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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thank you for joining me. we begin with breaking news overnight as national guard troops are ordered into the streets of ferguson, missouri. >> disperse the area immediately. gunfire, tear gas, molotov cocktails light up the night sky. several people hurt. and days of protests plunged the city closer to chaos. with ferguson often resembling a combat zone, missouri's governor deployed the national guard to restore peace. but tensions are escalating after the family of michael brown releases preliminary results of this autopsy. it shows the unarmed african-american teenager was shot six times, including twice in the head by the white police officer. brown's family due to speak next hour. and just minutes from now, we'll hear from the woman who witnessed the shooting and captured exclusive video. you're looking at it right now. this morning both police and protesters fear the violence is spiraling out of control.
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>> we were walking peacefully down to the mall and a young lady was hit in her face with smoke burns and tear gas. we were peaceful. this is unacceptable and this is not the law. this is unacceptable. until we get justice, we will not stop. there were multiple reports of mol ti molotov cocktails being thrown. police were shot at. makeshift barricades were set up to block police. bottles and rockets were thrown at police. based on these conditions, i had no alternative but to elevate the level of our response. >> cnn has deployed its vast resources to cover all angles of this rapidly developing story. our correspondents, guests and experts will join us to break down all the details for you. we begin with don lemmen who
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witnessed much of least night's violence unfold. michael brown's family will hold a news conference and we expect them to talk about the autopsy performed on their son by dr. madr. dr. michael baden. dr. baden found he was shot six times, all from the front of his body, four times in the right arm, twice in the head. it did not appear any of the shots were fired at close range. out to don lemon now. tensions are already high. but this is the kind of information people want. do you think it will help or hurt? >> we're not sure. it appears so far the information that has been released, if you would draw conclusions, draw lines, it seems it is hurt because the violence spiraled. i want to make it clear, carol, i spoke to the attorneys this morning for the brown family and they're saying at least six shots. they think it might be more. but, yes, it did spiral out of control last night. and this morning. and we were out here when the
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curfew went into effect. and we saw the violence escalate. we saw the heavy police presence. and you heard ron johnson, who is the head of the missouri highway patrol handling all of this saying there were barricades set up for police. on this corner here, this is camp hill drive, this is a street which michael brown lived and where he lost his life. right on this corner there was a makeshift brick wall that was set up late last night and police had to come in and knock it down because they were -- some people were using it to throw molotov cocktails or even firing guns and firing at police. a little further down where you see where that mcdonald's is, that is the corner of west floor and ferguson. and that's where the two people were shot and injured and had to be taken to the hospital. there was a lot of violence last night. you see the police presence on the corner here. and there is police presence like this all over. and when that curfew goes into effect, when it goes into
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effect, there are members of the police department and with protective shields, in combat gear, standing there, with their gear, with their head wraps up. if a car comes by, if it is going too fast if the lights are off, they get down, in a crotched combat position, put their shields up, alert each other and until they think the threat is over, someone will say, okay, threat's up and they will stand down. it was a very interesting thing to witness and it is going to be interesting really to watch the effect, what effect the national guard has on this city. >> indeed. we'll get back to you, don lemon reporting live from ferguson this morning. also, we're getting our very first look at cell phone video from a woman who witnessed michael brown's shooting. piaget crenshaw lives in an apartment complex right next to where brown was shot and has given this video exclusively to cnn. we have reached out to the police department for comment, but so far they have not returned any of our calls.
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i want to warn you, what you're about to see will be difficult to watch. and while you won't see the actual shooting, you do get a look at the scene immediately after it happened. officer darren wilson, the man who shot michael brown, is standing to the right. >> oh, police shot this boy outside my apartment. they killed him.
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>> all right, that's the officer in question, you see him just pacing back and forth. and michael brown's body lying in the middle of the street. michaela pereira interviewed piaget. what did she say, michaela? >> i think what struck me the most is that she woke up that day, a regular day, she was supposed to go to work, her boss was coming to pick her up. they were late, though. if they had been on time, she would not have born witness to what happened to michael brown, a boy her age. take a look at what piaget had to say to me earlier on "new day." >> and so what we're looking at is officer darren wilson to the right. he's just looking over the body, just looking baffled and bewildered, like trying to explain to the officer what had i just done.
