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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 22, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> excitement. >> nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. >> there you have it, the emmys monday night. hope you have a wonderful weekend. state right here. jake tap ser live once again from ferguson, missouri. "the lead" starts right now. >> on monday, michael brown will be laid to rest. but the devicive issues raised by his shooting death are not going anywhere. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. ten days after it was written, a police report is released on the shooting of unarmed 18-year-old michael brown giving us names, places. but it does not answer important questions. the grand jury hearing evidence right now with officer darren wilson's future hanging in the balance along with the future of these streets. but is this a case where it's almost impossible to convicting? and the world lead. they are butchers who
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decapitated an american journalist. does the united states, the most powerful military in the world, know how to take the terrorists of isis out? and will it? >> welcome to the lead coming to you live from ferguson, missouri, with our national lead. the investigation into the shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. we're also watching, of course, another major international story, the threat of the terrorist group isis. u.s. military options for taking on a terror organization just described is as apocalyptic by the top general in the u.s. after the shocking beheading of james foley. another u.s. journalist is being held prisoner right now along with other hostages but we will begin here in ferguson today. tomorrow will mark two weeks since michael brown was shot and killed. the streets have been calmer but we are no closer to settling the issue that brought nights of shootings, fires, tear gas,
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molotov cocktails, looting and a militarized police response many considereded to have fuel the fires. a new report on the shooting is finally out, a report not released for ten days and may only infuriate critics of a police department already blamed for a racial divide in this community and for protecting officer darren wilson. legal analysts are starting to take a look at the likely case the grand jury is hearing about officer wilson and many are starting to conclude that convicting the officer may be near impossible. today we learned the makeup of the grand jury, three african-americans and nine whites. last night, i spoke with missouri state senator maria nadil who represents most of ferguson and she fears a not guilty verdict could unleash hell upon this town and that the violence may not be limited to ferguson. >> i was talking to one of my constituents who said listen, if you think ferguson was bad a week ago, just be prepared for
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the entire city to have looting. >> but the reality is getting a conviction against officer wilson assuming this case even makes it to the trial phase, would be an immense uphill battle for prosecutors. joining me now to discuss this is it paul butler, a professor at georgetown university law school and a former federal prosecutor. professor, thanks so much for being here. explain from a legal standpoint the many obstacles prosecutors are up against in a case like this? >> it the hardest thing would on that the defendant is a police officer. often jurors are extremely sympathetic to police officers. they think even if at the made a mistake, he's got the hardest job in the world. so they often want to cut police officers some slack. >> we still have so many facts to learn about this case. we know that officer wilson suffered at the very least swelling to his face from the
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struggle that took place in the car. how does self-defense laws in cases like these factor in? >> so what the prosecution has to prove is that will officer wilson believed that his life was in danger and that that belief was reasonable. so it's not enough if officer wilson on his own thought that. a reasonable person would also have to think unless i shoot this guy, he's going to kill me. >> and how does eyewitness testimony play into this? i ask particularly since we've heard varying accounts of what happened although all the eyewitnesss from the neighborhood who have come forward to the media so far seem to have a fairly consistent story but there may be many witnesses that we don't know about yet. >> first of all, eyewitness system is notoriously unreliable. when we look -- at the false conviction cases, it's often because of eyewitness testimony
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that was just flat out wrong. the other thing is, it's not unusual when a case goes goes trial that there are conflicting stories. 95% of cases plea. so when a case goes to trial, that means each side has a version to tell. the jurors just have to look at these conflicting stories and decide which one they believe. >> the racial makeup of the grand jury, nine whites, three african-americans. talk about how that might factor into the way an indictment will or will not be handed down against officer wilson. >> jake, i don't think the race or gender dynamics of the grand jury here are that big a deal. the grand jury unlike a regular jury, doesn't have to reach a unanimous verdict. it's just a majority verdict. and then the standard is lower than at a trial. the standard for a grand jury is probable cause like if the jurors think 51% it probably happened, then they're allowed to indict.
