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tv   Sanjay Gupta MD  CNN  May 10, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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sterling. what do you make of that having said his racist comments and them being recorded on tape, what do you think of that? next hour hear their response and whether they think sterling should get to keep ownership of the clippers. "cnn newsroom" continues at the top of the hour. right now, though, keep it here for "sanjay gupta, m.d." tens of millions of people take dietary supplements. you may be one of them. you want a shortcut. you want it fast. who doesn't? lately there's one supplement that all my friends have been asking about. i'll have the lowdown in just a minute on that. but, first, happy mother's day. it's an important day, to my mom, my wife. i have three daughters as well. being a mom is a tough job, no doubt. and now there's a new study that says it is just getting tougher. meaning it's more likely to be stressful and demanding for my daughters than it was even for my mom. and it was no picnic, i can tell you, raising me and my brother. so, what is happening?
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and what can we do about it? well, to start off, i want to show you the morning of one particularly busy mom. she and her husband both work full time, and they've got four children, all under the age of 6. >> when i get back from the gym, sometimes somebody is in the kitchen waiting for me. i'd love to know if any families really do sit down for breakfast at this time of the morning. come on in. what's the time now? this is india. can you say good morning? this is james. james, say hi to everybody. >> hi, everybody. there's a lot of juggling. there you go. >> i'm going to go and have a shower now. >> all right. rinse. >> hi, how are you? >> being able to divide and conquer is certainly one of the secrets to success. should we get you dressed? >> how's that? it always seems that we're
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saying hurry up, finish this, get on with that. get a move on. those are your shoes. can you please put them on? >> no. >> what is all of this in here? have a good day, you girls. and no spitting. what about milk for lola? jack, your bag is undone. right. please. we've never been late yet. who is your chaperon today? okay. give me a kiss. as soon as i sit at my desk it's wonderful. you just kind of sit and you go, ah, that's great. >> i am just exhausted just watching that. so we'll talk about this. here with me in new york is cnn commentator and cnn expert mel robbins, you know her, and
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sandra sing loe who has a book out this week called "the mad woman and the volvo, my year of raging hormones." welcome to both of you. i'll tread lightly in this statement. sandra, let me start with you. it's quite a title to the book. where did it come from? this whole juggling act we're talking about, how did you decide to write this? >> well, i'm a mother. i'm a 52-year-old mother of a teen and a pre-tween daughter and i'm menopausal, so all these hormones are hitting at the same time for mothers who are in the sandwich generation i call it, the triple ms, middle-aged mothers in menopause, women feel very overwhelmed right now. and our coping strategies, you know, all the medical advice we get to be honest is cut out alcohol, sugar and caffeine which is what some of us live for in a monday morning. and all the medical advice is always just have more walks, drink eight glasses of water a day. >> yep. >> do yoga and eat kale.
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please tell me why kale is always the magic food, like, all my problems are going to be solved with kale? >> what are you going to -- i mean, what should mothers know on this mother's day? >> what should they know? first of all, here's what i'm telling people. cheryl sandburg wrote that great book "lean in" but if you want to lean into work, you better lean away from the dishwasher. because one of the things that happens for women there was another study done, sanjay, and this is really interesting. 62% of women who were surveyed said even if they could afford help, they still wouldn't delegate because the person wouldn't do it right. so, for all of you at home, that have ever held open the dishwasher and seen, oh, my gosh, they didn't stack the cups right and you've rearranged it or you've refolded the laundry or scolded the kids when they have shrunken a sweater, you are screwing yourself over. so, for mother's day, i invite you all to lower your standards particularly on chores and start to get your kids to help. because the truth is, i have an
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8-year-old son, a 15-year-old girl, a 13-year-old girl and, you know, my poor husband, sandra, i was laughing, because the last time i had a hot flash, sanjay, was right on this set on camera, so i'm hoping i don't have one while we're talking right now. >> let's heat it up in here, yes. >> it finally dawned on me if my 8-year-old can do a 372-piece leggo kit in 37 minutes flat he can bus the table and do laundry. but it's my own expectations that are making my life miserable. >> that's well put. by the way, have you been to our house, because that's exactly what happens. >> yours? >> that's exactly. >> but i bet you're the one that's reloading. i bet when you're home you kind of like things a certain way. >> sometimes if you don't do a great job you may not be asked to do it again. i'll leave it that way. >> i know a lot of partners don't do a good job, that's it, it's easier. >> it's strategic. >> yes. >> sandra, i saw you nodding your head. you agree with a lot of this. i am really struck by this fact,
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it's harder, i have young daughters and my mother is probably watching the program right now, studies show it will be harder for my daughters than it was for my mother in some ways. no disrespect to my mother. but this is challenging work. are we preordained, mmel, for this to get harder? >> part of what we're dealing with and i'm sure sandra will agree, when they look at most studies of households 70% are dual-earner households. and until women start to demand the work to maintain a home is shared among everybody that lives in it, we are going to constantly be behind the eight ball in both finding times for ourselves and also feeling, i guess, energized enough to take on more in the areas of our life outside the home. sandra, what do you think? >> i totally agree with that. and i think that there's something of taking on all the problems of the world that women do today.
