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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  August 18, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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he was out roaming the streets. >> i want you guys to hang out with me and see what i see. >> thank you, captain. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> thanks, officer. >> captain ron johnson, the head of the missouri highway patrol and also -- >> the guy takes our questions every day. >> absolutely. >> we're gearing up for a press conference. sorry to hijack your show. but we're out here where it's all happening. so rosemary and errol, we're going to toss it back to you. >> perfectly understandable, don. you've got a date with captain johnson tomorrow. we'll certainly be staying tuned for that. we'll stay a take a quick break on cnn and have more after this.
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federal government . ferguson flash point. so far we can report cooler heads have prevailed. hi, i'm errol barnett at cnn center. >> i'm rosemary church. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. >> if you've been tuned to this network for the past few hours, you've been watching ferguson, missouri, tensions have been high, more unrest monday night. ten days after police shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. >> looking at pictures earlier here from ferguson, police moved in on a group, making several arrests. we saw those arrest pictures
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live. they say though have been two shooting victims. we hear from captain ron johnson those two shooting victims were taken to the hospital. they took them there and those shots came from that crowd. this is a small minority within these mostly peaceful protests. just a small group of people causing problems, trying to provoke police. >> a few of the people in the crowd allegedly threw molotov cocktails at authorities, provoking response. we heard captain johnson explain why police waited as long and then had to clear the street. before the eruptions, many demonstrations have been peaceful. let's cross to ed lavandeira in ferguson. we heard captain johnson that cnn gets to come along with him
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tomorrow so we can see what he see. we know schools are canceled all week. how did things unfold from your vantage point? >> reporter: we were in the middle of most of those scenes and next to those people that were arrested. from what i saw tonight, i saw a very targeted response. before the authorities on the ground there made their move on parts of the crowd, what i thought was fascinating tonight is they gave several people in the crowd and various religious leaders and other people who kind of describe themselves as the grownups at the table here a chance to be that barrier between the authorities and the demonstrators and try to calm people down. there was a while there, for about 30 minutes, where several men using bull horns talking to
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the crowd, trying to get them to calm down, talk some sense into people. you could tell -- i was told by one of them that that just kind of happened. that the authorities kind of stood back, were watching these guys community with the crowd and some of the people who were trying to raise the tensions as quickly as possible. for a while, they were able to kind of hold everyone at bay and try to -- and ease tensions a little bit. that was at that line there where authorities had moved and kind of barricaded and set up a line across the roadway. for a while, it was working. it is when people started going back down the other side of the road, that was probably about a quarter mile away where you saw the canisters of tear gas being launched. that's where the situation there quickly deteriorated. we made our way back there. what you saw and you saw captain johnson referring to this, it was a much more dangerous
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situation, even more so for authorities there on the ground. we saw a group of about 15 men set up a barricade along one of the side roads. in fact, it was the road that leads to the area where michael brown was killed last weekend. they had set up a line of -- set off fire along the roadway. they had -- i saw what appeared to be some sort of fireball canister thrown at a restaurant there. thankfully it did not catch flames inside of the restaurant. and then as they moved the armored vehicles down the street, you saw that group of men take off running as quickly as possible. captain johnson referred to that. it becomes a very dark area. they have to assume at that point some of these men might be armed. that was at the point where they started moving the news media out of that. shots were being heard. it was a very volatile situation.
