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tv   New Day  CNN  June 9, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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twisted ideology that set them off. also breaking overnight -- a massive attack on an international airport in pakistan. the battle waged for hours. dozens killed and the taliban taking responsibility. how close did they get to passenger airlines? end threat, the family of bowe bergdahl now receiving death threats this as cnn learns the sergeant hasn't spoken to his parents yet. what did he say that has one democratic senator so upset. >> your "new day" starts now. >> announcer: is this "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning, welcome to you. this is monday, june 9th. kate is off. it's great to have brooke here. new information about why a deranged couple killed three
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people in las vegas including two police officers. authorities say the married couple line it may have thought they had an ax to grind with police. dan is in las vegas. dan, what do we understand now? >> reporter: well, hi, chris. these were two police officers who were having lunch. it's not like they were on a call or some kind of a dangerous situation. that's when the two suspects, a man and woman, come inside, open fire killing those officers. from there, they come into this walmart where there's even more bloodshed. now authorities are trying to figure out what prompted this whole thing. breaking overnight a raid in an apartment in las vegas, possibly the home of the two suspects involved in sunday's shooting spree. an area around the apartment was cordoned off. local affiliates report an explosion, apparently with a flash bang grenade set off by police. a law enforcement official tells cnn the suspects were a married
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couple. >> it's a tragic day. a very, very difficult day. >> reporter: around 11:22 on sunday, ten miles from the las vegas strip, two people, one male, one female, opened fire inside this pizza restaurant. witnesses here declare the ambush a revolution. >> i saw the gun in their hand, they told me to at the time cops it was a revolution. >> reporter: when police arrived they discovered two of their own murdered. 41-year-old allen beck and 34-year-old igor solo, both leaves wind wives and young children. >> what precipitated this event, we do not know my officers were simply having lunch. >> reporter: authorities say one officer was able to fire back before being kid. the assailants grabbing the gun and ammunition. >> the man who shot him was hugging him like this but i think he was going for his gun. trying to get the officers' gun.
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>> reporter: the duo headed across the street toe this walmart killing a woman at the front entrance. >> i saw a whole bunch of people running towards the back. >> reporter: police converged on the scene exchanging gunfire. a female attacker shot the male suspect then turned the gun on herself. well, cnn is not naming the married couple until they're identified by law enforcement. but we can tell you they had a lot of things posted online. and it's clear they had a real disdain towards law enforcement. brooke, we'll send it back to you. >> awful, dan simon, thank you so much. the death toll rising on that lethal attack on pakistan's busiest airport. the latest number we have, 28. at least 28 people are dead with dozens more injured at the international airport in karachi. ten of the militants stormed the airport with guns, grenades, suicide vests anded now claim
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responsibility from the pakistani taliban which says it was motivated by an american drone strike. cnn's saima is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a lot of people here particularly on social media, wondering why pakistan is the target of the attack that is for revenge of the u.s. drone strike. a lot of salt to this attack. a bold, brazen attack, as you say, ten militants breaking into the largest and busiest airport here in pakistan. karachi international airport. it's also the financial hub of the country. and today, people in shock because they've broken into the airport. they managed to target people. they kid 18 people, airport staff, airport security personnel as well. today, people are asking questions about pakistan's
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intelligence officials and whether they are able to tack the menace of terrorism here. brooke. >> saima, thank you so much. we're getting details about sergeant bowe bergdahl after the five years in captivity as he recovers in landstuhl, germany. his parents are receiving death lets back here in the united states. let's go to barbara starr with a lot new on the story. >> reporter: good morning, the taliban are telling the story that fits their narrative. but u.s. officials are telling us that bowe bergdahl was kept in captivity. was physically abused and at a point was kept in a confined space described as a cage. >> reporter: at this hospital in germany, bowe bergdahl promoted automatically to sergeant while held prisoner now says he wants
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to be called by his old rank, private first class. in his mind, he is a pfc, a senior u.s. official says adding that bergdahl wearing his uniform would be part of the regular reintegration process. a taliban source tells cnn's nic robertson that not long after bergdahl was taken prisoner he escaped and was on the run three days before being recaptured. the taliban account which cannot be independently confirmed claims bergdahl never converted to islam and was allowed to celebrate christmas and easter. secretary of state john kerry defends sending to qatar. >> i'm not telling you that they don't have some ability at some point to go back and get involved. but they also have an ability to
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get killed doing that. >> reporter: senate intelligence chairman dianne feinstein on cbs said she's not buying it. >> i heard john kerry this morning saying, don't worry about them in doha. you can't help but worry about them in doha. >> reporter: and what of that alleged taliban threat to kill bergdahl if word of the prison swap leaked? finestein says she doesn't believe there was a credible threat. >> no, i do not. i've heard of none, let me put it that way. >> reporter: but the senior u.s. official says that once a prisoner exchange deal was reached with bergdahl's captors, the u.s. had to move quickly, because of intelligence, other taliban elements might kill him to keep him out of u.s. hands. and the fbi is continuing to investigate threats against his parents. chris. >> barbara, thank you for continuinging to drive the reporting on this. it's a story that begs understand, let's bring in
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matthew hoke, he's a friend of the bergdahl family and a marine captain. captain, thank you for being here. give us a sense of where the family is at? the tough news that he's not ready to speak to his family. >> good morning. thank you for having me here today. they're doing as well as you can expect with someone in these circumstances to do. they're very grateful for the support they're getting from their community. they're very grateful for the support they're getting from members of our be that can see themselves in bob on jennie's place. imagine or son or daughter being held captive halfway around the world in condition that you can only imagine as horrific and brutal. so they're doing very well. and like any dedicated parent, they're devoted right now, to getting bowe better. getting him back to the u.s. and getting him through this
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initial process. because they know this is going to be a long road that this is something -- look, i've been very open about my own posttraumatic stress disorder which is nothing compared to what bowe has gone through. the onset of that was seven years ago and i still struggle for it. you can imagine what it's going to be like for bowe going forward. and really, for lack of a better word to describe it shameful rhetoric coming at them. >> directed at the family now? >> exactly. >> is it true the fbi is investigating death threats that the family is receiving? >> yes, they have been. speakinging to bob last week, they have received both e-mail, as well as phone threats. they're receiving great support from the fbi and local police out there are terrific, very supportive of the family. >> now, this stems from people saw bob with a beard and heard he had learned the language and he was trying to understand better the culture of the men who had taken his son.
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and it was somehow portrayed by a couple hot head it's in media and echoed online as him being a sympathizer, is that what this? >> exactly what it is. and the lead story in las vegas, supposedly where they murdered two police officers in a revolution. you have people in this country for political theater, for purposes of political gain fan these flames. >> say muslim? does he favor the taliban? >> oh, absolutely not. look, bob and jeni and bowe are a presbyterian family. they're very devout. bob grew the beard, bob studied the languages. bob did all of this. one time, i was speaking to him last year, alarm clocks went off in his house. he said, excuse me, let me turn this off. what that was, bob had set the clocks five times a day to correspond the times in pakistan when he figured bowe was being forced to pray with his muslim captors. i mean, this is a man who
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immersed himself in it because he wanted to understand what his son was going through. and for anybody not to understand that, either they have no children or they have no shame or they're so devoted as ideology and political rhetoric that they're blind to everything else. >> what do you make of people looking at the video of bowe saying he looks okay for me. almost as if he deserves this for whatever he did. what is your perspective as somebody who's been at war, about what those conditions would be like? >> you get -- you know, i actually went through the military's events, survival, and escape training back in 2002. they put you in a prisoner of war camp. they smack you around. just even that, the instructors a lot of the instructors were former vietnam prisoners of war. so the conditions he would have endured. and what was a benefit for the
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vietnam prisoners they had each other for solidarity. bowe did not have that. for anyone, particularly for someone who has never served, never heard a shot fired in anger, where so much of this anger, political theater is coming from is disgusting. you know, it makes a lot of us very angry. and i hope that men and women who are still in the military, men and women who are veterans are observing this and understanding that, look, there are members of our political system who will, as well as the media and public, who will completely abandon you. who will completely use you for their own political purposes. so i hope this motivates out of guys and gals in the military now or veterans to get involved. to speak out. >> i hear you. captain, how do you square your feelings about who's bringing what you saul shameful actions from what we heard from men serving with him? who say we think he deserted.
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how do you reconcile that? >> yeah, it's tough. i feel for those guys. i understand their anger. it's been five years. they hadn't been allowed to speak about it. i would say to them, as we discussed the other day, look, it's justified, your anger. you're upset that your brothers were killed over there. i lost people, too, in both iraq and afghanistan. but your anger should be directed at those who are responsible for these wars who made policy, who kept these wars going. the generals and the politicians. that's responsible for it. not bowe, not bob and jani. i think and i hope with time, these guys, and i respect them. and i would say to them, hey, guys, look, this is your brother who has come home, forgive him and embrace him. >> and you say, you're cautioning people to be patient from what you understand of the situation, these people who are saying he definitely deserted that he was a sympathizer with
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the taliban, you think as the facts come out they're going to be greatly disappointed in their own theories? >> absolutely. and of course, we'll never hear an apology, a mea culpa from them, right? i think what we'll find, bowe had left the base previously. he went out with a camera and a notebook. the intelligence said he was looking for someone who spoke english. this is a kid to listened to foreign legion. he probably did something very stupid by leaving the post. he signed every red cross letter home pfc bowe bergdahl. there's no indication that he ever -- you know, when you go through a prisoner of war training, the whole concept is to run home with honor. so susan rice who received a lot of flak for her comments what about she said about bowe, if you look at what he did, five years in captivity. the suffer, the torture, the isolation, he did it didn't
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bring shame on himself. >> you're saying no video statements. >> exactly. >> especially if he's a sympathizer. this is an organization, as you know, taliban, al qaeda, they're very, very good in their propaganda skills. hey i was actually in an al qaeda propaganda video. these guys are very good at it by taking things, manipulating them and putting your words around. the fact that never occurred and he was there by himself for five years. he didn't have 234i7b8s to lean on. the reports about the possible torture, the isolation. >> it will break you. >> i don't know how he didn't break. >> you said even in training when you knew they were your own and friendly, guys would break. >> oh, yeah. >> it can be horrible and unimaginable if real. listen, captain, i appreciate the perspective. as always, the best to the family. i do not wish this on anyone, let alone people just trying to
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get their son back. >> appreciate it, chris. over to you, michaela, look at the headlines, other news. here they are. major announcement from the white house aimed at easing student debt. president obama expected to sign at any of repayment programs at 10% of a boar rowers's discretionary income. the changes would allow an additional 5 million people to qualify for the program which wouldn't take in effect until december 2015. officials are advising residents to evacuate as a massive wildfire threatens 250 homes outside of bend, oregon. the two bowls fires started saturday, a wind-driven fire that spread quickly into a six-mile inferno that scorched 6100 acres. the evacuations are not mandatory. we're told no structures have been lost. so far, no word on what caused that blaze. they are expected winds to pick up again today and that could be a real issue for firefighters.
