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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hope the sun is shining on you right now. if you are just getting going and looking out the window. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. 9:00 on the east coast. 6:00 on the west coast. you are watching "cnn newsroom." >> security is increased today. it is increased for the traveling. >> u.s. officials say that is not because of the growing terror threat posed by isis, but the potential dangers from isis are why britons may see more police patrol across the streets this weekend. the british government raised the terror level to severe. that is the second means. >> and now the u.s. administration is looking at whether to expand the air assault into syria.
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top republicans say the moves thus far have been half measures and they are critical of the president's statement that he doesn't have a strategy yet for dealing with isis and syria. >> cnn's atika schubert joins us. >> and we have erin mcpike with us from the white house. a lot of people wonder why the u.s. is not following the british lead. >> reporter: christi, we learned from secretary-general jeh johnson about the measures. they are not raising the terror threat level because they do think that there is a bigger direct threat to great britain. there are no known direct threats to the united states just yet. there are some 500 british citizens who are known to be
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fighting with isis. there are also known islamic militant cells in great britain. those do not exist in the united states that they know of yet and there are 100 american citizens fighting in syria. some of whom with isis, not all of them. on top of that, there is, of course, the nato summit in wales next week. that poses greater security risks. that's why there's a higher terror threat level in great britain as opposed to the united states. christi and victor. >> artika, the question was asked to mr. cameron, is there any specific threat? we know there isn't one, but help us understand why the elevation and why now especially? >> reporter: the prime minister made clear the heightened threat level does not mean an attack is eminent, but it is as a severe level. the reason for that is specifically isis. not only the fact they are growing in a region of the world
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that is right on the door step to europe and mediterranean, but also there have been so many fighters traveling from here to that conflict. take a listen to what prime minister cameron said yesterday. >> what we're facing in iraq now with isil is a greater and deeper threat to security than we have known before. in afghanistan, the taliban were prepared to play host to al qaeda, a terrorist organization. with isil, we are facing a terrorist organization, not being hosted in a country, but actually seeking to establish and then violently expand its own terrorist state. >> reporter: now why now is the question? this was driven home by the horrific video of the murder of american journalist james foley. the man in the video, of course, has a very distinct accent. investigators have been working around the clock to identify him
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and his network. >> i know john kerry is stating the u.s. is working on isis. >> reporter: christi, they are planning to take time with this. of course, president obama is traveling to the u.k. for the nato summit. he wants to confer with world leaders first. secretary of state john kerry is going as well as defense secretary chuck hagel. they are all lobbying foreign leaders. they are following that. hagel and kerry are going to the middle east to rally world leaders there. after that, in september, the united states is hosting the united nations security council and they will apply for pressure to world leaders at that meeting. >> secretary kerry highlights in september, the u.s. will have the presidency of that security council. atika, back to you. people appear to be going about their daily business.
