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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 10, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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statement. once he talks, we have linda floorance, the superintendant. after that, i'll come back up and talk with you a little more. here's chief scott anderson. >> thank you. today is a very tragic day for the city of troutdale and reynolds school district. a gunman entered the high school this morning, shot one student. unfortunately, that student has died. the gunman was located and the gunman is also deceased. for the parents of the students who have been evacuated from the school, there is a point of contact down at fred meyers in wood village. we'd like all of you to meet your students down at that point. and also staff that are there. we'll have an updated at noon. i'll bring more information to you. the investigation will continue throughout the day. and i'm very, very sorry for the family and for all the students
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and everybody who will be impacted by this tragic incident. like i said, we'll have an update at noon. thank you very much. >> now i have linda florence, superintendant, reynolds school district. >> this is a very tragic day. one that i had hoped would never, ever be part of my experien experience, and as we are able to get more information, the district will provide that to the public. we feel very sorry for the parents. our kids were absolutely wonderful today at exiting the building. as i said, we will have a press release later as we get more information. >> thank you. >> we're not taking any more questions, but it's important to stress this is a continuing
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investigation. if -- please stay away from the area. students, pick up your students at the wood village fred meyer. we'll be pushing out updates through #rhshooting so you have information as we get it and are able to release it. >> is there any information besides the student that was shot? >> my understanding, they're still investigating. they're saying initial indicates are that is it, but we're still working the investigation, okay -- the situation is contained it the shooter is deceased. we're now working on reunifies the students with the parents over at the wood village fred meyer, 223rd and gleason. please pass that out. we'll push out information through the rhshooting hash tag. as we get more information and more details become available as we figure out what occurred. we're still moving students out the school. my understanding is most of them
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are out. we are continuing to work towards that and get them out. evacuated. and reunified with their parents. please, 223rd and gleason, the wood village fred meyer parking lot, they'll be able to pick up students there. >> has anyone been transported by ambulance? >> we'll talk more about that when we have those details, okay. again, i can't confirm any details on what was used, weapon or anything like that. as far as what type, we'll have that information later today, once the investigation develops, okay. so we'll let you know as soon as we know more, okay? >> can you confirm in a teacher was injured? >> i don't have those details. i'll let you know as soon as those details are able to be released as the investigation continues, okay? thank you. >> -- no one else was injured -- fatalities -- >> my understanding, yes, initial indications. >> possibly more injuries? >> there's still looking. my understanding is that is the initial indications. we have the situation contained. shooter is deceased. now we're working on reunites students with parents.
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again, 223rd and gleason at the wood village fred meyer parking lot, okay? i'll be back. >> all right, so there's the latest from this horrible shooting incident. another school, another shooter. a student, we heard from the sheriff, is dead. the shooter is dead as well. evan perez has been reporting on what's going on. we learned the shooter went into the school, shot and killed another student. we don't know who the shooter is. we don't know the circumstances. earlier, we had been told that the shooter is dead. we don't know the circumstances surrounding how that shooter is dead. we learned from the sheriff in this county that one student is dead. >> right. that's right, wolf. that's sad news right there. we knew the shooter was dead and we just learned apparently he was able to kill another student before -- before he was killed. we don't know how the shooter
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got killed, whether it was officers responding to the scene or whether he did it himself. that's something that wasn't told to us. we also weren't told whether the shooter was believed to be a student. it's probably not surprising. because this is a thing that the police have to do, which is to first clear the building, to make sure there's no further danger. they know that the scene is contained. so therefore it's going to take some time before they can even get to the body, make sure it's not booby trapped, make sure there's not anything else that could cause harm, and then they'll go through the process of identifying the shooter. that's usually the normal procedure there at cops will go through. we know the atf and fbi have responded to the scene to help the local authorities work through this situation. we know they're going to be -- the atf is going to be doing the trace of the handgun -- i'm association the semiautomatic firearm. we don't know exactly what kind of firearm was used. they'll do the tracing to figure out where it came from. the fbi will help the local
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police try to figure out what could be learned about the shooter, perhaps a motivation, whether there were any warning signs before this incident went down. again, it started about 8:00 this morning, just after school started, which is probably just a couple more days before the school year ends at high school and before kids were going to be going off to their summer holidays, wolf. >> this is an oregon high school. 8:00 pacific time. you say a semiautomatic weapon. do we have any more information on the weapon used? >> no, that's all we know from the police. i think that's one of the things they're going to try to figure out, exactly where it came from, when it was bought, who bought it, if this was a student, we don't know yet who the shooter was. it's going to be obviously difficult to -- it's difficult for young people under 18 to get their hands on firearms, so they're going to have to figure out where it came from.
