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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 17, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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without receiving the reparation to which they are entitled. >> do you think you will see this issue reconciled in your lifetime? sill hope to get an apock before i die. pope francis has said peace is not simply the absence of war, but the work of justice. it's been 69 years since the end of world war ii, kim can only hope francis helps her find the peace she so desperately needs. erin mcloughlin, cnn, seoul, korea. hello again, everyone. we begin this hour in ferguson, missouri. in ferguson, a rally for michael
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brown, the 18-year-old gunned down seven days ago has just started. brown's family is expected to be there. the church is filled with people from the entire area there. it comes after another night of protests, this time overnight there was bloodshed. police say a protester was shot early this morning and is now in critical condition. protesters stayed out early this morning during the newly imposed curfew. police used smoke bombs and then teargas to try to break up the across the board. police say the curfews will be in place again tonight, all of this as people still have so many questions about the shooting death of michael brown. people have been leaving candles and flowers at the very spot he was killed last week. that rally is under way at a church in ferguson. ed lavandera is outside the church, where inside it looks like perhaps a celebration of life, so ed, it looks like also
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standing room only. you have a lot of people right behind you at the doors of that church. >> reporter: hey, frederick article, not only is it standing room inside the sanctuary where this unity rally is taking place, but all of the people you see behind me, there's hundreds more flocking to this church here, none of the people you see behind me will actually be able get inside. the church sanctuary fits about 1300 people and there's simply no more room. we're told michael brown's parents will be here. whether or not they will address the crowd isn't clear at this point, but the reverend al sharpton is here, jesse jackson, as well as martin luther king iii, who is also here as well. we saw them arrive a short while ago. a very emotional event for a lot of people. as we've walked through the krounds he staggering to see the number of people coming here, fredricka, though show up this
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afternoon. look at images from inside the sanctuary, where people are getting ready for the event and the choir of the church singing, rallying the folks that were able to get inside, but outside, the lobby of the church completely packed. outside, you see the crowd behind me as well, and none of these people will be able to get inside. >> ed, i understand this church seats something like 1300 people, as you mentioned, it is more than standing room only. you have people outside by the dozens who will not be able to get in. what more can you tell us us about the significance of the church. was this this the family's church? nearest the location of that shooting? >> reporter: well, this is a church not too far away from the shooting site, i would say five or six miles or so. so obviously a great deal of interest for many of the residents around here who attend this church, and who are fluking here. fredricka, i can tell you this
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sits just off of a highway and the service road is -- or a parking lot. they stretch for about a mile either way. so this is a huge crowd that has shown up here this appearing. afternoon. >> are folks talking about the curfews and their hopes for a second night with a curfew imposed? >> reporter: i've overheard a lot of people talking among themselves. what you hear repeatedly is the concern, you know, the violence that they have seen, and they hope this stands? stark contrast to what you see in the overnight hours. you know, and they understand a lot of this is about the optics, the way it looks to the country, the rest of the world. that is something you can hear people talking about rea peatedly through here, and they hope it's events like these that overshadow the events of what we saw last night. we have seen several times over the last few nights. >> ed lavandera, thank you.
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we'll continue to monitor the rally taking place at that church, and of course michael brown, the 18-year-old who was gunned down last week, saturday, his family is there, and of course if and when they take to the podium, we'll take that live. thanks so much, ed. now to the investigation into brown's death. one autopsy has already been performed on the teen's body. now the u.s. justice department says a federal medical examiner will conduct another one. cnn's rene marsh is at the white house. the justice department citing extraordinary circumstances in this particular case. that's the reason they gave for agreeing to oversee this sect autopsy. we know that a federal medical examiner will conduct it as soon as possible, we're told, but let's be very clear, this is a very rare move that the department of justice is making here. we know that the attorney representing michael brown's
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family requested this we now the rules from the first autopsy have not been released yet. we do know the lawyer for michael brown's family says this second autopsy will allow them to verify how many gunshot wounds were in his body. also the federal investigation, fred, it is moving forward. we know that fbi agents we are in the neighborhood where brown was shot and killed. they knocked on doors. they were looking for more witnesses, and we now know today that several new witnesses were interviewed by those fbi agents. we're talking about witnesses that local law enforcement had not identified at this point, but again fbi did have the chance to speak with them yesterday. as far as the white house goes, we do know they are very involved in this case. we know that president obama was briefed on the very latest
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happening as it relates to ferguson and the situation there. he has been getting briefings all throughout the week from both attorney general holder, as well as his senior divorce valerie jarrett. he's been staying in the loop. specifically valerie jarrett, she has been in contact with the governor there in missouri. also, speaking with the naacp and civil rights leaders like app. sharpton. they are staying in the loop as far as what's going on, what the developments are as far as the situation on the ground, and of course we have that federal investigation that's ongoing. rene marsh at the white house, thanks so much. missouri state highway patrol captain ron johnson is heading up the security situation this morning, and today he revealed to the congregation how the unrest has affected him personally. >> last night i did a news
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interview about 3:00 this morning, and the news reporter said, we saw a different tone in you today. he said, you look a bit weary. you look a little bit down. or is it you are just tired. i said, my heart is heavy. yesterday was a tough day. you know, sometimes when you're trying to create change, you start having conflict with your friends -- no, can i answer your question? can i answer your question? yesterday was the day -- the first day that i cried. i texted my daughter about jesus and peter. and i talked about peter walking on the water when jesus told him to get out there. my daughter said, now, when peter got tired or scared, jesus picked him back up.
