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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 15, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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you can always follow us on twitter, tweet me @wolfblitzer. join us monday in "the situation room." watch us live or dvr the show. "outfront" starts now. >> bombshell video released allegedly of michael brown robbing a convenience store. does it explain why a police officer gunned him down? we're live in ferguson, missouri where tensions are high. out today the name of the cop who fired the shot. plus the pope's new pope mobile. we're going to show it to you tonight. let's go "outfront." >> i'm erin burnett. "outfront" breaking news, confusion in ferguson, missouri.
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protesters are gathering six days after michael brown was shot and killed. police broke their silence and announced that darren wilson was the officer who shot him. but that announcement paled in comparison to video of a man that police say was brown minutes before he was gunned down. i want to show it to you. this is surveillance video from a convenience store believed to be michael brown, the big man, as you can see with the white shirt and st. louis cardinals hat, stealing a box of cigars. this video is a flash point in the case. brown's parents are outraged claiming that police are trying to assassinate the character of their son. we have a team of reporters standing by. we are in ferguson. don lemon is speaking to citizens and tom foreman who is standing by to break down the two events that are out there
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over the shooting of michael brown but it's i want to begin with ed. >> erin, residents here in ferguson are gathering once again tonight and the captain for the state police department is hoping it will be a quiet night. throughout the day there have been many moments of contention. the ferguson police chief says this surveillance video shows michael brown engaged in a strong-arm robbery moments before he was shot and killed. police say brown stole a $49 box of swisher sweets cigars and when the clerk confronted him, brown shoved the man into a display rack and walked out. >> a description was given -- >> reporter: the police chief released that information at the same time he announced that 28-year-old darren wilson was the officer who killed the teenager, leaving the impression that the robbery and shooting
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were related. it angered the residents. >> why we never hear about the robbery just now? >> they have to get their lies together. >> i can't believe this is the tactic that this police chief and his administration are using to try to make this young man be deserving to be gunned down in the street like a dog. this is crazy. >> reporter: a few hours later, chief jackson said the confrontation between michael brown and wilson had nothing to do with the robbery. >> because they were walk down the middle of the street blocking traffic. >> reporter: darren wilson worked as a police officer for six years. he is a gentle, quiet and distinguished officer but the department refuses to release his picture. darren wilson lives on this street about 25 miles from the town of ferguson.
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many neighbors are reluctant to talk about him. but since the shooting they have seen a great deal of police activity in the neighborhood and that darren wilson left here several days ago. officer wilson now has an attorney and a law enforcement source says that he has been interviewed by detectives once right after the shooting and the second a few days later. but it has done little to calm the anger over his death. >> all we want is the truth. that's all we went. >> reporter: and we wrapped up with an interview with a high school friend of darren wilson. we couldn't get it in that piece but we will come back in a little bit and share the insight that his friend shared with us and hopefully shed light into darren wilson's mind set and what made him want to be a police officer.
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>> ed, thank you. and we call it feeding, he will be feeding the interviews in. everyone needs and wants to know so much more about this police officer, darren wilson. we'll get that for you in a few moments. but the timing of the surveillance video release, the video of michael brown in that convenience store when he allegedly stole the $49 box of cigars as many in the community outraged. don lemon is in ferguson. you have been speaking to residents all day. what is their reaction to the video? >> they think it is suspect. many people didn't believe it until the attorneys for the family came out and said it is indeed michael brown in the video. and also, the young man who is with him, his attorney admitting it is him as well but it's what they're saying is they don't believe the two incidents have anything to do with each other. they're saying if something did happen in the convenience store, then it's separate than the
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altercation that happened with the officer. they also believe that the ferguson police department is trying to besmirch the reputation of michael brown and trying to paint him to be a bad character and taking the focus off what they believe is a shooting. this is the outcome. this has been the outcome of some of what happened today, people coming back arriving to this quick trip where we have been showing you all day, showing up in force, but it has been mostly peaceful this time. again this evening, erin, lined up down the street and you can hear it, no justice -- no peace. and people are honking their horns. they are lined up again for about a mile down the road. it is not as big a crowd as it is the other night but it is a big crowd and forceful presence that is happening here. >> thank you very much as don
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continues to walk around the crowd there we will continue to watch as people gather tonight. "outfront" now, our legal analyst for cnn is here. neil, the police say that the robbery of that convenience store is not related to the shooting. this is something that people in the community say. you just heard don lemon reporting. they think it has been released to assassinate michael brown's character. the police say that media outlets demanded it. does the video of michael brown allegedly robbing the store change the case? >> i think it does. and let me tell you there is a choice in terms of release of this video. i question the timing and wisdom of this as well. i advocates that they shouldn't be releasing information piecemeal. it only creates more questions. if you look at the timing of the