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>> reporter: this is the country that made the phrase keep calm and carry on. there has been no disruption in normal life. we are likely to see more police on the streets possibly. especially in a lot of transportation hubs and train stations and airports. it will not be a noticeable difference. the objective here is not to let terrorists threats affect daily life. prime minister cameron made that clear. security is up, but it will not disturb people's every day life. >> atika shubert and erin mcpike. thank you. a lot of people are wondering about joan rivers. she is nicknamed queen of the one liners. comedy is her forte. she is at her best when she's making people laugh. she's been in the hospital since thursday when she stopped breathing during surgery. >> cnn's alexandra field is
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outside mt. sinai hospital. alexandra, good morning. melissa rivers, she is keeping fans updated. what are we hearing now about her mother's condition? >> reporter: she raced here to be by her mother's side early they are week from los angeles. she has been putting out statements to let fans know what is going on. first of all, she tells people her mother would be touched by the outpouring of love from fans around the world. she is telling people her mother's condition is serious. she says joan rivers is resting comfortably. rivers was brought to mt. sinai hospital in critical condition on thursday. she was at a nearby clinic with a procedure performed on her throat and she went into respiratory arrest. melissa and cooper, her daughter and grandson, came to the hospital to get her through the time. she is asking people to have joan in their thoughts and
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prayers. a lot of people have been touched by joan's comedy through the years and decades. she is popular with different generations from the start on johnny carson to her work on the red carpet to the show on the e network. she has fans of all ages pulling for her. >> i know, alexandra, she was performing on wednesday. a day before the surgery. did fans give any indication of how she seemed to be that day? >> reporter: it is just amazing. wednesday night, here in new york city, she did her standup routine for fans. they say there were no signs of her slowing down. she was lively and energetic. she joked about her age. she is 81. she joked about her mortality. she frequently references. fans to hear she was in critical condition just the next day were stunned by it. this is a woman who again at 81 years old, has been in the
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business since she was 24 years old. you could argue she is at the height of her career. doing reality show and doing her show on e and doing the standup writing books and on tour. not slowing down in any way. >> alexandra field joining from us mt. sinai hospital where joan rivers is recovering or her daughter says resting comfortably. thank you so much. there are a few clips from that documentary that was done a few years ago. "joan rivers, a piece of work." if you are a fan, it takes you behind the revelry and comedy of joan rivers. >> you learn about joan rivers the woman, not just the performer. we heard the phrase don't mess with texas. vladimir putin is pushing that up. don't mess with russia. and a baby stolen out of his
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now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add. welcome back inside "the newsroom." we are keeping a close eye on stories. a defiant vladimir putin says don't mess with russia. he added that russia is beefing up armed forces and reminded the world it's a powerful nuclear nation. >> this coming as a british government source tells cnn up to 5,000 russian military
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personnel moved across the border in ukraine. separatists have been fighting forces in ukraine. back here at home, a st. louis police officer is out of a j job. allegedly the cop posted unprofessional comments on facebook about the riots in ferguson. his chief called the comments, quote very concerning and inappropriate. police in indiana are searching for a 1 month old baby. this baby was abducted from an alley. the father says a couple in their mid-20s grabbed him. >> 911. what's the location of the emergency? >> i'm on harding street.
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and i have just been robbed and someone took my daughter, i mean my son. >> harding and where? >> and oliver. >> oliver. >> yes. i'm laying in the middle of the street. >> meanwhile, the dad has been arrested on possession of marijuana charge, but police say the arrest has no bearing on the case of his missing child. a key part of texas new abortion law has been struck down in court. a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional to force a majority of 19 abortion clinics in the state to become surgical centers. the law would have taken effect monday. governor rick perry signed it last year and the law is considered one of the most strict in the country. the judge said that closing those clinics would impose a quote undue burden on the right of women seeking abortions. texas officials have vowed to appeal. a u.s. air strikes against isis fighters in syria.
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have they slowed advance there? the strikes are in iraq. this morning, secretary of state john kerry said the united states needs help defeating the terrorist group that he likened to cancer. >> this of course as britain hikes the terror threat to severe. stay with us because we have different opinions and strategies on fighting isis that we will talk about in just a moment. (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them.