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again, what the motivation is, that's obviously the big thing, is trying to figure out what prompted this shooting here, as the school year wraps u in oregon, wolf. >> reynolds high school in troutdale, oregon, that's where this shooting incident occurred. evan, stand by, mike brooks is joining us now, one of our law enforcement analysts working with our sister network hln. what do you make of this? >> it looks like just one student who the sheriff said was killed and was there on the scene. maybe this student was targeted by this gunman. we don't know who the shooter is. is, in fact, a student, or if it was somebody from the outside. but with just that one fatality and no one else injured, that the sheriff was basically alluding to, it sounds like for some reason this shooter went in after this particular student. still early on in the investigation. we still don't know. we still don't have a motive.
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as they go through the building, could there be someone else possibly injured that was sheltered in place inside that school? absolutely. that's why they're taking their time, going room to room to room with the tactical units looking for anyone who might have sheltered in place. >> we don't know if the shooter was a student, an adult, somebody else that they have not given us any information about the shooter, right? >> no, not at all. they know who the shooter is. know who the victim is. i would guarantee that as we speak, they're most likely putting together a search warrant to go out to the residents of that shooter and find out any kind of writings, any kind of social media, what brought this shooter, what happened within the last 24 to 48 hours to bring this shooter to this school to take the life of a student there. >> horrible situation. hold on a moment, the news of yet another school shooting clearly terrified parents. listen to this.
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>> hello. good. that's what we were waiting for. that's okay. yeah. i know, that's what they were saying. i am glad to hear from you. all right, so are you almost ready to get on the bus to come down here or what's the deal? >> i can breathe. that's going to take a while. good. thank you for calling. i know. i'm sure people are blowing up your phone too, like they're blowing up mine. well, i'll get a hold of your mom. we let her know what's going on. she's going to come down here too.
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i'm glad you're okay. all right. i love you. bye. how good is that? >> we were sure he was okay. to finally confirm it, you know, just like you guys, you got to confirm everything, reports done. so much better. >> well, i can only imagine how relieved that father must be and some of the other parents who heard of another shooting at another school. this time in oregon. mike, this is an investigation. you hear about these school shooti shootings. they really do terrify not only the kids, the teachers, the parents, but the whole country. >> the school year was almost over. there was only one more day left for this particular high school. the mayor was telling ashleigh earlier that this is the second largest high school in the state of oregon. so one of the other things law
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enforcement's doing right now, they're trying to interview any of the students who saw something, who heard something, going over surveillance videos. i tell you, every time you hear about stuff like this. when i heard about this, again, i'm saying, another school shooting. it just -- you think you've heard it all, but another school shooting. and in a beautiful area of oregon like this. the school superintendant said it's something she thought would never happen. >> we're showing those pictures of these kids walking out with their hands up in the air. it's a heartbreaking situation whenever you see it. once again, just recapping for viewers who might be tuning in. the local sheriff just telling us that one student was shot and killed. the shooter was then killed as well. we don't know under what circumstances, whether it was suicide or someone shot the
10:12 am
shooter. those details are yet to be emerging. i assume federal agencies are already involved in the investigation? >> that's right, wolf. we know the atf is at the scene, the fbi is at the scene. they're both going to help local authorities piece this through. the atf is going to be doing the trace on the semiautomatic weapon found on the scene. there's a lot we can learn from the scene you're showing on the screen. the kids were brought out of the school very quickly. probably within the hour. we were here live when this was happening. and that tells you a lot. it tells you the police were very sure that this was over very quickly. and with a semiautomatic weapon, this shooter could have done a lot of damage. clearly only intended perhaps to shoot this -- the one student that they killed, and then we don't know whether he took his life or whether or not perhaps police on the scene was able to disarm him or kill him. so, you know, there's a lot more that could have happened here
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but didn't. and the police were quickly able to remove the students from the scene there and try to start getting the work of doing the investigation to figure out what exactly happened, why this happened, wolf. >> we're showing, evan, viewers live pictures. these are parents. they're waiting to be reunited with their children. and that hopefully will happen fairly soon. once again this investigation now under way. one student shot and killed. the shooter dead as well. we don't know the circumstances surrounding the death of the shooter. we don't know a connection, if any, there was between the shooter and the student would was killed. we'll stay on top of the story. we'll continue to follow it. continue to follow the investigation. much more on this story coming up. also, other news, including terrorists who are now in control of major parts of iraq's second largest city. we'll have a live report from our senior international correspondent nic robertson. later, hillary clinton's new
