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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 19, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the store owner said the suspect was armed with a knife, acting erratically and he turned toward the officers and started clutching at his waistband. he pulled out a knife in what was called an overhand grip and told the officers, shoot me now, kill me now. the officers began giving verbal commands, step back, drop the knife. at which point the suspect stopped and then turned his attention to the officer in the passenger seat. both officers are out of the car. when they initially got out, they did not have their weapons drawn. the officers are giving the suspect verbal commands, stop, drop the knife, stop, drop the knife. the suspect moved towards the passenger. the police officer in the passenger seat of the vehicle and at which time he came within 3 or 4 feet of the officer and
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both officers shot firing their weapons and the suspect is deceased. as we talk to witnesses in the area, several witnesses have confirmed that story. witnesses heard the suspect saying, shoot me now, kill me now. the woman could see the officer giving voice commands to the suspect, put the knife down, back up, put the knife down and he was not complying. so what we know right now is that we have a suspect who was involved in a theft who was -- the department was contacted acting erratically and armed with a knife. the police officers responded. when he did not respond to drop his weapon, he approached both officers and when he closed within 3 or 4 feet of the officers within an overhand grip, the officers fired their weapons. any question?
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[ inaudible question ]. >> if someone approaches you within three feet with a knife, i think you have a right to protect yourself. i think we can all understand what is going on in ferguson but i think ever police officer has the right to defend themselves. we're currently looking to see if there is video in inside and if there is, i'll let you know. we're in the process of doing that right now. i have not seen it. >> do you have the knife? >> the knife has been recovered, yes. >> there is a lot of details here early on in the investigation. do you feel you have to get this story out so people who see this know this is what happened right here? >> are you from st. louis? >> i am not. >> that's specifically how we do investigations in the city of st. louis. we put out information as early as possible so everyone knows what happened. there is a great deal of detail but that's what we know at this
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point. >> inaudible question. >> we'll spend time in the community to make sure. an alder woman witnessed this situation for the city of st. louis. i've already spoke with two other aldermen because i want this story out as quickly as possible. >> we are starting to hear protests. are you concerned about this? >> it's important for people to understand what happened. we're going to get that message out as quickly as we can. >> do you think the governor should call in the national guard? >> i think this is an incident that happened in the city of st. louis and we're dealing with it. >> all right. so you're watching krchl nn and what you're looking at, you're
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listening to a crowd presumably, the news is happening, police officer explaining what has just happened, what has just transpired in the last hour or so. according to this police officer, he said that a 23-year-old african-american male has been shot and killed. this all happening near miles from ferguson and that quick trip gas sfags that has been ground zero and here's what the officer just said. let me review this. he said that this young man had a knife who was holding the top of the knife, acting, in his word, erratically. when officers arrived, they found him clutching his waistband and this individual, this 23-year-old was yelling "shoot me, kill me." officers told him to stop. when they got out of their patrol car, he had that knife in his hand. they said "stop." he came to within 3 or 4 feet of those officers who shot him and killed him. a 23-year-old.
