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tv   The Hunt With John Walsh  CNN  August 17, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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rally in honor of michael brown. this is what has followed that. what authorities were hoping for was peace and calm. it has not been what's unfolded ahead of the curfew. i want to welcome the viewers. re set for you. top of the hour. 11:00 p.m. eastern time on cnn. you are watching breaking news as we cover what's unfolding live in ferguson, ohio. very tense clashes. the most tense we have seen in the week since michael brown was shot and killed there between protesters and authorities. you are seeing two images of protesters. we are told some of them children with families marching down the street there in ferguson, missouri. they are using both smoke canisters. teargas being used. you're also seeing armored personnel carriers used.
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authorities say, because protesters encroached on them. this is what's unfolded when authorities hoped ffr peace and calm in ferguson. ed lavendera is live reporting on the ground. what escalated this so quickly? n there's been a great deal of concern as we have been reporting. many people wanting to come out and demonstrate in the words of several people they do it in the right way. there was always and has been over the past few days a great deal of concern. a more violent element within that. one of the elected officials here in the area has been
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tweeting and describing it as not enough grown-ups in the crowd. too many children. he doesn't mean that by age. he means by maturity. so there's a great deal of concern about that element that's within the groups and on the streets there. that's what many people have been afraid of as they go into the evening hours. >> ed, thank you. as soon as you get there if you have an opportunity to talk to the authorities on the ground, the protesters in a safe manner, please let us know what they are saying. as we try to get them on the phone you are seeing images on one side of your screen which -- i hear we have mark le mont on the screen. we have tough images to watch. it looks like it could have been
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a protester there. we have a lot of authorities around them. we are not going to jump to conclusions on cnn. we are watching this as you are watching this. a tense night in ferguson, missouri. mark le mont hill is with us. you're in the middle of it. what are you seeing? >> reporter: i'm in the command center. i was packing up to go home. the protesters, as i understand it, it was a peaceful march. there was a clash between law enforcement. i don't know who initiated what. police immediately swarmed the area. i heard shots fired. then teargas started to come into the area where i am. i could see the protesters. we covered our oh faces and got back in. there is security in the area so there is law enforcement all around us with riot gear on, gas masks and et cetera. a law enforcement agent said there is a code 2000 which they told me means all available cars are near. no matter what law enforcement agency they are all coming in
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the area. i see city cops, state troopers. there are helicopters flying around. i talked to someone on the ground. they said some protesters were throwing molotov cocktails toward the police and return fire was being returned. i don't know what sort of fire. it's all happening now. >> mark, this follows, as we were covering all day on cnn, what was a peaceful very emotional passionate gathering at a local church there in honor of michael brown. we heard from a number of officials. we heard from captain ron johnson heading up security there. even the brown family said they wanted to see peaceful protests. nothing violent. as we were talking live on cnn, it appeared there were peaceful demonstrations going on. do you get a sense there was
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anything that may have sparked that to unravel as we look at why this has escalated so much. >> i was at the rally, at the church. i came back to the area. i saw the youth marches coming up the road. i was standing there talking to them. they said they were committed to having a peaceful march. i spoke to michael brown's parents. he said they were proud of young people doing a peaceful march. two things were apparent. the young people may have moved into an area restricted. the command center, i believe northland shopping center is where all the law enforcement are taking off. not all of them, but somebody did. the second dimension i see, there is a small group of people doing something different from everyone else. there are out of towners. i spoke to some from oakland.
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i saw them this morning. they are the ones who initiate violence. i think the police reaction is pretty intense. some would argue overreaching. i was in the parking lot. i got out of any car and out of the media vehicle. the officer pulled through his weapon in a very threatening manner. i screamed that i'm media. he took my weapon down and told me i could go back and walk. if the energy is in the air combined with protesters not doing the right thing. very dangerous. >> we have the missouri state patrol confirming to cnn that the reason he's saying the armored personnel carriers are asking protesters to leave. he said this happened after protesters became violent towards the officers. stand by, mark. i want to go to brian felter. our senior media correspondent.