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video itself it is within ten minutes of the shooting. it does change the landscape quite a bit. now you have a situation where under missouri law this would be considered a robbery. there is force that is used in the scheme of things and i believe you could get to a jury that this is a robbery within ten minutes. there are so many things we need to know about what happened once he left that store and what happens in the con on tfrontati that we have no idea of. it is certainly relevant in the scheme of thing and part of the time line. within ten minutes i don't think anyone can say we can't think of that. >> they were not releasing anything else that is related. so there may be an inconsistency there. natalie, the same day they release the video because of the
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freedom of information requests they release the name of the police officer. we talked about both things. but had we not had the video we would only be talking about darren wilson, the police officer. >> exactly. and i think what the police is not saying is more telling than anything he is saying. here he released the name of the officer and the videotape. he did not tell that the officer, himself, admitted that he encountered mike brown because he was in the traffic. he didn't say that until he was questioned by a reporter. and i think that is what people are tired of. people just want to know the truth. they want to hear from their public servants. they don't want to hear piecemeal or sides. it's not the chief's job to defend his deputy. it's the defense lawyer of his deputy's job. >> paul, part of the issue here
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has been the manipulation, both sides, have been trying to manipulate the national media and public opinion. this case has captured the attention of the country. the police chief describes the cop who did this with the word "gentle." it was sort of bizarre he did this. >> he was a gentleman. he is a quiet officer and he is and has been an excellent officer. it is devastating. he never intended for any of this to happen. >> quiet, gentle, charming. similar to michael brown. >> he was a gentle giant. he was big. he was careful. he was loving, everything. i loved everything about this young man. >> aren't both sides guilty of trying to control the narrative. you have two gentle blameless
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people and something happened. >> with respect to the police chief the thing that we have to remember is this is a town of 21,000 people. this is a small town. this is smalltown america to think they are sophisticated enough to stage this information in a public relations campaign is overestimating the sophistication of the police force. >> you don't think they -- >> absolutely not. this is an inept release of information. the transparency of the investigation should have happened early on. people would have been sympathy threat toik the officer. and i have to say that people saying this video of a robbery being committed by a person who we thought was the -- entirely a victim in this case indicates that at the time of his apprehension, he knew that he had just committed the robbery. so it's relevant on what was in michael brown's mind when he was apprehended by the police officer. did he think he was being
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apprehended for the robbery. >> natalie i want to ask you one more thing. and that is something that the brown family attorney, benjamin crump said today. i want to play it for you and get your reaction. >> they cannot be justified, the execution style murder of this case in broad daylight and not telling ferguson but america wants to know so we can start the healing process why an unarmed teenager was shot like a dog in the street. you release everything, not just character assassination to try to justify this execution. >> i mean, natalie, he uses the word "execution" and "assassination," "like a dog in the street" with these inprogram that words?
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>> it's appropriate. he he work for the family. the police chief is serving the people. the chief has a totally different obligation to the community and should not be on television expressing sympathy and these things. he should be fair and impartial not leaking information that he wants to help his friend not doing those things. that is why the officer that shot michael brown, he got an attorney. now his attorney has a right to come on television and defend him but not the police chief. >> all three of you will be back with us. but next we're watching the growing protest in ferguson as people are gathering and tensions rise especially after this video was released of allegedly michael brown robbing a convenience store ten minutes before he was shot and killed.
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and break news just in now,
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a grand jury has indicted texas governor rick perry for alleged abuse of power. our court reporter brianna keilar is "outfront." rick perry a likely presidential candidate indicted. >> he has been indicted by a travis county, texas grand jury. and this has to do with his efforts last year trying to force a district attorney there named rose marie lemburg. he tried to force her to step down by withholding a $7 million of funding for a public integrity unit that she oversaw. many republicans feel it is used against them. a first degree felony abuse of an official capacity and a
4:19 pm
second, a conversion of a public official. this is a political brawl playing out in the courts in travis county. this is a liberal enclave. we have seen political brawls play out there before. it was a different direct attorney that took down tom delay years ago. >> so brianna has the governor's office responded? if he were to be convicted he would obviously go to jail. >> very possibly. and so this is -- we have not heard. we are seeking response at this point. this is the indictment. it just came down. this is all very fresh. i think what we would expect is that he and his supporters would say this is politics playing out. we are seeing democrats urging rick perry to resign. so right now we're still awaiting response. i'm sure we will get that soon.