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so that's what is happening there in the city of st. louis. the community and the entire court wondering what will happen when the sun goes down later on this evening. for the past ten days, nightfall has brought protesters to this street and last night, chaos. stun grenades, tear gas canisters, rocks, molotov cocktails and gunfire. we now know police have arrested dozens of people. in fact, the latest number that we have according to cnn, 78 people from last night and early this morning. four police officers have been hurt. some in the crowds have even turned on one another. two people shot. cnn's jake tapper was there on the streets in ferguson until the wee hours and joins me now live. jake, we have this breaking news out of the st. louis area a couple of miles from you. an additional officer-involved shooting of a 23-year-old african-american male. we also just heard from captain
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ron johnson who is charge of security there where you are saying that some of the violence that you saw firsthand last night was, you know, because of some outsi there because of ipt instigators. >> reporter: well, right here is where protests have been marching down the street. as long as the protests kept moving, the police were on the side of the road supervising, keeping the peace, et cetera. and thefeverything seemed to be going well and then the protesters, instead of moving as they agreed, they started congregating and that's when you saw the showdown of the very large presence of police, many
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with guns drawn, gas masks, very militarized looking presence. that's right here on ferguson avenue. a small handful of individuals acting out. there were few arrests but still relatively calm and they dispersed ferry quickly into the night. and then there were other protests going on near the burned-out convenience store the night that mike brown was killed ten days ago. and that was a very different scene. that scene was about two dozen young protesters were who clearly provoking the police. it was a much smaller police presence but they were throwing glass and bottles at the police. the police told them to disperse
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several times and then out came the stun grenades, smoke, and tear gas. and then in addition to that, there was also a shooting of some sort that went on. i still don't know if that was related at all to the protests. you have to understand that on can field, the street where mike brown was killed ten days ago, according to local residents, that's an area where it's fairly common to hear gunshots at night because of gang activity or criminal activity. so i'm not sure if those gunshots were standard operating procedure in that neighborhood because of criminal activity or if they were related at all to the protests. certainly a chaotic night. in a way, it was disappointing because the night had started out with this agreement between the police and protesters. yes, there are clearly bad
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actors in the crowd. we ran pictures from closed circuit tv of looting of a local store. what people in charge here are saying a lot of the bad actors are not from ferguson. they are from outside ferguson and whether st. louis or even from outside other -- in other states. and they are provoking and trying to take advantage of the situation. a lot of them are here to loot. they are career criminals. some of them are here and trying to provoke police. most of the people here are peacefully demonstrating. but it all gets combined together with such a large police presence. >> just watching you, jake, for hours and you pointing out how armed and ready for battle the law enforcement were, just pointing that out back and forth and that's what is happening in
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ferguson. you point out the bad apples coming in from out of town provoking this. and then you have the middle of the screen. jake, stand by for a second because we have yan, a cnn producer on the phone, because we are talking about tensions on the streets of st. louis. people are gathering here because of an officer-involved shooting involving a 23-year-old african-american man who has just been shot and killed. that is confirmed by st. louis police. yan is there. yan, can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you, brooke. >> tell me what happened. >> well, we heard the story according to the police and they say that a 23-year-old american man entered a convenience store and twice tried to take some things and refused to put them back and as he walked out, because of that, police were called. now, they say he was acting erratically and there were reports from the store owner and
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a st. louis alder woman who witnessed it that this man had a knife with him, and he was yelling "shoot me, kill me now" at the police and as he approached them with a knife and they are describing it in an overhand grip, the kind of grip that they demonstrated if you were going to stab downward. police say that the two officers got out of the car without their weapons drawn and then this man approached them, got within 3 or 4 feet and that's when the officers opened fire and had to kill him. it's interesting, the police chief after giving a briefing to the media here, the chief waited into the crowd. you can see that there are people gathered here and the police chief waded into the crowd so that he can tell them what their initial investigation is so far. clearly they are trying to get the message out and they want
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people to know what they said happened here. there were multiple witnesses to this and they want to keep the community informed of what they are saying is happening here. as people are gathering here, we've already been hearing chants of, hands up, don't shoot. so we've been hearing that here. people are gathering at locations near the corner here. as of now, it's staying peaceful. people are gathered and there's chanting but so farther trying to make sure to keep this peaceful. >> so here we are, yon. ten days ago michael brown was shot and killed and according to police this man had a knife and said, "please shoot me, kill
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me," and according to the police chief, the officers felt threatened enough to pull out their own guns that they shot and killed this young man. that's the latest that we have from the st. louis area. yon, do we know anything more about what this individual -- we know that he was 23. what else can you share? >> they haven't said anything else. they didn't bring up anything else that was with him. it sounded like he was alone. i spoke to one person in the crowd who would not give me his name. there's a lot of mistrust here within the community. he said that he witnessed it and what he could tell me was that he saw this person acting very erratically. he thought this person was mentally disabled. at first he said he didn't see the knife but police have said that they have the knife in custody and recovered it from the scene. they couldn't tell me how many shots were fired but they clearly -- this just happened a short while ago and you can tell that, you know, they say this is
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the normal way that they proceed in an investigation. they are clearly trying to make an effort to get the information that they have out there as soon as possible being mindful of everything that we've seen here over the past two weeks, brooke. >> i'm going to let you go. we're being looking at pictures out of the st. louis area. this shooting happening miles from ferguson, missouri. much more on the breaking news right after this. stay with me. ♪ ♪ start a team. join a team. walk to end alzheimer's. visit today.
