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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 4, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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meeting. and here at home, the end of the donald sterling saga. he says he'll sell the clippers to steve ballmer for $2 billion. he now says the lawsuit will be withdrawn. i'm don lemon. thank you so much for joining us. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. there is breaking news tonight on the bergdahl controversy, including revelations from a closed-door meeting on capitol hill. it showed videos on his declining health. it did not put out the political firestorm. as always, our focus first is on the facts and there are plenty of new facts we have learned tonight. new information about the kind of soldier bowe bergdahl was before he vanished. there is also this. for the first time, we have the rarest of video of two troops
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face-to-face. their steps carefully choreographed, before bergdahl was back in american hands. the taliban are using this video as propaganda throughout the region. we'll take a closer look at the video in a moment. first, the breaking news, what we're learning about the army's initial investigation into then private bergdahl's disappearance and the intelligence that led to his return. barbara starr has more. you're finding out commanders painted a different picture of him, correct? >> well, that is right, there was an initial fact-finding mission when he first disappeared. i have spoken to a source who has been briefed on those findings and knows them in detail. the source said his own commander his said he was a good soldier, that he did what he was
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supposed to do. at some point the other troops in the unit reported that bergdahl appeared bored and started saying things about wanting the unit to do more. that he thought the unit was too passive. but here is something else that is quite interesting. the troops also reported that bergdahl had left indeed the unit once before, that he had gotten outside the wire. well, how did that happen? and what does that say about unit security? because if bergdahl could slip past the wire, that also means that the taliban may have been able to find a way to get in. what type of security? what type of oversight. what kind of command was in this unit? these questions are likely to start being raised, anderson. >> the bottom line is there is still a lot we don't know exactly about the circumstances that led up to this and also about his actual departure. you are also learning more about why there may have been growing concern about his health and safety in the videos.
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>> that is right. there were two videos released. one played for congress earlier today. sources familiar with the content tell us the videos do in fact show him in declining health. that, plus there was additional intelligence, we're not being told what it was but it was briefed to defense secretary chuck hagel in the last several days. it led to a great deal of concern, we're told, about his declining health and his safety. officials saying that as the u.s. was beginning to draw down troops in afghanistan, they were becoming very concerned that bergdahl would be seen by the taliban as not such a valuable hostage anymore. >> what do you hear about the taliban video showing the handoff to bergdahl to special forces? i imagine it is a topic of interest within the pentagon, where you are. >> it is, of course, topic number one in the pentagon.
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people are looking at bergdahl and there is a lot of humanitarian concern about this man's situation. but they are looking at those special operation forces coming off the helicopter. these guys are the real deal. they were either s.e.a.l. team 6, maybe army delta, the kind of guys that work together on these kinds of operations. they got off the plane, weapons hidden, and walked straight towards the taliban. they were in control. they knew what they were doing. it was choreographed. like i said, those guys that you see getting off the helicopter, they are viewed around the pentagon as the real deal. >> it's also interesting because you see one guy walking backwards, not turning his back on the taliban and also another guy sort of patting down bergdahl's back, taking him to the chopper. they give him a more thorough search, in case of any issue. one of the officers there started to work backward, they walked him toward the chopper, barbara starr, appreciate the
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update. there is more footage of bergdahl's return seen in the afghanistan province. we've added the subtitles. this is being seen around the entire region. let's take a look. >> when we got to the area we first saw two big planes roaming over our head. then three helicopters came to the area and landed only 15 meters from me. our arrangement was that once the helicopters are on the ground three people from the other side would get off the helicopter and three from our side including the two. we waited in the area for around ten minutes before the helicopters arrived and there