4:20 pm
>> when you get that we'll be going to you. thank you so much. and the breaking news coverage continues, protesters in missouri outraged over the unarmed black teen shot and killed by a police officer. no matter where you are in the country you are a bit familiar with the case. a new bombshell, missouri police revealing that michael brown, 18 years old was a suspect in a convenience store robbery. that is michael brown that you're looking at there. this was taped just moments before he was shot dead. about ten minutes before according to the latest information that we have. police say, though, that this robbery is not why brown was stopped. they say t officer who shot him was not aware over the robbery. there are questions about what happened the day michael brown was killed. tom foreman has gone through the time line of what happened that resulted in michael brown being shot to death. >> you were hinting at it.
4:21 pm
the police were simultaneously connecting and disconnecting the events that happened. here's what -- [ inaudible ] they are saying at 11:51 a.m., police are saying michael brown was in this store. he was stealing these cigars and roughing up the shop owner and they're saying 11:51 to 12:01, ten minutes later, michael brown was on this street and it was only ten minutes later and they're saying on that street, this is the same place they are disconnecting it. while michael brown was here just as you noted the police officer on this same street had no idea the man he was encountering was suspected in this alleged robbery moments earlier. >> so the two versions of what happened on that street are widely different based on what
4:22 pm
the police officer has said and what the police chief has said that the officer said to him. they agree that brown and his friend were walking down the street and a police car pulled up and a young man ended up dead. >> let's look at one version here. this is going to be the version told by police. what police are saying is this officer came up here. he spoke to these young men in some fashion and they say that brown basically came in and confronted this officer, he pushed the officer back in his car, strike him in some fashion he would not have anything to do with the officer and fighting the officer trying to take his gun. police say the gun went off once in the car and only then, did brown run away. his friend had backed off. did brown run away. the officer pursued him and about 35 feet away even though brown was unarmed, he shot him another multiple of times.
4:23 pm
he was shooting along the way here and brown died. but let me reset this and tell you the version of the friend who was with michael brown and witnesses. they say they were walking. the officer cursed at them and said get on the sidewalk and when they didn't comply the officer whipped in front of him and tried to open the door into brown. when he hit brown with his car door he reached out and grabbed brown, threatening him. there was at least one gunshot according to the eyewitness. but in any event at some point, brown started [ inaudible ] the differences between them of everything that happened in a short period of time. >> tom, thank you. let's now back with paul, and
4:24 pm
natalie. you just heard tom lay out the two versions of the story. let's assume for a second that the police officer's version is true. that would be the most -- the version most in favor of him. would that version justify the use of force under missouri law against an unarmed person. >> the problem with all of this is what we don't have now is we can't build this into the narrative. we don't have the logistics. we don't have the medical examiner's report. we don't know -- >> why don't we? >> that's a good question but those things are not there. and they have to be done in time. there's a process that people follow in these things and again, labs do this work. it takes time to do these analysis. there is toxicology questions. the medical examiners have to do all this work. that's not something that gets done in a week. given the narrative you have given me which is a fairly
4:25 pm
narrow scope there, if all i'm doing is pulling up on this young man and i'm jumping out of the car do i have authority to discharge my weapon and use deadly force to kill him? no. but we don't know what all the other facts are. that's the problem with speculation. >> there are three -- >> natalie's point -- we are speculating because we don't have the information which they are not revealing -- >> it takes time. >> do you agree, paul, it is a punt they should put the autopsy report out there? so we could see if he was shot in the front or the back? >> i would like to see toxicology to find out what was in his blood stream. and it's while and natalie jackson knows this she tries cases. one of the charges a judge gives to the jury is don't make up your mind until you hear all the evidence in the case. but -- >> we are only getting the pieces of the evidence. >> we're not the jury. we are not the jury. >> i'm not trying to try this
4:26 pm