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well, last night i got tired. i got scared, but jesus brought me to this house today. and we're going to be all right. st. louis is going to be better. young black boys are going to be better. young black girls are going to be better. black mamas are going to be better. and last but not least, we black fathers are going to be better. how many of you in here have a relative in jail? stand. in some sense we've been drawn together today by the misery and
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the pain of the execution of michael brown. ferguson today is a metaphor for abandoned urban america. it's like selma was a metaphor for abandoned americans denied the right to vote. one of our challenges in the face of this is how do we turn pain to power? >> you can't stop now! i can't stop with the funeral. we must go beyond the funeral. i am somebody! i am somebody! i am god's child. respect me, protect me, never neglect me. i am god's child. i can make it.
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>> that was this morning at a service where captain ron johnson was part of a now a rally taking place at the greater grace church in ferguson. again, captain ron johnson, i believe there with bishop of the church, again to make some comments to a full house congregation, seating more than 1300. >> good evening. i want to start off by talking to mike brown's family. i want you to know my heart goes out to you, and i say that i'm sorry. i wear this uniform, and i should stand up here and say that i'm sorry.
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[ applause ] >> this is my neighborhood. you are my family, you are my friends, and i am you. and i will stand and protect you. i will protect your right to prote protest, and i'm telling you right now, i'm full right now.
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i came in here today, and i saw people cheering and people clapping, and this is what the media needs to put on tv. the last 24 hours have been tough for me. i did an interview last night and the reporter said something's wrong, your tone has changed. he said, are you tired? or is something bothering you? i said, my heart is heavy.
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because last night i met some members of michael brown's family. one gentleman is sitting here. there was a young lady and another young gentleman. they brought tears to my eyes. they brought tears to my eyes and shame to my heart. but i can tell you, and i've said it before, my daughter wrote me a text. it talked about peter and jesus. she said, daddy, i know you're going to get scared. i said, yes, i am. not scared for me, but scared for us. and she said, daddy when peter failed, jesus picked him back up.
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i needed today. i needed today to get back in the water. and i'm going to tell you, i will be here as long as it takes. my words will be honest. if we talk about them behind closed doors, i'm going to tell you. if you don't want me to know, don't tell me behind closed doors. because when this is over, i'm going to go in my son's room, my black son, who wears his pants sagging, wears his hat cocked to
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the signed, has tattoos on his arms, but that's my baby. and we all ought to be thanking the browns for michael, because michael is going to make it better for our sons, so they can be better black men. so they can be better for our daughters, so they can be better black women. better for me, so i can be a better black father. and we know they're going to make or mamas even better than they are today. let's continue to show this nation who we are, continue to show this country who we are, but when these days are over, these days are over and mike brown's family is still weeping, and they're still on their knees
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praying, no matter what positive comes in our lives, we still need to get on our knees, and we need to pray, we need to thank michael for his life, for the change he is going to make and to make us better. i love you. i stand tall with you, and i'll see you out there. thank you. many times, as we wear our badge of honor, for whatever occupations we may have, we still are fathers and mothers. we still feel for our children, and that's why it's so important
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for you to pray for our children. teach our children and lead our children. i'm going to ask for our praise team to come back again. they're going to come back again and sing -- and i think it's absolutely turned to somebody and say "unity." that's what we're here for, everybody. because we all have feelings, we all have desires, we all want to see our families safe, everybody treated fair, and everybody say respect all. that's what we want to do. and respect all, we can unify ourselves. now the gdc praise team.