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>> as a prosecutor, are there any hard and fast rules when it comes to whether whites or blacks or men or women, how they tend to see a situation liking this when it's a white police officer and a young african-american man? >> well, we know from people's life experiences and from the polls that we're seeing about ferguson that african-americans and white people are looking at this case very differently. african-americans often are much more suspicious of the police. they're less likely to believe the police. in part because they've had more negative experiences with the police. you know, often white folks, their experience with the police is, you know, they've got the cat out of the tree. african-americans, they locked up my dad. so yes. we would like to think that race doesn't matter but even in cases like this especially in cases like this race matters. >> paul butler from georgetown law school, thank you so much. >> always a pleasure.
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>> nearly two weeks since michael brown was shot and killed. only now are we getting a first look at the police report and somehow the release of more information for many is adding more question marks to this case. there are still gaping holes where we don't know the what happened. in fact, ferguson police never even filed an incident report on the confrontation between brown and officer wilson. justice reporter evan perez joins me now. have we seen a written account of what happened in that encounter that led to the shooting? >> there's still no public report of what went down. we do have several pages of documents from the st. louis county police department which is doing the investigation right now and we have a few pages we're going to show you, the first one is the first report of the shooting which is the officer wilson on canfield drive at 12:07 p.m. >> he calls it in himself. >> this has been an officer-involved shooting. then thereafter, we get the first list of dispatches from the county police which are
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sending units to the scene to try to make sure they can control the situation. so we see a bunch of dispatches of officers three minutes after the shooting that takes place. we elater on pretty much as the evening goes on, you can tell when things start getting heated. somewhere around 8:309 p.m., things are getting heated. there's a lot of people in the neighborhood who have now gotten angry about what's going on and sent a couple dozen police officers to the scene to try to help secure the situation. we do have some pages that were redacted. you know, from the report. they say this is part of the investigation and not something that can be released under missouri's sunshine law. >> the incident report as far as we know, it's st. louis police doing it, not ferguson police. >> exactly. the homicide detectives from st. louis county came in and interviewed officer wilson. they've interviewed him twice, once immediately right after and
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then a little while afterwards. we don't know exactly what that says. he did not produce a report which is what they say is they're common protocol. >> and union representatives i believe and lawyers tell police officers in situations like this don't file a police report. >> the right, exactly. then you'll have multiple accounts and maybe things that will conflict with each other and you don't want that. you know, for that to come back in in a trial. >> also, i would imagine, self-incrimination and a little cya. any lawyer would say that. >> exactly. you have detectives doing the investigation so it turns noose from your police officer to now you're being treated as a suspect basically. >> very interesting. evan, thank you. coming up, the money pouring in as thousands donate to a fund for officer darren wilson. will that growing support have an impact on the community here in ferguson? plus the defense secretary says it is beyond anything the u.s. has ever seen. a group of highly trained well funded ruthless terrorists intent on killing americans
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no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we are live from ferguson, missouri. there has been, thankfully, a noticeable shift here in the mood of the protests for michael brown with far less focus on the mayhem and more on the message, but we're also seeing an increased show of support for officer darren wilson from the community outside ferguson. joining me now is missouri state representative courtney allen curtis. thanks so much for joining us. tell me, are you concerned at all by the support that seems to be building outside of ferguson for officer wilson? we've seen some pro-wilson protesters show up at the marches and then obviously, there has been i think $250,000 raised for his defense fund through go fund me. does that bother you?