case. >> and my point is -- >> hold on. >> the citizens of ferguson, missouri are going through. they are being fed information piecemeal that they recognize is only beneficial to the cops. >> that's simply not true. >> and ferguson didn't -- >> and neil, go ahead. then respond. >> erin, let me tell you this, ferguson is not doing the investigation. it has been removed to st. louis county police. ferguson doesn't have the information other than they had apparently the -- >> they know. >> what is that we don't have? we don't have the officer's statement as to -- >> hold on -- >> on that i went, we asked today and we confirmed that all ferguson police officers have tasers and pepper spray. there are other things that this officer could have used -- >> the police have said now that
4:27 pm
michael brown was somebody who had just robbed a convenience store. >> when they say is unrelated. >> it's total -- it's totally related because what was going through michael brown's mind when the cop pulls up may have been oh, my god i'm being pulled in for the robbery. so that could have caused him -- let me finish please. that would have caused him possibly to become more violent with the cop. the gun is discharged. >> running away. >> how do we know? >> we have three witnesses who have said so. >> the same witnesses -- >> they do not know each other or -- only one of them knows him. >> do any of the witnesses -- >> one of those witnesses of course was with him in the convenience store. and was not honest about that. >> what about the young lady who came out that had the same story? what i am saying is you have three eyewitnesss who have told you what happened and who have
4:28 pm
sort of similar corroborating stories and you have the story of a local officer. why does his story weigh more than three individual eyewitnesss. >> we haven't had a trial yet. it is wrong to hang anybody -- >> this is about an arrest. >> you base an arrest on three witnesses -- >> they do it all the time. >> that's not the way justice works in this country. >> somewhere along the way you have to stop and you have to look at all the information. you know, there's other things we haven't talked about. there were 911 calls and dispatch tapes to indicate what was put out over the air. those are things you have to consider along with toxicology and medical examiner's reports. all those are necessary before you understand everything. we cannot sit here right now and say it's enough that one person has said something.
4:29 pm
certainly, the annals of history show that sometimes people embellishes. >> i will say this, they have not released any of the information that neil is talk about. "outfront" next we now know the name of the officer that fired the shot that killed michael brown. you will hear from one of his friends next. the world health organization says ebola, the outbreak is much worse than thought. why is an american doctor headed to the hot zone right now? a special report. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality
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the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. breaking news and new revelations in the shooting of michael brown, the unarmed teen who sparked protests when he was killed in ferguson, missouri. much of the frustration is on the video released today. it shows brown involved in an alleged convenience store robbery just moments before the deadly confrontation with the the police officer just ten minutes before according to the information we have. tonight we know the name of that officer. it was released simultaneously with the video.
4:34 pm
his name is darren wilson and he is 28 years old. he is a six-year police officer. he had a clean disciplinary record we are told. but we don't know much more about that. ed, who he is, and what his character is like is going to be central to whether he goes to jail and committed murder. you have an exclusive interview with a friend of darren wilson. what did he tell you? >> reporter: this is part of the process to get that insight. darren wilson isn't speaking publicly and we spoke with a man by the name of jake sheppard who went to high school and played on the hockey team with darren wilson. he says as long as he has known as darren wilson he was a kurt use and well-mannered person. he became a police officer because he wanted to help people. in no way does he have hatefulness in his system or being and he said that the last
4:35 pm
thing he's convinced that even though he hasn't spoke on the darren wilson since last weekend there is no way that darren wilson would have wanted to ever as a police officer take someone else's life. listen to that interview. >> i could never imagine him even in that situation taking someone's life. let alone, taking someone's life with malicious intent, you know, he's just the last person on earth you would think would do something like that. i mean, it's just shocking. i can say without speaking to darren without even having heard his statements that, at that moment in time he was scared for his life. i'm 100% positive of. that because i could never imagine him even in that situation, taking someone's life, let alone taking someone's life with malicious intent, you know?