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let's bring up the pictures as we have them from the seat. louis area. there's a news conference that happened a couple of miles from that quick trip in ferguson. there has been an officer-involved shooting in the st. louis area involving a 23-year-old african-american male. according to this police chief, he was acting erratically. he was actually holding -- he had a knife and was holding to these officers, "please shoot me, please kill me." they told him to stop doing that, to drop the knife. according to the police chief, he came within a couple of feet of the officers and then they pulled out their weapons and shot and killed him. that's what we've been looking at and it's another piece of
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what has been happening in the wake, ten days ago. you have michael brown being shot and killed. so just talking about tensions really boiling over. 78 arrests is the latest number we have from last night into the early morning we'll get more information momentarily. let's talk about the grand jury. the grand jury could hear testimony as early as tomorrow in the killing of michael brown. as the prosecutor out of st. louis county presents information to the grand jurors, there are calls for him to recuse himself. in fact, the number of signatures on this petition is now topping 27,000. it calls for a special prosecutor to take over the investigation. the petition writer and missouri state senator told cnn why she believes robert mcculloch should step down. she says in 1964, when he was just four years of age, his father was shot and killed by a
12:20 pm
black kidnapper. mcculloch spoke about that in 1991. >> impartial. he doesn't have the fortitude to do the right thing when it comes to prosecuting police officers. his cousin is a police officer. his mother works for the police department. his uncle is a police officer. and again, we think that his judgment would be clogged. >> joining me now, mark o'mara. you certainly know a thing or two about prosecutors, having represented george zimmerman. i'd love your two cents on that. please remind everyone, when we're talking about a grand
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
yesterday. how do you, if and when this goes to trial, do you select as
12:23 pm
attorneys for either side select which witness testifies? which is most credible? >> that's one of the decisions. you look at the credibility and how they will help your case. you look at what they said and how they said it and if it's in a way that you can present to a jury to make them believe it and realize there are going to be some warts on every witness that we have. >> mark o'mara, thank you very much. who, if anyone, is he had looking the protests in ferguson? will someone stand up and lead these people? is there a new leader they can turn to? and not everyone sees this through the lens of race. for some people it is about the police shooting of a young man, it's about authority, it's about too much authority in some cases. we talk about why race may be important here in ferguson. that's ahead.
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the violence and disturbances in ferguson, missouri, have hurt local businesses especially heaard. they have been looted and vandalized. their feeling about what has happened runs strong. george howl spoke to some people about that unrest. >> reporter: just down the street a couple of blocks,
12:28 pm
that's where the quick trip is. the qt has been the center of all of the protests. and these are the businesses that have been hit hard. you can see these signs. they are all boarded up but say "open." they want people to come in. just ten days ago, myself and photo journalist were here that first night that this all went down and there were hundreds of people on the streets. we saw a lot of the businesses that were hit the first time. and now they are trying to survive and keep the doors open. i want to show you a person who is working to do just that. brenda beil, tell our viewers how badly you got hit. >> we were actually fortunate. we had a lot of broken glass and that kind of thing. we didn't lose much of anything. so -- >> reporter: hurtful to know that people came in and did
12:29 pm
this? >> well, it's not hurtful to us because i feel these are material things, okay? and when you look at what was lost, a life, there's nothing more important than that. >> reporter: your focus is more on this teen? >> my focus is on this child and his family. i want justice for this child's family. they deserve it. this is what the police are here for, to protect and serve us. people just want justice and that's the bottom line. >> reporter: you told me a few minutes ago that you understand the anger. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: explain that. >> well, as i said, i'm a baby boomer. i lived through the civil rights movement in the '60s. and at that point we did it in a more peaceful manner which is what we want these people to do. everything has to be done in order. and it's going to take time.
12:30 pm
>> george howell is joining me live. there have been no disturbances of looting or disturbances at the moment but this idea of additional issues creeping up, tension on the streets of ferguson and in the st. louis area, will business owners -- do you think that they will stay in ferguson after all of this? >> reporter: you know, it's tough to tell. businesses are doing their best to stay open. obviously they are paying close attention to how this case plays out. brooke, you mentioned the other officer-involved shooting. at first flush, it seems to be suicide by cop but an officer-involved shooting nonetheless. about three or four miles away from this. it's all in a small area and people are paying attention to this. the person that i spoke with, brenda, explained this. she said it comes down to a lack of hospital services.