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what i saw to go back to the beginning, i thought it was interesting the armored vehicles that would make the push into the crowd beyond the line they set up would go in, target what they thought were the individuals that were causing the problems and yank them out. when that happened, it did flare up tensions quite a bit but i saw a targeted movement on various people in the crowd they were trying to remove from the scene. >> ed, that's a very important point. if you were listening to jake tapper and don lemon and their line of questioning with captain johnson, they couldn't understand what in the world triggered their response. what you're saying speaks to what some other people said and backs up what captain johnson said, they are making the strongest effort possible to limit their response to the few
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p prevauctors. what you see depends a lot on where you stand. may explain why so many protesters say they didn't see any reason for police to respond the way they did but they may not have been next to the few violent elements in the crowd. >> one of of the few people we saw, a group of two men who were standing together, and i saw the religious leaders in the group trying to make sense of them and they wouldn't have any part of being calmed down. they were looking to instigate an although indication. they couldn't be talked off the cliff. one of them -- i think we talked about this earlier in the evening, i could see in his hands, which was a milk carton filled with some sort of pink liquid and he had a glove on. i know for a fact that authorities from the 25, 30 yards away they were standing could probably see that. those were some of the first men
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that were targeted. i don't know what was in that jug. i don't know what it turned out to be. but it was very different from the bottles of water being thrown. what brought my attention to it is he was wearing a glove, a protective glove. in the back of my mind, it was something flammable, perhaps that's why he was wearing the glove. who knows. the question becomes people like that are interspersed in the crowd with very people who were at the time trying to demonstrate peacefully. what was really tense is that at some point you just heard hearing the people who had come out to do their protests and demonstrations peacefully they say, look, you heard it quite a bit, it's time to get out of there. eventually the crowd thinned out to what was just left -- to essentially a small number of people who were the most
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agitated, trying to start some sort of altercation and that's why tensions were so enflamed at the end. >> we're seeing footage of that earlier on the right of our viewers' screens. we heard captain johnson say he does plan to address the media here shortly. as i mentioned, schools there are closed for the rest of the week. from your vantage point, what's the mood now? has everyone dispersed? is there still quite a bit of activity? >> they moved us off that stretch of road. authorities had gone down canfield where michael brown was shot and the last thing i had seen is the roadblock of flames that had been set up in the roadway. those kind of eventually extinguished themselves out, but when the flood lights were kind
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of put down on the area from the armored vehicles, i could see about 15 or 20 of these guys just take off running into the neighborhood and kind of got lost in the darkness there. so, it was hard to make out exactly what has come of that situation. we haven't gotten any indication. that was probably almost close to an hour ago. we haven't gotten any indication that has become any more volatile or violent. we'll ask about that in the next hour or so when authorities are scheduled to do their briefing. but that's kind of where we left the situation. by that time, obviously, the vast majority of people who had come out earlier in the evening had already scattered. there was a group of dozens of religious leaders who had also come out. were trying to remind people to protest and demonstrate peacefully. even those folks had left by that time. >> ed lavendera is live for us
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in ferguson, missouri. we're standing by, waiting for a press conference by captain johnson who early he said, this has to stop. i don't want anyone to get hurt. >> he doesn't want citizens to get hurt, police to get hurt. we heard from ed, the unrest in ferguson, involving this volatile mix of issues. at the center of it all, race relations. the tension started when an unarmed black teen was shot to death by a white policeman. it's been inflamed by what demonstrators say are heavy-handed police tactics but the man in charge say officers are just trying to protect the community. captain johnson spoke to cnn's jake tapper and don lemon. >> our peaceful protesters are not the enemy. they're not. you know, tonight we closed the roadway. we allow those that come in peace to walk the roadway. we allowed that.
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but also you saw tonight that that didn't occur down there. that that element that's been causing havoc got within that peaceful protest. we've had two subjects that have received gunshots that are out here protesting against us, but after they received gunshots, they're asking for our help. so we have two we transported to the hospital. >> reporter: tonight? >>y. >> >> reporter: who were though shot by? >> somewhere within the group. not by police. >> we want to get your face on tv. if you can back up. thank you very much. >> okay. so, they were shot within the protest side. within the bounties of west forison. we were out there, glass bottles are thrown, water bottles are thrown. we have to protect the officers that are out here. we have to. we can't send sfshs in squad
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cars to where they're shooting bullets. we have to take them in armored vehicles and stop them. we have to send officers with stronger vests to stop bullets. some of the media were out there. you may not have been out there. there were media out,there when you talk between yourselves, that were out there when the gunshots were fired. >> reporter: i was there. you're talking near the burned out convenience store. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: can i ask you, met you the first night, everyone was so happy that you had -- were taking over and they were hugging you and what have you. i heard you last night and listening to you tonight. last night you sounded defeated. tonight you don't have that same thing in your voice when i first met you. what's bugging you? what's the issue? something is on your mind? something is going on, i know. >> what's on my mind, this has to stop. it has to stop. i don't want anyone to get hurt. i don't want an officer to get
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hurt. i don't want a citizen to get hurt. but we have to find a way to stop it. our citizens -- my phone, i'm getting texts, people calling, people in the streets are saying, you've got -- it's got to stop. it's got to stop. and we have to. the people that have been on this aren't going to stop just by saying, we're not going to be out there. we said, if we're going to go away, that's not going to stop it. if we go away, they're going to be in the mall and they're going to destroy this mall. >> captain ron johnson talking earlier with jake tapper and don lemon. we will have much more from ferguson later in our special -- >> that's right. jake tapper will look at the heavy price business owners are paying during this unrest. we should also know captain johnson did say there, he is inviting cnn to see what he sees tomorrow. we'll certainly take him up on that offer if it still stands. we're standing by for a media
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briefing from captain johnson. still more coverage on this developing story. just ahead, another cease-fire extension in the middle east. >> so far that seems to be the only thing israel and palestinians can agree on. you're seeing cnn's global resources at work. stay with us.
