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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  July 15, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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but i love derek jeter. i'm going to miss him. did i tell you my miguel is going to -- "@this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. no peace in the middle east. a cease fire proposal goes down in flames or more accurately up with hamas rockets, so is an all out war next? an investigation finds more mishandling of anthrax at the cdc bioterrorism lab and dangerous materials in the lab were transferred in ziplock bags? back to honduras parents and children sent back home to the most dangerous place on earth after they fled to the u.s., but some are saying they will be back.
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hello, everyone. great to see you today. i'm john berman. >> and i'm michaela pereira. those stories and much more. right now, "@this hour," fears that the violence in the middle east is about to get worse. israel's prime minister netanyahu sending out this tweet, hamas's rejection of the cease fire gives israel full legitimate si to expand the operation to protect our people. >> israel stopped firing rockets, but hamas did not. so israel has resumed. the prime minister told wolf blitzer that the cease fire was a one sided operation. >> as you said, hamas itself has
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some problematic statements, hamas runs the gaza trip. it's not a democracy. they rule the strip with an iron fist. if they want to stop rockets being fired, they can do it. so far, they have done not enough. >> does israel expand the operation? does that mean a full bore war is minutes, hours, days away? we're joined by rick francona and david difuri with us and david, israel did stop shooting. hamas did not. did they miss an tun to solve this crisis and why did they let it pass up? >> they certainly did miss an tun, but there's a bit of opportunityism by hamas. they want to accomplish certain goals and demonstrate to the people that they are retaliating against israel, that they are making an impact and they want to demonstrate that to the world and they want to get more support from the terrorist organizations around the world
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that support them. so they must have deemed that a cease fire was not in their interest, even though they are suffering heavy losses because of bombings by israel. >> the cease fire brokered by egypt, secretary of state john kerry supported it, is this thing dead in the water? >> it didn't address hamas's requirements, it was dead in the water before it got to hamas's devic. they rejected out of hand. no one was going to make those conditions happen, so i think david is exactly right. hamas is playing a really dangerous game here because although it gives them credibility in the eyes of other opposition groups around the world, they are losing the face -- faith with their own people. this is the military wing of hamas and they are putting their own people in danger. i think they are going to have an internal problem after this. >> it's interesting, the situation that egypt put hamas in because over the last few
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days, there was a lot of talk about the civilian casualties in gaza. egypt right next door to hamas and over the has several decades occasionally allied with hamas, recently not so much, says here's a way out. did they put hamas in a bind here? >> they put pressure on hamas as they should have. this was a great opportunity for the egyptian government step up and show they can be a peace broker and have an impact in the middle east. there's a lot of turmoil in the middle east right now. it comes at a very difficult time. it's very hot, middle of ram adan. it would have been nice to resolve this but it didn't happen. it's going to take more than the egyptian government. >> there are people being caught in the crossfire. people are not being well represented by hamas one would ask. when you look at the casualties, nearly 200 people we're talking about in terms of the
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palestinian loss now. what happens there? they are trapped. they have nowhere to go. >> there's no way to go. the population density is astounding. if the israelis do anything by the very nature of their operation, there is going to be civilian casualties. there's no escaping it. look at the numbers, 200 on the palestinian side and zero on the israelis side. in gaza they don't have access to that technology. so far, they blame the israelis, if hamas keeps this up, they may find themselves in a bad situation with their own porpgs. knowing what you know about israelis how much will they go to seize that mandate? are we talking ground forces in
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the next 24 hours? >> they have certain military objectives, they want to satisfy those objectives. they have a lot of targets in gaza. p they want some more time to really run down the effectiveness of hamas and the militants there and hit their missile-striking capability, rocket-making capability in order to make it harder for them to attack israel in the future. it's going to take several more days before israel makes the impact it wants to make. i don't expect there will be any type of large scale boots on the ground by israel though. >> thanks so much for being with us. let's take a look at some other pictures. morning rush hour moscow becomes a nightmare scene of death and injury. three train cars derail.