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broadway's brightest stars honored at the 68th annual tony awards. it was an historic audra mcdonald won her sixth tony for acting, the most other. other winners, neil patrick harris, bryan cranston won best actor in a play "her own way. and "a gentleman's guide" won for best performance. brooke, we have some shows to see. >> i have a week. >> musical theater, you love it. >> i'm happy we didn't get beaten over the head with hugh jackman references the whole time. >> did you see the hugh jackman -- >> it's not fair for a guy to look like he does and be as tall landed as he does. >> you're doing fine. coming up on "new day," the
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hillary clinton book tour. is it the kickoff to the presidential campaign? i hope so, otherwise, why are we talking about it so much. we'll hear what she had to say? big talk, did you watch, did you go? california chrome's owners blasting the rules. and is he right, calling them cowards, we'll hear from a racing analyst on "new day." i'm mom at the playground and the dog park.
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is. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching "new day" as we're hearing new revelations from hillary clinton. as the book is set to hit the shelves. in a new interview, clinton is dropping even more hints about a possible 2016 presidential run. we turn to brianna keilar with a preview. >> you know hillary clinton has said she has a decision to make. well, if you're hoping for a little clarity on when she's going to do that you're not going to find it in this interview because hillary clinton is keeping her options open. >> reporter: on the eve of her head-grabbing book rollout, hillary clinton shares with abc news her timetable to decide whether she's running for president. >> i just want to get through this year, travel around the country. sign books. help in the midterm elections in the fall. and then take a deep breath and
3:23 am
go through my pluses and minuses about what i will and will not be thinking about as i make the decision. >> reporter: pushing back her personal deadline to 2015. >> i will be on the way to making a decision by the end of the year, yes. >> reporter: but she's already in the political spin cycle, clinton didn't rule out appearing before a republican-led house committee investigating the benghazi attack. >> well, we'll see what they decide to do, how they conduct themselves. whether or not this is one more travesty about the loss of four americans or whether this is in the best tradition of the congress, an effort to try to figure out what we can do better. >> reporter: only 37% of americans approve of her handling benghazi. but the majority still approve of her overall performance as secretary of state. according to a new abc news/"washington post" poll. clinton also gets very high marks for leadership qualities as they prepares for a demanding book tour some see as a dry run for 2016, clinton also answered
3:24 am
questions about her 2012 blood clot and concussion she said caused her to suffer dizziness and double vision. >> so no lingering effects of any kind? >> no lingering effects. >> you would release your medical records? >> i would do what other candidates have done, absolutely. >> event, karl rove made it a hot button issue. >> she had a serious episode. >> reporter: and for the first time, she respond. >> what would you like to say to karl rove about your brain? >> i know he was paul bush's brain in one of the books written about him and i wish him well. >> so trying to downplay the issue there, but this book is part of the big rollout. there will be other interviews, there will be speeches and book signings. all of it is designed to sell books and keep her well positioned for a 2016 run. >> we talked about this before, nothing is on accident, this is
3:25 am
all perfectly choreographed to read through the tea leaves. diane sawyer says, listen, it seems the party is frozen right now. let me ask you about that about the people who may possibly run against her on the left side of the aisle. she said they can do whatever they choose to do in whatever timetable they decide. but that's not entirely true. >> no, it's not really true. i mean, there's not a whole lot maybe she can do about it right now. i think pretty much, everyone agrees, the sooner she gets into this race, the trickier it is for her. largely right now when you're looking at staff picks and fund-raisinging, those folks are kind of holding their fire. signing if she decides she's probably going to run, she's not a little more time. if she's thinking she may not run then she kind of needs to get out of the way and make some democratings make headway with fund-raising. >> what's your take on this. i was actually happy that diane
3:26 am
pressed her the way she did. it's a dicey move because when hillary becomes candidate and the presumptive candidate that can come back and hurt you. but diane pressed her. she got her to say bit end of the year. that's early. right, brianna, if she says end of the year, she'll probably be first then? >> well, chris, let's split what she said. she said she'll be well on her way by the end of the year. >> what does that mean, by the way? >> that's exactly -- the box that she's gotten herself into, she said, i will basically be deciding the end of this year. there is going to be a lot of pressure after the midterm elections for her to do that. but then she kept her options open. and you can basically see that because diane went through all these different avenues and it made it it very clear she's keeping her options open. in politics, there certainly are options, and she's trying to give herself something she didn't have before. >> brianna, thank you very much.
3:27 am
to your point, if it does take quite a while longer, what happens to the other folks? >> she's doing what they call in politics, freezing pockets. the donors of giving her money thinking she's going to run. >> she's on her way. >> we'll see. >> we couldn't help her any more than we have. she's got just a free ride from the media. we're the biggest ones promoting her campaign. so it better happen. coming up on "new day," the rant heard around the world. california chrome loses his triple crown. you knew that. but did you know the horses he was running against they didn't have three races. the owners are crying foul. also ahead, tracy morgan facing long recovery after a car crash claimed the life of another comedian. and the legal battle for the driver who may have caused the crash.
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welcome back to "new day." it's half past the hour. here's a look rat your headlines. a possible motive for weekend killing spree in las vegas. law enforcement source telling cnn that a married couple suspected of ambushing two police officers held extreme views toward law enforcement. those shooters killed a third person at a walmart before taking their own lives. witnesses reported hearing one of the suspects yell this is a revolution. breaking overnight, 28 people are now dead, dozens others injured in an attack on pakistan's busiest airport. the assault began late sunday night at the international airport in karachi.
3:32 am
ten of the dead are militants they're they stormed with guns, grenades, suicide vests. intelligence tells us they carried out the retaliation as part of a retaliation of a drone strike. >> and the symbolic ceremony an expression of hope to one of the world's longest conflicts. meeting was more about prayer than conflict as the three joined together to plant an olive tree. pope francis said the symbolism would be the beginning of a new journey. let's talk about this triple crown controversy. it seems to be getting of course. california chrome, as you know, lost his bid. then his co-owner, steven coburn, lost his cool, suggesting that owners who didn't run their horses in all three races of the triple crown were cowards. the top two only ran on
3:33 am
saturday, not the derby and not the preakness. we're going to talk about this with mike battaglia, he's an only lift with sports. take a listen. >> if you've got a horse that can -- if you've got a horse that burns points running the kentucky derby. those 20 horses are the only 20 eligible to run in all three races, this is the coward's way out. >> i think his wife was trying pull him back there for a second, mike. i think that was happening. no one could stop him. he was upset. the question is was he upset for good reason? what's your take? >> you know, i think the whole scene was very disappointing. no, i don't think he had much of a reason at all. you know, the triple crown is three separate races. three separate entities. the kentucky derby, the
3:34 am
preakness then the belmont. there are three separate races. there are three separate trophies. the deal is, you have to win all three. all three have different rules. all three have different eligibilities. that's just the way it has been for years. i've heard some people talking recently about trying to change the time between the races which i don't even agree with that. but to say that the only horses that can be eligible are the 20 that ran in the derby, see, i have never heard anybody say that in my 40 years so -- >> well, help us understand a little bit better. because there's definitely some debate meant because of this. there are two perspectives that we need to understand. one, does it make a horse really tired to run these first two races and then the third within five weeks? is it a relevant consideration? >> of course, it does. that's why the triple crown is so tough. that's why it's such a coveted prize. it's such a hard thing to do. it takes a special kind of horse
3:35 am
to be able to do that. and there's not many that can stand the test. you know, i just felt that california chrome, he looked great in the derby. he looked great in the preakness. but to come back in three weeks, it is very hard. and that's why it's hard. >> okay. so -- >> to say that you don't want to face any morel challengers in that belmont stakes, though, that, to me, that's just not right. >> well i get that. you always want the best competition against you to prove that you are the best. however, is there anything to this point that the belmont becomes a spoiler race and that people almost hold back their horses to race against these emerging champions to maybe up their value or just ruin the triple crown? >> nobody's looking to ruin the triple crown. if you go back and look, tonalist and commissioner, one, two, finishes in the belmont, they had not even won a stakes race going into the belmont. neither one of those hours was
3:36 am
eligible to run in the kentucky derby. i'm sure their connections would have loved to have had the chance to win the triple crown. but 3 year olds develop, they develop very quickly in the spring. and if you get a horse that develops quick enough for the kentucky derby, you're lucky, now, you've got to get them to the preakness and the belmont. these other horses have to catch up with it. it's as simple as that. it's a very grueling test. it's hard to do. and we're going have another triple crown winner. california chrome, did the injury leaving the gate have something to do with it. that very well -- that could have done something to him, too. but it is hard. but i don't think you need to make it easier. >> coburn could have mentioned the hoof, handbut he didn't. and one of the assistant trainer, he doubled down it's like me 6'2" playing basketball against somebody in a
3:37 am
wheelchair. now, that's an incentive thing. but it goes to the passion that this is unfair. you're sayinging he's more emotion than reason right now? >> exactly. he knew the rules going in. i didn't hear him say a word about it before the race. going into the belmont, he knew the horses were coming in fresh. he said, hey, my horse is going to win, he thought he would. it just didn't happen. after the race, like i said, very disappointing i talked to art sherm issen, i talked to victor espinoza, they were very classy in defeat. they said, that's how it is. that's the way it is. >> we've got art sherman coming up later in the show. i did hear from you that chrome was boxed in more than he had been in the other two races this time. people said his bloodlines came into play. and he didn't have distance in his blood. certainly, people are talking
3:38 am
about this. there are a lot of good points to be made. thank you for laying them out for us. appreciate you helping us forward this debate. the rest of you can take to twitter. you heard what mike said, he knows the race game. >> reporter: well. those are the issues, what do you think? do you think the owner's right, should they change the rules? tweet us with the #newday, please. brooke. >> we'll discuss that all morning. it's fascinating to talk about the different angles on the story. coming up next here on "new day," tracy morgan starting to improve. we're hearing, thank goodness, after surviving that horrendous crash that killed a fellow comedian. now a truck driver is facing charges accused of causing that crash. we'll have the latest. also ahead, the families of that missing plane, malaysia airlines flight 370. these families of these passengers have demanded answers for three months. they're taking matters into
3:39 am
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[ squeaking ] [ water dripping ] visit tripadvisor hawaii. [ whistling ] with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better. and here we go. welcome back to "new day." comedian tracy morgan is showing some signs of improvement after
3:43 am
being severely injured in a deadly highway crash over the weekend. morgan and two others remain in critical condition. look at that vehicle here. another comedian was killed in the crash. and today, the truck driver charged with slamming into this limo is expected in court. nischelle turner joins us with more. tough look at that limo. >> i have to tell you it was good news from-to-hear from his rep yesterday, tracy morgan's rep that he is improving. 35-year-old kevin roper is scheduled to be in skort sometime in court in new jersey. he is the man said to be driving the truck that slammed into tracy morgan and his friends. tracy, artie fuqua and jermaine remain in the hospital. >> reporter: actor tracy morgan is in critical condition after a deadly car crash on ate new jersey turnpike over the weekend. morgan said the former star is
3:44 am
responsive in new brunswick, new jersey where he's being treated for broken rib, a broken nose and leg. around 1:00 a.m. saturday, morgan was riding in a limo van after forming at a casino in delaware. state police say morgan's vehicle was struck from behind by a walmart tractor trailer that failed to observe slow-moving traffic. the impact flipped morgan's vehicle on its side, killing one person and injuring several others. >> all i know i saw traffic and i stopped and i was upside down. >> reporter: morgan's friend and fellow comedian james mcnair, known as jimmy mac died in the crash. >> devastated, james, i love you. >> reporter: police arrested 35-year-old kevin roper, a walmart employee and driver of the tractor trailer. charging him with one count of death by auto and four counts of
3:45 am
assault by auto. walmart's ceo releasing a statement saying in part, we are profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involve if it's determined that our truck caused the accident, walmart will take full responsibility. on sunday, tracy morgan's republic la sift noted his recovery would be a long one. >> morgan's rep tells us he did have surgery on his broken leg. he also broke his nose. he's not broken ribs. he's expected to be in the hospital for several more weeks. the driver of that limo said he heard tracy screaminging after the crash, but he couldn't reach him. along with all of these broken bones, guys, there's going to be a lot of emotional appeal. >> and his friend died in the crash. >> weeks. that suggests more than just broken bones. that's a long time to be in the hospital. looking at that van, he's lucky to be alive. >> exactly. 3. >> nischelle, thank you. coming up on "new day,"
3:46 am
malaysia cannot find the answer. now family members of flight 370 will try to buy them. a multimillion-dollar fund to figure out the mystery. we're going to talk with one of the family members who started the fund. plus, secretary of state john kerry defending release of five taliban prisoners for release of bowe bergdahl. we have exclusively details here on cnn.