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>> not at all. just in politics you'll have people on bowing sides. it's only likely that people would end up on both sides. just like there is support for mike brown and getting justice, there would obviously be support for the officer, as well. >> you know, you say we don't have all the facts but the people marching and a lot of elected representatives i've heard from here act as if they do have all the facts. i agree with you, we don't. >> right. i mean, it's important to remain objective at this standpoint but the demonstrations that you're seeing are a part of a larger frustration with the police in general and before today, or before this the past couple of weeks, there hasn't been a platform for voicing opinions with regards to the police. >> you're going to be going to the funeral on monday? >> most likely unless the family doesn't want us there. we want to respect, you know, them in this time of need. if they want us there, we'll be there. otherwise, we'll respect their wishes and not be there. >> have you heard from anybody in the community who says, you know, all the elected
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representatives around here are getting way too far out ahead on this. you know? officer darren wilson is a member of the missouri community too and he's just like michael brown is entitled to the presumption of innocence? have you heard from anybody saying that? >> no, i mean, what you have to realize is that there there are individuals from all over the geographical region that have come to bear on this situation and they're out front. the people that actually represent ferguson or working in the backgrounds to enshoo your that we keep the tensions down to ensure we get solutions, real solutions we can implement as well as insuring we maintain the situation as best as possible. >> i understand a lot of people in the community, i assume you're one of them, as well were really pleased with attorney general eric holder coming here and reassuring people the federal government is launching its own investigation. the fbi has conducted more than 400 door knocks, interviewed more than 200 people according to our justice report evan perez. does it bother you president obama has not been here, and i
1:17 pm
understand presidents work wherever they go on vacation, but he's been very visibly golfing and relaxing with his family? does that bother you at all? >> not at all. it's one situation. the president is the president of the entire united states. just as he has other things to tend to, it's important that he send the resources. he sent the resources in the attorney general and we appreciate that. they've brought every resource to bear on the situation that they can. the president coming here, it wouldn't necessarily do anything in terms of it helping us get to justice sooner. i'm comfortable with the actions he's taken today as well as the government. >> you talk about getting to justice sooner. we've heard people talk about that and heard the protesters chanting no justice, no peace. here is what in the view of the family of michael brown, what they told anderson cooper last night justice looks like to them. take a listen. >> got to go to jail. so we can have some type of
1:18 pm
peace. he's still walking around with pay. that's not fair to us. jail. that's what they want, jail. that's what a lot of people here want. yet, legal analysts say convicting a police officer in this type of situation, indicting a police officer in in type of situation, very, very difficult. do you think that the elected representatives and the leaders of this area need to start dampening expectations for people in this community that in fact, there might not be an indictment handed down? >> yes, absolutely. i mean, there are multiple types of justice. i don't understand but i can see where the family is coming from in wanting jail. jail alone, you know, is just a step forward. the civil rights violations if there are some, that's another type of justice. ultimately in the end we want to make sure this stays about mike brown and insuring that justice is given but what that justice looks like, we don't necessarily
1:19 pm
know but we are working in the background to make sure the people know there are multiple types of justice and you know, if we get something that's a start and the long-term solutions implemented after that will insure that justice, you know, is available to everyone going forward. >> state representative curtis, appreciate your time. coming up, hamas finally admitting they did it. taking what you might call credit, claiming responsibility for kidnapping and murdering three israeli teenagers earlier this summer. why are they confessing now and why is the person. confessing contradicteddy her hamas leaders? news vladimir putin says a convoy of wrushian trucks in ukraine is for a humanitarian mission. the white house not buying it. is this the first stage of a full-blown russian invasion? woman: jimmy, all of these travel sites seem the same.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. more on the crisis here in ferguson, missouri coming up. but first, let's turn to some world news. it was the kidnapping and killing that helped spark the war and now a senior hamas leader living in exile in turkey is claiming that hamas was responsible for the deaths of
1:24 pm
those three israeli teens that were abducted in the west bank in june and later found dead. murdered. >> the popular will was exercised throughout our occupied land. and culminated in the heroic operation by the qassam brig brigades in imprisoning the three settlers in hebron. >> today we saw another ruthless example of hamas in action. a masked gunman with the group executed 18 palestinians suspected of collaborating with israel. according to hamas media. it the shocking news comes after an israeli air strike yesterday that left a crater the size of a neighborhood block in gaza, killing three senior hamas leaders and, of course, the human agony in that part of the world shows no sign of slowing, the idf says a 4-year-old israeli boy was just killed in mortar attacks near the border with gaza today. palestinian officials say 76 palestinians have been killed since the two sides resumed
1:25 pm
hostilities on tuesday since this conflict began, 6 people have been killed on the israeli side, 64 soldiers, four civilians. along with 2g,092 palestinians, according to officials in gaza. the united nations estimates that around 70% of those palestinians were civilians, israelis say it's closer to 50%. our ian lee is in gaza watching all of this unfold. ian, why is this news about the teens coming now after all these weeks of war? >> well, the timing is peculiar, jake. and really coming from part of the hamas political bureau in turkey but really what we're wondering is why someone from hamas in either qatar or here in gaza have not commented on this statement. we would expect something from other leadership members, people with more clout to come forward to say something.