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20 are dead. city officials say this was not a terror attack but they are still investigating what caused this derailment. some shoppers near houston took quick action when they saw two kids crying locked in a hot jeep and the whole thing caught on cell phone video. they smashed the windows. able to pull the children out. the mother said she left them temporarily so she could get the hair cut. no one called police. >> imagine this conundrum, a man visiting his son in jail ended up behind bars himself. he's suing cook county for emotional distress. he ended up trapped in a cell for more than 30 hours. he kick the door and screamed. the cell is a special incarceration unit. he broke a sprinkler head in the
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ceiling and that alerted the guards. >> quick thinking. tracy morgan back home as he continues to recover from that horrific accident last month. this morning, the comedian-actor spoke briefly to reporters. >> how are you feeling, tracy? you look great. you look great, man. >> i love you. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> love you too. >> bye. >> looked pretty good. he broke his femur and several ribs. last week, he did file suit against walmart. good to see him. he's got a long road ahead of him. ahead "@this hour," dangerous materials being kept in zip locked bags? scary new details revealed at the cdc. hillary clinton is heading to the daily show tonight.
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this must be a sign of something. we'll tell you what next.
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a new investigation has found more scary mishandling of anthrax at the cdc lab in atlanta. a government memo says anthrax was stored in government refrigerators and material was transferred in ziplock bags. >> this comes after the cdc found more than 80 workers could have been exposed to anthrax last month. the problem so serious, the cdc
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director has been called to testify before a house panel tomorrow. elizabeth cohen joins us now. handling anthrax is difficult enough, mishandling seems awfully concerning. >> it's especially concerning because these are the guys who are supposed to be the experts. the rest of the world looks to them on how to handle these things. they are supposed to be the best and they messed up. that's what's especially concerning. i don't think this is a public health threat. there's so many different layers of security even though some of these layers may have been messed up, others were in place. it's not as if they blasted these into the city of atlanta. they are supposed to be the best at it. >> we have heard the terrible tales of anthrax. this stuff is dangerous. it can be fatal if you come into contact. >> absolutely. anthrax is a bacteria that then
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makes poivens and spread around your body. there's so many ways to get sick from it. there are antibiotics that can help if you get them soon enough, but this is really serious stuff. >> i had my anthrax vaccines when i was in iraq. i was inknock cue latd. i need to be put up to date. there's other stuff here too. >> transporting dangerous things in ziplock bags. there was another incident where bird flu was transported out of the cdc. there was an incident of smallpox in maryland that had been there for decades. >> their systems and procedures need an overhaul. what are they going to do to fix this? >> what one person said to me, he says the culture needs to be overhauled.
8:15 am
in any job, when you do something over and over again, you maybe cut corners, you don't follow the rules quite the way you are supposed to do and nothing has happened. there needs to be a wake-up called. >> i read one comment that says it's just hubris. >> if you've been doing this over and over again, you do develop hubris. you think it's fine. i've done this forever, but you are not supposed to because it could lead to problems. >> hubris and anthrax, a bad combination. stick around, we're going to talk about another bad combination. your ipad and a bad rash. jon stewart, hillary clinton, what could possibly go wrong? she heads there for the first time since 2008 cht you know she
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jon stew art has a show called "the daily show," today he has a special guest, hillary clinton. >> third appearance for hillary clinton. >> that must mean something! >> i say it must because the last time she was there, 2008, what happened in 2008, she was campaigning for president. could this be a precampaign?