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and then we get this picture of him pacing, back and forth, just, like, in disbelief. so, like, it is like he -- it is like he understands that he just shot this boy in the face and that this boy was unarmed. and, to me, this video seems relative for this time period. especially including the fact that chief jackson said that the reason that this video wasn't even on the media at the time when it should have been was because he wanted to get all the information out the same time, you know, under the freedom of information act, but they could have easily given these videos as well because they confiscated my phone. >> let's go back to that in a second. they -- so take me back to the moment when you see it -- a tussle at the police cruiser. what was going on? what happened? >> okay, from my point of view i could not tell exactly what was going on. it looked as if he was trying to pull him, almost, into the car -- >> who pulled? the officer pulled michael into
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the car? >> it looked like he was trying to do such and, you know, brown being a bigger fellow, he -- that didn't seem to be working. so, of course, he got away and it seemed to have upset the officer. >> and then what happened? >> got out his -- just started chasing after the boy. shots. i'm hearing shots fired. clearly none of them hit him, but one, i think, did graze him as they said in the autopsy report. and at the end, he just turned around after i'm guessing he felt the bullet graze his arm, he turned around and was shot multiple times. >> the autopsy is showing that he was shot from the front, not the back. >> exactly. >> does that square with what you saw? >> definitely. he was running away. when he turpd toward the cop, when he left off the most shots. >> i hear your voice, you sound really upset. >> i haven't even lived there a month. i had just moved there out of my
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parents' home. and to see something like this outside of my window, as i'm trying to go to work, it is just -- it is traumatizing. >> you're from ferguson? >> yes, but you just moved to that specific area? >> i moved to ferguson. >> how has the neighborhood been? >> well, actually it was kind of peaceful. if you walk down the street, somebody will just say hey, how are you doing or you know your neighbors or say something to you every now and then. it is not as hectic as -- >> what have you made of the ferguson police department? have you seen them on the streets, interacting with any of the officers before, prior to this incident? >> yes, at first i did feel comfortable living in my apartment because there was a police presence around constantly. there were police driving up and down the street because, you know, the crime is a little more over there. but now it just -- it doesn't seem that you can trust them. >> carol had an opportunity to speak with piaget, miss
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crenshaw, after ournd vi interv behind the scenes on the set, she mentioned just the day before this whole incident she posted a comment on facebook, something to the effect, i'm paraphrasing, she was tired of the same old, same old, she wanted life to change. now i look at this 19-year-old girl, she witnessed the shooting death of a young man her age, her peer, she is forever changed. >> oh, yeah. i actually met her in the elevator while she was leaving and it does did strike me how young she was to have witnessed such a thing. >> only a month out of -- moving out of her parents' home, right? you think about that and how vulnerable you are. she witnesses this. she also said to me she feels as though there is this storm cloud hanging over her city and her community and really hopes that a good strong wind will come through, so they can start healing and figure out what happened to michael brown so his family and he can have justice. >> seems unattainable right now, but who knows. thanks so much for joining me. i appreciate it. michael brown's mother is get something support from state highway patrol captain ron
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johnson who is heading up security at the moment in ferguson. leslie spoke to abc's "good morning america" a short time ago. >> heart felt message for me. it was that that could have been his son. and he was sorry. and he -- like everybody else he's supporting and hoping and praying this doesn't happen again. >> how can peace be restored, ma'am? >> with justice. and what is justice to you? >> arresting this man and making him btabaccountable for his act. >> we'll hear more from michael brown's family at a news conference discussing the autopsy findings. that's due to come your way in about an hour and a half. a little less than that. we'll bring that to you live.
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still to come in the "newsroom," we have been seeing protests in ferguson. now supporters of the officer who shot michael brown are speaking out too. they say coverage of the demonstration is biased. and the demonstrators in ferguson have no idea how the police operate. we'll explore that and the autopsy findings just ahead. [announcer] play close-good and close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks. ♪
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♪ don't shoot, hands up, don't shoot, hands up. >> in just over an hour, we're expecting to hear from michael brown's family, talking about the autopsy performed an their son. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. speaking of that autopsy, it was released after another night of violence and tear gas. the officer who shot and killed brown, darren wilson, is still in hiding, but he has his share of supporters. a couple of dozen people rallied in support of officer wilson in front of a st. louis tv station. they say coverage of brown's shooting has been biased. >> i don't think the community understands the system. there is a process.