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let's go to afghanistan where it's been one of the deadliest days for u.s. troops in a long time. it appears to have come from so-called friendly fire. friendly fire mistake in the southern part of the country. afghan officials telling cnn five american troops died along with an afghan soldier when a coalition air strike mistakenly hit allied troops. they were called in to help ward off a taliban attack. barbara starr's over at the pentagon. what do we know about this tragic incident? >> it was five u.s. special
10:18 am
forces troops on a mission with afghan forces conducting security operations in southern afghanistan, zabul province, when they encountered militants. a firefight ensued. they called in air strikes to suppress enemy fire. it appears, and it's all under investigation, but it appears that a u.s. air force b-1 bomber responding to the call for help apparently ined an vernt aerntly dropped its weapons on the friendly forces. it looks like it's the latest friendly fire incident in afghanistan at this time. and of course now it comes as president obama is talking about withdrawing all the u.s. forces out of afghanistan in the coming months, winding up the war, but for five american military families of course, deep sorrow striking very hard. >> has there been an increase recently, taliban attacks on
10:19 am
u.s. troops? >> i think it's pretty hard to judge right now because u.s. troops are coming down in numbers. about 30,000 left there now. and the concern is of course that those taliban actions will step up, as they seek perhaps more vulnerability, as they go perhaps afghan forces even more. u.s. troops, the pentagon will tell you, are committed to maintaining their security, but it could be very tough months ahead. >> barbara starr, thanks very much. another hot spot, northern iraq right now, under siege from militants linked to al qaeda. mosul, iraq's second largest city, has now come under a major attack by the terror group islamist state of iraq and syria, also known as isis. the fighters reportedly have taken over the airport, the
10:20 am
television statements, the government building. they've also released 1,000 prisoners from the central prison in mosul. the prime minister, nuri al maliki, went on national television to call for a state of emergency. >> translator: we will not allow for the remainder of minewa province and the city of mosul to fall to the shadow of terrorism. >> our senior international correspondent nic robertson is joining us now from doha, qatar, but he spent a lot of time in iraq over the years. a huge setback for the shiite-led government in baghdad. it looks like a major civil war is developing between the sunni backed iss forces and the shia-backed government. >> this has been building for some time. isis is getting stronger, no doubt about it. they have a lot of foreign fighters which gives them a bigger punch in iraq. they took control of cities, or
10:21 am
control of most parts of the major cities in al anbar province, the west of the country, ramadi, fallujah, the government was able to do nothing about it. isis has grown stronger. hundreds of heavily armed fighters went into the city of mosul. they appear to have taken control of the west side of the city. this isn't just a psychological coup for them, this is a military coup for them as well. the speaker in iraq's parliament today said iraq's forces literally dropped their weapons and ran away. these are u.s.-trained forces who have heavy weapons at their disposal. they ran away from this fight. the speaker of the parliament is the brother of the governor of the province there, so he's provably got a pretty clued in understanding of what happened. not only that, criticism from the neighboring prime minister of the kurdish region. he said the iraqi government didn't do enough to work with them and their forces to stop all of this happening. so isis now controlling part of this major city, the main highway to the north of the
10:22 am
country, to turkey, second largest city. now with a massive hall of vehicles and aircraft. i remember using mosul airport with u.s. forces. u.s. forces controlled it until just a few years ago. this is strategically big for isis. not sure whether they can hold it, but it's huge. >> i remember when i was in mosul in 2005, i went there with the central commander, general john abizaid, and the u.s. had it pretty much under control. remember, mosul is the gateway to kirkuk and all that oil in northern iraq, certainly the gateway to kurdistan and turkey. this is a huge win for these terrorists who are affiliated with al qaeda. in fact, central al qaeda, at least in syria, and you know this well, nic, they've accused isis of being too extreme, in a sense they don't want to have anything to do with them. if they're taking over the second largest city in iraq right now, you know this is
10:23 am
going to turn into an all-out civil war. this is going to be a real disaster. give me your assessment. >> wolf, it is, i mean, look, isis has been under attack not only from the syrian government in syria but from their own fellowmen who consider them too radical for al qaeda. yet they're controlling large parts of western iraq now. half a million people according to the u.n. fled the west of iraq this year. according to the u.n. organization, about half a million people have fled mosul in the past four days. last year was the bloodiest year in iraq for five years. 8,800 people killed. most of them civilians. a lot of it is sectarian. isis is driving those sectarian tensions. they're feeding off the fact many of the minority sunnis in the country feel that the government in baghdad is a shia-led government that doesn't care for their interests and