1:26 pm
we still -- we haven't heard anything. i really think that speaks volumes to the situation but hamas leader coming out and claiming responsibility like we heard, today, and as we've been following, as well 18 palestinians were executed by hamas. these were people who were seen as collaborators with israel, people who they say betrayed the country. it was interesting looking at videos released, these were people blindfolded likely to be because to prevent embarrassment to their families but also could be con vealing their identities as it may show just how far israeli intelligence may have penetrated hamas, but the one thing that they did want to show was these executions. in public sending a strong message to anyone who may be thinking of collaborating with israel that if you do, you will be executed, as well. hamas did send out a figure leaf
1:27 pm
of sorts to people who they say could be collaborators saying if you do come in, we will show you mercy although it's unsure what type of mercy that is. but this is a country, this is an area or rather gaza is in a state of war. people who are seen as helping the enemy are executed and that's what we are seeing right here. >> ian lee, please stay safe. on to other world news, moscow says hey, it's just humanitarian aid for the rebels but ukraine is calling a convoy of russian trucks that just crossed its border a "direct invasion." vladimir putin says he had to take action to move aid into eastern ukraine despite what he calls kiev's blatant attempts to stop that aid. now the pentagon is demanding those russian trucks turn around immediatel immediately. >> we've made our position very, very clear that they should not
1:28 pm
be doing this under the giese of you humanitarian convoy to use that as an excuse to cross the border in a nonauthorized way. >> the pentagon says it's not sure what is exactly inside these white painted trucks but threatened more economic sanction coz be in store if russia doesn't heed the warning. coming up next, american james foley kidnapped and held in syria by the same terrorists murdering innocent civilians in iraq. so is the united states ready for air strikes inside syria to put a stop to isis? stay with us. we're talking about that next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much.
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1:33 pm
horrific beheading of american james foley by the terrorists of isis. but just how far will the united states go to fight isis? today the u.s. launched more air strikes on isis targets in iraq, but the question looms as to whether those strikes will continue into syria and whether it will take american boots on the ground to stomp out the threat. barbara starr has all the latest. >> u.s. officials tell cnn there are long-standing and on going talks inside the administration about increasing air strikes in iraq and even the possibility of tailored air strikes inside syria against specific isis targets. but officials stress, no decisions have been made by the white house. >> we're actively considering what's going to be necessary to deal with that threat and we're not going to be restricted by borders. >> reporter: and the pentagon is divulging nothing.
1:34 pm
>> we don't telegraph our punches. i think you can rest assured that the leadership here in the pentagon understands the threat posed by this group. >> reporter: talk of military options stirred up by this comment by defense secretary chuck hagel about the threat of isis and its ranks of 10,000 fighters. >> oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. and the only way you do that is you take a cold steely hard look at it and get ready. >> officials are taking pains to emphasize that any military action would go only be part of a long-term strategy against isis involving diplomacy and action from other countries in the region. u.s. military leaders continue to make the case that air strikes alone will not defeat isis, that countries in the region must band together to defeat their radical ideology.