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were 18 mchl ujadin. we told them that once they arrive in the area we would be having a white flag, when they landed they were too afraid and worried that they shook hands only with two people. we handed them over, the american soldier who was captive with us and then they didn't spend any time on the ground, and in hurry they ran back to the helicopter. they first asked us about the health condition of the captive and told us to tell them the truth if he was not well, but he saw him that he was fine and we told them that. when he first saw the helicopters he became very happy. but they left very quickly and we didn't get the time to convey them our messages. we were given assurance by our leaders that nothing would take place but we took our armed friends there only for the
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safety of ourselves because you can never trust your enemy. >> it is fascinating to hear their vantage point on this. it is being used by the taliban as propaganda. it is also the only window we have into bowe bergdahl's first minutes of freedom. cnn's security correspondent jim sciutto has more. >> reporter: in the eight-minute taliban propaganda video it contains intriguing clues about sergeant bowe bergdahl, his taliban captors and his american rescuers. a thin, aging bergdahl blinks repeatedly while sitting in the pickup truck. he blinks, signs his eyes were unused to natural light or signs of emotion. at one point, bergdahl manages a brief, awkward smile, evidence of happiness or nervousness, one taliban taps him on the shoulder and says don't come back to afghanistan, next time you
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won't make it out alive. an ominous threat and sign of fear between captors and captive. a taliban narrator sets the scene. >> we waited in the area for around ten minutes before the helicopters arrived. there were around ten mujadin around and we had them on the peaks around the area. >> he is carrying a white plastic bag, the contents unknown. then, the unprecedented meeting between the u.s. special forces and the taliban fighters. handshakes, an american places his left arm across his chest, an afghan sign of respect. another quickly frisks bergdahl. the taliban narrator discusses what he heard. >> they told them to tell us the truth if he was not well. but we saw that he was fine and told them that.
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>> the soldiers wave, one keeping his eyes locked on the taliban even as he walks backwards. bergdahl keeps his eyes focused straight ahead. he is stumbling, the legs of a man repeatedly shackled or just a nervous walk around the rocky terrain. at the helo, bergdahl is patted down more thoroughly for possibly a booby trap. the blackhawk helicopter disappears. >> u.s. officials say don't read too much about bergdahl's physical appearance in this video. they say two are earlier proof of life video they received showed several signs of his declining health and that was enough to accelerate this exchange. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. >> well, between the video, details about sergeant bergdahl's time in captivity, and the cries to free him. there's certainly a lot to talk
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about. joining us is a former navy s.e.a.l. commander and a former hostage worker. and he managed to escape and was with "the new york times," now with reuters. david obviously didn't go through a swap like this. but what do you see when you see the blinking, and the light? >> the blinking seems natural, they show him, that is how they moved me around. they always had a cloth or a bag over my head when they moved me and i think he was lying down in the truck, they sat him up and took it off and that's why he was blinking. i thought his walk looked good. >> and dressed the way you were dressed. >> i think they bought him new clothes. i think the taliban knew the deal was in the works. so there's a period of his declining health and they may have been treating him better and definitely -- maybe it was
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his choice to shave his beard and hair and clothes to make him look better and he smiles because this is the moment he's been waiting for for five years. >> the american personnel in the video, it's interesting, bergdahl is not wearing a military uniform. there's a very important reason for that, you say? dan? >> oh, sorry, i thought you were addressing that back to david. >> no, that is okay. >> yeah, of course, they're going to be dressed -- they're not going to be dressed in uniform. you have to understand this is one of the most tenuous moments, had the american soldiers are trying to recover this downed pilot or missing bergdahl. they want to be as non-threatening to the turnover piece. so there is a flip side to it, obviously they don't look like they're threatening but you can guarantee these guys are armed
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to the teeth and are ready to respond. you can see it in the demeanor in the way they approached the taliban, so on and so forth. and the overhead support was there and if the situation turned for the worse they really would have been able to respond immediately. >> and you really get a sense of how tense this situation is because of the quick back search of bergdahl's back and then the full body search as he's being stepped into the helicopter. they had no idea if he could have been wired with an explosive device. >> yeah, of course. that's got to be a fear that they were going to be walking into an ambush. we had cases like that in iraq. we had reports that they were held in a house and then there were ieds embedded in the walls. so of course they are very cautious walking up and gave a