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is. so, you watched the first game. you see lebron cramp up, you question him. start to think maybe he's not all that. >> how can he not be all that? i don't understand. >> you start feeding the conspiracy that the heat have heated up. what does the king do? the king comes and reigns making beam like brooke baldwin and andy scholes watch their mouth the next time. >> what do you think about that, chris? >> yeah, how would he 1307bd? how he would answer the critics? as expected he came out like a man on a mission in game two. this game was a close one.
3:51 am
tied ted half. in the third quarter, lebron took this quarter over. he made six straight shots to starter the quarter. the heat down one. drives it to chris bosh who knocked down the three. miami takes the lead for good. lebron finished with 35 points, 10 rebounds and mostly, zero cramps as the heat go through with the 96-93 win. >> what happened on thursday, i was going to help this team even the series up and just kind of make plays. to me, the ball was in our hand and to make the right play for the team. to have that trust in my teammates so they know when i've got the ball, i'm going to make the right play. >> trending on "bleacher report" dot wall, ace pitcher throws through to machado. he blows his back.
3:52 am
it landed near donaldson. machado and they abad ejected from the game. maybe an east coast/west coast rivalry between these two teams. speaking of east coast/west coast. kings and ranges. michaela, your kings despite never leading have a 2-0 lead in the series. i'm sure you're pretty happy about that. >> i'm sorry, i couldn't quite hear that, could you repeat that again real quick? i wanted you to say it again. up two in the series. we love that, andy scholes, thank you so much. we want to turn to a story we've been following. in fact, it's been three months since flight 370 disappeared. this morning, we could see a dramatic change in the search zone. that's according to "the wall street journal" saying investigators are recalculating the plane's speed, the flight
3:53 am
and path and a altitude. that coming as family members have launched their own $5 million crowd source campaign offering an award for whistle-blower and sarah bajc has been involved in getting the fund-raising getting up and going. sarah, we're getting updates overnight, about the shifting search area. because of questions over speed, the flight path. the altitude. is this promising to you? or does this feel like they're grasping at straws? >> your words, not mine, but i would totally agree with that. it feels like they're grasping at straws. you know, on the one hand, i think it's terrific that we can advance the state of using satellite data to position an airplane. and it's certainly something that we need to look at.
3:54 am
but as an isolated way to track where an airplane went, it's just a ridiculous proposition. we all believe there is some other kind of intervention involved here. and we need to go back to the beginning. >> we know there was a press conference early this morning, malaysia and government officials talking about the fact that this new search area isn't going to be tremendously far away from the area where the search currently is. were you hoping that maybe there would be more coming out of that press conference today? i know we were hoping there was going to be? >> i don't have that hope anymore any more, because there is yet to be a press conference where we've actually learned something substantial. and it's usually something that happened kind of after the fact. the closing of curtain. so, you know, at this point, i think the family members, and many of the experts who have been consulting with us along the way, have basically thrown up their hands and said, you know, let's take a fresh look at
3:55 am
it. let's treat it as a proper investigation. and see if we can't trace back to finding some actual evidence of what happened with this airplane. >> well torsion that end, i think a lot of us have to give you and the families a whole lot of credit for keeping this investigation alive. to that end, you and some of the families have gotten together and have started a crowd-sourcing campaign. your goal is to get some $5 million. what are you hoping to achieve? and what do you want to do with this money specifically, sarah? >> well, there's a very real potential here that somebody knows something that they haven't brought forward, probably because they're afraid of repercussions. so we feel that a large reward will provide sufficient incentive for that person to come forward and to do the right thing and tell us where the airplane is. you know, the entire story about the southern indian ocean does not hold water, it doesn't hold
3:56 am
water whether it's area "a," area "b" or area "c." there's three months that it still flew over buttermilk airspace and i just can't believe they didn't see it. and the jordan system didn't see it. >> so you're really hoping this will be, as you said, an incentive, if there is somebody that nose something, that they'll come forward, encouraged by this reward? >> we hope so. and then part of the funds will also be used by an independent private investigators, they're a fully licensed firm. they do a lost work with insurance companies. including aviation disaster, and they will chase down those leads. now, it might be a long shot and we might never find the lead that comes forward. and we'll continue to expend the
3:57 am
funds on private investigation sources. and hopefully, we'll use it to lobby for aircraft safety. but we have to give it a try. the alternative is just despair and hopelessness, because we've certainly gotten no place so far. >> i think most of us can relate to that. we want to do something in a case like this for any kind of tragedy that has no answers. we want to look for answers ourselves, thanks for that, sarah. thanks for joining us on "new day." we appreciate that. here the big stories starting your "new dayay." the vegas shootings. disturbing details about the couple behind the shots. the kerry exclusive. revelations about monitoring those taliban fighters. and owner outrage after california chrome loses at belmont. let's get after all of them. it's a tragic day. >> when police arrived they discovered two of their own were murdered. >> i think he was going for his gun. >> he told me to tell them it was a revolution.
3:58 am
>> i heard john kerry say don't worry about them in doha. you can't think but worry about them. >> we have any number of avenues to deal with that. this is what the edge of humanity looks like and that bowe is dying. >> co-owners blasted horse owners. >> this is the coward's way out, in my opinion, this is the coward's way out. good morning, welcome back to "new day." kate is getting vacay. very happy, mik and i are joining kate bolduan. >> very happy to be here. in las vegas, three people gunned down, including two police officers who were just eating lunch. authorities say say the suspects are a married couple who apparently had extremist views towards law enforcement. cnn's dan simon is there with the latest. dan. >> reporter: good morning, chris. while cnn is not naming this
3:59 am
married couple until they're identified by law enforcement, it's clear based on things on social media, they had a clear hatred towards law enforcement. police officers are having lunch, a couple walks in and shoot them officers dead. then they come over to this walmart and they kill a woman near the front entrance. then police converge on the scene. there's a scene. apparently, they had a suicide pact. the wife shoots the husband then shoots herself. luke at social media sites. there's it's clear there's a disdain towards law enforcement. there's going to be a press conference at 10:00 a.m. brooke, back to you. let's go to mark, he studies extremist groups across the
4:00 am
country. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start, we don't know a whole lot about this couple. investigators did tell cnn that this couple had extremist views towards law enforcement. apparently, the woman during this rampage yelled is this a revolution. on a superficial level, mark, how do you read this? >> well, there are also reports out of las vegas saying that the couple apparently have swastikas in their apartment. as well as having apparently visited the bundy ranch standoff a few weeks ago. and the rancher cliven bundy was faced off with a lot around the bml police force. we know very little at this point. obviously, we don't even know their names i will say that the bundy standoff, in a sense, may be taken by these people and
4:01 am
others as the beginning of a war. it was after all, from the point of view of militias and other extremists in the united states, a victory. they faced down plm and s.w.a.t. teams in las vegas. they're 60 miles away. the blm backed off. cliven bundy's horses were released. and very much a victory. i don't know the details it's unfolding quickly. but it looks this couple may have taken that as a signal as indeed, reportedly as they said, a revolution has begun. >> that is frightening to hear you use the word "war." everything that we covered and everybody covered with cliven bundy would serve as a catalyst for this kind of movement. you can just remind us, mark, who are these kind of people. these are the folks who don't feel they need to pay taxes.
4:02 am
who have to some degree this hit tread towards law enforcement, what else? >> well, a lot of people who came out to the bundy ranch were part. militia movement. the so-called patriot movement. but these are people who believe generally among other things that law enforcement above the level of the county sheriff is illegitimate. they grow out the of the supremacy movement which in turn has its roots in white supremacy groups. they also believe, the federal government does not have the right to tax them. to enjoin in criminal laws to insist they carry licenses and so on. of course, we saw this play out in a very specific way on the bundy ranch in the sense they felt the government had no right to charge bundy of the same fees that every other rancher in the united states pays. generally, they're held together, these people, by a belief, that the federal government is engaged in a secret conspiracy to impose
4:03 am
partial law on the united states. to take all americans' guns away from them. and ultimately to force the united states into a kind of socialistic, so-called, new world order. >> but, mark, it's one thing to see someone of the ilk of cliven bundy say, no, this supply land. and i'm staying put here. but quite another to see a couple armed, shooting and killing police officers. >> well, that is true, but let's not forget that we have all seen a great many pictures of these so-called militia men point scoped sniper weapons at the heads of law enforcement. the reality is that the bundy standoff came perilously close to a bloodbath. and i think pretty much caused by the militia people who went there and created a really dangerous situation. association i'm not accusing the
4:04 am
bundys supporting law enforcement officers and the way it was played out by militia and other radicals on the far right, they have put wind into the sails of this movement that ultimately in some sense may have led to this latest bloodbath. >> that's incredibly frightening to think about that, mark potok from the southern law poverty center. appreciate your time. >> thanks. this morning, we want to talk about sergeant bowe bergdahl recovering after five years in captivity. back in washington, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are going after the decision to free him. spem to trade bergdahl for five high-level taliban prisoners. lisa labbot spoke conclusively
4:05 am
with john kerry, alise. >> hey, chris, it was an an unapologetic part of the deal both from secretary of state john kerry and a diplomat. >> we're told that these five can roam around the country pretty vague on what the restrictions are. how close are you that they're able to keep an eye on them? >> they're not the only ones keeping an eye on them? >> u.s. is monitoring them? >> i'm just telling they are aren't the only ones keeping an eye on them. we have the ability of doing thing. >> what kind of thing. >> elise, i'm not telling that they have an ability to get involved but they also have an ability to get killed doing that. and i don't think anybody should doubt the capacity of the united states to protect americans. >> meaning you will kill them? >> no one should doubt the
4:06 am
capacity of the united states. the president has said he will do whatever he can to protect united states of america. these guys pick a fight with us now or anytime, at enormous risk. >> some people say bowe bergdahl is being swift-boated. do you agree with that? did he serve as honor and distinction as national security has said? >> elise, there's plenty of time for people to sort through what happened, what didn't happen? >> sounds like you're not sure if he served with honor and distinction? >> not what i'm saying alise. what i'm saying is, there's plenty of time for people to sort through that. what i know today is what the president of the united states knows. that it would have been offensive, incomprehensible to consciously leave an american behind, no matter what, to leave an american behind, in the hands of people who would torture him, cut off his hands, any other
4:07 am
thing. we could consciously do that, i don't think anybody would think that's the appropriate thing to do. and, you know, it seems to me, we have an ability. we know we have the ability, to be able to deal with people who want to threaten americans or threaten the united states. and if that's what they go back on their word to do or if the qataris don't enforce what they've done, we have any number of avenues to be able to deal with that. >> one of the members of the taliban, these detainees of guantanamo has already vowed to return to afghanistan, return to the fight and kill americans. and the head of the haqqani network said let's kill americans. what do you say to that fact that what happens these guys can go back and kill americans again? >> well, first of all, propaganda is propaganda.