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to those watching in the u.s. and around the world. thank you for staying with us here on cnn. i'm errol barnett. peaceful protests erupted into violence a short time ago in ferguson, missouri. what captain johnson said small violent elements in a mostly peaceful crowd. two gunshot victims during monday night's celebration. several people have been arrested. a majority of protesters were nonviolent. some people were provokings police. we're standing by to get a media update from captain johnson. >> for now, we want to go to the middle east and cover that big story as well, israeli and palestinian negotiators agreed money to extend cease-fire until
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midnight tuesday night. we want to turn to john voss who has the latest from jerusalem. not really a lot of time to actually try to forge forward with an extension and then a move toward a more permanent peace. what are you hearing is happening? >> reporter: well, here we go again. we're now on a countdown to midnight once more. what the palestinian point of view they say they have agreed to extend that cease-fire which lasted five days, for another 24 hours. the israeli side confirming there would be an extension of the cease-fire for 24 hours. israeli army radio reporting just a short time ago the israeli cabinet will be meeting in the coming hours to discuss the negotiations which are taking place in cairo. right up until the mid knight deadline last night, rosemary,
11:21 pm
there were a flurry of conflicting reports, all of it coming from the palestinian side. a few hours before the midnight deadline we were told there was no optimism, that the cease-fire negotiators had fallen apart because they had made unrealistic demands palestinians couldn't meet. then we were told an hour after that that there was the outline of a deal. they are moving towards easing the block aid, reconstruction of gaza under the supervision of the palestinian authority, that the fishing sea zone off gaza would be extended. the israelis, at least one senior official told me there had been no agreement, despite what the palestinians had been saying. up until that point, the only official word we had from the israelis came from the prime minister benjamin netanyahu when he made a surprise trip to the southern part of israel. he said the israelis were ready for any response and that if hamas started firing rockets again, there would be a harsh reaction coming from the israeli
11:22 pm
mail te military. just as cease-fire was about to end, the head of the delegation said they agreed on nothing and they aagreed on another 24-hour period in cairo. he accused palestinians of stalling, which accusation the palestinians have made repeatedly. so we're back to where we were about this time yesterday. we're waiting to see if, in fact, there will be an agreement out of cairo and what that might look like. >> so all we can expect is short-term extension of this cease-fire. certainly no end in sight as far as trying to find some sort of permanency here. they are a long way -- both sides are a long way from that, clearly. >> reporter: look, three option. no deeshlgs the short-term deal or the permanent deal where they
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manage to manage the issues they've been arguing over in decades? they managed that in a couple days? no, not likely. you're right, framework with easing of the palestinian bla blockade. palestinians tell me anything to do with a sea port is not on the table until they disarm. and militants tell me they're not going to disarm. >> john vause reporting live from jerusalem. many thanks to you. we're standing by for a media briefing out of measuring son, missouri, a few hours ago protests. once again, saw violence trigger and provoke a morrow bust police response. a bit of force in the
11:24 pm
background. those could be the national guard force deployed by the governor yesterday. we told you about that yesterday here on cnn. as soon as the press briefing gets under way, we'll bring it to you live. mosul dam may be safe from a sis militants but the people are in terrible danger. we'll take a look at that when we come back.