10:24 am
isis is exploiting that and nothing is turning it back, nothing is turning down the heat on the war in syria either, and this is an increasing regional destabilization that we're seeing. no one at the moment, wolf, has the ability to turn down the heat here. >> if you look at it from the u.s. perspective, as you well know, nic, the united states spent a decade in iraq, 4,500 american troops were killed in the course of that war, tens of thousands were see verbalverely. probably spent more than well more than $1 trillion. you look at the situation in iraq right now and you say to yourself, given the civil war that's clearly erupted, what is going on. we'll have much more on this story coming up. nic robertson joining us from doha, qatar. more briefings, more outrage on capitol hill over the bowe bergdahl swap.
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bowe bergdahl swap. there's deep anger up on capitol hill across party lines. specifically, why were 80 or 90 members of the obama administration aware of the deal trading bergdahl for five top taliban detainees but congress didn't find out until after the fact. the cbs news poll shows nearly half the country, 45%, disagree with the trade. 37% agree. tomorrow, defense secretary chuck hagel will testify before the house armed services committee in a public session to defend the deal. mean why, the house speaker john boehner said he was never briefed on the bergdahl swap. the swap that he says ignored the long-standing policy of never negotiating with terrorists. >> we have violated that policy and as a result we've made americans less safe here and all around the world. we're going to pay for this. there is not any doubt in my mind. there are going to be costs,
10:29 am
lost lives associated with what came out of this. >> chief congressional correspondent dana bash is with me. dana, very strong words from the speaker. it gets to the key question, why didn't they trust the speaker of the house, at least give him a heads up, a day, a few hours, before the whole country learned this swap was in the works? >> i think you're right, we should take a moment and note how strong those words are. we might disregard some of the rhetoric that we hear about everything these day because people just see washington as so partisan. but to have the speaker of the house say that the president, what he did, will cost lives, is pretty strong stuff, and it's kind of -- it underscores the frustration that you're talking about. the answer to that question, it's something that everybody's trying to answer. what the speaker did today was compare the lack of notification on this to the active engagement that the administration had with him on osama bin laden.
10:30 am
listen to this. >> six months before osama bin laden was taken down, i was briefed on this. i was briefed multiple times over the course of the six months. i was given a head's up several days before this happened. so this idea that they couldn't trust us to not leak things is just not true. it wasn't just me. there were other members of the leadership who were well aware of the planning and the activities that were going in to this effort. >> now, it was really different, my understanding, based on multiple conversations with people who were involved back then, there was a concerted effort to bring in congress, into the fold, the fact that this bin laden raid was going to happen. there was no controversy over getting the most wanted man in
10:31 am
the world, bin laden. this is something the speaker himself admitted they had given a general idea to congress on back in 2011 and 2012 and there was resistance. so that clearly might be a big reason why they didn't tell congress. >> there was division in the obama administration about going on this specific mission as far as bin laden was concerned. the vice president, the secretary of defense at the time. they thought maybe it wasn't the right -- they all wanted to get bin laden. the details of the operation, there were some division within the white house, within the obama administration. here's the question that a lot of people are asking. if 70 or 80 or 90 officials in the executive branch of the government, the obama administration, knew about this, a bunch of officials in qatar knew about it, it a bunch of taliban leaders knew about it. a bunch of top haqqani network terrorists knew about it. they all knew what was going on. but the white house, they didn't thing they should notify dianne
10:32 am
feinstein or carl levin or john boehner or any of the relevant key leaders of the congress? >> that is what's really burning up members of congress. i was outsid the briefing, where they learned that 80 to 90 members of the administration knew at least something about this raid. and it still has got legs, this concept that they did, and yet members of congress weren't trusted. democrats, too, are saying this is just ridiculous, especially since, some point out rightly so, many of the leaks come from the administration, not from congress. having said all that, you are seeing a little bit more pushback from democrats on behalf of the white house today than you have in the past about the fact that there maybe wasn't enough time. there was just a day or two as these details and it is deal came together before it actually happened. >> it's a serious issue. i'm sure there's a lot of second -- hand-wringing going on
10:33 am