4:08 am
they'll say whatever they want to stir the waters. people should not be lured in with their propaganda, number one. number two, we are ending our combat role. our combat role in afghanistan is over. we're going to have, you know, very few people in that kind of position, on occasion, where -- but i honestly -- i just think that's a lot of baloney, to be truthful with you. to whatever degree it may be true, they will wind up putting themselves at the mersy those people who are very effective. who are there. who will deal with those matters. >> very interesting, you pushed him about the swift boat, and the skepticism zwrufed because over the weekend senate intelligence chairwoman dianne feinstein questioned whether those freed taliban can be monitored at all. take a listen to her. >> i heard john kerry this morning say don't worry about them in doha. you can't help but worry about them in doha.
4:09 am
and we have no information on how the united states is actually going to see that they remain in doha. >> the price of a political calculation, alise. a fellow dem coming out and raising the question sames republicans are. what does this mean? >> i think in the coming days, the administration, in fact there's a briefing on the hill later today, a classified briefing in which the senators will receive more information. the administration is going to have to be clear with congress about what this agreement with the qataris is. they're going to be holding them for one year. not going to be under house arrest as we reported. free to roam around but their activities, we're told will be restricted. they won't be able to do fund-raising. but the question is, what happens in a year when they go back. what secretary kerry was pretty much say, look, not only the
4:10 am
qataris, we're going to be keeping a close eye, and if they try any funny business, they're toast. that's what the administration is saying, we're able to have surveillance on many people in the past. you saw what happened to osama bin laden. i don't know if the taliban are going to go back and join the fight. but the expectation of the administration is they can monitor it and minimize the risk. >> that is certainly an unknown fraught with risk. one thing we know for sure, elise, they are paying the price for not doing the 30-day rule on notifying congress. a good interview. thank you for bringing it to us. brooke. >> a great interview, elise. thank you for sharing. also today, the syrian city of aleppo has been one of the biggest hot spots in the war. now, cnn is the first tv network to return to the rebel areas. you see it here. the scene is haunting. the city, basically edge.
4:11 am
regime forces using deadly tactics to kill civilians. cnn's nick paton walsh was part of the crew to return there. he joins us live there from beirut. nick, tell me what you saw? >> for tactics used to empty that city, devastating on how random and how crude. barrel bombs, big explosives dropped by helicopter on to civilian area. now, a new tactic, they drop one bomb, wait for people to rescue in to rescue those hurt and then drop another to kill those rescuers. we spoke to many of the people just trying to stay alive in that madness. >> reporter: head to ahelp possession and the scale of its catastrophe quickly dawns. the future comes from it. this is what the edge of humanity looks like. ground to dust. the smell of burning plastic at every turn.
4:12 am
the syrian regime is trying to encircle those areas still held by the rebels. but months of pounding by heavy artillery and barrel bombs mean in streets like this, life has already been extinguished. here's how. this building was hit in the dead of night by a barrel bomb, scrap metal and tnt. randomly dropped from a helicopter. survivors look up fearing them and look through what they have done. when there is so little left to live from. even the remains of murder. seven died here, we're told. aleppo is dying. a city of 2 million. now in rebel areas down to fear thousands. we meet a british doctor working in syria two years. now with severe burns to his leg from being bombed six weeks ago.
4:13 am
>> the planes come. we duck down. and just hit us with a bomb. i didn't feel anything. next thing, i was waking up and i couldn't feel my legs. we cannot bear it anymore. >> reporter: some are so young, this will be among their first memories. why a sniper shot 5-year-old mohammed, he will never know. what can his mother say. what's wrong with the sniper's eyes, she says? was she blind? could he not see it was my child? now, the real fear, as i said, the syrian regime are trying to encircle that remaining area held by the rebels and the population of that city. syria's biggest commercial hub, the largest city in the country, now halved by the violence. and unaide official saying to us
4:14 am
there are only 300,000 people left in those rebel areas. simply a ghost town. michaela. >> i'm take it here. thank you, nick, for telling us the stories. we appreciate it. at 13 minutes past the hour, the death toll on an attack in pakistan's main airport, we're told it has now climbed to 28. 10 of the dead of militants. this begun late sunday at the international airport in karachi which was stormed by men wearing grenades and wearing suicide vests. the pakistani taliban said it carried out the attack in retaliation for an american drone strike that killed their leader. nuclear talks between iran and the u.s. set to resume today with the security council member nations nears an end. these talks appear to be an effort to overcome major road blocks to accompany the deal. but officials tell cnn these talks aren't a substitute for continuing larger talks with other nations in vienna. an interesting update to a
4:15 am
story we've been following here on "new day." the identity of the man, or person, rather, hiding money across california is finally revealed. it is jason buzzy. he is the man behind the hidden cash operation. turns out he's a real estate developer and entrepreneur from san francisco. he started the hunt several weeks ago, leaving the hints where the money would be found. cash prizes range from $40 to 100 bucks. guess what, he's going to swing by "new day" tomorrow. we've got so many questions. i can't wait for what. i'm looking forward to that conversation. >> we do have so many questions. i'm not trying to be cynical, who gives away free cash? >> he does. my question is, where's the money at? >> right. maybe he'll bring a little secret stash and hide it here. >> show me the money, baby.
4:16 am
and she's taking look at incessant twisters out west. >> look out in denver. with the twister out there, this guy stayed on the ground for eye 30 minutes. a quarter-mile wide. ef-1, it's a perfect science, but it's not always how big, but the strength. that threat is still not over with. san antonio to memphis still in line for threats of tornadoes. and dallas, heavy rain in the forecast for the next several days. here is instability. already there, talking about delays right at the airport. that's is affecting a lot of you throughout the day, especially as we go through the afternoon. keep in mind, northeast seeing the rain. but it is the morning commute from d.c. to new york city, we are talking showers right now. temperaturewise, it was a nice weekend, don't worry, at least it's staying warm. it's rained out, sorry about
4:17 am
that, but at least you're talk warm. sorry, brooke, looks like you came in on the good old atl and now thank you for the rain. >> and just looking beautiful there. >> michaela there in central park. >> i heard. >> bring that sunshine. >> perfect. >> thanks, indra. coming up on "new day," the leaders of the v.a. getting a well-deserved grilling on capitol hill. today, a house committee demanding answers on why the nation's heroes went without care for so long. the man in charge of that committee joins us live with a preview. also coming up this morning on "inside politics," hillary clinton with the word on the media blitz about her new book. what she says about the run for the white house.
4:18 am
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welcome back to "new day." this morning, members of the department of veteran affairs are heading to capitol hill. and they're going to have a hearing and it's going to be a grilling. what is the agenda. explaining how the deprived
4:22 am
care. the department will open its own investigation hoping to bring change to the agency. let's bring in jeff miller. he's the head of the house committee on veterans affairs and a republican from florida. thank you for being on, representative. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we have a hearing today, of course, want to be careful not to let profit get in front of progress. are you concerned about that going into the hearing not knowing what they're going to say? >> no, we had already scheduled the hearing to talk about the office of the inspector general. it just so happened that the timing also allowed the v.a. to talk about it, we've seen the interim report, now we'll get an opportunity to talk about the complete report. >> you've been talking about the activity secretary thus far. we know the gentleman who had been the head of candidate, the chairman of the cleveland clinic
4:23 am
has bowed out. >> the white house is looking for the right person to put in that position. toby cosgrove would be the right choice. but the cleveland clinic, obviously, is taking up a lot of his team. there are a lot of candidates that i'm sure the white house is going the vetting process. >> should that person come from the v.a. or from outside? >> i honestly think it needs to come from outside the v.a. sloan gibson doing a great job as the interim. he's only been in the position for about a week. he's only been at the v.a. for three months. he's got the capability, and he certainly has the attitude, i think torsion get in and shake things up inside this culture within the system. >> the bar's high for the v.a. but also for all of you as lawmakers, especially on this particular committee. you have to show that you're going to change this and not just complain about it because then it gets dismissed as paul tickets. i know you understand that. the senate has a bill put together as funds and need for
4:24 am
change. the speculation that you all in the house will shoot it down. what's your take on it. >>. >> no, i don't think the house is going to shoot down anything. in fact, the bill that i've been talked about for the last ten days, talks about opening up access to the veteran population to go to non-v.a. care. interestingly enough, this big deal struck last week and also in washington, shuttling back and forth between the senators trying to reach an agreement encompasses a vast amount of regulation that the house has had sitting over in the senate for months to be passed. >> that's an important point. look, that's the speculation here. it's why are they going after the v.a.? do they want to just change it because that would be good for the problems that existed a long time. but now the whippers seem like a tangential attack on aca for obama care? >> i haven't talked about the
4:25 am
aca. this has been an issue on oversight that i've been there. there are a lot of things that they do very, very well. and i want them to continue to do that. but if veterans are made to stand in line and wait for their care, that's unconscionable. >> isn't that part of what you asked the president, though? you asked the president for a lot of things, these wait times as we've uncovered are ridiculous. and these veterans. there is amazing care, traumatic brain injury, ptsd issues. perfect for the v.a. but if somebody wants to go to the private sector they can under the law but there's so much red tape it's almost as if you have to go to a teaching hospital before you can go into private sector, when can that change? >> first of all, that's what makes the problem so egregious, because they had the ability to
4:26 am
send people out in private sector. in phoenix, they had spent $8 million allowing veterans to go out and receive non-v.a. care. what our bill will do is allow them to go outside the system right away. and it also allows people outside of a 40-mile radius to get their care outside of the system as well. this is something that veterans have asked for for a long time, why do i have to travel three, four, five hours for a 15-minute appointment when i can get it done at home with my local physician. look as you said, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, all of those things that come in the heat of the battle, those are things that the v.a. is very good at. and the things they're having trouble with is just providing primary care issues. then we're finding out there's a huge backlog on consults where a problem arose in georgia where
4:27 am
people died because they couldn't get colonoscopy. >> primary care? >> yeah, the guy that runs my crossfriday gym, he's a special forces guy. falls off a mountain. dislocated shoulder. it's been weeks, he can't find somebody to fix his teeth and shoulder. lastly, shinseki is gone. the question is, is he a scapegoat for the work of government in general here. you only took over in 2011 as head of the committee. committees have known about this for a long time. we haven't heard a lot of horling about this until cnn uncovered the wait times. have we been dragging our feet? >> look, there's enough blame to go around for everybody. i wish i knew what the media was. >> augusta, columbia. nobody has wanted to pay
4:28 am
attention. all of a sudden, i don't know if it was the number 40 or what it was. the media's finally paying attention. and i hope you that won't quit. because this is a very important story. and there's more to come. >> i blame him. he blames me. >> thank you so much. >> you bet. >> pleasure having you on on the set of "new day." we hope we have you back. we will stay on the story. we promise you that. coming up on "new day," the endless reading of the hillary tea leaves continues. she's now speaking out about her decision on when to decide. and we are covering it as if she has insided. "inside politics," we'll take you through it all when we come back. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources
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and welcome back. here's a look at your headlines. what drove a married couple to murder three people in cold blood, including two las vegas police officers. authorities say the suspects had extremist views toward law enforcement. those officers were shot while they were sitting, eating lunch. a third person was gunned down at a nearby walmart where the couple took their own lives. police said the two had a suicide pact. breaking overnight, 28 people are now dead. dozens others injured in an attack in pakistan's busiest airport. that assault began late sunday at the international airport in karachi. ten of the dead are militants who stormed the cargo area with guns, grenades and suicide vests. pakistani taliban said it carried out the attack as retaliation for an american drone strike that killed their leader. comedian tracy morgan's publicist says he is showing signs of improvement following a car crash but remains in
4:33 am
critical condition that far deadly highway crash in new jersey. comedian james mcnair known as jimmy mac was killed in that crash. three others were injured when police say a tractor trailer slammed into their limo. you can see how mangled the wreckage is. the truck driver, 35-year-old kevin roper is due in court today. >> what a terrible situation. the pictures of that thing. >> it's really hard to look at that vehicle. >> if you've ever been in a limo. or just those vans. to buckle up. >> you have to. weeks in the hospital, that's more than broken bones. we wish tracy morgan well. a lot of intrigue going on in politics. let's get deeper "inside politics" on "new day" with mr. john king. it doesn't get deeper than you. >> well, it doesn't get more fun than this week, i don't know if you guys have noticed, hillary clinton, she wrote a book? >> she did? get out of here. >> is she going to run? is there any speculation?