6:17 am
they're screaming about why isn't he arrested? why isn't he in jail? without the investigation being done, you can't get a warrant. >> cnn political commentator and host of huff post live mark lamont hill joins us from ferguson, also joining me cnn commentator and espn senior writer elsie grander son and cnn legal analyst and former prosecutor sunny hostin. welcome to all of you. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. elsie, feel free to react to that man's statement. does the black community not understand the process? >> the man is ignorant, all right? he's ignorant or he's willfully blind or he is, you know, antagonizing for his own enjoyment. what he isn't doing is listening. he's not listening to the fact
6:18 am
that this is not about a single case, but the straw that broke the camel's back. this is a community essentially under siege by this police force for decades, and that what he's watching right now is results of a decades of oppression that that community has felt. if he thinks it is about an isolated incident, then he's not really paying attention to dynamics that he supposedly is protesting. >> mark, i see you nodding your head. >> absolutely. everything else he said is exactly correct. this is less about -- in my estimati estimation, talking to people on the ground and being near the rally for the officer, it is less about supporting the officer and more a de facto endorsement of the kind of repressive police tactics we have seen for decades. they're almost applauding and rewarding him for what happened. some people have taken up a collection for him, not for legal defense, but as they called it a reward. this is a very, very ugly situation and as elsie said, this is about decades and decades of police repression that finally is bubbling up right now.
6:19 am
>> in fairness, i would like to address this, you have to remind people, we have yet to hear the story from the officer's perspective. should police put out a statement? >> yeah, you know, i think they should. i think really that is one of the significant problems in this case. we are getting the information from the police and sort of this drips and drabs way, the investigation has been less than transparent. and i think a lot of the outrage is also stemming from that. i said this all along, everyone is saying this investigation is slow moving, it is going to be several weeks before we have the entire picture. listen, carol, i prosecuted a lot of cases. this is not a who dun it, this is not a difficult case. you got the officers, you know, sort of explanation of what happened and some other witnesses. and then you take it in front of the grand jury. i think it is also sort of this lack of transparency and the skew of the narrative that has
6:20 am
been put forth to the media, to the public, from the police department that has fueled the outrage in the community. >> we have tried to get statements from police. we haven't heard back. so i'm going to kind of play that role right now. elsie, part of the reason that police haven't released all of the information is what is happening on the streets of ferguson. there must be a sort of fear factor involved there that if they release the wrong kind of information, it will only enflame things further. >> well, i guess you can certainly try and couch it that way. but there wasn't a hesitation to release the video of michael brown allegedly involved in a strong arm robbery before you released other videos such as the one that was seized by the woman who was a guest on "new day" earlier today. it just seems to me that this is the playbook that happens time and time again when an unarmed black person has been shot and killed by either police officer acting as a vigilante. you try to find ways to put the black person on trial. you tell us about his toxicology
6:21 am
report, but don't tell us of the toxicology report of the shooter. you talk about if they have been expelled from school. any trace of marijuana, but nothing about the shooter. when we saw that video being released of michael brown strong arming, that is a separate conversation. but it is all part of the playbook to put michael brown on trial to make him appear to be just -- to make this murder seem justified, and to take the focus away from the actions of a police officer. >> but, you know, mark, what is also clouding the issue, i think from a public standpoint are the looters, like, destroying the businesses and shooting off guns into the crowd. that's sort of muddying the waters when it comes to thinking about this case objectively. >> well, it shouldn't. even if we were to accept that all this looting is happening and i disagree with that, i've been out here for the last few nights, even beyond curfew, and 99% of what i saw was people
6:22 am