12:31 pm
it comes down to schools that have been taken out of the community there. it comes down to a frustration and mistrust of police officers. she said things have to change and the outrage that many in the community are feeling has really taken voice and taken form within this case. people obviously demanding answers in the shooting of michael brown but there's an undercurrent of anger and she says that things will have to change. >> george howell, thank you so much. an additional shooting happening within the last hour in the st. louis area, police killing and shooting a 23-year-old man, a young man saying, "please shoot me, please kill me." chris cuomo is there. you're watching cnn and this special live coverage. you make a great team.
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wow. >> so onto the roof. he's got the rescue equipment for the individuals inside. >> the sign he's going to give you right now is i'm good, i'm safe, the same signals you give them when you're scuba diving, brooke. >> my goodness, this is the phoenix area flash flooding surrounding this home. we saw a different picture of the home. it looks like this individual is approaching here. that's the window likely shouting down trying to locate the individuals inside of this
12:41 pm
home. here they are, out the window. how cloud do you think a roar of the water is? i imagine that's a challenge just for the rescue officer to try to communicate to the person in the home. >> and you have the helicopter there as well. it's not a peaceful, tranquil situation. the rescuer did move to a different part of the house and now you see the people that need to be rescued are back to that window where he is not. >> looking for them. >> now he's coming back. >> presumably shouting, trying to locate where they are in the home. with his rescue equipment. what kind of -- >> he has a harness that he's going to put around these people. >> what kind of damage has the water done, do you think, to this house? >> well, i'm not even sure -- this house may have floated down a little bit. this house may have moved because it's resting right up
12:42 pm
against those trees so if this was a manufactured home, and it seems like i see a seam down the middle, not only at the rooftop where the ridge vent of the attic would be, where the roof would be, but i also see that same seam going up and down close to that little white air conditioner that you see there. so this may have actually floated off of its foundation. but i know this water is rushing under it. even if it is on a foundation, that is being eroded. it's the ground underneath the house washing away from it. >> so you have the roar of the water. you have the roar of the helicopter and this rescue worker is trying to find the people inside the home to rescue them. have there been other reports here in the phoenix, arizona area, of other flash flood rescues in these communities? >> not so much like this. not the high-water rescues.
12:43 pm
there have been cars stuck in water, cars that have driven into too deep of water. this is mainly in the northern suburb area here of phoenix. we're talking about from wickenberg and certainly south of carefree area and cave creek area and north of scottsdale. the south side has been pretty much dry most of the day. go ahead. >> i just noticed something. it looks like the person in the window, their left arm is up to their face. could they be on the phone? would they be in touch with -- i don't know. 911 or some sort of center that is relying the information to the guy on the roof? how do you think this is playing out? >> i think the communication is weak. now he's moving to where we need to see him. he's going to look down and finally they are getting to where they need to be together so she can see him or he can see
12:44 pm
him and then vice versa so they can communicate. he's going to tell them what they are going to do and put the harness around the body and take that around his waist and up to his chest and then take him up there. it looks like there is a harness. eavesdropping other things. probably a life jacket, if nothing else. >> feet from the rushing water below. so he is -- they are grabbing on to it. watching all of this play out. we don't know how many people are inside this home just from my own view. i saw two people at one point in time standing behind that window. one of them had
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
him up? >> i thought i saw the ring, the loop not go down to him. i thought i saw the rescuer put the loop which would go under his arms and be hoisted up. i actually had an opportunity to get into a coast guard helicopter off the deck of a coast guard boat in lake st. claire many years ago. as the wash is moving you around, it's scary and dangerous. plus, the rotors of the helicopter are creating static. so the basket that i had to get in to to be rescued, we were not in any danger, the basket has to hit the deck first so it can ground itself because there's so much static electricity. had i grabbed that wire right away, i could have been electrocuted. there's a lot more to this than meets the eye. now they are going to get to the other side of the home where a rescue may be simpler away from the trees.
