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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 7, 2014 12:30pm-1:31pm PDT

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family and friends of legendary poet and civil rights icon maya angelou celebrated her life at a memorial service in winston-salem, north carolina. a moving service, full of emotional words and songs. here's a look at some of those moments. >> we are joyful for the manner in which my mother made her ascension, and now we're ready to celebrate her life. ♪ >> the loss i feel i cannot descri describe. it's like something i have never felt before. >> you see, this has been very difficult for our family. we have always had to share grandma with the globe.
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>> when i think about maya angelou, i think about the affirming power of her words. >> ♪ when the thunder roared and the sky was dark ♪ >> history despite its wrenching pain need not be lived again. that's what she taught me and millions of others. >> she touched me. she touched all of you. she touched people all across the globe. ♪ >> maya angelou is the greatest woman i have ever known. [ applause ] >> and she has left each one of us with something in our heart. whew.
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♪ don't let me hear about you sheddin' a tear ♪ >> she was my anchor. so it's hard to describe to you what it means when your anchor shifts. >> the legacy of dr. maya angelou will forever shine and continue to bring joy to the world. ♪ hey lallelujah ♪ >> words so powerful they carried a little black girl from the south side of chicago all the way to the white house. [ applause ] >> she was the ultimate teacher. ♪ i hope you dance >> she had the voice of god, and he decided he wanted it back for a while. [ applause ]
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all right. the world cup is in brazil next week on thursday it gets started. guess what? guess who else is there? anthony bourdain, parts unknown, and anthony takes us to the beaches. [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> reporter: ah, this icon of brazilian beach culture. more lime juice, sugar, ice. the magic ingredient, basically distilled liquor of the sugarcane. shaken, not stirred. you've got yourself one of the world's truly great cocktails. the utility beverage good for any time of day or any social occasion. very satisfying. ♪
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>> reporter: one of these toasted cheese things here. awesome. [ speaking in foreign language ] he says, anything better than cheese, is semimelted cheese. what's the best part of french onion soup? the burnt cheese around the edge. ah. oh, yeah. just as good as it looks. >> boy, does he have a cool gig or what? anthony bourdain, parts unknown from brazil, sunday night. 9:00 eastern and pacific. woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there.
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instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here. would have mentioned the finger.
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fans of the hit show "30 rock" woke up to shocking news today. star tracy morgue sn in the hospital in critical condition after a six-vehicle crash on the new jersey turnpike. i'm joined now by sarah racard, tv editor for the rotten tomatoes website. good to see you. for a lot of viewers, maybe they weren't big "30 rock" fans or didn't know much about tracy morgan, how significant has he been and he is on the comedy
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strip. >> yeah, definitely. i think a lot of your viewers will recognize him from his lengthy tenure with "saturday night live." a cast member there for seven years, and he is a beloved comedian. last time i checked, he had about 3 million followers on twitter. >> wow. >> and he's really well known for some recurring characters. he's brian fellow, the animal enthusiast who doesn't know a lot about animals but that doesn't stop him from being very enthusiastic about them. also he had a character that would go to outer space. astronaut jones. sort of a 1960s, kind of "lost in space meets the rat pack," and sang the theme song himself, and it's just very funny. he does a very funny -- sendup to that genre with that character. and so people know him from
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"snl." he's also a huge comedian, and as you know, he was traveling from a gig in delaware, coming home, when this accident happened. so he's performing all the time. >> he really is, and very affable and a funny little boy sweetness about him, even though we know he has very adult humor and all that, but he is somebody who -- often whether you make your mark on "snl," you know, some kind of leave the comedy stand-up routine. he's continued it through his e television success. his own show, "tracy morgan show," didn't do as well as "30 rock" hugely successful. is there a way to describe how important it's been for him to maintain the roots as a comedy stand-up no matter how successful on television or the big screen he's been. >> he is certainly edgy as a
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comedian, and it's worked for him and against him over the years, but tina fey, who created "30 rock," she wrote the character of for tracy morgan. the name is similar and an exaggerated version of tracy morgan. incident he, n incidentally, nominated for an emmy for his kashgcharacter. full of zany conspiracy theories. as a person who works on rotten tomatoes i follow what critics say about tv shows and a lot of critics point out morgan as the standout character in this show. which is already a really funny ensemble. they say the addition of morgan makes it that much funnier. >> so hilarious. of course, our hearts go out to he and his family as he continues to be in intensive care, or at least in critical condition at the hospital in new jersey. we wish him the best. thank you so much, sarah, for helping to you know, re-educate
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a lot of people on his career. and, of course, we'll continue to keep our folks, our you v viewers posted on hi medical condition. thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. a new cnn poll showing most americans think their future isn't very bright. is the american dream dying? that's next. first, d-day marked the beginning of the end of world war ii, and was also the first step in liberating many of its victims. this week's cnn hero focusing on some still struggling with the war's effects. >> as a child i ran from the killing squads three times, even now i still dream that i am running. our entire little town was burned to nothing. my mother and father were killed in the mass graves. i sometimes think it would have been better if i had died with them. i cry at night.