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he's been reporting on this throughout. remember earlier in week there were two reporters arrested when they were filing stories at a local mcdonald's. authorities say they didn't leave quickly enough when they were told to leave the area. what you are seeing from the two reporters. they say they have been arrested in the last 25 minutes or so. right? >> reporters from the telegraph well.aper, financial times as they say they were arrested very briefly by captain johnson who we have seen all over television and the web in recent days. the police quickly realized this didn't look good for the police. they tried to bring it back down. one of the reporters wrote in on twitter that johnson has ordered
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the handcuffs off. this is very important. captain johnson is furious all the journalists getting in the way. the role of the media is sensitive. you have to wonder if those protesting are attracted to the cameras. >> it's our job to report the news but not to get in the way there. captain ron johnson in charge of security has said time and again pleaded for a calm. he said he was disappointed when seven arrests were made. this from the accounts we are hearing is more intense than last night. we'll see you. ed, are you with me? what can you tell us about the location of where these intense clashes are happening at this point in time. >> the area you are talking about is a few blocks away from
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the shooting of michael brown last weekend. this is a stretch of road we are talking about an area where we have seen the most conflict. it's less than a half mile long along that stretch of the road. it's one of the primary avenues through the city of ferguson. it's not near the area considered the historic downtown area. it's still definitely an area that has a great deal of traffic. you see some of the storms, the locally owned businesses and the q.t. convenience store that was burned down several days ago. so this is an important area.
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>> ed, thank you. you may hear a little bit of oh feedback on your screen. we have a number of people on the line with us calling in. i want to let the viewers know we have some of the sound i told you about before from some protesters talking to affiliates on the ground. we are working to get it turned around so you can hear first hand from people on the ground there as we work in a safe manner to talk to them. the pictures you are seeing are of authorities and protesters clashing. i want to make clear what you are seeing unfolding is moments ago on your screen. on the side of the screen where you see armored personnel vehicles going down. you see smoke coming and teargas. that's not live. that's what happened moments ago. we are replaying it so you can see what transpired here. you are seeing live pictures of a much more calm situation on the other side of the screen. as you saw the protesters walking away. covering their mouth and nose. you see lines of the
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authorities, police in full riot gear with armored personnel vehicles. why is this happening? again, we know from the missouri state patrol they said the protesters are encroaching on the command post and acting violent toward officers. i want to go now. who do we have on the line? we have reverend jesse jackson on. thank you for joining me. are you there on the ground where there is unfolding in this location. >> i'm astonished at the reversal of the mood. the mood was so positive. people were in a celebratory mood. we had 3,000 people. they were all excited. in a very positive mood. the same was true and at the church for the last protest took
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place. michael's mother and father were there. reverend sharp ton and the ministers. we went down to the area that was all positive. out of nowhere, these shops seemed from somewhere. >> i think that's a question that owl of us have and we are trying to find out why this is escalating and why it's escalated so much. as you said it was peaceful throughout the day. >> defiant, organized activity. this is not the mood of the people of ferguson. some element, it seems to me, has infiltrated the group. the mood of throwing and shooting was not the mood of the people. the fact that they didn't have the name of the police and it's been googled up.
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we are moving steadily toward having it a bit late. the independent autopsy. the investigation. things are moving in a positive direction. this is so different from what's happening nowment. >> thank you. we appreciate you telling the viewers. two things. on the left-hand side of the screen, images from moments ago. we know authorities on the ground used smoke and teargas. armored personnel carriers. they said the protesters were becoming violent toward officers. you're seeing live pictures of what's happening in ferguson. just about a block and a half from where michael brown was shot eight days ago. we'll come back after the break with the latest on the ground in ferguson. geico's been helping people save money for over 75 years. they've really stood the test of time. much like these majestic rocky mountains. which must be named after the...