12:48 pm
>> just more pictures as we're watching this rescue worker try to grab two individuals that we know of. >> are there two? >> i -- i saw two inside of the window at a moment a little while ago. if you're just joining us, this is the phoenix, arizona area. absolutely terrifying. their home is surrounded by fast-moving water and they need out. >> and the water is so heavy, brooke. it's rushing up against the side of the home. it could easily -- if it was up a few more feet, it could be crushing the home like it wasn't even there like a piece of toothpicks. the reason why they wanted to get them out, not just wait for the water to go down, it's still raining up the hill. water is still going to be rushing down here. if you look again here, you can
12:49 pm
see a different shot to the left here. there is no waterline on that home which means that the water hasn't been higher than it is right now but i do see less foundation under that home which means it's in more danger as the water washes under it. >> did you see that wider picture, chad, as we see the tv affiliates pushing different pictures as we get a look at this operation unfolding, it looks like these homes are in the middle of a river. but this isn't a river in phoenix, is it? >> it certainly isn't. water will come up and go down in these areas. every time it rains, you get a small flash flood but clearly this is the first time that anything has gone up this high in this area or if would have happened before. i think that this is just a wide, rushing river. i'm trying to find out where the heaviest rain would be. cave creek, i-17 up towards cave creek, that's where the heaviest
12:50 pm
rain has been, 4 to 5 inches of rain in the past 24 hours and it's been 4 to 5 inches of rain in the past two to three hours. now it looks like i think the person is pushing the air conditioner out the window to make get access to the other window which would make it easier to get the wire down from the helicopter to it. it could be falling out but it looks like it's teetering or tottering and falling out of the window right now. >> pretty compelling pictures. if you're listening, this is a neighborhood suburb of phoenix, arizona. you have all of this rain. it's been raining and raining and raining here. there is a home absolutely surrounded by this muddy and fast-moving water. i eyeballed two
12:51 pm
rescuing. you see the individual on the top wearing the yellow life vest. he is one of the individuals in the thick of this rescue. he has his radio. he's obviously in contact with that rescue helicopter that dropped him on top of the roof. we've been watching this for at least the past ten minutes or so. we're all hoping to see a safe rescue of the individuals inside of this home in the phoenix, arizona, area. we watch, we wait. >> and i do see that yellow life jacket right behind that air-conditioner unit that's half out of that window. looks like he's having trouble pushing it out though. he's been struggling trying to get the window unit out of that window because they go from the inside to the out. there you see. there you can see him looking through the window. as they focus in on there, there you see it right there. right there on that little air-conditioner unit trying to push that out of the window so
12:52 pm
he has better access. can't get out the front door. too much water pushing up against it with that much water pushing up against it, there would be no way to gain access through that door because that door is going to go out and not push in. >> i know we're not the rescuers. they're the professionals. we're watching this unfold. if you have an ac unit hanging out of one window when other windows are unobscured, why use this window? is it an issue with the helicopter in the tree perhaps? >> it must be the topography or the tree tops in the way, sure. either that or that's the window already out and they can get to it. it's a bigger window to gain access. that other window next to it may be only 16 or 18 inches wide where this it is probably a 42 or 48 inch slider window. going to slide back and forth. the window at the very end, right there, everything's out of it. the glass is out. whatever that might have been covering that window is out. it seems like that would be easy
12:53 pm
access. there must be something above in the way. there must be trees in the way. if you remember when the rescuer was dropped onto the roof, he was dropped onto the roof on the right side of the screen way down there on the right, not back down where the trees are covering it up. that has to be that overhang of that very large tree, the green tree that the helicopter just can't get there. >> i think you're absolutely right that this house slid. just the way it's perched up under this tree and when we saw the broader picture, because of the flash flooding, it does make you wonder if the entire house moved because of this. >> reporter: i do believe it did. i don't think you would get those trees right up against both of those. as i looked at it, it looked like the roof had damage to where the house did hit both trees. it's resting up against two separate trees, one on the left, one on the right. it got wedged in between the two trees. that's why it's not floating down the river anymore.