marching, people peacefully assembling. someone threw -- the one person threw a molotov cocktail at a restaurant, people ran over to put the fire out. people stood arm and arm to stop people from looting. a small group of people from outside the area doing that. for the most part the antagonism has been from police to community, not from community to police. but even if all this were true, even if there were this huge amount of people who were looting, that doesn't ignore the -- or are have anything to do with the fact this was an extra judicial killing, someone decided in law enforcement in this case, but often vigilanties, security guards, they're judge, jury and executioner for a young man. even if he stole something from a are store, it is not a capital crime, not worthy of the death penalty. that's what he got. i think the looting thing is a red herring, but not happening to the extent that people think. >> thanks to all of you. i appreciate it. still to come, merchants are guarding their stores, though, with guns now. it is far are from business as usual on ferguson. we'll talk about that next.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. some business owners in ferguson, missouri, are taking security into their own hands after they say police ignored their calls. merchants were seen guarding their stores with guns after looters trashed businesses on friday night. in some cases those looters stole in plain sight of police. and law enforcement criticized for overreacting to people protesting the killing of michael brown. they're being criticized for under reacting to crimes against local businesses. so let's bring in chris summers, he owns pie pizzeria with five locations in the st. louis area and state senator maria chappelle nadal. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. chris, i know you're upset about a lack of security for businesses. you have a state senator standing right beside you. what would you like to tell her? >> well, you know, i would like to tell her i feel we're going to come out of this okay. the police are doing a much
6:28 am
better job right now. it took a little bit of time. but we are broken and i do think that we're going to come out this stronger. just like a fracture in the human body, we will heal, but we need the st. louis business community to step up. we need the large corporations, emerson electric, express scripps around the corner from here, to open up their wallets and reinvest in this community, invest in education. it could make a huge difference in the schools of normandy and the surrounding areas. >> senator, that's great, but that's a long-term solution. in the short-term, what can be done? >> well, let me tell you what my residents are looking for. they want to see the officer that shot michael brown to be arrested. and they want him to be charged with what has been going on and they see it as a slap in their face, the fact that this is an officer who is still on paid leave.
6:29 am
he's at home, watching te ining michael brown has passed away. and many of the young people who see themselves as michael brown, what they're seeing is this could be me. and i would be in jail right now if i killed someone else. and so they see this as a double standard right now. so my residents are really, frankly, looking for some kind of justice sooner than later. i have to tell your audience that the protesting is going to continue to go on. it is going to continue both the peaceful folks who are out on streets, and those who really don't really care about what authority figures are saying and that's unfortunate. as you have seen in the last few days, there is a small group of people who really have an issue with police officers and excessive force. and i was telling someone earlier today, they don't love themselves right now. and they don't care about their own lives and they're willing to die. many of them say if i make it to 21 years old, that's fantastic.
6:30 am
but they're willing to die for justice right now and what our job is to be on the ground, at ground zero, and try to urge them to go the right path. and so while some of us, most of us are peacefully demonstrating, we have to communicate for those few who are creating a ruckus in this community that that is not the right path. >> and surely, chris, even the peaceful protesters must be affecting businesses, right? so what do you fear -- >> absolutely. >> i want to address this to chris. what are business owners doing to protect their stores and convince customers it is safe to come inside? >> well, i think resilience. you saw after the first couple of nights of protests, businesses were reopening the next day or two days later. orr ur s you're seeing the community of ferguson come together and protect the businesses from the looters. as the senator said, this is not the community of ferguson. this is not the people of this community who are causing the trouble here. it is outsiders and it is just a
6:31 am
few people who as a senator said do not have hope. by and large the community of ferguson in st. louis is strong and they want to protect the community. there is a lot positive going on here. it is very impressive what the community has done to build this -- to prevent additional damage to this small businesses. >> okay, so, chris, i'll ask you the hard question. you're standing there and you're obviously a white man. this has become a racially charged issue across the country. in your mind, is this about race in your community? >> i think it is about a bunch of bad decisions that were made by politicians and individuals over the last 100 years. and we have an opportunity here to fix it. it has created a racial divide. but it is a divide that in cities like atlanta, where you are from and other cities where we're investing, people have come out of this stronger. it is a wake-up call but we will come out of it stronger. but you are right, it is a series of decisions that create
6:32 am
ed a -- basically a racial divide that lallowed this situation to happen. we now know. it is in everybody's mind how to fix it and we will. >> i hope so. thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come on the "newsroom," president obama heads back to washington,martint the latest on the situation in ferguson. big meeting with the attorney general today. we'll tell you what the white house is doing about this domestic crisis coming up.
