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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  August 19, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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attorney general, eric holder, heading there tomorrow. we are live in ferguson with the dramatic scenes overnight and what comes next. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. john berman has the day off. it is tuesday, august 19th, 5:00 a.m., exactly in the east. up first, a tense night in ferguson, missouri. police in riot gear fire iing -1 arrests made. some from as far away as california and new york. two people reported shot, not by police, but shot in the crowd. four officers injured last night. this is the first time the curfew was lifted and national guard troops were patrolling the streets. eric holder will arrive there tomorrow to get an update on the federal investigation. ed lavandera is there along with
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our producer. a peaceful protest about michael brown that turned very, very menacing after dark. >> reporter: once again, almost a repeat of the previous night where we saw things turn dramatically for the worse relatively quickly. you know, that's the disheartening thing for many of the demonstrators and protesters who came out in the hundreds to participate in the civil disobedience. once again, we saw what authorities here and many people in the street are telling us is just a small number of people that are simply too volatile in creating this tension, trying to spark some sort of confrontation with the authorities. they are trying to keep the peace here and once again, 31 arrests, two people wounded with
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gunfire, another very dangerous night. captain ron johnson, who is the man who has been in charge of security for the state police since last thursday spoke with us awhile ago. >> i sit there and listen over to radio and heard the officers under gunfire. i went back to our squad vehicle and saw the gentleman laying in the back who had been shot. i saw a car pull up and drop a gentleman off who had been shot in the hand dazed walking down the street. we can't have this. we do not want any citizen hurt. we don't want any officer hurt. when you are shooting into apartment complexes and children are laying in bed in apartment complexes and bullets are flying through the air, the old saying on the streets as they say, a bullet has no name.
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we do not want to lose another life in this community. >> reporter: christine, captain ron johnson is making that plea to the cameras. he was making that plea on the streets. again, it seems to be falling on deaf ears. >> again, he pointed out, it's not everybody in the crowd. the majority of people out were protesting peacefully. the made that point. it's a small number of individuals in the crowd taking advantage of the situation because it's their intent to confront police and cause harm. that's what he said. they are coming here. he showed the weapons they confiscated. >> reporter: let's talk about something different this time. you were telling me, at one point, you made a long hike up the road. well up into, you know, probably almost a mile. you were talking to people up along the road.
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what sense do people who are trying to come out here and do things it right way, how are they -- how worried are they that what is being seen here, eventually, ultimately at the end of the demonstrations is hurting their cause? >> we heard that sentiment a lot. in fact, the people we were following in the march up the main drag through ferguson were saying before this all took a turn for the worse, this is the way it's supposed to be. it's supposed to be orderly, organized, peaceful as we protest against what we see as a grave injustice. they were happy with the way it started out tonight. there wasn't chaos. it was orderly and subdued demonstration. they are angry, the ones were spoke to, with the people coming into their community from the outside. we heard this word from people on the side streets, they felt their neighborhood, their community was being disrespected
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by the folks coming in here and reeking havoc and not here for what they see as the main point about this, the shooting of michael brown and why was he shot and killed by police. >> steve, if i could jump in. you made a point of how you saw people with t-shirts promoting revolution or anarchy. for some people, gatherings like this, like for g-20 metings, you attract people who want to cause trouble for authority. how much is moved away from michael brown and on to an anarchist party? >> that's a good question. tonight was the first night i saw a number, a handful of those individuals in the crowd. ed, you were there as well. when they completely ignored the local community leaders and the church leader who is were very
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effectively controlling the crowd and asking them to please step back to deescalate. three or four men in these shirts and some had a website name on it promoting revolution who wouldn't hear it from the peacemakers. they were just advancing, holding signs up and getting in the face of the riot police. i had not seen those particular individuals. >> reporter: those people, we are trying to survey people quickly, from what i see, it's a very minimal part of when things are going smoothly. very minimal part of what we see. >> certainly interesting to see those leaders. in the video, you can see the community leaders trying to talk to police, trying to talk to crowds and manage the situation. it became unmanageable last night. thank you. we'll check in with you soon.
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the private autopsy commissioned by the parents of michael brown revealed he was shot six times, including twice in the head. a forensic expert say those wounds could be the most telling. >> the two wounds to the head are significant. he was 6'3". it was not from a sniper high in a tree or building. this boy, this young man was bent over, he was stooped. either he was charging, like officer wilson says, we were told through his surrogate, a woman friend, like a bull, charging at an officer with a loaded gun, shooting at him, rushing on, head down or he was already toppling over, having been wounded and falling to the ground. >> we are following the developments from ferguson all morning long. i want to turn to iraq.