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>> there's nobody greater than our god. we can look high and low. we can look everywhere you want to look, but you can never find anybody that's greater than him. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ i climbed up to the highest mountain ♪ ♪ looked all around ♪ couldn't find nobody you're listening to what the pastor called the praise team from the greater grace church there in ferguson. this has been a rally for an 18-year-old michael brown, but also you were seeing it's been a prayer for all children. you heard when captain ron johnson, who spoke to that. you heard from the bishop as well. we'll continue to monitor the events. this rally, prayer, this church service, right after this. ♪ nobody greater than you
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right now under way in ferguson, missouri, this is a prayer service, a rally for justice for 18-year-old michael brown, who was killed last week, saturday. this is under way. apparently his parents are also expected to attend right here at this greater grace church there in ferguson. as they take the stand, we'll also listen in. meantime, at the place where the 18-year-old was killed, flowers candles and posters mark the spot where his body laid for five hours that day, august 9th on saturday. he was shot and killed by a police officers. still unclear exactly what led up to the shooting, but his death has had an impact on the community will, and really the country as as a whole. i'm joined on the phone by charlie kennedy, one of michael brown's teach eers at p.o.w.
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please paint a picture for us. who was michael brown? >> michael was a big kid. mike was just jovial, a fun-loving kid, would come to school daily and be in the computer lab. he enjoy rapping, he enjoyed life. just a great kid. you described him as just a class clown. being very eager, but he was aendle giant. n now. >> very disheartening. >> it's not the first cut.
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there's no way to explain it. you know. i would have gone to war for a kid like mike brown. he came, worked hard on what he needed to do. he was best hind on his credits, and we got him across the finish line on the 1st. >> you said he was a year behind, but he had just graduated, on his way to college he wasn't necessarily a leader, but afterward to be a great friend. when i say not necessarily a leader, but someone who would go along with the flow, and what everyone was doing, mike was good with it. he had a lot of smaller kids as buddies. he looked as if he was their body guard.
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he was big enough to take on just about anybody, but a kid who was never, and he got because he was -- >> so is it correct that you described him as he might be intimidating looking, but he may have looked like a man on the outside, but he really was a kid on the inside and you doubted he would smart off with a police officer when you heard that? >> absolutely. i feel like from what i heard, if you're walking around with a friend and -- when police officers ask you to do it, and they may say it in a disrespectful tone or negative reflex, you might react differently. i can't see him -- you're saying
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to something like get out of the street. >> so what's the conversation you as a teacher, as sort of a life coach at this positive alternative learning central, what's the conversation you have with other young men who are starting this school year. >> i know that's going to been a conversation that comes up with this week i feel like we could have all the answers for everything. with moving on to the second level, going on to college, those are things to focus on rather than being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. i know we'll have some conversations tomorrow with sunds in the grieving process hasn't even begun for our students. that's really something they don't handle well, so i'm hoping we can give them some things to
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think about and great memories of the person we have lost and hoping we handled this better than so far it's been handled. >> you expect the first couple days of school, a lot of time will be invested in helping these students understand, allowing them to ask as many questions as they can, because this is not just confusing to them. clearly it's been confusing to a lot of people, because there's so many unanswered question. this is a time in which you have to take a lot of things into account and be a sounding board, but to be respectful about it. i think that's how things have happened up to this point. there have been some good reflection by protest era have been peaceful, and then there are things going on that don't represent michael as well. to do it in the name of michael
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brown and go loot they stores and run people out business, out of town when they've been there forever, doesn't make sense at all. you want to make some sense for them. see what you can do to come to a reasonable, you know, explanation, but i don't think there's an explanation for what happened with michael brown. >> i know you've mentioned unfortunately there have been a lot of young men in your school that you've lost, and you and other teachers in the student body have had to deal with this too much, but in this different? the loss of michael brown, did this hit you in the heart differently? maybe in part because of your relationship with him, coaching him, seeing him come along? is there something else about this dynamic that hits too close to home? >> when i reflect back on seeing him the last few months. he was pushing to the finish line. it was april, may, early june.
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he was the first kid there every morning, and i was the one unlocking the building. to see him walk on with earphones and a biggized tea, and saying, hey, coach, good to see you this morning, focusing him on where we could be not where we've been. i don't want to be the p.a. announcer at the home game 15 years from now and come up with mike brown and see he's hanging with buddies in a consider with bald wheels, spinning the wheels like he was stuck in a rut. i want you to be somewhere different in life. we had some great conversations about where he wanted to be in the process of maybe looking at going into heating and cooling, somebody that could be something and have a way of taking care of him and his family. you know, he was focused toward the end. it did hit heart. we worked extremely heart to get him to the finish line. >> a teacher of michael brown, thanks for your time. thanks for helping us get to know the late michael brown.