12:54 pm
>> it does make you wonder, i mean, had these people, obviously if it had been raining all day outside of phoenix, if these people had this heads up or when we talk about a flash flooding, they call it a flash flood for a reason. do you really not have heads up to this kind of water? >> i think this water could have come up from nothing to this high in 20 minutes and the problem is, if this is downhill from where the rain actually happened, there may have been no rain on this property. the water was up into the hills a little bit farther to the north of phoenix, rushing down. and the people may have had no idea that there was water rushing from top of the hill down toward them. that happens all the time when people are camping. it even happened there in california a couple weeks ago where the camper said it didn't even rain here. how could there be a flash flood. on top of the mountain, there was 14 inches of rainfall that came down there and all of a
12:55 pm
sudden, there was the mudslide, flash flooding, all that happened in a place where three miles away, they never got a drop of rain. >> hmm. so we watch and wait. we all want to see a successful rescue obviously unfolding in front of our eyes. at least two people inside of this home. the rescuers on the roof has established contact with at least one person inside the home. we've seen them talking, the person from inside the window up to this individual on the roof. it just makes you wonder what they're waiting for. >> i don't know. he's in contact. he's talking on the walkie-talkie. there could be an issue inside the home. obviously, there could have been more than one person in the home. maybe asking for reinforcements or more life jackets or whatever it might be from that helicopter. it's a little curious why they're not in a slightly bigger rush except they don't feel the
12:56 pm
water is getting any higher. >> and so to see this kind of this kind of fast-moving water, how long, again, chad, just for people just joining us and wondering what they're looking at, how long has the rain been falling, how much of an issue has this been for this part of the country? >> the rain only started about three or four hours ago. that's the issue. it just came down so quickly. when it comes down quickly in a desert area, you think it's desert, it will soak in. it doesn't. that hard packed sand that hard packed desert soil doesn't grab that water and let it soak in even though it will seems sandy, a lot of it just washes off immediately into these dry arroyo beds. you'll know where these dry washes get water every once in awhile if you see greenery. you know, i have a friend who lives in scottsdale and we take his horses out and go riding
12:57 pm
through the superstition mountains and at the bottom creek, you'll know if the creek has water if there's anything green in the arroyo. you know the that water gets there enough to support that's right vegetation and that's where you have to be very careful. it seems like a great place to camp, but it's a terrible place to camp because the vegetation is there because at some point in time, there was water there. that water was likely there due to a flash flood. >> let me ask you this. if people aren't familiar with this part of the country and especially rainfall, brian celter thank you for pointing this out, the phoenix bureau chief of "the new york times" has tweeted there has been more rain today than all of last summer. >> they got 14 inches in one hour. and one inch in spots in 14 minutes. as i said, so there was one inch in 14 minutes in this area. that's how all that water just wants to rush right off. so very quickly.
12:58 pm
this is monsoon season. this happens. i know growing up in buffalo, new york, we talked about moving to arizona when i was a kid and they said well, it's so dry there. yeah, it's dry part of the year. but when the humidity comes in and the monsoon season comes in, these flash flood events happen all the time. there are either the haboobs we see them, the dust storms that come in if there's a lot of air rushing away from these thunderstorms, but the heavy heavy rainfalls come down and these storms don't move very quickly because these storms are not generated by a jet stream. they sit over the same spot and rain and rain. that's what you get this type of flash flooding where you have to be so careful. >> you have to be careful and in some cases have to be rescued. you see that yellow, just talking to viewers the yellow in the center of the rooftop. that was dropped down along with the rescue worker from that rescue chopper.
12:59 pm
how will that u-shaped piece of equipment, chad, be used? >> maybe they are just waiting for the water to go down. seeing if it's not going up anymore. but this device will go under the person's arms and he'll be lifted, he'll hold on to it almost like a, gosh, a baby sling, if you will. my little child years ago, we had these big long pieces of cotton, just a piece of fabric but you'd wrap him up and it would go under his arms and you could sling him over your shoulder over your neck that's going to happen here. if you look on the wide shot, they were so close to dry land. it almost seems like maybe they're thinking maybe the -- the risk of this isn't worth it if this water is going to start to go down, we can get this person to land quickly. because it was like 20 feet from the house to dry land. it was right there.
1:00 pm
you can see the road that goes down into this home. it's not very far to get him to a dry piece of land here. maybe the risk/reward isn't worthy right now. i don't know. >> thank you for hanging with me as we've been watching this play out. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. at least two people waiting to be rescued because of flash floods in the fex, arizona, area. want to take you to ferguson, missouri, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. oh. okay. forget what i just said. we're going to stay on the phoenix, arizona pictures and we're going to take you to ferguson in just a minute. we'll stay on these pictures. chad meyers, stay with me because we want to see the rescue. >> fair enough. it looked to me a minute ago when this news helicopter -- we've seen a couple of different pictures because of our tv anphilias. we're all waiting for this rescue. it