1:35 pm
jake? >> thanks, barbara starr. our white house correspondent michelle kaczynski joins me now. the president's comparison of the forces of isis to a jv basketball team just a few months ago stands in stark conflict with what the pentagon and the white house now call a threat like we've never seen. what is the white house response to the fact that just a few months ago, the president was belittling this. >> right. and had came up so many times over the last couple days. we, too. we wanted to ask this during today's briefing. the president's deputy national security advisor beb rhoades was there, as well. we asked that. what has changed or do you not agree with the president's statement anymore that these forces there diverse groups with a sort of jv team compared to al qaeda. they got kind of an dual answer. first of all, the administration does agree that these forces including isis are different from al qaeda. in fact, they're still mainly
1:36 pm
involved in regional operations and not the 9/11 level planning of, say, al qaeda. so they think that that statement in some respects stands but they did sort of further that by saying, well, over the last several months, based on what has gone on with continued fighting in syria, based on continued ransoms and high value ransoms paid by other countries and the enormous funding that isis has, they have increased in strength even over the last six months. so it was kind of saying both. all of that said, the administration would not go so far today as to agree with secretary hagel's very strong words yesterday. they said basically, well, the president has made clear how he feels about isis. jake? >> michele, do you think that the white house is willinging to consider air strikes not just on isis in iraq but on isis targets in syria? >> absolutely.
1:37 pm
absolutely what we've been able to gather over the last few days tells us that this is absolutely on the table that it is being considered and even today, when those questions were able to be asked directly on the record, the deputy security advisor said so without using those words but based on the way he asked specific questions, essentially said that yes, the u.s. is considering air strikes in syria, but he emphasized that that would require the consultation with congress, basically a legal justification for doing so since the u.s. wouldn't be invited into syria as it has been into iraq, jake. >> michele kaczynski, thank you. let's bringing in republican congressman peter king who hads on the house homeland security committee. thanks for joining us. do you think president obama dropped the ball in syria? you called the beheading of james foley a declaration of war and you heard ben rhodes say they're not going to be
1:38 pm
restricted by borders. do you expect air strikes in syria soon? >> i agree with general dempsey. i don't see how we can defeat isis unless we go into syria with i believe massive air strikes. it's not about syria or iraq. it's about our homeland and our national security. i believe the president has the obligation if he's serious and i think he is about going after isis, not just stopping isis but destroying isis that we have to go to syria because that's again, that is where it's generated from and that is a key location so no, if we're serious, syria definitely has to be, i believe, subject to air attacks and going back to what you were saying before, we've known this for many months. the president was wrong when he says the junior varsity. this is no secret within the intelligence community. even back in january general flynn, the head of the defense intelligence agency he said to expect attacks from isis across iraq back in february, they
1:39 pm
captured fallujah, a major major city in iraq. so this was no secret and the president seemed intent on saying al qaeda was defeated and that basically this was all behind us. in fact, i believe that actually isis is more powerful now and more deadly than al qaeda was on september 11th. >> wow. more deadly than al qaeda was on september 11th. then do you think air strikes will be enough? >> i believe this has to be sustained first of all, we have to arm the kurds and work with the kurds and get the iraqi army back in the field. i believe we have to have american troops embedded with the iraqis not so much for the sake of playing a lead role in combat but as far as providing leadership on the ground and also providing intelligence to make our air strikes more critical, to make them more effective. i believe we'll have to use special operations forces, special missions for dangerous missions if you will, and it was already over 1,000 troops in
1:40 pm
iraq right now. i think the president is setting up this sort of false premise that we can't have boots on the ground. no one is saying the u.s. should be involved heavily in combat operation buzz to make the whatever we're doing effective, there has to be i believe a presence of some americans on the ground, particularly special operations forces. >> congressman man, as you know, there are many people in the public and i'm sure in your district who are skeptical of not only sending in troops but of what the intelligence community says about that region of the war and the threat posed from that region of the war. what do you tell those skeptics about a, sending in troops, and be, why they should believe the intelligence community about iraq now when they got it so wrong when it came to saddam hussein and weapons of mass destruction? >> i understand the american people are being war weary. they're weary in my district, too. what makes my district a little different, we lost over 400