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>> thank you very much. the family of this 18-year-old wants answer toss their son's death. from more than one expert. they have hired a high-profile pathologist. in all there might have been three autopsies on this young man's body. much more, straight ahead. (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes
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the family of michael brown isn't relying on just the county's autopsy. a federal autopsy has been ordered at their request, and they have also hired a high-profile pathologist for conduct a separate autopsy. alexander field as more on though when path althoughist is and why the family hired him too. >> he's high profile. his name is michael baden. seeking justice for their son, michael brown's family adds a high-profile expert to their team michael baden. >> we think we have one of the best in the world.
1:37 pm
>> reporter: he as brought his expertise to the stand in a number of closely watched cases. he famous our testified in o.j. simpson's murder trial. he was a the chairman of patologists that studied the assassinations of kennedy and martin luther king jr. >> why? because it ensures trust. trust is a very important thing. the family wants to know what happened and why should they just rely on upon what the authorities tell hem. >> reporter: earlier this xeer the medical exercise's office said the cause of death was gun 2k7 shot wounds, but we are not investigating haim gunshot wounds. the full autopsy is not likely to be released for many weeks, because multiple law enforcement agencies are now involved in the investigation. mistrust between authorities and locals have exploded to the surface in ferguson, missouri, where brunell's death has sparked a week of protest,
1:38 pm
looting, a shooting, sometimes violent responses from police. in their search for answers, the brown family has insisted on an autopsy from a federal examiner and the brownless now rely on a separate investigation conducted by their own expert. >> mike all baden will be asking questions not just about the autopsy, but about the gun. is there only the police officers's dna on the gun? or if there was in fact a struggle. is michael brown's dna on that gun as well? that would certainly say a lot about whether the struggle for the gun took place. as is it stands right now michael brown's body will will undergo three separate autopsy, the local once, the federal once and the one being down by michael baden. we can expect consistencies, but it's the inconsistencies that people will be looking for.
1:39 pm
>> alexandra field, thank you so much. all the while, a tribute is taking place, a rally at the greater grace church in ferguson. you're looking at a familiar face there. that's ben crump, the attorney representing trayvon martin's family. let's listen in on what he has to say. >> no matter how they try to distract us. we very focused on getting the autopsy done, getting the ballistics expert making sure we look at the trajectory of the bullets, so we know this was an execution, and as others have said, when you put your hand up in the air, this means surrender. don't shoot. and the most hardened criminals in history, when they put their hands up, we didn't execute them. so you want you all to pay close
1:40 pm
attention, as this autopsy is revealed to you and the see who is telling the truth, the witnesses who all say that he put his hands in the air and said the police kept shooting. or how they try to do the smoke and mirrors and try to say let's don't talk about what happened when you shot him down like a dog in the street. let's now try to assassinate his character after thinks assassinated him in person. don't lose focus what this is about, brothers and sisters. they tried it with trayvon, now they're trying it with michael. yeah, please give her a round of
1:41 pm
applause for family member ty pruitt and attorney anthony gray, a member of the legal team here in st. louis, missouri, as they come to the podium. >> so before i say anything -- i just wanted to kick it off look like that, because michael brown was not just some young black boy. he was a human being. he was a younger cousin. he was a son. he was an uncle, a nephew. he was not a suspect. he was not an object. he was not an animal.
1:42 pm
but that's how he was killed. this was the last actions that our family member made before he put his -- before he went to rest. this will be stuck in my family's memories for the rest of our lives. so when you protest -- love for all y'all. those are the words from the cousin ty pruitt, the cousin of
1:43 pm
michael brown. now the parents of michael brown, the 18-year-old gunned down by a police officers seven days ago at a very emotional rally, tribute for their son at the greater grace church in ferguson. >> now there's going to be a lot said in the next 48 hours, even more said after that about leslie and michael's child. just know that this was their child, and they loved their child. they had every right for their child to have due process of the law. what is due process, you say it means? due process is when i put my hands in the air, you don't
1:44 pm
execute me, because you had a bad day. when i put my hands in the air, you don't decide to be judge, jury and executioner on that day. what is due process, you say attorney gray? that you don't leave my body on the concrete for four hours. that ain't due process. that ain't dignity for leslie's son. so when we say what we are here for today, united for justice for michael brown jr., what we're really ask for is simple justice. we're not asking for anything extraordinary. they just want what anybody else would want in their children were shot down in broad daylight -- a fair and impartial investigation. they want to know that they will
1:45 pm
have their day in court, that the killer of their child will be held accountable to the full extent of the law. they say we're having a rush to judgment, but wasn't it a rush to judgment when they left him down there on the ground for four hours trying to get their story together? all right. we apologize. we lost that signal there -- all right. it looks like we have it back. >> and so we assistant with this family so they won't be by themselves and they know they're not going to be by themselves. remember the same feeling you have right now, because five, six months, when they finish this investigation and they're just going to smear his name. they're going to say everything about him, but just know, he had a right as an american citizen
1:46 pm
to due process of the law. without further ado, leslie's father made a call around the same time they reached out to me to a civil rights pioneer, much in the same vein as reverend jesse jackson, and the same vein as benjamin hooks, the same vein as the martin luther king jr., and he's going to talk about that legacy for his grandfather called my friend reverend al sharpton. like he always does -- you're listening to benjamin
1:47 pm
crump. he represented the family of trayvon martin. now you see him standing alongside the parents of the 18-year-old who was gunned down by a police officer seven days ago. they were in ferguson, missouri. we're going to keep a close watch on the tribute, the rally taking place at this greater grace church there in ferguson, and continue to monitor it as well. we'll have much more, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ start a team. join a team. walk to end alzheimer's. visit today.
