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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 7, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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wearing his medals under his jacket. he was later found on the french shores of germany. >> so nothing is going to stop you basically? >> oh, no, no. >> was it worth it? >> oh, definitely. yeah, yeah. >> do you have any idea how much interest there has been in this? >> oh, i didn't realize it. no, no. >> do you think you're in trouble when you get back? >> i might be, but i hope not! >> the 89-year-old called the commemorations a, quote, first-class show. good evening, everyone. 6:00 p.m. eastern here. you are in the "cnn newsroom." at this hour, california chrome takes a run at history trying to win the last jewel in the horse racing's triple crown. a feet last accomplished 36 years ago. can dough it? talk about that a lot this hour. first, breaking news in the
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deadly crash that left tracy morgan hospitalized in critical condition. a truckdriver is charged with death by auto for allegedly slamming into morgan's limo in the early morning hours. the crash killed a limo passenger james mcnair who was a friend of morgan's and a fellow comedian. the 45-year-old morgan is hospitalized in new jersey. his family is by his side. let's go straight to alexandra field. the charges just came down. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: the man charged is a 35-year-old truckdriver from georgia and he is expected to surrender and bail has been set at $50,000 because he is facing some pretty serious charges. we are talking about four founds of assault by auto and one count of death by auto. it's a form of homicide under new jersey's penal law and it means that one has killed recklessly through the use of a motor vehicle. again, serious charges for roper here. the district attorney's office
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says the cause of the crash is still under investigation. it involved six vehicles. new jersey state police say it happened when the driver of the tractor-trailer failed to notice the fact that traffic was slowing down in front of him. he tried to veer off at the last month but slammed into a limo forcing it to overturn. tracy morgan and several other comedians were on board that limo bus. tracy morgan is here at the robert wood johnson hospital in new brunswick, new jersey, along with two other passengers from that limo and another passenger of the limo, james mcnair, pronounced dead. a 63-year-old comedian. >> we look at a picture of the two of them beaming and happy as friends and holding a jersey. mcnair losing his life. what have you heard from his family, alex? >> mcnair's sister is speaking out. obviously, the family is still trying to process this loss. she says her brother was sitting in the back of that limo bus, that would be the area that the
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tractor-trailer had slammed into. he was the father of two children. she says he was a long time friend of tracy morgan. the two had been friendly and working to the at least the last 15 years. so a huge loss here. >> absolutely huge loss. appreciate the update. thank you, alex. in the meantime, the army hospital in germany that is treating sergeant bowe bergdahl says no timetable for his release but they do say his health is improving daily. today, it marks one week since the taliban handed over bergdahl to u.s. forces in afghanistan in that tense exchange. they held him for nearly five years. he was freed after a prisoner swap that also set free five members of the taliban being held in guantanamo bay in cuba. a deal called too lopsided by politics and many from the political right but a former commander in the afghanistan today said politics later bring military captives home now.
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>> bowe bergdahl was not a soldier. he was a u.s. soldier. he is one of us. even if they have disagreements or disappointments or worse, fountain investigation were to find misconduct, we leave that as a separate issue to be handled quite capably by the u.s. army under the u.s. constitution and the laws asked by the u.s. congress. >> we are told when bergdahl will return stateside he will first report to a military hospital in san antonio, texas. where martin savidge is right now. martin to you first. i think they a lot of people look at this and say why he is going to san antonio? it's not really something special about that hospital, is it? >> reporter: it's not special about bowe bergdahl. the sergeant. the about the fact that the u.s. army has dedicated and said this particular medical center behind us, the san antonio military
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medical center is the place for all former p.o.w.s to go and they have had that distinction sometime now. they have specialized training and specialized individuals and a regular team now that has practiced five years the return of sergeant bergdahl. they have met every six months for a week at a time for the entire time that he's been held in captivity. in essence, they have rehearsed his being set free and his treatment here ten times. >> martin, i misspoke at the beginning saying special about that hospital. not because it's bowe bergdahl. they take all prisoners of war. i think also what people want to know, is this where he is going to be reunited with his parents? will they meet him there or perhaps he won't be ready for that immediately? >> reporter: you're right. it all comes down to really sergeant bowe bergdahl himself, how with well he is progressing and that is the first thing that is going to determine when he gets here. when he gets here, then the
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whole idea there will be a reunion at some point. you're right. it is how he progresses that determines everything, whether it be how the doctors monitor him medically or mentally but it is anticipated his family is going to come here because they are an integral part of his whole reintegration. an awkward word but it means his basically coming back to life and that will happen inside the hospital here. it's going to be a very carefully controlled environment. his parents will come in and likely meet and see one another but only for a few minutes at the very beginning because we are told, this is by previous experience about the captives so emotionally overwhelming that is about as much as he'll be able to take. they will break for a few hours and come back and do it all again. it's all about small steps. >> such an important point. i think a lot of us think of the movies and you think about coming home and to loving arms and open arms and it just didn't play out like that. there is just so many things that none of us can understand if we haven't gone through it. appreciate the reporting and the update from there.
