking this almost eight hours ago now. ivan, the tsunami warnings are cancelled. it appears we are waiting for daylight to see how much damage? >> that is what we are doing. three hours now before we get
12:55 am
some daylight out there. that really will tell the tale of what happened here. whatever happened occurred very quickly. these things travel at 800 kill meters per hour, 500 miles per hour, the speed of a jet liner, you don't have much time. we know that a tsunami was generated, we don't know the extent of the destruction. we will find out. when we get daylight out there. another 8.2, the depth, relatively shallow. the tunamy warnings, cancelled. advisory for hawaii. talk about why these -- this particular earthquake was able to generate a tsunami. we have two plates.
12:56 am
they are coming together. several centimeters in fact, of movement a year is what we get. sometimes, you get along the fault, you get areas that don't move and accumulate pressure, the longer they dvorak the stronger the thrust is from the earthquake, we had this along this fault. because of that, the plates are converging, upward thrust, that displaces an incredible amount of to push in the form of it a wave. the initial wave, you get several waves, sometimes the most destructive wons come in the third or fourth wave coming in. it doesn't feel, if at all if you arie boat here, you don't feel it is a bump in the water. the wave becomes large, menacing
12:57 am
and moves inland. we don't know the extent. the topography of the sea floor is kig cant. for how, what damage could have been along the coast. the air shocks continue, another one at 5 hadn't 2. it will do two things, rattle nerves, and cause significant potential for damage for some of the buildings that have been shaking over the last several hours. >> thank you for watching. stay tuned for "world business today.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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breaking news this morning. the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 moving east. ships and aircraft scouring the southern indian ocean looking for any sign of the vanished jetliner. malaysia's prime minister arriving in australia to be briefed on the search in just hours as police release new details on the criminal investigation into why the plane may have vanished. we have live team coverage on all the angles and latest breaking developments. but first, more breaking news this morning. the death toll rising after a huge earthqu