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your letters are for me like medicine. these are the last survivors of holocaust in eastern europe and out there today elderly, alone, suffering. they don't have extended family. life is so hard in these places. they don't have anything. i saw it with my own eyes and i knew no one was helping them. so i wanted to reach out and help them. we provide them with direct and continuous financial aid for food, heat, medication and shelter. >> okay. stay healthy and write to me. >> and we let them know they've not been forgotten. >> this person i'm very worried about. >> we get stacks of letters every week. mostly in russian. they are sent out to translators and we answer them immediately and send money. we're now helping 2,000 people in eight countries. the money is life-saving, but the connection, the letters, the
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communication, equally life saving. >> i'm coming back to see you. >> we can really write a more hopeful final chapter to the holocaust. this time one of kindness and compassion, what they finally deserve at the end of their lives. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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all right. talk now about the american dream. is it money? is it happiness? however you define it a new cnn poll finds the most people believe it's out of reach. cnn's alexandra field explains. >> reporter: from los angeles. >> my name is enry chapman. i am 20 years old. i am a full-time mom amend part-time student. >> reporter: to phoenix -- >> my name is cov. villery, i am 13 years old and in eighth grade. >> reporter: to atlanta. >> my name is andy shelly. i'm 50 years old. i work for eyed parcel service. >> reporter: wherever you live, whoever you are, it's what meant to define us. however we define it. the american dream. >> the american dream? it means that we go towards a better life and we'll be able to achieve more than other countries.
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>> i guess the american dream s is, if there's something that you really want, you're able to go get it. >> successfully i raised a family. no debt. so, yeah. i've reached the american dream. am irish? no. but i have peace of mind. >> reporter: peace of mind that more americans today can't seem to find. >> guns and violence. >> job security, crime, becoming a statistic. >> reporter: some reasons are growing numbers that say the dream is slipping away. a cnn money american dream poll finds about six out of ten americans believe it's out of reach. the numbers are more alarming among millennials. they were badly battered by the economic downturn. more than half say the dream can't be attained. and if the next generation was better than the last, 63% don't buy it and believe children will be worse off than their parents. >> the not something people can achieve, most can achieve in
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their life, i don't think. it's too hard. it's crazy. >> i am most definitely afraid for this next generation, because money is already tight with the government at my age, for me. that the population is only growing. you know? >> reporter: uncertainty fueling fear that dream might not be reality. >> for right now, i believe that i could be >> in the future, with the circumstances we are in currently, it does not look like that's a thing achievable for mo most. police in los angeles have a new tool to catch criminals. they are using cia technology to track cars and drivers. but are your rights being violated? it is time for this week's human factor. here's dr. sanjay gupta. ♪ nowhere does julie roberts
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look more at home than on stage. performing for her fans. ♪ >> i decided that at a young age i wanted to be a singer like barbara mandel. ♪ and i would pray every night when i was a little girl that i would get a record deal. >> reporter: during college in nashville roberts interned at mercury records and then she was offered a job as a receptionist. eventually becoming the assistant to chairman lewis. a demo, without roberts' name it, found its way to lewis' desk and her days of answering the phones were over. she got to work on her first record. ♪ >> please welcome julie roberts! >> reporter: cmt was in the moment when roberts' first single debut order the radio. ♪ >> reporter: roberts' album went
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gold. she was living the dream. one night on stage, a nightmare. >> the first time that i knew something wasn't right with my health, i was on stage. >> reporter: roberts kept on singing but knew something wasn't right. a few tests led to a quick diagnosis. multiple sclerosis. ♪ it don't matter >> i was so afraid that it all would be taken away from me if i told the world i had m.s. >> reporter: fortunatelies that has not happened and she manages her ms with three shots a week plus a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. >> i have never missed a show because of m.s. and i will never miss a show because of m.s. this is what i'm supposed to do. it is what i love. ♪ >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting.