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a major step forward. fighting isis for control of the critically important mosul dam. they were able to gain control of the dam with the help of u.s. air strikes. anna is live on the phone from mosul where she's moving toward and trying to get access to the dam now that it is out of isis control. anna? >> reporter: christine, we are standing on the wall of mosul dam. we have arrived here in our convoy. the peshmerga forces have full control of this dam. the isis militants pushed back. this is the fighting for the day. as you say, thanks to the u.s. air strikes, they bombarded the enemy lines and were able to allow the kurdish forces, the
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peshmerga to recapture the dam. it is a critical piece. providing power to mosul, baghdad, much of the country. obviously, we heard from president obama saying that this was a major, major victory. as we know, battling from one. where i'm standing is mosul city, which is under full control of the isis militants. an official here, christine, believed that the militants retreated to there where they will regroup, rearm and consolidate and launch a counter offensive. >> anna, standing at the mosul dam. thank you so much. pope francis is weighing in on the fight against isis and iraq. he says the international
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community, not just one country must decide how to intervene. he says he's considering a trip to northern iraq in support of christians who are being persecuted by isis. the world health organization is urging countries affected by ebola to screen international travelers. any person showing signs of the virus should not be allowed to travel internationally. it comes after a nigerian woman died flying to abu dhabi. her husband and five medics are in isolation while she's tested for the virus. they told a health minister the u.s. will not be able to provide the drug, zmapp. there's not enough to go around. authorities are trying to track down 17 patientsho are missing after looters invaided a quarantine center. nancy writebol got a visit from her husband for the first time
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since being diagnosed with ebola. she's still in isolation and slowly gaining strength. the dow jumped 175 points yesterday. this was one of the largest single day moves. the nasdaq up 1%. a 14-year high for the nasdaq. s&p 500 up 1%. will the rally continue? at the moment, futures are higher. wall street driving optimism around the globe. asian and european markets higher. kids are cute. they are expensive. new figures show it could cost a middle income family $250,000 to raise a child to age 18. that includes the cost of things like housing, food and child care. no big ticket items like college. it varies depending on where you live. it east most expensive in urban northeast. we are following breaking news out of ferguson, missouri.
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a deadly police shooting creating violence between protesters. eric holder arriving in the area tomorrow. we have dramatic new video to show you from overnight. plus, a temporary truce about to end in gaza. can israel and gaza reach a longer lasting deal to stop the violence? we are live after the break. for the little mishaps you feel use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products and get a free bag. buy three johnson & johnson first aid products the last four hours have seen... one child fail to get to the air sickness bag in time. another left his shoes on the plane... his shoes! and a third simply doesn't want to be here. ♪ until now... until right booking now. ♪ planet earth's number one accomodation site
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or lease a 2014 passat s for $189 a month after a $1,000 bonus. dust irritating your eye? (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. we are following breaking news. the streets of ferguson, missouri resembling a war zone overnight. the latest clash between police and protesters. stun grenades and tear gas in response to protesters throwing rocks, bottles and molotov cocktails at them. ron johnson says at least two people were shot overnight in the crowd, shot by people in the crowd with guns. 31 arrests were made. some people from as far away as new york and california. despite coming under heavy attack and gunfire, police
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didn't fire a single shot. four officers were injured. we are going to follow all the developments throughout the morning. israel and hamas agreeing to extend their cease-fire another 24 hours. it gives them more time to hammer out a long-time peace plan. after a week of calm, neither side is interested in resuming fighting. frederick pleitgen is there for us now. the calm, the peace holds for now, fred? >> reporter: the time is ticking. an interesting thing, the hamas member said we have to use every single minute that is available to us. he also said in the previous negotiations they have been ongoing for about eight days. they haven't come close to striking some sort of deal. absolutely no progress was being made. we are flies in the face of what the negotiations seem to be providing yesterday before a cease-fire was set to expire.