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18 minutes past the hour right now. so glad to have your company. secretary of state john kerry called isis a cancer and said it will not be allowed to spread. this is from his opinion piece in "the new york times." >> this comes after president obama says there is no strategy for the isis attacks in syria. great britain raised its terror level to severe. >> peter monsour is joining us via skype. thank you for joining us. ryan crocker said yesterday i believe we should launch air strikes and they should be heavy and immediate. do you agree with that? >> ryan crocker was ambassador
6:20 am
to iraq with general petraeus. they formed a very effective team in 2007 and 2008. he knows what it takes to destroy a group like this. al qaeda and iraq was the forerunner to isis which we nearly destroyed during that time period. we have teen this kihave seen t. we cannot allow it to spread. i think he eventually need to destroy it. i think we need to hit the group, but a more holistic tragedy than air strikes. >> let's talk about the holistic strategy. air strikes would help, but it would help to have ground troops, not u.s. troops, but troops to finish off that job. we talked about secretary kerry's op-ed, but there are ones from senators mccain and graham. they said to go after assad at
6:21 am
the time in syria for years. do you think if the u.s. had armed maybe the free syrian army there that this would have stunted the growth of isis or would the weapons have ended up in the hands of isis anyway as the iraqi army's weapons have in many cases? >> i think had me intervened with arms and training for the free syrian army early on in the conflict, it would have made a difference. right now, it's a more difficult proposition because the two other opposition groups isis have gained the upper hand in the insurgen sursurgent ranks. we need partners on the ground. in iraq, those are pretty clear. iraqi army and kurdish. you have to find the opposition
6:22 am
and free syrian army and you need to ramp it up. you also need to reignite the tribal rebellion that did so much to destroy iraq in 2007 and 2008. those tribes span the syrian and iraqi border. it is a longer-term proposition. that is the most effective way to root out isis on both sides of the nonexistent international border. >> colonel, how do you do that? how do you sever the sunnis, many of whom are fighting with isis in how do you sever them from isis to accomplish that? >> in iraq, it starts with a new government. a government that's more inclusive that all sects and ethnicities can support and gives more autonomy to the region. in syria, it is a but tougher.
6:23 am
these are groups that do not like bashar al assad who does not share their political leanings and their faith. they certainly don't like each other. i think it's possible once we can help the iraqis come to an agreement on the political way ahead that we could also span the border and bring the other sides to the concord. >> we know all parties here, the u.k. and u.s. say this is going to take a coalition. i wonder which type of coalition this is going to be. is this going to be where the u.s. is pulling people along? secretary hagel says albania and croatia and others assist or is this a libya model that took down gadhafi where the u.s. is pushing people to take the lead? jordan and turkey to take the lead there? which one do you think it will
6:24 am
be? >> i think this has to be a u.s. lead. we're the ones that invaded iraq in 2003. people will look -- countries will look to us for leadership. on the other hand, this is not like 2003 where we were begging countries to come into the coalition to give it legitimacy. this is going to be an instance where european nations, australia and other nations that see isis as a worldwide threat will step up to the plate and they are asking for u.s. leadership, but i think they will contribute whether it's special forces, humanitarian items, air power. i believe we can really with determined leadership cobble together a broad and deep coalition to confront isis. >> all right. colonel peter monsour, we are grateful for your time. >> thank you. let's talk about this
6:25 am
9-year-old. it's trauma. she is going to need time to recover. if you have not heard the story, she lost control of an uzi at a gun range. she is a fourth grader. she killed her gun instructor. it was a freak accident. it was all caught by cell phone video. >> many people are asking if the gun range or the girl's family face criminal charges in all of this. we will get to some answers for you in just a moment. lipstive h support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. come on, would i lie about this? frommy family and is to love ice cream. however some of us can't enjoy it without discomfort.