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what if every time you drove past a police car your license plate was sent back to a database? is it a revolutionary way to fight crime or a violation of
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your civil rights? >> reporter: in the '90s crime rates have declined. here in los angeles, the lapd is embracing new technologies and big data analytics like never before. changing the way we fight crime. watch sarge dent kennedy shows you how big data analysis is changing the force. >> this is our license plate reader. we have three cameras attached to the light wand. >> license plate readers installed on patrol cars have become commonplace. they automatically scan every license plate they drive by. >> it goes through the sacramento database to check for california vehicle systems to see if it is stolen or if there is a want on it for some reason. be on alert. $30,000 awarrant. a parked car we passed. right behind us. >> reporter: over the course of a day the lapd can scan tens of
12:58 pm
thousands of license plates across the city. at the lapd's real-time analysis and critical response division, those license plates scans are fed into a game-changing data mining system called talent here. a powerfl application that can claim the cia as an early investor. >> it is a certain much system. it combines disparate data sets and allows us to access them quickly with a single key stroke, you get the effect of a 38-person task force. >> reporter: after searching over 100 million data points it displayed an impressive web of information on oneburgly system. creating intuitive graphs linking into cell phone records, arrest records, known associates and past addresses. they could even track the suspect's past locations based on previous license plate scans. >> if we are searching for him, we don't have to search all of l.a. county. we know where he frequents. >> reporter: anybody who is a vehicle owner is then in the
12:59 pm
system? >> a vehicle owner in a public place and has passed a license plate reader will be in our data set. we cannot just go searching for you or anyone else without a reason because we have a lot of data for people that have done nothing. >> reporter: for those people who have done nothing, the aclu of southern california believes that the lapd's license plate readers may be violating civil liberties. >> a system of license plate readers that's pervasive muff to really track the movements of every car in the city, reasonable detail, would effectively substitute for gps trackers. for everybody. the public should be the ones deciding what the proper balance is between their privacy rights and their public safety. >> reporter: the lapd believes the public wants him on his side. >> you want to have the effect of 30 detectives working that burglary or theft. it is hugely important to make those cases solvable. >> very fascinating stuff. thanks for being with me all afternoon long. the next hour of the "newsroom"
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starts now with poppy harlow in new york. hi, everyone. thank for joining us. i'm poppy harlow in door don lemon. comedian racy morgan hospitalized at this hour. she in critical condition after a tractor trailer hit his limo in the early morning hours overnight. we are learning new details on the crash that killed one person and also injured seven others. morgan had just wrapped up a comedy show in delaware. he was riding in that limo bows the way home. that's when a tractor trailer reportedly smacked right into it on the new jersey turnpike. he is hospitalized and his family is by his side. the 45-year-old morgan is, of course, known for starring on nbc's "30 rock" alongside tina fey and for his time on "saturday night live" alongside comic superstars like jimmy
1:01 pm
fallon. many of his fellow comedians are pulling for him spending him their best wishes. the "snl weekend" update team wishing a speedy recovery to our friend tracy morgan. i want to go to alex andandra f. give us the latest on his condition. >> reporter: he's still in critical condition. he was in intensive care this morning. we have no word on the extent of his conditions. he remains in critical condition with at least two other people. just about a half hour away from where the crash happened. his reps put out a statement acknowledging his family is here with him. they saw he is receiving recollection lent care. at this point they don't expect his condition to change today. he is one of seven people who were taken to hospitals following that crash. one person killed in the crash overnight and we are now learning more about the people who were onboard that limo bus with tracy morgan. we know the man who died, james mcnair.