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this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news here on cnn. i'm poppy harlow live from new york at 10:17 p.m. central time. you are looking at live pictures from ferguson, missouri. it's been about an hour now that an intense clash between protesters and police has been unfolding in the streets of ferguson, missouri. what we've seen unfold and no one has been able to tell us why this escalated so quickly. hundreds of protesters marching down the street we are told a block and a half away from where 17-year-old michael brown, an unarmed teenager, was shot and killed eight days ago. to the left of the screen you are seeing what we watched unfold moments ago. you are seeing live images of what's happening at this point
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this time. what we can tell you at this hour, and we are watching this unfold as you are watching this unfold. we don't want to jump to any conclusions. let me tell you what we can report. missouri state patrol are corporal justin wheatley confirmed either smoke or teargas was used against protesters. our reporters on the ground say it is both. they are using armored personnel carriers on the street he says to ask protesters to leave the area because authorities there say the protesterses were encroaching on their command post and becoming violent toward officers. no definition is given of what violent means in terms of what may have happened. that's why police are using tactical forces, riot gear. armored personnel vehicles on the streets in ferguson, missouri. i can also tell you our producers on the ground have had to wear gas masks because of the tear gas. and a protester told our
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affiliate ksdk this. i will read you a quote as we turn around the sound from her. she said we were walking peacefully when we got to the shopping center. they shot teargas and smoke bombs. a young lady got hurt. she said this is unacceptable. we were being peaceful. i just heard that we have her sound. let me let you listen to yourself to this protester. >> we were walking peacefully down to the mall. a young lady was hit in her face with smoke bombs and tear gas. and we were peaceful. this is unacceptable and this is not the law. this is unacceptable. until we get justice, we will not stop. it's wrong and it's unacceptable. there is no way that peaceful protesters are out here. we need to show everything that's going on here. not just some parts of the news.
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we were walking peacefully. when we got to the shopping mall down at the end of lucas they started throwing teargas and smoke bombs and lots of them. >> we were trying to run away. >> told us to evacuate and a young lady got hurt. it's unacceptable. not just one but many. we were peaceful. we were peaceful. this is unacceptable. they wonder why it's riots out here. they're not playing fair. midnight to 5:00 a.m. that's not what they are going by. they are not going by the laws at all. that law is out the door. n i just witnessed it for myself. >> sound from within the last hour from one of the protesters to our affiliate on the ground
8:21 pm
talking about she said we were protesting peacefully. then this escalated. we have one of the protesters on the phone with us now live. you are on the ground. i hope you're are safe and in a position where you feel comfortable to talk to us. what can you tell us is this. >> i can tell you that we were marching peacefully, right in front of the command center just wanting to bend down to our thees with our hands up and say to the police, our hands are up, don't shoot. all of the sudden they turned around and started shooting teargas. i did ten years in the military. i know what teargas is when it's burning my face and my eyes. that's what they were shooting us with. no fire bombs. nobody shooting. we marched up to their command center to say hands up, don't shoot. and they started shooting.
8:22 pm
>> i can hear how upset you are. i feel sorry for everyone having to go through this. the authorities wanted peace and calm. that's not what happened. i know you said you were protesting. are protesting peacefully. i want to tell you the missouri state patrol is telling us at cnn that some of the protesters became violent toward officers and were encroaching on the command post. >> that's a complete utter lie. no one came aggressive to them. that's a lie. there wasn't a fight. wasn't shots fired. there were thousands of black people coming up. all we did was march. we were falling to our knees. we didn't have to be shot down
8:23 pm
with no teargas. i did ten year this is the military. just came back and you're shooting me with teargas? i didn't get teargassed the in iraq. but i'm on a city street getting teargassed. how is that fair when all we're doing is marching. i'm a single woman out here. i've got to wait. >> lisha williams. on the phone with us. >> they're not here for no peace. >> lisha williams on the phone with us. obviously incredibly upset about the situation that's unfolding. thank you for talking to us. telling us what's happening there on the ground. stay with us if you can. i want to go to our steve
8:24 pm
kastenbalm or ed lavendera. do we have them on the line now? i'm going to the reverend jesse jackson. you were with a lot of the protesters all day long at the rally for michael brown. it happened at a local church. >> it's a positive move. i don't know how the military -- they were so organized. i don't know if they had advanced information of some sort. what may have are provoke ared the protest, the teargas. we just really don't know yet. it was a positive one. >> i'm sorry. reverend jackson, i lost you for a moment there. i do want to ask you.