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welcome back, everyone. the u.s. president says american air strikes have helped in the battle to retake iraq's biggest hydroelectric dam from isis fighters. barack obama says the operation shows kurdish and iraqi forces can work together to defeat militants. 300 strikes were delivered around the mosul dam. more than 90 targets were destroyed, included military vehicles, equipment and a number of isis fighting positions. mr. obama describes a much wider u.s. contribution. listen to this. >> over the last 11 days,
11:27 pm
american air strikes have stopped the isil advance around the city have erbil and pushed back terrorists. we have provided additional arms and assistance to
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
bring sunnis back on board to fight al qaeda -- isis here. >> you mentioned the new prime minister al abadi replacing nuri al maliki. president obama saying the government needs to form quickly and solidify so it can have a foot to stand on in its fight against isis. how is mr. haider al abadi doing? >> reporter: well, he's got about three weeks left to form a government. he says he's going to do this before the constitutional deadline to bring a government together. but, errol, it's a very tough task.
11:30 pm
in the past the negotiations to put together a government is a lengthy process that is really a lot of horse trading and negotiations that take place between the various political blocs and parliament. this is going to be more challenging because he needs to try to undo what nuri al maliki had done in the last for you years, which is creating tensions with the kurds, which has been alienating sunnis. he needs to try to regain trust, this is going to be different, a truly inclusive government not one where sunnis and kurds would be represented but not have much power. it's going to be a challenge for haider al abadi in the next few weeks. >> and the pressure is certainly on. live from baghdad, thank you. just ahead on our special coverage, the latest from ferguson, missouri. another night of clashes there between police and protesters. after the break we'll look
11:31 pm
at some of the victims of the unrest. we're talking about business owners, who have become prime targets for looters. stay with us here on cnn. this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪
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welcome back. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. let's get you up to speed now on the breaking development out of ferguson, missouri. police there clashed. the town has seen unrest for more than a week now. police shot and killed an unarmed african-american teen. cap fin told us he's interested to talk to the media. in other world headlines, hair strikes have helped kurdish retake iraq's biggest hydroelectric dam from isis militants. pentagon says 35 strikes were
11:35 pm
delivered over a three-day period around mosul dam. more than 90 targets were destroyed, including vehicles, equipment and fighting positions. israeli and palestinian negotiators in cairo have until midnight gaza time to try to broker a lasting peace. they agreed to extend a truce shortly before it would have expired. palestinians want israel to extend the blockaid of gaza. >> we have seen another show of force by police in ferguson, missouri. >> one thing we should note, an angle to this story maybe you haven't seen, is as the unrest grew day to day, residents say police largely stood by as looters broke into businesses after the beginning of the week, after ron johnson were given security.
11:36 pm
jake tapper talked to some business owners. >> reporter: since mike brown was killed nine days ago there are far too many scenes like this. this was schote on surveillance video. he watched the sure surveillance from home. >> reporter: muzzle shots, then looters ransack the liquor and cigarette cabinets. two women attempt to set the business on fire. >> 10:15 they did these things. >> reporter: he says he cannot recover. and he his 33-year-old son are confused, angry and sad. >> doesn't make sense anymore. >> 15 years. they say they want justice for mike brown. is this justice? i don't understand what justice this is. >> reporter: for store owners, midnight curfews, strong police
11:37 pm
presence have done so little to protect them. so little of the story is on michael brown and military reaction of police against protesters but these store owners have stories to tell as well. >> how much have you lost? >> tens of thousands? >> way more than that. >> hundreds of thousands?yhq >> reporter: they left kuwait during the first gulf war and they've been happy to make ferguson their home. he knew mike brown. he liked mike brown. >> that's not how you help the grieving family. >> reporter: but looters and criminals have hijacked the protests although sometimes and now the livelihood of store owners who provide important services to ferguson are threatened. >> don't want to mix up looters with protesters because all week long protesters have been out here peacefully. >> reporter: he says media shouldn't mischaracterize ferguson either. >> people coming out to buy
11:38 pm
something, just to help out. i'm so thankful for these people. these are my heroes. >> reporter: so many stores along west florissant avenue are boarded up like waiting for a hurricane, or maybe one just past. but the disaster that happened here wasn't natural. it was manmade. that was ferguson market and liquor. it was looted over the weekend. it's the same place michael brown was said to have stolen cigars just moments before he was killed. wig store mannequins left bald by thieves, it's important to note, these are the actions of a few. >> the people going out on the street every morning, neighbors coming out to clean up their community, people coming from all over missouri to help out. >> reporter: for now this threat of violence erupting now by those few have left many