4:34 am
>> we don't know. meg of "the new york times," jonathan rushton. diane sawyer of abc tries to get her to say when will you tell us for sure about 2016. >> i will be on the way of making a decision by the end of the year, yes. >> but probably not announced until next year? >> i'm not positive about that, but i think, you know, the way i make decision, that's probably likely. >> i'll be on my way to making a decision by the end the year. she insists, meg, she's not freezing out all the democrats if govern o'malley in maryland wants to do something. get throughout. parallel universe, no democrat can do anything, right? >> exactly. the entire world is frozen. but i do think she has the luxury of time here because of the infrastructure that's been built over the clinton dynasty will spring up around her. and she's got, i mean, that's the real issue, the donors are
4:35 am
frozen on the sidelines. >> donors, staff, the whole democratic armada as moved into -- >> armada is a hard word for it. >> the question, does she say anything in the book or anything that gives a hint, i have to say she's leaning in. it's a point-by-point rebuttal of criticisms as her time as secretary of state. it's her point-by-point of things she did wrong. saying i made a mistake in the iraq war. i regret it. she tries to be a little more human. the polling numbers are off the chars. abc with that interview conducted in conjunction with "the washington post," 69% of democrats support they are nomination. this is interesting to me, 58% of registered democrats want a challenger. so they want her to earn it. >> those numbers are better than what they started with in '08.
4:36 am
i think your point, in the intro, john, is key. yes, the content is striking in terms of how cautious she is, in terms not wanting unduly anger anybody. to me, what is more telling in the words in the book is what she and her staff are doing for the so-called rollout. people in public life who have their careers behind them, do not do orchestrated pronouncement and leaks for weeks and weeks. they just write the book and it comes out and they go on tour. this is not a book tour. it is an organized campaign frankly ahead of a campaign. >> it's good practice for her. she's been at this for a while. to your point, the idea, i think of her people think it would be helpful to have a challenger on the lap to sharpen her up the way barack obama did. a lot of her answers are wordy and long. she's got to kind of get back in it.
4:37 am
>> i also think -- i'm assuming she runs unless something happens, that she answer questions about the so-called criticisms are negative baggage in 2014. and a republican brings it up, and she's a nominee, she says, i want to talk about the challenges and what's happening at home. >> that's what her published did brilliantly. bill clinton when he left the white house made a lot of money making speeches. . hillary clinton saying when she left foggy bottom -- >> we came out of the white house, not only dead broke but in debt. we had no money when we got there. we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for chelsea's education. you know, it was not easy. >> 14 years later -- and it has been 14 year, that's the striking part to me.
4:38 am
look, the governor of arkansas didn't get paid a lot of money. the president get paid $400,000. she gave up a lucrative law career to be the first lady. so there's no question they could have been making a lot of money in the private sector. but they also had a lot of legal bills. but their staff. >> and by bringing that up, that's actually interesting that leads the conversation back to whitewater. but at the same time, for the voter to connect as a way for them to connect, as they're struggling to put their mortgage together. and she's going to have to do a lot of that showing people how she can relate, you know, saying she's been through the same kinds of struggles that other americans have. >> one of the critiques that i hear from the left, is the fact that hillary is giving speeches but she's appearing on wall
4:39 am
street, talking to some of these firms when they just don't need the money that badly. you hear that critique over and over. >> it more likely be a challenge from the left than in the general election? >> right. this will certainly come up, how the clintons have made their money. the connections to donors. and that will be explored in depth. let's move on to the bowe bergdahl controversy. i was struck yesterday for the second sunday in a row, the administration has sent out one of their heavy hitters. last weekend, was susan rice who said that bowe bergdahl serveded with honor and distinction. this weekend, it was secretary of state john kerry, doing an interview with alise labbot. listen to this. a lot of people worried there aren't a lot of restriction on them. john kerry saying we got this. >> how confident are you that the qataris are able to keep a close eye on them? >> they're not the only ones
4:40 am
keeping an eye on them. >> the u.s. is monitoring them? >> i'm just telling you, they're not the only ones keeping an eye on them. if they're violated we have the ability to do things. >> listen to on "face the nation." dianne feinstein. >> so there are concerns over, and i heard john kerry this morning say, don't worry about them in doha. you can't help but worry about them in doha. >> democrats, democrats not just republicans going out of the their way to essentially question the credibility and candor of top obama administration officials. what does that till about how deep this ditch is? >> i mean, that's very deep. i mean, it's interesting that we don't have a lot of the facts about this deal. and what the assurances are. in that interview, kerry was very vague about what would be done to monitoring the prisoners
4:41 am
who have been released. so i think, you have an opening, certainly, democrats are talking about it, and republicans to argue, are we safer, is the democratic administration makes us safer by not telling us how we're going to watch these guys. >> i think it's the natural result of what has been six years of frustration among democrats on capitol hill towards the obama administration in terms of information and flow. on a really sensitive issue like this, i think you'll see a lot of those frustrations spill over. >> meg rushton, jonathan martin. thank you. one of the things they did, they passed language that stays that states should not pass any law, any law, that bans so-called repairive therapy. republicans making their case they believe if you are gay, you can get counseling as some sort of therapy. you see there, we recognize the legitimacy and efficacy of
4:42 am
counseling and repairive therapy and treatment for those patients seek seeking healing and wholeness." you have ted cruz and the statement from the very conservative republican convention. it's not a state wide ballot, but if they run for president, does this follow that? >> well i hope so, i guess. i think whenever you're having any litmus-type test on a social issue like this, you want people to be pushed to say exactly where they are on it. i have to tell you, that's troubling to people. i don't know, john, you'd know better than we do, how do you spin that in a way that's close to neutral? >> i think they said delegates at the convention said it, we see candidates, democratic and republican candidates run for pieces of their platform. what it means when standing on a debate in iowa, new hampshire, somewhere else, the question
4:43 am
comes up. that's the question for republicans do we want to keep talking about gay rights or problems with demographics. young people, for example, i don't think would like that language. >> young people? i think it would go broader. who still thinks that homosexuality is an illness? >> there are -- >> i don't know. >> hopefully, we turn the corner on that. john king. >> the other bolduan on vacation. coming up on "new day," a daring escape after a prisoners using a helicopter to get away. and a brazen prison break. not the first of its kind. find out what authorities are now telling the public.
4:44 am
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after suffering a nasty hoof injury at the belmont stakes coming out of the gate, his gutsy bid to capture the triple crown overshadowed by fiery comments by co-owner steve coburn. this morning, coburn is refusing to back down. you could say he's doubling down. cnn's richard wolf joins us with more. he's disgruntled. >> reporter: california chrome is back home on the west coast this morning, after a flight
4:48 am
from new york. the horse left belmont park with praise from his performance in the triple crown. co-owner steve coburn could that have the same respect. seconds after california chrome finished tied for fourth, his co-owner blasted the previous owners who escaped the kentucky derby and the preakness to wane in the belmont. the third race in the crown. >> this is a coward's way out in my opinion. >> reporter: he didn't back down on sunday. >> hold out two, and come back and run one. that's me like me at 6'2", playing basketball with a kid in a wheelchair. >> it's beyond the imagination that somebody could say something he said this morning, about being able to beat, you know, a physically challenged person in a basketball game. i mean, where did that come from?
4:49 am
>> reporter: horses can skip the derby and preakness for various reasons, including time to recover from injuries. even the 77-year-old trainer of california chrome did not support the accusations. >> horses aren't cowards and people aren't cowards. you know what i mean. i think it was out of text myself. it was at the heat of the moment. >> reporter: but coburn keeps bringing the heat saying if he ever gets back in the kentucky derby with the horse. >> we'll run in kentucky cand t hell with the rest of them. >> reporter: only 11 horses have won the crown. the test of endurance winning three races of different distances in five weeks is why it's horse racing's greatest yet elusive achievement. coburn got cheers from some of the 100,000-plus people at the track saturday. most racing observers would probably like to wave good-bye
4:50 am
to this upstart owner. >> it's a shame. i think a lot of people in the racing business just wish he would disappear right now. >> coburn wants only horses entered in the kentucky derby to be allowed to be entered in the triple crown races. however, some of the elite in the triple crown overcame new shooters in the belmont. seattle slew in 1977. >> quickly, do you think what he said was fair? you're a big fan of race are for years? >> i think it possibly stages a debate on whether -- i don't want to tamper with history. one said are you going to change the triple crown. >> '77 the triple crown winner went against several odds. in '78 affirmed went against similar odds. >> i don't think any horse owner wants to win the triple crown with a softer schedule, so to
4:51 am
speak. i think they want to go against history. >> richard made a great point in his piece, people are still talking about this. that's unusual in horse racing. we're going to keep it going because it's worthy of the discussion. we'll have california chrome's assistant trainer, alan sherman, he's been on "new day" before. he's going to give his take on the comments by the horse's owner and what he thinks should happen next. meantime, coming up on "new day," a made-for-hollywood prison escape. you heard about this? three inmates now at large after fleeing in a helicopter and, get this, the second brazen chopper escape there in just over a year. the details coming up next. >> choppers.