2:17 am
we were hearing possibly an agreement had to be signed. the big question of what comes out of it is, is this going to fall apart, a long-term agreement or kick the can down the line extending the cease-fire three days here, 24 hours there? a lot of people in gaza are nervous about the negotiations. they are afraid they could fall apart altogether. a lot of homes have been destroyed here. a lot of people have been killed here. certainly what people want is a long term agreement. they want to get the blockade here lifted. at this point and time, they don't appear to be hopeful that things are moving along in the right direction. certainly, we have to wait and see whether or not the two sides will be able to come to an agreement. it's going to be an anxious day in gaza. >> fred, thank you for that. turning back to this country, california fire crews battling several wildfires
2:18 am
including one near yosemite national park that forced 1500 people to evacuate. homes and hotels near oakhurst. a separate fire is growing to 800 acres. let's get a look at the forecast. indra petersons is here. good morning. we have a lot of scattered showers. you can see how much activity is out there. again, all minute scattered showers for the most part. we are watching a couple areas. one of the places is around the upper great lakes and the midwest. the frontal boundary making its way out of the southeast and off the atlantic coastline there. seeing all the moisture coming out of the gulf, the jet stream is high. it's allowing the humid air to hang in for the summertime. it's making its way through milwaukee and chicago. keep that in mind. if you have travel plans flying through that region.
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the severe weather threat is further east of the region. toledo, indianapolis and louisville will have the threat. strong thunderstorms and hail and stronger winds out there. the bigger story is the heat. we have talked about how humid it is. now add the temperatures as well. the temperatures are climbing as we go toward the end of the week. one way to look at it, in the south, look at the numbers starting to climb. in the northeast, the temperatures come down, jumping into friday. easy to see the pattern. the temperatures going down in the northeast. that means rain heading to the northeast by the end of the week. >> thanks. indra petersons. 19 minutes past the hour. we are following breaking news in ferguson, missouri. violent night in the streets. the controversy of the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. the controversy is still boiling. steve balmer is fired up. the l.a. clippers new owner
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dust irritating your eye? (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. 23 minutes after the hour. johnny manziel showed he is number one, but not with his play on the field. andy scholes has more. >> johnny football is not a good performance in the first nationally televised game. he let his emotions get the best
2:24 am
of him as he flipped the bird. they forced manziel into an incomplete pass. he ran back on the field and gave the old one-finger salute. manziel did throw his first touchdown later in the game. but, all everyone wanted to talk about afterwards was his not very nice gesture. >> you know, i get words exchanged with me throughout the entirety of the game, every game, week after week. should have been smarter. it was a monday night football game and the cameras were probably solidly on me. my name has grown bigger and people know who i am. it continues to go as the games go on. i did a good job of holding my composure throughout the night. a lapse of judgment and i slipped up. >> steve ballmer is the owner of the los angeles clippers. he had a good old time and
2:25 am
welcoming party yesterday at the staples center. >> do we have any clipper fans here? i can't hear you. we are going to get better every day. we are going to be tenacious. we are going to keep coming and coming and coming. did you watch these guys? that was hard core. hard core, baby. >> steve ballmer looks like he's going to be a good owner. >> he's got a whole team, fans to get excited behind. so interesting. thanks so much. talk to you soon. we are following breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. violence in the streets over night behind protesters and law enforcement. 31 arrests, two people shot in the crowd, four police officers hurt. what is next in this case? what is next for residents of this missouri town caught in the
2:26 am
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breaking news overnight. chaos in the streets of ferguson, missouri. 31 people arrested, two people in the crowd shot, four police officers hurt. the national guard unable to stop protests from, again, turning violent. crowds furious over the police shooting of unarmed black teenager, michael brown. we have video from overnight and what is next. we are live. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans.
2:30 am
29 minutes past the hour. we are following that breaking news. stun grenades and tear gas fired by police. police say rocks, bottles and molotov cocktails were thrown at them. police say they were shot at. at least two people were shot in the crowd, shot by other members of the crowd. 31 arrests made. some of those from as far away as new york and california. four police officers injured. i want to bring in cnns ed lavandera, so has our produer, steve. a protest in the name of michael brown. it turns much more dangerous and much darker as the night went on. ed? >> reporter: as you mentioned, 31 people arrested. a number of handguns recovered from the crowd. authorities say they saw molotov cocktails and because they were
2:31 am
being shot at, you know, they had to get into the crowd, once again. i think one of the -- what i saw repeated repeatedly, a lot of times, police relying on the local community members to try to bring down the tempers, turn down the volume. that seemed to work for a little while. eventually, that gave way, things turned confrontational once again and when the gunshots started being heard, that's when the tear gas canisters were deployed. really, we have seen captain ron johnson, a man we have come to know at the center of the security force near ferguson. one of the more emotional nights for him. saw him pleading on the streets with people to no avail. he came out awhile ago, very emotional, trying to urge people to get things under control. >> there were numerous reports
2:32 am
of shots fired. we had two fires. one at the business and one at an unoccupied residence. in the area of canfield, our officers came under heavy gunfire. h our officer confiscated two guns near the media staging area. these are not acts of protesters, but acts of violence. >> reporter: i'm here with our producer, steve. another night of tear gas as we witness all of this. what stood out most to you tonight? >> when we first arrived in ferguson, it was a different feel on the streets compared to the previous nights. first off, police weren't letting anybody drive close. they had to park far away and come in on foot. the drag was subdued.