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put your feet up and get comfy. it's half past the hour. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. here are five stories to know. >> we know the pilot lieutenant moors fonteneau jr. won several
6:29 am
medals. military officials say before losing contact, he reported in-flight emergency. more than 20 miners trapped in the mine which caved in on thursday. it's a silver and gold mine. it is in the country's northern mountains. two volcanos erupting now. more than 8,000 miles apart. they are interfering with the flights. mt. tavurnu has been spewing 5,000 feet in papua new gunea. and a student crossed over the border from guinea into
6:30 am
senegal. the first human trial of an ebola vaccine will begin next week. officials are rushing to test it as the epidemic continues to spread in west africa. number five, is isis planning to go after the pope? italian newspapers report security has ramped up in rome following an alleged threat by the militants against pope francis. the vatican is downplaying the threat saying there is quote nothing serious to this and adds it does not have any particular concern itself. so this family is grieving over, you know, their brother and father and their son who he was after he was shot by a 9-year-old girl who killed him in a freak accident. >> he was a gun instructor. the cell phone video shows the moments before this fourth grader lost control of the .9 millimeter sub machine gun in a
6:31 am
gun range in mohave, arizona. >> charlie vacca's ex-wife says her heart goes out to the girl. here is what her family members said to the "today" show. >> we want to make sure they know it was a tragic accident and it is something that we're all going to have to live with. >> joining us now for more is mel robbins and legal analyst, danny savallos. mel, i have to start with you. i read your opinion piece on this is something in which you are very passionate and you don't think these kids should absolutely not have a sub machine gun, but shouldn't be firing these guns at all? >> oh, victor, you are absolutely right. it is actually legal for a kid
6:32 am
of any age to handle a machine gun on fully automatic that can pound out 600 bullets a minute. we introduced our own fourth grader this summer to the joys of target shooting with a ..22-caliber rifle. this story wasn't a freak accident. the adults that were around that let this happen from the parents that let a kid on fourth grade on vacation handle a gun that belongs in the hands of a soldier in a combat situation letting their kid do something like this. and the instructor, letting a novice shooter of that size and age handle a weapon like this. it is absurd. here is the other thing, guys. the range is open for business. if you have an 8-year-old and are you on vacation, you can stop by and fire an uzi. they have not changed anything.
6:33 am
>> danny, what do you say to that? you have a guy that is dead. a 9-year-old that is traumatized and most likely going to have to be dealing with a lot of emotional probably guilt and fear and shame. not that it's warranted by any means. it was an accident. if we put ourselves in those positions, we would feel those same emotions. for a 9-year-old, it has to be amplified. should the gun range be able to offer this to 8-year-olds as she says? >> well, it's an interesting question because as it stands now, we have the child access prevention laws. they vary from state to state. arizona doesn't have any presently. i believe we're going to see some soon in that state. the bottom line is there are different laws and different states that apply to whether or not children can have access to guns and whether or not parents are libel when the children gain access to guns. in almost all instances, the law
6:34 am
itself speaks to negligently letting a child access a gun without supervision. you could make the argument in the case like this, this is as supervised as someone could possibly be. this is the safest instance that a child could possess and use a gun. so in that case, the question then becomes is there an age under which no child, irrespective of supervision, should ever have access to a gun and should we punish it civilly and criminally. that is an experiment that should be left to the states. federal law doesn't directly address the issue. there are many federal laws dealing with gun sales and gun locks. >> you know, each hearing that from you, danny, it would be laughable if this hadn't ended with the death and trauma of the 9-year-old. this gun range, the safest place your 9-year-old can shoot an uzi, it seems extreme to put
6:35 am
that gun in your 9-year-old's hands. let me ask you, mel, do you expect a consequence legally for this gun range? criminally or civilly? >> it's a great question, guys. danny got me thinking because what every single expert has said was the instructor was not following the proper procedures. he was standing to the left of the gal instead of behind her. he wasn't holding the weapon with her and that weapon always has a significant muzzle rise, particularly for somebody her size and somebody that nervous handling it. i suppose you could see some kind of lawsuit brought against the gun range by the family, based on negligence for the emotional distress caused by the 9-year-old. if the instructor wasn't using the standard and proper technique and negligent in how he was handling this and in
6:36 am
throwing the selector to fully automatic mode after she fired it three times. one more thing, there is no way in heck arizona's changing laws. this is the state at the age of 21, you don't need a permit to carry a gun conceal. there could be a civil suit. it's a great question. >> a good point you make, mel. mel robbins and danny cevallos, we appreciate you two. >> thank you both. the president surprised a lot of people. some people were not surprised when he said the u.s. does not have a plan yet to deal with isis in syria. >> so, the question is is president obama leading from behind or is he just not playing all his cards right now? ♪c] defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old.
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come on, would i lie about this?