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>> it's starting to seem like a ritual. i'm wondering if she's going to see her shadow, if she does, will it mean six more months to find out if she's going to run for president? honestly, this is a good tease and i look toward to some new jokes that can be added to our represent per -- repertoire tonight. what does jon stewart give for many political candidates? >> what he gives is the ability to reach out to an audience that doesn't normally tune in to political news and not going to read the papers or watching the eeching news and he gives them an opportunity to learn about these people on a more personal level and the key to his success is the fact that he is tremendously smart and he knows the issues and he presents it in
8:21 am
a way that's humerus and funny and brings in the younger generation. it will be interesting to see how he approaches this with hillary clinton this evening. i would imagine a question what is exactly your definition of dead broke. >> that's an interesting thing he has a great skill set. everybody along the shows finds their own way to answer things. you think dead broke isn't going to come up? >> i think i do and i think it should. >> it's a could he see i -- kosyness with wall street. now they have to unprove it again. all this should come out and i think that's exactly right. what jon stewart is great at is people can't be too scripted with him. he will knock you off your
8:22 am
script. a, she's going to be direct and earnest and unprepared and not have these oops i kind of wish i hadn't said it like that moments ago and also it's exactly right, he appeals to this young voter demographic, she's got to seem running like a fresh candidate with and not there flashback from the 90s. >> i'll throw you a softball. can hillary seem fresh and hip on the daily show. >> she's very personable and relax and have a good time. she's promoting her book, hard choices. jon stewart is not going to let her get away that easy. the good thing about this with any candidate, promoting a book, specifically if you are looking at 2016, you got to do these shows, reach out to these younger audiences and be able to
8:23 am
show her personal side. she's done some of the hard interviews as well. done all of the network news. and answered the hard questions. >> this isn't an issue of going around the mainstream media. she did a series of interviews with just about everyone. >> and yes, it's a man. >> i do want to talk to you about your politicians in your own party. there's some serious discussion going around right now inside republican party about foreign policy. in the role of isolationism. you have rand paul and. he said they are out to lunch. what's this doing right now inside your party? >> i think you are going to have differences of opinion on every single topic that there is out there on the table and rand paul
8:24 am
has made no secret of the fact that he is noninterventionalist. the fact of the matter is the real concern when it comes to an issue like foreign policy is the situation we're in currently. we had the wall street journal say we're in the most dire foreign policy situation we've been in since the 1970s, it's all a direct result of barack obama's failure to lead on foreign policy. we're not the super power of the world like we used to be and that's a bigger concern than a few differences of opinions that we have on foreign policy within the republican party. >> and sally, you came in here itching to talk about this. go. >> first of all, we're vulnerable on foreign policy because we had a president and a vice president who took their eye off the ball, led us into two unfunded wars and didn't go after terrorist like bin laden. that was president obama who did that.
8:25 am
the more dick cheney speaks out, the better it is for democrats. it reminds everyone exactly where these messes came from in the first place and the kind of foreign policy and domestic policy they no longer want. he can keep talking, that's fine. >> he does obscure the discussions about foreign policy. there is a choice right now as you look forward to 2016. you don't always have that in a primary. great to have you here. on the subject of dick cheney, if you didn't get enough from dick cheney, there is more today. jake tapper will have a full interview. it is on "the lead" 4:00 eastern. ahead at this hour, undocumented immigrant and star of hoe undocumented, jose an end tone
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>> we have learn a short time ago, jose antonio vargas has been detained by agents at an
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airport in mcallen, texas. we're joined with more details. what do we know about this? why exactly was he detained? >> we know he was detained because he simply does not have the proper documents to get through airport security. we know that he was using his filipino passport and at border facilities, at border towns like mcallen, the airports work kind of differently. you have a tsa agent usually at the security checkpoint and next to it, you usually have some sort of border agent who can ask you are you a u.s. zen and if not, he can also look at your documents. so that's probably where things went south for him. this morning, i want to show you a tweet that he sent out. he said, about to go through security at mcally ln airport. i don't know what is going to happen. michaela, john. >> interesting, we had him on this show, we asked him are you
8:31 am
afraid of being so public. you've been going on around the country saying you are undocumented. you talked to him about flying out of this very airport. >> we were in mcallen all of last week and we noticed the strong law enforcement presence. we kept talking about it. you couldn't go anywhere without seeing a border patrol agent and that's exactly what he noticed when he was there. he mentioned to my producer that he had to ask a border patrol agent for directions to get to where we were and he was starting to get a little nervous. he definitely felt like he may have finally reached a point where it may be difficult for him to get out of an area. i want you to listen to what he told us over the weekend. >> i'm stuck here like, i got here on thursday. we actually got here to document what is happening with the refugees, from the central american refugees these young children at one of the shelters