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president obama cutting his
6:37 am
vacation short. he'll get the latest developments coming out of ferguson. michelle kosinski has more. good morning. >> he was going to cut this vacation short for a few days and return to martha's vineyard before all this. this has been planned. he's not coming back just because of the situation in ferguson. the white house has been wanting to let it be known they care about the situation, they're focused on it, that it is a priority. the president will be busy today. first, though, he has a briefing on the situation in iraq with his national security team. then later this afternoon, around 1:00. he'll be meeting with attorney holder. they'll be talking about the white house's role. i think most significantly what we have seen over the last few days is the department of justice wanting to have this additional autopsy done by a federal medical examiner, putting in their expertise to the situation and wanting to have that role. also, we know that the white house has been organizing regular briefings, not only
6:38 am
briefing the president while he's been in martha's vineyard on the situation, but having his top adviser valerie jarrett talk to and meet with people directly involved. the governor of missouri, civil rights leaders, other local officials, basically to offer the administration's continued help. whatever they can put in, in the situation, so, again, you know, we don't have an afternoon briefing plan for today unfortunately. but we do expect to hear more from the white house on what this meeting involves, any news that comes out of it we'll be sure to bring that to you later today. >> michelle kosinski, thanks so much. still to come, tear gas and gunfire pierced the night again in ferguson. and as tension and violence fill the air, now the national guard will patrol the streets. we'll talk to lieutenant general russell honore next.
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after an explosive night of tear gas and gunfire in ferguson, missouri governor jay nixon called in the national guard issuing this executive order. quote, given these deliberate coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in ferguson, i am directing the highly capable men and women of the missouri national guard to assist, to assist the unified command in restoring peace and order to the community. let's talk about that. joining me now is russell honore who as you know directed military relief efforts after
6:43 am
hurricane katrina and authored the book "leadership in the new normal." good morning, general. >> good morning. >> did the governor make the right decision by calling in the national guard? >> that is the normal process. he calls the national guard, at his disposal, under his command sn the state, 24/7, 365. the national guard respond to the orders of the governor and mobilize and respond to orders of the president of the united states. they're a well trained force, carol. they have two battalions in missouri and they're right there near the home of the military police. i expect those troops to show up well trained and well equipped. >> does that mean state police will no longer be involved at all? >> oh, absolutely not. they will be working with the state police. that's the way this normally will work. and will probably take it through the state police because they're there on a military
6:44 am
support to civil authority, which means they will work with, in conjunction with, with the state police through the joint headquarters here. they won't -- i would -- they will not be an independent force. they will be used in conjunction with the police. >> so what is the first thing they should do? >> well, i don't want to second guess that command on the ground, but i'm sure they have been getting the situational awareness over the last few days and then some routine repetitive training before the arrival on site, and -- but come with the crowd control equipment, meaning they have got the shields, got their vests, they have got all the equipment that is required to be able to deal with a civil disturbance. meaning that you're trying to control the crowd, move them back, and the emphasis is on that equipment, not on weapons.
6:45 am
>> well, what i found interesting when i covered katrina, and you were in charge of the national guard there, unfailingly, members of the national guard were courteous, treated everyone with respect, they -- i don't know how that restores oef s order, but it seo work there. why was that? >> we have a great guard. the national guard, they're in every area code in the united states. and the only thing -- the guard didn't work for me, we worked together. as you know, my job as the first army was training and mobilizing national guard for four years. i know this formation well and these troops have been deployed multiple times. the ones that are from missouri. they're well trained. they're focused on their mission. they're indicative of the army you see in afghanistan and iraq and around the country. they're well trained, well equipped. i expect they will show up, having done their assessment, and to form -- to accomplish the
6:46 am
mission that was given to them by the governor in the most efficient manner while respecting the people because the guard is from the people. many of them may come from the say community that they're coming in to police, carol. >> and just a final question for you. you know, a lot of these protesters last night broke curfew and, you know, someone through a molotov cocktail at police, gunfire, two people were shot, wasn't police involved shooting, but still gunfire rang out. how will the guard handle things differently than police with, you know, because they went ahead and threw the tear gas and used strong arm tactics. >> well, the guard will respond to the rules of engagement, given to them by the chain of command, and that's directed by the police. but they understand their mission, their entire mission is to save lives and protect property. and i would predict they will come in more of a defense of
6:47 am
posture using their equipment to protect them. and when you have a civil disturbance, you can expect this. real civil disturbance, civil disobedience, when you go from the right to protest to civil disobedience, this is expected. it happens. it can happen in any situation. and they'll be prepared to deal with that. >> i hope so. generoaoual russelouaoual russe you. [announcer] play close-good and close.