1:41 pm
people in the long island region on september 11th. i lost 150 friends, neighbors and constituents. so we live with the memory of 9/11 maybe more vid individually than other parts of the country. i think it's important for the president as a leader to say why this is not just about iraq or syria, why this is a direct threat to the u.s. mainland and why american lives are at risk and why more lives will be at risk if we don't take action than if we do. the president has to stop talking about this in a limited way like we're going to clear the mountain. we're going to retake the dam. and then acting as if that's enough. he has to make it clear this is going to be a long sustained effort. john kennedy spoke about a long twilight struggle. in many ways the war against islamist terrorism is going to be a long struggle we should get allies involved and try to get certainly moderate arab forces with us, european allies such as the british and the french because they also could be very
1:42 pm
vulnerable to attack considering all of the foreign fighters from europe that have gone to syria and now affiliated with isis, we can go back into europe and attack europe and also attack us. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it coming up next, james foley's brother criticizing the u.s. for not doing more to save him. now he's warning the other hand in the hands of isis terrorists could meet the same brutal fate. plus a massive crowd plan for michael brown's public funeral on monday. how is the church preparing for this incredible powerful, important service? i went to the church today to find out. wait, are you running full adobe photoshop on a tablet?
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>> welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapner ferguson, missouri. much more on the crisis here coming up, but first, another important story in world. their brother was beheaded by the terrorists of isis and now the siblings of american james foley say more could have been done by the u.s. government to save their brother from isis and they hope more will be done to save another american hostage, stephen sotloff of "time" magazine. the foleys spoke with yahoo! news. >> even take the money aside, there's more that could have been done directly on jim's behalf, and i really hope that with respect to stephen, they take some action quickly there are things that can be done, you know? we are sitting on prisoners, for example in guantanamo. it doesn't even have to be
1:48 pm
financial. >> the white house responded today saying their hearts go out to the foley family and that the u.s. government did everything it could "as a matter of policy, woo he we do not provide ran some or any funding for terrorist organizations." let's bring in former fbi and cia official phil mudd and retired lieutenant general michael d. barbera who spent almost four years on the ground in iraq and visited the northern kurdish region where much of the fighting ha is been going on just in the last few weeks. he's a consultant for middle eastern energy. general, let's start with you. this is a grieving family. do they have a point, however, could the u.s. have done more such as a prisoner swap? they were willing to do one, for example to, get bow bergdahl back. >> jake, you know this family certainly has asked a valid question and they have every right to ask this. i make two points. first to our policy. money is the oxygen for these
1:49 pm
networks, and any type of ran some just will encourage further hostage taking and prisoner exchanges do the same thing. so i agree with our policy. and now to the action that was taken, this raid. i've been in the loop of several similar type operations in iraq and cross borders. this is was the best shot and you set a series of conditions to take this act and then you go for it. we had our best intelligence, we thought we had our best chance and this is the best shot we had and we took it. >> phil, had, you heard the general say that resources, ransoms, that's the life blood for terrorist groups. what specifically happens when a family pays off terrorists? >> i think one of the things you have to worry about is what's the residual effect down the road? what are the next two or five or
1:50 pm
ten journalists or civilians be taken for more money. we've seen that happen in places like africa. there's a deeper issue how terrorists think. the first terrorist we took down in 2002 was later waterboarded. i talked to one of disdebriefers. abu zubaida looks the debriefer in the eye and says if you ever let me go, i'll go back to my work. that is i'll go back to kill you. we're dealing with people who want more than $100 million in ran some money? that's absurd. dealing with people who put the heads of human beings on stakes who murder people by the hundreds and i think we're trying to suggest that somehow, we can have a rational conversation with them that might involve a few prisoners at guantanamo. they don't come from that kind of mind-set. that's my experience in 20 years of watching them. >> general, i want to go back to something you said in your first