8:25 pm
>> i met several groups of protesters. there was no sense that there was something violent on it. i'm concerned frankly that the military was so organized and so close. we thought they were withdrawn but they were somewhere waiting to move. maybe did advanced intelligence make that move? we don't know what the story will be. the story of those on the telephone, telling people down there now. they were positive. singing, moving forward. now you have people with no intention to be involved in a ruckus. not looting stores. they are just defiant, upset and angry. >> reverend jackson, thank you. stay with us. i want to get to either steve kastenbalm, ed lavendera.
8:26 pm
chuck condor. do we have them on the phone with us? >> what we are seeing in live images if you compare them. we can put up the split screen. compare them to the images from earlier in the hour. it does appear that things have become a bit more calm there again on one side of the screen you are seeing protesters come down the street. armored personnel carriers going toward them. you're look at live images of the flashing lights. it looks like things have been calming down a little bit. is that the case or just our vantage point. >> literally just got word from the officers who had us surrounded that we can now leave the shop ing center. they said they can go out now, a moment ago. probably sooner than later in case something else happened. they have secured the area. the protesters have mostly gone
8:27 pm
home. i can't see the protesters anymore because they boxed us in. there is no more noise. whether it's gas or anything else. it seems like things have calmed down for the evening. the concern is what happens over the next two hours. yesterday on the strip i was on police allowed protesters to stay out until midnight. honestly until 12:30 or 12:40. they were enforcing curfews as early as 10:00 p.m. it's causing some level of problem with are protesters. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. >> thank you. i want to go to chuck condor. chuck, are you there? >> i am, poppiment. >> are you seeing does it look like -- chuck, does it look like things have calmed down significantly at this point?
8:28 pm
>> reporter: i am in transit from one location to another to see where i am currently is very calm. however the police headquarters, the officers are still very, very tense. they are in full riot gear. they have set up a strong perimeter, all the way around the command post. they are still very alert to anyone approaching the command post. >> okay, chuck. let us know when you get to your other location again. we have more reporters on the ground. we are getting them up live for you. we have breaking news from the new york times about the second independent autopsy of michael brown. we are going to bring you breaking news from the "new york times" right after the break.
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[ doorbell rings, dog barks ] oh, that's what blows your mind -- the advanced technology of a doorbell.. [ male announcer ] tweet an expert and schedule a callback from any device. introducing the xfinity my account app. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news here on cnn. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we are watching protests that escalated in the last hour or so on the streets of ferguson, missouri. before we get back to that i want to bring you breaking news coming in from the "new york times." what the "new york times" is reporting is that preliminary results from the family's autopsy of the body of michael brown, that teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer one week ago, they are reporting now according to the
8:33 pm
"new york times" that the autopsy conducted at the request of the family, this independent autopsy that's separate from the county's autopsy shows that michael brown was shot six times. the "new york times" said it shows he was shot twice in the head and four times in the right arm. again this is according to the "new york times." preliminary results show six bullet entered michael brown's body from the front. cnn has reached out to dr. bodden for chent on the preliminary results as soon as we get our own independent confirmation. we'll bring it to you. this is according to the new york times talking about this independent autopsy that the family requested and has according to the times been completed and found that brown was shot six times. once again four times in the right arm and also twice in the head. what did you say, vicky?