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i think, for example, we always get the statistics, man, if kids don't get a home cooked meal every night together around the table, they will be obese and have diabetes ii and it's up to the moms to do it. and that's sort of another level of pressure on us that we feel, oh, my gosh, that there's somehow the blame that always comes to the mom. we always have the new book, the tiger mom book or french mom book and it always sorts of hits american moms of something else we're not doing. i love your idea of lowering the bar, exactly, on mother's day, stay in bed all day and if somebody wants to give you a mother's day card, maybe you let them in or maybe it won't. because it's up to you to do your own thing. i think with the home cooked meal, roseanne barr used to say in her wonderful sitcom way back when, if my kids are alive at the end of the day of, that's enough. >> has this conversation felt cathartic for you, sandra? >> absolutely. >> i want kale. i'm craving kale she mentioned it so much. >> kale and chocolate and pear
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with one. i am still laughing because i hear so many women's stories how they're really getting through it and how many women of our age are putting half of their weight watchers points and putting it into pinot grigio. >> vodka on the rocks has a lot lower point value. i stopped drinking bourbon a lot because it has a lower point value. sanjay is not talking. >> we've gone from kale to calorie-free vodka, we've gone all over the map, but look, happy mother's day to both of you. you are great mothers and it's great for dads to hear the conversations as well, happy mother's to my own mother and my dear wife. appreciate having you on the program today. >> thanks for having us. a lot of people have been asking me about this popular dietary supplement. deer antler velvet, does it work? or could it do more harm than good? [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy.
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you may have never heard of deer antler velvet, but you probably will, sooner rather than later. it has exploded in many parts of the world, including right here in the united states. now, despite very little being known about how it works or even if it does work, we found a surprising number of athletes, trainers and doctors who swear by this supplement. deer antler velvet, it's this dietary supplement that a surprising number of athletes, trainers and doctors are turning
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to. they believe it helps improve muscle strength, recovery and boost energy. it's been used in china for thousands of years, and the premise is pretty simple. a deer's antlers grow fast, more than an inch a day. could those regenerative qualities transfer over to human beings? >> i dove for a ball and tore my rotator cuff 90% all the way through. >> desperate after his injury, professional ball player adam greenberg turned to deer antler velvet at the suggestion of one of his doctors. how quickly would you feel these results after taking the pills? >> within the first couple days, i knew there was something positive going on. dr. quack called me up and said how were you playing? i said, what do you mean? he said, you don't have a rotator cuff. it's basically nonexistent. >> intrigued by adam's story, his orthopedic surge dr. patrick quack decided to start testing this on his own. the first thing he wanted to try and confirm, safety. >> the first 100 we tracked them
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fairly closely, you know, with, you know, questionnaires, phone calls, to really make sure if there's adverse effects that can come from taking the product. >> so the 100 patients or so you've followed, you haven't seen any harm from this? >> correct. >> what about benefits? >> decreased muscle ache and increased recovery. >> the immediate reaction is dubious about this sort of thing because it sounds too good to be true it probably is all of that. what are you comfortable about saying about this now? >> i think it really boils, like, to we didn't invent this, the proof is in the 2,000 years of use in chinese or asian medicine. >> deer antler velvet is sold in the united states as sick quids. it ranges from a couple dollars a bottle to a couple hundreds of dollars. companies don't have to prove there's any benefit.
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so we decided to look into it. combing through dozens of study looking at the effects of deer antler velvet on humens. despite the enthusiasm, none of these studies showed a convincing benefit from taking the product. >> heart rate's coming up and everything's looking great. >> only one on strength training showed even a possible possible effect. greg broder was the study's author. >> i had really positive findings but it's so small it needs to be repeated with a large number of subjects before i would say you got to take it -- this is a given. this is absolutely going to help you. >> endocrinologist dr. alan rogel believes any possible effects are due to nothing more than a placebo effect. if i came to you and i said i'm taking this stuff, i feel stronger and faster, what would you say? >> i on say don't take it. that would be easy. >> because it doesn't work. >> yes. >> i'm not going to die from it,
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but it doesn't work. >> yes, exactly. >> some believers point to something called igf-1, it is banned by the world anti-doping authority as a performance enhancing drug. so we decided to test it for ourselves. we wanted to find out how much of the igf-1 is in there when you buy. we bought more than $1,000 of products and then we had them tested at the sports medicine research and testing lab in salt lake city. >> so, i'm testing these supplements for igf-1. >> what we found was somewhat surprising. none of the products had more than a tiny amount of deer igf-1 but that doesn't stop dr. kwok and many of the other doctors we spoke to about this piece due believe deer antler velvet replaces deficiencies we all have. >> it has naturally occurring substance s that happen to be e
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building blocks of cartilage. >> he was so impressed with the product that he invested in the company. >> this would jump it to the whole next level really, really quickly. >> but even they acknowledge the science is not yet there and this is by no means a magic possessi potion. >> it's not take this and you will be an amazing athlete, eating a noninflammatory diet and putting the right things into your body and take deer antler. >> the last bit is pretty good advice. you can't take this stuff and say it will replace good workouts and good eating. speaking of which, cravings, we all get them. mine is ice cream. i want to talk about the alternatives to your favorite foods. it will leave you feeling full without packing on the pounds. awesome, amazing, that's epic, bro.