right now in the administration. maybe they should have notified some members of congress about this deal, even though they anticipated there would be oppositi opposition. up next, hillary clinton's new memoir hits store shelves today. standing by to talk to me about their take on the new revelations in the book. we can save big with priceline express deals. hey you know what man, these guys aint no dragons. they're cool. these deals are legit. yeah, we're cool. she's cool. we're cool. priceline express deals are totally legit. check this, thousands of people book them everyday and score killer deals. now, priceline is piling on even more savings with its summer sale. so grab your giant beach towel and enter code summer14. look at me enjoying the deals. ♪ now printing is so affordable and convenient,
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10:36 am
killed. the shooter, wouhoalone, is als. classes in session at the time. no exact word on how many people may have been injured. authorities say a semiautomatic weapon was involved. the area was secure it the situation was contained about an hour after the shooting. we'll keep you updated as we get more information. moving on to other news. very different news. news involving hillary clinton's new book. it finally hit the book shelves today. the stores have it. secretary clinton signed copies of "hard choices" at a book store in new york city just a little while ago. she's already been making the rounds on television as her book tour shifts into overdrive. the question many are asking, is this a warm-up for a 2016 presidential bid. hillary clinton talks about presidential politics, her personal life and more in her book and in tv interviews designed to promote the book. "hard choices" begins with her
10:37 am
loss to president obama back in 2008. it chronicles her tenure as secretary of state. today on abc's good morning america, she talked about an hour critics have seized on, the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. >> i believe that there were systemic problems within the state department, and clearly if we had known that earlier, perhaps we could have done some changes that would have prevented at least hopefully could have preventeded what happened. but i obviously thought about this long and hard. and the security issues around this attack or the attacks we had we my husband was president or when president reagan was in office, you learn from them. you can't always predict. you can't always sit in an office in washington and say, well, we think this, this and this will happen. >> we bring in our senior
10:38 am
political correspondent brianna keilar and our chief political a analyst gloria borger. >> i think she's giving a ceo answer and walking a fine line here. the first is, as the ceo, at the state department, she says, i take responsibility for it, but i was not the person making security decisions. that happened, you know, that responsibility was people below me. as secretary of state, i can't always be on top of all of these things. but in the end, she did take responsibility. secondly, what she's trying to do politically is turn it around on the republicans. she uses the phrase, you know, we shouldn't be playing minor league ball. which i -- is that a line that might have been written by a guy, i don't know. but playing minor league ball, meaning that they're playing petty politics with a very large issue that we need to -- so she turned it around. >> isn't it interesting how she's bringing up attacks that
10:39 am
happened under her husband's administration? it remines me of when she was talking about her concussion. she said, remember, paul ryan told me he's had three. she's widening out the dritism and saying i'm not the only one that this has happened under. >> i want to play another clip. once again from the interview this morning. she was asked to follow up on the comment she made earlier, in a first tv interview, about the clintons being dead broke when they left the white house. here's the follow-up. >> we understand what that struggle is because we have student debts, both of us, we had to pay off. we had to work. i had a couple jobs in high school. he had lots of jobs. so we have a life experience that is clearly different in very dramatic ways from many americans. but we also have gone through some of the same challenges as many people have. >> so, brianna, this is
10:40 am
clarification likely to quiet the critics on this specific issue? >> i think she has a little latitude in this. when you look at polls, most americans think she understands their problems. i think this was better than what we heard last night. but i don't think it's great. i think she can do a better job. i think she has an argument to make. you kind of hear her talking more in plat attituitudeplatitu. what she needs to do is connect to people who are struggling and i don't think she's all the way there with this argument. >> she could have said, my husband went out and made money like other ex-presidents have done but she didn't that. what she's trying to say is we weren't born rich, okay, we spent our lives in public service. we weren't born into money. and so when we got out of public service, we decided it was time for us to make some money. you can argue how much is enough and all those other questions. you can also say, look, bill
10:41 am
clinton earned a lot money giving speeches but he started the clint be global initiative which one would argue has done an awful lot of good in the world. i still think there's a bit of refinement on that. why not come back and say, look, we didn't have a pot of money to come back to because we weren't born that way. >> which would have been a very good opportunity to connect with people. she was middle class, poor. >> and now we all have a copy of the book. so light reading, 600 pages, waver it is. >> pictures. >> a lot words. we'll read it. guys, we'll continue our conversations. thanks very much. an important programming reminder. hillary clinton will join us next week for a very important town hall meeting. hillary clinton, a cnn town hall live, comes your way tuesday, june 17th, 5:00 p.m. eastern with a replay at 9:00 p.m. eastern that night. coming up right after the break, iraqi security forces free as terrorists launch a major offensive against the second largest city in iraq.