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more thorough search when they got up to the helicopter to make sure there was not a bomb or weapon that could have been used. they do this in all situations. it's not just to bergdahl but this is part of the protocol in the first recovery mission, that they have to treat all hostages and secure so there's nothing that can harm the hostage and/or the rescuers themselves. >> peter, we've talked about this deal with the taliban. it's fascinating to see the taliban and u.s. military coming face-to-face as a result of this more limited deal. >> yeah. and you know, combat troops, as you know, are going to be pulled out of afghanistan at the end of december 2014. traditionally, at the end of hostilities, there's a prisoner of wars exchange and if we're not in a state of war with the taliban as a legal and military matter, you can imagine that there will be other releases and probably less controversial because the other 18 that are still in are not the five that
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we have seen that played leadership roles in the taliban. >> david, i know you wanted to comment on the "homeland" comparisons that some are making. do you feel there's an undercurrent of -- i don't know if it's anti-muslim sentiment or how do you see the reaction to what has gone on? >> it's strange because this scene reminded me of my captivity and it's odd to see everyone dissecting why is he blinking. i think that's unfair to bowe bergdahl. he has to answer the questions about why he left his base but people have dissected his father's beard. he grew that in solidarity with his son. there's reports that they are muslim. that's false. they are christian. the problem is not islam. it's the violent extremists. >> peter, you like david have been in contact with the bergdahl family over the years.
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do you think the tenor of some of these theories is premature? we don't know the details of what happened to this young soldier. >> yeah. well, one thing that is very interesting in the wikileaks cable to talk about what happened, it's very conflicting information. there's some suggesting that he was taken while on the la treen and there's some reports that he walked off. these are contemporaneous accounts, not reliant on people's memories five years later. that's an open question. bowe bergdahl's dad bob is a very smart guy. he reached out to people like david who knew what was happening with his son and reached out and wanted to find out what were the mindset of these people holding his son in a way to understand them and as the negotiation went forward, he felt that was useful information to know. >> peter bergen, good to have
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you on. dave, you as well. next, the political fallout for president obama, including what was said inside of the classified briefing tonight on capitol hill. we're getting some reports. later, bowe bergdahl's unconventional upbringing and what it says about the soldier he became.
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well, there's more breaking news in bergdahl's story. officials wrapped up a closed-door meeting for senators. they showed a video on the deal to get bergdahl back. a proof of life video. the question is, did it tamp down the criticism? well, hardly. >> i learned nothing in this briefing nor did i expect to learn anything in this briefing except that i continue to maintain that this individual who we are glad that sergeant bergdahl is home, but the exchange of five hard-core, hardest of the hardcore core, hardest of the hardcore al-qaeda/taliban will pose a threat to the united states of america and the men and women who are serving. >> west virginia democrat joe manchin also expressed concern about freeing the men.
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and we're told just how dangerous they are, so the proof of life video that has not been made public we're told is one of the reasons that the administration felt it needed to act urgently. do we know what it shows? >> reporter: well, anderson, the proof of live video was recorded apparently at the time of the death of south african president nelson mandela. bergdahl was gaunt and had a difficult time speaking. the administration officials used that video to present the fact they thought bergdahl may be in failing health. and democrat senator joe manchin who came from the meeting said they looked at it and said he well might have been drugged at the time the video was recorded, anderson. >> and after the hearing a lot of the senators and we just heard john mccain, based on what they just heard, they blasted the administration. seems like no democrats came out
8:22 pm
to defend the administration. is the party on its heels? >> no party member came out to defend the administration on camera. there were some that talked about it. senator richard durbin came out of that meeting more supportive after that meeting. but a lot of democrats didn't speak for the camera. as you might expect, more republicans were critical. senator lindsey graham of south carolina said he was offended by an attempt by administration officials to try to make the case that releasing those five taliban leaders might be seen in some way as a gesture of goodwill or reconciliation in post-war afghanistan. listen. >> that the theory was that if we traded these guys that wou, d show the moderate taliban have clout. they have got our guys home. you don't need to resort to violence to meet your goal. well, what is the goal of the taliban? to lay down their arms and pledge allegiance to the constitution of afghanistan? this is a complete disconnect.