4:52 am
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how about this one this morning? this massive manhunt is under way for three men who pulled off this stunning jailbreak in canada, escaping in a helicopter after brazenly touching down in the detention center courtyard. all three of these guys on quebec's top ten most wanted list as the search effort expands. cnn's alexandra field is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, brooke. this is the third day the police are searching for this men. the more concerning part for khan nad y'all officials is the fact that it is not unprecedented. >> reporter: a daring jailbreak out of a canadian prison in quebec where three prisoners escaped with the help of a helicopter. believe it or not, it's the second time in just over a year they've seen a brazen helicopter jail escape. according to police around 7:45
4:56 am
saturday night, the three inmates fled the jail climbing into a green-colored helicopter that briefly touched down in the prison courtyard and quickly took off heading west, possibly toward montreal. >> there's a massive hunt with our partners, not only in quebec, but also in canada and the states, so everybody is giving a hand to find them as quickly as possible. >> reporter: two of the escaped inmates were arrested in a drug bust in 2010 and were awaiting trial. police aren't revealing too many details about the investigation for fear the escapees are monitoring the media. not only does it sound like a scene ripped from the pages of a television script, but this latest dramatic escape mirrors one that unfolded in santro prison also in quebec 15 months ago when two men hijacked a
4:57 am
helicopter and forced the pilot at gunpoint to swing down and hoist up two inmates with rope in broad daylight. within a few hours, police had those escapees and hijackers in custody. >> while police search for those three men, they're still searching for the helicopter that they took off in. at the same time they're talking to prison officials trying to figure out how exactly the inmates were able to pull this off. >> find the helicopter, find the guys, right? alexandra, thank you. >> it does suggest a larger criminal enterprise. lo gist cli not easy. coming up on "new day," a couple goes on a deadly shooting spree in vegas and kill two police officers who were just having lunch. today we're learning about their disturbing motive or really just a straight up sickness. we're live in las vegas with the latest. -- captions by vitac -- and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services
4:58 am
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beneful healthy smile food and snacks. [ jackhammer pounding, horns honking ] [ siren wailing ] visit tripadvisor miami. [ bird chirping ] with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better. welcome back to "new day" on this monday. it's great to have brooke baldwin here. we have new information about the cold blooded killing of three people including two police officers who were ambushed while eating lunch. we are learning two shooters
5:02 am
were a married couple. they said they held extreme anger toward law enforcement. we have dan simon on the case in las vegas with the latest. dan, what do we know now? >> reporter: good morning, chris. we made the decision not to release the suspects' name until identified by law enforcement. based upon what they wrote on various websites, it's clear they had both anti-government and anti-law enforcement views. it all came to a head at a pizza restaurant and later at this walmart behind me. breaking overnight, a raid at an apartment in las vegas, possibly the home of the two suspects involved in sunday's shooting spree. an area around the apartment was cordoned off. local affiliates report an explosion, especially by a flash bang grenade set off by police. a law enforcement source tells cnn the suspects were a married couple with extremist views toward law enforcement. >> it's a tragic day, a very,
5:03 am
very difficult day. >> reporter: around 11:22 on sunday, about ten miles from the las vegas strip, two people, one male, one female, opened fire inside this pizza restaurant. witnesses hear them declare the ambush a revolution. >> they had a backpack and i saw the gun in their hand and he just told me to tell the cops that it was a revolution. >> reporter: when police arrived they discovered two of their own have been mur dead, 41-year-old office alyn beck and 31-year-old ego soldo, both leaving behind wives and young children. >> what precipitated this event, we do not know. my officers were simply having lunch. >> reporter: authorities say one officer was able to fire back before being killed. the assailants then grabbing the officers' guns and ammunition. >> the man that shot him was hugging him, like this, but i think he was going for his gun, trying to get the officer's gun. >> reporter: the duo headed across the street to this
5:04 am
walmart, kimg a woman near the front entrance. >> a whole bunch of people running toward the back. >> reporter: police converged on the scene exchanging gunfire inside. before they could apprehend the pair, the female attacker shot the male suspect, then turned the gun on herself. authorities have not released any information about the victim killed at the walmart. i want to tell you about these two police officers who were killed. first, officer alyn beck, age 41. he had been with the department for nearly 13 years. had been assigned to the patrol division and leaves behind a wife and six children. officer ego soldo, 31 years old, eight-year veteran, he leaves behind a wife and baby. such a heartbreaking situation, brooke. this appears to be politically motivated. back to you. >> our hearts an thoughts with their families this morning. dan simon, thank you so much. we are getting new details here about the abuse that bowe
5:05 am
bergdahl suffered at the hands of the taliban. sergeant bergdahl is recovering in the military hospital in germany after five years of captivity. meanwhile, in the u.s., his parents are getting death threats. pentagon correspondent barbara starr is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brooke. the taliban are telling their side of the story, relatively good treatment of bowe bergdahl they say. u.s. officials are saying bergdahl is saying he was physically abused. at his hospital in germany, bowe bergdahl promoted automatically to sergeant while held prisoner now says he wants to be called by his old rank, private first class. in his mind, he is a pfc, a senior u.s. official says, adding that bergdahl, wearing his uniform, would be part of the regular reintegration process. a taliban source tells cnn's nic
5:06 am
robertson that not long after bergdahl was taken prisoner, he escaped and was on the run for three days before being recaptured. the taliban account, which cannot be independent confirmed, claims bergdahl never converted to islam and was allowed to celebrate christmas and easter. secretary of state john kerry defended sending taliban detainees to qatar in exchange for bergdahl. on cnn's "state of the union" he suggested to elise labott that the u.s. would be keeping an eye on them if they returned to the fight. >> elise, i'm not telling you they don't have some ability at some point to go back and get involved, but they also have an ability to get killed doing that. >> reporter: senate intelligence chairman dianne feinstein on cbs said she isn't buying that. >> i heard john kerry this morning say, you know, don't worry about them in dohar. you can't help but worry about them in dohar. >> what of that alleged taliban
5:07 am
threat to kill bergdahl if word of the prisoner swap leaked? feinstein said she didn't believe there was a credible threat. >> no, i do not. i've heard of none. let me put it that way. >> reporter: the senior u.s. official says once a prisoner exchange deal was reached with burg dal's captors, the u.s. had to move quickly because of intelligence, other taliban elements might kill him to keep him out of u.s. hands. so far bowe bergdahl has not phoned his parents we are told. u.s. officials are also saying that the fbi indeed is continuing to investigate threats against his parents. chris? >> barbara, thank you again for pushing the reporting on this. people have a lot of preconceived notions about the family, about how bergdahl came to be captured, about what captivity meant and didn't mean. the truth is, for many of us, we have no idea what we're talking about. let's bring in somebody who does, keith stan sell, he was held hostage for 5 1/2 years by
5:08 am
a colombian militant group. thank you for helping us with this. i remember in covering your story and sitting with you how painfully revealing it is to explain just how difficult it is to live in captivity, let alone for this period, let alone for people who may well kill you at any given moment. please let us understand, when you hear the details of bergdahl's captivity, what does that do to somebody over that period of time? well, the first thing that strikes me, chris, good morning, for bergdahl, it's 2014 for us. well, it's not 2014 for him. he's been in a box, for lack of a better term, for five years. it doesn't seem all that unreasonable for me to hear that he's more comfortable being called pfc. so we had certain things in captivity that we held on to, and for us, and our families, also, we had this preconceived vision of what our family was
5:09 am
going to be like and what life is going to be like, when we got captured in 2003, rescued in 2008, my vision of my family, my home, all the conditions in which i lived were from 5 1/2 years previous. he's been held in a time warp. it's a difficult adjustment. that part doesn't surprise me. that for me may be a comfort zone for him. >> what does it mean that he's not ready to speak to family? for us, the uninitiated, you'd think that's the first thing you'd want to do. what are we missing? >> i think what some people might be missing here is just the emotional shock that one is in the overload. as i related to you earlier, the first time i got to see my family, the doc that was assigned to me said, keith, about 30 minutes is all you're going to get. probably 10 to 15 into it it's going to be a lot. it was overwhelming for me. a big difference between the three of us and bergdahl was that mark and tom and i at least
5:10 am
had each other's support in captivity. it was a little easier to relate to somebody. we came back, could still speak english. all those things were more normalized for us. i thought about it last night, how difficult it was for him, no english, five years of foreign land. he didn't have -- for lack -- an internal support network like we did, so to speak, having the three of us together. so it's got to be tough. i'm sure they're prepping him as best they can and he's in decompression now. we'll see. that in time will come. hopefully for the family it will. these reports of threats, it's mind-boggling to me that someone would threaten his family. >> let's talk about that. people are throwing the family into the political fray essentially, right? and they're looking at the father and the beard that he grew and what he says were gestures of understanding to figure out what was going on with his son. they're now basically blaming him as a muslim extremist and
5:11 am
sympathizer and he pushed his son in that direction as well. you find it shameful. why? >> well, we've always got a fringe element, don't we? people that have a point to make or they're a little overstated and not so measured in what they say. i look at bergdahl's father as like any other father or his mother. what do you do when total control has been taken out of your hands? what do you do? i don't blame him whatsoever. we may all take different paths. in the end, any of us, we love our children. i have three boys and a dart. let's say my son were to rob a bank tomorrow -- hopefully never -- i understand he has to pay for his crime. at the end of the day, does that mean i don't love him anymore? that's the point. i respect bergdahl's efforts o to do whatever they can to get him back. whether i agree with him or mott is ir. it's irrelevant. you have a father obviously dedicated to his son. i don't get where the animosity for that is coming from.
5:12 am
to me it's terrible. it's a horrible thing. >> often the source of anger is somewhat confusing. all we get to see is its manifestation. while i wish i didn't have to do this, just to correct the record, bob bergdahl is a practicing presbyterian. he's not a muslim. those of you who keep shouting it like it's relevant, like being a muslim is bad, are just wrong. let me ask you, when we hear reports that he tried to escape and he may have been held in very severe confinement after that, that during the proof-of-life offerings, he never said anything that was a statement against interest with the united states. he never criticized the united states. many are dismissing that as so what? how difficult is it to maintain in confinement? how difficult is it to resist turning or saying whatever you're told to say when in captivity? >> i don't think that for americans it's that difficult. we have a patriotism here. it's kind of home grown.