8:32 am
here in mcallen and because i don't have pieces -- i don't have any i.d. besides my filipino passport it's going to be hard for me to get out of here at some point when i decide to get out of here in the next couple of days. >> you could see that he was already having those concerns last week, as soon as he got to mcallen. >> a skeptic might say, we know he's an immigration activist, was he trying to make a point or were border authorities trying to make a point out of him? >> you know, it's tough to say at this point what border authorities were doing other than they were doing their job. this is the way of life in these border towns. there's a very strong border patrol presence because they are looking for people who aren't supposed to be here. that's their mentality. that's the way things work down there. he has traveled all over the country, trying to raise awareness about this issue. like he said, he's been out telling people that he's undocumented for two years, but somehow things have taken a
8:33 am
different turn here because he has not been detained up until this point. >> thanks very much. thanks again for all your terrific reporting at the border. just terrific stuff from there over the last week or so. deportation under way for undocumented parents and children. >> they are arriving back at honduras. our reporter spoke with some people who are back from their long and dangerous journey to the united states. >> it's been a tough month for the women and children who have been deported from the united states to honduras. a lot of them leaving the city we are today www.ed the -- dubbed the murder capital of the year. >> we're at the migrant center
8:34 am
here in honduras. this is where all deet portees arrive that arrive by plane. the center that you see is right next to the airport. so what happens is these deportees are loaded on to buses. we're here with the first lady of honduras. a lot of politicians say the all the families be returned to honduras. is that the solution? >> what she's saying is there there is no simple solution. there is no simple answer. that it has to be a collaboration between the u.s. and all of the central american countries to solve this issue. that it's not going to be solved overnight. we've been standing by this barricade for about an hour and a half and the flow of people has been interesting because only passengers have been allowed -- pastors have been allowed in, psychologists have been allowed in. we've only seen three women come
8:35 am
out of this building and one clue that we had perhaps one of these women was a deportee because her shoes didn't have shoelaces and we heard that story before that immigration authorities in the united states remove those shoelaces. i talked to her briefly. she didn't want to talk to us on camera but she did say that she was ready to take a shower, to get home, and put this behind her. the processing of these 18 families took hours. the barricades that you see behind me, they never came down. we never got access to the actual processing center until we actually saw the kids walk out with their mothers, get on this bus. now the kids received balloons and other goodies, got on this bus, and now they are headed back into the communities that they left in the first place, those very same communities that we keep on hearing are filled with poverty and violence. now we caught up with the woman and her daughter who were on that bus and the woman's eyes were swollen, the six-year-old
8:36 am
girl told us that they slept in the forest. they saw monkeys and snakes. it was a scary experience. surprisingly a lot of people that go through that voyage say that they will try again. john, michaela. >> we appreciate it so much. we appreciate all of our team getting out there on the ground to see what the reality is for all of these people. no end is in sight. while the swell of undocumented immigrants will continue. we'll take a look at that ahead. at every ford dealership, you'll find the works! it's a complete checkup of the services your vehicle needs. so prepare your car for any road trip by taking it to an expert ford technician. because no matter your destination good maintenance helps you save at the pump. get our multi-point inspection with a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection and more for $29.95 or less.
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8:40 am
to deal with what is being call a humanitarian crisis. two texas lawmakers have come up with a bill but so far crickets from congress. a long break for them, just 12 working days away. cnn here with us, i want to talk about what needs to be done and if there's an end to it, can we talk about our developing news here, immigration activist jose antonio vargas has been detained. >> i was coming to new york to do these spots for cnn. i fund -- found out he was in mcallen. he was surprised he was detained. this was someone who has traveled for the last three years to 200 different cities and all over the country, i think he sees himself as i am
8:41 am
hun to this -- immune to this provision. something smells funny about this story. i think they know exactly who he is and they are trying to make a point. i don't think it's jose that's making a point. i think it's the border patrol that is making a point. let's talk about the broader issue right now. you've written a really interesting op ed on you talk about the idea that we're all looking for an end point in this immigration crisis here. this border crisis here. but there is no endpoint. >> right. when a pipe breaks in my house, i call a plummer. i want to know how long is it go fix it, and cost me. the problem with this story, you saw it earlier on the well-done story from honduras, you deport people, they are going to come right back. we have a revolving door on the border.