8:34 pm
all right. i want to bring in jesse jackson who is on the line with us. sir, let me ask you thisment have you talked to michael brown's family or attorneys about this at all? have you heard from them what the new york times is reporting at this hour? >> not since the news broke. i always felt that one part of tension was the delay of the identity of the officer. another point would be when the autopsy comes out. he was shot six times. if he was hit in the top of the head it suggests he was bowed down in some way. maybe already down. this is bound to escalate tensions. i hope this process in a way that doesn't escalate acts of defiance. it's been big and celebratory.
8:35 pm
this is a provocative report taken in that wayment. >> thank you, reverend jackson. if you talk to the family of michael brown or the attorneys, please let us know. please get back to us. we'd certainly like to talk to them here on cnn as well. if either of them are willing to speak to us i want to tell viewers what we are learning. this is according to the "new york times" that says independent autopsy requested by michael brown's family is conducted by a famed pathologist michael bodden has found according to the "new york times" that michael brown was shot six times, one of the bullets the "new york times" says entered the top of brown's skull. he was shot twice in the head according to this. four times in the right arm. it's also important to note here the niems says all of the bullets were fired into michael brown's front.
8:36 pm
that according to the "new york times." we have reached out for our oh own confirmation. on that of course as soon as we get it. we want to talk about the scene on the ground unfolding in ferguson, missouri, this hour and the escalation. what do you make -- if you can hear he me -- >> i can hear you. we should just probably set aside why did this happen tonight? i don't think that will become clear. in the next couple of hours whether it was because the command center or the police were trigger happy. we are not going to know that now. anyone with a security background is to deescalate what's become a little bit of a riot.
8:37 pm
you separate lawful citizens who are there protesting. but maybe potentially a handful of people who are attacking, abusing or threatening the police. stop harassing reporters. it's not good for people's sense that things are under control. it seems like a very -- if not counter productive way for the police to show they have command of it. at some stage you need more support. you have six hours until daylight. >> thank you for that. stand by. i want to tell the viewers two important developments. cnn confirmed the autopsy
8:38 pm
results from the independent autopsy. requested by the family conducted by pathologist michael bodden. he was shot at least six times according to family attorney darryl parks. the autopsy shows michael brown was shot at least six times. we don't know the results of the county of st. louis's autopsy. of course we know the department of justice is going to be conducting their own autopsy. another development that's important we talk about is that our producer on the ground steve kastenbalm is reporting he witnessed shots fired at the police again. a cnn producer on the ground witnessed shots fired at police during this uprising on the streets of ferguson, missouri, tonight. he said police and the media had to hit the deck. he says the police took up defensive positions behind police vehicles. he witnessed projectiles being thrown at the police. he also reports protesters did
8:39 pm
build a small, two-foot barricade down the street and police were apparently able to drive-thru that. steve was saying he witnessed shots fired at police. we are going to get him on the line as soon as we can to get more details about when he saw it happen and exactly where. i want to bring in the senior media correspondent here with me. at least two journalists, three were arrested. >> at least one is a foreign war correspondent. they are coming to st. louis. i saw on aljazeera he never had seen teargas fired in the united states. he saw it in pakistan but never in the u.s. >> let's talk about the "new york times" report. cnn is confirming independent autopsy results that michael brown was shot six times and details coming from the "new
8:40 pm
york times." >> there is a key quote if i can read it. this one said it looks like his head was bent down. this is the wound at the top of his head, the tall wound. the quote from the medical ex examiner said he could be giving up or charging forward at the officer. he had the new details. it doesn't tell us anything conclusive. >> you cannot jump to conclusions in this this. the facts are the facts. the facts are that this independent autopsy shows michael brown was shot six times. it shows michael brown was shot four times in the right arm, twice in the head and a all of the bullets were fired to the front. >> we need more information. that's the main take away. we need more information. >> absolutely. the new york times reporting on cnn that michael brown, the independent autopsy shows he was shot six time. brian will stay with me. we'll continue our live coverage of the situation unfolding on
8:41 pm
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back. i'm poppy harlow in new york. breaking news this evening as we watch, as the world watches ferguson, missouri, as clashes continue between protesters and
8:45 pm