4:36 pm
he's just the last person on earth you would think would do something like that. >> and, erin, this kind of goes with what other police officers here in ferguson have been saying about darren wilson that he was a quiet person, dignified in how he went about his job. he has been with the ferguson police department four years. >> thank you very much, ed. and "outfront" now, george zimmerman's defense attorney. you have to be having sentiments of deja vu. >> amazing. amazing the similarities. you know, we look at what the zimmerman case brought to the forefront and it's back here again. i initially said we learned lessons from the zimmerman case but it's we have to look at the way that ferguson pd did and
4:37 pm
realize what a great job the sanford police department did in handling the public outcry that came from it. >> that has not been handled well in this case. we don't know where the officers is who shot and killed michael brown. darren wilson, 28 years old. we know his name. people who lived on the street. he hasn't been there in a few days. you know what happened with george zimmerman. what happened to darren wilson? is he in a witness protection prom right you? >> he pretty much has to be just like zimmerman who could not go home because of the death threats and bounty on his head. the animosity is going to be focused on the officer. for his own safety he has to be kept out of the public view just like zimmerman who had to wear body armor and was in hiding for a year and a half. i don't know how min can protect this officer. it's not the general population
4:38 pm
and their anger it's meted out. it's concern over people who want to make a name for themselves by taking out the guy who shot mr. or michael brown. >> who is responsible for protecting this police officer until they decide whether there are charges or arrested? >> i think the justice department will take that on. the fbi are involved in the investigation. they have the abilities. they have the talents and have done it before with their witness protection. hopefully the federal government will step in and help. >> you did defend george zimmerman in the trayvon martin case. how hard will it be to defend darren wilson? it was in broad daylight, there were multiple shots, four to six, we've heard. how hard will it be to defend this? >> i tell you, i hope whoever the defense team is they look closely at the zimmerman case and learn lessons from the difficult way we handled the
4:39 pm
animus that was out there and how to deal with the sensitivities of it. the true way to handle the kay is all on the forensics. we know that this happened in a several-second period. i don't think it's going to come out that this officer went on a rampage to go kill a black kid that night and i don't think that mr. brown decided it was a time to take out a cop. it is a second by second decision and the forensics will help. when he was shot, how he was shot. if it was a close shot we'll have forensics and stippling will show that. >> that means chards that you would see on the front of his form showing his hands had been up. thank you very much. we appreciate it. as the united states is pulling americans out of west africa and worried about it coming to american shores we have the story of an american doctor who is risking her life to fight the disease. plus the pope tries to reach
4:40 pm
more people by making speeches in english for the first time. why did he go to south korea to do it? and wait until you see the pope mobile.
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today the american doctor infected with ebola speaks out. dr. kent brantly says as my treatment continues, i am recovering in every way. there are still a few hurdles to clear before i can be discharged. the world health organization says the ebola outbreak is worse than anyone thought. the number of cases in the death toll top 1,100 and according to the who vastly under estimating the crisis. one american doctor is leaving the united states and going to the epicenter of ebola. >> reporter: is it the largest and deadliest ebola outbreak ever already claiming more than 900 lives and the numbers keep growing. >> can you stop this? >> we can stop this but it so dependent on people believing.
4:45 pm
and human action. >> dr. eileen marty is an infectious disease specialist and one of dozens of doctors tapped by the world health organization to go to the heart of the outbreak. >> why leave miami to go to a hot spot like that? >> because it's my job. because it's what i do. it's what i'm trained to do. >> reporter: the 56-year-old knows the risks. she worked for the w.h.o. in 2010 when she helped prevent outbreaks of diseases during the world cup in south africa. >> are you scared? >> of course but you is to have a healthy fear. >> have you ever seen an outbreak like this? >> not of ebola. this is out of control. >> she has received all of her vaccinations and stocked up on medications and prepared her family for her absence. >> it is stressful for my family. they are my family and they do know is it my nature to do what
4:46 pm
i can to be helpful we need lot of people like myself to go out there and do this. it's not a one-man job. >> dr. marty has been sent to nigeria. there she be "l" be treating patients and trying to figure out how to get ahead of the virus and if the worse-case scenario happens and she gets infected she hopes to have access to the same drug available to nancy writebol and kent brantly. >> would you ask for? >> absolutely. we're not talking about something i have a 2% death rate chance. instead we're talking about something if i don't do something radical my chances of survival are less than 50%. so under that circumstance, wouldn't you take the experimental drug? >> it's a circumstance dr. marty hopes she won't have to deal with.