8:42 am
as we send 40 down and 60 more come up. there is no endpoint. this is going to be going on for a long time. the story is not so much in honduras, who is in the u.s., who is in between? how many folks are in mexico waiting to across into the u.s.? >> you say you can't fault mexico because they can't keep up with it either. $13 billion goes to the borders. if those kids cut through our border security so easily, you know they crews right through mexico. mexico has no chance to stop these kids. >> when you talk about the need to address the big picture, the fact of the matter is there will not be a comprehensive immigration reform this year. it is not just going to happen. so we need to start talking about what will happen or might
8:43 am
happen. is the $3.7 billion request from the president, is that a step in the right direction? are the proposals being discussed right now about change the 2008 law? are these steps in the right direction? because you have to take small steps instead of the big steps we won't take. >> i think the $3.7 billion is a step in the right direction. we should be worried about do away with 2008 law. he wants to do away with due process with unaccompanied minors. this being an election here, it's not a good time here. neither political party wants to face this come november, so there's a tendency to and exped the removal, that's very dangerous. >> if you have a leak, you are looking where the source of that water came from. we look to the source of where this is coming from, how much is
8:44 am
being done on an international effort to look at the source? >> none. virtually none. we're dealing with trying to plug the leak here but you haven't dealt with the conditions in south america. we sent 40 women and children back to a situation where some may meet certain death. the fact that this happened in this country, maybe it ha to happen, not so kick quickly. this worked way too fast. we need to slow down. >> there are other people who say that things need to be sped up is why there is a discussion right now and why you all need to go check out reuben's full article on ahead for us qo"@this hour, the use of painkillers to nfl?
8:45 am
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8:49 am
drugs and other drugs in the league. you might recall, the suit against the nfl, accusing it of administering the drugs illegally to keep them playing. >> a lot of times, the team trainers are giving out drugs. none of them got a medical degree. some of them aren't even licensed. they're handing out drugs. they're handing out anti-inflammatories. they're handing out sleeping pills. they're handing out this stuff altogether. and then, you know, a lot of timings you're on a team playing and then you're washing it down with beer. >> washing it down with beer. the de a's trying to track down how nfl doctors and trainers get access to those powerful narcotics. >> more than 700 players have joined the suit against the nfl. joining us is l.z. granderson, back from wimbledon. we are talking about football and concussions for a while, now we're talking about football and
8:50 am
painkillers in the locker room. how big a deal do you think this is? >> well, it was a much bigger deal back in the 70s, 80s, early 90s. that's because of the raised awareness of players. and also a raised sense of responsibility and not equating getting back on the field and shaking off a concussion with being a man. all those things are changed in term, of the nfl we look at today. the lawsuit represents the players of the past. there are a lot of questions to be answered right there in terms of who knew what, who gave what, and i think that this deserves the attention it's getting right now. >> talk about that shared responsibility. pressure to play, right, pressure to play from the coaches and the management. but then also as you talk about, you want to be a man. there's a financial incentive. what is it, can't make the club from the tub, whatever the saying is. there's shared responsibility there. >> it is. to me, it all begins with one
8:51 am
basic fact of the nfl. and that is, the player contracts are not guaranteed. you can see the big numbers and headlines, $120 million for this player, $70 million for this player. the truth of the matter is, any point the team can cut them without compensating that full amount of the contract. it's pretty useless actually. as long as that exists, you'll always have this pressure for players to get back on the field when they're not ready. you have this pressure on doctors to prescribe medications that maybe players don't necessarily need to be taking. maybe they need rest instead of painkillers. because the pressure to have those players on the field and the pressure on the doctors to get those players on the field, you're not going to what's in the best interest of those players actually played out. until the nfl addresses their contract situation, we will always have this conversation going. >> that doesn't seem likely to change any time soon. lz's right. you can get cut in the nfl and you don't get paid. if you're hurt and you're not playing, this can happen to you. you know, you say, l.z., this
8:52 am
was a thing of the past. is the union looking at this, is this something they want to deal with heavily? >> it depends on what they think the end game is going to be. i've always wondered why you said the contracts with would never -- there's no chance the contracts would be guaranteed. i always wondered why the players never pushed harder to get those garntied contracts. i know there's an element of the challenge of fighting every single day for your roster spot. i get that the sort of innate desire to want to prove yourself on a daily, if not a yearly, basis. but you're also not protected. as long as you're not protected, you're just setting yourself up for these type of lawsuits to be abe becaused by the franchise, either consciously or sub cautiously, and it's just not a good situation. so the players of the past, the mcmahons, whose name's listed on the contract, they're famous, they're rich, but they're also victims.