1:02 pm
63 we are old, a fellow comedian and longtime friend of morgan's. we are learning two of the other people hospitalized were fellow comedians. no wird on their current conditions. we know that one of those comedians is a man performing last night with tracy morgan in dover, delaware. just hours before this crash he had actually tweeted out pictures that were posted to his facebook and instagram accounts. they show him and morgan and what appears to be that limo bus just hours before it was involved in the six-car crash. the other vehicles, two tractor trailers, suv, and two cars. >> this happened around 1:00 a.m. the question always comes to mind -- any indication of alcohol involved? also, if there had been other charges filed yet. >> this sing still under investigation, poppy. at this point no charges have been filed but the middlesex county district attorney's office is looking into this. new jersey state police say that what they know at this point is that it appears that the driver of the tractor trailer failed to recognize slowing traffic in
1:03 pm
front of him and he tried to veer at the last moment but still smashed into that limo bus. forcing it to flip over. investigators are looking into reasons why he may not have seen the traffic slowing down. the ntsb, national transportation safety board, their investigators are looking into this and they will be looking at any kinds of issues that are related to commercial limousines and trucking. >> yes. as well the question about seat belts. were people wearing seat belts? our hearts go out to everyone involved in this. we wish the best for everyone at the hospital. thank you. the army hospital in germany treating sergeant beau bergdahl says there's still no timetable for when he will be released. we do know his health is improving by the day. today marks one week since the taliban handed over bergdahl to u.s. forces in stay afghanistan p they held him captive for nearly five years. he was freed after a prisoner swap deal that also set free five members of the taliban that were being held at guantanamo
1:04 pm
bay. it is a deal being called, quote, too lopsided by critics. many from the political right. the former commander of the u.s. mission in afghanistan told cnn today, quote, politics later. bring military captives home now. >> bergdahl was not a soldier. he was a u.s. soldier. he is one of us. even if we have disagreements or disappointments or worse, if the investigation were to find misconduct, we leave that as a separate issue to be handled quite capably by the u.s. army and under the u.s. constitution and the laws that have been passed by the u.s. congress. >> we are told that when bergdahl is well enough to return stateside he is going to first report to a military hospital in san antonio, texas. that's where our martin savage is. this is where he is expected to
1:05 pm
go. why san antonio? also, do we know that that is where he will be reunited with his parents or are we unclear on that at this point? >> reporter: good afternoon, poppy. he comes here because of one main reason, that's the building behind me. the brooke army military center. this is the place the army deems some years ago that it would be the receiving point for all returning p.o.w.s that were held captive. that's the reason he comes here. there is nothing special about it. it is the standard protocol when handling former prisoners of war. it is also where the reunion is supposed to take place and that, too, is standard. the reunion is often the most emotionally overwhelming of the entire transition back to normal life, i guess you can call it. it is a carefully cared for kind of an event. it would normally take place inside of a hospital room and the first meeting between parents and their son would normally only last a few minutes. however, we all know, a lot has transpired between last weekend when he was freed and this
1:06 pm
weekend when you would expect he would already be here. whether anything has changed in that protocol specifically, we don't know. we do know that there is a standard way of treating former p.o.w.s and right now they don't follow it even with his stay there in germany. >> i do want to talk about the treatment that we think he might get. of course, between don't have lot of details on his condition but we do know, marty, is that the hospital there in germany said that bergdahl is free to call his parents and at this point to the best of our knowledge, cnn has been told he has not made that call yet. do we have any sense of what kind of treatment, physical, meetingsal, mental treatment, he will get? what state he will be in when he arrives in san antonio? >> reporter: there is really three phases that any returning soldier goes through. number one, they come into friendly hands which happened with bergdahl last weekend. then they get stabilized at a regional medical center and that's what is taking place there in germany. the decision when he gets transferred that's deemed
1:07 pm
by the medical team and a psychiatrist, military psychiatri psychiatrist, who has been assigned to him. when he comes here he will continue that. lot of medical studying being done on him and will make sure that everything checks out p after that we want to move him down to fort san houston down the street and get him in regular housing. the main process here, reintegrati reintegration, working with his family, slowly reintroducing him to life. all those little decisions we do without any thought on a daily basis, that's all something being new to him because he has been controlled for five years. it is going to be a long, difficult road. >> no question about that. appreciate the report throughout the week and staying there for us. thank you so much. let's go to the white house. as i mentioned earlier, the president is being pounded by fellow lawmakers, furious they were not informed and did not get the 30-day notice before the
1:08 pm
prisoner swap took place. much of the surprise is coming from the political right. party versus party. but not all of it. there are members of the president's own party not happy at all about it. >> poppy, that's right. including two prominent former obama defense officials who have spoken out about that. defense secretary robert gates, former defense secretary, i should say. the bush administration. but also the president's former national security adviser, general jim jones. he was criticizing the deal and democrats in congress want to hear more justify from the white house. president obama returns from washington from a whirlwind tour facing a growing concern over last week's dramatic release of sergeant bergdahl. a key question in this nbc news interview, why didn't he tell congress beforehand? >> we saw an zpunt took it. i made no apologies for and it the main concern is we have a fast and delicate situation that