11:39 pm
businesses boarded up and waiting for peace. jake tapper, cnn, ferguson, missouri. >> u.s. president barack obama is sending attorney general eric holder to ferguson on wednesday to meet with investigators. hope he can help calm the situation. >> yeah. certainly evidence the u.s. president is paying attention. he's sending resources. and the federal government into the death of michael brown. during a news conference monday, the u.s. president was asked about militarization of police in the united states and whether or not federal funding for military weapons is appropriate. here's what's the u.s. president said? >> i think it's useful for us to review how the funding has gone. how local law enforcement has used dollars to make sure that what they're -- what they're purchasing is stuff that they
11:40 pm
actually need. because, you know, there is a big difference between our military and local law enforcement, and we don't want those lines blurred. that's contrary to our traditions. >> u.s. president there saying value and re-evaluating the military hardware is distributed. there's a flipside to this as well. police officers will tell you they need military weapons to make it a fair fight against criminals. >> how that view came into sharp focus during one stunning day, 17 years ago. >> man down! ak-47. >> reporter: shooting at everyone, dressed for war. outside of a bank of america in north hollywood in 1997, this is what retired los angeles police officer john caparelli faced,
11:41 pm
armed only with a 9 mill meter handg handgun. >> i was right here like this. >> reporter: the bullet sliced through the cinder block wall like butter, narrowly missing him. >> it was like boom, went through us, past us. >> he's got automatic weapons. nothing we have can stop him. >> we were outgunned that day. it went on for 45 minutes because we were outgunned. >> reporter: hundreds outgunned by two suspects. responding officers bothered rifles from a nearby gun shop. >> we were a bunch of davids and two goliaths. >> it stunned law enforcement across the country and shocked military developments. in 1990 the department of defense transferred $1 million to military equipment to local and state police. last year that amount jumped toe
11:42 pm
nearly $450 million. >> heavily armored! >> reporter: and it's needed, believes officer caparrelli, running after he shot one of the officers half a dozen times. >> we were still shooting and they were still going. have you to have something to come batted what's thrown at you. and it's obviously now we've seen it. that the criminal element has these weapons and they're not afraid to use them. >> reporter: the shootout lasted 44 minutes. miraculously no one was killed get the two gunmen. two dozen othe. >> there are guys trying to do their job and thinking about, i want to go home at the end of the day. they're trying to dot job -- do the job they're hired and
11:43 pm
trained to do and still go home. >> reporter: the officers who responded to bank of america shooting on that day as officer caparelli details in his book, he suffered from ptsd, a stre stress-related stroke and three of his fellow officers committed suicide. after an officer-involved shooting, counseling is now the norm. we're still tracking developments out of ferguson, missouri, waiting for that briefing to get under way. we'll bring it to you after another day of peaceful protests with some violent elements r7 met with a robust response from the larger police presence today. still to come for you here on cnn, fighting in eastern ukraine. took a tragic turn on monday. we'll tell you what happened to a civilian convoy after this. .
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the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. we want to bring you up to speed on the still developing situation in ferguson, missouri. >> heavy police presence on the street. authorities tell us who people have been shot but not by police. they took them to hospitals. several people have been arrested, though. we saw those live pictures. now, leading up to the outburst, the majority of protesters had
11:47 pm
been peaceful. that needs to be said. we're just talking about a very small pocket of bad actors here. many community leaders have overrun law enforcement officers. >> we're standing by, expected to hear from police as they start the news conference in ferguson. similar to what we heard yesterday. captain ron johnson moments ago on our air said, i have some things i want to talk to the media about. he also did admit he was out in the middle of this confrontation, not wearing a protective vest and that his wife was quite upset at him for doing that. he expects some of the other officers will feel the same. so, it will be interesting to see what captain johnson says after another night of clashes there in ferguson, as soon as this gets under way, we'll bring it to you live. >> we certainly will. let's go to another part of the world where there's violence. ukraine, civilians fleeing
11:48 pm
fighting in eastern ukraine. got caught up in deadly violence there monday. ukrainian officials say a caravan of refugees including women and children came under attack while the military was escorting them outside of a humanitarian safety corridor there. >> pope francis wrapped up five-day visit with a mass on korean peninsula and a message of peace and reconciliation. >> on his flight back to rome, the pope took a surprising position when it comes to the use of military force in iraq. >> reporter: pope francis didn't exactly green light the u.s. air strikes in iraq but he didn't rule out the use of force either. an hour-long press conference on the flight from rome and seoul and he was asked about the u.s. force in iraq to stem a