8:23 pm
i find that to be the most offensive theory of all. >> reporter: i don't think any minds were changed. people went into that meeting with preconceived notions and the administration didn't move the ball much. >> all right, joe, appreciate the update. given the revelations and the increasingly toxic cloud surrounding this administration, and the fact this is an election year, you can see how this has become a headache to the white house. joining us is senior political writer for we were told that four of these five guys are extremely dangerous, what do you make of it? >> well, it certainly deepened the critics' outrage of the president. because there are also other sources that this arrangement is very flimsy, the expectation is it is really a dangerous one.
8:24 pm
and now we're hearing we'll be back in the fight very quickly and that means trouble in afghanistan. but there was good news, i thought, from the reaction of the senators tonight for the white house. political good news. and that is that the reaction seemed to break along party lines. yesterday, as you know, senator dianne feinstein complained they were not notified. others said well, we saw the video and had he looked sick and basically we believe the administration did the right thing. that is very consistent with what maggie's publication in "politico" has reported tonight, and they said the republicans will never be satisfied with anything, they are just hypocrites, they said earlier they might support something like this. let's turn it into a partisan battle. that might help the white house in terms of political fallout. >> and maggie, that is their strategy now? >> yes, that is true, they were
8:25 pm
switching from what people would overwhelmingly see the good here. a couple of steps, including the rose garden meeting with the reporters was probably ill-advised. they thought this would be a good way to deflect the criticism. that is not how it played out. >> that was part of the reason they had the rose garden, the bergdahls into the rose garden, they knew there would be criticism but thought to humanize it. >> they thought it would give a human face on what it all meant. here are parents, we're talking about the reaction, the breadth of the reaction, they underestimated the scope of the animosity of the president and it happened here. >> david, you've worked in the white house and campaigning is one thing and ruling is very different. >> it is -- this is an organization, the obama team has been much better in campaigning than organizing.
8:26 pm
it is striking to me to go back today to read "the rolling stone" piece, about michael hastings, and he quoted an administration official saying if we get bergdahl back it will be a great victory for the president. so they have long anticipated, their governing problem in part here is that they did not understand -- the sharp reaction has not come from the military side, you know, from soldiers about the release of the five. it has become more because they feel so insulted. they feel it was so offensive to treat this as a homecoming of a hero. and that just belittled them because they do see him as a deserter. and in the same article, what is now coming, we hear more and more of is an e-mail he apparently sent to see parents just before he left the outposts in which he said,
8:27 pm
quote, the horror that is america is disgusting. those kind of comments just wrinkle deeply within the military. and there are not a lot of military people who have served around the president. you know, it is a younger team and in the younger generation not a lot of people have served. so i'm not quite sure they got the mentality of how they strike soldiers and lost buddies in afghanistan. >> and it is interesting, because politicians say the criticism of the deal has nothing to do with bergdahl's specific conditions, why he may have left, or anything. but a lot of the criticism, i mean, it is hard to believe that the criticism would be the same if he was a well-decorated soldier who there were no questionable circumstances. >> it has certainly fueled fire for the criticism. but david made an important point. it has struck the military a certain way. people who serve the military in a certain way. that doesn't mean they're necessarily critical of the deal. they're critical in how this has
8:28 pm
been treated and that is not the same thing. a lot of critics of the deal seized on this as the elements of a bad trade. those are not necessarily the same things. >> maggie and david gergen, thank you. >> thanks. retired general stanley mcchrystal was the retired general at the time that bergdahl vanished and broke his silence today. he was asked if he thought it was the right call to swap the taliban commanders for the safe return of bergdahl, he was asked if he would have done the same thing, this is what he said. >> we don't leave americans behind, that is unequivocal. now we'll hear discussion on the mechanisms. i'll leave that to the critics. but what i will say is it leaves the great issue, responsibility and service. first, anyone who serves has a responsibility to the people they serve with. but it also, we as a nation have responsibility to those who serve. so i think if we raise this discussion up and we say we have a service member for whom we are responsible the answer is pretty
8:29 pm
clear. and then we also should look at sergeant bergdahl and he had responsibilities, as well. they should review that and see if we're meeting these responsibilities on both end. >> general mcchrystal urged the critics not to judge him until the facts are in. he defended the extensive search efforts, you can find more on and just ahead, what shaped bergdahl, the soldier and influences when he was growing up. plus, when president obama hit the gym in poland, a video camera was lurking. was it a security breach or lap in etiquette for someone to do this? (mother vo) when i was pregnant...