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all right. welcome back to the newsroom. in just a few hours president obama returns to the white house from his vacation in martha's vineyard, but only back for just two days before resuming his vacation. i want to bring in rene marsh at the white house. we understand that he's returning for meetings, and among those meetings tomorrow he'll be meeting with attorney general eric holder, and they'll be talking about the ferguson case? >> absolutely. we just got that information a
1:51 pm
short time ago. a lot of people curious about this quick trip back to washington, d.c., we know he is able and capability of working while away from the white house and on vacation. many wondered why was it necessary for him to return to washington. so we do have this latest information. we know he will be having they meetings with vice president biden will be a part of these meetings. we know that attorney general eric holder will be briefing him on the latest as it relates to the situation in ferguson. we also know the president's national security council will be briefing him on all things iraq. many of his aiding, though, downplaying the expectation that any major news will come out of these meetings. we should let you know, the president did not left martha's vineyard just as yet. just this afternoon he was on the golf course with friend and former miami heat center alonzo mourning form the president has
1:52 pm
been receiving usual criticism for vacationing while the world is so called on fire. of course you have the u.s. air strikes happens in iraq. meantime tensions rising in ferguson, as well as tensions between russia and ukraine. however, the white house and the aides there continue to say that the president can do work and conduct business no matter where he is. we saw that. he grave two press briefings while on martha's vineyard, but we are expecting the president to return to washington later on, much later on this evening. he will be here to two days. he returns to martha's vineyard on tuesday, and will remain there until next sunday. fred? >> very interesting indeed, thanks so much, rene marsh. country music stars shauna and kiefer thompson made up thompson square. well, for this married couple, music is more than a passion,
1:53 pm
it's also part of their mission to create brighter futures for children around the world. we have the story in today's "impact your world." . >> reporter: behind the music thompson square is raising their voice toss give kids around the world a chance to do the same. >> it's been more rewarding for is than they understand. >> shauna and kiefer thompson joined forces with child fund interthashl, a charity that works with global communities. >> when you sponsor a child, it doesn't just go to that family. it's a collective. it goes to that community. >> the fact that we don't have kids yet, maybe that is a part of it. we wanting to be a part of some children's lives. >> the husband and wife team sponsored two kids. one is a little boy named emerson in honduras. on their first trip to meet them -- >> there's no bathrooms, no
1:54 pm
plumbing, no water, no nothing. >> reporter: it inspired them to re-create "glass" featuring children as the stars. ♪ we are fragile ♪ we are human >> we're supposed to be all one. at the end of the day we're all the human race. we both strongly feel if you don't give back, you're doing a disservice to yourself, your community and the industry.
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fierce battles have gotten even worse. there's intense selling, and the situation for civilians there is deteriorating. will, bring us up to date. >> it continues to take more territory from the pro relation --, a police station. a symbolic move.
1:59 pm
for the hundreds of thousands of people donetsk now has -- trash is building up, and serious concerns that it will get even more critical for all those families. overnight another armed convoy. it would rocket launchers. that believe, and also overnight, and was shot down by the pro russian separatists. >> bad situation. will ripley, thank you so much. thanks for being with me this afternoon. the next hour of the newsroom begins right now.
2:00 pm
and an unarmed teen. voices are raised in song, michael brown's parents are there, his teachers are there. the reverent jesse jackson, also there inside his -- there is also a line outside of people not ability to get in. gunfire and seven arrests on the streets. police say a protester is in critical condition at this hour after being shot in the chest, but it is not known at this point who shot that protester. the curl fuss -- the justice department