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marty, i want to go to karl penhaul who is there in germany at the hospital where they are treating sergeant bowe bergdahl. the officials say they are under no pressure to release him any time soon. they are clearly taking the time until he is absolutely ready to come stateside but what are you hearing about the type of treatment that he is getting right now? >> yeah, absolutely, poppy. they are certainly doing this bit-by-bit and could mean that martin could be on standby a few days more outside that medical facility at san antonio. each morning bowe bergdahl's physicians and his psychologists get together in a huddle and say is today the day? is he now ready that we can fly him back stateside and, so far, that decision is, no, he is not ready to be flown back. it is a little bit of a drip-by-drip information that they are giving us. first of all, they are saying because of patient confidentiality, they are not going to tell us specifically of any psychological or physical
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illness he may have at this stage but what they are saying is that bergdahl in general terms is stable, he is making improvements, he is conversing and engaging with the medical staff around him and he is taking an interest in the kind of program, the medical program that they are putting him through. of course, they are taking special care of his diet and nutritional needs because after five years in captivity probably hasn't been eating too well. also the other key part of this phase two is what the psychologists are calling decompression. the military psychologists say like if you had a bad day at the office you come home and want to take a time-out before you reengage with the family. you want to get your head together. sen essentially, bowe bergdahl has had a bad day at the office the last five years and taking it step-by-step and taking it very slowly to make sure, to draw him out of himself.
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so over these last few days, we understand that he has been having the chance to tell his story, to tell what he has been through in the times of captivity and to have the psychologists listen, to have even a chaplain possibly listening to him and legal representatives as well to make sure he doesn't say more than he should be saying at this stage. >> so much still ahead for sergeant bowe bergdahl as he attempts to make the return home to the united states. appreciate the update. thank you, karl. well, you would think that the release of a prisoner of war would be a high point for the white house but this is turning into a huge headache for one of the president's top aides. also straight ahead in the newsroom, california chrome could make history this hour. one horse trainer who thinks he can do it, the man that trained him from when he was born. that is straight ahead. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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california chrome become part of racing history and win the triple crown this hour? it's happening in not too long. we are going to know that answer soon. but chrome will attempt to win the belmont stakes after already capturing the kentucky derby and the preakness. this horse that has grabbed the world's attention really came from pretty humble beginnings. his owners invested about $10,000 in his breeding and the man at the start pear anderson is with me. thank you for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. >> okay. >> okay. so you were california chrome's lead trainer when he was younger. from really the moment he was born. give us a sense of just how proud you are right now. >> well, proud that california chrome came into the barn when he was just 20 months old. just a young horse. and got to work and did the
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whole thing, the preparation as far as breaking him and starting him and getting used to the saddle and bridle and getting used to the rider and all that kind of stuff, you know? we were excited about it. we didn't know it was going to be this kind of horse, you know, but showed a lot of potential growing up. >> talk to me about that. i mean, you knew, you said that he was special. sort of from the first time you saw him. i'm wondering what told you that? frankly, did you know he was this special? >> i didn't know he was going to be this special. horse going up and going to the train barn and the procedure and stuff, you know, he just did everything right. he was very precocious. he had the look. it was very, you know, athletic, you know, going out to the track, went out there like he had been there before. you know, he did everything we asked him to do and start
3:15 pm
raising him and down the lane he was like, you know, really precocious and, you know, like -- i said just like he did -- he just did it like he used to be. >> you know, we were doing some research today looking into this and there has been some reporting on the fact that apparently he had a lot of human interaction from a very, very early age. his mother got very ill after he was born so he had a lot of human interaction maybe more than others. how do you think that played in? >> well, i think maybe because just a chance -- got some attention just because the way he looked. just came into the barn just a whole big group -- and trained and, you know, going out to the track and stuff like that. i don't think he got a lot of attention, just like anybody else. when he stopped breeding him that is when he showed a lot of
3:16 pm
promise as far as had some abilities, just everything he kept doing was natural to him and that is what we thought, wow, he could be a pretty nice horse, you know? you know? not knowing he was going to be this good. >> well, he is this good and we will see if he makes history tonight taking home the triple crown. i think a lot of people would think that you would be there at the belmont stakes. he is actually watching this race alone nervously anticipating what might happen. we will all be watching. thank you. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. the military tried for years to bring bowe bergdahl home but, now, the taliban has given him up. the white house struggling to answer some questions about his capture and that has been a major flash point for one top white house official. we will discuss straight ahead. . it steals your memories. your independence. insures support. a breakthrough.
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is recovering from psychological trauma, according to a senior official telling cnn. after suffering physical abuse during his five years in taliban captivity is what that senior u.s. official tells cnn. as he recovers in germany, the controversy is turning into a problem for national security adviser susan rice. once again, rice is talking
3:21 pm
points are becoming a political flash point after she praised bergdahl and called his service honorable on the talk shows last week. rice says she is not a liar. take a listen. >> in the case of bowe bergdahl, for me to condemn him without any opportunity for him to have the chance to tell his side of the story without any due process, that we accord any american, that would be inher t inheritently unfair. i provide the best of the information the u.s. government had at the time. parts of it turned out out trto wrong. that doesn't make me a liar. that makes me a public servant trying to say what we knew at the time -- >> that was a fascinating interview by our jim acosta. you should watch it at joining me is mark lamont hill and next to me in new york
3:22 pm
and in dallas political commentator ben ferguson. she is talking about benghazi saying the information i had at the time was this, this video that sparked these protests and what happened in benghazi and saying this is the information i was given at this time. she stood by her words praising bergdahl's service saying anyone who is serving this country is doing a good and honorable thing. what is your reaction? >> i think, one, she is out of touch and, two, a distrust with the american people with susan rice because of what she has said when it's mattered the most, when people lives are at risk and when people died in benghazi was flat out fabricated information. that is i'm a public servant and doing my job and deliver talking points to the american people. no good enough when you're in the room creating the talking points. i think it looked out of touch.