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they believe that bowe bergdahl is a deserter. shortly before he left, he wrote to his parents about his disillusionment. bergdahl is the only one who can say what was in his heart and head at the time. that said, his past is the obvious place to look for clues. his path to the military was not exactly direct. george howell has been looking into bergdahl's upbringing, and is looking into why the celebration was canceled. >> reporter: anderson, canceled simply as a matter of public safety. officials say they're worried that they're not able to handle the number of people that could converge on this town simply because of the national media. still, when you examine the fabric of this place where bowe bergdahl grew up you understand it is all very personal. to try to better understand bowe bergdahl you have to start here,
8:34 pm
the rugged terrain of the idaho backcountry. the place he calls home. his father discusses it best in an interview with "the guardian" before his son was released. >> this was the aspen, bowe played with his friends, he and his friends were all over these trees. it is nice to come up here and reminisce. i wake up each morning and my first thought is my son is still a prisoner of war in afghanistan. and i need to do something about it. >> reporter: born march 28th, 1986, in a small town here in the woodriver valley, friends say bergdahl grew up loving the outdoors. he lived a simple, some might say an unconventional life. he was home schooled here in
8:35 pm
hailey, idaho. bergdahl loved to read and was fascinated with learning about the world beyond these mountains. >> i guess you could call him a seeker. he loved meeting people that were doing the same things, he would go on fishing boats in alats s alaska, he met people on their sailboat and rode his bicycle from here to california and back. >> reporter: bergdahl accomplished a lot before the age of 23. you see him here on a high seas adventure. he spent three months on that boat with his buddy dylan fulmer. >> he is strong as an ox. >> reporter: friends say he was interested in joining the french foreign legion and talked to a missionary friend in uganda about going to africa to seek self-defense tactics.
8:36 pm
sherry horton was his teacher. >> bowe was really good. he always wanted to expand his knowledge and learn about new and different things, like ballet. >> reporter: in 2008, bowe bergdahl decided to enlist in the army, a move that surprised his parents, though they were ultimately supportive. bergdahl was sold on the idea of going to afghanistan to help the locals rebuild their lives and communities but later, bob bergdahl would tell the magazine, we were given a fictitious picture of what we were doing in afghanistan. it was a belief that bergdahl appeared to hold, too. he literally walked away from the army in a remote region in afghanistan. >> the town of hailey was supporting bergdahl since well before his release. has that changed since more
8:37 pm
information has come to light? >> reporter: since we got here, you sense that people are staying out of the politics and out of the opinions. they are waiting for bowe bergdahl to return here to hailey, idaho, and to hear that story from him. >> thanks, george. any next guest, deputy assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan, pakistan, central asia. he dealt with deeply personal issues, having to notify bergdahl's family on the fate of their son. he joins me tonight. david, let's start by -- when you look at this deal, what do you focus on? what, to you, jumps out? >> the first thing that jumps out to me is this a guy who spent almost five careers in captivity. he suffered a lot. his family suffered a lot. in many ways, he was a pawn of forces larger than him and i think it's great that he's back. i've met the family. i've met mr. bergdahl and sergeant bergdahl's mother and
8:38 pm
they clearly love him a lot. they have suffered and it's great to see him back. >> do you think the deal should have been done as it was, the trade of five for one? >> well, the issue of numbers and all is something that is going to be thrashed out. i do think it's concerning, the whole concept of trading somebody who has been held by a group like the taliban and the message that it may send to others, the impact on them is hard to predict but the chance of being negative are pretty high. so i think there's a downside risk. on the other hand, as i mentioned, a little bit before, he was, in many ways, a pawn of issues beyond his control. really from almost the day he ended up in pakistan and, to me, the role of pakistan is something that people are not going to pay much attention to but it's been vital. the pakistani intelligence, the pakistani military, the people