1:51 pm
answer, which is that releasing -- that paying ran some or doing a prisoner swap only encourages terrorists. does that mean that you think that the united states by doing the prisoner swap to get bo bergdahl back, we violated our own ethics and did something that will encourage terrorists in the future? >> that's a great question. our policy has been very firm that we don't do this. and i think the bergdahl issue ran counter to that policy. and i'm concerned for whether there's civilians, journalists, soldiers on the ground in the future, it will encourage further hostage taking. >> phil, what do you think about the white house commenting on this failed rescue mission? they say that they were only providing information because a bunk of media organizations will already gotten information about it and they needed to provide the context because media
1:52 pm
organizations were going to run with it already. what's your take? >> jake, i'm sorry. let me be blunt because we're on the media. i used to be on the other side and did this all the time at the cia here's what happens. you get a phone call from the press office. i got that phone call. the press office says to this afternoon, we're having a journalist come in to talk to you about some information they're going to reveal in a newspaper or on the air. journalist comes in, they talk to me. they've got the full story. and the answer is unless you can persuade them that the release of that story will lead to somebody's death, they're going to let it out the door. i'm sympathetic with the white house and the pentagon. let me take a step further. i would have done exactly the same thing under the bush administration, the obama administration, i'm not a political guy. this is a simple story that's gotten complicates. they have the story. i would have gotten it out first. >> all right. phil mudd and lieutenant general barbara, thank you so much. preparations already under way
1:53 pm
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and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper in ferguson. the killing of unarmed 18-year-old michael brown by police officer darren wilson here has ignited a firestorm of peaceful protests and riots and looting and a militarized police response here in ferguson, missouri, and debate across the world about race, class, and police. but this is also a community in mourning. on monday, family members, friends and even stranger who's feel a connection to what happened here will show up we assume in droves to honor what was at the end of the day, a
1:58 pm
teenager and to say a final good-bye. here at the friendly temple missionary baptist church in st. louis, they are preparing for a very big day. come monday, these seats will be full of mourners here to remember michael brown. the church's special events manager denise mackey is busy preparing for the largest event their congregation has ever seen. they have room for more than 5,000 people. >> on one hand, you're burying a person. >> correct. >> but on the other hand, michael brown has become to the people of st. louis and others a cause. how does the pastor face that challenge? >> that's a great question. at the end of the day, is he still an individual. this is a life that has been lost. and this is a family that is healing and in need of our support. from that perspective, that is our first priority. >> the church led by reverend michael jones is expecting a huge crowd for the service which will be public at the request of the brown family. the details of the program are still being worked out, but the
1:59 pm
eulogy will be delivered by the reverend al sharpton who has been active in the political action surrounding brown's death. >> a daddient supposed to bury their child. >> the family is hoping the sometimes violent streets that have played out for the past two weeks will not be repeated despite large crowds and substantial security presence planned for the funeral. >> the family does not expect any type of violence. there may be people there demonstrating and supporting the family. you kind of expect that, but the kind of unrest that involves the police, they do not expect to see that at all into it will be a very public event and likely politics will be afoot. but for the family, it is personal. >> he was special to me. he was ours. he was'sful. he was humble. and i'm always love him just how he was. >> how is reverend jones preparing for monday?
2:00 pm
>> from his position as a leader, as a minister, as a pastor, he will prepare the way he does, look to god and that guidance to prepare him for the right words of comfort. >> the right words of comfort for a family and a community still in so much pain. >> that's it for "the lead." i now turn you over to brianna keilar filling in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." blitzer in "the situation room." have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- happening now, answering isis threats. white house warns the group, if you come after americans, we will come after you. but is the u.s. ready to take that fight beyond iraq and into syria? and isis warns america, we 30s for your blood. new details on the chilling e-mail sent to the family of a beheaded american. i'll also speak with a lawmaker who represents the family of another hostage. and au new controversy in ferguson. a st. louis c