3:23 pm
no one was asking her to condemn bowe. no one should say he should come out to say he is a terrible soldier but he is honorable and acted in an amazing way when there is so much doubt around him and every soldier that served with him is telling a different story. yet again, i think shows how out of touch she is. >> to be fair. not every soldier. we have heard from some but not heard from half of the people who served with him. mark, i have a sense you want to jump in here so let me give you a chance. what is your reaction? some people are saying, look, the ceremony in the rose garden was just a little too much, was a little over the top for a story that hasn't been fully told mere. what do you think? >> i think the first time in american history the return of a prisoner of war, american soldier, has been met with such challenging critique. this is absurd to me. ben says no one was asking her to defend bergdahl and saying he was a terrible soldier and that is simply not true. the implicit narrative from the
3:24 pm
right has been from the beginning this was a bad soldier. this is a person whose life wasn't worth saving. many said we should have left him there because he walked off. if that is true. we don't know yet and i think a significant problem. we had to defend his honor. >> what republicans have been saying that? wait. >> let me jump in, ben. a lot of what we have heard -- guys! a lot of what we have heard in terms of kaug him a deserter is those who served with him. let's not say republicans and democrats. this is from some people who have served with him. i want you to listen to some sound and comes from one of those people who served alongside bowe bergdahl, former army specialist gerald sutton who talked to our jake tapper yesterday. listen. >> a time when about three days ago before left, he asked me what would it be like to be lost in the mountains or do you think i could make it to china, india, or far east on foot from where we were? in afghanistan? and i just -- i really thought it was just a joke. and it seemed like it was a joke
3:25 pm
to him too because he laughed after i laughed. so i mean, maybe that is a big deal. maybe not. i don't know. that was his subtle way of telling me good-bye? >> you know what? we don't know. because we haven't heard from sergeant bowe bergdahl. however, we have been hearing from a number of other people that served with him. i want your reaction to that, ben. >> i think it goes back to the point you don't walk out on national tv and say he served honorly and admirably on the sunday morning talk shows to cover the white house's rear end when so many soldiers that came out that served with him and at least the bare minimum throwing up major question marks and major red flags about this entire scenario, including dianne feinstein who is one of the most loyal female democrats in the senate saying she doesn't like this deal. people are looking at the fact and realizing this guy walked off the base, mark! that is a big deal! >> no.
3:26 pm
you're mixing apples and oranges. you're saying, look. >> no, i'm not! >> let -- >> you're saying 5-1 deal doesn't make since i disagree with you but one argument. if you kay he say we can't secure these five former inmates in a year, that is a debatable argument. but to say he may or may not have walked off the base he doesn't deserve to be saved is anti-american and anti-democratic and anti-human. >> i didn't say that, mark! i said -- >> you mixed the feinstein argument with the soldier. >> can i interrupt one second? >> sure. >> i do want to point this out to you, mark, what ben is saying. could there have been a better choice of words or should the words from susan rice have been more qualified? >> of course. what she should -- we don't know what happened but any soldier who serves in the army is worth saving. that is what she should said. would i call him admirable or honorable? sounds like he may have done something below the call of duty if these allegations are true.