4:47 pm
cnn, miami. and in west africa tonight a story we have been following closely, brutality at the hands of boko haram. 97 young men and boys have been kidnapped. 28 people were killed and dozens of homes burned down in the raid. this comes four months after nearly 300 girls were kidnapped and hundreds more have been taken since. "outfront" next the story of a thief who tried to break into a safe in an unversional way. and now the pope is speak out and take selfies. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep. yep. but it's not just a tablet, it's really a laptop. it's a surface pro 3, with a touchscreen.
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pope francis is on the road greeted by tens of thousands in south korea. this is the first trip by a pope in 25 years. today, pope francis led a mass at a 50,000 seat stadium and it was overflowing. talk about a rock star. during the mass, he encouraged koreans to see the things that really matter. paula ha paula has been following the story. >> reporter: dubbed the rock
4:52 pm
star pope, the catholics could not agree more. breaking away from his prepared speech on friday, he delighted the young crowd. >> are you ready to say yes? are you ready? [ cheers ] >> reporter: this is why pope francis came to south korea, only about 10% of the population is catholic but the church is growing fast, and across asia, the congregation is young. surrounding with asianen youth there was the selfie which he didn't seem to mind. his transport from the airport, a kia hatch back. it had to be south korean. the next day another kia modified into a pope mobile. the wind proved a tricky combination. >> may the lord welcome the dead into his peace. >> reporter: he offered words of simple though and hope for the parents of school children killed in south korea's recent ferry sinking and for those who survived.
4:53 pm
pope francis is making speeches in english on this trip for the first time. he's been practicing to reach more people. he called for peace and reunfa case for the two koreas. >> korea's quest for peace is close, close to our hearts. >> reporter: north korea test fired three missiles before he got here and after he did. it wasn't a message, a celebration of independence day and north korean catholics were inviteed to a mass on monday. they said no blaming upcoming u.s. south korean military which basically start on the same day, erin. >> paula, thank you so much. just an incredible story. the pope mobile in a kia. out front next, a criminal not so much in disguise. that's a safe tied to the back of a car and in a moment, we're going to tell you who is driving the car taking the video.
4:54 pm
jo jeanne moos is next. merica made. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. revolutionary by every standard. and that became our passion. to always build something better, airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. that redefine comfort and connect the world like never before. after all, you can't turn dreams into airplanes unless your passion for innovation is nonstop. ♪ ben! unless your passion for innovation is nonstop. well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money.
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4:57 pm
an alleged burglar scheme to steal a safe goes south. >> reporter: this alleged burglar may not know how to crack a safe, but he apparently knows how to tow one. >> when i pulled up on the
4:58 pm
scene, i was like you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: we think of safe crackers to be suave. instead of that, 22-year-old ryan mullins must have been grunting after police say he broke into this north carolina pharmacy through the drive through window and tried to put the safe in his trunk. witnesses watched him struggle. >> when he could not do so, he started to tie it to his bumper. >> reporter: he drove for a couple miles, came up behind a police car, this is the dashcam view as the officer noticed in his rearview mirror that an object was being dragged. the officer let mullins pass and caught up and arrested him. he was charged with dwi and breaking and entering with larceny. police say he was after the controlled substances kept in the pharmacy safe. >> stupidity. >> reporter: at least the
4:59 pm
drugstore safe didn't wreck havoc like the gigantic one that pummeled pursuers in the movie "fast and furious 5." he was inducted into a website called clumsy crooks. he joins the ranks of dumb suspects, the guy police say ate his bank robbery note, the purse snatcher that ran for the mall exit, ran through the mall exit, the burglar who broke in on one side of the glass door but tried to leave through the other, the thief who grabbed a diamond ring but found the store door locked so he swallowed the diamond, police just waited for his die ju -- digestive system to produce the evidence. as for the would be safe cracker. >> a funny thing about people is they always put their safe behind. >> reporter: behind a 1999
5:00 pm
lincoln town car. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> so there is someone out there wearing an engagement ring that somebody popped out. wolf blitzer starts now for ""ac wolf blitzer starts now for ""ac 360" -- captions by vitac -- i'm wolf blitzer in for anderson. the sun going down on ferguson, missouri of a big day. the police department finally released the name of the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. the that officer's name darron wilson. there was an incident report on an alleged convenience store robbery and video purportly showing brown doing the crime, allegedly stealing small cigars and brown shoving a clerk. they call it a strong armed robbery. there were mixed messages from the police department. earlier in the day, police chief thomas jackson laid out a timeline that left the impression officer


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