1:09 pm
requires no publicity. >> reporter: sources say the taliban didn't threaten to kill bergdahl as administration officials suggested to senators. and law make on over sides of the aisle are skeptical. including democrat dianne feinstein who chairs the senate intelligence committee. she told bloomberg news -- >> i don't think that there was a credible threat that -- but i don't know. i have no information that there was. >> reporter: what's more, law makers from both parties don't buy the administration's initial explanation that bergdahl's health was urgently deteriorating. defense secretary chuck hagel is under pressure to release the proof of live video of bergdahl from last december that the white house showed senators to make that case. despite the shifting storingies ask growing political backlash, former secretary of state hillary clinton defended the president. telling abc news -- >> if you look at what the
1:10 pm
factors were going into the decision, of course, there are competing interests and values. one of our values is we bring everybody home off the battlefield the best we can. it doesn't matter how they ended up in a prisoner of war situation. >> reporter: but even general jim jones, one of the president obama's former national security adviser, has questioned the deal. telling cnn -- >> i come down on the side that you don't negotiate with terrorists. i think that's a rock-solid principle. i think that once you show that there is weakness there, you open the door for possibly other bad things to happen. >> reporter: now, this discussion moves to the house next. five high-ranking administration officials will brief members of congress on monday night. that would be led by deputy national security adviser tony lincoln and on wednesday, defense secretary chuck hagel will testify before the house armed services committee. >> i have a sense that this is a
1:11 pm
long way from over when it comes to the politics of all of this. we will be watching closely and get to you with more later in the show. erin mcpike. coming up next in the newsroom, will california chrome go down in the history books? less than three hours he goes for the triple crown. we will take to you the track live after a quick break. they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. type 2 diabetes effects millions of us. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine -- what if there was a new class of medicine
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chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiqtm technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq start at just $999.98. know better sleep with sleep number. in three hours, we could have our first triple crown winner in 36 years. after winning the kentucky derby and preakness, california chrome is looking to complete the try affect at today's belmont stakes stakes. with a win he would be just the 12th triple crown winner ever. richard roth has the latest from the track in belmont, new york. >> it is horse racing's biggest prize and it is on the line here at belmont park in new york. california chrome, the 3-year-old colt, will run for racing glory here before more than 100,000 people.
1:15 pm
>> a nose in front as they come to the wire. >> affirmed won horse racing's most prestigious prize, the triple crown. at the time winning the triple crown seemed easy. secretariat was one of three hoarseness five years to take the triple crown. however, it has been 36 years since a horse won the triple crown. that's the longest gap ever between crown winners. only 11 horses have done it since 1919. now it is 2014 and california chrome could be the horse. a triple crown is made up of three elite races. he took the first leg on the first saturday of may. >> california chrome shines bright in the kentucky derby! >> reporter: try ful offed two weeks later in the second jewel in the crown. >> california chrome has won the preakness! >> reporter: the belmont stakes in new york is the final hurdle before triple crown glory. >> expect him to win saturday? >> yes, i do.
1:16 pm
i expect him to win saturday. i really do. >> reporter: 3-year-old racehorses face challenges to bring home the crown. >> you have to have speed to win the derby in the preakness. stamina to win the belmont. usually it is rare to have that package in one horse. >> reporter: the belmont is called the test of a champion because of its rare mile and a half distance to cover. >> here at the finish line at belmont, the frustration has grown every year. since 1997, seven different horses have been on the verge of winning the triple crown. something went wrong. there is a bit of a rags to riches aura since the mother of california chrome was purchased for a meager $8,000. >> to win the triple crown would be a dream come true for me. >> reporter: the horse racing industry has been battered for decades by gambling competition and changing entertainment tastes. >> if california chrome wins i think it will bring a new generation of fans to this great sport. >> reporter: the horse racing industry has seen crowds melt away,ation tract bid other
1:17 pm
gambling interests. supporters hope a win by california chrome will provide a badly neated shot in the arm for the industry. >> thanks so much for that. i have a feeling this may happen today. we will keep you posted. it has been 70 years since d-day. those who fought that day and is your vaifed to tell their stories. the eyes may be the windows to the soul. but in the case of the lexus ls... ...which eyes? eyes that pivot with the road... ...that can see what light misses... ...eyes designed to warn when yours wander... or ones that can automatically bring the ls to a complete stop. all help make the unseen... ...seen. and make the ls perhaps the most visionary vehicle on the road. this is the pursuit of perfection. crestor lowered bad cholesterol in it's a fact. high-risk patients more than lipitor. bad cholesterol...