8:39 pm
who rule the country have had a very long tie with the haqqanis, the group that we know has been holding him for five years and they never released any bit of their influence to get him released, never passed any intelligence on where he was. >> last year, when you were still at the pentagon, i understand you were tasked with meeting with the bergdahl family and you were sort of armed with talking points that had been given to you. can you talk about that? what were the talking points? >> sure. i, along with others, was asked to meet with the bergdahls, mr. and mrs. bergdahl and had a chance to meet them and i was very impressed by their commitment to their son, their love for their son and their efforts to try and get him freed. as part of that, we have a set of standard talking points for things that included a statement that we were doing all we could to release him and from my own personal integrity, i wanted to
8:40 pm
make sure that that was a statement that i could say with certainty. so i, along with a number of colleagues, looked into the history of the previous five years and, as a result, i told my superiors that i could not make that statement. that i did not think that we could really say we had done all we could. we had done a lot and many people had dedicated themselves during that period of time. so it wasn't that we didn't do anything but we didn't do all we could and we often didn't do all we could because there were competing strategic, you mentioned osama bin laden and the effort to find a peace deal with the taliban. all of those issues got immeshed in sergeant bergdahl's fate. so he ended up being the pawn and i think, as a result, he suffered, his family suffered. and i'm glad they are finally together. >> there's been a lot of talk about sergeant bergdahl's dad, you know, why he grew a beard, why he choose to speak arabic
8:41 pm
and pashto at the rose garden. he sent a tweet saying i am still working to free all guantanamo prisoners. god will repay for the death of every afghan. was it your sense that he would send something like that? how do you see it? >> as i said, i met mr. bergdahl and i'm a father, also. his son had been held captive in very difficult circumstances and he was being told that people were doing everything they could to get him released but he saw no progress. he saw no evidence of that. and so did he become frustrated with what he was being told officially and did he try to take matters into his own hands? i think every father can understand that. so i would not criticize him in any way. he impressed me with his love for his son and his desire to have his son freed and that, i think, is normal. >> david, thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, how would you like it in your morning workout was
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tonight, another reminder that you give up a lot of privacy when you're president of the united states. check out the video showing president obama working out at a hotel gym in poland. the person who shot it called the commander in chief grimacing and yawning, kind of reassuring that he's just like us. i suppose it's the secret service, though, that says it wasn't a security breach and mr. obama was not in any danger. he's in poland and meeting with ukraine's newly elected president. michelle kosinski is traveling with the president and is joining me tonight. i feel bad for the president of the united states that he's being videotaped in this tiny hotel gym and nobody seems to stop it. do we know the circumstances that -- who took this video? >> reporter: i know. i think a lot of people felt that way. one guy commented saying, hey,
8:47 pm
i've been in hotel gyms before where security cleared the place out because celine dion was going to show up. it begs the question, who would do such a thing? the white house will not comment about it. the hotel where this happened just said that they will not speak of it. but at this point it doesn't look like it's anything sinister. just a polish guy in the gym in the very nice hotel in warsaw. it stunned a lot of people to see this video, the president of the united states, and obviously some private moments. you see him starting out his 30-minute workout with a big yawn and doing huffing and squats. it's making its way around the internet set to a kind of cheesy sound track, no less, anderson. >> a, it gives you a sense of how he's in a complete bubble and constantly watched at all times but i'm surprised that, a, he didn't realize he was being