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you know, next time you find yourself kraefficraving your fa food, you should know this. you have options, brad raw foods, you've seen him, you've seen his kale and veggie chips i'm sure at your local health food store. he's the author of a new book, he says, look, you don't have to sacrifice taste or fun to make this all work. welcome to the program. >> thank you very much. >> this has been a personal journey for you to some extent. >> it really has. it really has. just going through a process of learning more about foods, i think, and how i use foods to
1:52 pm
lose some weight. i lost about 40 pounds about six years ago just from eating more fruits and vegetables. >> mindless eating is a big issue. if food's around, people are going to eat it. let's quickly talk about some ways you can substitute your cravings. you have candy around you say -- >> exactly. go to some dates or raisins or goji berries. >> cranberries. >> exactly. >> have the stuff out. >> if you have it out, you'll grab it. >> pasta. >> instead of pasta, use zucchini that's ground up. put some tomato sauce on it or something if you have a pasta craving. >> does it taste good? >> it's great. >> you like that? >> yes. >> chips, again, this is going to be a big one for people. >> if you don't want chips there are kale chips which are so much healthier. >> this is one of the more popular segments we've done on kale chips. you turned it into a real business. >> it's going mainstream kale
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chips. >> comfort foods especially this time of year. >> exactly. >> that's a common trap. >> yes. that is a common trap. try to stay away from that as much as you can. always have some good fresh vegetables and, you know, some guacamole and hummus is kind of a comfort food, you know, if you eat it with vegetables, it really helps. >> that's sort of the point that these are comfort foods you can substitute with other comfort foods. and these are water dense so you'll get a lot more food for a lot less calories. >> and guacamole, is a good natural fat, if you are eating fat, eat a good natural fat and it's filling, too, vegetables. >> you have the water up there but thirst and hunger are often confused in the brain. sometimes when you are hungry, you reach for the bad food in the back row. >> if you are hungry, drink a couple of glasses of water. >> satiate your thirst. >> exactly. >> we talk a lot about the problems in this country about
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obesity and you are part of the solution. appreciate that. >> appreciate that. up next do you have what it takes to cross the finish line in what organizers call the toughest one-day event anywhere in world? one tough mother. that's coming up. i procrastinated if i told you that a free ten-second test
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this is mike. his long race day starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" you know, four years ago this month a new sort of phenomenon starting catching fire here in the united states
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extreme undur reins challenges. have you seen these? the warrior dash and your spartan race, but in the beginning there was just one, it was called the tough mudder. that's it there. funny enough my producer ben tinker was one of the first 5,000 participants in race. we decided to tag along. >> you guys look really, really pumped up. >> yes. we are here to enjoy all the people and like a true challenge. i think it will be a lot of fun. >> we've been talking about doing some sort of adventure race for a while now. >> i've committed to doing this race. i'm in the sunot sure it's a go. when i signed up there would be all shape and sizes of people here and everyone here is in real hill, really good shape and i'm starting to wonder if i can cut it. ♪ all right, so we've reached the top of the hill. i've got my number. sophie said it's too late to turn back, so you're going to
1:59 pm
mark me up. >> yep, it's too late now. >> three, two, one. >> let's go. let's go. come on, come on, come on. >> good job. >> let's go, guys. >> started out with those guys at the beginning of the race and they're a little bit ahead of me now and i'm hoping they gave everything they had at the beginning and i can catch up to them now. >> tough mudder. >> got it, all right. >> ah! >> get up there, come on. >> almost at the end. how you guys feeling? >> i'm a little tired. >> how about you? >> fantastic. >> yeah? >> good team work, guys. good team work. >> work! >> there's going to be something that tests everyone. for every different person it's a different fear and the nice thing about a tough mudder course it tests it all in one place, all in one day. >> you on? >> good job. good job.
2:00 pm
>> so, what did you think? something you'd want to do? it's good to have producers who sometimes take on the heavy lifting when it comes to a story like this and it keeps them looking so young. look, the camaraderie of a group event whether it be a tough mudder or just a run or a walk it's a great way to get yourself motivated to work out. it's an incredible culture. so, grab a friend, get outside and get moving. that's going to wrap things up for "sg md" today, but time to get you back into the "cnn newsroom" with randi kaye. you are in the "cnn newsroo newsroom", i'm randi kaye, glad you are with us. we've got new developments tonight on two fronts at this hour, one of them is in new york city. >> they're grave robbers, and they're doing it for money. >> she's talking about the


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