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president obama says right now the u.s. does not have a specific strategy for dealing with isis in syria. he has to consult with congress and top officials. listen. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i have seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little
6:41 am
further ahead of where we're at currently. >> the president is coming under criticism from top republicans from what they say is a rudderless approach to the isis threat. before the president spoke thursday, senator rand paul wrote in the journal, he says the policy is unhinged and flailing and who to see with little thought to the consequences. this is not a foreign policy. our political analyst david jerkins joins us this morning. david, is this a true deficit or is this, you didn't build that moment, essentially? >> i think the president deserves credit for being honest. he doesn't have a strategy. that is the problem. it is not what he said. it is the fact that isis has been building up now for four years.
6:42 am
it is becoming an increasing threat to the region and europe and the united states. we don't seem to have a firm handle on what we're going to do to deal with it. inde indeed, there is confusion or uncertainty within the administration about our ultimate goal. the president in recent days has talked about rolling back isis and containing isis. john kerry, secretary of state, talked about destroying isis. that is a bigger proposition, to destroy. there are conflicting over how much of a threat? the attorney general says in some way s this is the biggest threat he has seen. the president said last night, little to dismiss that social media seems to exaggerate these things. i think it left many americans and friends overseas in a state of uncertainty about leadership
6:43 am
and firmness and particularly about what we are trying to accomplish. >> i remember senator mccain said isis should not be stopped, but defeated. let me ask you about what the president is waiting for? he says that there is no strategy yet because he is waiting for the plans from the defense department. we heard this week that they said if you know the u.s. military, we're ready. what's the discrepancy there and why are we seeing that play from front of cameras? >> i think unless you give -- the first things that has to happen is the white house has to tell the military here is the plan. here is what we want to accomplish. you come up with a way to do it. a strategy and we'll do that. it seems to me there is somehow -- i don't understand why they are not fitting together better on the question. victor, the larger issue here and john kerry pointed out in the new york times op-ed piece
6:44 am
today that what's important for the united states is to organize a coalition. there is truth to that. james baker did that if you recall going back to president reagan and then president bush and evicting the iraqis out of kuwait. we had a coalition. we will have john kerry going to europe next week with president obama and going to the arab world. kerry pointed out the united states will have the presence of the united nations security council in september and the president's intention is to work with nations to put together a broad coalition with military, but the economic and humanitarian and diplomatic and other tools in the tool box as they say. you know, time is ticking here. isis is continuing to behead people and growing and attracting a new jihadist from around the world, including americans. these people we have seen in the
6:45 am
u.k. in the last 24 hours are posing a threat. the u.k. did not put on a severe threat yesterday out of ca causally. we will have a growing number of people that will come to the united states and do the same thing. we will have severe threats. that's why it is important to move. >> that's what we are hearing from members of congress. if the president comes with a plan, he will likely get overwhelming support to do something because something has to be done. david gergen, thank you for joining us. >> victor, thank you. >> certainly. change of topic here. we all know junk food is bad for you. but did you know it could do more than just make you fat. we'll tell you what also. else.
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you know junk food isn't good for you. but it tastes good. what do you do? there's a new study that eating foods with fat sodium and sugar may reduce your interest in
6:50 am
eating healthy foods. you think? >> yeah, the study published involved rats, not humans. those dirty rats. but it suggested to scientists that eating a diet rich in processed and fatty foods may do more arm than just adding pounds. >> mentally it makes you say, i don't want those carrots, i want that soda. >> soda is one of my favorites. >> have you done the ice bucket challenge yet? >> no, i haven't. i just donated. >> he donated, though. well, listen, the ice bucket challenge has raised $94 million for als research in less than a month thanks to this huge social media cam point. however, they apparently have been getting pressure about how they're using the money. >> organizers responded this week and said finding the cure is not about spending quickly. they're still figuring out how the money will be allocated.