11:49 pm
humanitarian crisis. take a listen to his response. >> translator: in these cases where there's unjust aggression, all i can say this, i underline the word stop. i don't say bomb. what means can they be stopped? they have to be evaluated. >> reporter: he said no country should act unilaterally and stressed the need for collective international response, a response he says does not necessarily need to entail violence. so, very detailed and nuanced response to that answer. he mentioned he sees himself as an advocate for all minorities in northern iraq, not just christians. at some point he would like to visit kurdistan although he acknowledges now is not the right moment. also on his list of places he would like to visit, the united states, a trip wildly expected to take place in september of
11:50 pm
2015. now, he has in the past expressed his desire to go to a family conference in philadelphia. this is the first time we've heard him say he would like to go to the united nations at the invitation of u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon and congress in washington, d.c. at the invitation of u.s. president barack obama. a visit to congress by a pope would pretty much be unprecedented. vatican watchers say it really shows this pontiff's desire to reach outside the boundaries of the catholic world. today pope francis also said he wants to go to china if only he was invited. erin mclaughlin, cnn, rome. coming up after the break, a report that may give you a bit of a jolt. >> i got that the first time. >> oh, my god! >> we'll tell you about this close call with a lightning bolt. s you're in, that's the business we're in.
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in northern india, torrential rains and resulting floods have claimed the lives of nearly 200 people in the past three days. >> stunning. we're joined from international weather center with details. how did this single storm claim so many lives so quickly? >> you know, the location of this storm, errol and rosemary, it's across portions of the foothills of himalayan mountains. tallest mountain in the world across and look at river gauges around one meter in some spots and jump up to five, six meters of 15 feet in a matter of a few hours. scenes out of northern indiana. devastati devastation. 90,000 people across this region are homeless and 1500 victimages have been inundated.
11:54 pm
water-borne illnesses are a problem. we know june through september is a time of year when the monsoons begin to really pick up in intensity. at this point the locations of it on the foothills of himalayas causing a lot of concern, water coming down to oechtly the lowest point. over the next couple of days still seeing some communities feeling the impact even after the rain stops across this region. doesn't look like much is going to calm down here. 500 millimeters in five days, that is 20 inches of rainfall that have come down and 30 inches in a few isolated spots of india as well. let's show you what's happening across the united states, eastern half of the country where we have impressive warming trend taking place in the latter portion of the summer season. back to the west the temperatures conversely cooling back down. a few degrees below average in san francisco and around portion
11:55 pm
of seattle. have to share with you this viral video on facebook. take a look and listen. >> i got that first one. >> oh, my -- >> yes, she had the second one, too. bolt of lightning, typically about 50,000 degree fahrenheit. they were not injured. a lot of times, you can see a few feet, perhaps a few meters away from that strike, if you're close enough, not struck, can you lose your hearing and eyesight temporarily because of how bright and loud. >> a cool video but a very stupid thing to do, right? >> exactly. >> let's just be clear about that. >> very good point. she was out there trying to capture it because one was close. this one got even closer. >> bad idea. >> thanks very much. >> we are still closely monitoring the situation there in ferguson missouri. >> the situation is now calm. we need to say after peaceful protests erupted into violence a
11:56 pm
couple of hours ago. when we say that, we are talking about this very small minority. these small groups of people trying to provoke the police. police say there have been two gunshot victims. several people have been arrested. the majority of protesters were nonviolent. they want to get out there and express their -- they want to see justice done. in the wake of the shooting death of the unarmed teenager, michael brown. witnesses say some people were provoking police to act aggressively. coming up after this very short break, we will take you back to ferguson, missouri. >> it's been a night of tear gas, stun grenades. wooel we're standing by for a police news conference. as soon as it happens, we'll bring it to you live. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. do stay with us.
11:57 pm
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> and i am errol barnet. you are watching cnn's special coverage. it is 2:00 a.m. in ferguson, missouri, after more unrest. >> here's what happened monday night into tuesday. tear gas filled the air after there was some violence between police and a small group of protestors. a few people threw molotov cocktails, bottles and even rocks at authorities in what appeared to be an attempt to provoke officers.