2:33 am
people weren't driving up and down and honking horns and blasting music. they were much more subdued protests, walking up and down the avenue with a strong turn up. then, it took a turn when the protesters, the march came up against the line of police in riot gear. a few individual who is were mixed in with the peaceful protesters threw bottles at police. that's when things turned. >>reporter: they came in contact with that line because they were making a move to this area here. this is an area where the central command of security force. last night, they got very close, on the edge of the tree line. clearly tonight, those authorities weren't going to get them get close like last night. that's why the lines were
2:34 am
further down the street. it was a very tactical response, i thought, from what i witnessed. it was very specific, very targeting of people in the crowd. >> right. the previous night, the riot police and the armored vehicles, the heavily armored police. they pushed back and pushed back into ferguson and that's when we also saw looting taking place. at that moment, it became very chaotic. the tear gas, the blasts that -- the flash grenades were being fired in every direction. tonight, a much different -- last night, a much different approach as the police looked for the bad actors in the crowd. they look to spot out the people who were throwing things at them. you would see the fingers pointing and a team, a small team of officers breakaway from the larger unit, circle them and arrest them. it was a change in tactics.
2:35 am
in my view, maybe it's a knnuan thing. >> there were fewer officers, clearly more exposed, a smaller group of them coming into contact with those people. that's when we heard the gunshots being fired. the fire is set at the business and blockades in the road. >> we are watching that video now. this is close to where michael brown was shot. this is a group of young people facing off police, ignoring the orders to clear the streets, that they would face arrests. the police kept blasting orders on the loud speakers. they stood their ground, giving the orders, clear the streets. another individual tried to ignite a building on fire. we have video of that. that's when things turned much
2:36 am
more violent, really. the tear gas canisters, the smoke canisters and flash grenades went off. that's when we heard the gunshots come from the direction the protesters scattered. >> reporter: christine? >> you are talking about somebody trying to light a fire. we know that there are other activities in the crowd by a minority in the crowd for sure, but simply trying to provoke the police, trying to cause trouble. gunshots fired. two people, again, two people hurt, shot in the crowd because there are people in the crowd with weapons. tell me a little bit about the elements of the crowd. you said earlier on, they were peacefully protesting. did those people leave at some point and then you have the other elements that have taken other? >> clearly the crowd thinned out
2:37 am
quickly when it was taking a turn for the worst. >> reporter: i thought they were like we are out of here. >> exactly. the local community leaders pushed everybody off the streets and convinced everybody to get on the sidewalks. there were a few people who would not listen to those community leaders. when it was getting tense, it felt like the majority of the people marching up and down the streets went home. >> how much is about michael brown and how much is about just causing trouble? >> reporter: you know, i think what you hear from them, as they are being very defiant, there is those -- the, what they are lashing out and what you hear them say is, you know, this bigger picture of what they say police brutality in the street and that sort of thing. you do hear that. but you also hear that's the reason a lot of these people are coming out here to do what they
2:38 am
are doing. i think -- i think what some of the peaceful demonstrators will say is they are taking advantage of that message. >> right. we heard that from some of the local residents this evening while it was still a peaceful demonstration. they didn't want the people in their neighborhood who were coming here from outside and taking advantage of this situation to do bad. >> reporter: yeah. christine, i heard this quote three or four times tonight and people saying this has gotten too crazy. >> right. right. i tell you, when you talk about the idea of disrespecting authority and disrespecting the police, the overarching thing is ten days ago, people feel as though police disrespected michael brown and you have this breakdown between people on the streets and police. just the inability of them to resolve this. i wonder, what is the thing that
2:39 am
turns it? what is the thing that prevents this from happening again? it doesn't feel as though there's been a cooling at all. >> that's a really good question. we were saying when we first arrived here earlier in the evening, it was so subdued and well controlled and police were sort of taking a hands off approach to things that we initially thought maybe this last night was going to be that turning point. now, i don't know where it goes from here. >> i get the sense in listening to captain ron johnson, they are trying to balance this idea of letting people continue protesting and protecting, you know, first amendment rights to do all of that. i wonder, after tonight or last night, excuse me, you started hearing calls of people saying there needs to be a moratorium on people coming out here. you hear captain ron johnson
2:40 am