6:51 am
we got to find out, have you done this ice bucket challenge? >> i'm with you too. i haven't poured the ice over my head. >> am i the only one? >> everyone hit me up right in the middle -- about to leave for work so i just -- >> i just said no. >> i donated money too. >> i just said no. >> you don't even have hair to mess up for heaven's sake. >> the organization doesn't get anything from me doing that, they want my hundred bucks. >> right. >> today might be a good day for it if it's really hot. >> yes, a lot of areas will be very, very hot. one area that has been very hot and will like the welcome relief will be southern california. the only problem will be we will have the rip currents to deal with. a lot of surfers have been heading out because of incredible swells from what was left from marie impacting the
6:52 am
southern coast. be careful if you are planning on hitting the beaches. san diego, your temperature does drop. you'll be in the upper 70s by monday. hunting ton beach, 81 by monday. so a nice labor day forecast for you. of course, still awfully dry. if you could get the rain the gulf coast is getting, it would be nice. 5 to 6 inches of rain across portions of southern louisiana and southeast texas. it will continue for the next couple of days. >> all right. no needs for ice buckets that day. thank you so much, jennifer. although, you know what, 90 degrees is just too hot for football, football is back. we need some football weather. >> two of the top programs in the country are battling in the kickoff class. we'll take you live to the fan zone.
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today is the first weekend of college football. >> just read it. >> see, troy set me up. he wrote this and he wants me to read it. my alma mater, howard university, is working toward a winning season. i'm not going to talk about what happened in the first game. >> they've already lost their first game is what it comes down to. >> just throw me on out there. >> i'm sorry.
6:57 am
my alma mater, rockets, they play this evening, so i have nothing to say yet. obviously, a lot of games on the docket. now from tailgate town, just outside cnn headquarters in atlanta. he's working the weekend. >> that's true. that's true. >> reporter: hey, what's going on guys? i'm super excited. i'm hanging out with my new best friends. these are west virginia fans. oh, yeah, this is my absolute new best friend right here. west virginia mountaineer. grew the beard and everything for this. >> you know it. >> reporter: i've got some huge games. the president needs to declare this a national holiday. the start of college football, am i right guys? top 25 matchups on the radar. florida state take on oklahoma state in tallahassee.
6:58 am
we're also keeping an eye on the 12th ranked georgia bulldogs who take on the clemson tigers. and then georgia's heisman trofy candidate could be a different maker in that one too. and then the badgers battle it out with the lsu tigers. this is going to be a huge test for two new quarterbacks. i'm going to be hanging out here all day long with these fans. the site of the alabama/west virginia mountaineers. do you have a chant? >> let's go! >> mountaineers! >> let's go! >> mountaineers! >> reporter: victor, christy, go big red. >> boo. . i'm impressed by the beard there. i am impressed by the beard. >> yeah. >> reporter: i'm going to try to grow one before the end of the
6:59 am
day. >> that, i want to see. i started my career in west virginia cheering on the mountaineers. >> thank you very much. i was there right next door. worked in martinsberg for a little while. >> good luck to them. and thank you for starting your morning with us. >> cnn newsroom continues right now. we hope that saturday morning has been good to you so far. >> i'm victor blackwell. 10:00 here on the east coast. you are in the cnn newsroom. this morning, top republicans have a message for president obama. >> senators john mccain and lindsay graham say the isis threat is growing and they accuse the obama administration of diterring and say isis has to be confronted militarily.
7:00 am
>> president obama plans to send his top diplomat to the middle east following the nato summit to drum up support. now also in today's "new york times," that top diplomat, john kerry, he calls isis a cancer which must be stamped out. >> britain, meanwhile, is ramping up the terror threat level to severe in response to isis. that means it's highly likely, although not imminent. >> they do not anticipate that the u.s. terror alert will rise any time soon. we're in london right now. tell us more about how the uk is responding to the isis terror threat. why did they decide to raise the terror alert level if there was no specific threat that they knew of. >> reporter: one of the important things to remember is that the terror threat level is raised by an independent body,


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