3:27 pm
either way he deserves to be saved. >> guys? stick around. >> i think it's an issue -- >> guys, stick around. you can continue this all you want in the commercial break but we have a lot more to talk with you about straight ahead here. also coming up, can rice survive another crisis? we are going to keep talking about this. maybe the better question is looking at her brand, what is the brand of susan rice right now? we are going to talk to an expert about this issue for the white house. also straight ahead, officials in arizona are livid that hundreds of immigrant children are shipped to their state and they may not have what it takes to care for them right now. a big dilemma unfold in arizona and we will talk about it with these two men straight ahead. he is the young man who
3:28 pm
tackled a gunman at seattle pacific university this week. now members of his community are making their mark. finding a way to say thank you to this young man for his bravery. one supporter found out about john meis' upcoming wedding, guess what? his registries set on fire. >> i'm not supersurprised he would do something like that, but it's amazing and we're definitely very proud of him. >> there was an act of bravery of selfless of thinking about others that paw him at great risk. >> his wedding registry at last check is almost complete. the honemoon fund for him has reached almost $25,000. wow! that is going to be a pretty great honeymoon and kudos to him for the work that he did. we will be right back. tool helps --
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the u.s. government is sending hundreds of undocumented children to arizona. many of them are unaccompanied by adults and reportedly caught in texas trying to get into this country. our rosa flores is tracking this story. what do we know? >> reporter: the arizona governor telling the associated press today 1,500 people fit in this facility where the people are held and the situation is so dire that the state is bringing in medical supplies. what is behind these walls in arizona has many tonight angry and here is why. on the other side of these chain linked fences are children. hundreds of them. seemingly laying on the floor covered in thermal blankets. this is where immigration officials are moving more than a
3:33 pm
thousand undocumented children to this make-shift attention center this weekend just inside the arizona/mexico border. the information that we are getting is coming from a very outraged arizona governor jan brewer. >> reporter: arizona's governor highlily critical of the move releasing a statement on friday saying in part, quote. i am disturbed and outraged that president obama's administration continues to implement this dangerous and inhumane policy. not only does the federal government have no plan to stop this disgraceful policy it also has no plan to deal with the endless waves of illegal aliens once they are released here. if the obama administration put half the effort into securing our border as it has invested to institute this operation, our state and nation would not be facing this situation. this latest operation by federal
3:34 pm
immigration officials comes on the heels of an influx of women and children over the memorial day weekend. caught illegally trying to cross into texas and hundreds flown to tucson and bussed to phoenix and left at a bus station to find their way. beginning on tuesday, we started seeing families dropped off, including, you know, children most under the age of five, some as young as 3 to 6month-old. >> they are released on their own and to be reunited with family members in the united states. >> reporter: it's this weekend's transport has called the entire operation into question. a spokesman for homeland security tells cnn the number of undocumented children crossing the u.s./mexico border themselves that increased substantially and calling it a crisis situation.