talking about how he wants the demonstrators to come out earlier in the day and be gone by night fall and perhaps that might do something. i know for a fact, those conversations are going to be had intensely throughout the community, not just in law inforcement, but religious leaders as well. >> the president yesterday appealed for calm in ferguson. it was the roughest night yet. we have to see what it takes to turn this, to turn the page on this, into something that is more like the investigation into michael brown's death and healing in the community. thanks so much. great work there overnight. it's been a long night for you. three autopsies in the michael brown shooting. two of them reveals the teen was shot six times, including twice in the head. a forensic expert telling cnn the wounds could be the most telling as the investigation proceeds. >> the two wounds in the head
2:41 am
are significant. michael brown was 6'3". it was not shot from high in a tree or adjacent building on the third floor. this boy, this young man was bent over, he was stooped. either he was charging like officer wilson says, through his surrogate, a woman friend, like a bill, charging at an officer with a loaded gun, shooting at him, just rushing right on, head down or he was already toppling over, having been wounded and he was falling to the ground. >> so many more questions to be answered. we are following the breaking news out of missouri. two people in the crowd shot. four police officers heard overnight, tear gas used to stop the violence in the streets of ferguson. much more ahead. dust irritating your eye?
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try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. 45 minutes past the hour. we are following breaking news. another night of chaos in ferguson, missouri. police in riot gear and armored vehicles firing stun grenades and tear gas. police say they were responding to bottles and molotov cocktails thrown at them. 31 arrests were made. two people in the crowd were shot. not by police. police did not fire a single shot. they were shot by other people
2:46 am
in the crowd. listen to what it sounded like as police moved in. >> move! move! >> we continue to follow developments all morning long from ferguson. time for an "early start" on your money. stock markets surged ahead yesterday. the dow jumped 175 points. that was one of the largest single day moves this year. big rally. nasdaq rose to a 14-year high. the rally is going to keep going today. markets are all higher. look at what's coming up on "new day." kate bolduan joining us with the very big news of the most violent night yet. >> that's right, christine. we are going to follow the night of protest in ferguson. chris is going to be live on the ground for us this morning. how the peaceful demonstrations, really for a large part of the
2:47 am
night just turned into chaos. we are going to talk to people who were there last night and saw it all happen, including a photographer who was tear gassed and had to be helped by a cnn crew. was there an overreaction by police or appropriate response? we are going to look at the private autopsy that showed michael brown was shot six times. what does that tell us about what happened that saturday? broad daylight, saturday. >> a lot to break down. thank you so much. talk to you soon. we are following that breaks news in ferguson, missouri. tear gas, gunfire, molotov cocktails filling the streets. angry protests over the deadly police shooting of unarmed teenager, michael brown. 31 people arrested, two people shot in the crowd by other people in the crowd. police say they did not fire a single shot. we have all the dramatic video ahead. plus, the cease-fire ending in gaza. are israel and hamas about to
2:48 am
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we are following breaking news. peaceful protests in the streets of ferguson, missouri taking wrong turn overnight. police using stun grenades and tear gas in response to rocks, bottles and molotov cocktails
2:52 am
thrown at police. at least two people were shot by people in the crowd with guns. four police officers were injured. it is the first night after a curfew was lifted. much more on this tense situation in ferguson, ahead on "new day." i want to turn to israel and hamas agreeing to extend their cease-fire 24 hours. it gives them a chance to hammer out a long-term peace plan. after a week of calm, neither side is interested in resuming fighting. frederick pleitgen is live where it is calm. the cease-fire is holding for now, fred, but this is all so fragile. >> reporter: very fragile. the people are nervous. the fact that the cease-fire was only extended by 24 hours is something that is making people more nervous, christine. certainly it looked like a longer term agreement might have been reached. an agreement might have been
2:53 am
signed, then toward the end of the talks, everything fell apart. it's interesting because one member of the hamas delegation said absolutely no progress has been made. he said the negotiating sides have to use every single minute of this day to try to hammer out some sort of agreement. otherwise, there is a real possibility of hostilities resuming here. the israelis said if there's rocket firing coming from gaza, they will respond with force. we can see that hinted last night. drones are monitoring the arear. it's an intense time for the people with houses destroyed and people killed. they want to see tangible results that would improve the economic and humanitarian situation. >> what kind of rebuilding do they want to do and how long will it take to get started? the pictures we are showing of gaza, it's rubble.