10:42 am
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on this day in history, the six-day war between israel and its arab numbers came to an end. israeli forces launched a surprise attack, capturing all of jerusalem, the west bank of jordan at the time, sinai peninsula, gaza, from egypt. the war ended when the united nations issued a brokered cease-fire. let's turn now to iraq. and the deteriorating security in the country's second largest city of mosul. militants with the islamic state of iraq and syria are now believed to control the city's airport, tv stations, major government buildings. the gunmen freed about 1,000 prisoners. civilians by the tens of thousands, they are now fleeing
10:46 am
the city. peter brooks is the senior fellow for national security at the heritage foundation it also a former deputy secretary of defense, former officer of the cia. peter, were you an officer or analyst? >> officer. >> all right. so let's talk a little bit about iraq. this is heartbreaking. the united states spent ten years there, we assumed that iraq would emerge a peaceful stable democracy after the hundreds of billions of dollars the u.s. invested. the 4,500 u.s. troops killed, tens of thousands who came home without arms or legs or burned, posttraumatic stress. look at this disaster. we just heard hillary clinton in her new book saying she regrets she voted to authorize the war in iraq at the end of 2002. was that whole war a disaster? >> no, not at all. >> what did it accomplish? >> first of all, this is just a snapshot. it's a very disappointing snapshot. >> mosul is the second largest city in iraq.
10:47 am
i was there with general abizaid 2005. things seemed to be moving okay. even then, he told me there was a potential of terrorists coming in from syria and there's no guarantee on any of this. >> i think the obama administration could have done more to consolidate the gains of the surge. when the bush administration left in 2008, this country was much more stable than it is today. >> it was always going to be -- >> nothing's inevitable. >> the american people did not want to stay in iraq. >> we still could have provided intelligence. logistics. training. we got completely out in 2009. >> once the u.s. leaves iraq, you know it's going to be -- they're going to go back to the shiites, the sunnis, the kurds. in syria, you see the civil war going on there. don't you think what's going on in the region, irrespective of u.s. involvement, would have happened under any circumstances, given the centuries of the tradition, what's gone on in that part of the world? >> tradition is especially hard
10:48 am
about future, right? we don't know. we can't go back and revisit it. we went in iraq in 2003 -- >> that was a blunder because there was no weapons of mass destruction. >> no, i'm not conceding that. they believed there were weapons of mass destruction. >> right, they believed -- >> i think the real blunder is when the obama administration got out in 2009 and left the iraqis on their own. >> you don't agree with hillary, who now says it was a mistake to authorize that -- >> no, we won't know that for years -- >> knowing what we now know, knowing what we -- >> i'm not going to convince you. >> i'm just saying, she raises the issue here, very movingly -- >> that's the thing, she's part of the problem where iraq is today. she was part of that national security team that decided to pull the united states out completely without any help to the iraqis and now that power vacuum has been filled by isis out of syria and syria's also part of the problem too. >> nuri al maliki, he's totally aligned with the iranians right now. he didn't want to give the u.s.