3:35 pm
official say 60,000 children will try to cross into the united states this year alone. it's important to add that the influx of children that are unaccompanied by adults has nothing to do with immigration policy. i talked to several attorneys, including the women's refuge commission who did a study on this and saying the reason these children are coming to the united states is because of violence in central america. >> wow. we have gotten this reaction from jan brewer. have we heard anything from the white house on this? >> reporter: you know, i haven't seen anything come out of the white house but i do know that several senators from around the country are planning to file bills to try to do something about this. i can tell you that a lot of attorneys from around the country are working on cases because of the conditions that these children are being held in. >> absolutely. thank you for the report and the
3:36 pm
update. appreciate it, rosa. >> let's bring our panel back in ben ferguson and mark lamont hill. important to know what rosa said there in terms of why these children are coming into this country. but, i mean, what do you do? what is the solution here? this is one case of many. >> yeah. one, this shows total incompetence by the administration. that they don't have a policy and why you're seeing it be such a disaster. i mean, putting people on planes, then putting them on buses, then dropping them off at a bus stop was a plan. i mean, the incompetence of that plan is beyond me. the other issue is you're putting these people's lives at risk when you're keeping them in this way and it also brings up another glaring issue which this white house does not want to deal with. as long as you have an open border and you do not secure it, these people will continue to come across the border which puts their lives at risk, their children's lives at risk, but as long as they think there is a pathway to america, they are
3:37 pm
going to keep coming like this and we don't have a plan of how to deal with them so it's a big problem in the white house and they don't want to deal with it. >> guys, to you, mark. i want mark to respond. doesn't a plan take people on both parties agreeing, compromising on immigration reform? >> takes leadership. >> it does take leadership and i think we need to see leadership from white house and the congress have a bill that makes sense. it's not immigration policy for the young adults coming into the country. i don't want to mix apples and oranges here. ben when you're talking about immigration policy you're talking about militarizing the border and i think a solution to a much bigger problem. we have to think about trade policy. >> what do you want to see, mark, before we wrap up? what do you want to see? >> immigration policy that means reuniting families and means giving amnesty and connecting people for employment opportunities and sensible trade
3:38 pm
policy. >> that is not an answer! >> necessary to leave central america in the first place. >> poppy, this is exactly why the white house has not been able to lead on this issue. they don't know how to answer the question. >> the same thing george bush had. >> let me finish this. the republicans have said we're willing to do a deal on immigration if part of that deal is truly securing the border and they have refused to -- >> same thing. president obama said -- >> thank you both. >> agree to secure the border. >> i wish we had more time. you can talk about it in the commercial break. thank you for your perspective. clearly a problem per shifts and something has to happen and let's hope a solution is sooner than later. thank you both for coming in. appreciate it. coming up how do you survive barrage in washington? susan rice is in focus right now. is this a sign of a bigger problem at the white house?