5:13 am
i think where he's from in idaho, i would imagine that's deep in everybody's blood there. hey, i remember at one point in captivity i'm chained to a tree and listening to a bbc press conference live covering the secretary of defense. an a.p. reporter said what about those three american hostages. he said, we don't negotiate. that killed us. it was tough to hear. on the other side, we were proud of the stance that was taken, a very tough stance. it had to be tough for bergdahl. whether you agree with what he's done -- we still don't know. a lot is conjecture. he was solo on his own. got to be tough, for five years. the guy is unbelievably tough. >> you've been very clear in your work when people have been taken into captivity, your experience, yourself, it's going to take time. god willing he winds up making the recovery like you have. it's a great joy to see the pleasure you take in living your life, the love you have with
5:14 am
your family. let's hope the best for him and see if he can come out close to where you are. thank you for the perspective my friend. >> as always, chris, have a great day. i hope people out there with show a little prudence when it comes to his mother and father. they eve done nothing wrong. mic, let us know what's going on. >> 28 people dead, dozens other injured in an attack on pakistan's busiest airport. this began late sunday night at the international airport in karachi. ten of the dead are militants. they stormed the cargo area. the taliban says it carried out the attack due to a drone strike that killed its leader. pope francis led the presidents of israel and palestine on sunday. it was an expression of hope for an end to one of the world's largest conflicts, longest
5:15 am
conflicts. the meeting was more about prayer than politics. they joined together to plant an olive tree. he said he hoped the symbolism will be the beginning of a new journey. there she is, mia sanchez, the newly crowned usa. the 24-year-old from nevada beat out 50 other beauty queens to take the crown. sanchez is a fourth degree black belt in tae kwon do. she wants to promote awareness of self-defense for women. santos will represent the u.s. in the miss universe competition later this year. >> apparently as a little girl she lived in a women's shelter with her mother. she wanted to learn tae kwon do to build up her confidence. >> and protect herself, too. >> strong, but she would finish third on this set. >> you're a sweetheart. coming up on "new day," the latest on hillary watch. ahead of her book release she's talking about benghazi, her health and something else. what else is she talking about?
5:16 am
>> maybe that whole presidential thing. >> that's right. diane sawyer gets on her about when is she going to run? she gives an answer that has us thinking. >> a little murky. improvement for tracy morgan since the car crash he was involved in, horrible accident that killed another comedian. he still has a long road ahead. we will have an update on tracy morgan's condition right here on "new day." ries. an oven heats up a community la cocina, a small kitchen that kick-starts the careers of 41 entrepreneurs. they bring the talent. we help fund the tools. it's a small way we help that's been huge for the community. little by little we can do a lot. because... small is huge. visit to see how big small can be. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there.
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ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at welcome back to "new day." i'm brooke baldwin in for kate bolduan this morning. hillary clinton's "hard choices" is due out tomorrow. she's already revealing new details about when she will
5:20 am
decide to run and explaining if she has any side effects from the fall in 2010. here to break it down is our two cnn commentators, republican strategist ana navarro and democratic strategist paul begala. to both of you, good monday morning. >> good morning, brooke. >> good monday morning. >> let's run through a couple of sound bites so we can ponder and pontifica pontificate. the first one is basically the timetable, the whens, the ifs, the how. roll it. >> i have to make the decision that's right for me and the country. >> is the party frozen in place waiting for you to make it? >> no, no. people can do whatever they choose to do on whatever timetable they decide. >> paul begala, first to you, this whole idea of it's almost like a freeze frame, what will hillary clinton do? how, as long as she takes, does this affect other potential
5:21 am
democratic contenders? >> the party i suppose is not frozen, but the donors, the grassroots activists, they're not so much frozen as they are on fire. they want hillary to run. until she dede sides, they won't commit to anybody else. this is a good thing for the democrats and also for america. we don't need an endless president campaign. as she points out in the interview, hillary's husband announced for president in october of '91, the election in '92, just 13 months in advance. we're 2 1/2 years in advance. you and ana weren't even born then. that was plenty long enough. >> we were around. we were around. let me push you quickly on that. if people are on fire and want to give money to camp hillary and if she ultimately decides no, what about the other folks who would run? >> it will be a mad dash, a scramble. the democrats have a pretty good bench. but right now everybody really
5:22 am
is waiting for hillary. i'm afraid of hers, i want her to run terribly. i don't have any keen insights. i want her to run. i speak for the vast majority of democrats. 69%, 70% of democrats are saying they'll support hillary if she runs. >> ana navarro, does the waiting game help your party? >> i think it does. frankly, if she does decide to run, it looks like she's not going to get a primary or very serious primary. i think that does benefit the republicans because it puts all of the attention on the republican primary. i remember when this happened in 2008, all of the attention was on the democrat primary because mccain wrapped it up very early in 2008 and it was left -- mccain was left with nobody paying any attention to him. on the other side, there's this idea, this notion of somebody being anointed the nominee, of somebody being handed it over, being core nated. we don't like that in america. i think it will rub some people the wrong way. the third thing is, frankly, i
5:23 am
think hillary clinton needs the political practice. she hasn't done politics, she hasn't done retail politics in -- it's going to be eight years by the time 2016 rolls around. and practice makes better. >> what she has done is testify. let's get to benghazi. she testified for hours and hours under oath. this is diane sawyer asking her if -- if she is asked to testify when it comes to benghazi and the select committee, this is her response. take a look. >> we'll decide what they decide to do, how they conduct themselves, whether or not this is one more travesty about the loss of four americans or whether this is in the best tradition of the congress, an effort to try to figure out what we can do better. >> paul, if she is asked to testify, will she have to? >> she may be subpoenaed, in fact. i would advise, having been through many of these investigations, i would advise the republicans on the hill to be careful what they wish for.
5:24 am
hillary has testified, seven hours under oath, as you point out. there is a legitimate congressional oversight function. hillary as a former senator knows that. i thought she articulated that well. she didn't say everything they're doing is partisan. it's starting to look like it's partisan. this has been investigated. she did testify under oath. she commissioned a scathing report about her own state department and followed up by implementing all 29 recommendations of that report. it has been looked into. i think the republicans, if they call her, beware, she'll kick their butts. >> ana navarro, i don't know if you'll agree with that. >> i'm not sure -- that didn't exactly happen when she did testify. she obviously doesn't listen to me. if i was advising her and she gets called, i would tell her to do it. i don't think hillary clinton wants her last words on benghazi to be, what difference does it make? we saw that she wrote about it in this book, but we also saw this week a new poll in "the washington post" where more than half of americans disapprove of
5:25 am
the way she handled benghazi. that's not just republicans. despite the democrats' best effort, it is not just rubbings who have questions and are unhappy and unsatisfied with the way benghazi has been handled. it includes moderate democrats and a lot of moderates and independents in the middle. >> the possibility of it being subpoenaed, this is one reason that pelosi said let's get democrats on this committee. >> that or she got nudged by someone in clinton world. >> perhaps, but they'll be there and we'll watch for it if she is subpoenaed. final sound bite. this is hillary clinton talking about her health. >> no lingering effects. >> no lingering effects of any kind. >> you would release your medical records if you run for president. >> i would do what others have done, yes. >> what would you say to karl rove about your brain? >> i know he was called bush's brain in one of the books
5:26 am
written about him, and i wish him well. >> final last thoughts on both of you. ana, we begin with you. >> smart thing for her to do is to release the medical records if she becomes a candidate. if not, it's going to become what taxes became for romney, where people think she's hiding something. >> paul, you say it's more about economy than anything else, right? >> it is. ana is right. everybody who wants to be our president has an obligation to be transparent. what a huge mistake by karl rove. i want to thank carl publicly for one more time helping to boost hillary for unfairly attacking her. that kind of stupid personal attack really backfired on mr. rove. >> paul begala, ana navarro, thank you very much for waking up with us here on "new day." chris cuomo, back to you. >> some vintage diane sawyer. what would you like to say to karl rove about your brain? that was a good exchange.
5:27 am
let's take a break here on "new day." when we come back, we have the latest on the deadly car accident that left comedian tracy morgan in critical condition. we'll tell you how he's doing this morning, and the reports still fairly dire. fighting words. california chrome came up short in his bid for the triple crown. the story now is his owner. some harsh words for the racing community. hear what he has to say and weigh in on what is a fomenting debate. ♪ most of the time people are shocked when we show them where they're getting the acid, and what those acids can do to the enamel. there's only so much enamel on a tooth, and everybody needs to do something about it now if they want to preserve their teeth. i recommend pronamel because it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to acid breakdown. we want to be healthy and strong through the course of our life, and by using pronamel every day, just simply using it as your toothpaste, you know you will have that peace of mind.
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5:31 am
here are five things you need to know for your new day. number one, two las vegas police officers were gunned down as they ate lunch. police say the shooters were a married couple that held extremist views toward law enforcement, killing a third person before killing themselves. more than two dozen people are dead after an attack on pakistan's busiest airport. ten of the dead are militants who stormed the airport with guns, grenades and suicide vests. we're learning more about the abuse army sergeant bowe bergdahl suffered in taliban activity. he was locked in a box or cage after trying to escape, this as the fbi investigates threats against bergdahl's parents. today president obama is expected to expand a program to help ease the burden of federal student loans.
5:32 am
an additional five million borrowers will be eligible for the alternative repayment program. at number five, flight 370 families are launching their own effort to find out what happened to their loved ones. they started a crowd sourcing campaign on the side indygogo, trying to raise $5 million for an award for information and to help in the investigation. we always update those five things you need to know. go to new for the latest. >> we'll put the information on how to help the fund on the website. this morning there are encouraging signs for comedian tracy morgan. but he's not out of the woods yet. his publicist says morgan is showing some improvement after a new jersey highway crash that injured four and killed one of his closest friends. however, morgan does remain in critical condition as the truck driver charged with slamming into his limo is expected in court. we have cnn's michelle turner here following the sichlths good morning.