8:48 pm
videotaped and that there wasn't some secret service agent there who was aware he was being videotaped. do they allow people in this situation to just videotape the president working out? i've never seen this kind of video before. >> reporter: right. we've never seen anything like this. this is not the kind of leak we expect to see on a trip like this. it is not like the nsa or wikileaks had anything to do with it. but that's a good question. how is this even allowed to happen? the secret service is commenting on it and they say they don't clear out the gym. the president does sometimes work out in a hotel gym. he likes to get that workout in and they don't make people leave, put away their cameras, they don't say anything about it. in fact, one secret service agent said it was apparent that people were taking pictures. so i guess they don't mind. >> well, no doubt i was on david letterman earlier and he has a bunch of jokes about it tonight. it made me feel bad for the president to be constantly under the microscope and not get a
8:49 pm
workout in. i've asked them, look, i'll take a picture with you but it's just so cheesy, i feel bad for the guy. michelle, i'm amazed to see this video. thanks so much. a lot more happening tonight. susan hendricks has that "360 bulletin". a huge reversal from donald sterling, according to sterling's attorney. his clients has agreed to the sale of the clippers to steve ballmer for $2 billion and he'll drop his lawsuit against the league for violating his constitutional rights by forcing him to sell the team. big turnaround there. also, australian authorities are accepting bids from private contractors interested in running the next phase of the search for malaysian flight 370. whoever gets the job will have 300 days to search 20,000 square miles in the indian ocean. and baseball-size hail wreaked havoc on a car
8:50 pm
dealership. there was an estimated $162 million. >> that's incredible. >> i know. >> yikes. >> susan, thanks very much. "the ridiculist" is next. honestly, the off-season isn't i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ.
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time now for "the ridiculist." and tonight we have the story of the most laid back bear in all of daytona beach. he is chilling in this guy's hammock, just lounging away. that is a real bear. the homeowner,/hammock owner had this to say. >> laying back like he was a tourist or something. something spooked him and he ran right through there fast. and half an hour later he came back and there he was in the hammock again. >> my guess is the bear went to daytona on spring break. he probably went to college and didn't like it so much he just stayed. a neighbor got close enough to snap photos. >> that's all he was doing, relaxing. >> that was in florida where the bears are pretty chill.
8:55 pm
but in utah, they are not just helping themselves to people's hammocks, they are helping themselves to people's hummingbird feeders. >> the bear took this handle and put it down and i saw the handle moving inside and that bear came right in the house and stood right here and looked around and i started to go up here, these stairs, and i was looking at the bear hopefully from a safe distance. >> that's like out of a horror movie. the bears are opening doors and can now operate door handles? what is happening? the homeowner barricaded him receives upstairs until they tranquilized the bear but in the meantime, she helped herself to a bucket of peanuts. this is a bear breaking into a cabin. >> bear is chasing me!
8:56 pm
[ screaming ] >> get off! get off! >> the great outdoors. but you know, a bear doesn't even have to come inside your house to be scary. southern california was on bear watch a few years ago. the local news was doing a play-by-play of a 400-pound bear wandering around. >> it looks like he's turning into another driveway here. we're going to maneuver around and see if we can get another shot of him. uh-oh, we have a resident there. >> one personi walking in los angeles and runs into a bear. that's why you shouldn't text while walking. you've got to be alert for all bears at all times. stay tuned for another hour of
8:57 pm
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good evening. thanks for joining us. this i've edition of 360. new revelations in the bowe bergdahl affair from the closed door white house briefing. senator is being shown a proof of life video. the clip which is yet to be made public reportedly shows h