2:54 am
>> reporter: it's rubble. it's absolutely rubble. there are a lot of houses destroyed. cement and steel will be important. there are security concerns for israel saying these things, in the past, have been used to build bunkers. there are things that need to be hammered out. it really is everything. it's food. it's medication. the rebuilding, it can't start as long as there's not a long-term agreement. we went to gaza zoo that's been hit by air strikes. the situation there is just absolutely appalling. you have one cage that really sort of hurt me, almost. there's a baboon sitting in it with the carcasss of his family. it's the people that are suffering. it's of course, the animal that is are suffering here. there's an all around effort
2:55 am
that is necessary. that's why the authorities are saying the people need to be able to get building material back in here to start reconstruction effort. there's going to have to be effort with the international community. there is a donor's conference set to begin once an agreement has been reached. >> thank you, fred. with the help of u.s. air strikes, kurdish and iraqi people have regained control of the mosul dam. president obama said that's a major step forward which he says is tied to protecting americans in iraq. anna is live on the phone from mosul for us. that dam has been retaken. incredibly important because it is the largest dam in the country. >> reporter: that's right. i am standing on the wall of mosul dam looking out over the
2:56 am
wide expanse of water that many feared isis would unleash. all the challenging cities toward baghdad. the peshmerga special forces are control of the infrastructure and the battle they waste. many days, thanks to the help of the air strikes, 35 strikes in 72 hours hitting 90 isis targets allowed them to make the advances they needed to to get up to the dam. iraqi commanders were also part of this operation, but it was late yesterday, where they were able to recapture the mosul dam. now, that's not to say the battle is over. it's far from it. there are militants still in surrounding areas. then 40 kilometers from where we are standing is mosul city, which is under complete control
2:57 am
of isis. it is thought they will now be retreating to that city, regrouping, rearming, reconsolidating, planning to launch. they are prepared for those lipped air strikes to continue to keep isis where they are. christine? >> that must be very important. the u.s. air strikes in terms of pounding the isis positions and allowing them to go and retake that dam. keeping that dam is going to be difficult if they try to take it back. >> reporter: they need the air strikes to continue. that is what's changed here. beforehand, it was the iraqi military who left mosul dam when isis was making its advance several weeks ago. so, we have upped the air strikes. they would not have been able to
2:58 am
capture this piece for much of the country. then, on top of that, it contains water which is unleashed. each dam lines up. we can't put anything past isis. a war or wars. it keeps the city of mosul like an army taking out mosul and making its way to baghdad. that is why it's so critical they hold on to this and that they have those air strikes to continue their campaign. make sure they can push back isis in the future. >> anna standing atop the mosul dam in iraq. thank you so much for your reporting for us. 58 minutes past the hour. "new day" starts right now. breaking news. we are live in ferguson as gunfire breaks out.
2:59 am
protests turn violent. at least two people shot. police say they were under heavy gunfire. tear gas and grenades send people scrambling. dozens arrested. journalists caught in the cross fire. plus, new details on the private autopsy revealing michael brown was shot six times. we are learning more about what may have happened that tragic saturdays from a friend of the officer involved. >> as he stood up, he rushes and shoved him back in the car. attorney general, eric holder is heading back to ferguson as the president calls for calm. >> seek to heal, rather than to wound each other. >> your new day starts right now. good morning to you. we are live in ferguson, of course, cnn has been since the
3:00 am
beginning of this michael brown saga. another night sabotaged by violence and forced police response. last night was a different situation. but, the result, the same. people dispursed. people came out. stun grenades. last night, gunfire. this is is going to prompt another cycle of talk of how to make it get better here. we were in the middle of the reporting here last night we'll take you through the morning. >> it comes as more details start to emerge about the investigation including the officer's side of the story. we're going to break down what we know. the different perspective he offered investigators. let's get back to missouri and chris. chris? >> literally, kate, you have the world watch, basically a half mile stretch of road here in this suburb of st. louis, missouri. last night it was another ugly scene. it started off the right away. you had community leaders, you had


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