3:39 pm
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national security adviser susan rice in the spotlight with controversial comments about sergeant bowe bergdahl and she
3:43 pm
has been playing defense since saying this. >> he is going to be safely reunite with his family. he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> this comes after harsh criticism she took. you'll remember about her comments on the benghazi attack. can she come back? what is her brand? we are going to talk about with martha pees. you do this with businesses looking at the importance of the brand and the stability and the reliability there when it comes to political figures. you've got susan rice back in the spotlight. some criticizing her saying you had these talking points and coming out to be another story. what do you make of the impact on the brand? >> well, susan rice is in the middle of what we call the brand bounce and that is when an unplanned event creates a reaction among consumers toward a brand and a brand bounce can be use goo or bad. you know, in target's case last year with the security breach it wasn't good. but if you're a known brand and you have experience in the public eye, you can weather a
3:44 pm
bad bounce more easily. >> look at someone like susan rice a woman with a lot of experience and a long track record. >> right. >> what would you say is her ability to do that? >> i think she's an unknown brand, though. to the public. >> do you? >> yeah. i think that because she doesn't have a brand that extends beyond the commentary that she is making in response to these crises type of situations. she's got a harder time weathering a bad bounce. so to me susan rice is a brand, a less well-known brand in the middle of a bad bounce. >> interesting. she came out in this interview just yesterday with our jim acosta talking about the comments saying sergeant bergdahl served with honor. she is not stepping back on them. she is saying i'm talking about anyone that serves this country. it's an honorable thing to do. >> right. i think she's going to have to decide at some point if she is going to continue to step up and
3:45 pm
be public and facing the press and have a spokesperson kind of role in this area. if she is, i think it might be wise for her to be a little less defensive in how she answers some of the answers. >> more qualified? >> yeah, more qualified and being a little less reactive in responding and trying to explain her comments. but i also think, you know, from a brand perspective, it might make sense for her to stand back for a moment and take a deep breath and really understand, really get sharp understanding of how she is being perceived and why this is getting off track. because she is not a strong a brand add, say, a john kerry for instance who can make a mistake and his brand is so strong when he makes a mistake mentioning israeli and apartheid in the same sentence he can apologize and move on and it doesn't affect his stature on the international stage and same for secretary hagel who might not
3:46 pm
have performed as strongly as hoped in the international hearings. >> interesting perspective in terms of looking at that longevity and that brand leading up to. appreciate the expertise and thank you for being here and thank you for being in new york with us. coming up here, they are down to the final stretch. about to begin the big race at belmont. will california chrome lead the charge and become the first triple crown winner in more than three decades? we are going to see in a few minutes. i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and after the baby is born. simple is good right now. (anncr vo) innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. how much money do you think you'll need when you retire?
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in just minutes, we will know if california chrome will gallop into racing history. the horse is trying to become the first triple crown winner since affirm took that title back in 1978. it has been 36 years! joining me from cnn sports laura rutledge and jean from sports on earth and steve and chris from the daily racing forum who is with us on the phone. does california chrome have the stuff to be mentioned with these other triple crown winners when you look at the names? affirm in 1978 and seattle slew in '77 and secretariat in '73 and admiral in 1937. lau laura, is tonight the night? >> i think it is. i think we will finally see this drought for triple crown winners
3:51 pm
and i think california chrome can get it done and i wouldn't directly compare him to any of the other horses you mentioned because he is a zone horse and all of those horses were their own personalities as well. i think california chrome has everything in the tank he needs to get this done. he's been better than the other horses that we will see today and i think he wins the triple crown. >> steve, you're not a believer? >> no. i'm not. he's a very good horse. he's not a great horse yet. he doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath of those others. 11 horses in a row have been in his position winning the derby and preakness and trying to win the belmont and the last 11 all failed. i think a lot of those horses were better than he is. >> eugene, why do you think california chrome has it to take this home tonight? >> well, i think he's had the class this whole time. he has the right running style for the belmont stakes. he is on and near the lead. he hasn't really lost the fitness that the other 11 horses who have tried to complete the triple crown and failed have
3:52 pm
done. so those things put together, i think this is going to be his day. >> laura, talk to us about the biggest threat facing california chrome tonight. >> i think the biggest threat would come in the form of other horses. horses like commanding curve, tonalist and some of the names we have heard mentioned before. that said, i think california chrome is, by far, the best of the other horses that he'll race today. like i said earlier. the thing about california chrome he is not fazed by the other distractions that other horses are fazed by. california chrome, cool and calm and collected. >> doesn't need it. let me show you this cool live shot coming to us from our affiliate kat-tv. that is california chrome's hometown. let's listen into the applause. this is an excited group of people waiting just moments away for this potentially history making run for the triple crown.