police on the streets of missouri. what you are watching now are live pictures from our affiliate on the ground of a situation that an hour ago, half an hour ago was much more intense. those are the images from moments ago. protesters, hundreds of them marching down the street there. we are told a block and a half away from where 18-year-old michael brown, an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a local police officer. there's been unrest in the community for eight days now. it's intensified to the highest point this evening. we can tell you the facts that we know on the ground is both smoke canisters and teargas have been used by authority armored personnel carriers have been used to push protesters back. why is this happening? we can tell you the missouri state patrol says some of the protesters became violent towards their officers. also some of the protesters were, quote, encroaching on the command post. also important to note here is that our producer on the ground
8:46 pm
witnessed shots fired at police. he says that police and media had to hit the ground at one moment. police took up defensive positions. at the same time it's important to thoet as we heard from lisha williams, one of the protesters on the ground who called in live and spoke to us in tears, sobbing. she said she was peacefully protesting, at one point went down to her knees, put her arms up peacefully protesting and said despite that, teargas was thrown at the protesters. she was very, very upset about that given the situation. she said it was peaceful. again this is unfolding as we can we are watching it, you are watching it. those are images from within the last hour of the escalation of tension in ferguson. you see one person there potentially a protester being carried away by police in full riot gear.
8:47 pm
again, we continue to hear it as you hear it. the situation unfolding on this same day just hours ago after a very peaceful but passionate rally in honor of michael brown. i will get to the ground in a moment. our senior media correspondent has been covering this. you know at this point the that a handful of journal arists have been arrested. >> we saw media with private security. there were three reporters arrested and released. gives you a sense of the chaos on the ground. the reporters are aren't the most important part of tonight. they are surrogates for the audience. if they are experiencing this kind of arrest or intimidation from police. protesters feel it even more. >> i'm talking to the control
8:48 pm
room. we have ed lavendera or steve kastenbalm. >> i'm glad we have you. i have been telling the viewers what you have reported to us. you witnessed shots fired at police. >> yes. we were advancing along with the police line we heard shots fired. as we went down we saw the riot police taking cover behind the armored vehicle. we know earlier this the evening it happened. excuse me. we know there were some people here who were amongst the peaceful protesters who did have weapons. obviously the overwhelming majority of people here tonight were protesting peacefully. but there were bad actors in the crowd. while we were here filming earlier. while we were shooting video, we heard shots fired very close to
8:49 pm
where we were on canfield drive. we saw muzzle flashes in a parking lot. our other video journalist crew was feeding in the tape. i believe we have the videotape in the system now. we knew very early on this was going to be a tense night because of situations like that. later on, the majority of the protesters gathered up to march. we have seen them do this night after night. there were very few cars here. they marched toward a targeter parking lot which has been used as a command center since the story began. when they got close to the command sent er, that's when this confrontation with the police began. we weren't there. we did not see what precipitated this. when they started pushing back
8:50 pm
the demonstrators, poppy, they got to where we were. it was very chaotic. the police fired smoke and teargas canisters in every direction. several landed at our feet. my own photo journalist. i was just regrouping with him now, ken tillis. he got hit by a canister as he was taping. so he's actually feeding in the video now. we hope to get it to viewers shortly. you will see at least one man was shot by rubber bullets. this is a defiant protester standing his ground. he was not acting in any sort of offensive way. he just refused to move. he was warned multiple times that he was too close to police. they shot the man with rubber bullets and arrested him. yes? >> thank you for reporting that. guys in the control room, i
8:51 pm
think it would be helpful to show viewers images on one side of the screen and live pictures on the other side. it does appear the situation in ferguson has gotten a bit more calm. i want to be transparent. we'll see what's happening. look at the screen, the flashing lights. you will see what's precipitated in the last hour . it's important to see what's happening now. want to go to mike brooks. given what we have heard from steve that he witnessed shots fired at police. given the fact that missouri state patrol says some of the protesters were violent and encroaching on their command post. at the same time you have protesters like lish a williams who told us, we were doing none of that. how do you best handle a situation like this. >> as you heard from steve when you have people in the cloud
8:52 pm
shooting at law enforcement and there are shots fired. last night we heard of a person who was in critical condition. still as we speak, it's hard to pick them out of the crowd. what law enforcement is going to do, and i was with the metropolitan police department in washington, d.c. for 26 years and have worked a lot. i will say hundreds of demonstrations. both violent and nonviolent. when you have people shooting at you, what are you going to do. can you pick people out of the crowd? no. they are part of the problem. you have law enforcement. we heard from the missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson. he's doing his best to try to calm things. when you have people who are in the crowd with weapons, what are you going to do? can you separate them?