8:53 am
it's very hard to see them as victims but because of the situation of the contracts, they are. >> it's so true. we love when you're here, will you come visit us soon please. >> i would love to come visit you. >> all right. ahead for us -- >> you can join too. >> thank you, i appreciate it. ahead for us, we're going to change subjects here. we're going to talk about that bad rash. you know the one i'm talking about. well, now there is an issue. maybe it was your ipad. no. yes. that's next. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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nothing like a rash to go with your ipad. >> you're trying to tell me a little something here? apparently some ipads contain nickel and that is one of the most common allergy metals. doctors traced an ipad as the cause of a rash in an 11-year-old boy in san diego. let's bring in our medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. how wide spread of a problem is this? should i be nervous about the ipad in front of me? >> only nervous if you noticed you had a rash on your hands or you have a rash here, you might be concerned about your cell phone. apple says, look, this is so incredibly unusual and they put out this statement. they say we've found that allergies like the ones reported in this case are extremely rare. apple products are made from the highest quality materials and
8:58 am
meet the same strict standards set for jewelry. now, i want to say, no one's accusing them of having substandard products. it's just some people are allergic to nickel. >> when i heard some people's ipads were giving them rashes, there were a million things i thought of. >> probably not appropriate. >> before nickel because of places people take their ipads and all that. >> thank you, john, for that image, i appreciate it. >> yeah. >> but are there other devices that use this nickel besides the ipad? >> there are, there have been various studies that have looked at nickel in other products. this isn't really about apple. this is if you find you have a rash on your hands or part of your face or other weird places you might use your personal devices, then you should go to your doctor and say, could this be nickel. there's plenty -- there's over the counter, hydracortisone start that would help. >> and the case would protect you, right? >> yes, a case would do it.
8:59 am
>> okay. so i'm going to go back to my 12-year-old question here. you guys don't go into the men's room and you don't see people talking on their cell phones and using their devices when they're at the urinal. people do it all the time. forget the nickel for a second, these things have to be carrying germs like you wouldn't believe. >> yes, if you don't want your hands after you go to the bathroom. >> well, you can't wash your iphone. you wash your hands but you're using your iphone. >> be selective about who you give your iphone to. if your friend has a terrible cold, don't give them your phone. wipe it off if you need to. yes, it can carry germs, absolutely. keep it clean. >> absolutely. a good rule of thumb for our show as well. elizabeth cohen, we love when you join us, thank you. >> my apologies for putting you through that. >> you reverted to 12. >> that's what people think. >> i can always tell.
9:00 am
>> people do. >> people? >> i'll take you on a towur. you come with me, i'll show you. >> no thank you. you are eight kinds of wrong, you know that? employees at your kid's favorite theme parks arrested in sex stings off property. the deeper we dig, the more upsetting it gets. also this hour, casually walking into the gym for a workout just a day after the boston marathon bombs exploded. a disturbing new look at dzhokhar tsarnaev, video evidence tied to this attack. and in trial for the murder of his model girlfriend so what was olympian


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