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in northern iraq, an intense battle for what the u.s. army has called the most dangerous
6:51 am
dam in the world. kurdish forces are trying to take the dam from isis forces. the islamic extremists took it earlier this month. anna is here to tell us more. >> reporter: we can confirm that the peshmerga special forces are on the dam site. they are currently in fierce battles with isis militants, clearing out pockets of resistance that have stayed there behind me. a short time ago, there was smoke billowing from what we believe is the dam facility, but certainly it has been a fierce battle but one that the peshmerga have managed to get the upper hand on. we spent the day yesterday embedded with them and we really watched their advance as they pummelled the enemy line with
6:52 am
artillery and rockets. there was some incoming fire. the isis militants, they would leave these land mines scattered on the road and in the field and buildings, which then had to be did he tell ton natd along the way. there was one of the trucks in the convey got hit. more than a dozen soldiers were injured. one did die. today, we were up much can closer to the dam and we had to leave because of incoming rounds. isis is still very much in control of mosul the city, which they seized back in june, so these battles are continuing, but as for the hydroelectric dam, the largest in the country, it does appear, carol, that the peshmerga special forces are finally gaining control of it. >> all right. thanks so much. i'll be right back. oh, actually, i'm going to stick
6:53 am
around and check some top stories for you. julian assange says he plans to leave the ecuador embassy soon. he faces sexual assault allegations in sweden. he's been living in the embassy since seeking asylum there two years ago. >> as you can imagine being detain in this country in various ways without charge for four years and in this embassy for two years which has no outside area, no sunlight. >> he fears sweden will transfer him to the united states where he could face the death penalty if he's charged and convicted of publing, u.s. government excretes. >> in the middle east, the latest cease-fire between israel and hamas is scheduled to expire
6:54 am
in the next few hours from now. what happens next is going to be as a result of talks between israeli and the palestinian. the next hour of cnn "newsroom," after a break. the average person will probably drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time wear the enamel. i recommend pronamel. pronamel helps to defend the enamel from the acids in our diet... it helps to strengthen the teeth.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. breaking news overnight as national guard troops are ordered into the streets of ferguson, missouri. >> disperse the area immediately! >> gunfire, tear gas, even molotov cocktails light up the night sky. with ferguson often resembling a combat zone, the governor has placed the national guard to establish the peace. the autopsy has been released. he has been shot six times, including twice in the head by the police officer. >> we were walking peacefully down to the mall and a young
6:59 am
lady was hit in her face with smoke bombs and tear gas. we were peaceful. this is unacceptable and this is not the law. this is unacceptable. until we get justice, we will not stop! >> there were multiple reports of molotov cocktails being thrown. police were shot at. makeshift barricades were set up to block police. bottles and rockets were thrown at police. based on these conditions, i had no alternative but to elevate the level of our response. >> all right. we want to begin our coverage with don lemon who witnessed much of last night's violence unfold. as i told our viewers about 10:30 eastern time, michael brown's family will hold that news conference. we're going to bring that to you live. we do expect the family to talk about the autopsy performed on their son by dr. michael baden
7:00 am
and as i said he found he was shot six times all from the front. four times in the right arm. twice in the head. it did not appear any of the shots were fired at close range. don, are police talking at all about the investigation and whether they plan to file charges? >> reporter: they are not talking about that as of yet, but you know as we get new details coming in all the time, but i can tell you that they are saying that most of the shots were from the front, even the shots in the arm. if you see the diagram or the photograph of where the shots were, and as of now, they are saying, you know, we shouldn't draw too much of a conclusion about where they entered and left because they are saying if the hands were up, possibly some of the wounds would have been to the inside of the arm and to the back and it doesn't appear that way if you are looking at the diagram. but these are just preliminary autopsy reports. there still has to be another autopsy done. they are going to be three.


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