8:53 pm
no. you have to use chemical munitions, teargas to disburse the crowd because you can't distinguish one person from another in that crowd are. you know, law enforcement is not there to get injured. they're not there to get killed. i'm sorry, but the bad actors in the crowd are part of the main problem. they are also going to get teargas. that's just the way it's going to be. >> we are about one hour away from the curfew taking effect there are in ferguson which happens at 12:00 midnight central time. 1:00 a.m. eastern time here. what do you do. your law enforcement is looking at what transpires. they are looking at live pictures now where it's gotten more calm.
8:54 pm
it's not over. there are a lot of people out on the street still. what do you do? >> you tell them to disburse as you move toward the curfew hour. because 12:53 central time now. they have another hour. i'm all for first amendment rights of people to protest. but when you start shooting, when you start shooting other protesters, when you start shooting at police it takes it to another level. they have another hour. they are out there. you're allowed to protest. when it worker's compensatibecoe protests continued and there is continued gunfire, law enforcement is going to do what they have to do. now keep in mind ron johnson, the captain with the missouri highway patrol, they are in charge of that. so everything that happens and we saw him yesterday with the governor at the church.
8:55 pm
they were with the protesters and everyone else. he's doing the best he can. he's doing the best with all the other law enforcement there. but i tell you, poppy, if they continue with gun fire law enforcement will have to respond in kind. >> mike brooks, appreciate you joining us. in a moment we have to get to a quick break. to reset for the viewers here it's the most tense night our oh producers and reporters tell us this ferguson. an hour ahead of curfew. the streets are full of protesters and authorities. it'm calmed down significantly since just an hour ago when it was so tense. we have seen armored personnel carriers on scene there. just a block and a half away our team tells us from where michael brown was shot and killed eight days ago. we have seen police in full riot gear. at the same time we know steve
8:56 pm
witness witnessed shots. this is what we have seen throughout. some protesting peacefully. many protesti peacefully. others not doing so. we'll be right back in a few minutes with the latest on what's unfolding in this breaking news in ferguson, missouri. we'll be right back.
8:57 pm
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9:00 pm
ferguson, missouri. increased tensions, really the most tense night between authorities and protesters there on the streets of ferguson, missouri. you are looking at live pictures now. it was very, very tense just about an hour ago. . we can also show you those pictures on one side of your screen so you can get perspective on what has happened here. hundreds of protesters on the street clashing with police officers. what we know from our producer on the ground there is he witnessed shots fired at police. we also know the missouri state patrol has said some of the protesters did become violent, some were encroaching on their command post. if we can in the control room, i'd like to show a split screen to our viewers to see what has transpired over the past two hours. and what we are seeing now, the live pictures. we'll work on that for are you. ed lavandera, you're reporter on the ground there. ed, we talked to you on the phone as you were getting to the scene. what does it look like now? is it significantly calmer? >>


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