10:49 am
military forces the immunity from prosecution. as a result, the u.s. pulled out. >> that could have been further negotiated. his governance has been a problem. >> you can't blame the obama administration for that. >> these people are flowing over from syria and the obama has not dealt with syria at all. >> if you had to vote knowing what you know now, to go to war against suddam hussein -- >> we can never do that, because if i know what i know now, i would vote differently. hindsight is 20/20. >> saying it with hindsight, it was a blunter? >> at the time, they believed what they were doing -- >> with hindsight, it was a mistake? >> no, you said that. >> you said you wouldn't have voted for it with hindsight? >> i said i wouldn't vote because i can't vote without knowing what happens today. you see what i'm saying? we can't go back and change it, if we would have voted or not. the fact is, hillary clinton is saying this based on what she knows many years later. >> obviously, we're all smarter
10:50 am
with hindsight. just ahead, 95 million people watched opt j. simpson as he
10:51 am
10:52 am
it's been 20 years since that infamous low-speed chase involving o.j. simpson. millions of people watched as police pursued simpson along the
10:53 am
highway. fast forward to now. in a new cnn orc poll, shows a majority of black americans now think the murder charges against the former football star were in fact true. kiera phillips takes a look now. >> at this point we can only pray they can pull this off in a safe measure. >> reporter: distraught with a gun to his head, o.j. simpson is on the run, and threatening to end his emotional pain with a bullet. >> just throw it out the window. nobody's going to get hurt. >> i don't deserve it. >> you do not deserve to get hurt. >> reporter: detective tom lange is on the phone, hoping to prevent o.j. from committing suicide. was that gun loaded? >> oh, yeah. it was a real gun, real bullets. >> this is now a public safety issue. >> i love everybody.
10:54 am
i'm trying to show everybody that i love everybody. >> we know that. and everybody loves you. especially your family. your mother, your kids, all your friends, a.c. everybody does. don't do this. >> reporter: lange is doing all that he can to try to keep things from escalating. >> what if he shoots himself? how about one of these dummies running up to the car, what he says really doesn't matter. what i say doesn't matter. as long as he doesn't shoot somebody. >> how did you know what to say? >> i didn't. >> it was just you and your gut. >> yeah. basically. some people kept putting little notes in front of me. but i don't have time to read all that crap. so just whatever kind of came up. and i figured family. the biggest sociopath in the world doesn't mean he hates his family. >> keira is with us now. you had a chance to speak with
10:55 am
a.c. cowlings. >> this is a man everybody wanted to talk to for decades. i went back to a source of mine from 20 years ago, i said, by chance, do you have a phone number? he said, don't tell anyone where this came from. called him up. he is still adamant. so many people became celebrities, analysts, a.c. would not give me anything. he was angry that i called him. he said, i am an old man, leave me alone. i will never talk about what happened in that bronco. >> did he tell you why he wants to remain silent? >> that's the mystery. that's what everybody wants to know. this was a guy that was found with $9,000 in his pocket. he's in this car as o.j. has a gun to his head. he's screaming, o.j., o.j., put the gun down! he's trying to talk him about it, and becomes a mediator between police and o.j., when he finally turns around and pulls into his driveway. and we'll never forget that standoff. it took hours to get out of that car. >> all of us will remember it 20 years ago. >> you were in the white house. >> i was in the white house for
10:56 am
cnn. i was on the north lawn of the white house watching that chase saying to myself -- >> we'll never forget it. >> we'll watch tonight. be sure to watch this special report tonight, o.j.'s wild ride. 20 years after the chase. kyra has done amazing work on this. 9:00 a.m. eastern. cky mountains. which must be named after the... that would be rocky the flying squirrel, mr. gecko sir. obviously! ahh come on bullwinkle, they're named after... ...first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 can take you in many directions. spark your curiosity tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 you read this. watch that. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 you look for what's next. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we can help turn inspiration into action
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house of representatives has just voted unanimously to approve legislation that would allow veterans experiencing long wait times at va hospitals to go ahead and get some health care from doctors at non-va medical facilities. the measure similar to a proposal in a broader va reform bill in the senate that could be voted on later this week. we'll stay on top of these stories for you. we could also see history in the markets today.
11:00 am
take a look. you see the dow jones right now, it's down almost eight points, 16,935. yesterday ninth record close of the year. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." newsroom with pamela brown newsroom with pamela brown starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm pamela brown. we come to you this hour with breaking news. a deadly shooting in a high school in suburban portland, oregon. there is at least one victim, a student killed by a gunman. the lone shooter is also dead, we're told by authorities. although we don't know how he died. >> a gunman entered the high school this morning, shot one student, unfortunately that student has died. the gunman was located and the gunman is also deceased. >> this is a very tc