5:33 am
>> good morning. >> hearing from his rep that tracy morgan is becoming more responsive is really good news. two others do remain listed in critical condition as well. today, like chris said, we could hear from the driver of the truck that apparently hit the limo bus morgan was riding in because he will be in court. actor-comedian tracy morgan is in critical condition after a deadly car crash on the new jersey turnpike over the weekend. morgan's publicist says the former 30 rock star is responsive following sunday's surgery at robert wood hospital in new jersey where he's being treated for broken ribs, broken nose and leg. around 1:00 a.m. saturday morgan was riding in a limo van after performing in delaware. state police say morgan's vehicle was struck from behind by a walmart tractor-trailer that failed to observe slow-moving traffic. the impact flipped morgan's
5:34 am
vehicle on its side, killing one person and injuring several others. all i know is i saw traffic and i stopped and i was upside down. >> morgan's friend and fellow comedian james mcnair known as jimmy mac died in the crash. >> devastated, devastated. james, i love you. >> reporter: police arrested 35-year-old kevin roper, a walmart employee and driver of the tractor-trailer charging him with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. walmart ceo released a statement on the tragedy saying in part, we are profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involved. if it's determined that our truck caused the accident, walmart will take full responsibility. on sunday tracy morgan's publicist noted his recovery would be a long one. tracy morgan was in the middle
5:35 am
of his "turn it funny" standup tour. i recently saw an interview where he was excited to get back on the road after "30 rock" ended because that's where his heart was, his first love, traveling around to stand-up audiences. >> you just saw him? >> he was in my hometown with his tour. u caught his act. >> we wish him well. coming up next on "new day," the sigh of relief from the nba about that clipper sale may be a bit premature. nba commissioner adam silver talked with our own rachel nicholls, don't miss what he had to say to her. california chrome's owner is now apologizing, not surprising. he is apologizing to one of the men who we have on -- one of the men he is apologizing to, we have on the show. one of the trainers of california chrome will join us and tell us what he thinks about what the owner said and, more importantly, what he thinks happened at the race. ♪
5:36 am
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honest to goodness breaking news here regarding california chrome's co-owner steve coburn. he had been bashing the other horses, bashing the race industry. you know what? he just reversed it all. he's crying, apologizing, moments ago to everybody in the world literally for the comments he made after his horse lost. let's take a listen. do we have it? not yet. we do have it. there you go. let's hear it. >> i'm very ashamed of myself, very ashamed. i need to apologize to a lot of
5:40 am
people including my wife carolyn. first of all, i need to apologize to the winners. they run a beautiful race. their horse won the race, they deserve that. i did not mean to take anything away from them. >> interesting turn of event here. you'll remember coburn called the competition cowards for not running their horses in all three legtion of the triple crown. those other horses were better rested and only ran the belmont to play spoiler. coburn says he was just emotional when he said that, now again apologizing. let's get perspective, joining us from the garden city hotel, alan sherman, assistant trainer for california chrome. coburn apologized to his father art. he made the list. alan, i'm sure that apology extends to you as well. he wants to keep classy to the organization. he apologized to his wife. she was trying to shut him up
5:41 am
when he made the first comments. he didn't listen. how do we understand, what's the lens through which we should look at all these comments? >> i think he made those comments under the heat of the battle. he is actually a very nice man. he just probably was very emotional at the time. >> what's your take? you've always been a straight shooter about this stuff. is it about having spoilers and fresh horses or was it what we're hearing the analysis, chrome got a good nick on his hoof when he came out of the game and the jockey got more boxed in than usual here. what do you think it was? >> i think it was probably more the three races within the five-week period. it's a tough grind on the young horses. i don't think they should change the triple crown, timing it all between races. but i think maybe if they gave a bonus, like have a point system and gave, say, a million dollar
5:42 am
bonus to the horse that has the most points at the end of the triple crown, it might entice people to run them in all three races. >> that's interesting, because what is actually going on? hets get to the heart of the matter coburn was talking about, leaving out all the inflammatory language. it's always been this way. you're saying there is something inherently unfair. >> i wouldn't say it's unfair by any means. if i own those other horses, i would have done the same thing. but i just think if they had a point system where you get so many points in the derby where you finish, so many points in the preakness and then leading up to the belmont, then whoever has the most points at the end of those three races gets a $1 million bonus or something. i think that would entice people to run in all three races. >> but not to chase you too much on this, but if you want a point system, it's because you're recognizing there's a degree of difficulty in running all three races that a lot of horses opt
5:43 am
out of. and if they're opting out, how does it make it fair to horses that are in all three races? >> it's been the same way, the triple crown for 150 years now. i don't think they should change that at all, just give a little incentive for the horses that do make all three races and run their hearts out in all three of them. >> one of the things that we loved about the california chrome story is that he came without all these blood lines and all this stuff you guys obsess on all the time, that it showed a more average horse could still compete with the big shots. then he loses and there's this undercurrent that was overshadowed by everything that coburn said where they said, well, you know, the blood lines came back to bite him because he doesn't have that longevity, that big race blood line in him. that's why it wound up catching up to him ultimately.
5:44 am
do you buy that? >> no, i don't buy that. he's a good horse. he only got beat a length and three quarters. he got cut up pretty good in the race. like you said, he did have a little traffic problem, but still to only get beat a length and three-quarters, i don't think it had anything to do with his blood lines. >> the jockey did say he felt chrome wasn't himself that day. do you think that was the nick on the hoof? what do you account for it? >> i don't know. i think it was more the fact that -- the three races, he might have been a bit wore out. it's a hard grind on these young horses. the horse tried hard. that's all i can ask for. he'll live to fight another day. >> we'll see how he does at the breeders cup. alan, a pleasure having you. extend our best to your father. sorry to get you caught up in the stink with coburn.
5:45 am
it was good to clear it up. good luck going forward. >> thank you, sir. over to you, brooke. >> how about those coburn comments? he almost seemed near tears. a lot of emotion. coming up on "new day," in an exclusive interview, we will hear from the man who banned l.a. clippers owner donald sterling for life. here he is, adam silver telling rachel nichols about what is next for the team. you know that dream... on my count. the one where you step up and save the day? make it happen. (crowd) oh no... introducing verizon xlte. hey guys, i got it right here!
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he says it's not a done deal yet. who am i talking about? nba commissioner adam silver, speaking exclusively with rachel nichols about the done sterling saga. even though sterling has a deal to sell the clippers, it could still fall apart. rachel is here. he says don't believe it until the ink is dry. >> absolutely. he hasn't opened up about what it was like to be in the center of one of the biggest sports scandals we've had recently. yet, he floored me by saying this is not as finished as we were led to believe possibly last week. take a listen. >> the board of governors still has to approve the sale of the clippers to steve ballmer, basically what does it feel like being on the outside? >> i don't have any feeling about this yet because it's not done. donald sterling still has a billion dollar lawsuit against the league, against me
5:50 am
personally. i'm not so worried about that because i can't afford it. there's still a last issue to resolve and that is donald dropping his lawsuit and resolving the issues with his life. >> are you in a "i'll believe it when i see it" mode? >> absolutely. i've been there before. he's almost sold his club several times over the years. well-known incidents in the league when he was at a closing and decided at the last minute not to sechlt until he signs that document, we still have a pending litigation with him. >> we all saw you come out in that press conference. give me the behind the scenes before you walked out to that podium. >> i generally tend to get a little nervous in those situations. i haven't walked out on such a large stage really ever in my career with that many cameras, that many members of the media. up until the last second, i was literally writing what i was going to say. >> effective immediately, i am
5:51 am
banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. >> all right. so then what about the five minutes after he walked off that podium and had delivered this shell shock bomb to everybody? >> i didn't have a sense of what a big moment it was until i walked back to the office and began to have a sense of people coming up to me -- >> you were walking on the street and people started talking to you about it? >> absolutely. i began to have a sense of the magnitude of the decision and how many people had been watching. >> you got tremendous positive support from the public, but there was some criticism. i'm the most pervasive question, stories in his past were more widely circulated as to, hey, why didn't you guys do anything about this guy before? >> first, i'll say, if you read my e-mails, it's not all positive. there are a large segment of people out there saying similar to what donald sterling's law
5:52 am
said, this is america, he should be able to say whatever he wants. in terms of donald's past behavior, i'll say what i had said at the press conference. had we ever seen evidence remotely like this, we would have acted on it. there were lawsuits by the federal government, department of housing and department of justice that were settled without any findings. in retrospect, in today's day and age of social media, should we have approached it differently? maybe. >> i know you don't think that just because someone has money to make their problems go away, that makes their behavior okay. yes, he settled, but he was sued over and over again for discrimination. there were videotaped depositions in those cases of people testifying to abhorrent behavior, sexual harassment claims, misogyny. just because he had the money to settle and have those adjudic e adjudicated, why didn't you launch your own investigation? >> i don't have anything to say to that.
5:53 am
i wasn't at the league at that time. i don't want to run from it. i can't say we were having that discussion. it didn't come to our attention in the same way. it seemed maybe even beyond our authority. i don't want to make excuses. clearly there's a different standard now, in part because of social media. there's a much greater awareness now of how that behavior can affect people and impact our league. >> i like a little accountability there, right? he even took accountability and responsibility for the air conditioning breaking in game one. nice to hear from the nba commissioner. >> obviously a saga that's not over. great sit-down with adam silver. you can catch more of this interview with adam silver, rachel talks to him about his plans for the nba on her show, unguarded with rachel nichols. airs friday night, 10:30 eastern on cnn. i won't miss that. great interview. thanks so much. another big interview for the nichols machine. >> she is a machine. coming up on "new day,"
5:54 am
she's only been here a day and she's already "the good stuff." here is brooke baldwin showing blazing speed down the first baseline. >> oh! >> i singled at fenway, people. for the veterans. air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. ask your doctor about safety information as serious eye problems may occur. visit for a free one-month trial. how can a tablet replace your laptop? start with the best writing experience. make it incredibly thin. add an adjustable kickstand, a keyboard, a usb port, and the freedom of touch. and, of course, make it run microsoft office, with the power and speed to do real work. introducing surface pro 3.
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co: until you're sure you need a hotel room bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is why i put the mobile app on my mobile phone. i don't need it right now.
5:58 am
it's time for "the good stuff" which i'm apparently hijacking from you. thank you for letting me share my good stuff with you. on friday i was out playing hook kirks playing softball. the honor to take part in the celebrity softball game at fenway park, the baseball mecca. >> you got game? >> we'll get into that. >> to benefit the veterans. fenway for the fallen, helped raise money for the fallen heroes memorial fund. roll it. >> how long were you in, where did you serve? >> 5 1/2 years, marine corps, iraq 2004 and 2006. never been to fenway. >> never been to fenway? >> never been. >> are you from massachusetts? >> no, new york, born and raised. >> this is liken me turf?
5:59 am
>> pretty much. >> are you a yankees' fan? >> yes. >> the interview is over. >> this is my first and only at-bat at fenway. it was a horrible -- it was like -- >> you connected. >> i singled, was called out heading to second base. if you would like to help the fallen heroes, thank you for inviting me. >> you didn't throw your bat which is also good, too. >> i did not. >> she connected like here. >> playing at fenway, people. >> you get big props, what a great cause. we'll put on the website the organization so you can help be like brooke. let me try to distract people with the horrible at-bat. a new member of the cuomo family. meet alabama.
6:00 am
here is a puppy rescued from guess where? lit lab mix, the kids deserved it. he's joined the family and destroyed my ankles. there he is. wait till you see my ankles. >> little alabama at the cuomo house. a lot of news this morning. let's get you to the "newsroom" with carol costello. don't take any joy in the fact that i'm in pain. >> you're not only in pain, but you're going to have to -- you know what you're going have to do because your kids won't be doing it. i'm just warning you. >> thanks, appreciate it. thanks, carol. have a great day. have a great day. nude starts now. -- captions by vitac -- two of my officers were killed in the line of duty. >> two suspected white supremacists going on what they call a revolution. >> i saw the gun in their hand. >> investigating raiding the cop killers'


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