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♪ it has been seven years since american forces and their allies landed on the beaches of normandy and defeated hitler and nazi germany. more than 9 thousand allied troops were killed or wounded during that invasion. here is the story of that day told by the veterans who fought and survived. >> soldiers, sail sxwrors airmen
1:21 pm
of the allied force, you are about to embark upon the great crusade towards which we have driften these many months. >> 316. would caribou. guy gunter. two caribou. >> the eyes of the world are upon you. >> morton waitzman. second battalion. >> hopes and prayers of loving people everywhere march with you. >> bob powell, u.s. army air force. >> your path will not be an easy one.
1:22 pm
your enemy is well trained, well-equipped and battle hardenned. -- hardened. >> when you invade you are scared to death. you don't know what the hell is going to happen. >> we took off at 2:30 in the morning. one of our pilots crash mood the tower on takeoff bus we had no lights whatsoever. we up a wall of planes from retop level to 30,000 feet to keep any german aircraft from getting to the beaches. we shot out buses, trucks, trains, troops, anything that moved towards the beaches. >> i was at the beaches in normandy. at about 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, the doors opened up, our job was to move out fast.
1:23 pm
the enemy fire was very intense. >> 8,000 in our group were killed and wounded. >> the thing that you have to remember, stay alive. when you land, it is either you or that guy. the problem we had, we went in with the paratroopers. we could carry 15 men heavily armed and put them in one spot. but the paratroopers that went in before us were isolating, the parachute. they would hit poles and break their backs, arms and legs. it was awful. >> the smell of exploding gunpowder and shortly afterwards, the smell of people,
1:24 pm
people's bodies being torn apart, the smell of human flesh. many of us experienced this. it is very difficult to keep from having a recall that makes life difficult sometimes. stories of comrades whose war was over that first day her so badly injured or loss of a limb or something like that. their war was over. >> you will bring about the destruction of the german war machine. the elimination of nazi germany over the oppressed people of europe. >> it was really crowded. i was anticipating d-day. we were just doing the same thing on d-day we did every day almost. >> it was very difficult time. a lot of innocent lives were lost. >> i never worried about dying
1:25 pm
because god wasn't ready for me. >> those of us that survived are very thankful, obviously. >> i knew i was coming back. i believe in positive thinking. >> we fought and we died for the purposes that we all know about but it is still very elusive to us. the purpose of the liberty and how we treat our fellow men. >> the free men of the world are marching together to victory. i have confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and we will accept nothing less than full victory. >> our thanks to them and everyone who continues to serve this country. coming up next, her words, her voice, her message were just unforgettable. today the words of others paid a lasting tribute to literary giant maya angelou.
1:26 pm
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bill clinton, michelle obama, oprah winfrey, all paying tribute to maya angelou. the 86-year-old poet, author and civil rights icon died last week. she was celebrated at a memorial service at wake forest university. >> here is what i think she died when she did. it was her voice. she was without a voice for five years. and then she developed the greatest voice on the planet. god loaned her his voice. she had the voice of god. and he decided he wanted it back from her. [ applause ] >> you know, she actually taught there at wake forest up until
1:30 pm
her death. just an incredible woman. we are going to have a lot more and many more tributes to maya angelou, including the words of oprah win provide and also first lady michelle obama. really powerful stuff. we are going to bring you on that straight ahead here in the next hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. "cnn newsroom" continues at the top of the hour. right now, dr. sanjay gupta, m.d. hey there. something surprising to start with today. you are going to see how easily you can buy steroids and other medicines. sometimes with dangerous side effects with just a click of a mouse p also, we tell to you read food labels. understand that those mysterious ingredients sometimes look like code words or foreign language. we have simple tips to help you navigate and steesh clear of what you need to. you heard this advice for years. avoid eating saturated pat, eat red meat at a minimum. science does not support that. it says butter,