3:53 pm
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3:56 pm
about 30 seconds into this race. let's bring our experts back in. ge gene, what do you make of this start so far? >> looked like he got out of the gate fine. there was a little bit of concern there as he was beginning the first turn, but it looks like the jockey victor espinoza got him a little outside and we will see if he can hang on. >> we will see if he can hang on. you're looking at live pictures from california chrome's hometown there coming to us from our affiliate kx-tv. a lot of hopefuls there hoping this is the horse that can make history and be the horse that will win the triple crown for the first time in 36 years.
3:57 pm
laura, 12 attempts since the last win to make this happen. are you hopeful? >> i'm definitely hopeful. i think this would be great for the sport of horse racing. i think this is something that everybody wants to see. so many people are watching this belmont stakes because they want to see california chrome. they might not watch otherwise. it's a great thing all around if he is able to pull it off. either way he has drawn a lot of attention to a sport that might have considered by some to be a dying brand. >> steve, what do you make of it this time? you say this is a good horse, not a great horse yet. we will see in maybe about a minute. >> less than a minute. you know? this didn't work out with him going to the lead. he has to win the race from off the pace and try to run down four horses who are in front of him at the moment. if he does it, does he it. but he's not there yet. >> he is not there yet. we have got our people on the sidelines. we are going to get to them in a moment when this race ends but when you look at this horse from humble beginnings to you, steve, what kind of story is this for
3:58 pm
this horse? even if he doesn't take it away. >> we do not have a triple crown winner. >> there we have it, folks. guys, can i get the results? all right. it looks like california chrome has crossed the finish line, come in fourth. you're looking at some disappointed people there in california chrome's hometown. they were hoping that this would be the horse that would take it away. not this time around. adding to the list of 12 others before him who have tried to get a triple crown between 1978, i believe it is, the last time. yeah, 1978 that we saw a triple crown winner. 12 horses and jockeys have tried. a very strong attempt here coming from california chrome. what do you make of the race, steve? you were right. you danny think he would pull it
3:59 pm
off. >> well, you know, he didn't break perfectly for him. he had to try to run down the horses from the outside. you know, he may well turn out to be the best of this year's group of 3-year-olds but a reason this thing hasn't been won in 36 years. have you to be a great horse to do it. >> laura, talk to us about the horse that just won. >> i'm still trying to figure out exactly who it was because i couldn't see in here. can you guys tell me? >> yeah. can someone tell us the horse who was the winner there? i know we are trying to go to richard roth who is on the phone. do we have richard roth on the phone? >> yes, we do. >> richard, what can you tell us? >> reporter: there is not going to be a triple crown and the long elusive wait goes on. california chrome did not win the 146th edition of the triple crown. the belmont stakes, you might say. basically, some would say traffic trouble and some say the first time california chrome
4:00 pm
chased some, quote, traffic problems. he was up toward the lead early and then shuffled back along the rail and then fourth and then he made a move. the crowd was reorganize. in the stretch he did not -- was not able to overcome competitor. it was a mile and a half distance which he hasn't run. whether it was three races in five weeks, we will get an explanation later. richard, thank you so much, richard. appreciate it. we have got to go at the end of the hour. not tonight for california chrome. but an exciting race. stay right here on cnn. get completely caught up with our documentary series the "sixties" tonight. that is straight ahead. at 8:00 world on the brink. thanks for being with us. i'm poply hpy harlow. >> here we go. >>